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Prolixity Examples quotes by Richard Benjamin
#1. I was surprised by how forces in the community could mobilize against a community changing. There were many examples of this. In St. George, members of the Latino community proposed having a "Dixie Fiesta." The resistance to that surprised me. #Quote by Richard Benjamin
Prolixity Examples quotes by Keith Johnstone
#2. The most repressed, and damaged,
and 'unteachable' students that I have to deal with are those who were the star
performers at bad high schools. Instead of learning how to be warm and spontaneous
and giving, they've become armoured and superficial, calculating and self-obsessed. I
could show you many many examples where education has clearly been a destructive
process. #Quote by Keith Johnstone
Prolixity Examples quotes by Alice Boyes
#3. Question the Thought "Failure is Just for Losers"

A failure-related thinking error that anxious perfectionists sometimes make is thinking that failure is just for losers. If you have this thinking bias, try this thought experiment:
Experiment: Think of a highly successful person you admire. It can be anyone, from Oprah to someone you actually know.
What failures has this person experienced in areas where he or she is generally successful? Has a businessperson you admire made some bad investments? Has your favorite actor made a movie that lost money? Has your favorite musician had an album flop?
You may be able to think of examples and failures off the top of your head, or you may need to do some online research or read a biography of that person. Make sure the examples are relevant to the person's core domain of success. A superstar chef opening a restaurant and failing is more relevant than an actor opening a restaurant and failing.
After you've done the thought experiment, ask yourself, "What's an alternative thought that's more realistic and less harsh than 'Failure is just for losers'?"
Alternate option: Ask mentors (people you actually know) about examples of their failures. Ask them what they learned from the experiences. You could also ask your mentors for examples of failures that have happened to prominent people in your field. They might be more willing to volunteer this information than to talk about their own failures. #Quote by Alice Boyes
Prolixity Examples quotes by Gudjon Bergmann
#4. Walk into any mosque, temple, church, or synagogue and you will find differing examples, different ways of interpreting God. The One True God is hard to find when a mishmash of human traits is constantly being projected. #Quote by Gudjon Bergmann
Prolixity Examples quotes by Bee Wilson
#5. Learning to cook in the 1990s, I thought 'proper olives' meant black. The benchmark was Kalamata from Greece: purple-black with an almost mushroomy depth of flavour. Other fine examples were tiny Coquilles from Nice and plump round Tanches from Nyons. #Quote by Bee Wilson
Prolixity Examples quotes by Harun Yahya
#6. All that we have seen in this work shows us one clear fact: The
Qur'an, this extraordinary book which was revealed to the Seal of the
Prophets, Muhammad (saas), is a source of inspiration and true knowledge.
The book of Islam-no matter what subject it refers to-is being
proved as Allah's word as each new piece of historical, scientific or
archaeological information comes to light. Facts about scientific subjects
and the news delivered to us about the past and future, facts that
no one could have known at the time of the Qur'an's revelation, are
announced in its verses. It is impossible for this information, examples
of which we have discussed in detail in this book, to have been known
with the level of knowledge and technology available in 7th century
Arabia. With this in mind, let us ask:
Could anyone in 7th century Arabia have known that our atmosphere
is made up of seven layers?

Could anyone in 7th century Arabia have known in detail the various
stages of development from which an embryo grows into a baby
and then enters the world from inside his mother?
Could anyone in 7th century Arabia have known that the universe
is "steadily expanding," as the Qur'an puts it, when modern scientists
have only in recent decades put forward the idea of the "Big Bang"?
Could anyone in 7th century Arabia have known about the fact
that each individual's fingertips are absolutely un #Quote by Harun Yahya
Prolixity Examples quotes by Talib Kweli
#7. The materialism, the brashness, the misogyny - everything in hip-hop is amplified. Misogyny is a good example of something that is completely amplified in hip-hop. I do think there is more than enough of a balance, though, for fans who are willing to search it out. #Quote by Talib Kweli
Prolixity Examples quotes by D. N. Rodowick
#8. One gets the sense that, for Deleuze, the cinema of the movement-image has been fully realized while that of the time-image is emergent. Comparatively speaking, there are few "pure" examples of films where direct images of time predominate. Mixed or hybrid examples are more common. #Quote by D. N. Rodowick
Prolixity Examples quotes by Alan Shayne
#9. Upon their meeting in New York in 1958: "We didn't want to live together. We didn't have any examples of what a good love relationship between two men could be. And there was always the problem of hiding so no one would know we were gay. There was no question that if I were known to be gay, living with another man, it would make it more difficult for me to get work as an actor." - Alan Shayne, co-author, Double Life #Quote by Alan Shayne
Prolixity Examples quotes by Desmond Tutu
#10. I have heard and seen many examples of the cruelty that we are able to visit on one another during my time ... I have also seen incredible forgiveness and compassion. Yes, each of us has the capacity for great evil. But for every act of evil there are a dozen acts of goodness in our world that go unnoticed. It is only because we believe that people should be good that we despair when they are not. Indeed, if people condoned the evil, we would be justified in losing hope. But most of the world does not. We know that we are meant for better. #Quote by Desmond Tutu
Prolixity Examples quotes by Laurie A. Helgoe
#11. Resources on self-promotion, specifically targeted to introverts and accessible online, now abound. Popular examples include Beth Buelow's The Introvert Entrepreneur blog and podcast ( and Nancy Ancowitz's Self-Promotion for Introverts site ( Ancowitz, business communication coach and author of the book Self-Promotion for Introverts, recommends that introverts build on what they do naturally rather than try to replicate extroverts: #Quote by Laurie A. Helgoe
Prolixity Examples quotes by Mark Steyn
#12. Popular culture as a whole is popular, but in today's fragmented market it's a jostle of competing unpopular popular cultures. As the critic Stanley Crouch likes to say, if you make a movie and 10 million people go see it, you'll gross $100 million - and 96 per cent of the population won't have to be involved. That alone should caution anyone about reading too much into individual examples of popular culture. #Quote by Mark Steyn
Prolixity Examples quotes by C.G. Jung
#13. Woe betide those who live by way of examples! Life is not with them. If you live according to an example, you thus live the life of that example, but who should live your own life if not yourself? So live yourselves. #Quote by C.G. Jung
Prolixity Examples quotes by Alice Boyes
#14. Recognize the Value of Acting with Uncertainty

Anxiety and uncertainty don't always mean you should stay stuck on pause. If you're currently stuck in pause mode, and have been for a while, taking some action is usually better than taking no action. When you can recognize the value of acting with uncertainty, you'll help your brain start to interpret uncertainty as a positive or not-so-terrible state, rather than it causing your alarm bells to ring loudly. The following is a thought experiment that's aimed at helping you recognize the value of acting even when you don't feel 100% sure of what the outcome will be or the exact best way to proceed.
Experiment: What are some circumstances in which acting with less than 100% certainty of success might be the best option? For example, submitting an application for a grant that will take four hours to prepare. You estimate the likelihood of obtaining the grant is only 10%, but it will be worth $5,000 if you're successful. Or trying a $50-a-month service that multiple people you trust have recommended. Or spending $100 on paint and painting supplies to see if you like a new room color. You've been thinking for years that you want to break out of off-white. Try to come up with three examples of your own. If coming up with three examples is intimidating, come up with just one example. Remember: You can adapt these instructions to suit yourself. #Quote by Alice Boyes
Prolixity Examples quotes by Jerry A. Coyne
#15. Given its diverse meanings and lack of specificity, the word "scientism" should be dropped. But if it's to be kept, I suggest we level the playing field by introducing the term religionism, which I'll define as "the tendency of religion to overstep its boundaries by making unwarranted statements about the universe, or by demanding unearned authority." Religionism would include clerics claiming to be moral authorities, arguments that scientific phenomena give evidence for God, and unsupported statements about the nature of a god and how he interacts with the world. And here we find no lack of examples, including believers who blame natural disasters on homosexuality, tell us that God doesn't want us to use condoms, argue that the acceptance of evolution by scientists is a conspiracy, and insist that human morality and the universe's "fine-tuning" are evidence for God. #Quote by Jerry A. Coyne
Prolixity Examples quotes by Darius Bolton
#16. There are many examples of men in history who could give us a better mirror after which to pattern ourselves #Quote by Darius Bolton
Prolixity Examples quotes by Temple Grandin
#17. I can explain how a person with autism thinks. I am very, very interested in how people think. It's been a gradual process of learning more and more about how my thinking process is different. You know it's bottom up - you take specific examples to make concepts and then I put them in categories. #Quote by Temple Grandin
Prolixity Examples quotes by Shashi Tharoor
#18. (Indeed there were outstanding examples of good governance in India at the time, notably the Travancore kingdom, which in 1819 became the #Quote by Shashi Tharoor
Prolixity Examples quotes by Matt Chandler
#19. Never be satisfied with where you are in the area of spiritual growth. Cultivate an insatiability for more of God by examining your weaknesses, beholding the perfection of Christ, and finding good examples of strengths you want to develop. #Quote by Matt Chandler
Prolixity Examples quotes by David Eagleman
#20. In the traditionally taught view of perception, data from the sensorium pours into the brain, works its way up the sensory hierarchy, and makes itself seen, heard, smelled, tasted, felt - "perceived." But a closer examination of the data suggests this is incorrect. The brain is properly thought of as a mostly closed system that runs on its own internally generated activity. We already have many examples of this sort of activity: for example, breathing, digestion, and walking are controlled by autonomously running activity generators in your brain stem and spinal cord. During dream sleep the brain is isolated from its normal input, so internal activation is the only source of cortical stimulation. In the awake state, internal activity is the basis for imagination and hallucinations. #Quote by David Eagleman
Prolixity Examples quotes by Juvenal
#21. Examples of vicious courses practiced in a domestic circle corrupt more readily and more deeply when we behold them in persons in authority. #Quote by Juvenal
Prolixity Examples quotes by Gary Ross
#22. History is full of examples of people who clamp down after they began to enjoy too much freedom. Freedom can lead to instability, anarchy, and confusion. So there can be a moral counter-revolution. #Quote by Gary Ross
Prolixity Examples quotes by Anonymous
#23. To the extent that scarcity of land is natural, and absentee landlord claims are not enforced by the state, economic rent on land is a form of scarcity rent that will prevail under any system. But to the extent that the scarcity is artificial, resulting from government or absentee landlord restrictions on access to vacant land, or landlord rent on those actually occupying and using land, the mutualist contention is that such rent is a deviation from normal exchange-value caused by unequal exchange. Patents, likewise, are such a deviation, being nothing but a monopoly imposed by the state. Such examples, therefore, have no bearing whatsoever on the validity of the labor theory of value. #Quote by Anonymous
Prolixity Examples quotes by Anonymous
#24. I don't have ex's. I have examples of what not to do in future. #Quote by Anonymous
Prolixity Examples quotes by Barbara Tuchman
#25. Misgovernment is of four kinds, often in combination. They are: 1) tyranny or oppression, of which history provides so many well-known examples that they do not need citing; 2) excessive ambition, such as Athens' attempted conquest of Sicily in the Peloponnesian War, Philip II's of England via the Armada, Germany's twice-attempted rule of Europe by a self-conceived master race, Japan's bid for an empire of Asia; 3) incompetence or decadence, as in the case of the late Roman empire, the last Romanovs and the last imperial dynasty of China; and finally 4) folly or perversity. #Quote by Barbara Tuchman
Prolixity Examples quotes by Joanna Scott
#26. The past is full of examples of renegade writers who were overlooked in their time not only because their work didn't fit neatly into potted categories but also because they avoided the self-promotional efforts of their peers. #Quote by Joanna Scott
Prolixity Examples quotes by Seneca The Younger
#27. The road by precepts is tedious, by example, short and efficacious. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Prolixity Examples quotes by Henry James
#28. If you look for grand examples of anything from me, I shall disappoint you. #Quote by Henry James
Prolixity Examples quotes by John Donne
#29. Of all the commentaries on the Scriptures, good examples are the best. #Quote by John Donne
Prolixity Examples quotes by Fedora Amis
#30. Words Matter
What people write and say affects others. Don't believe me? Consider these examples.
--Jihadists persuade everyday people to strap explosives to themselves and wreak havoc in public places.
--Words start wars and end marriages.
Words matter. #Quote by Fedora Amis
Prolixity Examples quotes by Theodor Herzl
#31. Whoever would change men must change the conditions of their lives. #Quote by Theodor Herzl
Prolixity Examples quotes by Donald A. Norman
#32. User experience is really the whole totality. Opening the package good example. It's the total experience that matters. And that starts from when you first hear about a product experience is more based upon memory than reality. If your memory of the product is wonderful, you will excuse all sorts of incidental things. #Quote by Donald A. Norman
Prolixity Examples quotes by Hillary Clinton
#33. Recently in Washington, unfortunately, we have seen examples of the wrong kind of leadership
when politicians choose scorched earth over common ground, when they operate in what I call the 'evidence-free zone,' with ideology trumping everything else. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Prolixity Examples quotes by Eric Voegelin
#34. Humans live in political society with all traits of their being, from the physical to the spiritual and religious traits. We have only presented examples from the Mediterranean and Western European culture areas, but the thesis is universal and also applies to the political forms in the East. The political community is always integrated in the overall context of man's experience of the world and God, irrespective of whether the political sphere occupies a subordinate level in the divine order of the hierarchy of being or whether it is deified itself. The language of politics is always interspersed with the ecstasies of religiosity and, thus, becomes a symbol in the concise sense by letting experiences concerned with the contents of the world be permeated with transcendental-divine experiences. #Quote by Eric Voegelin
Prolixity Examples quotes by Don Wilton
#35. The author charted the importance of human examples on his spiritual journey, confessing that when harsh and domineering people based their bullying on Christ's authority, he rebelled. But when his wife represented the gracefulness of Christ's character, he was drawn back to know Christ more fully. #Quote by Don Wilton
Prolixity Examples quotes by Fisher Ames
#36. [Why] should not the Bible regain the place it once held as a school book? Its morals are pure, its examples captivating and noble. The reverence for the Sacred Book that is thus early impressed lasts long; and probably if not impressed in infancy, never takes firm hold of the mind. #Quote by Fisher Ames
Prolixity Examples quotes by Jennifer Shirk
#37. You know, typically a nickname is shorter than the given name."
"Is it?" he asked in mock seriousness. "Oh. Well, tell you what, you can call me ... "
She waited several beats, thinking of more than a few unkind examples. "I can call you what?" she finally asked.
"That's it." He shot her his bone-melting smile. "You can just call me. Anytime."
She rolled her eyes, refusing to give in to the smile that threatened. "That sounds like a line from one of your movies."
He shot her a triumphant look. "Ah, ha! I knew you were a fan. #Quote by Jennifer Shirk
Prolixity Examples quotes by Anne Frank
#38. Sometimes I believe that God wants to try me, both now and later on; I must become good through my own efforts, without examples and without good advice. #Quote by Anne Frank
Prolixity Examples quotes by Robert Thurman
#39. The Chinese people absolutely need good spiritual examples. They also could use a citizen of their own, who is free and happy, and pleased with them, and represents them in a positive way to the world. Especially now that they're becoming this mega-power, and no longer known as a puppet in the game, or strictly business people. #Quote by Robert Thurman
Prolixity Examples quotes by Jerry A. Coyne
#40. Scientism is in fact a mug's game, a grab bag of disparate accusations that are mostly inaccurate or overblown. Nearly all articles criticizing scientism not only fail to convince us that it's dangerous, but don't even give any good examples of it. In the end, as Daniel Dennett argues, scientism is a completely undefined term. It just means science that you don't like. #Quote by Jerry A. Coyne
Prolixity Examples quotes by Shigeru Yoshida
#41. History offers examples of winning in diplomacy after losing in war. #Quote by Shigeru Yoshida

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