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Protection Laws quotes by James Costos
#1. You can have all of the laws and protection in place, but how do you get rid of homophobia? This is something that the U.S. is going to have to deal with. #Quote by James Costos
Protection Laws quotes by Morrissey
#2. If anyone has seen the horrific and unwatchable footage of the Chinese cat and dog trade - animals skinned alive - then they could not possibly argue in favour of China as a caring nation. There are no animal protection laws in China and this results in the worst animal abuse and cruelty on the planet. It is indefensible. #Quote by Morrissey
Protection Laws quotes by Henrietta Newton Martin B.Com LLB Goldmedalist LLM Goldmedalist MMS Etc - Legal Consultant
#3. Cumulative child sexual abuse pervades the curtains of great economies in the world today. From the fields to machines, to the locked doors and windows of every home, the silent horror grips every soul either as a victim or fear of being a victim;though the present socio-legal system boasts of several constitutional mandates, international laws, treaties , child protection laws , child protection cells,to prevalent national laws ,infinite papers presented etc all in the best interest of securing a child in its democracy, and the world at large #Quote by Henrietta Newton Martin B.Com LLB Goldmedalist LLM Goldmedalist MMS Etc - Legal Consultant
Protection Laws quotes by Christina Engela
#4. Human rights protection laws typically come under attack from those who made these laws necessary to begin with. #Quote by Christina Engela
Protection Laws quotes by Joan Quigley
#5. reveals the legacy of an environmental catastrophe, its human tolls and triumphs, its corporate greed and indifference, its governmental lapses and neglect. In its historic sweep, it stands as a cautionary tale -- timeless and time-bound -- in a country divided by class and religion, buffeted by corporate misconduct, and dismantling its environmental protection laws. This is the story of a dying coal town ensnared in the Reagan Revolution's afterbirth, of a small community rent by one of the mining industry's worst disasters, and of the irreplaceable bond of home. #Quote by Joan Quigley
Protection Laws quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#6. We, however, want to become those we are
human beings who are new, unique, incomparable, who give themselves laws, who create themselves. To that end we must become the best learners and discoverers of everything that is lawful and necessary in the world: we must become physicists in order to be able to be creators in this sense
while hitherto all valuations and ideals have been based on ignorance of physics or were constructed so as to contradict it. Therefore: long live physics! And even more so that which compels us to turn to physics
our honesty! #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Protection Laws quotes by Mark Epstein
#7. In mindfulness meditation, the self that needs protection is put into neutral. The observing self slips into the space between the ego and the dissociated aspects of the personality and observes from there. The breath, or sound, becomes the central object of focus, as opposed to thought. Thinking becomes one more thing to observe in the field of awareness but is robbed of its preeminent position. Do not grasp after the pleasant or push away the unpleasant, but give equal attention to everything there is to observe, taught the Buddha. This is difficult at first but becomes remarkably easy once one gets the hang of it. One learns first to bring one's attention to the neutral object and then to relax into a state of choiceless awareness rather than always trying to maintain control. As the ego's position is weakened, waking life takes on aspects of dream life to the extent that new surprises keep unexpectedly emerging. #Quote by Mark Epstein
Protection Laws quotes by Mahvesh Murad
#8. The circle that they drew was laid with fresh petals from the cherry tree on a bed of salt... #Quote by Mahvesh Murad
Protection Laws quotes by Howard Gardner
#9. Einstein's breakthrough was classic in that it sought to unify the elements of a physical analysis, and it placed the older examples and principles within a broader framework. But it was revolutionary in that, ever afterward, we have thought differently about space and time, matter and energy. Space and time-no more absolute-have become forms of intuition that cannot be divorced from perspective or consciousness, anymore than can the colors of the world or the length of a shadow. As the philosopher Ernst Cassirer commented, in relativity, the conception of constancy and absoluteness of the elements is abandoned to give permanence and necessity to the laws instead. #Quote by Howard Gardner
Protection Laws quotes by Michael Bloomberg
#10. The people who are worried about privacy have a legitimate worry. But we live in a complex world where you're going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change. #Quote by Michael Bloomberg
Protection Laws quotes by Arthur Alexander
#11. The point is that everyone needs some exposure to the various ways of life. People buy things out of catalogues too much. They see in Time magazine that they're suppose to be feeling in such and such a way, and they dash off a check and buy that life-style sight unseen. A pig in a poke if there ever was one, for once you've bought the thing there's no refund. We ought to be able to try things before we sign up for them. Used to be you could listen to the records in a record store before you bought them. Now they're sealed, for your protection, they say. Bullshit! It's for their goddamned protection, not ours. We don't need to be protected. We need to be allowed to get a taste of something before we accept it. #Quote by Arthur Alexander
Protection Laws quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#12. SATAN, n. One of the Creator's lamentable mistakes, repented in sashcloth and axes. Being instated as an archangel, Satan made himself multifariously objectionable and was finally expelled from Heaven. Halfway in his descent he paused, bent his head in thought a moment and at last went back. "There is one favor that I should like to ask," said he. "Name it." "Man, I understand, is about to be created. He will need laws." "What, wretch! you his appointed adversary, charged from the dawn of eternity with hatred of his soul - you ask for the right to make his laws?" "Pardon; what I have to ask is that he be permitted to make them himself." It was so ordered. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Protection Laws quotes by Henry Van Dyke
#13. The Bible teaches that God owns the world. He distributes to every man according to His own good pleasure, conformably to general laws. #Quote by Henry Van Dyke
Protection Laws quotes by Lajos Kossuth
#14. The protection of God cannot, without sacrilege, be invoked but in behalf of justice and right. #Quote by Lajos Kossuth
Protection Laws quotes by Adam Smith
#15. The most sacred laws of justice are the laws which guard the life and person of our neighbor. #Quote by Adam Smith
Protection Laws quotes by David Berg
#16. My oh my, think of what you're going to be like when you have your completely Heavenly body that can do all the things you can do now and more, including flying and floating and appearing and disappearing and walking through walls and locked doors and having marvelous supernatural miraculous powers of defense and judgement upon your enemies, protection for your friends, and to be able to help the poor humans that are still living on Earth during the Millennium to learn more about the Lord and love Him and serve Him even as you do. #Quote by David Berg
Protection Laws quotes by Amelia Jacobson
#17. I don't understand the laws of Reality, I only understand the laws of Imagination. #Quote by Amelia Jacobson
Protection Laws quotes by Stephen Hawking
#18. What could define God, [is thinking of God] as the embodiment of the laws of nature. However, this is not what most people would think of that God. They made a human-like being with whom one can have a personal relationship. When you look at the vast size of the universe and how insignificant an accidental human life is in it, that seems most impossible. #Quote by Stephen Hawking
Protection Laws quotes by Elena Vacarescu
#19. My voice comes from faraway, therefore it is faint and, also, because it is a woman's voice, it is trembling of the emotion imposed by your presence, as much as of the honour of being listen to. My voice comes from faraway, but it hopes when you will listen to it that it will resound in your hearts.
My voice comes from the midst of this nation, which having been placed on the threshold of Europe, will have loved and admired France and like France, and often through it, she would have strived for Freedom, vowed to have accomplished a splendid destiny and face bravely the changing mood of Fortune.

You may well recognise in these qualities Romania, land of suffering, land of enlightenment and of valour placed across the promontory against the dredge of Asian invasions and like a beacon being mightily conscious of defending the civilization, which gave it its people and its laws. - Paris, 27th April 1925; addressing the League of Nations (translated Constantin Roman #Quote by Elena Vacarescu
Protection Laws quotes by James Madison
#20. The preservation of a free government requires not merely that the metes and bounds which separate each department of power be invariably maintained; but more especially that neither of them be suffered to overleap the great Barrier which defends the rights of the people. The Rulers who are guilty of such an encroachment, exceed the commission from which they derive their authority and are Tyrants. The people who submit to it are governed by laws made neither by themselves nor by an authority derived from them, and are slaves. #Quote by James Madison
Protection Laws quotes by Martha Stewart
#21. We're not so free that we don't have to listen to rules, and laws, and regulations. Those are important. But the spirit, the freedom of the spirit, that's what I think of American Dream, that we are free here to do what we want to do, what we set out to do. #Quote by Martha Stewart
Protection Laws quotes by Walt Whitman
#22. I have sometimes thought that the laws ought not to punish those actions of evil which are committed when the senses are steeped in intoxication. #Quote by Walt Whitman
Protection Laws quotes by Paula Stokes
#23. Our "protective bubbles" - our houses, our cars, our friends, our online identities - might make us feel secure, but most of it's just an illusion. It's easy to get hurt, just like it's easy to hurt other people. #Quote by Paula Stokes
Protection Laws quotes by Mark Steyn
#24. Once it's no longer accepted that something is wrong, all the laws in the world will avail you naught. The law functions as a formal embodiment of a moral code, not as a free-standing substitute for it. #Quote by Mark Steyn
Protection Laws quotes by Allen Dulles
#25. One of our greatest assets is that all men aspire to be equal and free. This fact haunts the rulers of the Kremlin today for even they cannot change this law of nature and they know it. It is up to us, not only by example but by positive acts, to make the most of this driving force within mankind. #Quote by Allen Dulles
Protection Laws quotes by Sean M. Carroll
#26. We seek an understanding of the laws of nature and of our particular universe in which everything makes sense to us. We do not want to be reduced to accepting the strange features of our universe as brute facts. #Quote by Sean M. Carroll
Protection Laws quotes by Michael Swanwick
#27. The privacy laws are paramount. They come before even common sense ... #Quote by Michael Swanwick
Protection Laws quotes by Criss Jami
#28. Children are the most reasonable about discipline. When they tell you not to do something, it's always because they know why. #Quote by Criss Jami
Protection Laws quotes by Jon Foreman
#29. Entropy is one of the laws of thermodynamics. It's a physical law that says everything in nature is moving from order to disorder. In our lives this same principle is at work. As time moves on, things break down as we make mistakes. This is the 'letdown' every person experiences because of sin. For Christians this concept doesn't end there because we realize God's 'beautiful' mercy and grace restores the order in our lives. #Quote by Jon Foreman
Protection Laws quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#30. What shall i say of these save that they too stand in the sunlight, but with their backs to the sun?
They see only their shadows, and their shadows are their laws. #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
Protection Laws quotes by Albert Camus
#31. Modern conquerors can kill, but do not seem to be able to create. Artists know how to
create but cannot really kill. Murderers are only very exceptionally found among artists. In the long run,
therefore, art in our revolutionary societies must die. But then the revolution will have lived its allotted
span. Each time that the revolution kills in a man the artist that he might have been, it attenuates itself
a little more. If, finally, the conquerors succeed in molding the world according to their laws, it will not
prove that quantity is king, but that this world is hell. In this hell, the place of art will coincide with that of
vanquished rebellion, a blind and empty hope in the pit of despair. #Quote by Albert Camus
Protection Laws quotes by Ron Paul
#32. When people become frightened, they look for things of real value. They will go to monetary metals, gold and silver, and they will buy other things, such as buying property. But no matter what we have, whether we have our gold coins or we have our property, if we have an authoritarian government, that is our greatest threat. So, I would like to think that there is no perfect protection, other than shrinking the size and scope and power of government, so that we can be left alone and take care of ourselves. #Quote by Ron Paul
Protection Laws quotes by Pradeepa Pandiyan
#33. No man can protect you like your father, No women can love you like your mother. #Quote by Pradeepa Pandiyan
Protection Laws quotes by Ammon Hennacy
#34. Oh judge! Your damn laws! The good people don't need them, and the bad people don't obey them. #Quote by Ammon Hennacy
Protection Laws quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#35. Money, which represents the prose of life, and which is hardly spoken of in parlors without an apology, is, in its effects and laws, as beautiful as roses. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Protection Laws quotes by Stuart Symington
#36. My father-in-law was once Chairman of Military Affairs in the Senate, the latter part of the Wilson Administrations. He knew a lot about and was fond of the Army. #Quote by Stuart Symington
Protection Laws quotes by Joseph Stalin
#37. The easiest way to gain control of the population is to carry out acts of terror. The public will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened. #Quote by Joseph Stalin
Protection Laws quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#38. The scriptures hold the keys to spiritual protection. #Quote by Boyd K. Packer
Protection Laws quotes by Lord Chesterfield
#39. How often should a woman be pregnant? Continually, or hardly ever? Or must there be a certain number of pregnancy anniversaries established by fashion? What do you, at the age of forty-three, have to say on the subject? Is it a fact that the laws of nature, or of the country, or of propriety, have ordained this time of life for sterility? #Quote by Lord Chesterfield
Protection Laws quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#40. Disobedience to rigid laws is a revolutionary act. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Protection Laws quotes by Kenneth Slessor
#41. Cook was a captain of the powder-days
When captains, you might have said, if you had been
Fixed by their glittering stare, half-down the side,
Or gaping at them up companionways,
Were more like warlocks than a humble man -
And men were humble then who gazed at them,
Poor horn-eyed sailors, bullied by devils' fists
Of wind or water, or the want of both,
Childlike and trusting, filled with eager trust -
Cook was a captain of the sailing days
When sea-captains were kings like this,

Those captains drove their ships
By their own blood, no laws of schoolbook steam,
Till yards were sprung, and masts went overboard -
Daemons in periwigs, doling magic out,
Who read fair alphabets in stars
Where humbler men found but a mess of sparks,
Who steered their crews by mysteries
And strange, half-dreadful sortilege with books,
Used medicines that only gods could know
The sense of, but sailors drank
In simple faith. That was the captain
Cook was when he came to the Coral Sea
And chose a passage into the dark.
Men who ride broomsticks with a mesmerist
Mock the typhoon. So, too, it was with Cook. #Quote by Kenneth Slessor
Protection Laws quotes by Mary Katharine Ham
#42. I'm just worried about the unintended consequences of the laws. #Quote by Mary Katharine Ham
Protection Laws quotes by Carla Harris
#43. One of the laws of the professional jungle is that every dog has their day. Everyone gets a shot at the top and at some point someone else gets their turn. #Quote by Carla Harris
Protection Laws quotes by Debbie Reynolds
#44. I feel sorry for the young people today. I think there's too much paparazzi and not enough protection. #Quote by Debbie Reynolds
Protection Laws quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#45. Forgive him, for he believes that the customs of his tribe are the laws of nature! #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Protection Laws quotes by Daniel Webster
#46. The freest government, if it could exist, would not be long acceptable, if the tendency of the laws were to create a rapid accumulation of property in a few hands, and to render the great mass of the population dependent and penniless. #Quote by Daniel Webster
Protection Laws quotes by Alan Ryan
#47. There were two views of how a polis was formed. The first was military: a scattered group of people came to live in one city behind a set of protective walls. The other was political: a group of people agreed to live under one authority, with or whithout the protection of a walled city. Synoikismos, or 'Living together', embraces both. Any political entity implies a population that recognizes a common authority, but the first 'city-states' were not always based on a city. Sparta makes the point. We think of Sparta as a city, but the Spartans were proud of the fact that they lived in villages without protective walls: their army was their wall and 'every man a brick. #Quote by Alan Ryan
Protection Laws quotes by Thomas Hobbes
#48. For all laws are general judgements, or sentences of the legislator; as also every particular judgement is a law to him whose case is judged. #Quote by Thomas Hobbes

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