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Pro Wrestling quotes by Kazushi Sakuraba
#1. In fact, pro wrestling is strong. #Quote by Kazushi Sakuraba
Pro Wrestling quotes by Adam Cole
#2. The ROH guys looking at the New Japan guys coming over, we're just psyched. We think, "oh great this is just going to make our show even better." The respect level with New Japan and ROH is at an all-time high. And anytime we get a company like New Japan Pro Wrestling on a ROH show, it just benefits our show. It has everybody all jacked up, ready to do the best we can like we always do. #Quote by Adam Cole
Pro Wrestling quotes by Kurt Angle
#3. Amateur wrestling, you can go by instinct. Pro wrestling, you have to memorize, and you have to go by what moves you said you were going to do. Sometimes you have to feel the crowd and do the moves at the right time and know the timing and tell a good story. #Quote by Kurt Angle
Pro Wrestling quotes by Amy Dumas
#4. I encourage you to find your punk-rock, your lucha-libre, your pro-wrestling #Quote by Amy Dumas
Pro Wrestling quotes by Jerry Lawler
#5. You never really know a woman till you meet her in court. #Quote by Jerry Lawler
Pro Wrestling quotes by Roddy Piper
#6. I never envisioned myself being a film star at all. Most people know that pro wrestling is a little bit of an accident for me. I never really had any real aspirations of being in front of a camera. #Quote by Roddy Piper
Pro Wrestling quotes by Kevin Nash
#7. In professional wrestling, I think that they want you to be bigger than life. It's almost like an over-acting type thing - whereas on the big screen, you're 35 feet and they've got a close-up of you to put it on the screen in the movie house. At 35 feet, it's more subtlety than the overboard drama that we do in pro wrestling. #Quote by Kevin Nash
Pro Wrestling quotes by Bill Apter
#8. Mr. Stallone had picked up a recent issue and was looking for a wrestler with a specific look - well built and blond - for a role in an upcoming movie. It would be the third in the 'Rocky' series, aptly titled 'Rocky III'...
Two wrestlers who fit that profile immediately came to ...-'Superstar' Billy Graham and Hulk Hogan... It would be the biggest break of his (the Hulk's) life. #Quote by Bill Apter
Pro Wrestling quotes by Paul Heyman
#9. Missy is really a man. She's a cross dresser. She hangs out with Sammartino. They shave each other's back. #Quote by Paul Heyman
Pro Wrestling quotes by Roddy Piper
#10. Oh, here he comes now, the May West of pro-wrestling. #Quote by Roddy Piper
Pro Wrestling quotes by Stone Cold Steve Austin
#11. I love the business of pro wrestling and it is something I know better than anything else I know about. #Quote by Stone Cold Steve Austin
Pro Wrestling quotes by Vince McMahon
#12. Pro wrestling is what my dad did #Quote by Vince McMahon
Pro Wrestling quotes by CM Punk
#13. I think pro wrestling doesn't seem to get a lot of mainstream attention until somebody dies. #Quote by CM Punk
Pro Wrestling quotes by Bill Apter
#14. I didn't want Vince McMahon to be upset if the shots looked too good and take it out on Hogan! Hulk thanked me for "thinking in the right direction"... I took about 35 photos, and then Linda took one of Hulk and me together that I have never used in any magazine. #Quote by Bill Apter
Pro Wrestling quotes by Bret Hart
#15. Each time I glanced into the rearview mirror, the black around my eyes was bigger and darker. Every once in a while Tom and I would look at each other with a silent acknowledgement that we had just worked our greatest match. When I think of it now, a quote from Georges Braque comes to mind: "Art is a wound turned to light." To my mind, that is also the beauty of pro wrestling. #Quote by Bret Hart
Pro Wrestling quotes by Chris Jericho
#16. Think about it - pro wrestling as an Olympic sport would be pretty cool. Look at figure skating or gymnastics - what is it? It's a choreographed performance that is judged. #Quote by Chris Jericho
Pro Wrestling quotes by Kurt Angle
#17. It took me a few years to explain to my colleagues and my mentors and the people that I looked up to and I wrestled that I'm not in wrestling anymore. I'm in sports entertainment. Pro' wrestling doesn't mean that we're saying we're a step up above amateur wrestling, because there's nothing above Olympic wrestling. #Quote by Kurt Angle
Pro Wrestling quotes by CM Punk
#18. I think Mixed Martial Arts is going to be a huge thing coming up in pro wrestling, and I like to think of myself as one of the first guys to try and implement that into my style. #Quote by CM Punk
Pro Wrestling quotes by Scott Hall
#19. Kick him when he's down, he's easier to reach. #Quote by Scott Hall
Pro Wrestling quotes by Bobby Heenan
#20. This guy makes coffee nervous. #Quote by Bobby Heenan
Pro Wrestling quotes by Kurt Angle
#21. Pro wrestling was there, and I was good at it, thank God. I started getting a lot of offers, but unfortunately, at WWE I was under a tight leash. I think it had a lot to do with The Rock making the transition, and me possibly being the next guy - you know, the company didn't want to lose another top performer. #Quote by Kurt Angle
Pro Wrestling quotes by Stevie Pearson
#22. It's a work kid, a fucking lie. Our business is built on bullshit, every square inch of it. Call it deception, call it untruth, call it what you will. It is what it is. A work a dirty downright stinking fucking work. And whether it's the dumb marks who pay to see this shit, or the dumb fucks who lace up every night to do it, they're all fair game, each and every one of em; suckers born to be fleeced for all their worth Anyone who says otherwise is probably working you twice as hard as I am. But hey, you already knew that, didn't you? Welcome to the beast, that is, pro wrestling kid.

Harvey Wallbanger Wrestling Promoter Extraordinaire #Quote by Stevie Pearson
Pro Wrestling quotes by Amy Chua
#23. America's elites today, especially progressive ones, often don't realize how judgmental they are. They disdain tacky things, and, not coincidentally, those tacky things--fake tans, big hair, pro wrestling, chrome bull testicles hanging from the back of a big truck--are usually associated with lower-income Americans. #Quote by Amy Chua
Pro Wrestling quotes by Ric Flair
#24. I have had the greatest wrestling career in the history of pro wrestling. #Quote by Ric Flair
Pro Wrestling quotes by Val Venis
#25. This leg will be known as Christmas, and this leg will be known as New Year's Eve! Ladies ... why don't you all come visit the Big Valbowski between the holidays. #Quote by Val Venis
Pro Wrestling quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#26. Now, Bad Ass, you run your mouth about Summerslam. Well, here's the situation. The Rock says this, if the Rock hits you he'll kill you. If he misses, the wind behind the punch will give you pneumonia and you'll die anyway, so the choice is yours jabroni. #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Pro Wrestling quotes by Bill Apter
#27. If you were endorsed by Apter, you were something special, and you usually wound up somewhere in the magazines. He was the right guy to know. #Quote by Bill Apter
Pro Wrestling quotes by Gail Dines
#28. Porn is now so deeply embedded in our culture that it has become synonymous with sex to such a point that to criticize porn is to get slapped with the label anti-sex.
But what if you are a feminist who is pro-sex in the real sense of the word, pro that wonderful, fun, and deliciously creative force that bathes the body in delight and pleasure, and what you are actually against is porn sex? A kind of sex that is debased, dehumanized, formulaic, and generic, a kind of sex not based on individual fantasy, play, or imagination, but one that is the result of an industrial product created by those who get excited not by bodily contact but by market penetration and profits? Where, then, do you fit in the pro-sex, anti-sex dichotomy when pro-porn equals pro-sex? #Quote by Gail Dines
Pro Wrestling quotes by Mike Pence
#29. We are here simply to decide whether Congress should take the taxpayer dollars of millions of pro-life Americans and use them to fund the destruction of human embryos for research. #Quote by Mike Pence
Pro Wrestling quotes by Mr. Wrestling
#30. Better to be the architect of something you can endorse than the placard waving protagonist standing in the rain. #Quote by Mr. Wrestling
Pro Wrestling quotes by Rick Pitino
#31. When love and discipline come together you have great chemistry. #Quote by Rick Pitino
Pro Wrestling quotes by Dominick Dunne
#32. I am openly pro-prosecution and make no bones about it. I don't think there are enough people out there sticking up for victims. #Quote by Dominick Dunne
Pro Wrestling quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#33. I'm pro-choice because I've never been a fourteen-year-old incest victim pregnant by her father, or a woman who's going to die if her pregnancy continues, or even a teenager who made a mistake or a rape victim. I want women to have choices, but I also believe that it's a life, especially once it's big enough to live outside the womb. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Pro Wrestling quotes by Jerry Lawler
#34. Judging from what looks like the popularity of this classic wrestling show is that the people like what they have grown to know and love here in Memphis. #Quote by Jerry Lawler
Pro Wrestling quotes by Uri Avnery
#35. Critics of the war plans (including myself) have pointed to the disastrous political results that must be expected: Iraq would break into three parts (Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the center, Shi'ites in the south), the Middle East would be exposed to the onslaught of Iranian fanaticism, pro-Western Arab regimes would collapse. Israel would be surrounded by aggressive Islamic fundamentalism, like the Crusader kingdom with the advent of Saladin. #Quote by Uri Avnery
Pro Wrestling quotes by Harold Lederman
#36. If you're working a fight with let's say John Ruiz and ... anyone and Ruiz goes jab, jab and grab, you better see whose landing the punches before it becomes a wrestling match. #Quote by Harold Lederman
Pro Wrestling quotes by Dean Ambrose
#37. I didn't even know what Chikara was ... So I show up at the show, and I'm expecting a normal wrestling show ... there's like a f#%ing dude in a dinosaur outfit walking around, and there was a stipulaton that someone would be sent back in time ... Not that I disliked it or anything, I was just like, what the hell is going on. #Quote by Dean Ambrose
Pro Wrestling quotes by Scott Steiner
#38. I don't have 30 days and 30 nights, to show you why all the hoochies say there's nothing finer than Scott Steiner, but all I need is one night to have your wife call me for the rest of her life, the big bad booty daddy, so this goes to all my freaks out there, Big Poppa Pump is your hook up, hollar if you hear me. #Quote by Scott Steiner
Pro Wrestling quotes by Jacoby Ellsbury
#39. I weighed the pros and cons of both, and college outweighed the pro ranks at the time and I'm definitely glad I made the choice to come to Oregon State because I'm a better player for it. #Quote by Jacoby Ellsbury
Pro Wrestling quotes by Patti Smith
#40. I was so involved in my boy-rhythms that I never came to grips with the fact that I was a girl. I was twelve years old when my mother took me inside and said, "You can't be outside wrestling without a T-shirt on." It was a trauma. #Quote by Patti Smith
Pro Wrestling quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#41. I've won at every level, except college and pro. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Pro Wrestling quotes by Dan Gable
#42. My wrestling and family go together. It's always been that way, from day one with my mom and dad, my sister, my wife, four daughters, grandsons, son-in-laws. #Quote by Dan Gable
Pro Wrestling quotes by Dave Bautista
#43. In wrestling there are so many people inside and outside the ring, and it's so live, and it's this whole adrenaline thing. Whereas you move it into this more intimate thing, everything gets all quiet, someone says action, and you have to say the lines and make the words your own. It couldn't be any more different and it's weird sometimes trying to explain that to people. When I tell people that acting is much more terrifying to me than going out in front of ten thousand people, they don't quite believe it because for some reason that intimacy is just terrifying to me. #Quote by Dave Bautista
Pro Wrestling quotes by Carlous Ruiz Zafon
#44. Quid quo pro - you cant get something from nothing . #Quote by Carlous Ruiz Zafon
Pro Wrestling quotes by Marvin Ammori
#45. If a company is not a monopoly, then the law assumes market competition can restrain the company's actions. No problem. If a monopoly exists, but the monopoly does not engage in acts designed to destroy competition, then we can assume that it earned and is keeping its monopoly the pro-consumer way: by out-innovating its competitors. #Quote by Marvin Ammori
Pro Wrestling quotes by Julian Casablancas
#46. I find it funny how people from Boston and New York hate each other because of pro teams. But, like, everyone on the Red Sox is a random millionaire athlete from somewhere else. #Quote by Julian Casablancas
Pro Wrestling quotes by Peter Enns
#47. What makes the Bible God's Word isn't its uncanny historical accuracy, as some insist, but the sacred experiences these stories point to, beyond the words themselves. Watching these ancient pilgrims work through their faith, even wrestling with how they did that, models for us our own journeys of seeking to know God better and commune with him more deeply. #Quote by Peter Enns
Pro Wrestling quotes by Mario Monti
#48. It is rather unusual for Italy to be at the forefront of pro-market initiatives. #Quote by Mario Monti
Pro Wrestling quotes by Pablo Picasso
#49. Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. #Quote by Pablo Picasso
Pro Wrestling quotes by Sonny Vaccaro
#50. What would be wrong with letting a kid go pro, and if it doesn't work out he can come back to college? What's the harm in that? The reason is the word "amateurism." The NCAA has to protect colleges' tax exemption. #Quote by Sonny Vaccaro
Pro Wrestling quotes by Carol Burnett
#51. I have always grown from my problems and challenges, from the things that don't work out, that's when I've really learned. #Quote by Carol Burnett
Pro Wrestling quotes by John Irving
#52. Well, you finally got me, Helen had whispered to him, tearfully, but Garp had sprawled there, on his back on the wrestling mat, wondering who had gotten whom. #Quote by John Irving
Pro Wrestling quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#53. This week, Iranian-backed Houthi rebels seized control of the Yemeni government, heretofore pro-American. In September, they overran Sanaa, the capital. On Tuesday, they seized the presidential palace. On Thursday, they forced the president to resign. #Quote by Charles Krauthammer
Pro Wrestling quotes by Teresa Of Avila
#54. I wanted to live, but saw clearly that I was not living - but rather wrestling with the shadow of death. There was no one to give me life, and I was not able to take it. #Quote by Teresa Of Avila
Pro Wrestling quotes by Jacqueline Woodson
#55. At the day's end, a writer lives alone with her story, wrestling with characters and settings, and the way light filters into and out of a scene. The deeper messages often escape her.Sometimes I take for granted the journey through the telling. At other times I curse the muse's power. But through it all, I live each day in deep gratitude. #Quote by Jacqueline Woodson
Pro Wrestling quotes by Mark Steyn
#56. At first, it seemed bizarre to find the progressive left making common cause with radical Islam. One half of the alliance professed to be pro-gay, pro-feminist, pro-whatever's-your-bag secularists; the other half were homophobic, misogynist, anti-any-groove-you-dig made no sense. But in fact what they had in common overrode their superficially more obvious incompatibilities, both the secular Big Government progressive and the political Islam recoiled from the concept of the citizen, of the free individual entrusted to operate within his own space, assume his responsibilities, and exploit his potential. #Quote by Mark Steyn
Pro Wrestling quotes by Margaret Deland
#57. Twenty-five years ago, Christmas was not the burden that it is now; there was less haggling and weighing, less quid pro quo, less fatigue of body, less weariness of soul; and, most of all, there was less loading up with trash. #Quote by Margaret Deland
Pro Wrestling quotes by Tim Cook
#58. The iPad remains Apple's second bestselling product - all the more reason why the iPad Pro needs to be "big" in every sense of the word. #Quote by Tim Cook
Pro Wrestling quotes by Businessplans
#59. 7 Lessons on Failure You Can Learn From Top Athletes

What's the key to progress? You could state diligent work or commitment or even an inspirational mentality. Yet, the genuine mystery? Disappointment.
Your past disappointments are straightforwardly identified with your future achievement. Without them, you may not be sufficiently inspired to achieve your objectives. Competitors confront overcome regularly all through their vocations yet don't give it a chance to get them down. Rather, they let it drive them to progress. A recent report in which the analysts met Olympic gold medalists found that a large number of those competitors considered mishaps basic to their gold decoration wins.

Disappointment is similarly as basic to your profession, regardless of what your teach. For whatever length of time that you have the correct disposition and view your disappointments as learning encounters, you can utilize them to push forward and make progress.

Here are seven lessons that the world's best competitors can show you about disappointment.

1.There is no such thing as flawlessness.
This past August, Olympic champion Usain Bolt kept running in the men's 100-meter race at the IAAF World Championships in London. Despite the fact that he was relied upon to win, he completed third, denoting his first misfortune in an Olympic or big showdown last and consummation a 45-race winning streak.
While Bolt is generally #Quote by Businessplans
Pro Wrestling quotes by Paul Westhead
#60. If Shakespeare had been in pro basketball, he never would have had time to write his soliloquies. He would have always been on a plane between Phoenix and Kansas City. #Quote by Paul Westhead
Pro Wrestling quotes by Alex Honnold
#61. Big climbs energize me. It's all the other aspects of being a pro-climber that wear me down. The travel and expeditions and training can become pretty tiring. But the actual big climbs - that's what I live for. #Quote by Alex Honnold

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