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Program quotes by Project Itoh
#1. The instant the old folks had entered their codes and the Harmony program had begun to sing, suicide disappeared from human society. Nearly all battles ceased. The individual was no longer a unit. The entire social system was the unit. By losing its sense of self and self-awareness, society had been freed from the pain it suffered because its systems had relied on imperfect humans, arriving for the first time at a perfect bliss. I am a part of the system, as you are part of the system. No one felt any pain about that any longer. There was no "me" to feel pain. I had been replaced by a single... #Quote by Project Itoh
Program quotes by Stephen Richards
#2. Allowing a negative sentence in your head to end itself forms the very nucleus of negative thoughtforms! #Quote by Stephen Richards
Program quotes by Dana J Goulston
#3. Here, take my advise ... I'm not using it." (John Jolliffe) #Quote by Dana J Goulston
Program quotes by Hank Johnson
#4. Social Security is not just another government spending program. It is a promise from generation to generation. #Quote by Hank Johnson
Program quotes by Anonymous
#5. 2:40AM - 2:41AM (erotic_performance.exe): The curtain opened to reveal a Gateway 2000 computer and monitor running a Fenestra 98 operating system. The display booted up and opened a program on its desktop. The computer then began to rapidly recite a multitude of differential equations as well as their respective 3D graphical representations for 20 seconds. At the end of the program, the monitor displayed the word "INSERT" in the form of a screensaver. D-6744 and D-3432 both inserted $5 into its floppy drive. The curtain then closed at the end of the show. #Quote by Anonymous
Program quotes by George Grosz The Autobiography Of George Grosz 1955
#6. Nothing was holy to us. Our movement was neither mystical, communistic nor anarchistic. All of these movements had some sort of program, but ours was completely nihilistic. We spat on everything, including ourselves. Our symbol was nothingness, a vacuum, a void. #Quote by George Grosz The Autobiography Of George Grosz 1955
Program quotes by Azar Nafisi
#7. Switzerland had somehow become a bywordfor Western laxity: any program or action that was deemed un- Islamic was reproached with a mocking reminder that Iran was by no means Switzerland. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Program quotes by Arthur Bloch
#8. A computer program does what you tell it to do, not what you want it to do. #Quote by Arthur Bloch
Program quotes by Helen McCloy
#9. That's the one thing a politician mustn't have - political opinions or principles. He can have prejudices - indeed he must have prejudices and share all the popular political superstitions of the moment as ardently as he can. But he must not have principles. He must never let the people suspect that they cannot eat their cake and have it. He must promise them a defense program and a higher standard of living. He must never use that dreadful little word or. #Quote by Helen McCloy
Program quotes by Hank Bracker
#10. Glenn Hammond Curtiss was a bicycle enthusiast before he started building motorcycles. Although he only attended grammar school to the 8th grade, his interests motivated him to move on to greater things. In 1904, as a self-taught engineer, he began to manufacture engines for airships. During this time, Curtiss became known for having won a number of international air races and for making the first long-distance flight in the United States. On September 30, 1907, Curtiss was invited to join a non-profit pioneering research program named the "Aerial Experimental Association," founded under the leadership of Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, to develop flying machines. The organization was established having a fixed time period, which ended in March of 1909. During this time, the members produced several different aircraft in a cooperative, rather than a competitive, spirit. #Quote by Hank Bracker
Program quotes by Russell Brand
#11. Because I have a program of recovery I recognize that I must when in crisis:
1. Acknowledge it.
2. Believe it could improve.
3. Ask for help. #Quote by Russell Brand
Program quotes by Vannevar Bush
#12. Putting a man in space is a stunt: the man can do no more than an instrument, in fact can do less. There are far more serious things to do than indulge in stunts ... I do not discard completely the value of demonstrating to the world our skills. Nor do I undervalue the effect on morale of the spectacular. But the present hullabaloo on the propaganda aspects of the program leaves me entirely cool. #Quote by Vannevar Bush
Program quotes by Joe Sutter
#13. At the start of any program, asking questions is the most important part of the process. If you get [the customer's] requirements wrong, then you don't have a successful product. #Quote by Joe Sutter
Program quotes by Ken Buck
#14. To me, it is clear that the Social Security program is constitutional. #Quote by Ken Buck
Program quotes by William F. Buckley, Jr.
#15. I will not cede more power to the state. I will not willingly cede more power to anyone, not to the state, not to General Motors, not to the CIO. I will hoard my power like a miser, resisting every effort to drain it away from me. I will then use my power, as I see fit. I mean to live my life an obedient man, but obedient to God, subservient to the wisdom of my ancestors; never to the authority of political truths arived at yesterday at the voting booth. That is a program of sorts, is it not? It is certainly program enough to keep conservatives busy, and Liberals at bay. And the nation free. #Quote by William F. Buckley, Jr.
Program quotes by Sarah Schulman
#16. MFA programs are to the world of art what gentrification is to your neighborhood. #Quote by Sarah Schulman
Program quotes by Mooji
#17. I come to call you Home.
Those who resonate with my words and follow them internally, will find that place and know It's completeness, its joy and fullness.
I have come to call you away from suffering, from fear and from a life of sorrow and into your own, divine Being.
I did not come here to give you decorative stories, to excite your imagination, or sign you up for some long program but to show you how available Truth is, and to remind you that you are never separate from It.
No person on this planet is apart from the Truth in the Heart and yet the world is so vast and varied in expression.
The greatest good and greatest evil is here.
In this forest of duality and complexity you must find your way Home.
You must win your Self back. Wisdom and trust will be your compass.
Many voices came to call us but we are here today because we are freshly called by the voice of God, Love, Truth.
Do not come half way home, but fully home.
I know the voice that called you is true and Truth and that where you are being called to is also Real.
It is inside your own Heart.
It is what gives me the strength to be here.
I love to see the beings being set free from the hypnosis of conditioning; from fears, false projection and the grip of ego.
And I know that to be liberated is not difficult.
It requires only openness and the sincere desire to be free.
I don't need to hear anything about your past.
Your stories a #Quote by Mooji
Program quotes by Marco Rubio
#18. ISIS is the most sophisticated terror threat we have ever faced. We are now at a time when we need more tools, not less tools. And that took we lost, the metadata program, was a valuable tool that we no longer have at our disposal. #Quote by Marco Rubio
Program quotes by Ray Kurzweil
#19. The software programs that make our body run ... were evolved in very different times. We'd like to actually change those programs. One little software program, called the fat insulin receptor gene, basically says, 'Hold onto every calorie, because the next hunting season may not work out so well.' That was in the interests of the species tens of thousands of years ago. We'd like to turn that program off. #Quote by Ray Kurzweil
Program quotes by Nick Lowe
#20. And then, one day, they program a new tune, and it really catches your ear, you know, because you can be doing the washing up or something, you know, in your apartment and suddenly you go, whoa, what are they playing in there? And you run to the wall, but it's finished - but the song's finished. You only heard enough of it just the pique your interest. And you never know when they're going to play it again, of course, like a normal radio station. #Quote by Nick Lowe
Program quotes by Dick Morris
#21. The most pernicious of his [Obama] proposals will be the massive Make Work Pay refundable tax credit. Dressed up as a tax cut, it will be a national welfare program, guaranteeing a majority of American households an annual check to 'refund' taxes they never paid. And it will eliminate the need for about 20% of American households to pay income taxes, lifting the proportion that need not do so to a majority of the voting population. #Quote by Dick Morris
Program quotes by Barton Gellman
#22. At the height of Iraq's clandestine nuclear weapons program, which nearly succeeded in building a bomb in 1991, Tuwaitha incorporated research reactors, uranium mining and enrichment facilities, chemical engineering plants and an explosives fabrication center to build the device that detonates a nuclear core. #Quote by Barton Gellman
Program quotes by Rachel Maddow
#23. Carter's renowned 1979 "malaise speech" [ ... ] is little remembered for what it actually was: a call to arms for fixing our nation's dire energy future. "Beginning this moment, this nation will never use more foreign oil than we did in 1977
never" [ ... ] Carter was going to use all the weapons at his disposal: import quotas, public investment in coal, solar power, and alternative fuel, and [ ... ] "a bold conservation program" where "every act of energy conservation ... is more than just common sense; I tell you it is an act of patriotism. #Quote by Rachel Maddow
Program quotes by Bob Weiss
#24. This is a natural evolution, building a complete bath ensemble program and the Joseph Abboud bath brand within the Creative Bath family of licensed programs. #Quote by Bob Weiss
Program quotes by Joseph Sobran
#25. War is just one more big government program. #Quote by Joseph Sobran
Program quotes by Tansy Boggon
#26. lifestyle program, superfood, supplement or exercise regime can guarantee optimal health or even the prevention of disease and illness. #Quote by Tansy Boggon
Program quotes by James Patterson
#27. You were designed to be very smart, Max,' she told me. 'We electrically stimulated your synaptic nerve endings while your brain was developing.' (The director)
And yet I still can't program my DVD player,' I said. (Max) #Quote by James Patterson
Program quotes by Courtney G. Brooks
#28. With almost no internal opposition, both the Senate and the House of Representatives responded to Kennedy's challenge by increasing funds for the agency that was to undertake this bold program. At this juncture, the Americans had chalked up 15 minutes and 22 seconds of manned space flight experience. The Russians had clocked 108 minutes. #Quote by Courtney G. Brooks
Program quotes by Ben Fountain
#29. I got brilliant stories from people who'd never set foot in an MFA program and had published very little, and terrible stories from people who'd published a lot and had all the credentials. It was all over the map and that was part of the fun. #Quote by Ben Fountain
Program quotes by Jon Stewart
#30. What I like to do is come in, write the entire program and treat my staff to hot stone massages. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Program quotes by Boyd Holbrook
#31. I wrote a lot. I was in programs for drawing when I was a kid. #Quote by Boyd Holbrook
Program quotes by Mitchell Reiss
#32. The other countries did not share the same concern the United States had in the early '90's - that North Korea actually had an ongoing nuclear weapons program. #Quote by Mitchell Reiss
Program quotes by Gaston Caperton
#33. It is our hope that the AP program can serve as an anchor for increasing rigor in our schools. Rigor can be maintained while increasing student participation. #Quote by Gaston Caperton
Program quotes by Anjelica Huston
#34. Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking Program achieved for me a thing that I thought was not possible - to give up a thirty year smoking habit literally overnight. It was nothing short of a miracle. #Quote by Anjelica Huston
Program quotes by Vicki Escarra
#35. Federal nutrition programs are the first line of defense for food insecure Americans, but do not meet all of the needs of everyone who needs help. #Quote by Vicki Escarra
Program quotes by Tony Campolo
#36. Getting the government to put money into social programs run by religious institutions is a practice that started during the Clinton years, when Bill Clinton advocated the AmeriCorps program. #Quote by Tony Campolo
Program quotes by Jarrid Wilson
#37. Habits don't just happen overnight. If a habit takes 30 days to form, then those 30 days will tell you a lot about your commitments. Are you cutting down on your Starbucks habit so that you can read Scripture in the morning before work? Or are you routinely hitting snooze and falling off your exercise program 10 days in? We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and have to make choices about we're using our time. We make trade-offs based on what we deem most important at the time - for better or for worse. #Quote by Jarrid Wilson
Program quotes by Richard Stallman
#38. Proprietary software keeps users divided and helpless. Divided because each user is forbidden to redistribute it to others, and helpless because the users can't change it since they don't have the source code. They can't study what it really does. So the proprietary program is a system of unjust power. #Quote by Richard Stallman
Program quotes by Richard Wagner
#39. Any so-called stimulus program is a ruse. The government can increase its spending only by reducing private spending equivalently. #Quote by Richard Wagner
Program quotes by Ken Thompson
#40. The X server has to be the biggest program I've ever seen that doesn't do anything for you. #Quote by Ken Thompson
Program quotes by Arthur M. Cohen
#41. development starts with awarding a one-credit-hour payment to each faculty member who participates in a weeklong program in August. The program continues with three credit hours of release time during the fall term, which allow new faculty to meet once a week with campus mentors and attend an intensive four-day instructional skills workshop in the spring. The college also pays for program costs. #Quote by Arthur M. Cohen
Program quotes by Erik Paulsen
#42. As Congress debates overhauling the nation's health care system, it should not authorize a reform plan that would further our financial woes. We must avoid creating an unsustainable government program. There is no question that reform is needed, but health care can be made more affordable without massive and expensive new bureaucracies. #Quote by Erik Paulsen
Program quotes by Rita Levi-Montalcini
#43. It is imperfection - not perfection - that is the end result of the program written into that formidably complex engine that is the human brain, and of the influences exerted upon us by the environment and whoever takes care of us during the long years of our physical, psychological and intellectual development. #Quote by Rita Levi-Montalcini
Program quotes by David Berkowitz
#44. Effective education is not adding a program or a set of programs to a school. Rather, it is a transformation of the culture and life of the school. #Quote by David Berkowitz
Program quotes by George Orwell
#45. Processions, meetings, military parades, lectures, waxwork displays, film shows, telescreen programs all had to be organized; stands had to be erected, effigies built, slogans coined, songs written, rumours circulated, photographs faked. #Quote by George Orwell
Program quotes by Ben Bagdikian
#46. In the US, voters cast ballots for individual candidates who are not bound to any party program except rhetorically, and not always then. Some Republicans are more liberal than some Democrats, some libertarians are more radical than some socialists, and many local candidates run without any party identification. No American citizen can vote intelligently without knowledge of the ideas, political background, and commitments of each individual candidate. #Quote by Ben Bagdikian
Program quotes by Mike Fitzpatrick
#47. Despite the administration's long public information campaign, for many months polls have consistently indicated only 37 percent of those eligible for Medicare say they only partially understand the program. #Quote by Mike Fitzpatrick
Program quotes by Anonymous
#48. Narayan Khalsa is a youth program assistant with Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity, a Marin-based organization that serves homeless teens and young adults. The learn more about AHO, call 381-7173. You can also go online at #Quote by Anonymous
Program quotes by Ray Bradbury
#49. Well, after all, this is the age of the disposable tissue. Blow your nose on a person, wad them, flush them away, reach for another, blow, wad, flush. Everyone using everyone else's coattails. How are you supposed to root for the home team when you don't even have a program or know the names? For that matter, what color jersey's are they reading as they trot out to the feild? #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Program quotes by Sally Miller Gearhart
#50. I was so excited to be able to say that I was a lesbian that I would shake hands with strangers on the street and say, 'Hi! I'm Sally Gearhart and I'm a lesbian.' Once, appearing on a panel program, I began, 'I'm Sally Lesbian and I'm a gearhart!' I realized then that I had put too much of my identity into being lesbian. #Quote by Sally Miller Gearhart
Program quotes by Zig Ziglar
#51. If you don't have time to invest in a goals program is it possible that you don't have time because you don't have a goals program? #Quote by Zig Ziglar
Program quotes by Lou Holtz
#52. It's not my job to motivate players. They bring extraordinary motivation to our program. It's my job not to de-motivate them. #Quote by Lou Holtz
Program quotes by Glenn Eichler
#53. Get acquainted along with a fitness home business.

If you attempt earnestly, you are able to get started a productive fitness business. Many variables need to be considered once you determine to begin a fitness enterprise. If you understand how to set up a fitness online business, it can be effortless. It is advisable to have expertise in the fitness market to become capable to begin a fitness organization. Folks from any walk of life can commence their very own fitness business.

A fitness small business is some thing that people would encourage by becoming consumers on the company. If you strategy to begin a online business inside the fitness niches, you ought to read all about how you can commence a fitness small business. You could study from blogs and web-sites related to establishing such a company. You must in no way attempt to get started a organization with out 1st understanding all about it. It truly is not quick to start a organization in the fitness niches. We're normally extremely eager to obtain fit. It really is essential that we give enough time and believed to our fitness business. Individuals who fail to perform on their fitness by no means realize beneficial benefits. You in no way going to attain excellent levels of fitness without functioning on it.

Diet program is a thing that people rarely consider fitness business about when having match. What you eat is also necessary relating to fitness. One factor you need to unders #Quote by Glenn Eichler
Program quotes by Patty Murray
#54. Funding privatized accounts with Social Security dollars would not only make the program's long term problems worse, but many believe it represents a first step toward undermining the program's fundamental goals. #Quote by Patty Murray
Program quotes by Dichen Lachman
#55. I would love to be able to program myself to pick up any instrument and to be able to play it very, very well, and to be able to read music and dance as well. I'm very uncoordinated, and I'd love to be able to bust a really great move. #Quote by Dichen Lachman
Program quotes by Mike Lee
#56. The USA Freedom Act does not propose that we abandon any and all efforts to analyze telephone data, what we're talking about here is a program that currently contemplates the collection of all data just as a routine matter and the aggregation of all that data in one database. That causes concerns for a lot of people ... There's a lot of potential for abuse. #Quote by Mike Lee
Program quotes by Willie Aames
#57. We produce programs that honor God and impact our world. #Quote by Willie Aames
Program quotes by Marty Natalegawa
#58. The remission to Abu Bakar Bashir is not a reflection on the individual per se rather than the application of the remission program, which is applied in general. #Quote by Marty Natalegawa
Program quotes by Scott Ritter
#59. I think the danger right now is that without effective inspections, without effective monitoring, Iraq can in a very short period of time measured in months, reconstitute chemical and biological weapons, long-range ballistic missiles to deliver these weapons, and even certain aspects of their nuclear weaponization program, #Quote by Scott Ritter
Program quotes by Ron Paul
#60. We have depended on government for so much for so long that we as people have become less vigilant of our liberties. As long as the government provides largesse for the majority, the special interest lobbyists will succeed in continuing the redistribution of welfare programs that occupies most of Congress's legislative time. #Quote by Ron Paul
Program quotes by Jeb Bush
#61. I'm for higher standards measured in an intellectually honest way, with abundant school choice, ending social promotion. And I know how to do this because as governor of the state of Florida I created the first statewide voucher program in the country, the second statewide voucher program, in the country and the third statewide voucher program in the country. #Quote by Jeb Bush
Program quotes by James Lipton
#62. We are the only school in America, drama school in America that trains actors, writers and directors side by side for three years in a master's degree program, and we want them - to expose them to everything. #Quote by James Lipton
Program quotes by Jim Lovell
#63. I didn't go into the NASA program to pick up rocks or to go the moon or anything else. I went in there because I was a military officer, and that was the next notch in my profession. #Quote by Jim Lovell
Program quotes by Ellen Goodman
#64. Even if every program were educational and every advertisement bore the seal of approval of the American Dental Association, we would still have a critical problem. It's not just the programs but the act of watching television hour after hour after hour that's destructive. #Quote by Ellen Goodman
Program quotes by David McCullough
#65. Little children can learn anything, just as they can learn a foreign language. The mind is so absorbent then. There ought to be a real program to educate teachers who want to teach grade school children about history. #Quote by David McCullough
Program quotes by Margaret Sanger
#66. Birth Control which has been criticized as negative and destructive, is really the greatest and most truly eugenic method, and its adoption as part of the program of Eugenics would immediately give a concrete and realistic power to that science ... as the most constructive and necessary of the means to racial health. #Quote by Margaret Sanger
Program quotes by Karen DeCrow
#67. One year, I was a patron of a new opera. It was, to put it kindly, unpleasant to the ear. The friends I went with hated it. Keeping quiet about my contribution, I was outed when one of them, reading the program at the restaurant during dinner, saw my name. #Quote by Karen DeCrow
Program quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#68. "If you prefer it, Your Excellency, a private room will be free directly: Prince Golitsin with a lady. Fresh oysters have come in."

"Ah, oysters!" Stepan Arkadyevich became thoughtful.

"How if we were to change our program, Levin?" he said, keeping his finger on the bill of fare. And his face expressed serious hesitation. "Are the oysters good? Mind, now!"

"They're Flensburg, Your Excellency. We've no Ostend."

"Flensburg will do -- but are they fresh?"

"Only arrived yesterday."

"Well, then, how if we were to begin with oysters, and so change the whole program? Eh?"

"It's all the same to me. I should like cabbage soup and porridge better than anything; but of course there's nothing like that here."

"Porridge a la Russe, Your Honor would like?" said the Tatar, bending down to Levin, like a nurse speaking to a child.

"No, joking apart, whatever you choose is sure to be good. I've been skating, and I'm hungry. And don't imagine," he added, detecting a look of dissatisfaction on Oblonsky's face, "that I shan't appreciate your choice. I don't object to a good dinner."

"I should hope so! After all, it's one of the pleasures of life," said Stepan Arkadyevich. "Well, then, my friend, you give us two -- or better say three-dozen oysters, clear soup with vegetables..."

"Printaniere," prompted the Tatar. But Stepan Arkadyevich apparently did not care to allow him the s #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Program quotes by Tom Duff
#69. The first step in fixing a broken program is getting it to fail repeatably [on the simplest example possible]. #Quote by Tom Duff
Program quotes by Sam Farber
#70. The most common misperception is the word 'design'. People think of primarily pretty pictures or forms. They don't understand the depth to which design goes-not only in products, but in every aspect of our life. Whether it is the design of a program, a product or some form of communication, we are living in a world that's totally designed. Somebody made a decision about everything. And it was a design decision. #Quote by Sam Farber
Program quotes by Denis Johnson
#71. But often, thereafter, when Grainier heard the wolves at dusk, he laid his head back and howled for all he was worth, because it did him good. It flushed out something heavy that tended to collect in his heart, and after an evening's program with his choir of British Columbian wolves he felt warm and buoyant. #Quote by Denis Johnson
Program quotes by Baratunde Thurston
#72. My family life and early political life - being exposed to the news constantly, being enrolled in an Afrocentric education program, and doing the extracurriculars I did - played a huge role in me finding my path. #Quote by Baratunde Thurston
Program quotes by Mario Livio
#73. Wolfram, one of the most innovative thinkers in scientific computing and in the theory of complex systems, has been best known for the development of Mathematica, a computer program/system that allows a range of calculations not accessible before. After ten years of virtual silence, Wolfram is about to emerge with a provocative book that makes the bold claim that he can replace the basic infrastructure of science. In a world used to more than three hundred years of science being dominated by mathematical equations as the basic building blocks of models for nature, Wolfram proposes simple computer programs instead. He suggests that nature's main secret is the use of simple programs to generate complexity. #Quote by Mario Livio
Program quotes by Michael Tilson Thomas
#74. The first year I started in San Francisco, there was an American work on every program and there's been a lot of music by living composers and gradually that was part of the process of getting the audience really to trust me. #Quote by Michael Tilson Thomas
Program quotes by Max Monroe
#75. With the way I craved her company, I planned to enroll her in the accelerated education program and keep her there until she had me mastered. #Quote by Max Monroe
Program quotes by Christa McAuliffe
#76. If I can get some student interested in science, if I can show members of the general public what's going on up there in the space program, then my job's been done. #Quote by Christa McAuliffe
Program quotes by Donald Knuth
#77. The manuals we got from IBM would show examples of programs and I knew I could do a heck of a lot better than that. So I thought I might have some talent. #Quote by Donald Knuth
Program quotes by Rebecca Eaton
#78. There's always a crisis somewhere, and you get the satisfaction of solving the problem. And then, there's always the mystery of whether a program will work or not, and waiting for the reviews or seeing what the audience figures are. #Quote by Rebecca Eaton
Program quotes by Pele
#79. How much soccer training is it needed to become a top player? It depends on the efficiency of your training routine. Setting long and short-term goals is a must. When planning out a soccer training regime, one must strive for realistic and consistent program that will diminish specific weaknesses. Broad versatility of soccer skills is the Nirvana of every dedicated trainee. #Quote by Pele
Program quotes by Diane Paulus
#80. I think every theater in America wants a younger audience ... and you can't just hope to have a younger audience, you have to program things that audience is going to connect with. #Quote by Diane Paulus
Program quotes by Louise Slaughter
#81. Half of all women who are sexually active, but do not want to get pregnant, need publicly funded services to help them access public health programs like Medicaid and Title X, the national family planning program. #Quote by Louise Slaughter
Program quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#82. We must develop a federal program of public works, retraining, and jobs for all - so that none, white or black, will have cause to feel threatened
... There is nothing except shortsightedness to prevent us from guaranteeing an annual minimum and livable income for every American family. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Program quotes by Gary A. Haugen
#83. As Dr. Hamid Rashid, the senior Bangladeshi economist and a leader of the UNDP's Legal Empowerment of the Poor program, has flatly stated: "With limited and insecure land rights, it is difficult, if not impossible, for the poor to overcome poverty."80 And once again, it is the women in the developing world who are most devastated by the lawless chaos of insecure property rights. In the absence of clear and documented legal rights to property, there are two other social forces that step into the vacuum and settle who gets what: 1) brute force, and 2) traditional cultural norms. And under both influences women generally lose - and brutally so. #Quote by Gary A. Haugen
Program quotes by Mark Steyn
#84. Alternatively, suppose Qaddafi winds up hanging from a lamppost in his favorite party dress. If you're a Third World dictator, what lessons would you draw? Qaddafi was the thug who came in from the cold, the one who (in the wake of Saddam's fall) renounced his nuclear program and was supposedly rehabilitated in the chancelleries of the West. He was a strong partner in the war on terrorism, according to U.S. diplomats. And what did Washington do? They overthrew him anyway. #Quote by Mark Steyn
Program quotes by Robert Gottlieb
#85. I can't remember how many years it's been since I last saw a David Parsons program or what I saw whenever it was, but that isn't surprising, since I can't really remember the first half of a David Parsons program while I'm watching the second half. #Quote by Robert Gottlieb
Program quotes by Osman Rashid
#86. Students today need experience to get a job, and they need a job to get experience. The Chegg Champion program provides students with a real-world working experience that actually offers financial rewards. #Quote by Osman Rashid
Program quotes by C.A.R. Hoare
#87. The most important property of a program is whether it accomplishes the intention of its user. #Quote by C.A.R. Hoare
Program quotes by Douglas Adams
#88. For instance, a race of hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings once built themselves a gigantic supercomputer called Deep Thought to calculate once and for all the Question to the Ultimate Answer of Life, the Universe and Everything. For seven and a half million years, Deep Thought computed and calculated, and in the end announced that the answer was in fact Forty-two - and so another, even bigger, computer had to be built to find out what the actual question was. And this computer, which was called the Earth, was so large that it was frequently mistaken for a planet - especially by the strange apelike beings who roamed its surface, totally unaware that they were simply part of a gigantic computer program. And this is very odd, because without that fairly simple and obvious piece of knowledge, nothing that ever happened on the Earth could possibly make the slightest bit of sense. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Program quotes by Hortense Canady
#89. I am an organization person, I believe in individuals banding together. I don't believe in unilateral actions. Some people don't like organizations. But it is always awesome to me when you can pool a lot of talent and a lot of people who have so many talents. That is when you really can make your program move. #Quote by Hortense Canady
Program quotes by Brian Godawa
#90. Ba'al led Ashtart down the underground tunnel in a dog collar. It had been thirteen years since the battle of nine kings, where Marduk had defeated Ashtart and became Ba'al, the king of the gods of Canaan. Ashtart's plan had been set back generations with the devastation of her giant progeny throughout the land by Chedorlaomer's forces. But with the addition of Ba'al as the Most High God of Canaan, the two of them together could do what she could not do alone. Ashtart had revitalized the original program of miscegenation of the Watchers. The rest of the pantheon of gods were fearful of the consequences of such a pursuit, since El Shaddai had already flooded the earth the first time such a course of action had been undertaken. But with the two most powerful divinities united, the pantheon could do little but sit back and see what happened. #Quote by Brian Godawa
Program quotes by Mark Hyman, M.D.
#91. Our body's natural detoxification system is designed to support our health by eliminating waste products from our metabolism and from environmental toxins. Like any other hardworking system, it needs periodic rest and support to continue functioning optimally. This program will teach you how to rest and restore your body's natural detoxification abilities. #Quote by Mark Hyman, M.D.
Program quotes by Grace W. Wroldson
#92. I was dating the same man over and over again, expecting a different relationship. Where's the sanity in that!? #Quote by Grace W. Wroldson
Program quotes by Oona Chaplin
#93. I'm a big fan of David Attenborough, who I think is the most adventurous of the nature program presenters. #Quote by Oona Chaplin
Program quotes by Jack Ma
#94. We should never finish a 20 year program in two year. #Quote by Jack Ma
Program quotes by Mark Winne
#95. As a 25 year director of a non-profit program I began to see the need to shift from only doing projects/programs to also doing policy work. #Quote by Mark Winne
Program quotes by Talib Kweli
#96. A lot of these people, these program directors, just like anybody else in the world, even though they're supposed to be leaders in the world, they're followers. They follow what they think someone else is doing, instead of trying to blaze a trail. #Quote by Talib Kweli
Program quotes by Leroy Chiao
#97. Well, it's still a bit uncertain, but I will do the consulting, and I'll see how I can contribute. But I'm sure whatever I do will involve the space program. That's where my passion is. #Quote by Leroy Chiao
Program quotes by Jesse Duplantis
#98. The Jesse Duplantis Counseling Program:

Admit it...Quit it...and Forget it...

NEXT!!! #Quote by Jesse Duplantis
Program quotes by Katie Hafner
#99. Doing a geographic" is a term alcoholics often use for acting on the impulse to start over by moving to a new town, or state, instead of making any internal changes. It's the anywhere-but-here part of the disease that says, "Remove yourself from this, go someplace new, and everything will be better." Two years into our Florida stint, my mother pulled a geographic as radical as the move from Rochester. The new plan was to head for California.

She enrolled in the mathematics graduate program at the University of California's shiny new campus in San Diego, and as soon as our elementary school let out for the summer, she put us into a new Buick station wagon – a gift from her parents – and drove us across the country.

You'd think we'd have protested at yet another move. After all, having been duped before, we were in no position to believe that the next move would be any different. But I have no memory of being unhappy about the news. Because that's what often happens when an alcoholic parent is doing a geographic. She pulls you in and, before you know it, you, too, believe in the promise of the new place. #Quote by Katie Hafner
Program quotes by Tex Winter
#100. I think there's an awful lot of ball players with great skills, but whether or not they're going to be on winning teams is not going to be answered until you see how they fit in to a team or a program. If they don't, it may be their fault or it may be their coaches. #Quote by Tex Winter
Program quotes by Andy Weir
#101. (assuming they didn't cancel the program in the wake of my "death"). #Quote by Andy Weir
Program quotes by David Brooks
#102. I think the Republican budget priorities are messed up. I salute for the way they're attacking some of the entitlement programs, but they are taking huge cuts, by pretending they're just block-granting it to the states, out of Medicaid, from the least fortunate. #Quote by David Brooks
Program quotes by Barack Obama
#103. We still have sanctions on Iran for its violations of human rights, for its support of terrorism and for its ballistic missile program. And we will continue to enforce these sanctions vigorously. Iran's recent missile test, for example, was a violation of its international obligations. #Quote by Barack Obama
Program quotes by Oleg Atbashian
#104. Why is there never a headline that says "Government program ends as its intended goal has been achieved"? #Quote by Oleg Atbashian
Program quotes by Rexford Tugwell
#105. We didn't admit it at the time, but practically the Whole New Deal was extrapolated from programs that Hoover started. #Quote by Rexford Tugwell
Program quotes by Ann Coulter
#106. Again in Russia, we find a tiny group of zealots - calling themselves "the majority" (Bolsheviks) - who planned to control everything from a central authority. Lenin wrote most of the "scientific" program for a dictatorship of the proletariat in Russia, which was then debated and modified by other communist leaders. Socialism had to be imposed from above, by educated elites. There would be no from-the-bottom-up modifications. #Quote by Ann Coulter
Program quotes by Barry Commoner
#107. By adopting the control strategy, the nation's environmental program has created a built-in antagonism between environmental quality and economic growth. #Quote by Barry Commoner
Program quotes by Jack Kornfield
#108. Every facet, every department of your mind, is to be programmed by you. And unless you assume your rightful responsibility, and begin to program your own mind, the world will program it for you. #Quote by Jack Kornfield
Program quotes by Dan Farmer
#109. I can write a program that lets you break the copy protection on a music file. But I can't write a program that solders new connections onto a chip for you. #Quote by Dan Farmer
Program quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#110. History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future. #Quote by Robert Penn Warren
Program quotes by Glenn Greenwald
#111. The second covered the history of the Bush warrantless eavesdropping program, based on a top secret 2009 internal report from the NSA's inspector general; another detailed the BOUNDLESS INFORMANT program that I had read about on the plane; #Quote by Glenn Greenwald
Program quotes by Kristi Noem
#112. What our family has done is participate in the farm programs. And so the farm programs I think essentially almost every farmer in South Dakota has participated in those, and they haven't been bailouts, they have been programs that the United States has put forward for farmers to participate in. #Quote by Kristi Noem
Program quotes by Herve Falciani
#113. Most Swiss banks do have a whistleblower program, but they use it to punish those who avail themselves of it. #Quote by Herve Falciani
Program quotes by William J. Casey
#114. We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the US public believes is false. #Quote by William J. Casey
Program quotes by Garth Stein
#115. In Mongolia, when a dog dies, he is buried high in the hills so people cannot walk on his grave. The dog's master whispers in the dog's ear his wishes that the dog will return as a man in his next life. Then his tail is cut off and put beneath his head, and a piece of meat of fat is cut off and placed in his mouth to sustain his soul for its journey; before he is reincarnated, the dog's soul is freed to travel the land, to run across the high desert plains for as long as it would like.
I learned that from a program on the National Geographic Channel, so I believe it is true. Not all dogs return as men, they say; only those who are ready.
I am ready. #Quote by Garth Stein
Program quotes by Ismail Haniyeh
#116. The victory of Hamas is not only based on the corruption of the Palestinian Authority. Hamas has a vision and a program, and this is the reason why the Palestinian people chose Hamas. However, there is no doubt that the corruption helped Hamas's victory. #Quote by Ismail Haniyeh
Program quotes by Queen Latifah
#117. A lot of people are crazy, cruel and negative. They got a little too much time on their hands to discuss everybody else. I have a limited amount of energy to blow in a day. I'd rather read something that I like or watch a program I enjoy or ride my damn motorcycle or throw back a couple of shots of tequila with my friends. #Quote by Queen Latifah
Program quotes by Edward O. Wilson
#118. Another principle that I believe can be justified by scientific evidence so far is that nobody is going to emigrate from this planet not ever ... It will be far cheaper, and entail no risk to human life, to explore space with robots. The technology is already well along ... the real thrill will be in learning in detail what is out there ... It is an especially dangerous delusion if we see emigration into space as a solution to be taken when we have used up this planet ... Earth, by the twenty-second century, can be turned, if we so wish, into a permanent paradise for human beings ... #Quote by Edward O. Wilson
Program quotes by Alan Alda
#119. Until I was twenty I was sure there was a being who could see everything I did and who didn't like most of it. He seemed to care about minute aspects of my life, like on what day of the week I ate a piece of meat. And yet, he let earthquakes and mudslides take out whole communities, apparently ignoring the saints among them who ate their meat on the assigned days. Eventually, I realized that I didn't believe there was such a being. It didn't seem reasonable. And I assumed that I was an atheist.

As I understood the word, it meant that I was someone who didn't believe in a God; I was without a God. I didn't broadcast this in public because I noticed that people who do believe in a god get upset to hear that others don't. (Why this is so is one of the most pressing of human questions, and I wish a few of the bright people in this conversation would try to answer it through research.)

But, slowly I realized that in the popular mind the word atheist was coming to mean something more - a statement that there couldn't be a God. God was, in this formulation, not possible, and this was something that could be proved. But I had been changed by eleven years of interviewing six or seven hundred scientists around the world on the television program Scientific American Frontiers. And that change was reflected in how I would now identify myself.

The most striking thing about the scientists I met was their complete dedication to evidence. It reminded me of th #Quote by Alan Alda
Program quotes by Paul Ryan
#120. We're saying no changes for Medicare for people above the age of 55. And in order to keep the promise to current seniors who've already retired and organized their lives around this program, you have to reform it for the next generation. #Quote by Paul Ryan
Program quotes by David M. Brown
#121. Although as a boy I had dreamed about going into space, I had completely forgotten about that until one day I received a call from an astronaut, who suggested that I should join the program. #Quote by David M. Brown
Program quotes by John Linder
#122. I for one believe that we absolutely need an improved guest worker program, one that holds immigrants and employers accountable and yet still enables us to get a crop out of the ground in south Georgia. #Quote by John Linder
Program quotes by Rob Portman
#123. The broad goal, laid out by Congress, the Obama administration, and the U.N. Security Council, was that Iran would suspend all enrichment-related activities and not be permitted a path to ever pursue a nuclear weapons program. #Quote by Rob Portman
Program quotes by Charles Bass
#124. State and local government, with financial support from the federal government, should offer a program to educate and train foster children for employment and provide them with financial assistance, as needed, until they reach age 21. #Quote by Charles Bass
Program quotes by George Bradt
#125. The Total Onboarding Program - An Integrated Approach To Recruiting, Hiring and Accelerating Talent #Quote by George Bradt
Program quotes by Yiannis Stournaras
#126. The government is determined to bring the program back on track, and proceed with the privatizations. #Quote by Yiannis Stournaras
Program quotes by Richard P. Gabriel
#127. One of the primary reasons that abstraction is overloved is that a completed program full of the right abstractions is perfectly beautiful. But there are very few completed programs, because programs are written, maintained, bugs are fixed, features are added, performance is tuned, and a whole variety of changes are made both by the original and new programming team members. Thus, the way a program looks in the end is not important because there is rarely an end, and if there is one it isn't planned. #Quote by Richard P. Gabriel
Program quotes by Nancy Kress
#128. Gail smiled. "A gracious concession. We're not much alike, dear heart."
"Nothing alike."
"So why - "
"Oh, God, not this," Nan said. "Every lover I've ever had has run this program on me eventually. 'Why us?' Why not? And don't go thinking that by that I mean we're just a one night's roll-and-tickle, Gail. I like you. I just don't want to analyze why. Ask me something else. #Quote by Nancy Kress
Program quotes by Bobby Scott
#129. Unfortunately, the elimination of incentives such as parole, good time credits and funding for college courses, means that fewer inmates participate in and excel in literacy, education, treatment and other development programs. #Quote by Bobby Scott
Program quotes by Edward Hirsch
#130. The very good thing about MFA programs is their democratizing. They bring a lot of different people to the table. #Quote by Edward Hirsch
Program quotes by Hans Urs Von Balthasar
#131. Syntheses between East and West based simply on a similarity of "spiritualities" or "mystical experiences" could not be achieved even then - how much less so today! So we must judge any program as inadequate that tries simply to let India and Europe encounter each other at the halfway-station of Byzantine hesychasm, in the practice of the Jesus prayer and of certain bodily positions and breathing exercises - all ways in which Eastern Christianity reorientalized itself after the period of the great synthesis. #Quote by Hans Urs Von Balthasar
Program quotes by Mark Spitz
#132. I walked away from the sport for 17 years, then started swimming again recently in a master's program. #Quote by Mark Spitz
Program quotes by Neil Armstrong
#133. Society's future will depend on a continuous improvement program for the human character. And what will that future bring? I do not know, but it will be exciting. #Quote by Neil Armstrong
Program quotes by Flea
#134. When I got with Nina Greenberg, I had been running for a few months already without a trainer. But then she gave me a program and guided me through my runs, showing me how to take care of myself and letting me know I should ice my legs and stretch - stuff I hadn't been doing. #Quote by Flea
Program quotes by Sherry Turkle
#135. The most used program in computers and education is PowerPoint. What are you learning about the nature of the medium by knowing how do to a great PowerPoint presentation? Nothing. It certainly doesn't teach you how to think critically about living in a culture of simulation. #Quote by Sherry Turkle
Program quotes by Mike Krieger
#136. In high school, one of the things I loved doing was this after-school program where you would teach computer skills to some of the maintenance folks at school. #Quote by Mike Krieger
Program quotes by Virginia H. Pearce
#137. Keep it small. Keep it simple. Give it time. An exercise program such as yoga is a slow process. It is slow by design. But, in order to secure the gains and add to them, you have to keep it up. And guess what, the more you do it, the more your desire to do it grows. It is the same with building core spiritual muscles. You may have a period of intense growth - perhaps some adversity that drives you to your knees and calls forth the blessings of heaven. But to secure those gains, we must continue to invite the Holy Ghost into our lives - daily. #Quote by Virginia H. Pearce
Program quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#138. The urge to miniaturize electronics did not exist before the space program. I mean our grandparents had radios that was furniture in the living room. Nobody at the time was saying, 'Gee, I want to carry that in my pocket.' Which is a non-thought. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Program quotes by Margaret Atwood
#139. I remember a television program I once saw [ ... ] I must have been seven or eight, too young to understand it. It was the sort of thing my mother liked to watch: historical, educational. She tried to explain it to me afterwards, to tell me that the things in it had really happened, but to me it was only a story. I thought someone had made it up. I suppose all children think that, about any history before their own. If it's only a story, it becomes less frightening. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Program quotes by Walter Kohn
#140. On another level, I want to mention that I have a strong Jewish identity and - over the years - have been involved in several Jewish projects, such as the establishment of a strong program of Judaic Studies at the University of California in San Diego. #Quote by Walter Kohn
Program quotes by Murray N. Rothbard
#141. There is no gainsaying the fact that this suggested program will strike most people as impossibly "radical" and "unrealistic"; any suggestion for changing the status quo, no matter how slight, can always be considered by someone as too radical, so that the only thoroughgoing escape from the charge of impracticality is never to advocate any change whatever in existing conditions. But to take this approach is to abandon human reason, and to drift in animal- or plant-like manner with the tide of events. #Quote by Murray N. Rothbard
Program quotes by Barack Obama
#142. Over more than a decade, Iran had moved ahead with its nuclear program. And before the deal, it had installed nearly 20,000 centrifuges that could enrich uranium for a nuclear bomb. #Quote by Barack Obama
Program quotes by BBC
#143. On April 1st, 1957, a BBC news program ended with a three minute segment about a Spaghetti farm in Switzerland. In the segment, spaghetti (not being a popular dish in England at the time) was said to grow on trees. Many people believed the report and called the BBC to ask how to grow their own spaghetti tree. The response: Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best. #Quote by BBC
Program quotes by Bill Gates
#144. (In response to Java) Anybody who thinks a little 9,000-line program that's distributed free and can be cloned by anyone is going to affect anything we do at Microsoft has his head screwed on wrong. #Quote by Bill Gates
Program quotes by Linus Torvalds
#145. I have one very basic rule when it comes to "good ideas". A good idea is not an idea that solves a problem cleanly. A good idea is an idea that solves several things at the same time. The mark of good coding is not that the program does what you want, it's that it also does something that you didn't start out wanting. #Quote by Linus Torvalds
Program quotes by Gus Grissom
#146. If we die, we want people to accept it. We are in a risky business, and we hope that if anything happens to us it will not delay the program. The conquest of space is worth the risk of life. #Quote by Gus Grissom
Program quotes by Antonio Damasio
#147. We may smile and the dog may wag the tail, but in essence, we have a set program and those programs are similar across individuals in the species. #Quote by Antonio Damasio
Program quotes by Elizabeth Alexander
#148. I have not yet learned to use our television DVR. One of the points of marriage is that you split labor. In the olden days that meant one hunted and one gathered; now it means one knows where the tea-towels are kept and the other knows how to program the DVR, for why should we both have to know? #Quote by Elizabeth Alexander
Program quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#149. John Walker Lindh, a twenty-year-old American studying in Pakistan, was captured in Northern Afghanistan fighting for the Taliban. Experts call it the worst semester abroad program ever. #Quote by Jimmy Fallon
Program quotes by Koushun Takami
#150. Shogo looked at Shuya and Noriko. "The winner's forced to transfer to another school where he or she is ordered not to mention the game and is instructed instead to lead a normal life. That's all."
Shuya felt his chest well up inside and his face froze. He stared at Shogo and realized that Noriko was holding her breath.
Shogo said, "I was a student in Third Year Class C, Second District, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture." He added, "I survived the Program held in Hyogo Prefecture last year. #Quote by Koushun Takami
Program quotes by Tucker Viemeister
#151. A man-made thing that produces pleasure (and criticism) by somehow taping into the order of the universe is beautiful. Making beautiful things makes our lives worthwhile. My teacher, and one of the founders of the Pratt industrial design program, Rowena Reed Kostellow, said, "Pure, unadulterated beauty should be the goal of civilization." From a pragmatic point of view, for something to be beautiful, it has to work. In order to make this idea clearer I have combined the ideas of beauty and function into one word: Beautility. #Quote by Tucker Viemeister
Program quotes by Guy Kawasaki
#152. A crash is when your competitor's program dies. When your program dies, it is an 'idiosyncrasy'. #Quote by Guy Kawasaki
Program quotes by Daniel G. Amen
#153. Before you let your doctor give you testosterone shots or pills, try to boost it naturally by dramatically decreasing or even eliminating sugar, wheat, and processed foods from your diet. A sugar burst has been found to lower testosterone levels by up to 25 percent. If you and your sweetheart share the cheesecake at the restaurant, no one is likely to get "dessert" when you get home! Another way to naturally boost your testosterone level is to start a weight-training program. Building muscle helps your body increase its testosterone levels. The supplements DHEA and zinc can also help. Zinc is necessary to maintain #Quote by Daniel G. Amen
Program quotes by Walter Annenberg
#154. TV is like theater. You can't enjoy it without a program. #Quote by Walter Annenberg
Program quotes by Jay Leno
#155. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he is going to run for governor on our program last night. My staff didn't know, Arnold's staff didn't know, I was shocked as everyone else. If he doesn't get elected governor, maybe he should work for the CIA. I mean, he can keep a secret better than they can. #Quote by Jay Leno
Program quotes by Margot Lee Shetterly
#156. And while the black women are the most hidden of the mathematicians who worked at the NACA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and later at NASA, they were not sitting alone in the shadows: the white women who made up the majority of Langley's computing workforce over the years have hardly been recognized for their contributions to the agency's long-term success. Virginia Biggins worked the Langley beat for the Daily Press newspaper, covering the space program starting in 1958. "Everyone said, 'This is a scientist, this is an engineer,' and it was always a man," she said in a 1990 panel on Langley's human computers. She never got to meet any of the women. "I just assumed they were all secretaries," she said. Five #Quote by Margot Lee Shetterly
Program quotes by Andrea Mitchell
#157. Finally, I told them I'd drop out of the management program if they'd give me an entry-level job in the newsroom for union wages, about fifty dollars a week. #Quote by Andrea Mitchell
Program quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#158. Science is a philosophy of discovery. Intelligent design is a philosophy of ignorance. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Program quotes by Emmett Tyrrell
#159. For the most part neoconservatives are people who were once liberals but sobered up. The neoliberal is one who has always been a liberal but now replaces the sentimental pieties with brusque slogans ("High-Tech!") and unpronounceable programs. All else stays the same. #Quote by Emmett Tyrrell
Program quotes by Rebecca Eaton
#160. One day I'm just going to say, "Good evening, I'm Alistair Cooke. Screw the plot! Watch the program. #Quote by Rebecca Eaton
Program quotes by Pedro Pierluisi
#161. Puerto Rico loses out on billions of dollars annually because it is treated unequally under a range of federal programs, including tax credits available to millions of households in the States that do not pay federal income taxes. #Quote by Pedro Pierluisi
Program quotes by Marianne Williamson
#162. The Project Angel Food Program's mission is to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS and other serious illness. The Project Angel Food Program delivers free and nutritious meals prepared with love. We act out of a sense of urgency because hunger and illness cannot wait. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Program quotes by Chris Matthews
#163. I look back to the Great Depression, and what Roosevelt was able to do in very difficult times, to get Social Security through back in the time when it was seen as - well, it wasn't what it is today. It was sort of a last-ditch, if you really need it, you got it, but, today, it's much more a part of your retirement program. #Quote by Chris Matthews
Program quotes by Guy Steele
#164. There's a story about how the program is organized, there's a story about the context in which the program is expected to operate. And one would hope that there will be something about the program, whether it's block comments at the start of each routine or an overview document that comes separately or just choices of variable names that will somehow convey those stories to you. #Quote by Guy Steele
Program quotes by Jeff Sessions
#165. We need to be protecting American citizens who are here, out of work, and hurting today-minorities, Blacks and Whites and all colors and races that are hurting today with high unemployment, but we seem to be more focused on how we can ram through this Senate a bill that would legalize millions and create an even more robust guest worker program. There are not enough jobs now. Give me a break. #Quote by Jeff Sessions
Program quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#166. I go to the window, I spot a fly under the curtain, I corner it in a muslin trap and move a murderous forefinger toward it. This moment is not in the program, it's something apart, timeless, incomparable, motionless, nothing will come of it this evening or later ... Mankind is asleep ... Alone and without a future in a stagnant moment, a child is asking murder for strong sensations. Since I'm refused a man's destiny, I'll be the destiny of a fly. I don't rush matters, I'm letting it have time enough to become aware of the giant bending over it. I move my finger forward, the fly bursts, I'm foiled! Good God, I shouldn't have killed it! It was the only being in all creation that feared me; I no longer mean anything to anyone. I, the insecticide, take the victim's place and become an insect myself. I'm a fly, I've always been one. This time I've touched bottom. #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Program quotes by Byron Dorgan
#167. There is no social program in this country that is as important as a good job that pays well, that gives someone an opportunity to go to work, have some security, have benefits, and take care of their family and have a good life. #Quote by Byron Dorgan
Program quotes by Dorothy Allison
#168. If you just go get one of these little fine arts degrees or writing program degrees, it never forces you to confront your responsibility as narrator, whereas any of the social sciences make you at look the interaction between the storyteller and story. Hurston understood that. But then she and I write out of despised cultures that on some level we feel we're defending. #Quote by Dorothy Allison
Program quotes by Jose Rodriguez
#169. We knew that if the photos of CIA officers conducting authorized EIT (enhanced interrogation techniques) ever got out, the difference between a legal, authorized, necessary, and safe program and the mindless actions of some MPs (military police) would be buried by the impact of the images. #Quote by Jose Rodriguez
Program quotes by Bill Starr
#170. I know of only a few truisms, one being [that] if your parents didn't have children, you won't have children. Another is whenever you make a strength program easier, you will get weaker. #Quote by Bill Starr
Program quotes by Richard Feynman
#171. Mr. Frankel, who started this program, began to suffer from the computer disease that anybody who works with computers now knows about. It's a very serious disease and it interferes completely with the work. The trouble with computers is you play with them. They are so wonderful. You have these switches - if it's an even number you do this, if it's an odd number you do that - and pretty soon you can do more and more elaborate things if you are clever enough, on one machine. #Quote by Richard Feynman
Program quotes by William Bennett
#172. It is our character that supports the promise of our future - far more than particular government programs or policies. #Quote by William Bennett
Program quotes by J. William Fulbright
#173. With respect to the creation of the program, I introduced the bill in September 1945, immediately after the end of the war with Japan, in August of that year. A number of considerations, of course, entered into my decision to introduce the bill, growing from my own experience as a Rhodes scholar and the experiences our government had had with the first Word War debts, [Herbert] Hoover's efforts in establishing the Belgian-American Education Foundation after World War I, [and] the Boxer Rebellion indemnity. #Quote by J. William Fulbright
Program quotes by Mike Berry
#174. I've likened it to another major corporate announcement for Alliance. Not only does Prudential bring capital into the Alliance program, but through the relationship we will be able to build with them. We may have some opportunities to do some future development with them in an extension of this partnership. #Quote by Mike Berry
Program quotes by Donald Knuth
#175. People who are more than casually interested in computers should have at least some idea of what the underlying hardware is like. Otherwise the programs they write will be pretty weird. #Quote by Donald Knuth
Program quotes by Jodi Picoult
#176. On the last good day he went to work for three hours and then came home and put on the History Channel. The program was about the Airstream RV. When it first came out, one one white knew what to make of the silver bullet, so the company sent a caravan of them on a promotional tour across Africa and Egypt. The native tribes came up the the RVs and poked at them with their spears. They prayed for the beasts to leave.
On the last good day, my father didn't' fall asleep while he was watching the show. He turned to me and said words that at the time were only words, not the life lessons they've since exploded into. "It just goes to show you," my father told me on the last good day, "the world's only as big as what you know. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Program quotes by Jim Hightower
#177. Ronald Reagan's idea of a good farm program was Hee Haw. #Quote by Jim Hightower
Program quotes by Scott McClellan
#178. We have to deal with reality. The reality is, we have a number a very high number of illegal immigrants in this country. They're meeting an important economic need. And we are a nation of laws, and we're a nation of immigrants. And if we're going to address the real threats, then we need to have a temporary worker program to allow our Border Patrol agents to focus on the criminals and the thugs and the terrorists and the traffickers and smugglers that are trying to come into this country illegally. #Quote by Scott McClellan
Program quotes by Catherynne M. Valente
#179. But truly, the Autumn Provinces provide the most ideal situation for our program. Autumn is the very soul of metamorphosis, a time when the world is poised at the door of winter - which is the door of death - but has not yet fallen. It is a world of contradictions: a time of harvest and plenty but also of cold and hardship. Here we dwell in the midst of life, but we know most keenly that all things must pass away and shrivel. Autumn turns the world from one thing into another. The year is seasoned and wise but not yet decrepit or senile. If you wrote a letter of requisition, you could ask for no better place to practice alchemy. #Quote by Catherynne M. Valente
Program quotes by Cameron Sinclair
#180. Design is about creating spaces for people to enjoy and of course, creating moments where you elevate the spirit, but 'design for good' is figuring out a program that not only creates better spaces, but creates jobs, creates new industry and really kind of raises the conversation about how we rebuild. #Quote by Cameron Sinclair
Program quotes by Lauren Kate
#181. Very few entities are powerful enough to create Patinas, and those that can guard them closely. The library is here. But Arriane's right. We'll need to figure out the way in."
"I heard you need an Announcer to get through one," Arriane said.
"Cosmic legend." Annabelle shook her head. "Every Patina is different. Access is entirely up to the creator. They program the code."
"I once heard Cam tell a story at a party about how he accessed a Patina," Rolan said. "Or was that a story about a party that he threw in a Patina?"
"Luce!" Daniel said suddenly, making all of them startle in midair. "It's you. It was always you."
Luce shrugged. "Always me what?"
"You're the one who always rang the bell. You're the one who had entry to the library. You just need to ring the bell."
Luce looked at the empty street, the fog tinting everything around them brown. "What are you talking about? What bell?"
"Close your eyes," Daniel said. "Remember it. Pass into the past and find the bellpull-"
Luce was already there, back at the library the last time she'd been in Vienna with Daniel. Her feet were firmly on the ground. It was raining and her hair splayed all across her face. Her crimson hair ribbons were soaked, but she didn't care. She was looking for something. There was a short path up the courtyard, then a dark alcove outside the library. It had been cold outside, and a fire blazed within. There, in the musty corner near the door, was a woven cord em #Quote by Lauren Kate
Program quotes by Ralph Regula
#182. We have the Troops to Teachers program, which encourages retired military individuals to go into teaching. #Quote by Ralph Regula
Program quotes by Al Ries
#183. A branding program should be designed to differentiate your cow from all the other cattle on the range. Even if all the cattle on the range look pretty much alike. #Quote by Al Ries
Program quotes by Thomas Sowell
#184. Too many policies, programs and institutions are judged by what they are supposed to do, rather than by what they actually do and the consequences of their actions. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Program quotes by Rob Delaney
#185. We can and should complain about certain horrors of the modern world, but when it comes to the treatment of mental illness, the advances made in the last hundred years have been far more significant than the space program, nuclear fission, or even The Wire, for so many fortunate people. #Quote by Rob Delaney
Program quotes by Clive Thompson
#186. The computer industry began with home-brew boxes that everyone had to program for themselves, but that was a huge hassle. The computer revolution didn't explode until the first Macintosh arrived, with its point-and-click simplicity. #Quote by Clive Thompson
Program quotes by Peggy Toney Horton
#187. When we are very young, our parents inadvertently program us to be what we eventually become. ~ Peggy Toney Horton #Quote by Peggy Toney Horton
Program quotes by Rod Carew
#188. Our commitment to coaches will be realized via TeamCarew, a grassroots marketing program that will provide them with insight and tools to teach the art and science of hitting. #Quote by Rod Carew
Program quotes by Robert O. Becker
#189. It may be hard to convince ourselves that something we can't see, hear, touch, taste, or smell can still hurt us so dreadfully. Yet the fact must be faced, just as we've learned a healthy fear of nuclear radiation. Certain scientists, some perhaps acting in a program of deliberate disinformation, keep telling the public that we still don't know whether electropollution is a threat to human health. That's simply not true. Certainly we need to know more, but a multitude of risks have been well documented.

Three dangers overshadow all others. The first has been conclusively proven: ELF electromagnetic fields vibrating at about 30 to 100 hertz, even if they're weaker than the earth's field, interfere with the cues that keep our biological cycles properly timed; chronic stress and impaired disease resistance result. Second, the available evidence strongly suggests that regulation of cellular growth processes is impaired by electropollution, increasing cancer rates and producing serious reproductive problems. Electromagnetic weapons constitute a third class of hazards culminating in climatic manipulation from a sorcerer's-apprentice level of ignorance. #Quote by Robert O. Becker
Program quotes by Jana Aston
#190. He nods, quiet for a moment. "I applied to Brown, Cornell and Harvard. I was accepted to all three. I ended up at Harvard because they had the best rowing program."

Damn. Of course he's a rower. I have a bit of a thing for rowers. Sophomore year I dated two of them. Not at the same time or anything. But still, it was a good year. #Quote by Jana Aston
Program quotes by Rafer Johnson
#191. I also meet with city officials, representatives from governors' offices, really anyone in that sort of position who has shown an interest in youth fitness, to let them know why this sort of program is so important. I give the same message when I speak at conferences. #Quote by Rafer Johnson
Program quotes by Ben Carson
#192. Since Americans are by nature individualistic and entrepreneurial, by definition, then, the socialist program is anti-American, to say nothing of totalitarian. Socialism is an old dream. Some dreams are nightmares when put into practice. #Quote by Ben Carson
Program quotes by Irene Cara
#193. All of a sudden, I was hearing stories about how difficult I was to work with, ridiculous rumors about drugs and what a diva I was. I never had to go to rehab or a program. #Quote by Irene Cara
Program quotes by Ross W. Greene
#194. The reality is that well-behaved students aren't behaving themselves because of the school discipline program. They're behaving themselves because they have the skills to handle life's challenges in an adaptive fashion. #Quote by Ross W. Greene
Program quotes by Daniel A. D'Aniello
#195. What's in my mind is that I'm investing in people. It might be through a building or a program, but I'm investing in people. And the people that I'm investing in are underprivileged or hold a core value that I believe in. #Quote by Daniel A. D'Aniello
Program quotes by Ashish Dalela
#196. The Vedic viewpoint presents a type of linguistic realism in which reality is the 'text' which is being processed by the observer. Reality can also be modified by adding text to it similar to how a programmer programs a computer by inputting a computer program. #Quote by Ashish Dalela
Program quotes by Nora Roberts
#197. Laura had warned him not to expect much. It was a good thing. "Have you and Kate been smoking grass in here?"
"That's all she ever does on her lunch hour.We really have to get her into a program." Thrilled with herself, Margo spread her arms. "So,what do you think?"
"Uh-huh.It's a building, all right."
"Give me a minute." He walked past her into the adjoining room, came back, looked into the bath, gazed up the pretty, and potentially lethal, staircase. He wiggled the banister, winced. "Want a lawyer? #Quote by Nora Roberts
Program quotes by Greg Grunberg
#198. I was, throughout school, in the theater program. Through elementary school, junior high, high school, and then J.J. Abrams, my closest friend in the world, we were living together. He was writing, and I was trying writing; I wasn't getting paid for it like he was, but I always had the acting bug. #Quote by Greg Grunberg
Program quotes by Frank Laubach
#199. The simple program of Christ for winning the whole world is to make each person he touches magnetic enough with love to draw others. #Quote by Frank Laubach
Program quotes by Ed Holder
#200. Through our government's updated science, technology and innovation strategy, we are making the record investments necessary to push the boundaries of knowledge, create jobs and opportunities, and improve the quality of life of Canadians. Our government's Canada Research Chairs Program develops, attracts and retains top talent researchers in Canada whose research, in turn, creates long-term social and economic benefits while training the next generation of students and researchers in Canada. #Quote by Ed Holder

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