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Powerful Theories quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#1. [T]ruly grand and powerful theories [ ... ] do not and cannot rest upon single observations. Evolution is an inference from thousands of independent sources, the only conceptual structure that can make unified sense of all this disparate information. The failure of a particular claim usually records a local error, not the bankruptcy of a central theory. [ ... ] If I mistakenly identify your father's brother as your own dad, you don't become genealogically rootless and created de novo . You still have a father; we just haven't located him properly. #Quote by Stephen Jay Gould
Powerful Theories quotes by George Eliot
#2. Deronda ... gave himself up to that strongest effect of chanted liturgies which is independent of detailed verbal meaning ... The most powerful movement of feeling with a liturgy is the prayer which seeks for nothing special, but is a yearning to escape from the limitations of our own weakness and an invocation of all Good to enter and abide with us; or else a self-oblivious lifting up of gladness, a Gloria in excelsis that such Good exists; both the yearning and the exultation gathering their utmost force from the sense of communion in a form which has expressed them both, for long generations of struggling fellow-men. #Quote by George Eliot
Powerful Theories quotes by Eva Jablonka
#3. If anyone imagines that scientists are dispassionate and impartial people, discussing theories and ideas unemotionally in the cool clear light of reason, they have been seriously misled. #Quote by Eva Jablonka
Powerful Theories quotes by Julie Eshbaugh
#4. There is strong danger in a person who can create such powerful deceit they can no longer distinguish their own lies from the truth. #Quote by Julie Eshbaugh
Powerful Theories quotes by Peter York
#5. Men turn to formal wear when they want a new job or when they think their current one is in danger. They try to present themselves as powerful and successful. #Quote by Peter York
Powerful Theories quotes by John Patrick Hickey
#6. Mark this on your wall and remember it always: The greatest single most powerful enemy to success is success itself. #Quote by John Patrick Hickey
Powerful Theories quotes by John Andreas Widtsoe
#7. God must have been engaged from the beginning, and must now be engaged in progressive development, and infinite as God is, he must have been less powerful in the past than he is today ... We may be certain that, through self-effort, the inherent and innate powers of God have been developed to a God-like degree. Thus he has become God. #Quote by John Andreas Widtsoe
Powerful Theories quotes by N.K. Jemisin
#8. You're very lucky ... Friends are precious, powerful things - hard to earn, harder still to keep. You should thank this one for taking a chance on you. #Quote by N.K. Jemisin
Powerful Theories quotes by Rebecca Cantrell, Sean Black
#9. one of the most powerful abilities a person can have is not to care what other people think about them. #Quote by Rebecca Cantrell, Sean Black
Powerful Theories quotes by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
#10. Tribalism is more powerful and dangerous than any political party. People choose to follow and support someone, not because they are good as leaders or they have good credibility, But is because they are from the same tribe . #Quote by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
Powerful Theories quotes by Stefan Kanfer
#11. There's something strange and powerful about black-and-white imagery. #Quote by Stefan Kanfer
Powerful Theories quotes by Francis De Sales
#12. Ought we not to love dearly the neighbor, who truly represents to us the sacred Person of our Master? And is this not one of the most powerful motives we could have for loving each other with an ardently burning love? #Quote by Francis De Sales
Powerful Theories quotes by Kathleen Winter
#13. Whenever she imagined her child, grown up without interference from a judgemental world, she imagined its male and female halves as complementing each other, and as being secretly, almost magically powerful. #Quote by Kathleen Winter
Powerful Theories quotes by Harbhajan Singh Yogi
#14. A spiritual person is vast, like an ocean - but very mighty, very powerful. #Quote by Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Powerful Theories quotes by Amy Poehler
#15. People are their most beautiful when they are laughing, crying, dancing, playing, telling the truth, and being chased in a fun way. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Powerful Theories quotes by John Green
#16. Why do writers use symbolism?" Okay, so let's say you have a headache and you wanna tell someone about it and you say, "I have a headache!" and other people are like, "Yeah, whatever. Everybody gets headaches." But your headache is not a regular headache, it's a serious headache, so you say, "My brain is on fire!" to try to help these people understand that this is a headache that needs attention! That's a metaphor, right? And you use it so that you can be understood. Now let's say you want to take those same imagistic principles but apply them to a much more complex idea than having a headache, like, for instance, the yearning that one feels for one's dreams. And you can see the dream but you can't cross the bay to get to the green light that embodies your dream. And you want to talk about how socio-economic class in America is a barrier – a bay-like barrier, some would say – that stands between you and the green light and makes that gap unbridgeable. Now, you can just talk about that stuff directly, but when you talk about it symbolically, it becomes more powerful, because instead of being abstract it becomes kind of observable…. So I think that's why. #Quote by John Green
Powerful Theories quotes by Jennifer Holliday
#17. The biggest thing I've had to overcome was clinical depression. Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have once you can get control of your mind ... I had to stop hearing the negative voices where Jennifer was not worthy of love or living. #Quote by Jennifer Holliday
Powerful Theories quotes by Nicole Snow
#18. Love's a powerful fucking thing when it tames rage, tames hate, and everything else in between. #Quote by Nicole Snow
Powerful Theories quotes by Ivan Turgenev
#19. the sound of one's own voice has a powerful effect on any man, #Quote by Ivan Turgenev
Powerful Theories quotes by Morgan Rhodes
#20. Even in the darkest and most cruel person, there is still a kernel of good. And within the most perfect champion, there is darkness. The question is, will one give in to the dark or the light? It's something we decide with every choice we make, every day that we exist. What might not be evil to you could be evil to someone else. Knowing this makes us powerful even without magic. #Quote by Morgan Rhodes
Powerful Theories quotes by Margaret Atwood
#21. Powerful men don't take well to rejection. Rage could result. There #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Powerful Theories quotes by Karl Rove
#22. We need to be asking for the vote in the most powerful way possible, which is to have people asking for the vote who are comfortable and look like and sound like the people that we're asking for the vote from. #Quote by Karl Rove
Powerful Theories quotes by Jacob Bronowski
#23. The most powerful drive in the ascent of man is his pleasure in his own skill. He loves to do what he does well. And having done it well, he loves to do it better. #Quote by Jacob Bronowski
Powerful Theories quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#24. These are bad times for people who like to sit outside the library at dawn on a rainy morning and get ripped to the tits on crank and powerful music. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Powerful Theories quotes by William Ellery Channing
#25. Another powerful principle of our nature, which is the spring of war, is the passion for superiority, for triumph, for power. The human mind is aspiring, impatient of inferiority, and eager for preeminence and control. #Quote by William Ellery Channing
Powerful Theories quotes by Q'orianka Kilcher
#26. I always wanted to be a singer, and so, when I was 5 years old, I started acting classes so I could be a better performer. I wanted to have a powerful voice so I could be heard. #Quote by Q'orianka Kilcher
Powerful Theories quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#27. The noble man honours in himself the powerful one, him also who has power over himself, who knows how to speak and how to keep silence, who takes pleasure in subjecting himself to severity and hardness, and has reverence for all that is severe and hard. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Powerful Theories quotes by Melanie Cusick-Jones
#28. You're not alone anymore. You have me.
I couldn't breathe. I couldn't speak. I had been alone for so long with my questions and theories and anger
and now this beautiful, fantastic girl was saying she believed me.
When she closed her eyes and kissed me, I finally let go of myself. Everything I had held in before, didn't have to be hidden anymore
not from Cassie. My eyes drifted shut as she kissed me harder, her arm winding around my shoulders to pull me close.
Without having to say anything more, I just knew now
maybe I always had
Cassie was the answer. #Quote by Melanie Cusick-Jones
Powerful Theories quotes by Helen Prejean
#29. Nonviolence and nonaggression are generally regarded as interchangeable concepts - King and Gandhi frequently used them that way - but nonviolence, as employed by Gandhi in India and by King in the American South, might reasonably be viewed as a highly disciplined form of aggression. If one defines aggression in the primary dictionary sense of "attack," nonviolent resistance proved to be the most powerful attack imaginable on the powers King and Gandhi were trying to overturn. The writings of both men are filled with references to love as a powerful force against oppression, and while the two leaders were not using the term" force" in the military sense, they certainly regarded nonviolence as a tactical weapon as well as an expression of high moral principle." Susan Jacoby (p. 196) #Quote by Helen Prejean
Powerful Theories quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#30. Let me not be found a double-minded man - but one entirely under the powerful influence of reigning grace; #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Powerful Theories quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#31. This is the mythosphere. It's made up of all the stories, theories and beliefs, legends, myths and hopes, that are generated here on Earth. As you can see, it's constantly growing and moving as people invent new tales to tell or find new things to believe. The older strands move out to become these spirals, where things tend to become quite crude and dangerous. They've hardened off, you see. #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones

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