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Famous Quotes About Poste Restante

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Poste Restante quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#1. Love may be an inexhaustible well of inspiration for writing loads of letters until the wind of unresponsiveness blows frostiness into the fold of expectations.( "Poste restante" ) #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Poste Restante quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#2. Along the way, in their attempt to make their dream come true, many ultimately prefer to stay on the sideline. In the meantime, their packages of good intentions start leaking, or their letters of hope remain silenced by unawareness. ("Poste Restante") #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Poste Restante quotes by Stanislaw Lem
#3. General Apollon Diaz was currently in power and leaned toward the position of the hawks, which was to meet force with force. The proposal had already been made at Parliament (which stood in permanent emergency session) to counterattack: to pull twice the number of teeth from the political prisoners the abductors were demanding and mail them poste restante, as the address of guerrilla headquarters was unknown. #Quote by Stanislaw Lem
Poste Restante quotes by Jasper Fforde
#4. The dangerously high level of stupidity surplus was once again the lead story in The Owl that morning. The reason for the crisis was clear: Prime Minister Redmond van de Poste and his ruling Commonsense Party had been discharging their duties with a reckless degree of responsibility that bordered on inspired sagacity. Instead of drifting from one crisis to the next and appeasing the nation with a steady stream of knee-jerk legislation and headline-grabbing but arguably pointless initiatives, they had been resolutely building a raft of considered long-term plans that concentrated on unity, fairness and tolerance. It was a state of affairs deplored by Mr. Alfredo Traficcone, leader of the opposition Prevailing Wind Party, who wanted to lead the nation back to the safer ground of uniformed stupidity. #Quote by Jasper Fforde

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