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Famous Quotes About Pregnancy

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Pregnancy quotes by Rafe Esquith
#1. I always tell the kids that excellence is like pregnancy. You can't be a little bit pregnant. You either are or you're not. #Quote by Rafe Esquith
Pregnancy quotes by Karthikeyan V
#2. One day is not enough to watch a tree, one life is not enough to love a tree.
I wonder when i see a new leaf, it was like a new born baby come and meet the world; I feel great to see a plant bearing fruits, it was like a mother carrying her child during her pregnancy period #Quote by Karthikeyan V
Pregnancy quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
#3. Life keeps on making the terrible mistake of making impatient people capable of making children. #Quote by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Pregnancy quotes by Jennifer Weiner
#4. The condom broke. I know how stupid that sounds. It's the reproductive version of the dog ate my homework. #Quote by Jennifer Weiner
Pregnancy quotes by Jennifer Coburn
#5. Ask any single parent whether they'd like an extra set of hands around the house and they'd take it." They'd take it if it weren't the set of hands belonging to the rat bastard who asked for a divorce the same day the pregnancy test read positive. #Quote by Jennifer Coburn
Pregnancy quotes by Tom Robbins
#6. The odor of frying bacon, sausage links, and ham tiptoed on little pig feet all the way to the north end of the second floor. Inevitably, the odor made her simultaneously ravenous and nauseated. She hated the sensation. It reminded her of pregnancy. Every Sunday morning, Leigh-Cheri awoke to a pan of fried fear. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Pregnancy quotes by Harper Sloan
#7. After making sure I have everything, I waddle over to the sidewalk, my flip-flops slapping loudly against the pavement. Seeing Sway in the window has me lifting my arm and waving wildly. The second I go to put my arm down, I feel this tremendous pain in my stomach. Sway cocks his head at me, clearly puzzled with my actions. I look down from his eyes and try to figure out what just happened.

Sway bursts through the door to his salon about the same time that I realize that my water just broke. Of all places to have my water break, it's the damn golden sidewalk. I love this sidewalk. Now all I'm going to think about is my pregnancy water leaking out of my vagina.

"Sway! My vagina broke the happiness!" I cry when he runs over. He grabs the food and my purse before helping me walk the few steps left to take me inside Corps Security. "Sway!" I pant. "Are you listening to me? My vagina broke it! #Quote by Harper Sloan
Pregnancy quotes by Cindy Margolis
#8. I gained 80 pounds for my pregnancy so this is like my coming out party. #Quote by Cindy Margolis
Pregnancy quotes by Liane Moriarty
#9. Afterward, I felt it had been wrong not telling the family about the baby, because then I wanted them to know about the miscarriage, so that they knew the baby had existed. But when I told people, they seemed more interested in the fact that I'd kept the pregnancy a secret. They felt they'd been tricked. They said things like "Oh, I did wonder that day when you didn't drink at the Easter BBQ but you said you just didn't feel like drinking!" In other words, LIAR. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Pregnancy quotes by Katie Ashley
#10. Let me guess. This extremely horny moment was made possible by pregnancy hormones?
Her giggle vibrated against his cheek. "Yes it was. Ugh, they're insane." She released his member and pulled away. "I think I'm starting to understand what it's like to be you."
Throwing his head back, Aidan roared with laughter. "You mean what it feels like to be a horndog?"
Wide-eyed, she replied, "uh-huh."
"Then why did you pull away?"
"Well, because-"
"That wasn't me complaining, babe. #Quote by Katie Ashley
Pregnancy quotes by Phyllis Diller
#11. By far the most common craving of pregnant women is not to be pregnant. #Quote by Phyllis Diller
Pregnancy quotes by Meridel Le Sueur
#12. Suddenly many movements are going on within me, many things are happening, there is an almost unbearable sense of sprouting, of bursting encasements, of moving kernels, expanding flesh. #Quote by Meridel Le Sueur
Pregnancy quotes by Jodi Picoult
#13. Once, Lacy had been present at the birth of an infant that was missing half its heart. The family had known their child would not live; they chose to carry through with the pregnancy, in the hope that they could have a few brief moments on this earth with her before she was gone for good. Lacy had stood in a corner of the room as the parents held their daughter. She didn't study their faces; she just couldn't. Instead, she focused on the medical needs of that newborn. She watched it, still and frost-blue, move one tiny fist in slow motion, like an astronaut navigating space. Then, one by one, her fingers unfurled and she let go. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Pregnancy quotes by Maha Al Musa
#14. The main goal of Bellydance for birth within the framework of actual labour is to fully allow the labouring woman to help nature by moving with and not against the contractions she welcomes. Instead of tensing her muscles and mind with fear and apprehension toward pain, she accepts and surrenders actively, consciously and as best she can to each contractile wave she experiences. #Quote by Maha Al Musa
Pregnancy quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#15. Children are adorable. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Pregnancy quotes by Lily Allen
#16. I still think I'm fat. Right now I'm worrying about how I'm going to lose weight after the pregnancy. I feel like an elephant, but I do get the occasional sexy pregnant day where I think I look great. #Quote by Lily Allen
Pregnancy quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#17. Everything in woman is a riddle, and everything in woman
hath one solution - it is called pregnancy.
Man is for woman a means: the purpose is always the
child. But what is woman for man?
Two different things wanted the true man: danger and
diversion. Therefore wanted he woman, as the most dangerous plaything.
Man shall be trained for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior: all else is folly.
Too sweet fruits - these the warrior like not. Therefore like he woman; - bitter is even the sweetest woman.
Better than man doth woman understand children, but
man is more childish than woman.
In the true man there is a child hidden: it wanted to
play. Up then, ye women, and discover the child in man! #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Pregnancy quotes by Julia Kristeva
#18. Pregnancy = "the slow, difficult, and delightful apprenticeship in attentiveness, gentleness, forgetting oneself. The ability to succeed in this path without masochism and without annihilating one's affective, intellectual, and professional personality - such would seem to be the stakes to be won through guiltless maternity. #Quote by Julia Kristeva
Pregnancy quotes by Daniel Barenboim
#19. But the ear, let us not forget, starts operating on the forty-fifth day of the pregnancy of a woman. Seven and a half months advance over the eye ... (but) what do we do in our society, in our civilisation, to continue this process? #Quote by Daniel Barenboim
Pregnancy quotes by Tia Mowry
#20. The worst part about pregnancy would definitely have to be my nausea. I don't know why it's just called morning sickness because morning sickness never just happened in the morning for me and it's not happening just in the morning for my sister. #Quote by Tia Mowry
Pregnancy quotes by Kameron Hurley
#21. Come on now," Arankadash says, "I'm halfway through my pregnancy and you don't see me whining about it." "I thought there weren't any child-bearers in your settlement," I say. "Didn't say I was pregnant with a child," Arankadash says. "Most people don't give birth to children. We give birth to things the world needs." She gestured expansively to the ruins around us. "The world always needs bits and pieces of itself to be reborn. That's why we're here. #Quote by Kameron Hurley
Pregnancy quotes by Jean M. Twenge
#22. Fewer teens having sex is one of the reasons behind what many see as one of the most positive youth trends in recent years: the teen birthrate hit an all-time low in 2015, cut by more than half since its modern peak in the early 1990s. #Quote by Jean M. Twenge
Pregnancy quotes by Joanna Russ
#23. Now in my eleven years of conventional life I had learned many things and one of them is what it means to be convicted of rape--I do not mean the man who did it, I mean the woman to whom it was done. Rape is one of the Christian mysteries, it creates a luminous and beautiful tableau in people's minds; and as I listened furtively to what nobody would allow me to hear straight out, I slowly came to understand that I was face to face with one of those feminine disasters, like pregnancy, like disease, like weakness; she was not only the victim of the act but in some strange way its perpetrator; somehow she had attracted the lightening that struck her out of a clear sky. A diabolical chance--which was not chance--had revealed her to all of us as she truly was, in her secret inadequacy, in that wretched guiltiness which she had kept hidden for seventeen years but which now finally manifested in front of everybody. Her secret guilt was this:
She was Cunt.
She had "lost" something.
Now the other party to the incident had manifested his essential nature, too; he was Prick--but being Prick is not a bad thing. In fact, he had "gotten away with" something (possibly what she had "lost").
And there I was at eleven years of age:
She was out late at night.
She was in the wrong part of town.
Her skirt was too short and that provoked him.
She liked having her eye blacked and her head banged against the sidewalk.
I understood this perfectly. (I refle #Quote by Joanna Russ
Pregnancy quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#24. If you want to know the value of a month, ask a pregnant woman, if a month matters in her pregnancy. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Pregnancy quotes by Katha Pollitt
#25. Unlike the vast majority of Americans, he did not assume that a woman seeking an abortion late in pregnancy was lazy or stupid or too busy having sex to have attended to matters early on. He did not assume that her body ceased to be her own because she was pregnant. #Quote by Katha Pollitt
Pregnancy quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#26. Everything in woman hath a solution. It is called pregnancy. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Pregnancy quotes by Andrea Lochen
#27. It's easy to point out someone else's mistake, harder to recognize your own. Especially because most people - except the lucky few like ourselves - are forced to live with their mistakes. So they learn to justify their mistakes, build on them, until they can look back and convince themselves that their mistake was inevitable all along, a good choice, in fact. An unwed teenage mother can look back at her unexpected pregnancy fondly six years down the road once the child's out of her hair and in school all day. She wouldn't dare go back and fix that mistake because it's become part of her life. #Quote by Andrea Lochen
Pregnancy quotes by Gro Harlem Brundtland
#28. Morality becomes hypocrisy if it means accepting mothers' suffering or dying in connection with unwanted pregnancies and illegal abortions and unwanted children. #Quote by Gro Harlem Brundtland
Pregnancy quotes by Lisa Ferland
#29. But every woman is different. Some women need more monitoring, others need very little. Sometimes medical intervention helps a pregnancy, and sometimes it leads to problems. Some women feel more comfortable surrounded by medical facilities; others feel more comfortable in the familiarity of their homes. Our job is to place you in the most ideal situation to allow you to give birth, so that you and your baby are healthy. #Quote by Lisa Ferland
Pregnancy quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#30. For my sake," he said firmly, addressing the air in front of him as though it were a tribunal, "I dinna want ye to bear another child. I wouldna risk your loss, Sassenach," he said, his voice suddenly husky. "Not for a dozen bairns. I've daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, grandchildren - weans enough."

He looked at me directly then, and spoke softly.

"But I've no life but you, Claire."

He swallowed audibly, and went on, eyes fixed on mine.

"I did think, though . . . if ye do want another child . . . perhaps I could still give ye one. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Pregnancy quotes by Leah Price
#31. People sometimes act as though owning books you haven't read constitutes a charade or pretense, but for me, there's a lovely mystery and pregnancy about a book that hasn't given itself over to you yet--sometimes I'm the most inspired by imagining what the contents of an unread book might be. ~ Jonathan Lethem, author of The Fortress of Solitude #Quote by Leah Price
Pregnancy quotes by Willie Parker
#32. To the point: A woman who wants to terminate her pregnancy has to make her decision in the context of a culture that shames her, and increasingly, within the constraints of laws that dramatically inconvenience her. They demean her humanity by presuming to know better than she does what her best interests are. They limit her access to clinics and doctors and they convey to her false information. The underlying assumption of all the new laws is that women can't be trusted to make their own health decisions; their doctors can't be trusted to tell them the truth; and scientific knowledge must be subverted in the name of religious truth. #Quote by Willie Parker
Pregnancy quotes by David Foster Wallace
#33. His parents' pregnancies must have been all-out chromosomatic war #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Pregnancy quotes by Charles McPhee
#34. Men and women dream the same amount. The main difference in dream content relates to biology and life events. Women dream about their fertility, pregnancy and delivery, and have more dreams about children - owing to their role as primary caregivers. Other differences in dreams have been exaggerated. #Quote by Charles McPhee
Pregnancy quotes by Queen Victoria
#35. I positively think that ladies who are always enceinte quite disgusting; it is more like a rabbit or guinea-pig than anything else and really it is not very nice. #Quote by Queen Victoria
Pregnancy quotes by Diana Palmer
#36. Go ahead. Ask me who the father is."
He only smiled. "Do I look that stupid to you?"
She pushed back her short hair with a sigh. "He doesn't know, and you're not to tell him. In English, Apache or Lakota," she emphasized, covering all her bases.
He nodded. "What are you going to do?"
"I haven't the slightest idea," she confessed. "I only used the home-pregnancy test this morning, but I was pretty sure before then. I've got to find a place to live where Leta won't see me for a while. I can't risk having her tell Tate." She glanced at him. "Where were you all this time?" she wanted to know.
"Sitting calmly in a wing chair sipping coffee and trying to look invisible." He lifted his eyebrows at her disbelieving expression. "Somebody had to keep his head."
"There's an old saying that, if you can keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs, you don't have a clue what's going on," she misquoted.
"Could be. But I'm not sporting a bruised face, like some I could name." He leaned forward. "Want to marry me?"
"Thanks, Colby," she said softly. "I really mean it. But it wouldn't be fair to any of us. Especially you."
He folded his arms and leaned back. "The offer doesn't have a time limit. I really do love children. #Quote by Diana Palmer
Pregnancy quotes by Jessica Simpson
#37. Labor is really going to hurt. #Quote by Jessica Simpson
Pregnancy quotes by Joan Raphael-Leff
#38. In pregnancy, there are two bodies, one inside the other. Two people live under one skin. When so much of life is dedicated to maintaining our integrity as distinct beings, this bodily tandem is an uncanny fact. #Quote by Joan Raphael-Leff
Pregnancy quotes by Richard E. Besser
#39. Emergency rooms are closed, many hospital wards are as well leaving people who are sick with heart disease, trauma, pregnancy complications, pneumonia, malaria and all the everyday health emergencies with nowhere to go. #Quote by Richard E. Besser
Pregnancy quotes by Christine Feehan
#40. Gregori was as still as a statue, his face a blank mask, his silver eyes as empty as death, yet Shea gave him a wide berth. There was something dangerous in his utter stillness. Shea felt she had no way to sorting out the complexity of the Carpathian male's nature. Gregori was watching Raven through narrowed, restless eyes, eyes that saw far too much. Suddenly he cursed, low and vicious, startling from someone of his stature and power. "She should not put herself at risk. She is with child."
His eyes met Jacques', silver lightning and black ice. Total understanding between the two men. Shea merged her mind with Jacues' quickly to try to understand the hidden currents. Raven's pregnancy, if she was pregnant, changed everything as far as the men were concerned. Shea could see no evidence of a child - Raven appeared as slim as ever - but she couldn't believe the healer would be wrong. He seemed so infallible, so completely invincible. The child was everything, all-important to the men. It surprised, even shocked her, the way they regarded the pregnancy. It was a miracle to both of them. The baby was more important than their lives. Shea was confused. Despite Jacques' fractured memories, his protective streak was extremely strong.
"He's aware of his surroundings, but he can't move. Even his mind is locked and still. He is paralyzed somehow." Raven's voice startled Shea, brought her back to the stormy weather and their rescue mission. Raven was clearly speaking of Byron. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Pregnancy quotes by James Lileks
#41. I still couldn't imagine that she was really, truly pregnant; maybe this was an hysterical pregnancy. But Sarah was never hysterical. Enthusiastic, yes, ironic on occasion. I couldn't imagine a doctor saying, No, it's just an ironic pregnancy. #Quote by James Lileks
Pregnancy quotes by Jenna Marbles
#42. Thongs are the leading cause of pregnancy in the United States. #Quote by Jenna Marbles
Pregnancy quotes by Chelsea Handler
#43. I know they don't recommend Ibuprofen during pregnancy, but you needed something fast for the hangovers. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Pregnancy quotes by Thomas Beecham
#44. In the first movement alone, I took note of six pregnancies and at least four miscarriages. #Quote by Thomas Beecham
Pregnancy quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#45. It's even more awkward when we're face to face with people. It used to be exciting to make plans with friends because you could sit and catch up and talk about what's been going on in your lives. Now when you see someone there's nothing left to say. You've already seen the pictures from their trip to Rio on Facebook. You've read their tweets about the latest diet they're on. And they already texted you about the pregnancy scare. So you end up just sitting and staring at each other until you both start texting other people. #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
Pregnancy quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#46. In a reverse way, sharing my mother's long, slow dying consumes my creative energy. I manage one angry and bitter story, and feel better for it, but most of me is involved in Mother's battle. Watching her slowly being snuffed out is the opposite of pregnancy, depleting instead of fulfilling: I am exhausted by conflict. #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
Pregnancy quotes by Becky Graham
#47. The more faithful I was to Him, the more faithful He was to me. #Quote by Becky Graham
Pregnancy quotes by Faye Wattleton
#48. Just saying no prevents teenage pregnancy the way 'Have a nice day' cures chronic depression. #Quote by Faye Wattleton
Pregnancy quotes by Loretta Lynn
#49. I know what it's like to be pregnant and nervous and poor. #Quote by Loretta Lynn
Pregnancy quotes by David Platt
#50. The author describes the adoption process in which he and his wife participated as "a paperwork pregnancy". #Quote by David Platt
Pregnancy quotes by Steven Pinker
#51. Hundreds of studies have shown that people overrate their health, leadership ability, intelligence, professional competence, sporting prowess, and managerial skills. People also hold the nonsensical belief that they are inherently lucky. Most people think they are more likely than the average person to attain a good first job, to have gifted children, and to live to a ripe old age. They also think that they are less likely than the average person to be the victim of an accident, crime, disease, depression, unwanted pregnancy, or earthquake. Why #Quote by Steven Pinker
Pregnancy quotes by Dar Williams
#52. There's a marketing scheme that tells you that pregnancy and child rearing will make you into a moron, that your kids are only happy when you're buying them stuff. It's hard being a parent, but I laugh a lot and smile a lot and really enjoy it. The ratio of laughter to sadness is higher. There's part of me that wants to broadcast that. Parenting only affirmed what I already cared about, and that's good #Quote by Dar Williams
Pregnancy quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#53. When you took me from the witch trial at Cranesmuir--you said then that you would have died with me, you would have gone to the stake with me, had it come to that!"

He grasped my hands, fixing me with a steady blue gaze.

"Aye, I would," he said. "But I wasna carrying your child."

The wind had frozen me; it was the cold that made me shake, I told myself. The cold that took my breath away.

"You can't tell," I said, at last. "It's much too soon to be sure."

He snorted briefly, and a tiny flicker of amusement lit his eyes.

"And me a farmer, too! Sassenach, ye havena been a day late in your courses, in all the time since ye first took me to your bed. Ye havena bled now in forty-six days."

"You bastard!" I said, outraged. "You counted! In the middle of a bloody war, you counted!"

"Didn't you?"

"No!" I hadn't; I had been much too afraid to acknowledge the possibility of the thing I had hoped and prayed for so long, come now so horribly too late.

"Besides," I went on, trying still to deny the possibility, "that doesn't mean anything. Starvation could cause that; it often does."

He lifted one brow, and cupped a broad hand gently beneath my breast.

"Aye, you're thin enough; but scrawny as ye are, your breasts are full--and the nipples of them gone the color of Champagne grapes. You forget," he said, "I've seen ye so before. I have no doubt--and neither hav #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Pregnancy quotes by Cheryl Hines
#54. I started playing poker in 2003 during my pregnancy, to distract myself from my awful morning sickness. For months all I did was cry and play Texas Hold'em. #Quote by Cheryl Hines
Pregnancy quotes by Jamie Lynn Spears
#55. I had a perfect pregnancy and a perfect delivery. I was very blessed. #Quote by Jamie Lynn Spears
Pregnancy quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#56. Pregnancy made her feel too much like an animal. It was embarrassing to be so publicly colonized. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Pregnancy quotes by Beyonce Knowles
#57. Actually I am having so much fun, it has been the most fun time now that it has been announced and I don't have to, you know, it was really difficult to conceal, but now that I can be proud and excited about it I'm having so much fun shopping - it's great. #Quote by Beyonce Knowles
Pregnancy quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#58. Children see beauty in everything. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Pregnancy quotes by Christie Brinkley
#59. After the first miscarriage, I tried to take the attitude that it was my body's way of telling me that this pregnancy wasn't meant to be. #Quote by Christie Brinkley
Pregnancy quotes by Pope Francis
#60. Don't confuse the evil of avoiding pregnancy by itself, with abortion. Abortion is not a theological problem, it is a human problem, it is a medical problem. You kill one person to save another, in the best case scenario. #Quote by Pope Francis
Pregnancy quotes by Carnie Wilson
#61. Was I a perfect gastric-bypass patient? Yes. Was I a perfect gastric-bypass pregnant woman? No. I made a decision to enjoy my pregnancy ... So sue me! #Quote by Carnie Wilson
Pregnancy quotes by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
#62. To lovers out there....

Pregnancy is the main reason why most couples are married today. Yet every day they ask themselves why they are not happily married, forgetting love was not the main reason for their marriage. #Quote by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
Pregnancy quotes by Chelsea Handler
#63. I think pregnancy is a huge responsibility. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Pregnancy quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
#64. I dust a whole shelf of books on pregnancy, breastfeeding, the first six months, the first year, the first two years - and I wonder what the child care-deprived Maddy makes of all this. Maybe there's been some secret division of the world's women into breeders and drones, and those at the maid level are no longer supposed to be reproducing at all. Maybe this is why our office manager, Tammy, who was once a maid herself, wears inch-long fake nails and tarty little outfits - to show she's advanced to the breeder caste and can't be sent out to clean anymore. #Quote by Barbara Ehrenreich
Pregnancy quotes by Fay Ripley
#65. For too many women pregnancy is just the start of loneliness and abuse. It is a cruel reality. #Quote by Fay Ripley
Pregnancy quotes by C.C. Hunter
#66. It almost looked like slow motion. The bag ripped and three pregnancy tests along with a pamphlet on safe sex and one on gonorrhea landed on the front seat with Holiday and Burnett.
Burnett looked down, gasped, and then looked up at Kylie. "For God's sake!" He muttered. #Quote by C.C. Hunter
Pregnancy quotes by Jane Pauley
#67. 'Good Morning America' exploited Joan Lunden's pregnancy, but you won't see me bringing my babies on the air. The only reason I'm talking about the babies at all is that they've been with me on the show since I became pregnant. After a while, I had to acknowledge this pumpkin tummy. #Quote by Jane Pauley
Pregnancy quotes by Kristan Higgins
#68. Well, listen, sweetheart. Boys only want one thing, of course, and guess what that means for you? Heartbreak. Pregnancy. Chlamydia, herpes, syphilis, crabs.
That's beautiful, Dad. You should set it to music. #Quote by Kristan Higgins
Pregnancy quotes by Nancy S. Mure
#69. Pregnancy is a natural event, but you lessen the chances conception can occur with an unnatural diet. #Quote by Nancy S. Mure
Pregnancy quotes by Jeff Hobbs
#70. [Flowy]'d undertaken this mainly because he'd known that going to public school, with girls, would sentence him to fatherhood by age sixteen, and he wanted to evade that pattern, one from which he himself had been born. #Quote by Jeff Hobbs
Pregnancy quotes by Stacey Urrutia
#71. Learn to see the gift in the adversity. By doing this you will begin to find true peace in your struggle. #Quote by Stacey Urrutia
Pregnancy quotes by Brandon Kelly
#72. Take down your baby bump photos from Facebook, take down pictures of your kids too. It is your job to protect your children and not parade them around like little circus freaks or glorified mini-you's. #Quote by Brandon Kelly
Pregnancy quotes by Janice Lane Palko
#73. Much of writing might be described as mental pregnancy with successive difficult deliveries. J.B. PRIESTLEY #Quote by Janice Lane Palko
Pregnancy quotes by Rita Rudner
#74. Life is tough enough without having someone kick you from the inside. #Quote by Rita Rudner
Pregnancy quotes by James C. Uwandu
#75. Without unwanted pregnancies, there will be no abortion; and with wanted pregnancy there will be no abortion. JAMES. #Quote by James C. Uwandu
Pregnancy quotes by Dean Koontz
#76. The guy at the cash register is a redhead in his thirties with freckles and a two-inch-diameter birthmark, as pink as uncooked salmon, on his pale forehead. The mark is uncannily like the image of a fetus curled in a womb, as if a gestating twin had died early in the mother's pregnancy and left its fossilized image on the surviving brother's brow. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Pregnancy quotes by Sonja Livingston
#77. Say a woman is more than the sum of her parts and I'll listen. Say she is more than fruit and blossom and branch and I'll nod my head yes. But say the body does not want and I will fall to the floor under the weight of a world that does not need the sweet talk of a heartbeat. #Quote by Sonja Livingston
Pregnancy quotes by Beyonce Knowles
#78. I am so looking forward to it. I made sure I had a strong foundation before I became pregnant and I think that's the most important thing. There were a lot of things that I wanted to do personally so that when the time came, I really knew who I was and could be the best mother. #Quote by Beyonce Knowles
Pregnancy quotes by Daphne Gottlieb
#79. The thing about superheroes is that they don't have problems, right? A feminist hooker superhero wouldn't have to worry about assault, or pregnancy, or poverty, or disease, or eating and shelter, or police. In order to make her a superhero, you have to divorce her of the very context that makes her story possible. You have to gloss over the trauma. #Quote by Daphne Gottlieb
Pregnancy quotes by Lise Eliot
#80. It's the strangest feeling at the end of pregnancy: you look down at this huge belly and try to imagine how some little person, whom you haven't even met, is going to emerge from it any day and completely change your lives. First, you wonder how this pregnancy, to which you've grown so accustomed over much of the last year, can, with barely any notice, come to an abrupt end. Then you try to fathom how this baby is ever going to come out; your bowling ball stomach seems misproportioned for what lies between it and the outside world. And only then do you realize what it all means-that the easy part, pregnancy, is almost over, and it's time to gear up for the tough stuff: childbirth! #Quote by Lise Eliot
Pregnancy quotes by Irena Chalmers
#81. There are three reasons for breast-feeding: the milk is always at the right temperature; it comes in attractive containers; and the cat can't get it. #Quote by Irena Chalmers
Pregnancy quotes by Roy Baumeister
#82. Most of the problems that plague our society - addiction, overeating, crime, domestic violence, prejudice, debt, unwanted pregnancy, educational failure, underperformance at school and work, lack of savings, failure to exercise - are in some degree a failure of self-control. #Quote by Roy Baumeister
Pregnancy quotes by Katie Cotugno
#83. The hideous thing is this: I want to forgive him. Even after everything, I do. A baby before my 17th birthday and a future as lonely as the surface of the moon and still the sight of him feels like a homecoming, like a song I used to know but somehow forgot. #Quote by Katie Cotugno
Pregnancy quotes by Ben Shahn
#84. The time when I had desire to go to the United States I didn't have a penny. It was in the middle of the depression, you know. I couldn't get as far as Hoboken at that time. #Quote by Ben Shahn
Pregnancy quotes by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
#85. There would be,
half a million things,
I could do,
yet I don't know,
what would be so?

When I will see you,
for the first time,
calm, twined in your
daddy's arm,
coming towards me,
I could do,
half a million things-
caress your skin,
fondle your chin,
stroke though your limbs,
smoothly touch your lips,
and make my silent wishes,
for your health and,
your intellect.

Half a million things,
I could do,
yet I don't know,
what would be so?

When I will see you,
for the first time,
I could say,
half a million things-
call you my kid,
read a fine script,
whisper love in your ears,
sing a hymn.

Half a million things,
I could say,
yet I don't know,
what would be so?

I fear though,
what if I am unable to,
do any of this,
and all I end up with,
just a knot of tears,
loaded with,
some of the most pure prayers,
I have ever chaired.

Half a million things,
I could do and
I could say,
yet when it happens,
little will my practice play.

Half a million things,
and I wouldn't know,
how and where one begins. #Quote by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
Pregnancy quotes by Ann McLane Kuster
#86. For the past 25 years as an adoption attorney, I have witnessed the extraordinary courage and compassion of women - from age 14 to 40 - facing unplanned pregnancy. Not once did I believe that the government should interfere with their personal and private decision. #Quote by Ann McLane Kuster
Pregnancy quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#87. Being a mother means that your heart is no longer yours; it wanders wherever your children do #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Pregnancy quotes by H.L. Mencken
#88. It is now quite lawful for a Catholic woman to avoid pregnancy by a resort to mathematics, though she is still forbidden to resort to physics and chemistry. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Pregnancy quotes by John Piper
#89. Ways to be actively involved in the solution: 1. Consider adoption. 2. Be a regular giver of your money to Crisis Pregnancy Centers. 3. Volunteer in a Crisis Pregnancy Center. 4. Be involved in spreading truth with good literature. 5. Make your presence know at the abortion clinics in town (by) writing or phoning or visiting and talking, if you can, with those who work there. 6. Dream a new kind of ministry. 7. Pray! #Quote by John Piper
Pregnancy quotes by James F. Clapp III
#90. Pregnancy does not limit lung function, and both pregnancy and exercise improve the ability of body tissues to take up and utilize oxygen. #Quote by James F. Clapp III
Pregnancy quotes by Jeff Duffey
#91. The ideal partner will be passionate, permanent, partner-ready, problem-solving, parent-material, productive, personable, and protective. Yet partners are just human...The essential question(for the woman with an unplanned pregnancy): Does the biological father (have) enough of them for you to bring a child into the relationship? #Quote by Jeff Duffey
Pregnancy quotes by Christina Aguilera
#92. Toward the end of my pregnancy, I felt really big - I gained about 40 pounds, which is a lot for my size. #Quote by Christina Aguilera
Pregnancy quotes by Robert Casey
#93. Abortion on demand, throughout the full nine months of a pregnancy, for virtually any reason, became public policy in the United States of America. No other developed democracy had, or has, such a permissive abortion regime. #Quote by Robert Casey
Pregnancy quotes by Christine Feehan
#94. Of course I can do this. I'm pregnant, not brain-damaged. My condition doesn't change my personality. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Pregnancy quotes by Tracy Anderson
#95. A lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to let their bodies go, and that's the worst thing. #Quote by Tracy Anderson
Pregnancy quotes by Jaime Pressly
#96. Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee are like my brothers. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have gotten through my pregnancy. #Quote by Jaime Pressly
Pregnancy quotes by Alessandra Torre
#97. You know this business, Cole. Your production budget is climbing faster than Lindsay Lohan's chance of a crack baby pregnancy. #Quote by Alessandra Torre
Pregnancy quotes by Kavita Ramdas
#98. It is common sense that when women are able to plan their pregnancies, populations grow more slowly and as a result so do greenhouse gas emissions. Providing access to contraception and preventative health should be one of the many effective strategies used to fight climate change. #Quote by Kavita Ramdas
Pregnancy quotes by Gracie Allen
#99. A friend asked her doctor if a woman should have children after thirty-five. I said, Thirty-five children is enough for any woman. #Quote by Gracie Allen
Pregnancy quotes by Jessica Simpson
#100. I crave cantaloupe like a crazy person ... But I put salt all over it, so I don't know if it's that healthy. #Quote by Jessica Simpson
Pregnancy quotes by Paul Reiser
#101. Peanut butter and lamb chops were not foods that had ever been a significant part of our life before pregnancy. In fact, my wife almost never ate either.So where did these craving come from? I concluded it's the baby, ordering in. #Quote by Paul Reiser
Pregnancy quotes by Megan O'Brien
#102. Cole and I spent the whole day together, wanting to be close, whether we were watching TV on the sofa or reading side by side. I wasn't sure if it was the incident with Jake or the pregnancy, but either way I welcomed the contact. I felt more connected to Cole than ever. We were seated side by side on the couch as he worked on his laptop and I watched some guilty pleasure reality TV. "What #Quote by Megan O'Brien
Pregnancy quotes by Ariana Carruth
#103. When we start rating each other's lives and afflictions, we lose a bit of our humanity, compassion and perspective. #Quote by Ariana Carruth
Pregnancy quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#104. Babies are little angels. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Pregnancy quotes by Ann Romney
#105. The thing that's nice about pregnancy is that in the end, you have a baby. #Quote by Ann Romney
Pregnancy quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#106. Is the any spectacular moment like the angelic birth of a child? #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Pregnancy quotes by Marilyn French
#107. She could envision Shakespeare's sister. But she imagined a violent, an apocalyptic end for Shakespeare's sister, whereas I know that isn't what happened. You see, it isn't necessary. I know that lots of Chinese women, given in marriage to men they abhorred and lives they despised, killed themselves by throwing themselves down the family well. I'm not saying it doesn't happen. I'm only saying that isn't what usually happens. It it were, we wouldn't be having a population problem. And there are so much easier ways to destroy a woman. You don't have to rape or kill her; you don't even have to beat her. You can just marry her. You don't even have to do that. You can just let her work in your office for thirty-five dollars a week. Shakespeare's sister did...follow her brother to London, but she never got there. She was raped the first night out, and bleeding and inwardly wounded, she stumbled for shelter into the next village she found. Realizing before too long that she was pregnant, she sought a way to keep herself and her child safe. She found some guy with the hots for her, realized he was credulous, and screwed him. When she announced her pregnancy to him, a couple months later, he dutifully married her. The child, born a bit early, makes him suspicious: they fight, he beats her, but in the end he submits. Because there is something in the situation that pleases him: he has all the comforts of home including something Mother didn't provide, and if he has to put up with a scr #Quote by Marilyn French
Pregnancy quotes by Victor Villasenor
#108. Inside, the midwife was trying to get Socorro to open her mouth wide and let the pain come out. "Open your mouth," said Angelina, massaging Socorro's neck and shoulders, "and let out what you feel. Don't keep it in, querida, let it out."
Socorro cried softly at first, but little by little she loosened up and she began to let out long, ear-piercing screams.
"Good," said the midwife, "now breathe deeply, deeply, and then cry out again, letting all the pain go out of your body. #Quote by Victor Villasenor
Pregnancy quotes by Daria Snadowsky
#109. How is it that mankind can engineer condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs and not be able to invent some sort of emotional safeguard? Is it even possible to abstain from falling in love? #Quote by Daria Snadowsky
Pregnancy quotes by Dave Barry
#110. You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment. #Quote by Dave Barry
Pregnancy quotes by Jennifer McMahon
#111. Oh my God! Sam said again, his voice shaking. I've given birth to something inhuman, Phoebe thought. A lamprey with row after row of teeth. #Quote by Jennifer McMahon
Pregnancy quotes by Iain M. Banks
#112. A new collection of matter and information to present to the universe and to which it in turn will be presented; different, arguably equal parts of that great ever-repetitive, ever-changing jurisdiction of being. #Quote by Iain M. Banks
Pregnancy quotes by Bob Dornan
#113. When our laws tell people that what lies behind the thin wall of a women's abdomen during pregnancy is not a human being and that the destiny of a preborn child lies with the private conscience of the mother, we are essentially telling society that life itself is not important enough to be called an inalienable right. If life itself is not the most fundamental of all rights, then what is? #Quote by Bob Dornan
Pregnancy quotes by Jessica Simpson
#114. We weren't trying, but we were definitely practicing - and not safely practicing. #Quote by Jessica Simpson
Pregnancy quotes by Ina May Gaskin
#115. The techno-medical model of maternity care, unlike the midwifery model, is comparatively new on the world scene, having existed for barely two centuries. This male-derived framework for care is a product of the industrial revolution. As anthropologist Robbie Davis-Floyd has described in detail, underlying the technocratic mode of care of our own time is an assumption that the human body is a machine and that the female body in particular is a machine full of shortcomings and defects. Pregnancy and labor are seen as illnesses, which, in order not to be harmful to mother or baby, must be treated with drugs and medical equipment. Within the techno-medical model of birth, some medical intervention is considered necessary for every birth, and birth is safe only in retrospect. #Quote by Ina May Gaskin
Pregnancy quotes by Gabriela Mistral
#116. Now my belly is as noble as my heart. #Quote by Gabriela Mistral
Pregnancy quotes by Emily Oster
#117. The biggest food-related risk in pregnancy is listeria. It's a dangerous bacteria, to which pregnant women are especially susceptible, that can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth. #Quote by Emily Oster
Pregnancy quotes by Carly Fiorina
#118. The Democratic policy is any abortion, any time, for any reason at any point in a woman's pregnancy, right up until the last minute, to be paid by taxpayers. Barbara Boxer described this policy as, 'It's not a life until it leaves the hospital.' #Quote by Carly Fiorina
Pregnancy quotes by Al Roker
#119. In the pregnancy process I have come to realize how much of the burden is on the female partner. She's got a construction zone going on in her belly. #Quote by Al Roker
Pregnancy quotes by Marie Antoinette
#120. I have come, Sire, to complain of one of your subjects who has been so audacious as to kick me in the belly. #Quote by Marie Antoinette
Pregnancy quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#121. Momentarily forgetting this wasn't one of her She-wolves, Sissy automatically teased, "Good thing
my brother likes women with meat on their bones 'cause your ass is gonna be gettin' wide."
As soon as the words left her mouth, she wished she could take them back.
But without missing a beat, Jessie shot back, "Cool. Now I can start wearing your jeans. I thought
that was only going to be possible during the late stages of the pregnancy. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Pregnancy quotes by Carrie Fisher
#122. Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Pregnancy quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#123. What saved me then? Nothing but pregnancy. And each time after I had given birth to my work my life hung suspended by a thin thread. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Pregnancy quotes by Cindy Margolis
#124. You check the pregnancy test every month, and when it comes up negative it can start to wear on you #Quote by Cindy Margolis
Pregnancy quotes by Soraya Chemaly
#125. Our silence around this subject, like the silence around so many topics that specifically affect the lives of girls and women - incest, abuse, street harassment, pregnancy, menstruation, childbirth, rape - is related to the second dimension of epistemic justice: hermeneutical injustice, or the injustice of having one's social experience denied and hidden from communal understanding. #Quote by Soraya Chemaly
Pregnancy quotes by Andrea Dworkin
#126. Women are interchangeable as sex objects; women are slightly less disposable as mothers. The only dignity and value women get is as mothers: it is a compromised dignity and a low value, but it is all that is offered to women as women. Having children is the best thing women can do to get respect and be assured a place. The fact that having children does not get women respect or a place is almost beside the point: poor women don't get respect and live in dung heaps; black women don't get respect and are jailed in decimated ghettos; just plain pregnant women don't get respect and the place they have is a dangerous one - pregnancy is now considered a cause of battery (stress on the male, don't you know): in perhaps 25 percent of families in which battery occurs, it is a pregnant woman who has been battered. In fact, having children may mean both increased violence and increased dependence; it may significantly worsen the economic circumstances of a woman or a family; it may hurt a woman's health or jeopardize her in a host of other ways; but having children is the one social contribution credited to women - it is the bedrock of women's social worth. Despite all the happy smiling public mommies, the private mommies have grim private recognitions. One perception is particularly chilling: without the children, I am not worth much. The recognition is actually more dramatic than that, much more chilling: without the children, I am not. #Quote by Andrea Dworkin
Pregnancy quotes by Chris Higgins
#127. I remember distinctly telling my father-in-law, barring a miracle, we're going to have to terminate the pregnancy. Her health has to come first #Quote by Chris Higgins
Pregnancy quotes by Charisma Carpenter
#128. When you gain 50 pounds during pregnancy like I did, you fear that you'll never get back in shape. #Quote by Charisma Carpenter
Pregnancy quotes by Melina Marchetta
#129. She asked me what type of contraceptive I use.
Underwear. Keeping it on prevents pregnancy. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Pregnancy quotes by Susan Wicklund
#130. The amazing thing, I think as I close the door, is that they still come. After hearing all that terrible propaganda and lies and being shown inaccurate pictures by the places calling themselves some version of a pregnancy counseling center, they still come. They are desperate to end an unwanted pregnancy #Quote by Susan Wicklund
Pregnancy quotes by John Holdren
#131. The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive fertility control. The capsule could be implanted at puberty and might be removable, with official permission, for a limited number of births. #Quote by John Holdren
Pregnancy quotes by Roger Penrose
#132. But I think it is a serious issue to wonder about the other platonic absolutes of say beauty and morality. #Quote by Roger Penrose
Pregnancy quotes by Sharron Angle
#133. I think that two wrongs don't make a right. And I have been in the situation of counseling young girls, not 13 but 15, who have had very at risk, difficult pregnancies. And my counsel was to look for some alternatives, which they did. And they found that they had made what was really a lemon situation into lemonade. #Quote by Sharron Angle
Pregnancy quotes by Taya Kyle
#134. Around Christmas 2003, we visited Chris's parents in Texas. I found myself exceptionally hungry, though I couldn't figure out why. When we came back to California, I just felt something was off.
Could I be…pregnant?
I bought a pregnancy test just in case. Chris and I had always planned to have children, but we weren't in a rush about it. In fact, we had only recently decided to be "a little less careful." It was a compromise between our spontaneous impulses and our careful planning instincts, which we both shared. We figured, if it happens somewhere in the next year…
I was upstairs in the house working when I decided to take a break and check things out.
Chris happened to be home fiddling with something in the garage. I ran downstairs, holding the stick in my hand. When I got there, I held it up, waving.
"Hey, babe," he said, looking at me as if I were waving a sword.
"Come here," I said. "I have to show you something."
He came over. I showed him the stick.
"What is it?"
"Look at this!"
Obviously, he wasn't familiar with home pregnancy tests. Maybe that's a guy thing-given that the tests reveal either your worst nightmare or one of the most exciting events of your life. I'd wager every woman in America knows what they are and how they work.
Slowly it dawned on him.
"Oh my God," he said, stunned. "Are you…?"
We confirmed it at the doctor's soo #Quote by Taya Kyle
Pregnancy quotes by Shannon Hale
#135. Contemplations on the belly
When pregnant with our first, Dean and I attended a child birth class. There were about 15 other couples, all 6-8 months pregnant, just like us. As an introduction, the teacher asked us to each share what had been our favorite part of pregnancy and least favorite part. I was surprised by how many of the men and women there couldn't name a favorite part. When it was my turn, I said, "My least favorite has been the nausea, and my favorite is the belly."

We were sitting in the back of the room, so it was noticeable when several heads turned to get a look at me. Dean then spoke. "Yeah, my least favorite is that she was sick, and my favorite is the belly too."

Now nearly every head turned to gander incredulously at the freaky couple who actually liked the belly.

Dean and I laughed about it later, but we were sincere. The belly is cool. It is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, an unmistakable sign of what's going on inside, the wigwam for our little squirmer, the mark of my undeniable superpower of baby-making. I loved the belly and its freaky awesomeness, and especially the flutters, kicks, and bumps from within.

Twins belly is a whole new species. I marvel at the amazing uterus within and skin without with their unceasing ability to stretch (Reed Richards would be impressed). I still have great admiration for the belly, but I also fear it. Sometimes I wonder if I should build a shrine to it, #Quote by Shannon Hale
Pregnancy quotes by Kristen Proby
#136. We need a test!" I jump up out of the chair and pat my body down. "Where's my wallet?"

"In your pocket," she replies dryly.

"I'll be back!" I race out of the house and drive the short distance between Dom's estate and the nearest village. After I find a drug store and buy one of each kind of pregnancy test they have, I race back to my hopefully pregnant wife.

"That was fast," she murmurs with a grin. She was still sitting in the lounge chair, sipping her coffee.

"Should you be drinking coffee?" I ask.

"Let's not get crazy," she responds. I need coffee.

"I got one of each kind," I announce and opened the bag, sending small white and blue boxes scattering.

"Uh, Caleb, we only need one."

"What if we can't figure them out?" I ask and pick one up to examine it. "All of the instructions are in Italian."

She laughs hysterically and then stands, wiping her eyes.

"It's not funny."

"Yes, it is. Pregnancy tests are pretty universal, Caleb. You pee on it and a line either appears or it doesn't." She rubs my arm sweetly and kisses my shoulder before plucking the box out of my fingers. "I'll be back."

"I'm coming with you." I begin to follow her but she turns quickly with her hands out to stop me.

"Oh no, you aren't. You are not going to watch me pee on this stick."

I scowled down at her and cross my arms over my chest. "I've helped you b #Quote by Kristen Proby
Pregnancy quotes by Dolen Perkins-Valdez
#137. Sweet allowed her pregnancy to get the better of her and simply sat down. Reenie's lips set into a straight, emotionless line. Mawu no longer talked back, the words she did speak taking on an air of vapidity. Philip was chained at night, no longer trusted. So it was no wonder that Lizzie sought out the white woman then. #Quote by Dolen Perkins-Valdez
Pregnancy quotes by David Simon
#138. It isn't about the welfare check. It never was.
It isn't about sexual permissiveness, or personal morality, or failures in parenting, or lack of family planning. All of these are inherent in the disaster, but the purposefulness with which babies make babies in places like West Baltimore goes far beyond accident and chance, circumstance and misunderstanding. It's about more than the sexual drives of adolescents, too, though that might be hard to believe in a country where sex alone is enough of an argument to make anyone do just about anything.
In Baltimore, a city with the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation, the epidemic is, at root, about human expectation, or more precisely, the absence of expectation. #Quote by David Simon
Pregnancy quotes by Susan Cheever
#139. Pregnancy is difficult for women but it is even more difficult for men. #Quote by Susan Cheever
Pregnancy quotes by Leora Tanenbaum
#140. Unwed white girls who became pregnant in the postwar years were considered psychologically disturbed but treatable, whereas their black counterparts were presumed to be biologically hypersexual and deviant. Historian Rickie Solinger demonstrates that in the 1950s an unwed white girl who became pregnant could go to a maternity home before her pregnancy showed, deliver the baby and give it up for adoption, and return home to her community with no one the wiser. (White parents concocted stories of their daughters being given the opportunity to study for a semester with relatives.) She could then resume the role of the "nice" girl.
Unwed pregnant black girls, on the other hand, were barred from maternity homes; they were threatened with jail or termination of welfare; and they were accused of using their sexuality in order to be eligible for larger welfare checks. Politicians regarded unwed pregnant black girls as a societal problem, declaring--as they continue to declare today--that they did not want taxpayers to support black illegitimate babies, and sought to control black female sexuality through sterilization legislation. #Quote by Leora Tanenbaum
Pregnancy quotes by Heinrich Von Kleist
#141. In M
, an important town in northern Italy, the widowed Marquise of O
, a lady of unblemished reputation and the mother of several well-brought-up children, inserted the following announcement in the newspapers: that she had, without knowledge of the cause, come to find herself in a certain situation; that she would like the father of the child she was expecting to disclose his identity to her; that she was resolved, out of consideration to her family, to marry him. #Quote by Heinrich Von Kleist
Pregnancy quotes by Meg Cabot
#142. Dopey, in out of his depth, began to look desperate.
"Debbie Mancuso," he yelled, "and I are not having sex!"
I saw my mom and Andy exchange a quick, bewildered glance.
"I should certainly hope not," Doc, Dopey's little brother, said as he breezed past us. "But if you are, Brad, I hope you're using condoms. While a good-quality latex condom has a failure rate of about two percent when used as directed, typically the failure rate averages closer to twelve percent. That makes them only about eighty-five percent effective against preventing pregnancy. If used with a spermicide, the effectiveness improves dramatically. And condoms are our best defense - though not as good, of course, as abstention - against some STDs, including HIV."
Everyone in the kitchen - my mother, Andy, Dopey, Sleepy, and I - stared at Doc, who is, as I think I mentioned before, twelve.
"You," I finally said, "have way too much time on your hands."
Doc shrugged. "It helps to be informed. While I myself am not sexually active at the current time, I hope to become so in the near future." He nodded toward the stove. "Dad, your chimichangas, or whatever they are, are on fire."
While Andy jumped to put out his cheese fire, my mother stood there, apparently, for once in her life, at a loss for words. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Pregnancy quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#143. Today you are thirteen weeks old and already controversial. You should know that the mention of the name Pablo is alarming to a very few, highly insignificant people. From this palsied paction there is occasionally the slightest pause, and then, 'Oh, really. Pablo.' Then with a small, self-depreciating chuckle, they might tilt their heads playfully and say something like 'Aren't you afraid people will think he's Mexican?'
... I find it amusing when they balk at Pablo, as though we were naming you Jesus H. Christ and jamming our nails into your hands. They seem to feel your name is up for general discussion, like naming a local bridge or a stray cat.
Hmmm. Mr. Whiskers? I don't like Mr. Whiskers. I like the name Blackie.'
Aren't you afraid people will think he's black? #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Pregnancy quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#144. The day of birth is a sacred day. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Pregnancy quotes by Oliver North
#145. I haven't, in the 23 years that I have been in the uniformed services of the United States of America, ever violated an order - not one. #Quote by Oliver North
Pregnancy quotes by Norma McCorvey
#146. I looked at a fetal development chart at the Operation Rescue Office in Dallas. I had a lot of emotions stirring up inside of me. That's when I decided that it was wrong in any stage of pregnancy. #Quote by Norma McCorvey
Pregnancy quotes by Naomi Levy
#147. The women looked from one to the other, knowing what the men didn't know. We knew the heartbeat and interior graces, compensation for our own clumsiness; the beatitude as we renounced our bodies, our noble little parasites the higher calling. We knew, without saying, the watery rollover, tremor, seismic shudders, the steadiness of the baby's hiccups, the reliable stab from a kick to the kidney #Quote by Naomi Levy
Pregnancy quotes by June Eric-Udorie
#148. Folks who believe that abortion is permissible in the case of rape, but not permissible in the case of accidental pregnancy from consensual sex, are not actually condemning abortion; rather the moral axis here is the sexual behavior----the blameworthiness----of the pregnant person. #Quote by June Eric-Udorie
Pregnancy quotes by Suanne Schafer
#149. Women are just as intelligent, just as capable, as men. Constant pregnancies keep us from achieving our own lofty goals. Men have no such impediment, do they? #Quote by Suanne Schafer
Pregnancy quotes by Jude Gibbs
#150. Embrace the pain #Quote by Jude Gibbs
Pregnancy quotes by Dave Barry
#151. It is a well-documented fact that guys will not ask for directions. This is a biological thing. This is why it takes several million sperm cells ... to locate a female egg, despite the fact that the egg is, relative to them, the size of Wisconsin. #Quote by Dave Barry
Pregnancy quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#152. A late arrival had the impression of lots of loud people unnecessarily grouped within a smoke-blue space between two mirrors gorged with reflections. Because, I suppose, Cynthia wished to be the youngest in the room, the women she used to invite, married or single, were, at the best, in their precarious forties; some of them would bring from their homes, in dark taxis, intact vestiges of good looks, which, however, they lost as the party progressed. It has always amazed me - the capacity sociable weekend revelers have of finding almost at once, by a purely empiric but very precise method, a common denominator of drunkenness, to which everybody loyally sticks before descending, all together, to the next level. The rich friendliness of the matrons was marked by tomboyish overtones, while the fixed inward look of amiably tight men was like a sacrilegious parody of pregnancy. Although some of the guests were connected in one way or another with the arts, there was no inspired talk, no wreathed, elbow-propped heads, and of course no flute girls. From some vantage point where she had been sitting in a stranded mermaid pose on the pale carpet with one or two younger fellows, Cynthia, her face varnished with a film of beaming sweat, would creep up on her knees, a proffered plate of nuts in one hand, and crisply tap with the other the athletic leg of Cochran or Corcoran, an art dealer, ensconced, on a pearl-grey sofa, between two flushed, happily disintegrating ladies.

At a #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Pregnancy quotes by Sheila Kitzinger
#153. In achieving the depersonalization of childbirth and at the same time solving the problem of pain, our society may have lost more than it has gained. We are left with the physical husk; the transcending significance has been drained away. #Quote by Sheila Kitzinger
Pregnancy quotes by Christiane Northrup
#154. When enough women realize that birth is a time of great opportunity to get in touch with their true power, and when they are willing to assume responsibility for this, we will reclaim the power of birth and help move technology where it belongs-in the service of birthing women, not their master. #Quote by Christiane Northrup
Pregnancy quotes by Allene VanOirschot
#155. Imperfections, if we allowed them, can help to create a blinding love to fill a perfectly, imperfect life. #Quote by Allene VanOirschot
Pregnancy quotes by Libba Bray
#156. So much of the literature we had to read for high school English class was filled with victimized, tragic, symbolic women who spurred the plot forward with their inevitable shunning/death/shunning-followed-by-pregnancy-followed-by-death timelines. #Quote by Libba Bray
Pregnancy quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#157. Every woman while she would be ready to die of shame if surprised in the act of generation, nonetheless carries her pregnancy without a trace of shame and indeed with a kind of pride. The reason is that pregnancy is in a certain sense a cancellation of the guilt incurred by coitus; thus coitus bears all the shame and disgrace of the affair, while pregnancy, which is so intimately associated with it, stays pure and innocent and is indeed to some extent sacred. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Pregnancy quotes by Michael Sandel
#158. In natural pregnancy, more than half of fertilized eggs fail to implant or are otherwise lost. Should we regard that as an instance of infant mortality? And if so, why are we not mounting ambitious public health campaigns to try to save and rescue all of the fertilized eggs that are lost in natural pregnancy? We would need a public health campaign of massive proportions if there really were over a fifty percent rate of infant mortality. #Quote by Michael Sandel
Pregnancy quotes by Peter T. King
#159. WikiLeaks presents a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States. #Quote by Peter T. King
Pregnancy quotes by Alicia T. Bowens
#160. I hope that teen moms realize that their path to success still exists, and the only way to achieve it is to make the decision to go after it. #Quote by Alicia T. Bowens
Pregnancy quotes by Caris Roane
#161. He turned back to her stomach and got very close. She thought he meant to kiss her again and prepared to enjoy his lips on her abdomen once more. Instead he addressed the fiery ball of cells.
"Lucy," he said, deepening his voice in a really wretched imitation of Darth Vader. "I am your father."
Alison groaned. her breh was such a ham. A terrible, wonderful, sexy, vampire ham. Who'd've thought? #Quote by Caris Roane
Pregnancy quotes by Olivia Cunning
#162. They used to inject rabbits with women's urine to determine pregnancy. #Quote by Olivia Cunning
Pregnancy quotes by Laura   Gentile
#163. Overwhelmed, she surrendered to impending motherhood, terrorized by fears and doubts, reflecting about her own mother whom she saw as an agent of trauma transferal and as the ever-expanding root in a vicious female circle. #Quote by Laura Gentile
Pregnancy quotes by Lord Chesterfield
#164. How often should a woman be pregnant? Continually, or hardly ever? Or must there be a certain number of pregnancy anniversaries established by fashion? What do you, at the age of forty-three, have to say on the subject? Is it a fact that the laws of nature, or of the country, or of propriety, have ordained this time of life for sterility? #Quote by Lord Chesterfield
Pregnancy quotes by Andrew Solomon
#165. The Princeton ethicist Peter Singer has espoused the right of women to choose abortion through to the end of pregnancy and to commit infanticide on newborns if they so choose. He has defended this position with the utilitarian argument that most women who eliminate an unwanted child will produce a wanted one, and that the loss of happiness of the child who is killed is outweighed by the happiness of the healthy child who follows. 1zAlthough Singer's position is extreme, it reflects the pervasive devaluation of people with Down's syndrome and the assumption that their lives are displeasing to others and themselves. #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Pregnancy quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#166. I think some people just use pregnancy as an excuse to really pig out. To be really disgusting. I am just going to eat this is my opportunity. I waited for this my whole life. I was not one of these people. #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Pregnancy quotes by Beyonce Knowles
#167. And my husband and I have been together for 10 years, so I guess people felt a part of it and it makes me feel really good #Quote by Beyonce Knowles
Pregnancy quotes by Susan Sontag
#168. Cancer is a demonic pregnancy. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Pregnancy quotes by Dan Rhodes
#169. Since the moment we met, my wife and I have not stopped kissing. I'm Catholic and she's Islamic, so there were complications. Throughout the delicate negotiations with our families, our lips did not part for a moment. Eventually they accepted our love, so we married. We walked, tongues tangled, down the aisle. Now after six years of marriage, we are still fused. We had our first child without stopping kissing for the conception, pregnancy or birth. Our lips are four broken scabs, and our chins always covered in blood, but we still never stop. We are far too much in love. #Quote by Dan Rhodes
Pregnancy quotes by Emily March
#170. What fewer people know but many suspect is that it hasn't been the happiest of circumstances. Very few people in town know that Gabe is a fairly recent widower, and he's had a difficult time dealing with his grief. The pregnancy happened before he was ready. However, I am happy to say that he has made great strides toward moving on in the past few weeks." "By striding right into your bed?" Nic grinned. "That's part of it. #Quote by Emily March
Pregnancy quotes by John Vasconcellos
#171. We can develop a social vaccine (Self-esteem). We can outgrow our past failures - our lives of crime and violence, alcohol and drug abuse, premature pregnancy, child abuse, chronic dependency on welfare, and education failure. #Quote by John Vasconcellos
Pregnancy quotes by Shih Cheng Yen
#172. Being grateful to our parents is the foundation of being a decent person. We exist because of our parents. Our mothers suffered a great deal during pregnancy and while giving birth, much like the earth having to endure much ordeal as plants grow out of the ground. #Quote by Shih Cheng Yen
Pregnancy quotes by Tina Sequeira
#173. It took two continents, a regressive family, a forced marriage marred with abuse, a bitter divorce, an illegitimate pregnancy, family disownment, social ostracisation, going back to school - unlearning, learning and relearning, and a complete owning of her true self. #Quote by Tina Sequeira
Pregnancy quotes by Jessica Valenti
#174. As indicated by the increase in maternal mortality in 2010, right now it's more dangerous to give birth in California than in Kuwait or Bosnia. Amnesty International reports that women in [the United States] have a higher risk of dying due to pregnancy complications than women in forty-nine other countries (black women are almost four times as likely to die as white women). The United States spends more than any other country on maternal health care, yet our risk of dying or coming close to death during pregnancy or in childbirth remains unreasonably high. #Quote by Jessica Valenti
Pregnancy quotes by Hunter Tylo
#175. We share responsibility. It's important to have a good spouse; that's where I sympathize with single parents. #Quote by Hunter Tylo
Pregnancy quotes by Kate Cooper
#176. The instinctive attraction of the daughters of high society to noble ideals was probably reinforced by an idea that, in dedicating themselves to the Church, they could escape the sometimes grim realities of marriage. It was not only the problem of volatile husbands raised in a society that prized aggressive masculinity and constant pregnancy; there was also the painful fact that only a few of the numerous babies would survive to adulthood. Against these harsh realities, the new monastic communities offered an appealing alternative, a rigid but somehow delicious atmosphere similar to that of a girls' boarding school. To a virgin, this must have seemed attractive, and to a teenage Roman widow weighing the dangers of a second marriage, it must have seemed positively utopian. And, of course, there was the chance to do good work. We should not underestimate the delight that these women found in being able to pool their resources in trying to better the lot of the city's poor. #Quote by Kate Cooper
Pregnancy quotes by Steven Pinker
#177. The technological efficiency of daughter-proofing a pregnancy may make it seem as if the girl shortage is a problem of modernity, but female infanticide has been documented in China and India for more than two thousand years.119 In China, midwives kept a bucket of water at the bedside to drown the baby if it was a girl. In India there were many methods: "giving a pill of tobacco and bhang to swallow, drowning in milk, smearing the mother's breast with opium or the juice of the poisonous Datura, or covering the child's mouth with a plaster of cow-dung before it drew breath." Then and now, even when daughters are suffered to live, they may not last long. Parents allocate most of the available food to their sons, and as a Chinese doctor explains, "if a boy gets sick, the parents may send him to the hospital at once, but if a girl gets sick, the parents may say to themselves, 'Well, we'll see how she is tomorrow. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Pregnancy quotes by John Irving
#178. Candy felt helpless; no one seemed to understand why she was standing there. Children were colliding with her at hip level, and this awkward, darkly handsome young man, who was surely her own age but seemed somehow older…was she supposed to tell him why she'd come to St. Cloud's? Couldn't anyone tell by just looking at her? Then Homer Wells looked at her in that way; their eyes met. Candy thought that he had seen her many times before, that he'd watched her grow up, had seen her naked, had even observed the act responsible for the particular trouble she was now presenting for cure. It was shattering to Homer to recognize in the expression of the beautiful stranger he had fallen in love with something as familiar and pitiable as another unwanted pregnancy. #Quote by John Irving
Pregnancy quotes by Michael Chabon
#179. There was nothing a man couldn't do with three thousand dollars and a suitcase full of canned tuna fish and pregnancy brassieres. The car was called an El Camino for a reason. (Telegraph Avenue, p399) #Quote by Michael Chabon
Pregnancy quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#180. The shamans are forever yacking about their snake oil miracles. I prefer the real McCoy, a pregnant woman. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Pregnancy quotes by Isaac Bashevis Singer
#181. We write not only for children but also for their parents. They, too, are serious children. #Quote by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Pregnancy quotes by Broda Otto Barnes
#182. Certainly miscarriage is not invariably related to low thyroid function. There are many other possible causes. Yet soon after thyroid therapy first became available, it was found that patients with a history of miscarriages often had a history compatible with thyroid deficiency and that full-term pregnancies might follow treatment with thyroid. #Quote by Broda Otto Barnes
Pregnancy quotes by Douglas W. Phillips
#183. Until we are willing to oppose all abortion
then the Christian community will lack the true ethical high ground to oppose ANY ABORTIONS.
The minute we concede that there is any ground
even in the so-called case of rape, incest or the health of the mother
to make a decision to self-consciously and deliberately kill a child based on our puny, finite understanding of the facts, and a a cost-benefit analysis based on our pragmatic post-modern vision of utlilitarian ethics, we have conceded everything. We have abandoned biblical law and granted to Planned Parenthood the legitimacy of the core argument they have advanced since Margaret Sanger founded the organization
namely, that some circumstances of pregnancy are sufficiently uncomfortable or troubling that man has the right to play God and declare his own authority to take the life of an innocent, unborn baby. #Quote by Douglas W. Phillips
Pregnancy quotes by Gloria Steinem
#184. We must begin to shift the emphasis of teen-age pregnancy to teen-age boys. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Pregnancy quotes by Evangeline Lilly
#185. The difference in my body from pre-pregnancy to post-baby was night and day. I didn't have the strength, I didn't have the flexibility, I didn't have the stamina, I didn't have the mobility. I felt like I was handicapped. #Quote by Evangeline Lilly
Pregnancy quotes by Taya Kyle
#186. We got pregnant with Angel almost by accident. I was thinking it was just about time to go on birth control and wham-it happened. We wanted two children, but were thinking of spacing them out a little more. God and Angel had other plans.
I'm so glad. Bubba and Angel are so close in age and such good friends that I can't imagine it any other way. But at the time, I was more than a little apprehensive about it. Once again, it worked out that Chris was preparing to leave just when I was due.
They say God only gives you what you can handle. Chris didn't cope with crying babies very well. So either he paid the military to deploy him with each baby, or God was looking out for him with well-timed, newborn-avoiding deployments.
This time, the Team guy karma worked: the sonogram technician confirmed it was a girl several months into the pregnancy. She was going to be the first female born into the Kyle side of the family in eighty years. Which made her unique, and her grandparents particularly tickled.
Chris couldn't resist the opportunity to tease them with the news.
"We're having a boy," he said when he called them back in Texas with the news.
"Oh, how nice," they said.
"No, we're having a girl."
"Whoo-hoo!" they shouted.
"No, we're having a boy."
"Chris! Which is it!?"
"A girl!"
If they could have gotten away to visit us that night, I doubt they would have needed an airplane to fly. #Quote by Taya Kyle
Pregnancy quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#187. Then she revived him with an ardor and skill he could not have imagined in the meager pleasures of his solitary lovemaking, and without glory deprived him of his virginity. He was fifty-two years old and she was twenty-three, but age was the least pernicious of the differences between them. They continued to make hurried, heartless siesta love in the evangelical shade of the orange trees. The madwomen encouraged them from the terraces with indecent songs, and celebrated their triumphs with stadium ovations. Before the Marquis was aware of the dangers that pursued him, Bernarda woke him from his stupor with the news that she was in the second month of pregnancy. #Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Pregnancy quotes by Sargent Shriver
#188. My parents had always preached the virtues of hard work. But hard work is one thing; economic struggle is another. #Quote by Sargent Shriver
Pregnancy quotes by Robert K. Massie
#189. She had dealt with her pregnancy by wrapping herself in dreams. #Quote by Robert K. Massie
Pregnancy quotes by Amy E. Spiegel
#190. You are pregnant, with child, in the family way. People, some of whom you hardly know, will begin to comment on your belly size. They might even give it a rub, like you have strapped an animal of some kind in your front side and given total strangers permission to pet you at their leisure. #Quote by Amy E. Spiegel
Pregnancy quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#191. Half a million women die each year around the world in pregnancy. It's not biology that kills them so much as neglect. #Quote by Nicholas D. Kristof
Pregnancy quotes by Willie Stargell
#192. Unfortunately, inner feelings and potential are often stunted by our parents, relatives or peers. #Quote by Willie Stargell
Pregnancy quotes by Christina Lauren
#193. Hungry?" he asks.

"The wager?" I remind him.

"I'm getting there - it's related to my question." He lifts his chin to the meat locker. "They have good steaks here."

And just like that, I'm interested in whatever he's suggesting. "They do. What're you thinking?"

"They have a porterhouse for two, three, or four."

I haven't eaten in nearly twenty-four hours, and the idea of a big juicy steak has me salivating. "Yeah?"

"So, I say we split the one for three, and whoever eats more wins."

"I'm going to guess their porterhouse for three could feed us both for a week."

"I'm betting you're right." His adorable grin should be accompanied by the sound of a silvery ding. "And your dinner is on me."

For not the first time, it occurs to me to ask him how he makes ends meet, but I can't - not here, and maybe not when we're alone, either. "You don't have to do that."

"I think I can handle treating my wife to dinner on our wedding night."

Our wedding night. My heart thuds heavily. "That's a lot of meat. No pun intended."

He grins enthusiastically. "I'd sure like to see how you handle it."

"You're betting Holland can't finish a steak?" Lulu chimes in from behind me. "Oh, you sweet summer child."


As we get up, I groan, clutching my stomach. "Is this what pregnancy feels like? Not interested."

"I could carry you," Calvin #Quote by Christina Lauren
Pregnancy quotes by Jessica Simpson
#194. I am definitely feeling 'intimate.' I'm kind of unstoppable at the moment! Like the big 'O' is like the biggest 'O' ever. #Quote by Jessica Simpson
Pregnancy quotes by Mark Dayton
#195. Mercury emissions will continue to harm the environment and to endanger the health of children and pregnant women, until this Administration puts public health before politics. #Quote by Mark Dayton
Pregnancy quotes by George Whitefield
#196. Mere heathen morality, and not Jesus Christ, is preached in most of our churches. #Quote by George Whitefield
Pregnancy quotes by Christine Feehan
#197. Jack glanced at ken. "Lily is a brilliant woman when it comes to academics, but she;'s so blind when it comes to people." It was a small warning to keep Ken's anger from boiling over. "She's struggling to accept that Whitney needs to die, but she needs more time. The pregnancy also probably makes her more emotional when it comes to her father."
"When the hell did you get so smart?" Ken demanded.
"I've been reading all the pregnancy books." jack sounded a little smug. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Pregnancy quotes by Gisele Walko
#198. I feel like you're trying to convince me that we don't need condoms, but fuck that. If you impregnate me, I'm going to devour " you like a praying mantis." I pin Zeph against the wall and kiss her hard, because her threatening to kill or mutilate me is always so hot. #Quote by Gisele Walko
Pregnancy quotes by Kiefer Sutherland
#199. I was 20 when my daughter was born, and making all these plans during my wife's pregnancy. I was going to be the perfect father. Once she was born, it was suddenly, 'Oh, my God! I'm a parent!' #Quote by Kiefer Sutherland
Pregnancy quotes by Suzanne Wright
#200. We're keeping the pregnancy quiet for now, Lou," Knox told him. "We need you to do the same."
Lou lifted his hand, as if to pledge an oath. "You can be sure that I will do nothing to threaten the upcoming birth of our little Luc - "
"We are not calling the baby Lucifer," growled Harper, fists clenched.
Lou leaned toward Knox and said quietly, "Notice the mood swing? The stats don't lie."
Harper let out a long breath. "Why are you even here?"
Lou lifted a brow. "Expecting someone else?"
"Preferably someone who doesn't come uninvited, rifle through our kitchen, and help themselves to stuff. It's like having a stray dog turn up all the time."
Lou sniffed at her. "That's unfair. I don't shit on your floor. #Quote by Suzanne Wright

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