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Famous Quotes About Praxiteles Art

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Praxiteles Art quotes by Wendell Berry
#1. This much is clear to me: insofar as I am capable of feeling such pleasures as I believe Nick felt, I am strong; insofar as I am dependent on the pleasures made available by my salary and the things I own, I am weak. I feel much more secure in those pleasures for which I am dependent on the world, as Nick was for most of his, than in those for which I am dependent on the government or on a power company or on the manufacturers of appliances. And I am far from conceding anything to those who assume that the poor or anyone else can be improved by recourse to that carnival of waste and ostentation and greed known as "our high standard of living." As Thoreau so well knew, and so painstakingly tried to show us, what a man most needs is not a knowledge of how to get more, but a knowledge of the most he can do without, and of how to get along without it. The essential cultural discrimination is not between having and not having or haves and have-nots, but between the superfluous and the indispensable. Wisdom, it seems to me, is always poised upon the knowledge of minimums; it might be thought to be the art of minimums. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Praxiteles Art quotes by Rembrandt
#2. Without atmosphere a painting is nothing. #Quote by Rembrandt
Praxiteles Art quotes by Joyce Wycoff
#3. Photography captures a moment in time. Art captures time in a moment. #Quote by Joyce Wycoff
Praxiteles Art quotes by Miyamoto Musashi
#4. Become acquainted with every art. #Quote by Miyamoto Musashi
Praxiteles Art quotes by Banksy
#5. I want to live in a world created by art, not just decorated with it #Quote by Banksy
Praxiteles Art quotes by Joe Meno
#6. Attention, God the Judge, God the Father, who Art in Heaven, give me one miracle, please. If You exist as I know You do, even if no one else in the world believes in You, please give me a brain tumor. Please tear my limbs from their sockets and let the backseat and my older sister be totally covered with blood. Please make me dumb and blind and deaf, please make me a martyr, please, dear heavenly Father. Tear my heart right from my chest. Drive spikes into my eyes and let hot lava shoot out of my mouth. Make me silent and thoroughly dead, but please hurry. Before we get home, before we reach the next stoplight, let the only sound be no sound, the silence of my death burning in the empty sky. If You are a mighty and true God, if You are not just a dream I have made up, please, before another hour, another minute passes, let the wire in my bra poke through my heart. Dear Lord, please, please, give me this one miracle. I have begged You every day, every evening, so please, let Your will be done, let Your will be done. Give me a gruesome death as fast as You possibly can. Thank you, God. Amen. #Quote by Joe Meno
Praxiteles Art quotes by Hirukuma
#7. She has a perfect body, and she's supposed to be sexy, but it doesn't turn me on. She has an ethereal sort of look to her, as though I'm looking at a piece of art. There is no carnal desire there -- just a bewitching beauty. #Quote by Hirukuma
Praxiteles Art quotes by Richard Schmid
#8. All great art originates from the innocent child within us expressing itself through the wisdom, experience and skill of an adult. #Quote by Richard Schmid
Praxiteles Art quotes by Jerry N. Uelsmann
#9. The camera basically is a license to explore. #Quote by Jerry N. Uelsmann
Praxiteles Art quotes by Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
#10. For me, art is like a big support group, where you go and meet people who think the same way, and you go, 'Okay, I'm not nuts.' #Quote by Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
Praxiteles Art quotes by Arne Glimcher
#11. I would begin by collecting lithographs and etchings. It's a way of coming in and benefiting from real quality art. Even younger artists make wonderful prints. Prints can become very valuable. That's how I began collecting. #Quote by Arne Glimcher
Praxiteles Art quotes by Anne McCaffrey
#12. How could she have believed such an artificial life as the theatre was suitable? #Quote by Anne McCaffrey
Praxiteles Art quotes by Christian Boltanski
#13. It's pretentious to say, but my art is like a little Zen story, a story with a question mark at the end. People can take from it what they need. If somebody says, "Your art is very funny," I say, "You are totally right." If somebody says, "Your art is very sad," I say, "You are totally right." In Japan they say, "Your art is very Japanese, you even look Japanese.Your great-grandfather was most surely a Japanese man." And I say, "You are totally right." #Quote by Christian Boltanski
Praxiteles Art quotes by St. Vincent
#14. Fashion, for me, is anything that's aesthetic and beautiful. Art, food, film. It's something that I appreciate and really like. #Quote by St. Vincent
Praxiteles Art quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#15. In this course I have tried to reveal the mechanism of those wonderful toys - literary masterpieces. I have tried to make of you good readers who read books not for the infantile purpose of identifying oneself with the characters, and not for the adolescent purpose of learning to live, and not for the academic purpose of indulging in generalizations. I have tried to teach you to read books for the sake of their form, their visions, their art. I have tried to teach you to feel a shiver of artistic satisfaction, to share not the emotions of the people in the book but the emotions of its author - the joys and difficulties of creation. We did not talk around books, about books; we went to the center of this or that masterpiece, to the live heart of the matter. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Praxiteles Art quotes by Martin Luther
#16. Yes, would to God that I could persuade the rich and the mighty that they would permit the whole Bible to be painted on houses, on the inside and the outside, so that all can see it. That would be a Christian work ... If it is not a sin but good to have the image of Christ in my heart, why should it be a sin to have it in my eyes? This is especially true since the heart is more important than the eyes, and should be less stained by sin because it is the true abode and dwelling place of God. #Quote by Martin Luther
Praxiteles Art quotes by Confucius
#17. Speak the truth, do not yield to anger; give, if thou art asked for little; by these three steps thou wilt go near the gods. #Quote by Confucius
Praxiteles Art quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#18. The art of reasoning becomes of first importance. In this line antiquity has left us the finest models for imitation; I should consider the speeches of Livy, Sallust, and Tacitus, as pre-eminent specimens of logic, taste, and that sententious brevity which, using not a word to spare, leaves not a moment for inattention to the hearer. Amplification is the vice of modern oratory. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Praxiteles Art quotes by Steven Soderbergh
#19. There's nothing else exactly like it in any other art form, the orchestration of so many different elements. It's endlessly fascinating what can be done editorially. You can create meaning where there was none, you can create feeling where there was none, you can create narrative where there was none. Two frames can be the difference between something that works and something that doesn't. It's fascinating. #Quote by Steven Soderbergh
Praxiteles Art quotes by Big Sean
#20. To live in the moment is truly an art and is truly a talent, because when you live in the moment then you are truly the master of your whole life and you'll have the best times. #Quote by Big Sean
Praxiteles Art quotes by Elizabeth Rusch
#21. You never know what will spark a student's interest and feed the flame of learning. For me, all subjects are connected: writing, reading, science, art, music, math, social studies. By presenting myself as a writer with wide ranging passions - for astronomy, volcanology, art, music, history, and community service - I hope to inspire not only budding writers but also budding scientists, artists, activists... #Quote by Elizabeth Rusch
Praxiteles Art quotes by Bruno Bettelheim
#22. The delight we experience when we allow ourselves to respond to a fairy tale, the enchantment we feel, comes not from the psychological meaning of the tale (although this contributes to it) but from its literary qualities-the tale itself as a work of art, #Quote by Bruno Bettelheim
Praxiteles Art quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#23. Fencing is more a sport than a martial art. It would be like basing your knowledge of roman phalanx warfare on NFL football. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Praxiteles Art quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#24. No one accuses the gunner of maudlin affection for anything except his beasts and his weapons. He serves as least three jealous gods-his horse and all its sadlery and harness; his gun, whose least detail of efficiency is more important than men's lives; and, when these have been attended to, the never-ending mystery of his art commands him. #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Praxiteles Art quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#25. Dear me! how long is art!
And short is our life!
I often know amid the scholar's strife
A sinking feeling in my mind and heart.
How difficult the means are to be found
By which the primal sources may be breached;
And long before the halfway point is reached,
They bury a poor devil in the ground. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Praxiteles Art quotes by Laozi
#26. The greatest teacher has nothing to say. He simply gives himself in service, and never worries. #Quote by Laozi
Praxiteles Art quotes by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
#27. A liberal education forms ... a single body. Those, therefore, who from tender years receive instruction in the various forms of learning, recognize the same stamp on all the arts, and an intercourse between all studies, and so they more readily comprehend them all. #Quote by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
Praxiteles Art quotes by Zachary A. Diaz
#28. Art is a visual language; I'm just perfecting my alphabet. #Quote by Zachary A. Diaz
Praxiteles Art quotes by Art Hochberg
#29. Everyone's story is just their story. It may have little to do with you, or nothing to do with you. #Quote by Art Hochberg
Praxiteles Art quotes by Buffy Sainte-Marie
#30. The artistic process in digital art is very much the same as for making other kinds of paintings. #Quote by Buffy Sainte-Marie

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