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Preaches For Teens quotes by Jimmy Cliff
#1. I grew up twelve miles outside of Montego Bay. In my early teens, I went to Kingston. It was like a different planet for me. In the country, people are kind. In the city, people are hard an' cold, like the concrete and steel. #Quote by Jimmy Cliff
Preaches For Teens quotes by Maria Semple
#2. I tried to love Dad and not hate him for his fake cheer and the way he gets dressed. I tried to imagine what Mom saw in him back when she was an architect. I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone who finds every little thing he does a total delight. It was sad, though, because the thought of him and all his accessories always made me sick. I wished I'd never made the connection about Dad being a gigantic girl, because once you realize something like that, it's hard to go back. #Quote by Maria Semple
Preaches For Teens quotes by C.S. Lewis
#3. To read - without military knowledge or good maps - accounts of fighting which were distorted before they reached the Divisional general and further distorted before they left him and then 'written up' out of all recognition by journalists, to strive to master what will be contradicted the next day, to fear and hope intensely on shaky evidence, is surely an ill use of the mind. Even in peacetime I think those are very wrong who say that schoolboys should be encouraged to read newspapers. Nearly all that a boy reads there in his teens will be known before he is twenty to have been false in emphasis and interpretation, if not in fact as well, and most of it will have lost all importance. Most of what he remembers he will therefore have to unlearn; and he will probably have acquired an incurable taste for vulgarity and sensationalism and the fatal habit of fluttering from paragraph to paragraph to learn how an actress has been divorced in California, a train derailed in France, and quadruplets born in new Zealand. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Preaches For Teens quotes by Aileen Quinn
#4. It took me years to actually get comfortable on the stage. I prefer the intimacy of screen; it comes easier to me. In theater, you have to be louder and bigger - that was harder for many years in my teens. But now I've conquered that. I eat up the stage. I love it. #Quote by Aileen Quinn
Preaches For Teens quotes by Cari Beauchamp
#5. Her friendships were as legendary as her stories and some of the best were with her fellow writers for during the teens, 1920s, and early 1930s, almost one quarter of the screenwriters in Hollywood were women. Half of all the films copyrighted between 1911 and 1925 were written by women. #Quote by Cari Beauchamp
Preaches For Teens quotes by Jeff Kluttz
#6. relegated to a tireless search to find a church that preaches the Bible at all, as today's pulpits more commonly stream self-help infomercials which refuse to mention, let alone offer remedy for man's greatest issue: sin and man's need for redemption. #Quote by Jeff Kluttz
Preaches For Teens quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#7. He was a worried man (I'm stretching the term a bit here, I know. By now, in his mid to late teens, he might just about have passed for a man. When seen from behind. At a distance. On a very dark night). #Quote by Jonathan Stroud
Preaches For Teens quotes by Debora Geary
#8. It's like parenting. The hardest, most intensive time comes at the very beginning. We still love those babies as they grow into daredevil children, recalcitrant teens, and parents setting eyes on their own babes for the first time. We just get a little more sleep while we do it. #Quote by Debora Geary
Preaches For Teens quotes by Bryant A. Loney
#9. The weekends are too short for sleep! #Quote by Bryant A. Loney
Preaches For Teens quotes by Lynn M. Hamilton
#10. The Dalai Lama teaches that the self lies somewhere beyond our bodies and our minds. He preaches that human nature is essentially good. Only the affection of a mother allows a child to survive. Only the baby's affection for his mother drives him to feed from her breast. This shows, the Dalai Lama explains, that we are born into compassion and sustained by it. So our essential nature is compassionate. #Quote by Lynn M. Hamilton
Preaches For Teens quotes by Melissa Walker
#11. The Drama Years is filled with heart-stirring stories, just-been-there advice from recent teens and practical, actionable tips for parents. It's full of real girls talking about everything from stress and body image to love and materialism. Reading this book, I cringed in recognition of my own drama years, just wishing this book had been around back then and so grateful I'll have it as a guide for my own daughter. #Quote by Melissa Walker
Preaches For Teens quotes by John Flanagan
#12. Finally, Wulf reacted to the constant staring and head-shaking. "What are you looking at?" he demanded of one young soldier - a youth barely out of his teens. The cavalry trooper pointed to Ulf, who was a few meters away. "That man," the trooper said. "You look just like him." Wulf scowled at his brother, then at the young Arridan. "No I don't," he retorted crisply. "He looks like me." Then he added darkly, if not logically, "And he'd better stop doing it if he knows what's good for him!" Thoroughly confused, the trooper continued #Quote by John Flanagan
Preaches For Teens quotes by Julianne Moore
#13. My father was a military judge, and my mother was a psychiatric social worker. My brother and sister and I were moved around constantly, in and outside the U.S., living in Germany for much of our teens. #Quote by Julianne Moore
Preaches For Teens quotes by Ayn Rand
#14. is "an architect of the modern type who preaches and practices cooperation. He has no use for the architect who 'shuts himself up in his office to make a design and then sends it out to a contractor to build or to an engineer to fit up the plumbing, heating and steel as best as he can.' Nor has he any use for the architect who 'goes up to a Communion on Mount Sinai and hands the results to the owner, the engineers and the public: In his view, as in my own, the best designs, at any rate for the building of skyscrapers, come from 'a group of minds in which the architect is one link in the #Quote by Ayn Rand
Preaches For Teens quotes by Dennis Prager
#15. The lack of attention to Moses's sons here and elsewhere in the Torah - essentially nothing is said about them - needs to be explained. And the explanation is probably this: They did not amount to much. This raises the interesting issue of the difficulty many children of great people face in leading successful and satisfying lives. In a book about Moses, 'Overcoming Life's Disappointments', Rabbi Harold Kushner writes about this: Sometimes the father casts so large a shadow that he makes it hard for his children to find the sunshine they need to grow and flourish. Sometimes, the father's achievements are so intimidating that the child just gives up any hope of equaling him. But mostly, I suspect, it takes so much of a man's [the father's] time and energy to be a great man - great in some ways but not in all - that he has too little time left to be a father. As the South African leader Nelson Mandela's daughter was quoted as saying to him, 'You are the father of all our people but you never had time to be a father to me.'
Kushner relates a remarkable story he read in a magazine geared toward clergy, a fictional account of a pastor in a mid-sized church who had a dream one night in which a voice said to him, 'There are fifty teenagers in your church, and you have the ability to lead forty-nine of them to God and lose out on only one.' Energized by the dream, the minister throws all his energy into youth work, organizing special classes and trips for the church's teens. He #Quote by Dennis Prager
Preaches For Teens quotes by Gretchen Carlson
#16. In our family, at this point,[Sunday School] its not a choice for my kids. It's a duty for us as parents to give them faith as a foundation and hope that when they bemuse older teens and young adults they will choose the same thing for themselves. #Quote by Gretchen Carlson
Preaches For Teens quotes by Llarjme
#17. He's not yet realized that by giving away nothing but barefaced lies he's come to wither and rot inside. But she's still looking for him into the void of his cold heart. #Quote by Llarjme
Preaches For Teens quotes by Anne Tyler
#18. We stay in the house so much because I am waiting for the telephone. I seem to be back in my teens, a period I thought I would never have to endure again: my life is spent hoping for things that only someone else can bring about. #Quote by Anne Tyler
Preaches For Teens quotes by Trevor Nunn
#19. In my teens, I developed a passionate idolatry for a teacher of English literature. I wanted to do something that he would approve of more, so I thought I should be some sort of a scholar. #Quote by Trevor Nunn
Preaches For Teens quotes by Wilbur Smith
#20. Herbert, my father, was born in Britain but went out to Africa in his teens to join his father and built up an 18,000-acre ranch in what was then Northern Rhodesia, providing work for the locals. He was my hero when I was a boy. #Quote by Wilbur Smith
Preaches For Teens quotes by Lisa McMann
#21. WAKE
Dealing with an alcoholic single mother and endless hours of working at Heather Nursing Home to raise money for college, high-school senior Janie Hannagan doesn't need more problems. But inexplicably, since she was eight years old, she has been pulled in to people's dreams, witnessing their recurring fears, fantasies and secrets. Through Miss Stubin at Heather Home, Janie discovers that she is a dream catcher with the ability to help others resolve their haunting dreams. After taking an interest in former bad boy Cabel, she must distinguish between the monster she sees in his nightmares and her romantic feelings for him. And when she learns more about Cabel's covert identity, Janie just may be able to use her special dream powers to help solve crimes in a suspense-building ending with potential for a sequel. McMann lures teens in by piquing their interest in the mysteries of the unknown, and keeps them with quick-paced, gripping narration and supportive characters. #Quote by Lisa McMann
Preaches For Teens quotes by Rob Lowe
#22. When I was young and crazy, I was young and crazy. It can be hard enough just to BE in your teens and 20s. Then add fame, money, access, and every single person telling you that you're the greatest person who ever was, and it can be a recipe for disaster. Some people literally don't survive it. #Quote by Rob Lowe
Preaches For Teens quotes by Thomas Paine
#23. It is only in the CREATION that all our ideas and conceptions of a word of God can unite. The Creation speaketh an universal language, independently of human speech or human language, multiplied and various as they be. It is an ever existing original, which every man can read. It cannot be forged; it cannot be counterfeited; it cannot be lost; it cannot be altered; it cannot be suppressed. It does not depend upon the will of man whether it shall be published or not; it publishes itself from one end of the earth to the other. It preaches to all nations and to all worlds; and this word of God reveals to man all that is necessary for man to know of God.

Do we want to contemplate his power? We see it in the immensity of the creation. Do we want to contemplate his wisdom? We see it in the unchangeable order by which the incomprehensible Whole is governed. Do we want to contemplate his munificence? We see it in the abundance with which he fills the earth. Do we want to contemplate his mercy? We see it in his not withholding that abundance even from the unthankful. In fine, do we want to know what God is? Search not the book called the scripture, which any human hand might make, but the scripture called the Creation. #Quote by Thomas Paine
Preaches For Teens quotes by Georg Brandes
#24. [Nietzsche inveighs] against every sort of historical optimism; but he energetically repudiates the ordinary pessimism, which is the result of degenerate or enfeebled instincts of decadence. He preaches with youthful enthusiasm the triumph of a tragic culture, introduced by an intrepid rising generation, in which the spirit of ancient Greece might be born again. He rejects the pessimism of Schopenhauer, for he already abhors all renunciation; but he seeks a pessimism of healthiness, one derived from strength, from exuberant power, and he believes he has found it in the Greeks. #Quote by Georg Brandes
Preaches For Teens quotes by Bell Hooks
#25. The confusion boys experience about their identity is heightened during adolescence. In many ways the fact that today's boy often has a wider range of emotional expression in early childhood, but if forced to suppress emotional awareness later on makes adolescence all the more stressful for boys. Tragically, were it not for the extreme violence that has erupted among teenage boys throughout our nation, the emotional life of boys would still be ignored. Although therapists tell us that mass media images of male violence and domination teach boys that violence is alluring and satisfying, when individual boys are violent, especially when they murder randomly, pundits tend to behave as though it were a mystery why boys are so violent. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Preaches For Teens quotes by Alan Alda
#26. For a while in my teens, I was sure I had it. It was about getting to heaven. If heaven existed and lasted forever, then a mere lifetime spent scrupulously following orders was a small investment for an infinite payoff. One day, though, I realized I was no longer a believer, and realizing that, I couldn't go back. #Quote by Alan Alda
Preaches For Teens quotes by F. Paul Wilson
#27. I survived a number of garage bands during my teens and early twenties, both as drummer and guitarist. It's nigh impossible for me to listen to music without parsing it. #Quote by F. Paul Wilson
Preaches For Teens quotes by Joel Osteen
#28. In my early teens, I knew I wanted to do television production. I loved cameras, editing and producing, anything that had to do with television production. My friend had a production studio across town, and we'd go over there at night and shoot and edit. I produced my father's televised service for 17 years. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Preaches For Teens quotes by Amalie Howard
#29. I already fear for my life just because of who I am, you think adding a little inconsequential vampire to the equation will change any of that? #Quote by Amalie Howard
Preaches For Teens quotes by Beverly K. Bachel
#30. When going for your goals, staying motivated, enthusiastic, and flexible are daily deeds of daring. #Quote by Beverly K. Bachel
Preaches For Teens quotes by Marquis De Sade
#31. The slave preaches the virtues of kindness and humility to his master, because as a slave he has need of them;but the master, better guided by nature and his passions, has no need to devote himself to anything excepting those things which serve or please him. Be as kind as you wish, if you enjoy such things - but dont demand any reward for having had this pleasure #Quote by Marquis De Sade
Preaches For Teens quotes by Malcolm X
#32. They don't stand for anything different in South Africa than America stands for. The only difference is over there they preach as well as practice apartheid. America preaches freedom and practices slavery. #Quote by Malcolm X
Preaches For Teens quotes by Jeff Zentner
#33. For a long time I shined my light for someone other than me. But not anymore. Now I shine bright for me. You can create light even when everyone's left you behind because that's what you do. It's what I do. #Quote by Jeff Zentner
Preaches For Teens quotes by Joanne Fedler
#34. You will need to stay calm as you witness the candy floss in your daughter's smile harden into brittle bitchiness. You will need to muster a new resolve as your son's fascination with Pokémon shifts to porn. You will have to recalibrate your mothering instinct to accommodate the notion that not only do your children poop and burp, they also masturbate, drink and smoke. As their bodies, brains and worlds rearrange themselves, you will need to do your own reshuffling. You will come to see that, though you gave them life, they're the ones who've got a life. They've got 1700 friends on Facebook. They've got YouTube accounts (with hundreds of sub- scribers), endless social arrangements, concerts, Valentine's Day dances and Halloween parties. What we have – if we're lucky – is a 'Thanks for the ride, Mum, don't call me, I'll call you,' as they slam the car door and indicate we can run along now. #Quote by Joanne Fedler
Preaches For Teens quotes by Danah Boyd
#35. Teens are desperate to have access to and make sense of public life; understanding the technologies that enable publics is just par for the course. #Quote by Danah Boyd
Preaches For Teens quotes by Shaun David Hutchinson
#36. I hate Jesse for leaving me behind. If he asked, I would have walked into the air with him. #Quote by Shaun David Hutchinson
Preaches For Teens quotes by Alice Hoffman
#37. When I write for teens, I feel I can cut through everything and get to the bare bones. I can get straight into the emotional world of the character. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Preaches For Teens quotes by Kevin Systrom
#38. Our goal is really to make sure that 'Instagram', whether you're a celebrity or not, is a safe place and that the content that gets posted is something that's appropriate for teens and also for adults. #Quote by Kevin Systrom
Preaches For Teens quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#39. Christianity preaches only servitude and dependence. Its spirit is so favourable to tyranny that it always profits by such a régime. Genuine
Christians are made to be slaves, and they know it and don't much mind: this short life counts for too little in their eyes. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Preaches For Teens quotes by Sarah Bessey
#40. So may there be grace and kindness, gentleness and love in our hearts, especially for the ones who we believe are profoundly wrong. The Good News is proclaimed when we love each other. I pray for unity beyond conformity, because loving-kindness preaches the gospel more beautifully and truthfully than any satirical blog post or point-by-point dismantling of another disciple's reputation and teaching. #Quote by Sarah Bessey
Preaches For Teens quotes by Andrew Solomon
#41. I understand perfectly well why the Catholic Church preaches against abortion. But it shouldn't be the purpose of the Catholic Church to prevent non-Catholics from having abortions if they feel that abortions are morally acceptable. They can certainly only argue for what they believe to be right in the court of public opinion and try to persuade people. #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Preaches For Teens quotes by Nicole Sobon
#42. But do you think our futures are already determined for us?"
"Why are you asking all of this? What's going on?"
I let out a small laugh. "Remember when we were in the hallway?" He nodded. "Well, Thirteen tried telling me that I couldn't escape my fate and that there was no point in fighting the inevitable."
"Do you think it is inevitable?" he asked.
"Me?" I scoffed. "No. Nothing is ever guaranteed. One minor adjustment can alter everything. Nothing is ever set in stone. As of right now, we're all on one path: we're all stuck inside of this hell that we're trying to escape, and it may seem like the outcome has already been determined for us, but it hasn't. The smallest of things could change everything. A death. Deception. Anything could force us to follow another path, and you know what? We determine that path, not fate."
"What path do you see yourself on?" Colton hopped up onto the computer desk, tucking his hands underneath his thighs.
"I see us starting new lives outside of this place, far from McVeigh and his men," I answered honestly. "But I know not all of us will make it out of here. There is still more pain to come our way, but there is also happiness if we allow for it. #Quote by Nicole Sobon
Preaches For Teens quotes by J.D. Vance
#43. The angry reaction supports the academic literature on Appalachian Americans. In a December 2000 paper, sociologists Carol A. Markstrom, Sheila K. Marshall, and Robin J. Tryon found that avoidance and wishful-thinking forms of coping "significantly predicted resiliency" among Appalachian teens. Their paper suggests that hillbillies learn from an early age to deal with uncomfortable truths by avoiding them, or by pretending better truths exist. This tendency might make for psychological resilience, but it also makes it hard for Appalachians to look at themselves honestly. We #Quote by J.D. Vance
Preaches For Teens quotes by Amy Astley
#44. A short way into Teen Vogue I realized that teens see it as a guide for their lives and their careers, more than a place to teach them how to get boys. And they don't ask us fashion advice questions; they're too sophisticated. They're inspired by what they see and they think, 'These people at this magazine represent what I want to be, beyond shoes and makeup.' #Quote by Amy Astley
Preaches For Teens quotes by Dean Kamen
#45. You have teenagers thinking they're going to make millions as NBA stars when that's not realistic for even 1 percent of them. Becoming a scientist or engineer is. #Quote by Dean Kamen
Preaches For Teens quotes by William Goldman
#46. True love is the best thing in the world, except for cough drops. #Quote by William Goldman
Preaches For Teens quotes by Kami Garcia
#47. Coming into your powers can be a very confusing time. Perhaps there is a book on the subject. If you like, we can go see Marian.
Yeah, right. Choices and Changes. A Modern Girl's Guide to Casting. My Mom Wants to Kill Me: A Self-Help Book For Teens. #Quote by Kami Garcia
Preaches For Teens quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#48. What is this thing you call substance abuse?
All I wanna do is forget and get loose.
Drinking and smoking over and over
What's so great about a life that's sober?
There's nothing cool about being young
When the monsters of night have stolen the sun.
I'm tired of searching for words in the sky.
All I wanna do is drink and die.
Nothing is real. It's all a big lie.
All I wanna do is drink and die.
There's nothing cool about being young
When the monsters of night have stolen the sun. #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Preaches For Teens quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#49. I think that we ought to be listening to our children a lot more often. Our children are living in the "here and now" and they know what to do about it. We can teach our children about where we have come from, but they can teach us about where we are all at, right now. Parents tend to come at their children with an arrogance merely due to the fact that they've been alive longer, but this is exactly where the disconnect takes place, this is exactly how you are going to not be able to connect with your children at the heart level. Being alive longer doesn't make you better at living. Read that again. I have many times turned to my son for guidance on LIVING in the here and now, and have become a vastly better person for it, as a result. We are not the only leaders here; we may be carrying a torch but our kids are carrying flashlights, and sometimes, flashlights are going to work so much better. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.

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