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Postponement quotes by Anais Nin
#1. The writer is the duelist who never fights at the stated hour, who gathers up an insult, like another curious object, a collector's item, spreads it out on his desk later, and then engages in a duel with it verbally. Some people call it weakness. I call it postponement. What is weakness in the man becomes a quality in the writer. For he preserves, collects what will explode later in his work. That is why the writer is the loneliest man in the world; because he lives, fights, dies, is reborn always alone; all his roles are played behind a curtain. In life he is an incongruous figure. #Quote by Anais Nin
Postponement quotes by David J. Schwartz
#2. Action cures fear. Indecision, postponement, on the other hand, fuel fear. #Quote by David J. Schwartz
Postponement quotes by S.I. Hayakawa
#3. Ever since man began to till the soil and learned not to eat the seed grain but to plant it and wait for harvest, the postponement of gratification has been the basis of a higher standard of living and of civilization. #Quote by S.I. Hayakawa
Postponement quotes by Dimitris Mita
#4. Poetry, Shakespeare and opera, are like mumps and should be caught when young. In the unhappy event that there is a postponement to mature years, the results may be devastating. #Quote by Dimitris Mita
Postponement quotes by H.E. Davey
#5. Genuine goodness isn't discovered through postponement but must exist now or not at all. It cannot be based on what is not. We must find it in what is and what we truly see. #Quote by H.E. Davey
Postponement quotes by James S.A. Corey
#6. Wars never ended because one side was defeated. They ended because the enemies were reconciled. Anything else was just a postponement of the next round of violence. #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Postponement quotes by Kamil Ali
FACT: Unlike airplanes, many dreams take off after the pilot's departure
Kamil Ali #Quote by Kamil Ali
Postponement quotes by Tim Ferriss
#8. Never check email first thing in the morning. Instead, complete your most important task before 11:00 A.M. to avoid using lunch or reading email as a postponement excuse. #Quote by Tim Ferriss
Postponement quotes by Edward St. Aubyn
#9. Looking after children can be a subtle way of giving up ... They become the whole ones, the well ones, the postponement of happiness, the ones who won't drink too much, give up, get divorced, become mentally ill. The part of oneself that's fighting against decay and depression is transferred to guarding them from decay and depression. In the meantime one decays and gets depressed. #Quote by Edward St. Aubyn
Postponement quotes by C.S. Lewis
#10. No doubt he must very soon realize that his own faith is in direct opposition to the assumptions on which all the conversation of his new friends is based. I don't think that matters much provided that you can persuade him to postpone any open acknowledge of the fact, and this, with the aid of shame, pride, modesty and vanity, will be easy to do. As long as the postponement lasts he will be in a false position. He will be silent when he ought to speak and laugh when he ought to be silent. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Postponement quotes by Mooji
#11. nature. Take courage. Being free is neither difficult nor distant. I know it has often been conceived, perceived and presented to be rare, remote and difficult, but all that is delusion - a great seeming. I don't know why awakening happens in one heart so completely and in another there is some delay or postponement. I am not deeply concerned about this. But I know that the voice that calls you is true, and where you are being called to is real and true. Heaven is inside your own heart. This is why I am here. I #Quote by Mooji
Postponement quotes by Amit Chaudhuri
#12. The city was still .... Soon the machinery would start working again, not out of any sense of purpose, but like a watch that is wound daily by someone's hand. Almost without any choice in the matter, people would embark upon the minute frustrations and satisfactions of their daily lives. It was in this moment of postponement that the azaan was heard, neither announcing the day nor keeping it a secret. #Quote by Amit Chaudhuri
Postponement quotes by Marcel Proust
#13. Had I been less firmly resolved upon settling down definitively to work, I should perhaps have made an effort to begin at once. But since my resolution was explicit, since within twenty-four hours, in the empty frame of the following day where everything was so well-arranged because I myself was not yet in it, my good intention would be realized without difficulty, it was better not to start on an evening when I felt ill-prepared. The following days were not, alas, to prove more propitious. But I was reasonable. It would have been puerile, on the part of one who had waited now for years, not to put up with a postponement of two or three days. Confident that by the day after tomorrow I should have written several pages, I said not a word more to my parents of my decision; I preferred to remain patient and then to bring to a convinced and comforted grandmother a sample of work that was already under way. Unfortunately the next day was not that vast, extraneous expanse of time to which I had feverishly looked forward. When it drew to a close, my laziness and my painful struggle to overcome certain internal obstacles had simply lasted twenty-four hours longer. And at the end of several days, my plans not having matured, I had no longer the same hope that they would be realized at once, and hence no longer the heart to subordinate everything else to their realization: I began once again to keep late hours... #Quote by Marcel Proust
Postponement quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#14. Nobody is responsible for your sorrows and poverty, not even the devil. It is the work of the enemies of time that lives in some men, and their names are, 'Laziness and Procrastination'. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
Postponement quotes by Huston Smith
#15. We are told that we are not to resist evil but to turn the other cheek. The world assumes that evil must be resisted by every means available. We are told to love our enemies and bless those who curse us. The world assumes that friends are to be loved and enemies hated. We are told that the sun rises on the just and the unjust alike. The world considers this undiscriminating; it would like to see clouds over evil people and is offended when they go unpunished. We are told that outcasts and harlots enter the kingdom of God before many who are perfunctorily righteous. Again unfair, the world thinks; respectable people should head the procession. We are told that the gate to salvation is narrow. The world would prefer it to be broad. We are told to be as carefree as birds and flowers. The world counsels prudence. We are told that it is more difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom than for a camel to pass through a needle's eye. The world admires wealth. We are told that the happy people are those who are meek, who weep, who are merciful and pure in heart. The world assumes that it is the rich, the powerful, and the well-born who are happy. The great Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev said that a wind of freedom blows through these teachings that frightens the world and makes us want to deflect them by postponement - not yet, not yet! H.G. Wells was evidently right: Either there was something mad about this man, or our hearts are still too small for his message. #Quote by Huston Smith
Postponement quotes by Raghuram Rajan
#16. Let us remember that postponement of tapering is only that-a postponementLet's not lose the chance, the warning that we have been given, because this is going to come back and what we need to do is put our house in order before. #Quote by Raghuram Rajan
Postponement quotes by Elbert Hubbard
#17. Postponement: The father of failure. #Quote by Elbert Hubbard
Postponement quotes by Anais Nin
#18. The secret of a full life is to live and relate to others as if they might not be there tomorrow, as if you might not be there tomorrow. It eliminates the vice of procrastination, the sin of postponement, failed communications, failed communions. This thought has made me more and more attentive to all encounters. meetings, introductions, which might contain the seed of depth that might be carelessly overlooked. This feeling has become a rarity, and rarer every day now that we have reached a hastier and more superficial rhythm, now that we believe we are in touch with a greater amount of people, more people, more countries. This is the illusion which might cheat us of being in touch deeply with the one breathing next to us. The dangerous time when mechanical voices, radios, telephones, take the place of human intimacies, and the concept of being in touch with millions brings a greater and greater poverty in intimacy and human vision. #Quote by Anais Nin
Postponement quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#19. This isn't how sickness was in childhood. A postponement. An excuse to grow up. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Postponement quotes by Anthony Burgess
#20. Life's only choosing when to die. Life's a big postponement because the choice is so difficult. It's a tremendous relief not to have to choose. #Quote by Anthony Burgess
Postponement quotes by Rebecca Traister
#21. The postponement of parenthood has brought its own set of challenges and peculiarities, among them the likelihood that if you are an unmarried women over the age of twenty-four, you've read, heard, or been told something that has made you quite certain that your ovaries are withering and your eggs are going bad. Right now. This second. As you're reading this and still not doing anything about getting pregnant. #Quote by Rebecca Traister
Postponement quotes by Sam Vaknin
#22. Narcissists (and often, by contagion, their unfortunate victims) don't talk, or communicate: they fend off, hide and evade . . . [They] perfect the ability of saying nothing in lengthy Castro-like speeches. Their locution is impregnated with first person pronouns ("I", "me", "my", "mine" - aka "high pronoun density").

The ensuing convoluted sentences are .. a lack of commitment elevated to an ideology. The narcissist prefers to wait and see what procrastination brings: postponement of the inevitable leads to the inevitability of postponement as a strategy of survival. #Quote by Sam Vaknin
Postponement quotes by Mason Cooley
#23. Mortality: not acquittal but a series of postponements is what we hope for. #Quote by Mason Cooley
Postponement quotes by Tom Hodgkinson
#24. Education itself is a putting off, a postponement; we are told to work hard to get good results. Why? So we can get a good job. What is a good job? One that pays well. Oh. And that's it? All this suffering, merely so that we can earn a lot of money, which, even if we manage it, will not solve our problems anyway? It's a tragically limited idea of what life is all about. #Quote by Tom Hodgkinson
Postponement quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
#25. Chamberlain's visit to Hitler today may bring things to a head or may result in a temporary postponement of what looks to me likean inevitable conflict within the next five years. #Quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Postponement quotes by Buddy Ebsen
#26. I had a mother who taught me there is no such thing as failure. It is just a temporary postponement of success. #Quote by Buddy Ebsen
Postponement quotes by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
#27. We cannot put off living until we are ready. The most salient characteristic of life is its coerciveness: it is always urgent, 'here and now,' without any postponement. Life is fired at us point-blank. #Quote by Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Postponement quotes by Carol Shields
#28. The larger loneliness of our lives evolves from our unwillingness to spend ourselves, stir ourselves. We are always damping down our inner weather, permitting ourselves the comforts of postponement, of rehearsals #Quote by Carol Shields
Postponement quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#29. Whatever your sex or position, life is a battle in which you are to show your pluck, and woe be to the coward. Whether passed on a bed of sickness or a tented field, it is ever the same fair play and admits no foolish distinction. Despair and postponement are cowardice and defeat. Men were born to succeed, not to fail. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Postponement quotes by Osho
#30. Where are you going? And you think that somewhere in the future there is some target to be achieved? Life is already here! Why wait for the future? Why postpone if for the future? Postponement is suicidal.Life is slow;that's why you cannot feel it. It is very slow, and you are insensitive,otherwise postponement is the only poison. You go on postponing - and you go on missing the life that is here and now #Quote by Osho
Postponement quotes by Louis Cozolino
#31. Perhaps the postponement in modern culture of the historically relevant challenges of adolescents, #Quote by Louis Cozolino
Postponement quotes by Deepak Chopra
#32. A child who was taught from the age of three or four "You are here for a reason" would face a very different future. Such a child would see the search for meaning in life as a natural thing, the spiritual equivalent of learning your ABCs. There would be no years of postponement, followed by desperate inner turmoil. "Why am I here?" doesn't have to be a fearsome existential question. It is the most joyful exploration a person can undertake, and we do our children an immense favor by presenting it as such. A child who paid attention to just this one principle would have a far richer life - a more successful life - than countless adults for whom "spirit" and "God" remain forever locked in a world of abstraction. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Postponement quotes by Gwendolyn Brooks
#33. You do not have to die this certain day.
Death will abide, will pamper your postponement.
I assure you death will wait. Death has
a lot of time. Death can
attend to you tomorrow. Or next week. Death is
just down the street; is most obliging neighbor;
can meet you any moment.
You need not die today.
Stay here–through pout or pain or peskyness.
Stay here. See what the news is going to be tomorrow.
Graves grow no green that you can use.
Remember, green's your color. You are Spring. #Quote by Gwendolyn Brooks

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