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Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#1. I always wanted to be a rock'n'roll star. #Quote by Joe Eszterhas
Proposition Joe quotes by David Foster Wallace
#2. In sum, then a conservative tech writer offers a really attractive way of looking at viewer passivity and TV's institutionalization of irony, narcissism, nihilism, stasis. It's not our fault! It's outmoded technology's fault! If TV-dissemination were up to date, it would be impossible for it to "institutionalize" anything through its demonic "mass psychology"! Let's let Joe B., the little lonely guy, be his own manipulator or video-bits! Once all experience is finally reduced to marketable image, once the receiving user of user-friendly receivers can choose freely, Americanly, from an Americanly infinite variety of moving images hardly distinguishable from real-life images, and can then choose further just how he wishes to store, enhance, edit, recombine, and present those images to himself, in the privacy of his very own home and skull, TV's ironic, totalitarian grip on the American psychic cajones will be broken!"

E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction" (The Review of Contemporary Fiction, 1993) #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Flaherty
#3. Farrell's Bar in Brooklyn had urinals so large they looked like shower stalls for Toulouse-Lautrec. #Quote by Joe Flaherty
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Arpaio
#4. I just talk, and I say what I feel, and yet, I'm a nice guy. #Quote by Joe Arpaio
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Penna
#5. Every single person I know who is successful at what they do is successful because they love doing it. #Quote by Joe Penna
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Budden
#6. I was fortunate enough to have gone through the major label process and kind of have the inside scoop on some things, some information I wouldn't have normally had. To go from a major to an independent, I don't think it's an easy transition. #Quote by Joe Budden
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Biden
#7. If I hear one more Republican tell me about balancing the budget, I am going to strangle them. #Quote by Joe Biden
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Greene
#8. For a football coach, there's nothing that matches the pain of a team not playing up to its capabilities. #Quote by Joe Greene
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Hill
#9. I am always with you. Love never burns away. It just keeps on and on. #Quote by Joe Hill
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Perry
#10. My chosen instrument is guitar and, fortunately, I'm able to muddle through that. I can play guitar to the point where I can express myself artistically. #Quote by Joe Perry
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Vitale
#11. If you turn it over to the universe, you will be surprised and dazzled by what is delivered to you. This is where magic and miracles happen. #Quote by Joe Vitale
Proposition Joe quotes by Billy Joe Saunders
#12. I was only 18 and I'd be 22 if I was competing at London. I'm stronger and more experienced and I know I would have won gold. #Quote by Billy Joe Saunders
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Hill
#13. I will die like a true-blue rebel. Don't waste any time in mourning - organize. #Quote by Joe Hill
Proposition Joe quotes by Dennis Lehane
#14. Growing up, Joe had adored his brother, Then he'd come to hate him. Now, he mostly didn't think about him. When he did, he had to admit, he missed his laugh. #Quote by Dennis Lehane
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Scarborough
#15. The fact is, there are a couple of years he may not have paid any taxes. Maybe he's concerned about that. But if it's going to come out, he needs to get it out now so he has a couple of months to explain it. #Quote by Joe Scarborough
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Teti
#16. This place has a one, two knockout punch. #Quote by Joe Teti
Proposition Joe quotes by - Webmaster Neil DeMause
#17. If you're wondering what's wrong with Fenway Park in the first place, you're not the only one. Fenway is special precisely because it has what modern stadiums lack: seats that, while often cramped, offer the best views in baseball; and the sense that, if you squint, that could be Smoky Joe Wood pitching to Ty Cobb out there instead of Jeff Fassero and Bobby Higginson. #Quote by - Webmaster Neil DeMause
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Biden
#18. No nation should threaten its neighbors by massing troops along the border. #Quote by Joe Biden
Proposition Joe quotes by Frank H. Wu
#19. As I became older, I was given many masks to wear. I could be a laborer laying railroad tracks across the continent, with long hair in a queue to be pulled by pranksters; a gardener trimming the shrubs while secretly planting a bomb; a saboteur before the day of infamy at Pearl Harbor, signaling the Imperial Fleet; a kamikaze pilot donning his headband somberly, screaming 'Banzai' on my way to my death; a peasant with a broad-brimmed straw hat in a rice paddy on the other side of the world, stooped over to toil in the water; an obedient servant in the parlor, a houseboy too dignified for my own good; a washerman in the basement laundry, removing stains using an ancient secret; a tyrant intent on imposing my despotism on the democratic world, opposed by the free and the brave; a party cadre alongside many others, all of us clad in coordinated Mao jackets; a sniper camouflaged in the trees of the jungle, training my gunsights on G.I. Joe; a child running with a body burning from napalm, captured in an unforgettable photo; an enemy shot in the head or slaughtered by the villageful; one of the grooms in a mass wedding of couples, having met my mate the day before through our cult leader; an orphan in the last airlift out of a collapsed capital, ready to be adopted into the good life; a black belt martial artist breaking cinderblocks with his head, in an advertisement for Ginsu brand knives with the slogan 'but wait--there's more' as the commercial segued to show another free gift #Quote by Frank H. Wu
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Elliott
#20. Every town in America had at least one, two, or maybe three radio stations that played rock 24 hours a day. In England, we had a rock specialist on for two hours a week. #Quote by Joe Elliott
Proposition Joe quotes by Pierre Hadot
#21. In Plato's time, dialectics was a debating technique subject to precise rules. A "thesis" was proposed-an interrogative proposition such as: Can virtue be taught? One of the two interlocutors attacked the thesis; the other defended it. The former attacked by interrogating-that is, he asked the defender skillfully chosen questions with the aim of forcing him to admit the contradictory of the thesis he wanted to defend. The interrogator had no thesis, and this was why Socrates was in the habit of playing that role. #Quote by Pierre Hadot
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Smith
#22. Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 1 Online #Quote by Joe Smith
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Joe Dawson
#23. Gods not looking for the next great Preacher or worship leader he is looking for a BROKEN PERSON WHO WILL BE FOUND IN THE PLACE OF PRAYER!!!!! #Quote by Joe Joe Dawson
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Zee
#24. I love the puzzled look on people's faces when I mention I grew up telling time according to television. #Quote by Joe Zee
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#25. I've been trying to get through this damn book again". Ardee slapped at heavy volume lying open, face down, on a chair.
"The Fall of the Master Maker", muttered Glokta. "That rubbish? All magic and valor, no ? I couldn't get through the first one".
"I sympathize. I'm onto the third and it doesn't get any easier. Too many damn wizards. I get them mixed up one with another. It's all battles and endless bloody journeys, here to there and back again. If so much as glimpse another map I swear I kill myself #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Proposition Joe quotes by James Surowiecki
#26. Steve Jobs was rare: a C.E.O. who actually had a huge impact on his company's fortunes. Contrary to corporate mythology, most C.E.O.s could be easily replaced, if not by your average Joe, then by your average executive vice-president. But Jobs genuinely earned the label of superstar. #Quote by James Surowiecki
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Bageant
#27. If middle-class Americans do not feel threatened by the slow encroachment of the police state or the Patriot Act, it is because they live comfortably enough and exercise their liberties very lightly, never testing the boundaries. You never know you are in a prison unless you try the door. #Quote by Joe Bageant
Proposition Joe quotes by William Wilberforce
#28. Surely the experience of all good men confirms the proposition that without a due measure of private devotions the soul will grow lean. #Quote by William Wilberforce
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Kelly
#29. As the emergency personnel and squad cars descended on Pier Three that bitter afternoon, the same questions bounced from radio to radio.

"What is Superman doing here?"

"Why had the Man of Steel taken time to recover the body of a fifty-year-old Costa Rican Newspaper Man who never had been or done anything important?"

Because not a single one of us is background noise. Because when one of us disappears… Someone should notice.

Every person is a star. A Life. A Heart. A Voice. And when a voice is silenced by darkness another must rise to see that justice is done.

Valentin Reyes, survived by his daughter, Maribella, was buried last Saturday at a small service, attended by three. #Quote by Joe Kelly
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Hill
#30. Were talking about an attitude. Delayed gratification is there, planning, be able to give up something now to get something later. #Quote by Joe Hill
Proposition Joe quotes by Moss Cass
#31. We rich nations, for that is what we are, have an obligation not only to the poor nations, but to all the grandchildren of the world, rich and poor. We have not inherited this earth from our parents to do with it what we will. We have borrowed it from our children and we must be careful to use it in their interests as well as our own. Anyone who fails to recognise the basic validity of the proposition put in different ways by increasing numbers of writers, from Malthus to The Club of Rome, is either ignorant, a fool, or evil. #Quote by Moss Cass
Proposition Joe quotes by Clayton Smith
#32. Don't you try to pacify me!" screamed Grandpa Joe, waggling a finger at her. "I know when something's afoot! And something's definitely afoot! #Quote by Clayton Smith
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Lieberman
#33. I'm a Harry Truman, JFK, Scoop Jackson and Bill Clinton Democrat. #Quote by Joe Lieberman
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Hill
#34. Vic's father was badass. Other dads built things. Hers blew shit up and rode away on a Harley, smoking the cigarette he used to light the fuse. Top that. #Quote by Joe Hill
Proposition Joe quotes by Jenna McCarthy
#35. Now, as husbands go, I have to admit I did all right. Joe is unquestionably handsome, doesn't leave ragged toenail clippings scattered about the house, and has never once, in nearly five thousand days of togetherness, left the toilet seat up. #Quote by Jenna McCarthy
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#36. A man without discipline is no better than a dog. A soldier without discipline is no better than a corpse. Worse, in fact. A corpse is no threat to his comrades. #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Proposition Joe quotes by Billie Joe Armstrong
#37. I think everybody should get married. Boys and girls. Girls and boys. Boys and boys! Girls and girls! Shouldn't we all be entitled to a family-Civil rights baby it's civil rights. It doesn't get any better here in Berkeley I'll tell you that. #Quote by Billie Joe Armstrong
Proposition Joe quotes by J.D. Salinger
#38. When Seymour and I were five and three, Les and Bessie played on the same bill for a couple of weeks with Joe Jackson -- the redoubtable Joe Jackson of the nickel-plated trick bicycle that shone like something better than platinum to the very last row of the theater. A good many years later, not long after the outbreak of the Second World War, when Seymour and I had just recently moved into a small New York apartment of our own, our father -- Les, as he'll be called hereafter -- dropped in on us one evening on his way home from a pinochle game. He quite apparently had held very bad cards all afternoon. He came in, at any rate, rigidly predisposed to keep his overcoat on. He sat. He scowled at the furnishings. He turned my hand over to check for cigarette-tar stains on my fingers, then asked Seymour how many cigarettes he smoked a day. He thought he found a fly in his highball. At length, when the conversation -- in my view, at least -- was going straight to hell, he got up abruptly and went over to look at a photograph of himself and Bessie that had been newly tacked up on the wall. He glowered at it for a full minute, or more, then turned around, with a brusqueness no one in the family would have found unusual, and asked Seymour if he remembered the time Joe Jackson had given him, Seymour, a ride on the handle bars of his bicycle, all over the stage, around and around. Seymour, sitting in an old corduroy armchair across the room, a cigarette going, wearing a blue shirt, gray #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Seneca
#39. Sometimes people can surprise you. Sometimes they have a great capacity to hear the truth. #Quote by Joe Seneca
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Haldeman
#40. Marianne, how's your statistics?" "Math is my worst subject." "But you can program?" "Of course. I'm not illiterate. #Quote by Joe Haldeman
Proposition Joe quotes by Joe Teti
#41. #1 priority is water, water and more water. #Quote by Joe Teti
Proposition Joe quotes by Andrzej Sapkowski
#42. You can shove such a proposition a d'yeabl aep arse.' The devil demonstrated his knowledge of the Old Language. #Quote by Andrzej Sapkowski

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