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Prueban In English quotes by Vivien Leigh
#1. English people don't have very good diction. In France you have to pronounce very particularly and clearly, and learning French at an early age helped me enormously. #Quote by Vivien Leigh
Prueban In English quotes by Judith McNaught
#2. I regret being the cause of your having to endure further gossip, but I felt you must be apprised before you actually married that murderous Scot!"
He sneered the word "Scot" again, and in the midst of all her turmoil and terror that foolish thing raised Elizabeth's hackles. "Stop saying 'Scot' in that insulting fashion," she cried. "And Ian-Lord Thornton-is half-English," she added a little wildly.
"That leaves him only half-barbarian," Wordsworth countered with scathing contempt. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Prueban In English quotes by Pablo
#3. There is a story I always tell my students ... when I came for the 1st time to the US. I didn't speak English (Only Spanish) & I saw on every door the word "exit" which in Spanish means Success = Exito. And then I said :"No wonder Americans are winners ,every door they open leads to success #Quote by Pablo
Prueban In English quotes by Fatboy Slim
#4. Until House came along I don't think the English made very good dance records, you know, there were very few really good English Rap records, whereas once House came along all of a sudden we started and now I think we probably lead the world, and have overtaken America in dance music. #Quote by Fatboy Slim
Prueban In English quotes by Susanna Clarke
#5. A patrol had been sent out to look at the road between two towns, but some Portuguese had come along and told the patrol that this was one of the English magician's roads and was certain to disappear in an hour or two taking everyone upon it to Hell - or possibly England. #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Prueban In English quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#6. Why in the world anyone in America is allowing another language (other than English) to be his first ... I don't know #Quote by Margaret Thatcher
Prueban In English quotes by Phyllis Bentley
#7. It's a useful rule in Anglo-American communications that the English should double, and the Americans halve, the number of words they would normally employ. #Quote by Phyllis Bentley
Prueban In English quotes by George Orwell
#8. If you look for the working classes in fiction, and especially English fiction, all you find is a hole. #Quote by George Orwell
Prueban In English quotes by Samuel Beckett
#9. It is indeed becoming more and more difficult, even senseless, for me to write an official English. And more and more my own language appears to me like a veil that must be torn apart in order to get at the things (or the Nothingness) behind it. Grammar and style. To me they have become as irrelevant as a Victorian bathing suit or the imperturbability of a true gentleman. A mask. Let us hope the time will come, thank God that in certain circles it has already come, when language is most efficiently used where it is being most efficiently misused. As we cannot eliminate language all at once, we should at least leave nothing undone that might contribute to its falling into disrepute. To bore one hole after another in it, until what lurks behind it - be it something or nothing - begins to seep through; I cannot imagine a higher goal for a writer today. #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Prueban In English quotes by Robert Thier
#10. Oh, come on! We're at the top of a church, hundreds of yards away from anyone, in a city where the people don't speak English! Even if I'm wearing trousers, I think you could call me Lillian without risking a scandal, don't you?'

'No.' Still, he would not look at me. 'I can't. Because if I were to call you Lillian, if I'd let myself think and feel what you really are to me, I would do something that would cause a scandal. Especially in a church. #Quote by Robert Thier
Prueban In English quotes by DON SANTO
#11. Love is divisible in two parts. Love a parte ante, and love a parte post: that is, in plain English, that love which is past, and that love which is to come. #Quote by DON SANTO
Prueban In English quotes by Andrew Elfenbein
#12. Likewise, Oscar Wilde asked an English journalist to look over 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' before publication: "Will you also look after my 'wills' and 'shalls' in proof. I am Celtic in my use of these words, not English." Wilde's novel upset virtually every code of late Victorian respectability, but he had to get his modal auxiliaries just right. #Quote by Andrew Elfenbein
Prueban In English quotes by Kate McGahan
#13. Why are people are so afraid of death? Why do they avoid talking about it? Maybe it's because there are no words. With my limited knowledge of the English language, there is not a word I have ever heard that accurately describes what "death" is. You can look it up in the dictionary for yourself. I don't believe what they say it is. How can you say death is death when it is not death at all, but life? #Quote by Kate McGahan
Prueban In English quotes by Earle Birney
#14. Since we had always sky about,
when we had eagles they flew out
leaving no shadow bigger then wrens'
to trouble our most aeromantic hens.
Too busy bridging loneliness to be alone
we hacked in ties what Emily etched in bone.
We French, we English, never lost our civil war,
Endure it still, a bloodless civil bore;
No wounded lying about, no Whitman wanted.
It's only by our lack of ghosts we're haunted. #Quote by Earle Birney
Prueban In English quotes by Terry Pratchett
#15. In my early teens, I read every bound volume of the magazine Punch. Every writer of any distinction in the English language, and I mean including America and England, at some time wrote for Punch. Jerome K. Jerome, who wrote Three Men In A Boat, I loved. I was very impressed when I read a piece by Mark Twain in Punch, and realized that despite the fact that they were on different continents, Jerome K. Jerome and Mark Twain had the same kind of laconic, laid-back, "The human race is damn stupid, but quite interesting" attitude. They were almost talking with the same voice. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Prueban In English quotes by Steve McHugh
#16. Welcome to Tartarus, the griffin said. The first time I'd arrived in Tartarus, I'd expected them to have screechy, high-pitched bird voices, and when they spoke in their own language to one another, it did sound like birds chirping, with the occasional low growl. But when speaking in a human tongue, they copied the accent of the language and spoke in a much lower humanlike tone, which gave the slightly weird side effect of them all having British accents when they spoke English. #Quote by Steve McHugh
Prueban In English quotes by Padgett Powell
#17. Cholesterol to go with alcohol; all the bad things in English-speaking life end in -ol. #Quote by Padgett Powell
Prueban In English quotes by Michael Chabon
#18. In photographs she is a boxy woman, girdled with steel, shod in coal-black stompers, her bosom so large it might have housed turbines. She was all but illiterate in Yiddish and English but obliged my grandfather, and later Uncle Ray, to read to her daily from the Yiddish press so that she could keep abreast of the latest calamities to beset Jewry. From #Quote by Michael Chabon
Prueban In English quotes by John Strachan
#19. With the requests of some he complied, and has published a discourse, delivered before the Society for recovering drowned persons, which may be justly pronounced one of the most beautiful and interesting sermons in the English language. #Quote by John Strachan
Prueban In English quotes by Malala Yousafzai
#20. The Taliban is not an organised force like we imagine,' said my father's friend Hidayatullah when they discussed it. 'It's a mentality, and this mentality is everywhere in Pakistan. Someone who is against America, against the Pakistan establishment, against English law, he has been infected by the Taliban. #Quote by Malala Yousafzai
Prueban In English quotes by Christopher Guest
#21. I spent more time in America, but I developed a very English sense of humour. I clicked into it deeply with Peter Sellers, who is still probably my favourite comedian. #Quote by Christopher Guest
Prueban In English quotes by Melanie Lynskey
#22. I was at university and I was studying modern drama and studying English, and I just was like, 'I don't wanna be in this place. I wanna be acting.' #Quote by Melanie Lynskey
Prueban In English quotes by Nayantara Sahgal
#23. Formal education in British India was remarkable for its lack of connection with its Indian environment. Like the African persuaded to cover his nakedness with a Mother Hubbard, we wore mental Mother Hubbards, and they were often a sad fit. Our textbooks had been compiled by Englishmen for English children, of whom there were none in my school and few in any school in India. #Quote by Nayantara Sahgal
Prueban In English quotes by H.L. Mencken
#24. One is conscious of no brave and noble earnestness in it, of no generalized passion for intellectual and spiritual adventure, of no organized determination to think things out. What is there is a highly self-conscious and insipid correctness, a bloodless respectability submergence of matter in manner
in brief, what is there is the feeble, uninspiring quality of German painting and English music. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Prueban In English quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#25. They mimicked what Americans told them: You speak such good English. How bad is AIDS in your country? It's so sad that people live on less than a dollar a day in Africa. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Prueban In English quotes by Joshua  Robinson
#26. The rise of the English Premier League is a story about the sports world's wildest gold rush. In the span of twenty-five years, the league's twenty clubs have increased their combined value by 10,000 percent, from around $100 million in 1992 to $15 billion today. #Quote by Joshua Robinson
Prueban In English quotes by Sinclair B. Ferguson
#27. Probably no theologian in English language has ever rivaled Owen stressing the absolute centrality of Christ's penal substitution and therefore his as Priest ... For that reason alone The Priesthood of Christ is worth all the time it takes to read it with humility, care, and reflection. #Quote by Sinclair B. Ferguson
Prueban In English quotes by Anne Carson
#28. I never had much education in English poetry as such. #Quote by Anne Carson
Prueban In English quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#29. He was a noisy robust little man with a gleam of real talent concealed in the messy obscurity of his verse. But because he did his best to shock people with his monstrous mass of otiose words (he was the inventor of the "submental grunt" as he called it), his main output seems now so nugatory, so false, so old-fashioned (super-modern things have a queer knack of dating much faster than others) that his true value is only remembered by a few scholars who admire the magnificent translations of English poems made by him at the very outset of his literary career, - #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Prueban In English quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#30. Keep laser-focused on school, and I'll see YOU at Christmas.

Josh leans his lanky body over my shoulder and peers at my laptop. "Is it just me,or is that 'YOU' sort of threatening?"
"No.It's not just YOU," I say.
"I thought your dad was a writer.What's with the 'laser-focused'gentle reminder' shit?"
"My father is fluent in cliche. Obviously, you've never read one of his novels." I pause. "I can't believe he has the nerve to say he'll give Seany my best."
Josh shakes his head in disgust. My friends and I are spending the weekend in the lounge because it's raining again. No one ever mentions this, but it turns out Paris is as drizzly as London. According to St. Clair,that is, our only absent member. He went to some photography show at Ellie's school. Actually,he was supposed to be back by now.
He's running late.As usual.
Mer and Rashmi are curled up on one of the lobby couches,reading our latest English assignment, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. I turn back to my father's email.
Gentle reminder... your life sucks. #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Prueban In English quotes by Kiese Laymon
#31. Really, we're fighting because she raised me to never forget I was born on parole, which means no black hoodies in wrong neighborhoods, no jogging at night, hands in plain sight at all times in public, no intimate relationships with white women, never driving over the speed limit or doing those rolling stops at stop signs, always speaking the King's English in the presence of white folks, never being outperformed in school or in public by white students, and, most importantly, always remembering that no matter what, the worst of white folks will do anything to get you. #Quote by Kiese Laymon
Prueban In English quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#32. I LOVE this!!!
"'Jacob have I loved,'" Kingsley said in English once more. "'Esau have I hated.' Romans 9:13. I paid attention in school sometimes."
"Not nearly enough attention."
"I was preoccupied."
"Obviously. You learned all the wrong verses. First Samuel 18:1. 'And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.' First Samuel 20:16-17. 'So Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David, saying, "Let the Lord even require it at the hands of David's enemies." And Jonathan caused David to swear again, because he loved him: for he loved as he loved his own soul.' Second Samuel 1:26. 'I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan…thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.'"
Kingsley stared at Søren and found he couldn't speak.
Søren smiled at his sudden muteness.
"Don't get into a scriptural pissing contest with a Jesuit priest, Kingsley," Søren chided. "You'll lose every time. #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Prueban In English quotes by Sanjeev Bhaskar
#33. My mother had been an English teacher in India before she came to the U.K., and she taught me to read early on - not only in English, but in Hindi, too. My teachers didn't like the fact that I was reading more quickly than they were teaching, and as a consequence, I would sometimes get bored in class. #Quote by Sanjeev Bhaskar
Prueban In English quotes by Jonathan Galassi
#34. A translation needs to read convincingly. There's no limit to what can go into it in terms of background research, feeling, or your own interests in form and history. But what should come out is something that reads as convincing English-language text. #Quote by Jonathan Galassi
Prueban In English quotes by H.G. Wells
#35. It was in a swampy village on the lagoon river behind the Turner Peninsula that Pollock's first encounter with the Porroh man occurred. The women of that country are famous for their good looks - they are Gallinas with a dash of European blood that dates from the days of Vasco da Gama and the English slave-traders, and the Porroh man, too, was possibly inspired by a faint Caucasian taint in his composition. (It's a curious thing to think that some of us may have distant cousins eating men on Sherboro Island or raiding with the Sofas.) At any rate, the Porroh man stabbed the woman to the heart as though he had been a mere low-class Italian, and very narrowly missed Pollock. But Pollock, using his revolver to parry the lightning stab which was aimed at his deltoid muscle, sent the iron dagger flying, and, firing, hit the man in the hand.

He fired again and missed, knocking a sudden window out of the wall of the hut. The Porroh man stooped in the doorway, glancing under his arm at Pollock. Pollock caught a glimpse of his inverted face in the sunlight, and then the Englishman was alone, sick and trembling with the excitement of the affair, in the twilight of the place. It had all happened in less time than it takes to read about it.

("Pollock And The Porroh Man") #Quote by H.G. Wells
Prueban In English quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#36. If [God] has made it a law in the nature of man to pursue his own happiness, He has left him free in the choice of place as well as mode, and we may safely call on the whole body of English jurists to produce the map on which nature has traced for each individual the geographical line which she forbids him to cross in pursuit of happiness. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Prueban In English quotes by John Loengard
#37. When I go to photograph somebody, they say, "What do you want me to do?" Those are the most frightening words in the English language. I want to say, "Please, go over into good light and do something unusual. #Quote by John Loengard
Prueban In English quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#38. They have to be born, you know," the Third Rail says. "They don't come from nowhere! When a child sits in her chair with a clean suzuri and her long brush, she believes she is writing, but she is simply calling to these poor lambs, calling them to attend her, to pass through her. We can hardy keep up with the demand; the pollination season is intense. And yet, they learn fewer and fewer kanji as the years go by, and more and more English, more katakana, more foreign things. The graveyard is on another train, where turtles set incense on the stones of words no one learns in your world anymore, words passed out of reach of any mouth. It is important work we do. We hope you agree, of course, but we are willing to admit it foolish if you call it so. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Prueban In English quotes by Harley King
#39. What I really want is to be recognized as a writer; that someday, my poetry - this is an interesting paradox - would be taught in English classes; for my name, along with my poetry, to exist 500 years from now. #Quote by Harley King
Prueban In English quotes by Ibram X. Kendi
#40. Racist" is not - as Richard Spencer argues - a pejorative. It is not the worst word in the English language; it is not the equivalent of a slur. It is descriptive, and the only way to undo racism is to consistently identify and describe it - and then dismantle it. The attempt to turn this usefully descriptive term into an almost unusable slur is, of course, designed to do the opposite: to freeze us into inaction. #Quote by Ibram X. Kendi

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