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Priorities quotes by Eddie Gibbs
#1. Old churches must not simply stand as monuments to the past but as spiritual grandparents that have invested in the future by passing on their life to others and releasing their offspring to form new congregations. Church planting needs to be given priority by old-line denominations. #Quote by Eddie Gibbs
Priorities quotes by Anne-Marie Duff
#2. I suppose it's whether you want to be a famous person, or whether you want to be an actor. You have to decide what your priorities are. Great actor, huge star. Sometimes, the two walk hand in hand. Most of the time, they don't. #Quote by Anne-Marie Duff
Priorities quotes by John C. Maxwell
#3. Such sober warnings in the Word of God should impress upon us the importance of keeping our priorities straight: God first, family second, ministry or career third. Only when a leader's relationship to God is right, and only when responsibilities as a family member are being properly met, can the leader be fully faithful in exercising the ministry God has given him or her. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Priorities quotes by Gordon Brown
#4. I have just accepted the invitation of Her Majesty The Queen to form a Government. This will be a new Government with new priorities and I have been privileged to have been granted the great opportunity to serve my country and at all times I will be strong in purpose, steadfast in will, resolute in action in the service of what matters to the British people, meeting the concerns and aspirations of our whole country. #Quote by Gordon Brown
Priorities quotes by Nick Cave
#5. At some point you start seeing the difference between what you really want, and what is your priority order. I feel that today I know what I want. That's the problem with perspective, as well as focus and concentration. #Quote by Nick Cave
Priorities quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#6. The African man will not take anything for granted, because life has helped him set the right priorities #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Priorities quotes by Chris   Hutchinson
#7. Doing what's most important is the hardest and most rewarding work you will do as a leader. #Quote by Chris Hutchinson
Priorities quotes by Nita Leland
#8. You owe it to yourself to make your creative development a top priority. #Quote by Nita Leland
Priorities quotes by Mark Driscoll
#9. But birth control can also be compelled by sinful motivations. These can include putting lesser priorities like career above higher priorities like family or greedily wanting to make as much income as possible to the exclusion of everything else, and not incur the costs of child raising; being selfish and not wanting to have to care for a child; or immaturely not wanting to take on the responsibility that good parenting requires. #Quote by Mark Driscoll
Priorities quotes by Bob Graham
#10. The White House was signaling that the threat posed by Saddam Hussein was of such urgency that it had priority over the crushing of al Qaeda. #Quote by Bob Graham
Priorities quotes by Gary A. Klein
#11. My research suggests that when people get rebuffed they become frustrated and angry, but they would do better to become curious about the reason for the rejection. I also found that people assume that others are like them, operating under the same knowledge, beliefs, constraints and priorities. This mirror assumption makes it easier to speculate about why others act in the way they do, but sometimes the mirror assumption is wrong. #Quote by Gary A. Klein
Priorities quotes by Timothy Pina
#12. For some reason our priorities in America are all screwed up! It's now all about making money ... instead of standing up for what's right! #Quote by Timothy Pina
Priorities quotes by Amey Hegde
#13. Determine what your top priorities in life are and keep aside sufficient time for them in your schedule. #Quote by Amey Hegde
Priorities quotes by Gwen Stefani
#14. My priorities are always going to be my husband and my family now. That's a huge, huge thing. #Quote by Gwen Stefani
Priorities quotes by Biz Stone
#15. Google has a strong focus on technology, and it serves them well. My experience there was that they ordered technology first and people second. I believe the opposite. It isn't all about how many servers you have or how sophisticated your software is. Those things matter. But what really makes a technology meaningful - to its users and its employees - is how people come to use it to effect change in the world. I don't mean to throw Google under the bus. Obviously they're brilliant. It's just that my priorities are flipped. People come before technology. #Quote by Biz Stone
Priorities quotes by Durga Chew-Bose
#16. Then again, maybe that's why I'm drawn to wonder: it pays no attention to priorities. Before #Quote by Durga Chew-Bose
Priorities quotes by Roy Keane
#17. These so-called big stars are people we are supposed to be looking up to. Well they are weak and soft. Priorities have changed in football and they are being dictated to by their wives. #Quote by Roy Keane
Priorities quotes by Bernie Sanders
#18. I am running for president as a Democrat. And if elected, not only do I hope to bring forth a major change in national priorities, but let me be frank, I do want to see major changes in the Democratic Party. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Priorities quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
#19. Papa said that the parish priest in Abba was not spiritual enough. That was the problem with our people, Papa told us, our priorities were wrong; we cared too much about huge church buildings and mighty statues. You would never see white people doing that. #Quote by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Priorities quotes by John C. Maxwell
#20. LEADERS Initiate Lead; pick up phone and make contact Spend time planning anticipate problems Invest time with people Fill the calendar by priorities FOLLOWERS React Listen; wait for phone to ring Spend time living day-to-day; react to problems Spend time with people Fill the calendar by requests #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Priorities quotes by John Wesley
#21. The first priority of my life is to be holy, and the second goal of my life is to be a scholar. #Quote by John Wesley
Priorities quotes by Jeff Goins
#22. You have to choose your priorities, or they will choose you. #Quote by Jeff Goins
Priorities quotes by Aphex Twin
#23. The best artists are people who don't consider themselves artists, and the people who do are usually the most pretentious and annoying. They've got their priorities wrong. They're just doing it to be artists rather than because they want to do it. #Quote by Aphex Twin
Priorities quotes by Bryant Gumbel
#24. Largely as a result of the policies and priorities of the Reagan administration, more people are becoming poor and staying poor in this country than at any time since World War II. #Quote by Bryant Gumbel
Priorities quotes by Pam Houston
#25. Traveling is my priority, because it drives the writing, so I teach around the travel, and sometimes the travel is the teaching. #Quote by Pam Houston
Priorities quotes by J.R.D. Tata
#26. Most of our troubles are due to poor implementation ... .wrong priorities and unattainable targets #Quote by J.R.D. Tata
Priorities quotes by Kendrick Meek
#27. Port Security is one of our weakest security links, and it must be one of our highest priorities. #Quote by Kendrick Meek
Priorities quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#28. Of course it was a terrible thing, and the world would be a much better place without someone in it who could do that, but did that mean we had to miss lunch? #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Priorities quotes by Tim Fargo
#29. Never forget the value of time. You can acquire much in life. By comparison, time is fixed. Use it wisely. #Quote by Tim Fargo
Priorities quotes by Dennis Hastert
#30. Priorities like winning the War on Terror and providing tax relief that will keep our economy growing strong. #Quote by Dennis Hastert
Priorities quotes by Terence Blacker
#31. Suddenly I find myself feeling sorry for those greedy, needy people whose huge salaries are never quite enough, whose sense of worth is defined by their own personal wad. What a diminished, impoverished world they must inhabit ... We should feel sorry for them and their sadly limited lives. Then we should remember never to trust the judgement of those whose priorities are so idiotically skewed. #Quote by Terence Blacker
Priorities quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#32. Sometimes we can't quite put our finger on something important because we've got all of our fingers wrapped around a bunch of other things that are not important. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Priorities quotes by Tony Blair
#33. It is not an arrogant government that chooses priorities, it's an irresponsible government that fails to choose. #Quote by Tony Blair
Priorities quotes by Michael Crapo
#34. Our priority must be to build a path towards balancing the budget, and we cannot tolerate growing deficits. #Quote by Michael Crapo
Priorities quotes by Murray Rothbard
#35. [Professional politicians] don't mind if price controls cause shortages of health care. In fact, they welcome the prospect, because then they can impose rationing; they can impose priorities, and tell everyone how much of what kind of medical care they can have. And besides, ... there's that deeply satisfying rush of power. #Quote by Murray Rothbard
Priorities quotes by Brooke Desserich
#36. It's funny how you never know how much you can handle until it gets worse. And just when you get used to that, it happens again. But somehow, even with this experience you find a way to make it work because that is how you cope. Not because you deserve it or because you need the experience to set priorities, but because it's the human thing and it is life. And through this experience we will grow, find out what the holiday means and learn to expect more of each other. Together we will use this struggle to make us stronger as a family and support each other when we break down. That is what a family does and how we cope. #Quote by Brooke Desserich
Priorities quotes by Sarah Kay
#37. One of my highest priorities as an educator is to be as inclusive as possible. #Quote by Sarah Kay
Priorities quotes by Merlin Olsen
#38. We need to know where we are going and how we plan to get there. Our dreams and aspirations must be translated into real and tangible goals with priorities and time frames. #Quote by Merlin Olsen
Priorities quotes by Joyce Brothers
#39. Men have two basic needs. Neither of them, no matter what they say, is sex. They need love and they need work. And work takes priority over love. If a woman could know only one fact about men and work, it should be that work is the most seductive mistress most men ever have. #Quote by Joyce Brothers
Priorities quotes by Angela Merkel
#40. On the one hand, the financial projection is on the agenda - we will see if this problem can be resolved or not. I think it is a right idea to stage a special summit, which would deal with the question of priorities of European politics. #Quote by Angela Merkel
Priorities quotes by Billy Graham
#41. Evangelism is not a calling reserved exclusively for the clergy. I believe one of the greatest priorities of the church today is to mobilize the laity to do the work of evangelism. #Quote by Billy Graham
Priorities quotes by Daniel Kahneman
#42. The often-used phrase "pay attention" is apt: you dispose of a limited budget of attention that you can allocate to activities, and if you try to you try to go beyond your budget, you will fail. #Quote by Daniel Kahneman
Priorities quotes by Richard Pryor
#43. You can't talk about fucking in America, people say you're dirty. But if you talk about killing somebody, that's cool. #Quote by Richard Pryor
Priorities quotes by Gordon Bethune
#44. You have to begin to put the infrastructure in place to put in high-speed trains ... It should be a national priority. If the French can do it, why cant we? #Quote by Gordon Bethune
Priorities quotes by Apurva Purohit
#45. Priorities need to change at different stages of our life if we want to grow and evolve. #Quote by Apurva Purohit
Priorities quotes by Novak Djokovic
#46. My priority, the most important thing in my life is my family, my wife and my son. #Quote by Novak Djokovic
Priorities quotes by Janet Evanovich
#47. I exchanged my flannel shirt for a Rangers jersey and zapped the television on. Probably I should make more phone calls, but the Rangers were playing and priorities were priorities. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Priorities quotes by Melina Marchetta
#48. Placing Raffaela in the path of an oncoming car becomes one of the major priorities of the next ten seconds of my life. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Priorities quotes by Bronnie Ware
#49. Start creating the habit of counting your blessings for being alive today. Take ownership of your life. Shift your priorities. You are going to die! Understand this, and get excited about the gift of today. You are alive right now. #Quote by Bronnie Ware
Priorities quotes by Hal Borland
#50. Weekend planning is a prime time to apply the Deathbed Priority Test: On your deathbed, will you wish you'd spent more prime weekend hours grocery shopping or walking in the woods with your kids? #Quote by Hal Borland
Priorities quotes by Michelle Rhee
#51. We are always going to put the best interests of kids above the rights, privileges and priorities of adults. #Quote by Michelle Rhee
Priorities quotes by Yi Sun-sin
#52. My life is simple, my food is plain, and my quarters are uncluttered. In all things, I have sought clarity. I face the troubles and problems of life and death willingly. Virtue, integrity and courage are my priorities. I can be approached, but never pushed; befriended but never coerced; killed but never shamed. #Quote by Yi Sun-sin
Priorities quotes by Julie James
#53. Let's just call it an adjustment of priorities." Nick saw no reason to beat around the bush about
this next part. Pallas was a good guy, and an excellent agent. "There's more. You and I both know that
Davis has been thinking about retiring. I told him today that when that happens, I'd like to be
considered for the special agent in charge position. I wanted you to hear it from me first. Thought you
might be eying the job, too."
Jack considered this. "I've given it some thought," he admitted. "But politically, I doubt it would
go over well if the special agent in charge of Chicago and the U.S. attorney of the same district were
involved in a personal relationship." His expression was one of pride. "And since Cameron got there
first, it looks like I'm adjusting my priorities, too." He paused. "Plus, I hear that people think I'm
cranky." He rubbed his jaw, musing. "Not sure why that is."
"Maybe it's all the brooding and glowering."
"No one complains when you break out the don't-fuck-with-me face. #Quote by Julie James
Priorities quotes by John Piper
#54. The absence of God in most spheres of life is perceived to be normal, and even Christians feel it as normal - which is why absorbing the culture all around us and its priorities is so dangerous. #Quote by John Piper
Priorities quotes by Sebastian Faulks
#55. You put your time where your priority is. #Quote by Sebastian Faulks
Priorities quotes by David Brooks
#56. I think the Republican budget priorities are messed up. I salute for the way they're attacking some of the entitlement programs, but they are taking huge cuts, by pretending they're just block-granting it to the states, out of Medicaid, from the least fortunate. #Quote by David Brooks
Priorities quotes by Warren Farrell
#57. Women attempt suicide more often because they want to become the priority of those they love rather than always prioritizing them. #Quote by Warren Farrell
Priorities quotes by Rick Warren
#58. Your identity is in eternity, and your homeland is heaven. When you grasp this truth, you will stop worrying about "having it all" on earth. God is very blunt about the danger of living for the here and now and adopting the values, priorities, and lifestyles of the world around us. When we flirt with the temptations of this world, God calls it spiritual adultery. The Bible says, "You're cheating on God. If all you want is your own way, flirting with the world every chance you get, you end up enemies of God and his way."6 Imagine #Quote by Rick Warren
Priorities quotes by Michael Gove
#59. I think that what we have heard from the Remain campaign throughout this whole referendum have been dire warnings of the terrible consequences of the British people just taking control of our own destiny.And, the truth is, if we vote to Leave we will be in an economically stronger position. We will be able to take back some of the money that we currently give to the European Union and we can invest it in our priorities. #Quote by Michael Gove
Priorities quotes by David O. McKay
#60. Let my assure you, Brethren, that some day you will have a personal Priesthood interview with the Savior, Himself. If you are interested, I will tell you the order in which He will ask you to account for your earthly responsibilities.

First, He will request an accountability report about your relationship with your wife. Have you actively been engaged in making her happy and ensuring that her needs have been met as an individual?

Second, He will want an accountability report about each of your children individually. He will not attempt to have this for simply a family stewardship but will request information about your relationship to each and every child.

Third, He will want to know what you personally have done with the talents you were given in the pre-existence.

Fourth, He will want a summary of your activity in your church assignments. He will not be necessarily interested in what assignments you have had, for in his eyes the home teacher and a mission president are probably equals, but He will request a summary of how you have been of service to your fellowmen in your Church assignments.

Fifth, He will have no interest in how you earned your living, but if you were honest in all your dealings.

Sixth, He will ask for an accountability on what you have done to contribute in a positive manner to your community, state, country, and the world. #Quote by David O. McKay
Priorities quotes by Jean Zimmerman
#61. Drummond appreciated his guest's initial silence, his respect for the ancient, sacred act of imbibing. Drink first, talk later. #Quote by Jean Zimmerman
Priorities quotes by Kristen Bell
#62. Someone once told me it's more important what you turn down than what you take, and I think that rings true, especially when you're trying to make decisions about how you want to be viewed. It's hard, because I also want to have fun, and if there's a project that's super-small or low-budget or silly but it happens to have friends involved, I'll always take it, because my number-one priority is that I want to have fun with my career. #Quote by Kristen Bell
Priorities quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#63. Where am I?" you ask. Where you are is where the things you've denied worshipping have taken you. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Priorities quotes by Dick Morris
#64. We will shortly become like Germany, France, the United Kingdom, or Sweden - a socialist democracy in which the government dominates the economy, determines private-sector priorities and offers a vastly expanded range of services to many more people at much higher taxes. #Quote by Dick Morris
Priorities quotes by Michael Barbarulo
#65. Make sure your priorities line up with your values. #Quote by Michael Barbarulo
Priorities quotes by Keke Palmer
#66. I feel like I've reached a point where music has become just as much a priority to me as my acting, and I'm glad to feel that way. #Quote by Keke Palmer
Priorities quotes by Erna Paris
#67. Finally, I had held up examples of Goldhagen's inflammatory language and suggested that he had missed the essence of what Primo Levi once called the 'grey zone' of human affairs, described by the historian Christopher Browning as that foggy universe of mixed motives, conflicting emotions, personal priorities, reluctant choices, opportunism and accomodation, all wedded, when convenient, to self-deception and denial. I thought that by marshalling his research into an overly narrow narrative, painted without nuance in black and white, the author had missed the human complexity and the ordinariness of racism. #Quote by Erna Paris
Priorities quotes by Stephen Covey
#68. Don't prioritize your schedule, schedule those priorities. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Priorities quotes by Gary Chapman
#69. The key to quality time is found in the values and priorities you as parents determine to cherish and implement in your home. #Quote by Gary Chapman
Priorities quotes by Tim Pawlenty
#70. Keeping a lid on taxes is not just good for the taxpayer. It's a powerful way to force government to be more accountable, set priorities and spend smarter. Let me repeat that: more accountable, set priorities and spend smarter - that's what we need to be about. #Quote by Tim Pawlenty
Priorities quotes by Olivia Wilde
#71. The amazing thing about becoming a parent is that you will never again be your own first priority. #Quote by Olivia Wilde
Priorities quotes by Joe Jordan
#72. Effective life management isn't about finding more time to fill; it's about recognizing you don't have to do anything you do not choose to do. Hiding a choice behind a "have to" is irresponsible. Everything filling the white space in your life is there because you chose to put it there. We always have the power to say, "No." We just need to be ready to live with the consequences. #Quote by Joe Jordan
Priorities quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#73. Turn down things that are in consistence with your priorities. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Priorities quotes by Walt Disney Company
#74. Make room for the real important stuff."
- Tigger #Quote by Walt Disney Company
Priorities quotes by Bill Moyers
#75. Sure enough, as merger has followed merger, journalism has been driven further down the hierarchy of values in the huge conglomerates that dominate what we see, read and hear. And to feed the profit margins journalism has been directed to other priorities than "the news we need to know to keep our freedoms" #Quote by Bill Moyers
Priorities quotes by Laura Lang
#76. You can have anything you want, but not everything. If it was really important to spend an afternoon at my daughter's school, I had to think, how was I going to organize my life to do that? How could I become more efficient? I always tried to put my priorities on the table, personal and professional, and work around them. #Quote by Laura Lang
Priorities quotes by Penelope Cruz
#77. Maybe I'll make one movie a year, maybe two, but it's not going to be more than that because I have other priorities now. #Quote by Penelope Cruz
Priorities quotes by Urban Meyer
#78. I have ignored my health for years, but recent developments have forced me to re-evaluate my priorities of faith and family. #Quote by Urban Meyer
Priorities quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#79. Precious souls as young as three or four, raised on the misplaced multicultural priorities of Sesame Street," he claims, "are doomed before they even enter the godless morass of the public school system. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Priorities quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#80. In the thoughtlessness of my incessant hurry, I have made God an 'addendum in' my life verses the 'agenda of' my life. And what I need to hurry up and realize is that with these priorities positioned as such, what I am hurrying to is my own demise. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Priorities quotes by Bill Huizenga
#81. Our first priority has to be getting our fiscal house in order - and creating an atmosphere for the private sector in job creation. #Quote by Bill Huizenga
Priorities quotes by Louis Pasteur
#82. Question your priorities often, make sure God always comes first. #Quote by Louis Pasteur
Priorities quotes by Marty Rubin
#83. Nature is stronger than all human priorities. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Priorities quotes by Tsh Oxenreider
#84. A home that nourishes life embraces the little moments and appreciates the rhythmic seasons of life, including the time necessary to cook real food from scratch...It doesn't have to take too much time, however, with efficient menu planning and wisely planned trips to the grocery store and farmers' market.
The payoffs are astronomical - better health, good stewardship of our environment, and setting a good example for our children are just a few of the benefits. It also fosters an appreciation of the ebbs and flows of seasons because you'll be using fresh ingredients that are more readily available (and of higher quality) when they are in season. If you feel too busy to cook from scratch, then I argue that you're too busy, period. Reevaluate your priorities and commitments. If you want to live a healthy, long life and to pass the same luxury on to your children, then you MUST take the time to cook real food #Quote by Tsh Oxenreider
Priorities quotes by Zig Ziglar
#85. Spend time with those you love. One of these days you will say either, 'I wish I had', or 'I'm glad I did.' #Quote by Zig Ziglar
Priorities quotes by Chuck Yeager
#86. Unfortunately, many people do not consider fun an important item on their daily agenda. For me, that was always a high priority in whatever I was doing. #Quote by Chuck Yeager
Priorities quotes by H. L. Hunt
#87. Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work. #Quote by H. L. Hunt
Priorities quotes by Vladimir Putin
#88. We need to develop respect for our history, despite all of its flaws, and love for the Fatherland. We need to pay the utmost attention to our common moral values and consolidate Russian society on this basis. I think that this is an absolute priority. #Quote by Vladimir Putin
Priorities quotes by Bob Proctor
#89. You must make your dream a priority in order for it to become your life #Quote by Bob Proctor
Priorities quotes by Catherine Yass
#90. If you've got a deadline and you're an artist, you've just got to be on the case - nothing else can come in the way, or you won't make good work ... the people around you just have to understand. #Quote by Catherine Yass
Priorities quotes by Richard N. Haass
#91. You cannot be effective if those who work for you are not. So building their effectiveness ought to be a priority. #Quote by Richard N. Haass
Priorities quotes by Michael Hyatt
#92. Having priorities is essential. So is having them in the right order. #Quote by Michael Hyatt
Priorities quotes by Henry A. Kissinger
#93. Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries #Quote by Henry A. Kissinger
Priorities quotes by Tom Hicks
#94. Pitching is a priority. #Quote by Tom Hicks
Priorities quotes by Germany Kent
#95. I don't deal with people who have no goals and no vision. If that sounds like you, stay away from me. I'm not your kind of person. #Quote by Germany Kent
Priorities quotes by Cara Lynn Shultz
#96. I guess when Andie Ward and her double Ds literally came bouncing by, your priorities shifted. #Quote by Cara Lynn Shultz
Priorities quotes by Rebecca Pippert
#97. If you live by the same values and priorities [Jesus] had, you will find evangelism happening naturally. It becomes a life-style and not a project. #Quote by Rebecca Pippert
Priorities quotes by Martin O'Malley
#98. Putting middle class families in jeopardy in order to protect the wealthiest among us isn't consistent with the values and priorities that most Americans share. #Quote by Martin O'Malley
Priorities quotes by Lisa Kudrow
#99. There was a time there when I thought going out was so fun. I don't know how it happens, but suddenly that's not a priority anymore. #Quote by Lisa Kudrow
Priorities quotes by Laura Bates
#100. Quite natural for men, of course, who have worked so hard and put so much into their prized jobs, to want to maintain a balance and not allow new fatherhood to derail a promotion or an ascending career path. But for a woman to voice the same priorities? Cold. Hard. Selfish. #Quote by Laura Bates
Priorities quotes by Roshan Sharma
#101. Your mind is a magic pot, from which you pick the things, and manifest life out of it. If you don't tell your mind, your priorities, it will be easier for your mind, to pick anything, to serve you with your life. #Quote by Roshan Sharma
Priorities quotes by Shannon Stacey
#102. When family really needed you, nothing else mattered. #Quote by Shannon Stacey
Priorities quotes by Doreen Virtue
#103. Once you have a major success with assertiveness, you learn that it's a much healthier path than being a doormat to the insensitive folks. You gain respect for yourself, have more time for your priorities, and develop authentic and healthier relationships. #Quote by Doreen Virtue
Priorities quotes by Traci LaRussa
#104. May our eyes focus rightly on Christ ... before the need to please others, before church, and before the busyness of Christian life. Those things will surely have their place, but they will be most valuable if put in their proper position. #Quote by Traci LaRussa
Priorities quotes by Brene Brown
#105. It's only in the last few years that I've learned that playing down the exciting stuff doesn't' take the pain away when it doesn't happen. It also creates a lot of isolation. Once you've diminished the importance of something, your friends are not likely to call and say, "I'm sorry that didn't work out. I know you were excited about it."

Now when someone asks me about the potential opportunity that I'm excited about, I'm more likely to practice courage and say, "I'm so excited about the possibility. I'm trying to stay realistic, but I really hope it happens." When things haven't panned out, it's been comforting to be able to call a supportive friend and say, "Remember that event I told you about? It's not going to happen, and I'm so bummed. #Quote by Brene Brown
Priorities quotes by LeBron James
#106. Certain money is not always good money. It could be just being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean, if you have your priorities in check then for the most part it's easy. #Quote by LeBron James
Priorities quotes by E.A. Bucchianeri
#107. There are so many problems to solve on this planet first before we begin to trash other worlds. #Quote by E.A. Bucchianeri
Priorities quotes by John Frederick Demartini
#108. Dedicate your life to a cause that inspires you and also greatly serves others. Master plan your life. If you don't fill your day with high priorities, it will automatically become filled with low priorities. #Quote by John Frederick Demartini
Priorities quotes by Lisa Genova
#109. Prioritizing hurt, a reminder that the clock was ticking, that some things would be left undone. #Quote by Lisa Genova
Priorities quotes by Steve Sheinkin
#110. She was too well-trained to panic. #Quote by Steve Sheinkin
Priorities quotes by George Barna
#111. These figures emphasize how soft people's commitment to God is. Americans are willing to expend some energy in religious activities such as attending church and reading the Bible, and they are willing to throw some money in the offering basket, but when it comes time to truly establishing their priorities and making a tangible commitment to knowing and loving God, most people stop short. #Quote by George Barna
Priorities quotes by Larry M. Bartels
#112. On average, the real incomes of middle-class families have grown twice as fast under Democrats as they have under Republicans, while the real incomes of working poor families have grown six times as fast under Democrats as they have under Republicans. These substantial partisan differences persist even after allowing for differences in economic circumstances and historical trends beyond the control of individual presidents. They suggest that escalating inequality is not simply an inevitable economic trend - and that a great deal of economic inequality in the contemporary United States is specifically attributable to the policies and priorities of Republican presidents. #Quote by Larry M. Bartels
Priorities quotes by Nikki Reed
#113. Just because you're part of 'Twilight' does not mean you're a superstar. It means that you're given the opportunity to maybe become one later if you work hard. Once fandom goes away, which it will very soon, it's all about having your priorities straight and working hard. #Quote by Nikki Reed
Priorities quotes by Charles B. Rangel
#114. The Iraq war took priority over domestic disaster prevention. #Quote by Charles B. Rangel
Priorities quotes by Cornel West
#115. American mainstream is obsessed with black creative genius - be it music, walk, style - but at the same time puts a low priority on the black social misery which is the very context out of which that creativity flows. #Quote by Cornel West
Priorities quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#116. Giving up the obsession of sign-values and the subservient fascination of the social pyramid, allows us to set priorities in life, find out the core of our true self and appreciate being "in" the moment. ("Keeping up with the Joneses" ) #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Priorities quotes by Gloria Steinem
#117. It used to be said that this country was a child-centered one. Nothing could be further from the truth. Children have been our lowest priority, both in economic and emotional spending. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Priorities quotes by Alexis Hall
#118. You're late," said Death. "Something came up. #Quote by Alexis Hall
Priorities quotes by Philippe Starck
#119. Freedom is the only style. That is why I never speak about beauty or beautiful products but 'good products'. Nowadays, we have so many challenges; it is not really a priority to care for beauty. The only way for us is to focus on an ethic and ecological behaviour. #Quote by Philippe Starck
Priorities quotes by Cassandra Javier
#120. People grow up, after all, and people's priorities change (...) It's not like things could still (be) the same, no matter how much you want them to #Quote by Cassandra Javier
Priorities quotes by Mike Pence
#121. Budgets are moral documents. Federal funding should reflect the priorities and the values of the majority of the American people. #Quote by Mike Pence
Priorities quotes by Stephen Covey
#122. Priority is a function of context. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Priorities quotes by Larry Winget
#123. The fact that you don't have any money is a result of all your other problems. You have thinking problems. Attitude problems. Self-esteem problems. You are lazy. You lack discipline. You lack goals. Your priorities are out of whack.
Your biggest problem is not in your wallet or your bank account. Your biggest problem is between your ears. You will fix your money problems when you fix your other problems. #Quote by Larry Winget
Priorities quotes by Bryce Courtenay
#124. The time we are given for parenting is so short, passes so quickly and is jumbled up with so many other priorities and disruptions that, in the end, we come to doubt that we used it in the best interests of our children. #Quote by Bryce Courtenay
Priorities quotes by Richard G. Scott
#125. Don't yield to Satan's lie that you don't have time to study the scriptures. Choose to take time to study them. Feasting on the word of God each day is more important than sleep, school, work, television shows, video games, or social media. You may need to reorganize your priorities to provide time for the study of the word of God. If so, do it! #Quote by Richard G. Scott
Priorities quotes by Brent Scowcroft
#126. My point was that removing Saddam should not have been our highest priority. Fighting terrorism should have been our number one concern, followed by the Palestinian peace process. #Quote by Brent Scowcroft
Priorities quotes by Nora Sakavic
#127. I can take care of myself," Neil said. "Watch me beam with pride. It's not your job to take care of yourself anymore. It's your job to play, and mine and Abby's job to look after you. Get your priorities straight. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
Priorities quotes by Paulo Coelho
#128. Times arise in life, when you have to choose between something you have become accustomed to and something you wanted to have. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Priorities quotes by Winna Efendi
#129. They all choose priorities. Even they got hurt and hurt each other, at the end they all choose whats important for them #Quote by Winna Efendi
Priorities quotes by Whitney Houston
#130. I have priorities. Maintaining my daughter is my first. #Quote by Whitney Houston
Priorities quotes by Ravi Zacharias
#131. There are so many needs in the world, and our hearts cannot carry them all. You must walk to the priorities God has set before you. #Quote by Ravi Zacharias
Priorities quotes by James Cameron
#132. I'm willing to engage or indulge real ideas, but if we don't do something [about global warming], we're all going to die! What's it going to take, a big f
ing disaster with all kinds of people dying? We need to change our priorities fast. #Quote by James Cameron
Priorities quotes by Criss Jami
#133. The sacrifices we make to stay healthy, to look good, the tasty foods we skip, the guilt trips, the exercising - all these things require great discipline, care, and even a paradoxical, self-denying self-love of sorts in order to be properly executed. However it is regretful that so many of us today are not as passionate about our spiritual holiness as we are about our physical health. They are indeed both important - we should worship in every aspect of our lives - and one even, in a sense, entails the other. Although, this disproportion in said priorities is still very much expected: we humans have always taken a liking to trendiness and the temporal side of things, doing what is judged vainly in the eyes of man before that which is judged vitally and eternally in the eyes of God (i.e. "cleaning the outside of one's cup while leaving a filthy inside"). But in a way, it all goes to show that the man who fully hates discipline hates himself fully; for within the spirit is where The Holy One judges true wellness or malady. #Quote by Criss Jami
Priorities quotes by Mike Murdock
#134. Depression will always follow any decision to avoid a priority. #Quote by Mike Murdock
Priorities quotes by David Allen
#135. Before you can achieve any of that, though, you'll need to get in the habit of keeping nothing on your mind. And the way to do that, as we've seen, is not by managing time, managing information, or managing priorities. After all: you don't manage five minutes and wind up with six; you don't manage information overload - otherwise you'd walk into a library and die, or the first time you connected to the Web, you'd blow up; and you don't manage priorities - you have them. Instead, the key to managing all of your stuff is managing your actions. #Quote by David Allen
Priorities quotes by Tyler Perry
#136. Focus on one thing, make it your priority, and stick with it no matter what! #Quote by Tyler Perry
Priorities quotes by Thalia
#137. My kids are my No. 1 priority. They're the light in my everyday life. The sunshine. The miracle. Those eyes. Those smiles. At the same time, I have an extended, amazing family that is my audience. All these people have been with me for such a long time. I have these two responsibilities. #Quote by Thalia
Priorities quotes by Taylor Swift
#138. Two years gives you enough time to grow and to change, and to, you know, change your priorities. Change where you live, change your hair, change what you believe in, change who you hang out with, what's influencing you, what's inspiring you. And in the process of all of those changes in the last two years, my music changed. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Priorities quotes by Max Lucado
#139. Your home is your giant-size privilege, your towering priority. #Quote by Max Lucado
Priorities quotes by Michelle Obama
#140. I think my mother taught me what not to do. She put us first, always, sometimes to the detriment of herself. She encouraged me not to do that. She'd say being a good mother isn't all about sacrificing; it's really investing and putting yourself higher on your priority list. #Quote by Michelle Obama
Priorities quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#141. Action expresses priorities. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Priorities quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#142. Life is as simple as these three questions: What do I want? Why do I want it? And, how will I achieve it? #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Priorities quotes by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
#143. The NHS is a bit iffy when you sprain an ankle, but when it's a high-priority issue, it's fantastic. They don't mess about. They're incredibly efficient when things go wrong. #Quote by Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Priorities quotes by Michael Hayden
#144. I used to have a little saying I used when people said, 'What are your priorities?' I'd give them a bit of government alphabet soup. I'd say 'CTCPROW: Counterterrorism, counterproliferation, rest of the world.' #Quote by Michael Hayden
Priorities quotes by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
#145. You have the potential to make healthy choices and balance your priorities no matter where you are on your life journey. #Quote by Michael Thomas Sunnarborg
Priorities quotes by Frank Sonnenberg
#146. We're so busy keeping busy that we fail to see the error of our ways. #Quote by Frank Sonnenberg
Priorities quotes by Roger Wolcott Sperry
#147. It seems important that the social value factor be more generally recognized as a powerful causal agent in its own right and something to be dealt with directly as such. No more critical task can be projected for the 1970s than that of seeking for civilized society a new, elevated set of value guidelines more suited to man's expanded numbers and new powers over nature, a frame of reference for value priorities that will act to secure and conserve our world instead of destroying it. #Quote by Roger Wolcott Sperry
Priorities quotes by Malcolm Forbes
#148. The richest person in the world - in fact, all the riches in the world - couldn't provide you with anything like the endless, incredible loot available in your local library. You can measure the awareness, the breadth and the wisdom of a civilization, a nation, a people by the priority given to preserving these repositories of all that we are, all that we were, or will be. Our libraries are being eroded alarmingly by inflation. It behooves us - all of us - to stop the rot by the application of that prime preserver - money. #Quote by Malcolm Forbes
Priorities quotes by Marian Deegan
#149. Only by digging deep down to the core of our true self can we come to a place of inner certainty. Our underlying values and priorities are our personal navigational stars on life's journey - essential tools to chart a life course that embraces what matters most to us. #Quote by Marian Deegan
Priorities quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#150. Rosalie was right about one thing, though. When Bella said the word forever, it didn't mean the same thing to her as it meant to me. For her, it meant merely a very long time. It meant she couldn't see the end yet. How could anyone who had lived only seventeen years comprehend what fifty years meant, let alone eternity? She was human, not a frozen immortal. Within just a few years, she would reinvent herself many times over. Her priorities would shift as her world grew wider. The things she wanted now wouldn't be the things she wanted then. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Priorities quotes by Sophie Swetchine
#151. The root of sanctity is sanity. A man must be healthy before he can be holy. We bathe first, and then perfume. #Quote by Sophie Swetchine
Priorities quotes by Seth Godin
#152. The competitive advantages the marketplace demands is someone more human, connected, and mature. Someone with passion and energy, capable of seeing things as they are and negotiating multiple priorities as she makes useful decisions without angst. Flexible in the face of change, resilient in the face of confusion. All of these attributes are choices, not talents, and all of them are available to you. #Quote by Seth Godin
Priorities quotes by Sogyal Rinpoche
#153. Living with the immediacy of death helps you sort out your priorities in life. It helps you to live a less trivial life. #Quote by Sogyal Rinpoche
Priorities quotes by Jean Edward Smith
#154. Eisenhower on Patton: Fundamentally, he is so avid for recognition as a great commander that he won't with ruthlessly suppress any habit that will jeopardize it. #Quote by Jean Edward Smith
Priorities quotes by Michael Pollan
#155. We all have different priorities. There's no one single set of ethical rules. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Priorities quotes by Addie Zierman
#156. I think that Andrew and I both used to think that the first most important thing was to love God, and the second most important thing was to love others. But during those hard months, we learned that it was all bound up together. That figuring out how to love each other in the change and in the struggle gave us a new understanding and grasp on God's grace and faithfulness. #Quote by Addie Zierman
Priorities quotes by R.S. Belcher
#157. I say a man that lets his religion git in the way of his drinking is a fella with his cart 'fore his horse. #Quote by R.S. Belcher
Priorities quotes by Ronald Reagan
#158. I believe with all my heart that our first priority must be world peace, and that use of force is always and only a last resort, when everything else has failed, and then only with regard to our national security. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Priorities quotes by Herb Kelleher
#159. Succession planning has been a major priority at Southwest for quite some time. We think we have come up with a winning combination of talent for our company reorganization. #Quote by Herb Kelleher
Priorities quotes by Masanobu Fukuoka
#160. I do not particularly like the word 'work.' Human beings are the only animals who have to work, and I think that is the most ridiculous thing in the world. Other animals make their livings by living, but people work like crazy, thinking that they have to in order to stay alive. The bigger the job, the greater the challenge, the more wonderful they think it is. It would be good to give up that way of thinking and live an easy, comfortable life with plenty of free time. I think that the way animals live in the tropics, stepping outside in the morning and evening to see if there is something to eat, and taking a long nap in the afternoon, must be a wonderful life. For human beings, a life of such simplicity would be possible if one worked to produce directly his daily necessities. In such a life, work is not work as people generally think of it, but simply doing what needs to be done. #Quote by Masanobu Fukuoka
Priorities quotes by Tom Segev
#161. The saving of the Jews in Europe did not figure at the head of the list of priorities of the ruling class. It was the foundation of the State which was primordial in their eyes. #Quote by Tom Segev
Priorities quotes by James Emery White
#162. The great opposition to reading is what I allow to fill my time instead of reading. To say we have no time to read is not really true; we simply have chosen to use our time for other things, or have allowed our time to be filled to the exclusion of reading. So don't add reading to your to-do list. Just stop doing the things that keep you from doing it. But read. #Quote by James Emery White
Priorities quotes by Peter F. Drucker
#163. Setting a posteriority is also unpleasant. Every posteriority is somebody else's top priority. It is much easier to draw up a nice list of top priorities and then to hedge by trying to do "just a little bit" of everything else as well. This makes everybody happy. The only drawback is, of course, that nothing whatever gets done. #Quote by Peter F. Drucker
Priorities quotes by John Salazar
#164. How do you tell troops who volunteered to fight for our freedoms that the country they fought for won't take care of them when they come back? In the time of war our troops and their families are supposed to be our number one priority. #Quote by John Salazar
Priorities quotes by Rick Warren
#165. If your activities don't match your priorities, you are wasting your life. #Quote by Rick Warren
Priorities quotes by Tony Schwartz
#166. Is the Life You're Living Worth the Price You're Paying to Live It? #Quote by Tony Schwartz
Priorities quotes by Grant Cardone
#167. Money is like a jealous lover. Ignore it and it will ignore you, or worse, it will leave you for someone who makes it a priority. #Quote by Grant Cardone
Priorities quotes by Steven Magee
#168. You can tell a lot about a person's priorities in life by reading their will. #Quote by Steven Magee
Priorities quotes by Stedman Graham
#169. Every day, do something that is truly important in moving you toward your goals. You must choose to invest your time in the important steps. When you take charge of your time, you take charge of your life. How you spend your time reflects your priorities. #Quote by Stedman Graham
Priorities quotes by Hans Reichenbach
#170. The differential element of non-Euclidean spaces is Euclidean. This fact, however, is analogous to the relations between a straight line and a curve, and cannot lead to an epistemological priority of Euclidean geometry, in contrast to the views of certain authors. #Quote by Hans Reichenbach
Priorities quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#171. I will use these powers - my powers - to smash Hybern to bits. I will burn them, and drown them, and freeze them. I will use these powers to heal the injured. To shatter through Hybern's wards. I have done so already, and I will do so again. And if you think that my possession of a kernel of your magic is your biggest problem, then your priorities are severely out of order. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Priorities quotes by Jeff Weiner
#172. Talent is our No.1 operating priority and our most important asset. #Quote by Jeff Weiner
Priorities quotes by Dixie Waters
#173. You can leave your marks on things, but the most lasting marks are written in the heart. #Quote by Dixie Waters
Priorities quotes by Gabrielle
#174. To live a fulfilling life, we must combine passion with compassion and strength without strife; we must get out of our comfort zone and into our strength zone; and we must work every day with discipline to ensure that our daily agenda reflects our values, our priorities, and the legacy we wish to leave for others. #Quote by Gabrielle
Priorities quotes by Chalene Johnson
#175. The vital difference between dreamers and achievers boils down to some very basic, simple habits. People with clear, *written-out* goals who consistently honor their defined priorities tend to get results faster than others, and enjoy a greater level of happiness and long-term success in all areas of life. Yet most of us have never been formally taught a system of goal-setting and mastery that can be applied to health and fitness. #Quote by Chalene Johnson
Priorities quotes by Peyton Manning
#176. You've got to remember what your priorities are. When you're playing, what u do on the field is the most important thing. #Quote by Peyton Manning
Priorities quotes by Heather Grace Stewart
#177. You meet dozens of people who tell you you can't do it. Surround yourself with the people who believe you will do it. Seek out and spend time with those rare people who tell you, no BS, why you haven't done it yet, what it takes to do it, and how they could help you do it. Note how this advice works whether 'it' is robbing a bank, opening a gallery, or writing a bestseller. "It" is up to you. But you can't do it alone. #Quote by Heather Grace Stewart
Priorities quotes by Jimmy Carter
#178. In the bible homosexuality is condemned, but along with divorce and greed and callousness toward poor people. So its elevation to a highest priority among some religious groups has been very disturbing to me. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Priorities quotes by Adam Duritz
#179. Being in a band is about making the band the priority. #Quote by Adam Duritz
Priorities quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#180. Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. #Quote by Dallin H. Oaks
Priorities quotes by Cat Stevens
#181. I had to learn my faith and look after my family, and I had to make priorities. But now I've done it all and there's a little space for me to fill in the universe of music again. #Quote by Cat Stevens
Priorities quotes by Darren Clarke
#182. Just making sure the boys are okay is my priority in life, and that takes up all of my time right now. #Quote by Darren Clarke
Priorities quotes by Mac Anderson
#183. I highly recommend setting aside pockets of time during each day for solitude. You might have only five or ten minutes, but be alone and uninterrupted. And then sometime each week devote an extended time - at least one hour - to reconnect with your soul. How and when you do it is a very personal thing, but plan it because solitude doesn't happen on its own. Make it a priority in your life. #Quote by Mac Anderson
Priorities quotes by Jonathon Porritt
#184. Humankind's greatest priority is to reintegrate with the natural world. #Quote by Jonathon Porritt
Priorities quotes by Cornel West
#185. There are different varieties and forms of capitalism. There are priorities within the capitalist society so that you can have countervailing forces come in and empower your working people and your poor people. There are capitalist societies that do not have poverty. America needs to understand that. #Quote by Cornel West
Priorities quotes by Barry DeCarli
#186. it seems that man has learned
not to see
not to know
for he's found the pot
of gold
but lost the rainbow... #Quote by Barry DeCarli
Priorities quotes by David Suzuki
#187. Beyond reducing individual use, one of our top priorities must be to move from fossil fuels to energy that has fewer detrimental effects on water supplies and fewer environmental impacts overall. #Quote by David Suzuki
Priorities quotes by Eula Biss
#188. Perhaps what matters," Sunstein muses, "is not whether people are right on the facts, but whether they are frightened." And people do seem to be frightened. We are locking our doors and pulling our children out of public school and buying guns and ritually sanitizing our hands to allay a wide range of fears, most of which are essentially fears of other people. All the while we are also, in our way, reckless. We get intoxicated, from the Latin "to poison," for fun. This contradiction leads Sunstein to worry that regulatory laws based on the priorities of the general public maybe prone to a pattern of "paranoia and neglect." Too much attention may be spent on minimal risks, while too little is paid to pressing threats. Paranoia, the theorist Eve Sedgwick observes, tends to be contagious. She calls it a "strong theory," meaning a wide-ranging, reductive theory that displaces other ways of thinking. And paranoia very frequently passes for intelligence. As Sedgwick observes, "to theorize out of anything but a paranoid critical stance has come to seem naïve, pious, or complaisant." She does not believe that paranoid thinking is necessarily delusional or wrong, but only that there is value to approaches that are less rooted in suspicion. "Paranoia," Sedgwick writes, "knows some things well and others poorly. #Quote by Eula Biss
Priorities quotes by Doug Davidson
#189. My priorities are my family and my job. I have little time for much else. #Quote by Doug Davidson
Priorities quotes by Nancy Pelosi
#190. Democratic priorities remain clear: to provide a tax cut for working families, to promote policies that produce jobs and economic growth, and to assist millions of our fellow Americans who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. #Quote by Nancy Pelosi
Priorities quotes by John C. Maxwell
#191. Seven Steps to Success
1) Make a commitment to grow daily.
2) Value the process more than events.
3) Don't wait for inspiration.
4) Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity.
5) Dream big.
6) Plan your priorities.
7) Give up to go up. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Priorities quotes by Sherwin B. Nuland
#192. Whether wisely or not, one of the first priorities of the incoming Obama administration was to present a package of healthcare benefits, which, to no one's surprise, produced an uproar in Congress and an assortment of polls declaring that the majority of Americans were opposed to it. #Quote by Sherwin B. Nuland
Priorities quotes by Antonella Gambotto-Burke
#193. Those who say marriage is no different to cohabitation are perhaps less sensitive to issues of continuity. Legally and socially, marriage provided us with an framework, struts: as a tradition, it predates history. And yet it is still trivialised as no more than "a piece of paper", or by the perception of it as a kind of country club from which those demarcated as undesirable are excluded. But marriage is not about religion or gender; it is an admission of vulnerability, a commitment to the perpetual evaluation of priorities and a social stabiliser. #Quote by Antonella Gambotto-Burke
Priorities quotes by Iain Duncan Smith
#194. The number one priority now is reducing the deficit that they [Labour] left us - the biggest deficit since the Second World War. #Quote by Iain Duncan Smith
Priorities quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt
#195. You can't move so fast that you try to change the mores faster than people can accept it. That doesn't mean you do nothing, but it means that you do the things that need to be done according to priority. #Quote by Eleanor Roosevelt
Priorities quotes by Walter Annenberg
#196. I want to remind you that success in life is based on hard slogging. There will be periods when discouragement is great and upsetting, and the antidote for this is calmness and fortitude and a modest yet firm belief in your competence. Be sure that your priorities are in order so that you can proceed in a logical manner, and be ever mindful that nothing will take the place of persistence. #Quote by Walter Annenberg
Priorities quotes by Pearl Zhu
#197. A balanced scoreboard needs to provide the balanced view of business progress; perhaps it also has the "unbalanced" nature to do prioritization. #Quote by Pearl Zhu
Priorities quotes by Elizabeth George
#198. Your choices and decisions are a reflection of how well you've set and followed your priorities. #Quote by Elizabeth George
Priorities quotes by R. Buckminster Fuller
#199. On first priority in design consideration is the full realization of individual potential in order to reach the second derivative full realization for all individuals #Quote by R. Buckminster Fuller
Priorities quotes by Charles Murray
#200. Many of the members of the new upper class are balkanized. Furthermore, their ignorance about other Americans is more problematic than the ignorance of other Americans about them. It is not a problem if truck drivers cannot empathize with the priorities of Yale professors. It is a problem if Yale professors, or producers of network news programs, or CEOs of great corporations, or presidential advisers cannot empathize with the priorities of truck drivers. It is inevitable that people have large areas of ignorance about how others live, but that makes it all the more important that the members of the new upper class be aware of the breadth and depth of their ignorance. #Quote by Charles Murray

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