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Presupposes Synonym quotes by Rene Descartes
#1. There is a difference between happiness, the supreme good, and the final end or goal toward which our actions ought to tend. For happiness is not the supreme good, but presupposes it, being the contentment or satisfaction of the mind which results from possessing it. #Quote by Rene Descartes
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Michael Löwy
#2. The most surprising and original part of [Lucien Goldmann's] work is, however, the attempt to compare - without assimilating one to another - religious faith and Marxist faith: both have in common the refusal of pure individualism (rationalist or empiricist) and the belief in trans-individual values - God for religion, the human community for socialism. In both cases the faith is based on a wager - the Pascalian wager on the existence of God and the Marxist wager on the liberation of humanity - that presupposes risk, the danger of failure and the hope of success. #Quote by Michael Löwy
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#3. The discovery of the laws of numbers was made on the basis of an error already predominant in the earliest times, that several things might be identical (but actually there are no identical things), or that there are at least things (but there is no 'thing'). The assumption of multiplicity is always presupposes that there is something that occurs multiple times: but this is precisely where error already holds sway, already we invent beings, unities that do not exist. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Stephen King
#4. We all have a tendency to want order in our lives. But order presupposes authority, and authority presupposes, sooner or later, that we'll all need hooves. It's going to happen sooner or later, isn't it? You know it is. #Quote by Stephen King
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#5. The fact that one becomes what one is presupposes that one has not the remotest idea of what one is. From this standpoint even the blunders of one's life have their own meaning and value, the temporary deviations and aberrations, the moments of hesitation and of modesty, the earnestness wasted upon duties which lie outside the actual life-task. In these matters great wisdom, perhaps even the highest wisdom comes into play: in these circumstances in which nosce te ipsum would be the sure road to ruin, forgetting one's self, misunderstanding one's self, belittling one's self, narrowing one's self and making one's self mediocre is reason itself. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Brian S. Rosner
#6. How a person conceives of idolatry tells us something indirectly about how they conceive of God and true worship. Indeed, each of the three metaphorical interpretations, when turned around, presupposes a different conception of God. Either God is the Creator and Provider to be trusted, or the Savior and Redeemer to be loved, or the Ruler and Lawgiver to be obeyed.
If #Quote by Brian S. Rosner
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Julia Quinn
#7. All of this presupposes that I have set my sights on a single male.'
Susan's eyes bugged out. 'You certainly cannot set your signs on a married man!'
'I meant a particular man,' Elizabeth retorted, swatting her sister on the shoulder. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Presupposes Synonym quotes by William Hope Hodgson
#8. There had stood a great house in the centre of the gardens, where now was left only that fragment of ruin. This house had been empty for a great while; years before his - the ancient man's - birth. It was a place shunned by the people of the village, as it had been shunned by their fathers before them. There were many things said about it, and all were of evil. No one ever went near it, either by day or night. In the village it was a synonym of all that is unholy and dreadful. #Quote by William Hope Hodgson
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#9. Nonviolent defence presupposes recklessness about one's life and property. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#10. People are deeply imbedded in philosophical, i.e., grammatical confusions. And to free them presupposes pulling them out of the immensely manifold connections they are caught up in. #Quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Presupposes Synonym quotes by George Lakoff
#11. The self-righteous person's superfluity of moral credit is the basis of his discourse. He presupposes his own moral values and his own righteousness as a condition of conversation. The effect of this is that anyone talking to a self-righteous person must either agree with his moral values and act equally self-righteous, or face being put in a morally inferior position in the discourse. This is what makes self-righteous people particularly infuriating to talk to. F #Quote by George Lakoff
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Charles Darwin
#12. The only distinct meaning of the word 'natural' is STATED, FIXED or SETTLED; since what is natural as much requires and presupposes an intelligent agent to render it so, i.e., to effect it continually or at stated times, as what is supernatural or miraculous does to effect it for once." - Butler: "Analogy of Revealed Religion". #Quote by Charles Darwin
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Italo Calvino
#13. Creating a space and time for reflection and imagination and study presupposes an accumulation of wealth, and behind every accumulation of wealth there are obscure lives subject to labour and sacrifices and oppression without any hope. Every project or image that allows us to to reach out towards another way of being outside the injustice that surrounds us carries the mark of the injustice without which it could not have been conceived. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Eleanor Catton
#14. Gascoigne believed that justice ought to be a synonym for mercy, not an alternative. #Quote by Eleanor Catton
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Ayn Rand
#15. Men have been taught that the ego is the synonym of evil, and selflessness the ideal of virtue. But the creator is the egotist in the absolute sense, and the selfless man is the one who does not think, feel, judge or act. These are functions of the self. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Nicholas Meyer
#16. So the Lincoln movie gets trashed because Connecticut voted for the amendment - not to mention how the people in Connecticut feel - but there's a lot of that. And I think it precedes from a fundamental misunderstanding of cinema. They are entertainment. And I'd like to say that entertainment isn't a synonym for disposable or mindless or stupid. Hamlet? Pretty entertaining from where I come from. #Quote by Nicholas Meyer
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
#17. [I]ron discipline does not preclude but presupposes criticism and contest of opinion within the Party. Least of all does it mean that discipline must be 'blind'. On the contrary, iron discipline does not preclude but presupposes conscious and voluntary submission, for only conscious discipline can be truly iron discipline. #Quote by Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin
Presupposes Synonym quotes by John Muir
#18. The power of imagination makes us infinite. #Quote by John Muir
Presupposes Synonym quotes by C. G. Jung
#19. Bass bands, flags, banners, parades, and monster demonstrations are no different in principle from ecclesiastical processions, cannonades, and fireworks to scare off demons. Only, the suggestive parade of State power engenders a collective feeling of security which, unlike religious demonstrations, give the individual no protection against his inner demonism. Hence he will cling all the more to the power of the State, i.e., to the mass, thus delivering himself up to it psychically as well as morally and putting the finishing touch to his social depotentiation. The State, like the Church, demands enthusiasm, self-sacrifice, and love, and if religion requires or presupposes the "fear of God," then the dictator State takes good care to provide the necessary terror. #Quote by C. G. Jung
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Sarah LaChance Adams
#20. Pacifism, not murder, is precedent. To say that war presupposes peace begs the question; it does not explain how violent impulses can be overcome. In #Quote by Sarah LaChance Adams
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Jarod Kintz
#21. Both sexes have assholes, and both sexes have nipples. Yet only asshole is a genderless derogatory term. In the name of equality and linguistic diversity, I'm going to start using the word nipple as a synonym for asshole. Example: "Bra, you're being an asshole." "Nah, bra, you're being the nipple. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Presupposes Synonym quotes by John Barrymore
#22. I am thinking of taking a fifth wife. Why not? Solomon had a thousand wives and he is a synonym for wisdom. #Quote by John Barrymore
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Carl Johan Calleman
#23. Taking responsibility as a co-creator with God presupposes a basic understanding of how creation works. #Quote by Carl Johan Calleman
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Terence McKenna
#24. Don't worry. You don't know enough to worry ... Who do you think you are that you should worry, for cryin' out loud. It's a total waste of time. It presupposes such a knowledge of the situation that it is, in fact, a form of hubris. #Quote by Terence McKenna
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#25. On the road halfway between faith and criticism stands the inn of reason. reason is faith in what can be understood without faith, but it's still a faith, since to understand presupposes that there's something understandable. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Cecil Roth
#26. The legendary missionary journey of St. Paul, which led to the foundation of the British church, presupposes the existence of a Jewish community - always the initial object of his propaganda - even before the capture of Jerusalem by Titus in the year 70. #Quote by Cecil Roth
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#27. You can't skip over nature by logic. Logic presupposes three possibilities, but there are millions! Cut away a million, and reduce it all to the question of comfort! That's the easiest solution to the problem! #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#28. The fundamental absurdity of materialism is that it starts from the objective, and takes as the ultimate ground of explanation something objective, whether it be matter in the abstract, simply as it is thought, or after it has taken form, is empirically given - that is to say, is substance, the chemical element with its primary relations. Some such thing it takes, as existing absolutely and in itself, in order that it may evolve organic nature and finally the knowing subject from it, and explain them adequately by means of it; whereas in truth all that is objective is already determined as such in manifold ways by the knowing subject through its forms of knowing, and presupposes them; and consequently it entirely disappears if we think the subject away. Thus materialism is the attempt to explain what is immediately given us by what is given us indirectly. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Presupposes Synonym quotes by Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
#29. it suffices to say that the artificial establishment of equality is as little compatible with liberty as the enforcement of unjust laws of discrimination. (It is obviously just to discriminate - within limits - between the innocent and the criminal, the adult and the infant, the combatant and the civilian, and so on.) Whereas greed, pride and arrogance are at the base of unjust discrimination, the driving motor of the egalitarian and identitarian trends is envy, jealousy2 and fear. "Nature" (i.e., the absence of human intervention) is anything but egalitarian; if we want to establish a complete plain we have to blast the mountains away and fill the valleys; equality thus presupposes the continuous intervention of force which, as a principle, is opposed to freedom. Liberty and equality are in essence contradictory. #Quote by Erik Von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
Presupposes Synonym quotes by William Ames
#30. Active creation is conceived as a transitive action in which there is always presupposed an object about which the agent is concerned; it is virtually but not formally transitive because it makes, not presupposes, an object. #Quote by William Ames

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