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Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Sloane Crosley
#1. I have a disproportionate amount of faith in the goodness of the world and that everything will actually work out okay. #Quote by Sloane Crosley
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Melissa Jensen
#2. Five years from today. Where, exactly, do you want to be?"
Her eyes lit up. Sadie loves that kind of question. "Ooh. Wow. Let me think. December, getting close to Christmas. I'll be twenty-one..."
"Passed out under the tree with a fifth of Jack, half a 7-Eleven rotisserie chicken, and a cat who poops in your shoes." Frankie returned our startled glances with his lizard look. "Oh, wait. That's me. Sorry."
I opted to ignore him. "Five years to the day,Sadie."
She glanced quickly between Frankie and me. "Do we need a time-out here?"
"Nope," I said. "Carry on."
"Okay. Five years. I will be in New York visiting the pair of you because, while NYU is fab, I will be halfwau through my final year of classics at Cambridge, trying to decide whether I want to be a psychologist or a pastry chef. You," she said sternly to Frankie, "will be drinking appropriate amounds of champagne with your boyfriend, a six-three blond from Helsinki who happens to design for Tory Burch. Ah! Don't say anything. It's my future. You can choose a different designer when it's you go. I want the Tory freebies." She turned to me. "We will be sipping said champagne in the middle of the Gagosian Galley, because it is the opening night of your first solo exhibit. At which everything will sell."
She punctuated the sentence by poking the air with a speared black olive.
"I love you," I told her. Then, "But that wasn't really about you."
"Oh,but it was," she disagreed, going #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Haruki Murakami
#3. I loved her smile. It soothed me, encouraged me. It'll be all right, her smile told me. Just hang in there, and everything will turn out okay. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Orizuka
#4. Everything will be okay in the end. And if it's not okay,, It's not the end. #Quote by Orizuka
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by James Frey
#5. Live and let live, do not judge, take life as it comes and deal with it, everything will be okay. #Quote by James Frey
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Terri Irwin
#6. That night Bindi, Steve, and I all curled up in bed together. "As long as we're together," Steve said, "everything will be just fine."
It was spooky, and I didn't want to think about it, but it did indeed seem that Steve got into trouble more when he was off on his own. Around that time, on a shoot in Africa with the bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, Steve slipped as he rushed to get a shot of a lizard. He put his hand out to catch himself, and placed it down right in the middle of a euphorbia plant. The bush broke into pieces, and the splinters sank deep into Steve's hand.
Kalahari bushmen use the resin of the euphorbia plant to poison-tip their spears. Steve's arm swelled and turned black. He became feverish and debated whether to go home or to the hospital. He sought the advice of the bushmen who worked with the poisonous resin regularly.
"What do you do if you get nailed by this poison?"
The bushmen smiled broadly. "We die," they said.
John filmed every step of the way as the skin of Steve's arm continued to blacken and he rode out the fever. He worried about the residual effects of gangrene.
Ultimately, Steve survived, but he felt the effects for weeks afterward. Once again, Steve and I discussed how uneasy we felt when we were apart. Every time we were together on a trip, we knew we'd be okay. When we were apart, though, we shared a disconcerting feeling that was hard to put into words. It made me feel hollow inside.
The Africa trip had #Quote by Terri Irwin
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Ricky Martin
#7. I learned that it is very easy to lose yourself in the pain. Pain comes, it seduces you, it plays with you, and you identify with it to the point that you start to believe this is how life is. When you feel that heaviness in your heart, most of the time the parameters of pain and relief become blurry, and it is very easy to stay stuck in what you already know, pain. We lose our memory and forget the peaceful moments when everything was light and gravity was an ally. It's okay to feel hurt - it's human. It's important to feel, but you cannot cling to sadness, distress, or bitterness for too long, because they will inevitably destroy you. #Quote by Ricky Martin
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Adam Wilson
#8. Possible Ending #16 (Life Imitates Art Imitates Life Imitates Art Imitates): I'd seen this movie. Obvious ending: outright betrayal, lesson learned, life is heartbreak, people who mean well still fuck you over, everyone's sad, greedy, looking out for number one, no consideration for the fragile fat boy whose displayed cynicism only masks a deeper hope that everyone's okay, will ultimately end up all right, that love exists, that happiness may not be stable but at least comes in bursts, that everything worthwhile wasn't just a self-created illusion. #Quote by Adam Wilson
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Steve Bivans
#9. The argument that the chemical and drug companies often make, to counter the growing movement of natural or alternative medicine is similar to my warning about kissing cobras. They will say things like, "Not all things natural are good for you" and "Even walking to the bathroom in the morning carries risks!" They then trot out extreme, obvious examples like drinking hemlock, or kissing cobras, people falling down stairs in their house, and the like. Okay Mr. Chemicalman, some natural things can kill you, like CEOs of chemical companies who poison almost everything they touch with their products? That's assuming of course that CEOs are natural. #Quote by Steve Bivans
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Jillian Medoff
#10. There's this place deep inside myself that I'm trying to reach. A calm, quiet place where I don't exist as a girl with a body that grows too big. A place where I can finally sleep. I'm trying to reach that place, every day I try, and I know there will be a point when I'll be able to slip through. I know the point, I've almost been there, the point when I'm so hungry, I can't feel it, the point of numbness, of suspension, the window of time when it's okay to say yes, to let go, to fly. That's the point I work toward, my own personal hunger point; a point when I feel everything and nothing at all. When all it takes is one more step and I'll be safe. #Quote by Jillian Medoff
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Anna Banks
#11. You're sure you want to do this," Galen says, eyeing me like I've grown a tiara of snakes on my head.
"Absolutely." I unstrap the four-hundred-dollar silver heels and spike them into the sand. When he starts unraveling his tie, I throw out my hand. "No! Leave it. Leave everything on."
Galen frowns. "Rachel would kill us both. In our sleep. She would torture us first."
"This is our prom night. Rachel would want us to enjoy ourselves." I pull the thousand-or-so bobby pins from my hair and toss them in the sand. Really, both of us are right. She would want us to be happy. But she would also want us to stay in our designer clothes.
Leaning over, I shake my head like a wet dog, dispelling the magic of hairspray. Tossing my hair back, I look at Galen.
His crooked smile almost melts me where I stand. I'm just glad to see a smile on his face at all. The last six months have been rough. "Your mother will want pictures," he tells me.
"And what will she do with pictures? There aren't exactly picture frames in the Royal Caverns." Mom's decision to mate with Grom and live as his queen didn't surprise me. After all, I am eighteen years old, an adult, and can take care of myself. Besides, she's just a swim away.
"She keeps picture frames at her house though. She could still enjoy them while she and Grom come to shore to-"
"Okay, ew. Don't say it. That's where I draw the line."
Galen laughs and takes off his shoes. I forget all about Mom and Grom #Quote by Anna Banks
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Meg Cabot
#12. It's truly weird how everyone just thinks they can bring me Diet Coke and everything will be okay. Especially since it's pretty much true.-Lizzie Nichols #Quote by Meg Cabot
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Jasinda Wilder
#13. I need you to love me. I need you to tell me it's going to be okay. Lie to me if you have to, and tell me everything will be okay. I'm lost, Cade. And you're the only north I have. #Quote by Jasinda Wilder
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Lauren Oliver
#14. We come from two different worlds, and we belonged to two different sides. But everything will be okay. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Avril Lavigne
#15. There's nothing I could say to you
Nothing I could ever do to make you see
What you mean to me
All the pain, the tears I cried
Still you never said goodbye and now I know
How far you'd go

I know I let you down
But it's not like that now
This time I'll never let you go

I will be, all that you want
And get myself together
Cause you keep me from falling apart
All my life, I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

I thought that I had everything
I didn't know what life could bring
But now I see, honestly
You're the one thing I got right
The only one I let inside
Now I can breathe, cause you're here with me

And if I let you down
I'll turn it all around
Cause I would never let you go

I will be, all that you want
And get myself together
Cause you keep me from falling apart
All my life, I'll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

Cause without you I cant sleep
I'm not gonna ever, ever let you leave
You're all I've got, you're all I want

And without you I don't know what I'd do
I can never, ever live a day without you
Here with me, do you see,
You're all I need

And I will be, all that you want
And get myself together
Cause you keep me #Quote by Avril Lavigne
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#16. Okay," Max said. "Now I'm terrified that I, um, said it too late?"
His uncertainty turned his words into a question. "Am I too late?" he asked again, as if he actually thought . . .
As much as Gina enjoyed watching him squirm, she forced her lungs and vocal cords to start working again. "Are you . . ." She had to clear her throat, but then it really didn't matter what she said, because the tears in her eyes surely told him everything he wanted to hear.
She saw his relief, and yes, he was still scared, she saw that, too, but mixed in with that was hope. And something that looked a heck of a lot like happiness.
Happiness - in Max's eyes.
"Are you really asking me for a second chance?" she managed to get it all out in a breathless exhale.
He kissed her then, as if he couldn't bear to stand so close and not kiss her. "Please," he breathed, as he kissed her again, as he licked his way into her mouth and . . . God . . .
She could've stood there, kissing Max forever, but the man on the megaphone just shouldn't shut up.
Besides, she wanted to be sure that this was about more than just sex.
"Do you want me in your life?" Gina asked him. "I mean, need is nice, but . . ." It implied a certain lack of free will. Want on the other hand . . .
"Want," he said. "Yes. I want you. Very much. In my life. Gina, I was lost without you." He caught himself. "More lost, or . . ." He shook his head. "Fuck it, I'm a mess, but if for some reason you sti #Quote by Suzanne Brockmann
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Lindy West
#17. America loves to lie about itself, and Americans love to eat those lies up--anything that obliterates our sins, that tells us everything will be okay, that makes us the infallible, gallant protagonist in the story of Earth. We must root out the assumptions we swallow as fact and the facts we deny. #Quote by Lindy West
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Emily Maroutian
#18. Give to yourself first.

To everything, there is a season. Some seasons, you will give fruit; other seasons, you will need to rest and recover. The bare tree is not a failure. It is simply in the replenishment part of its cycle. That's a necessary part of its process because without it, the tree can't grow more fruit.

You don't have to give every time. It's okay for you to take some time for yourself, as well. In fact, if you want to have enough to give to others, you will need to take care of yourself first. A tree that refuses water and sunlight for itself can't bear fruit for others. #Quote by Emily Maroutian
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Nadair Desmar
#19. Trust the faith everything will be okay. #Quote by Nadair Desmar
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Tyler Oakley
#20. One thing I've learned best from my mom is to be yourself and not everyone will get you and that's okay. I try to bring that into everything that I do and just understand that I will not be everyone's cup of tea and that's fine. #Quote by Tyler Oakley
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#21. What is she to you anyway?"
"Here's my answer captain. She's the thing that made this all okay-the threadbare coats and the old boots and the guns that jams when you most need them to fire, the loneliness of knowing that you don't matter, that you will never matter, the fact that you're just another body, another uniform to be sent into the fold or the frost, another good boy who knows his place, who does his job, who doesn't ask questions, who will lie down and die and be forgotten. What is she? She's everything, you dumb son of a bitch. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Fernando Sabino
#22. In the end, everything will be okay. If it's not okay, it's not yet the end. ~Fernando Sabino, translated from Portuguese #Quote by Fernando Sabino
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Arianna Johnson
#23. Tears

I struggle with myself to keep them inside
The feelings that I have tried to deny.

I tell everyone that I am okay
When I battle to make it through each day.

In my world of illusions where everything was right
I cried myself to sleep each night.

You notice the tears filling my eyes
As I begin to shed my shallow disguise.

My pain, confusion and a few of my fears
Drop to the ground in the form of my tears.

It feels so good to release the emotions built up
To say what I feel instead of bottling them up.

As I cry a weight seems to lift from me
I feel so much better now that you can see.

And now that you know what it is that I feel
Will you fight the battle with me and
help my wounds heal? #Quote by Arianna Johnson
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Jonathan R. Miller
#24. They lie in bed and recount everything they've experienced over the course of the past forty-eight hours. Debating the meaning of it all, if there is one. They try to determine whether this series of events is just a result of temporary bad fortune - an anomaly - or whether it's a sign of a truly bad thing coming, something catastrophic. As is often the case, they find themselves arguing opposite sides: he says it's going to be okay, and she says it's not, that nothing will ever be the same again. They defend their positions for a while and then they switch. #Quote by Jonathan R. Miller
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#25. Most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be. Sometimes you'll put up a good fight and lose. Sometimes you'll hold on really hard and realize there is no choice but to let go. Acceptance is a small, quiet room. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Russ Harris
#26. Most of us want pretty much the same thing. We want to know there is someone there for us: someone who truly cares about us, who takes the time to understand us, who recognizes our pain and appreciates how badly we are suffering, who makes the time to be with us and allows us to share our true feelings without expecting us to cheer up or pretend everything is okay, who will support us, who treats us kindly and offers to help, whose actions demonstrate that we are not alone. #Quote by Russ Harris
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Deyth Banger
#27. It's hard to impress me in case you don't know me, to lie me there isn't purpose I will find soon or later the truth. The lie just make the stuff complex and complex and after all I just don't want anymore to believe in your words, if you want to sacrifice this okay, continue to do this and I can assure that soon everything will come in it's order. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Jessica N. Turner
#28. My friend Karen says that life is like a sound board. When music is mixed, the sound technician needs to adjust the levels to make the music sound its best. If one person or instrument needs to be really loud, everything else can't be loud too because the board can't handle it and, more importantly, the music won't sound its best. The same is true in life. If one thing is dominating during a particular season, that's okay, as long as adjustments are made to other areas. Without those adjustments to "reduce the volume," distortion and chaos will result. But if you make those adjustments, your life song will bring the most beauty and pleasure possible in your life. #Quote by Jessica N. Turner
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Dave Matthews
#29. If you've got a question just get in line
'Cause my intentions are to make you mine
I'll take care of everything
All you need, friend, is right here
... And if you're lost I will find your way
Give me your soul, friend, it's okay #Quote by Dave Matthews
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Simone Elkeles
#30. In the end everything will be okay. But hurdles have to be jumped through first. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Lauren Oliver
#31. When I'm running, there's always this split second when the pain is ripping through me and I can hardly breathe and all I see is color and blur - and in that split second, right as the pain crests, and becomes too much, and there's a whiteness going through me, I see something to my left, a flicker of color [ ... ] - and I know then, too, that if I only turn my head he'll be there, laughing, watching me, and holding out his arms.
I don't ever turn my head to look, of course. But one day I will. One day I will, and he'll be back, and everything will be okay.
And until then: I run. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Mary Laura Philpott
#32. I used to think that if only I could make everything perfect, then I could relax and have fun. If I could just eliminate all mistakes, my life would settle into place - click! - and my mind would rest. If I'm being truthful, I have to acknowledge that on some unchangeable, deep-down level, there's still a part of me that thinks that. I'm still a first grader at a spelling bee, thinking that what matters more than anything is that I get every word right.

But by now, I've built up a crowd of selves who can set that little girl at ease. It's okay, they tell her. Mistakes will happen - they have happened - and it's not the end of the world. They get her to loosen up a little bit. They help her see that doing things wrong is part of doing life right. They show her that joy is bigger than fear. It can even be funny when things go haywire. #Quote by Mary Laura Philpott
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Cynthia Hand
#33. People kept saying, 'It's going to be all right.' That's what they told me, over and over and over, like Don't you worry, little girl, it will all be okay, because there's got to be some bullshit overall rule of the universe that no matter what happens, no matter how bad it gets, everything will be all right in the end."

"Yeah," I murmur.

"And you know what I kept thinking? I kept thinking, That is a fucking lie. It is not going to be all right. It will never be all right, ever, ever again. So stop fucking lying to me. #Quote by Cynthia Hand
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Meg Wolitzer
#34. Everyone needs a wife; even wives need wives. Wives tend, they hover. Their ears are twin sensitive instruments, satellites picking up the slightest scrape of dissatisfaction. Wives bring broth, we bring paper clips, we bring ourselves and our pliant, warm bodies. We know just what to say to the men who for some reason have a great deal of trouble taking consistent care of themselves or anyone else. "Listen," we say. "Everything will be okay." And then, as if our lives depend on it, we make sure it is. #Quote by Meg Wolitzer
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by C.M. Stunich
#35. Lilith," he says, and he sounds so boy next door, so apologetic, that I can hardly even believe he's breaking up with me. [...]
I told you - I told you - that guys like Copeland Park were the most dangerous. The nice ones, the sweet ones, the ones that promise that everything will be okay with a single look. They're the ones that fuck you over the hardest. #Quote by C.M. Stunich
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Nicole Williams
#36. You're right. So right. My heart is a god among mere mortals. A queen among peons. A rock star among the masses. There's nothing to worry about. Everything will be okay. #Quote by Nicole Williams
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Deyth Banger
#37. You want to understand are they needing you or not??
Are they with you or not??
Do they feel what you to make them better or not..
Wow these are a lot of questions, I just don't know from where to start...
Okay..., just stop doing that, stop being part of them, just remove them from social and non social live for a time... and keep waiting you could give some kind a information about where you will be or not and wait you will see everything. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Praying Everything Will Okay quotes by Alice Sebold
#38. Buckley followed the three of them into the kitchen and asked, as he had at least once a day, "Where's Susie?"

They were silent. Samuel looked at Lindsey.

"Buckley," my father called from the adjoining room, "come play Monopoly with me."

My brother had never been invited to play Monopoly. Everyone said he was too young, but this was the magic of Christmas. He rushed into the family room, and my father picked him up and sat him on his lap.

"See this shoe?" my father said.

Buckley nodded his head.

"I want you to listen to everything I say about it, okay?"

"Susie?" my brother asked, somehow connecting the two.

"Yes, I'm going to tell you where Susie is."

I began to cry up in heaven. What else was there for me to do?

"This shoe was the piece Susie played Monopoly with," he said. "I play with the car or sometimes the wheelbarrow. Lindsey plays with the iron, and when you mother plays, she likes the cannon."

"Is that a dog?"

"Yes, that's a Scottie."


"Okay," my father said. He was patient. He had found a way to explain it. He held his son in his lap, and as he spoke, he felt Buckley's small body on his knee-the very human, very warm, very alive weight of it. It comforted him. "The Scottie will be your piece from now on. Which piece is Susie's again?"

"The shoe?" Buckley asked.

"Right, and I'm the car, #Quote by Alice Sebold

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