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Potation The Activity quotes by Stephen Harper
#1. We have to remember we're in a global economy. The purpose of fiscal stimulus is not simply to sustain activity in our national economies, but to help the global economy as well, and that's why it's so critical that measures in those packages avoid anything that smacks of protectionism. #Quote by Stephen Harper
Potation The Activity quotes by Sigmund Freud
#2. It would be one of the greatest triumphs of humanity, one of the most tangible liberations from the constraints of nature to which mankind is subject, if we could succeed in raising the responsible act of procreating children to the level of a deliberate and intentional activity and in freeing it from its entanglement with the necessary satisfaction of a natural need. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Potation The Activity quotes by Neil McDonald
#3. Even in the King's Gambit ... White is no longer trying to attack at all costs. He has had to adapt his approach and look for moves with a solid positional foundation ... As often as not, his strategy consists of stifling Black's activity and then winning in an endgame thanks to his superior pawn structure. #Quote by Neil McDonald
Potation The Activity quotes by Sarah Ballantyne
#4. Balance between Th1 and Th2 (and indeed among Th9, Th17, and Th22) can also be achieved by focusing on bodywide reduction of inflammation, removal of immune system triggers, and supporting healthy Th3, Tr1, and regulatory T cell production and activity. Basically, balance can be achieved naturally by following the Paleo Approach - no immune-stimulating botanicals required! #Quote by Sarah Ballantyne
Potation The Activity quotes by Frank Gaffney
#5. ). Dozens of nations have agreed to join in monitoring and, if necessary, intercepting and boarding ships on the high seas in the event they are suspected of engaging in one or both of these threatening activities. #Quote by Frank Gaffney
Potation The Activity quotes by Adam M. Grant
#6. For the next two hours, the executives worked in groups, pretending to be one of Merck's top competitors. Energy soared as they developed ideas for drugs that would crush theirs and key markets they had missed. Then, their challenge was to reverse their roles and figure out how to defend against these threats.* This "kill the company" exercise is powerful because it reframes a gain-framed activity in terms of losses. #Quote by Adam M. Grant
Potation The Activity quotes by Elton Gallegly
#7. While a strong presence on our southern border is imperative, the border cannot be secured unless we enforce our internal laws and stop ignoring the open complicity of U.S. companies and foreign nations to promote illegal activities. #Quote by Elton Gallegly
Potation The Activity quotes by Alex Lowe
#8. It's the journey toward doing these harder climbs that really gives value to the whole activity of climbing. #Quote by Alex Lowe
Potation The Activity quotes by John Dufresne
#9. Reading is also a creative activity if you're doing it right. You can learn more from a story that's left the tracks than from a successful story. #Quote by John Dufresne
Potation The Activity quotes by Ed Askew
#10. Music and art are two very different activities for me. However, the use of imagery links them, and invention is important for both. #Quote by Ed Askew
Potation The Activity quotes by Michael Macintyre
#11. the illusion is encouraged that philosophy is an irrelevant, abstract subject - part of the decoration of a cultured life perhaps, but unnecessary in and even distracting from the activities of the practical world. The truth is, however, that all nontrivial activity presupposed some philosophical point of view and that not to recognize this is to make oneself the ready victim of bad or at the very least inadequate philosophy. #Quote by Michael Macintyre
Potation The Activity quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#12. Sexuality is the only drive that is in itself hindered, perverted: simultaneously insufficient and excessive, with the excess as the form of appearance of the lack. On the one hand, sexuality is characterized by the universal capacity to provide the metaphorical meaning or innuendo of any activity or object–any element, including the most abstract reflection can be experienced as 'alluding to that' (suffice it to recall the proverbial example of the adolescent who, in order to forget his sexual obsessions, takes refuge in pure mathematics and physics–whatever he does here again reminds him of 'that': how much volume is needed to fill out an empty cylinder? How much energy is discharged when two bodies collide?…). The universal surplus–this capacity of sexuality to overflow the entire field of human experience…is not the sign of preponderance. Rather, it is the sign of a certain structural faultiness: sexuality strives outwards and overflows the adjoining domains precisely because it cannot find satisfaction in itself, because it never attains its goal. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Potation The Activity quotes by Taylor Larimore
#13. There is a crucially important difference about playing the game of investing compared to virtually any other activity. Most of us have no chance of being as good as the average in any pursuit where others practice and hone skills for many, many hours. But we can be as good as the average investor in the stock market with no practice at all.
Jeremy Siegel, Professor of Finance, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and author of Stocks for the Long Run #Quote by Taylor Larimore
Potation The Activity quotes by LIPTON
#14. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, gene activity can change on a daily basis. If the perception in your mind is reflected in the chemistry of your body, and if your nervous system reads and interprets the environment and then controls the blood's chemistry, then you can literally change the fate of your cells by altering your thoughts.
In fact, Dr. Lipton's research illustrates that by changing your perception, your mind can alter the activity of your genes and create over thirty thousand variations of products from each gene. He gives more detail by saying that the gene programs are contained within the nucleus of the cell, and you can rewrite those genetic programs through changing your blood chemistry. #Quote by LIPTON
Potation The Activity quotes by Bruce Kovner
#15. The Heisenberg principle - If something is closely observed, the odds are it is going to be altered in the process. The more a price pattern is observed by speculators the more prone you have false signals; the more the market is a product of nonspeculative activity, the greater the significance of technical breakout #Quote by Bruce Kovner
Potation The Activity quotes by John Dewey
#16. Since education is not a means to living, but is identical with the operation of living a life which is fruitful and inherently significant, the only ultimate value which can be set up is just the process of living itself. And this is not an end to which studies and activities are subordinate means; it is the whole of which they are ingredients. #Quote by John Dewey
Potation The Activity quotes by Jo Boaler
#17. When an official report in the UK was commissioned to examine the mathematics needed in the workplace, the investigator found that estimation was the most useful mathematical activity. Yet when children who have experienced traditional math classes are asked to estimate, they are often completely flummoxed and try to work out exact answers, then round them off to look like an estimate. This is because they have not developed a good feel for numbers, which would allow them to estimate instead of calculate, and also because they have learned, wrongly, that mathematics is all about precision, not about making estimates or guesses. Yet both are at the heart of mathematical problem solving. #Quote by Jo Boaler
Potation The Activity quotes by Mark Miodownik
#18. Some say that eating chocolate is better than kissing, and scientists have dutifully tested this hypothesis by carrying out a set of experiments. In 2007, a team led by Dr. David Lewis recruited pairs of passionate lovers, whose brain activity and heart rate were monitored first while they kissed each other and then while they ate chocolate (separately). The researchers found that although kissing set the heart pounding, the effect did not last as long as when the participants ate chocolate. The study also showed that when the chocolate started melting, all regions of the brain received a boost far more intense and longer lasting than the brain activity measured while kissing. #Quote by Mark Miodownik
Potation The Activity quotes by Murray Bookchin
#19. Anarchism is not only a stateless society but also a harmonized society that exposes man to the stimuli provided by both agrarian and urban life, to physical activity and mental activity, to unrepressed sensuality and self-directed spirituality, to communal solidarity and individual development, to regional uniqueness and worldwide brotherhood, to spontaneity and self-discipline, to the elimination of toil and the promotion of craftsmanship. #Quote by Murray Bookchin
Potation The Activity quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#20. Under natural conditions, a typical chimpanzee troop consists of about twenty to fifty individuals. As the number of chimpanzees in a troop increases, the social order destabilises, eventually leading to a rupture and the formation of a new troop by some of the animals. Only in a handful of cases have zoologists observed groups larger than a hundred. Separate groups seldom cooperate, and tend to compete for territory and food. Researchers have documented prolonged warfare between groups, and even one case of 'genocidal' activity in which one troop systematically slaughtered most members of a neighbouring band. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Potation The Activity quotes by Arthur Wallis
#21. What awe must have come to the hearts of that waiting band as they listened to that "sound as of the rushing of a mighty wind" - what a sense of the irresistible power of God! But there was also the appearance of "tongues parting asunder, like as of fire." Fire typifies the activity of God's holiness in relation to sin; fire consumes and fire purifies. When the Spirit came upon Christ, it was not as the fire but "as a dove," for there was no sin in Him, as the Father then declared, "Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased" (Luke 3:22). But here the tongues "like as of fire" sat upon each of them, bringing not only a sense of the infinite holiness of God but of the activity of that holiness in dealing with all that was unholy in themselves. #Quote by Arthur Wallis
Potation The Activity quotes by E.F. Benson
#22. Miss Elizabeth Mapp might have been forty, and she had taken advantage of this opportunity by being just a year or two older. Her face was of high vivid colour and was corrugated by chronic rage and curiosity; but these vivifying emotions had preserved to her an astonishing activity of mind and body, which fully accounted for the comparative adolescence with which she would have been credited anywhere except in the charming little town which she had inhabited so long. Anger and the gravest suspicions about everybody had kept her young and on the boil. #Quote by E.F. Benson
Potation The Activity quotes by Henry Miller
#23. We clutter the earth with our inventions, never dreaming that possibly they are unnecessary - or disadvantageous. We devise astounding means of communication, but do we communicate with one another? We move our bodies to and fro and incredible speeds, but do we really leave the spot we started from? Mentally, morally, spiritually, we are fettered. What have we achieved in mowing down mountain ranges, harnessing the energy of mighty rivers, or moving whole populations about like chess pieces, if we ourselves remain the same restless, miserable, frustrated creatures we were before? To call such activity progress is utter delusion. We may succeed in altering the face of the earth until it is unrecognizable even to the Creator, but if we are unaffected wherein lies the meaning? #Quote by Henry Miller
Potation The Activity quotes by Martin Gover
#24. Attitude is 100% under your control – (yours to choose, use or lose, as they say)

Happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction in a life ALWAYS and ONLY come as a consequence of some other activity. That is you don't just create 'happy' or 'satisfied' – you have to be doing something with your life that as a byproduct creates these states.

That's it.
Told you it was simple.

Alright, I admit, writing about how to create a 'successful life' is easy – because to create something out of your life is 99.9% Mental Focus and 50% ( as Yogi Berra would say and .01% for those of you who are paying attention) -knowing how to get the result and doing it.

Writing about it is easy; it's the doing that's hard. #Quote by Martin Gover
Potation The Activity quotes by Ruhollah Khomeini
#25. Women are free in the Islamic Republic in the selection of their activities and their future and their clothing. #Quote by Ruhollah Khomeini
Potation The Activity quotes by Helen Keller
#26. Hold out your hands to feel the luxury of sunbeams. Press the soft blossoms against your cheek, and finger their graces of form, their delicate mutability of shape, their pliancy and freshness. Expose your face to the aerial floods that sweep the heavens, 'inhale great draughts of space,' wonder, wonder at the wind's unwearied activity. Pile note on note the infinite music that flows increasingly to your soul from the tactual sonorities of a thousand branches and tumbling waters. How can the world be shriveled when this most profound, emotional sense, touch, is faithful to its service? I am sure that if a fairy bade me choose between the sense of sight and that of touch, I would not part with the warm, endearing contact of human hands… #Quote by Helen Keller
Potation The Activity quotes by Jeffrey A. Miron
#27. One government policy that libertarians accept is provisions of national defense, since no private solution is likely to prove satisfactory. A private group that attempted to field an army and defend the country would find it difficult to exclude any individual person from the benefits of its protection, since any activities that deterred potential attacks or warded off actual attacks would defend everyone within the country. Thus, most people would not voluntarily pay for national defense provided by a private group, so it is hard for such an activity to be profitable enough to induce adequate private provision. That is, national defenses is what economists refer to as public good.

The conclusion that government should provide some national defense applies to narrow self-defense activities, such as fielding an army that deters enemy attacks and responds to attacks that do occur. In practice, however, nations perform many inappropriate actions under the mantle self-defense, most of them harmful.

On action that goes beyond strict self-defense is preemptive attacks on other countries, as in the invasion of Iraq. In rare instances preemptive strikes might be legitimate self-defense, and by moving first and preventing extended conflict, a government might save lives and property both at home and in the threatening country...In most instances of preemptive attack, however, the threat is not obvious, undeniable, or imminent. The justification for military acti #Quote by Jeffrey A. Miron
Potation The Activity quotes by Emanuel Swedenborg
#28. The activity of love and faith is what makes heaven. #Quote by Emanuel Swedenborg
Potation The Activity quotes by Robinson Jeffers
#29. Mountains, a moment's earth-waves rising and hollowing; the earth too's an ephemerid; the stars -
Short-lived as grass the stars quicken in the nebula and dry in their summer, they spiral
Blind up space, scattered black seeds of a future; nothing lives long, the whole sky's
Recurrences tick the seconds of the hours of the ages of the gulf before birth, and the gulf
After death is like dated: to labor eighty years in a notch of eternity is nothing too tiresome,
Enormous repose after, enormous repose before, the flash of activity.
Surely you never have dreamed the incredible depths were prologue and epilogue merely
To the surface play in the sun, the instant of life, what is called life? I fancy
That silence is the thing, this noise a found word for it; interjection, a jump of the breath at that silence;
Stars burn, grass grows, men breathe: as a man finding treasure says "Ah!" but the treasure's the essence:
Before the man spoke it was there, and after he has spoken he gathers it,
inexhaustible treasure. #Quote by Robinson Jeffers
Potation The Activity quotes by Edsger Dijkstra
#30. When we take the position that it is not only the programmer's responsibility to produce a correct program but also to demonstrate its correctness in a convincing manner, then the above remarks have a profound influence on the programmer's activity: the object he has to produce must be usefully structured. #Quote by Edsger Dijkstra
Potation The Activity quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#31. When we spend some time each day in non-doing, resting in awareness, observing the flow of the breath and the activity of our mind and body without getting caught up in that activity, we are cultivating calmness and mindfulness hand in hand. #Quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Potation The Activity quotes by Lewis Mumford
#32. Richter compares the conditions of rat domestication with those now provided by the 'Welfare State'-ample food, no danger, no stress, uniform environment and climate, and so forth. But he notes that, under these seemingly favorable conditions, organic deterioration has taken place: a decrease in the size of the adrenal glands, which help the organism meet stress or fatigue and forfend certain diseases: while the thyroid gland, the regulator of metabolism, becomes less active. Not strangely, perhaps, the brains of the domestic rat, and perhaps their mental ability, are smaller. At the same time, the sex glands mature earlier, become bigger, show more activity, and result in a higher rate of fertility. How human! #Quote by Lewis Mumford
Potation The Activity quotes by Rita Levi-Montalcini
#33. After a short period spent in Brussels as a guest of a neurological institute, I returned to Turin on the verge of the invasion of Belgium by the German army, Spring 1940, to join my family. The two alternatives left then to us were either to emigrate to the United States, or to pursue some activity that needed neither support nor connection with the outside Aryan world where we lived. My family chose this second alternative. I then decided to build a small research unit at home and installed it in my bedroom. #Quote by Rita Levi-Montalcini
Potation The Activity quotes by Maria Montessori
#34. We must support as much as possible the child's desires for activity; not wait on him, but educate him to be independent. #Quote by Maria Montessori
Potation The Activity quotes by Joe Barton
#35. The constant abuse of online activity must stop. #Quote by Joe Barton
Potation The Activity quotes by Jello Biafra
#36. The underground scene is still a cool way to meet a lot of cool people, see a lot of interesting bands and get a lot of food for thought, but people have to remain curious and get their brain activity food from other places besides punk. #Quote by Jello Biafra
Potation The Activity quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
#37. The creation of wealth is certainly not to be despised, but in the long run the only human activities really worthwhile are the search for knowledge, and the creation of beauty. This is beyond argument, the only point of debate is which comes first. #Quote by Arthur C. Clarke
Potation The Activity quotes by Jim Sensenbrenner
#38. The science is clear that there is an increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. What is not clear from the science is how much of that increase is caused by human activity; and what also is not clear is what impact those increases have on the climatic cycle. #Quote by Jim Sensenbrenner
Potation The Activity quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#39. I have forced myself to begin writing when I've been utterly exhausted, when I've felt my soul as thin as a playing card ... and somehow the activity of writing changes everything. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Potation The Activity quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#40. Sex and love represent one of the numerous absurdities and hopeless incongruences demarking human nature. A person whom only seeks out sex and eschews love will live a barren existence. Sex without love is a brute display of physical reproductive capacity. Sex is not a worthless or stupid activity when it forms a cog in a loving and affectionate relationship. Sex and love might not make the world go round, but when joined they make it a better place to live in. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Potation The Activity quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#41. Instead of being lost in your thinking, when you awaken you recognize yourself as the awareness behind it. Thinking then ceases to be a self-serving autonomous activity that takes possession of you and runs your life. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Potation The Activity quotes by Peter Robinson
#42. He had been working at the wall for too long. Why he bothered the Lord only knew. After all, it went nowhere and closed in nothing. His grandfather had been a master waller in the dale, but the skill had not been passed down the generations. He supposed he liked is for the same reason he liked fishing: mindless relaxation. In an age of totalitarian utilitarianism, Gristhorpe thought, a man needs as much purposeless activity as he can find. #Quote by Peter Robinson
Potation The Activity quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#43. Terrorist activity is continually recurring in various parts of the world, sowing death and destruction and plunging many of our brothers and sisters into grief and despair #Quote by Pope Benedict XVI
Potation The Activity quotes by David A. Bednar
#44. Proclaiming the gospel is not an activity in which we periodically and temporarily engage. #Quote by David A. Bednar
Potation The Activity quotes by Kim Hyesoon
#45. South Korea is one of the worst countries when it comes to opportunity for women in social activities and employment. To my disgust, in certain communities in Korea, you cannot even imagine how severe sex discrimination is. #Quote by Kim Hyesoon
Potation The Activity quotes by Richard Rogers
#46. So I think that, yes, anything that makes it more palatable and easier to understand, such as a Virtual Centre, has to be seen as a primary activity within the educational and information global state. #Quote by Richard Rogers

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