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Project X Inspirational quotes by Osunsakin Adewale
BY : ADEWALE OSUNSAKIN #Quote by Osunsakin Adewale
Project X Inspirational quotes by Abeer Allan
#2. So get up, pretty woman!
And from your beautifully shaped body don't be ashamed
For we are meant to be different,
Rounded shapes and squared
We come in a small, medium and a large size
And to each there is still a wide range
This is to create a beautiful portrait for the eyes
And we are not supposed to please the "media-thinking" and change!
So woman up!
Whether your size is infinity-X large or infinity-X Small
In love with "you" you should fall
Don't let them and their meaningless words or shallow looks
Make you lose it all
As to this nature you belong,
The beach, the mountains, the oceans
And the colorful life this mother earth has to give
So embrace this with your body and soul
No matter how they evolve…
For as long as you live! #Quote by Abeer Allan
Project X Inspirational quotes by Malcolm X
#3. A man who tosses worms in the river isn't 't necessarily a friend of the fish. All the fish who take him for a friend, who think the worm's got no hook in it, usually end up in the frying pan. #Quote by Malcolm X
Project X Inspirational quotes by Joe Budden
#4. Project X now, but it started as a Hunger Game. #Quote by Joe Budden
Project X Inspirational quotes by Jean-Noel Bassior
#5. You see, as kids, my friends and I assumed we'd grow up to become like our heroes--that someday, like them, we'd do great things, make a difference in teh nonsensical world that belonged to adults. Now, watching Space PAtrol crew resist Agent X, the kid who dreamed of living heroically snaps out of a long, deep sleep. It's like awakening in the middle of the night--or in midlife-- remembering something you forgot to do. Something very important. #Quote by Jean-Noel Bassior
Project X Inspirational quotes by Malcolm X
#6. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. #Quote by Malcolm X
Project X Inspirational quotes by Randall Munroe
#7. Telescopes and bathyscapes and sonar probes of Scottish lakes, Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse explained with abstract phase-space maps, some x-ray slides, a music score, Minard's Napoleonic war: the most exciting new frontier is charting what's already here. #Quote by Randall Munroe
Project X Inspirational quotes by Malcolm X
#8. The world since Adam has been white - and corrupt. The world of tomorrow will be black - and righteous. In the white world there has been nothing but slavery, suffering, death and colonialism. In the black world of tomorrow, there will be true freedom, justice and equality for all. And that day is coming - sooner than you think. #Quote by Malcolm X
Project X Inspirational quotes by X. Williamson
#9. I could recognise his soul in mine as much as he could find me in his. Our sole existences seemed to have been for this very moment when nothing else mattered. #Quote by X. Williamson
Project X Inspirational quotes by Malcolm X
#10. People don't realize how a man's whole life can be changed by one book. #Quote by Malcolm X
Project X Inspirational quotes by Jim Shepard
#11. I have written screenplays. Most recently for Errol Morris, who was thinking about doing his first fiction movie, and with a young director who wanted to adopt Project X. Errol was a hoot. I loved talking with him. We were a good match, too, because we both kept joking that we'd found the only other person on earth more ambivalent than we were about the project. #Quote by Jim Shepard
Project X Inspirational quotes by Noelle Sterne
#12. Think of some things you've wanted to do for ages and have never given yourself time or permission to do them. The Voice knows what they are and has probably suggested them many times. You've always said inside, 'Oh, I couldn't. Costs too much. I've got too much work. I'm too tired. I can't be away from x that long. Should clean out the garage instead.' It's time to stop cleaning and start living. #Quote by Noelle Sterne
Project X Inspirational quotes by Gerard De Marigny
#13. I told a doctor once, Doc, if you want to know what's inside of me, put down the x-ray and pick up my novel! #Quote by Gerard De Marigny
Project X Inspirational quotes by Lucas Remmerswaal
#14. X is for X-mas Concentrate your energies, your thoughts and your capital. Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket, then all your Christmases can come at once! #Quote by Lucas Remmerswaal
Project X Inspirational quotes by Sandra Chami Kassis
#15. Instead of protesting and cursing others because they write "X-Mas" instead of "Christmas"; try being Christmas. Live Christmas. Breathe Christmas. Act Christmas. Speak Christmas. Reflect Christmas. Listen and feel Christmas
Christ doesn't care how you write Christmas; he cares how you live Christmas all year long. #Quote by Sandra Chami Kassis
Project X Inspirational quotes by Malcolm X
#16. It is only after the deepest darkness that the greatest joy can come #Quote by Malcolm X
Project X Inspirational quotes by Ada Calhoun
#17. Generation X women, who as children lacked cell phones and helicopter parents, came up relying on our own wits. To keep ourselves safe, we took control. We worked hard and made lists and tried to do everything all at once for a very long time without much help. We took responsibility for ourselves--and later we also took responsibility for our work or partners or children or parents. We should be proud of ourselves. #Quote by Ada Calhoun
Project X Inspirational quotes by Ibrahim Ibrahim
#18. As impossible as it may sound, but the CEC uses a calibration gear of 1,000 teeth to project a one day's measure of time (PI) onto a right triangle alongside the speed of light value (x=2.99792458) while uttering thereby the time it takes light to reach Earth coming from the Sun (8.3 minutes). #Quote by Ibrahim Ibrahim
Project X Inspirational quotes by S.J. Robinson
#19. (Taken from the scene in which protagonist Rebeka is caught snooping around down in the underground floors of Project Code-X...)
"I was just curious as to what was down here," I said boldly.
He studied me, evaluating the situation carefully. His face relaxed.
"They say curiosity is the mark of a great scientist," he mused light-heartedly. "It is often the loss of that child-like curiosity that ends the career of many a great scientist prematurely. Their minds go dead and they are no longer inspired. Once that light goes, they are completely and utterly useless to me."
He had a habit of ruminating aloud, so I said nothing. Then perceiving me again, he took me by the arm. "Well now, Doctor Taft. Let me show you precisely what we are doing down here in the basement," he said, proceeding to guide me around the corridor. #Quote by S.J. Robinson
Project X Inspirational quotes by Nick Vujicic
#20. Life isn't about having, it's about being. You could surround yourself with all that money can buy, and you'd still be as miserable as a human can be. I know people with perfect bodies who don't have half the happiness I've found. On my journeys I've seen more joy in the slums of Mumbai and the orphanages of Africa than in wealthy gated communities and on sprawling estates worth millions. Why is that? You'll find contentment when your talents and passion are completely engaged, in full force. Recognise instant self-gratification for what it is. Resist the temptation to grab for material objects like the perfect house, the coolest clothes or the hottest car. The if I just had X, I would be happy syndrome is a mass delusion. When you look for happiness in mere objects, they are never enough. Look around. Look within. #Quote by Nick Vujicic
Project X Inspirational quotes by Francisco X Stork
#21. You always do this to people?"
"Do what?"
"Get them to empty their guts out just like that."
"We do not have much time. We should only talk about what is important. #Quote by Francisco X Stork
Project X Inspirational quotes by Donald Knuth
#22. In fact, my main conclusion after spending ten years of my life working on the T E X project is that software is hard. It's harder than anything else I've ever had to do. #Quote by Donald Knuth
Project X Inspirational quotes by Andrew Sturm
#23. Everyone hated Calculus. Quadratic equations, parabolas, logarithms, trigonometry - you name it. It was like floating in an endless, frictionless void traveling at x miles per hour at a descension rate of one half the speed of gravity. Solve for x. #Quote by Andrew Sturm
Project X Inspirational quotes by Kazuki Nakashima
#24. A skyscraper built within your own mind may never crumble. #Quote by Kazuki Nakashima
Project X Inspirational quotes by Don Draper 'Mad Men'
#25. Change is neither good or bad; it simply is.
[Written by Matthew Weiner] #Quote by Don Draper 'Mad Men'
Project X Inspirational quotes by Debasish Mridha
#26. You solve a problem not by eliminating the problem but by changing the perception and awareness of the problem. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Project X Inspirational quotes by Renae A. Sauter
#27. Authenticity inspires. Just be real. #Quote by Renae A. Sauter
Project X Inspirational quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#28. Be passionately devoted to your dreams. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Project X Inspirational quotes by Erika Woods
#29. Don't complain that your life is boring. It is because you never did anything exciting. #Quote by Erika Woods
Project X Inspirational quotes by Nelson Mandela
#30. Let freedom reign. #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Project X Inspirational quotes by Debasish Mridha
#31. Every memory becomes a golden treasure to us when we have lived our lives with tragedy and triumphs, sadness and happiness. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Project X Inspirational quotes by Santosh Avvannavar
#32. We often fail to see that there is an invisible wall in a relationship - Cord 10, In Between Us! #Quote by Santosh Avvannavar
Project X Inspirational quotes by Ralph Helfer
#33. Trees are like people and give the answers to the way of Man. They grow from the top down. Children, like treetops, have flexibility of youth, and sway more than larger adults at the bottom. They are more vulnerable to the elements, and are put to the test of survival by life's strong winds, rain, freezing cold, and hot sun. Constantly challenged. As they mature, they journey down the tree, strengthening the family unit until one day they have become big hefty branches. In the stillness below, having weathered the seasons, they now relax in their old age, no longer subject to the stress from above. It's always warmer and more enclosed at the base of the tree. The members remain protected and strong as they bear the weight and give support to the entire tree. They have the endurance. #Quote by Ralph Helfer
Project X Inspirational quotes by Osho
#34. Include and grow. Include and expand. #Quote by Osho
Project X Inspirational quotes by Elle Luna
#35. All too often, we feel that we are not living the fullness of our lives because we are not expressing the fullness of our gifts. #Quote by Elle Luna
Project X Inspirational quotes by Epictetus
#36. The wise person knows it is fruitless to project hopes and fears on the future. This only leads to forming melodramatic representations in your mind and wasting time. #Quote by Epictetus
Project X Inspirational quotes by Lindsey Rietzsch
#37. The things you say, the things you don't say, the things you do, or the things you don't do are always sending a loud message to those around you. What kind of a message are you sending? Is it a true reflection of who you are? #Quote by Lindsey Rietzsch
Project X Inspirational quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#38. The distance between faith and doubt is your miracle. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Project X Inspirational quotes by Christopher Lee
#39. Acting as a profession came to me by chance: in 1946, after the war, I was having lunch with my cousin, who was the Italian ambassador, and he asked, 'What are you going to do now you're out of uniform?' I said, 'I'm pretty inventive, and I can imitate people,' and he said, 'Have you thought about being an actor?' #Quote by Christopher Lee
Project X Inspirational quotes by Lawrence Hargrave
#40. My objective is and has been for years to make the lightest and most compact flying machine that would carry me at 25 or 30 miles per hour for 10 minutes or a quarter of an hour. Current events show this is not at all an ambitious project. Want of an elementary knowledge of oil machines baulks me and causes much misdirected effort. I doubt my ability to acquire that knowledge, and feel like a fireman trying to hew out a donkey pump ... #Quote by Lawrence Hargrave
Project X Inspirational quotes by Alice Childress
#41. Truth is simply whatever you can bring yourself to believe. #Quote by Alice Childress
Project X Inspirational quotes by Diana Peterfreund
#42. Kai whirled around and his face was sadowed by the angle of the sun. Still, she knew his tone. Anger. "What's so funny? That our project has been set back several says? That we're stuck here longer? That you take a little spill from a horse and everyone wants to rearrange the world so you don't suffer a moment of inconvenience?"
"No," she said, and her voice was even. "That I would wait a month in agony just to hear you insult me. I'm a miserable girl indeed, don't you think? #Quote by Diana Peterfreund
Project X Inspirational quotes by Debasish Mridha
#43. We get what we give away with love. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Project X Inspirational quotes by Debasish Mridha
#44. With the wings of knowledge, it is easier to fly toward the blue sky of wisdom. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Project X Inspirational quotes by Steve Maraboli
#45. Your life is a reflection ... you don't get what you WANT, you get what you ARE. You gotta BE it to SEE it. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Project X Inspirational quotes by Francis Bacon
#46. All rising to a great place is by a winding stair. #Quote by Francis Bacon
Project X Inspirational quotes by Karen Horney
#47. There is no good reason why we should not develop and change until the last day we live. #Quote by Karen Horney

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