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Princetonian Pulls quotes by Michelle Paver
#1. I don't use the Internet, as I don't like living with lots of distractions. I have tried, but I found it a hindrance. as my sense of priorities goes out of the window and it pulls me out of my writing, particularly with email. I'd sit there for hours just replying to emails. #Quote by Michelle Paver
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Jandy Nelson
#2. The blindness last just a second, then the colors start flooding into me: not through my eyes but right through my skin, replacing blood and bone, muscle and sinew, until I am redorangebluegreenpurpleyellowredorangebluegreenpurpleyellow.
Brian pulls away and looks at me. "Fuck," he says. "I've wanted to do that for so long." His breath's n my face. "So long. You're just ... #Quote by Jandy Nelson
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Sara Shepard
#3. I didn't cry when I asked him what it felt like, suffering with whatever had befallen him, and he replaid, It's something that's been inside me for a long time. And you fight and fight and fight against it for so long, but then it just crashes over you and pulls you down #Quote by Sara Shepard
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Jillian Dodd
#4. Dance with me?" "There's no music," I tease. He pulls me into his arms. "There doesn't have to be. #Quote by Jillian Dodd
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Malkiel Burton
#5. A bubble starts when any group of stocks, in this case those associated with the excitement of the Internet, begin to rise. The updraft encourages more people to buy the stocks, which causes more TV and print coverage, which causes even more people to buy, which creates big profits for early Internet stockholders. The successful investors tell you at cocktail parties how easy it is to get rich, which causes the stocks to rise further, which pulls in larger and larger groups of investors. But the whole mechanism is a kind of Ponzi scheme where more and more credulous investors must be found to buy the stock from the earlier investors. Eventually, one runs out of greater fools. #Quote by Malkiel Burton
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#6. Next to me N floats in a parachute of his own design: He wants the divorce; I don´t. He pushed me; I fell. I plummet; he pulls the ripcoard and feels a refreshing lack of weight or gravity. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Nicola Yoon
#7. And it's the wanting that pulls me back down to earth hard. The wanting scares me. It's like a weed that spreads slowly, just beneath your notice. Before you know it, it's pitted your surfaces and darkened your windows. #Quote by Nicola Yoon
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Anthony Doerr
#8. It's like cold silk. Cold, sumptuous silk onto which the sea has laid offerings: pebbles, shells, barnacles. Tiny slips of wrack. Her fingers dig and reach; the drops of rain touch the back of her neck, the backs of her hands. The sand pulls the heat from her fingertips, from the soles of her feet. A #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Matt Goulding
#9. I can tell right away by looking at you what you want to eat," he says. "I can tell how many brothers and sisters you have."
After divining my favorite color (blue) and my astrological sign (Aquarius), Nakamura pulls out an ivory stalk of takenoko, fresh young bamboo ubiquitous in Japan during the spring. "This came in this morning from Kagumi. It's so sweet that you can eat it raw." He peels off the outer layer, cuts a thin slice, and passes it across the counter.
First, he scores an inch-thick bamboo steak with a ferocious santoku blade. Then he sears it in a dry sauté pan until the flesh softens and the natural sugars form a dark crust on the surface. While the bamboo cooks, he places two sacks of shirako, cod milt, under the broiler. ("Milt," by the way, is a euphemism for sperm. Cod sperm is everywhere in Japan in the winter and early spring, and despite the challenges its name might create for some, it's one of the most delicious things you can eat.)
Nakamura brings it all together on a Meiji-era ceramic plate: caramelized bamboo brushed with soy, broiled cod milt topped with miso made from foraged mountain vegetables, and, for good measure, two lightly boiled fava beans. An edible postcard of spring. I take a bite, drop my chopsticks, and look up to find Nakamura staring right at me.
"See, I told you I know what you want to eat."
The rest of the dinner unfolds in a similar fashion: a little counter banter, a little product display, then back to #Quote by Matt Goulding
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Debra Dean
#10. When I left the theatre and turned to writing, one of the big pulls was that, unlike the theatre, I didn't have to wait to be hired before I could do my art. That was huge. But you still have to figure out how to support your habit; it's rare and lucky when art pays the bills. #Quote by Debra Dean
Princetonian Pulls quotes by James Dommek Jr.
#11. People tend to misspell my English name, but they 100% of the time misspell my Inupiaq name: ??Milukruk??. It means: Warrior Who Pulls Arrows Out of Own Body and Fires Back at Enemy. I'm messing with you. It means Breast-feeding Mama's Boy. #Quote by James Dommek Jr.
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Skyla Madi
#12. Before my fingers curl around the handle of the blind, Seth whips across, grabbing my wrist. I gasp as he pulls my hand away from it.
"Settle down, daredevil." He chuckles. "You might want to conquer your fears, but I'm fine hiding from mine. #Quote by Skyla Madi
Princetonian Pulls quotes by E.L. James
#13. He pulls up outside my duplex. I belatedly realize he's not asked me where I live - yet he knows. But then he sent the books, of course he knows where I live. What able, cell-phone-tracking, helicopter owning, stalker wouldn't. #Quote by E.L. James
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Michelle Moore
#14. Enthusiasm is that certain something that makes us stand out, pulls us out of the mediocre common places, and turns us into powerful influencers. #Quote by Michelle Moore
Princetonian Pulls quotes by River Savage
#15. Because you're right. I want to control you, darlin'. Not in the way your fucking ex did, in a way that makes you come apart." A hot pulse of need shoots through me, igniting me with his words. He leans in closer and I have to tilt my head back to keep eye contact. "I want to fucking claim you. Tie you to my goddamn bed and force you to submit to me." He presses his mouth to the shell of my ear and I don't fight it, I wait. Wait for everything and more. "I want to do dirty things to you, Kenz. Things only dirty girls enjoy. I want to push every one of your limits so no man will ever be able to make you come like I do." His hot breath moves over my ear and I can't help the shiver that rolls through me. "I. Want. To. Own. You." He pulls back when he's finished. Both of our breathing thick with need. Holy shit. How do you respond to that? #Quote by River Savage
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Sabaa Tahir
#16. She has no idea how pretty she is - or what kind of problems her beauty will cause for her at a place like Blackcliff. The wind pulls at her hair again, and I catch her scent - like fruit and sugar. #Quote by Sabaa Tahir
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Josh James Riebock
#17. Often, the best stories aren't when someone pulls one 180-degree turn, but when someone pulls 180 one-degree turns: the stories when someone experiences a slow and, at times, indistinguishable evolution; the stories where a million tiny steps produce something so brilliant; the stories where perseverance and struggle go hand in hand. #Quote by Josh James Riebock
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Cheryl McIntyre
#18. Sometimes the right decision isn't always the easiest one," she says as she pulls the towel from the shower curtain rod, wraps it around herself and secures it.
"Sometimes what's right isn't so easy to see," he responds. #Quote by Cheryl McIntyre
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Kate Mullane Robertson
#19. my heart has no bones,
so, I wonder --
what is it that keeps it from collapsing in on itself
Love -- the same Love the that pulls me out of gentle slumber,
calls me into the shape of its desires, and holds me true…. #Quote by Kate Mullane Robertson
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Robert Redford
#20. From my experience in my country, America over and over again takes itself right to the brink, it puts one foot over but it never goes over. It wakes up at the last minute and says woah, and then pulls back. #Quote by Robert Redford
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Amo Jones
#21. I take it Hella is your road name? Or should I just stick to 'cunt'?" He laughs, a smirk beaming from his mouth. "I like the sound of 'cunt' coming out of those sweet lips. Maybe you should stick to that." He pulls out a packet of cigarettes, placing one in his mouth and watching me every two seconds. "Hella isn't my road name. Had it since I was a kid. It was so people couldn't kill me and sluts couldn't bang down my door after having my dick lodged down their throat once." He blew a cloud of smoke in my face. "Well, I've had your dick in me, and I gotta tell you…" I stand, bending over the table and scanning his huge arms with a smile. "I'm a little disappointed," I lie through a whisper. #Quote by Amo Jones
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Tom Waits
#22. She pulls a razor from her boot and a thousand victims fall around her feet. #Quote by Tom Waits
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Romina Garber
#23. Manuela de La Mancha," says a deep voice. It sounds strange to hear such a long name, but that's the manada I'm pretending to be from.

"Hola, Marilén," I say to Tiago and Saysa's great-grandmother, whom I met moments ago.

"No sos bruja." You're not a witch.

My tongue feels like sandpaper, and my mouth seals dry. Since our wolf-shadows roam outside the Citadel, and my fangs and claws are retracted, I didn't think there would be any indicator of my identity -

"No te preocupes, no vengo a interrogarte." Don't worry, I'm not here to interrogate you.

She moves closer, and the way her steely eyes seem to see more than others reminds me of Perla. "Toda la vida soñé con conocerte," she whispers. My whole life I've dreamt of meeting you.

Her long black hair is in a tight, elegant bun that pulls her skin, stretching it so that if there's a single wrinkle, I don't see it. "La primera de nosotras que nació fuera de su jaula."

The first of us to be born outside her cage. #Quote by Romina Garber
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Libba Bray
#24. It's only his thumb brushing slowly across the lower edge of my lip, but it's as if time slows and the sweep of that thumb below my mouth takes forever. It is no spell that I know of, but it holds such magic, I can scarcely breath. He pulls his hand away fast, aware of what he's done. But his touch lingers. #Quote by Libba Bray
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#25. Faith has a saving connection with Christ. Christ is on the shore, so to speak, holding the rope, and as we lay hold of it with the hand of our confidence, He pulls us to shore; but all good works having no connection with Christ are drifted along down the gulf of fell despair. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Vicki Laveau-Harvie
#26. .. because I do not carry a lot of my past. My sister carries it for me, her foot in the bear trap of our childhood unable to extricate herself no matter how hard she pulls. #Quote by Vicki Laveau-Harvie
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Dena Harris
#27. I nudge my husband. "Honey, do you love me?" I ask. "Mmm-um" he replies. "Rowrrr? Mrreow?" says the cat. I nudge him again. "If you really loved me you'd get up and do something about the cat." He snorts air and pulls the covers tighter. "Uh-um. Didn' work lass night. Couldn't catch 'er." He begins to snore. That's the signal the cat has been waiting for. "MROW!" she shrieks joyfully. I carefully pry my husband off the ceiling. #Quote by Dena Harris
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Steven Martin
#28. To most Westerners, the Philippines suffers from a lack of exoticism. Simply put, Philippine culture is just too accessible. To a young Western backpacker, sharing a bus ride with a saffron-robed Buddhist monk reading the sacred Pali texts is exotic. Sitting next to a Catholic nun reading the Bible is a lot less so. When the Buddhist monk takes out his prayer beads, closes his eyes, and chants under his breath, the Westerner swoons. When the Catholic nun pulls out her rosary and says her Hail Marys, the backpacker squirms. #Quote by Steven Martin
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Sara Daniell
#29. I can't help it, I run up to him and put my arms around him. Shocked he pulls away, just a little because my arms are still around him and he lifts my head to look at him and kisses me. "And you've been trying to act like you aren't interested." he says while smiling that smile that makes butterflies suddenly appear in multitudes in my stomach. #Quote by Sara Daniell
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Aurora Rose Reynolds
#30. I want you to let me in. I want you to let me be there for you when you need me."
"Colton," I start, but he pulls his feet off the rail and stands.
Leaning over me, he wraps his hand around my jaw, forcing me to look into his eyes. "Let me in, Gia," he urges, before bending at the waist and pressing his lips to my forehead. #Quote by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Stephen King
#31. Suck your damn old aspirator until someone pulls you out. #Quote by Stephen King
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#32. I see the future. It is there, poised over the street, hardly more dim than the present. What advantage will accrue from its realisation? The old woman stumps further and further away, she stops, pulls at a grey lock of hair which escapes from her handkerchief. She walks, she was there, now she is here... I don't know where I am any more: do i see her motions, or do I foresee them? I can no longer distinguish present from future and yet it lasts, it happens little by little; the old woman advances in the deserted street, shuffling her heavy, mannish brogues. This is time, time laid bare, coming slowly into existence, keeping us waiting, and when it does come making us sick because we realise it's been there for a long time. The old woman reaches the corner of the street, no more than a bundle of black clothes. All right then, it's new, she wasn't there a little while ago. But it's a tarnished deflowered newness, which can never surprise. She is going to turn the corner, she turns - during an eternity. #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Fay Weldon
#33. Frigid bitch,' he seizes her hair, pulls back her head. He is strong: she is helpless: if he wishes to rape her, he could, he would. It is in the air. The little girls fall quiet: terror silences them. Ben makes love to Lucy, these days, with hatred, not with love. The love he feels for her (and he does) weakens him, softens him, makes him impotent. He feels it. She is far from frigid: she is ashamed of her response to his violence: frightened of being out of her own control - if she not a mother? #Quote by Fay Weldon
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Robert Jackson Bennett
#34. Because it is possible for something to enter your world that is so vast, so terrible, so foreign, that you cannot coexist with it: you must, in some way or another, vacate the premises, give up your seat. Merely knowing that this thing exists pulls the supports out from everything you know and trust: the established world falls around you like a circus tent whose center pole is cut. And you must go with it. You must get out. You have to get out. #Quote by Robert Jackson Bennett
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Katerina Kostaki
#35. Living as an entity under a filled with stars sky and seeking for intuition, a voice whispers from your heart, for soul is unchained from whatever pulls it down, while what she is craving for is but only Ascension towards Divine . #Quote by Katerina Kostaki
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Angie McKeon
#36. ..real love pulls through in the toughest times. it doesn't give up. It heals wounds. #Quote by Angie McKeon
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Lisa Morton
#37. CEREMONY OF FLIES hits the road like a nitrous-fueled GTO ... and then pulls the ultimate stunt of getting better. What starts as a deceptively simple hard-boiled noir story twists on itself and adds layers and grows stranger and before you know it, BAM - it's the end of the world and all you can do is hang on by your fingernails. This really, truly is one of the best novellas I've read in years. #Quote by Lisa Morton
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#38. Prayer is often considered a weakness, a support system, which is used when we can no longer help ourselves. But this is only true when the God of our prayers is created in our own image and adapted to our own needs and concerns. When, however, prayer makes us reach out to God, not on our own but on his terms, then prayer pulls us away from self-preoccupations, encourages us to leave familiar ground, and challenges us to enter into a new world which cannot be contained within the narrow boundaries of our mind or heart. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Adam Pelzman
#39. Just a minute of perfect darkness before he pulls me out of a place I really had no business going. #Quote by Adam Pelzman
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Demetri Martin
#40. When I trip, I feel like that's the world saying come here for a second. It just pulls me closer for a second, yeah what do you want? I just want to remind you that you're uncoordinated. I'm aware of that, thank you ... can I go now? Yeah, you can go, but never ever try to outrun me. Ok, world, see you later. Yeah, I'll see you in about 50 years. #Quote by Demetri Martin
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Susan Griffin
#41. Telling a story of illness, one pulls a thread through a narrow opening flanked on one side by shame and the other by trivia. #Quote by Susan Griffin
Princetonian Pulls quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#42. He kisses me again, his occasional gasps for air hot against my skin, and I taste him, his mouth, his neck, the hard line of his jaw and he fights back a groan, pulls away, pain and pleasure twinning together as he moves deeper, harder, his muscles taught, his body rock solid against mine. He has one hand around the back of my neck, the other around the back of my thigh and he wraps us together, impossibly closer, overwhelming me with an extraordinary pleasure that feels like nothing I've ever known. It's nameless. Unknowable, impossible to plan for. It's different every time. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi

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