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Post Historic quotes by Kevin Roose
#1. All week, we've heard pep talks like this one from Scott at last night's post-Razzle's debrief: "To me, here's the motivation to evangelize: If I'm a doctor, and I find the cure for a terminal illness, and if I care about people, I'm going to spread that cure as widely as possible. If I don't, people are going to die."

Leave the comparison in place for a second. If Scott had indeed found the cure to a terminal illness and if this Daytona mission were a vaccination campaign instead of an evangelism crusade, my group members would be acting with an unusually large portion of mercy - much more, certainly, than their friends who spent the break playing Xbox in their sweatpants. And if you had gone on this immunization trip, giving up your spring break for the greater good, and had found the sick spring breakers unwilling to be vaccinated, what would you do? If a terminally ill man said he was "late for a meeting," you might let him walk away. But - and I'm really stretching here - if you really believed your syringe held his only hope of survival, and you really cared about him, would you ignore the rules of social propriety and try every convincement method you knew? #Quote by Kevin Roose
Post Historic quotes by Sir Laurens Van Der Post
#2. [The] Japanese were a people in a profound, inverse, reverse, or if I preferred it, even perverse sense, more in love with death than living. #Quote by Sir Laurens Van Der Post
Post Historic quotes by Carl Bernstein
#3. Bernstein looked like one of those counterculture journalists that Woodward despised. Bernstein thought that Woodward's rapid rise at the Post had less to do with his ability than his Establishment credentials.
They had never worked on a story together. Woodward was 29, Bernstein 28.
Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward #Quote by Carl Bernstein
Post Historic quotes by Steve Alford
#4. Jabari Parker is one of the best, if not the best, I've seen on tape. He's so hard to guard. You've got to guard from 23 feet. He can shoot it, or he can go one-on-one from there. He can post. He's so fast and long. #Quote by Steve Alford
Post Historic quotes by Dave Barry
#5. The more boring a newspaper is, the more it is respected. The most respected newspaper in the United States is The New York Times, which has thousands of reporters constantly producing enormous front-page stories about bauxite ... The [New York] Post would write about bauxite only if famous celebrites were arrested for snorting it in an exclusive Manhattan nightclub. #Quote by Dave Barry
Post Historic quotes by Laurens Van Der Post
#6. The educating of the parents is really the education of the child children tend to live what is unlived in the parents, so it is vital that parents should be aware of their inferior, their dark side, and should press on getting to know themselves. #Quote by Laurens Van Der Post
Post Historic quotes by Steve C. Roberts
#7. Christians want to whine to everyone under the sun about their problems, instead of actually going to the only one who not only cares, but can actually do something about their problems. Next time you are sick, broken hearted or having problems, before you call your friends, post it on Facebook, or tell your pet fish, try going to God with it, and see how much better that works for you. #Quote by Steve C. Roberts
Post Historic quotes by Kathy Lette
#8. Any woman who calls herself a post-feminist should keep her Wonderbra and burn her brains. #Quote by Kathy Lette
Post Historic quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#9. Leave it to you…look, the reason I'm calling is I have a colleague here in my office who has something we need you to take a look at – I personally have never seen anything like it, and I think from a historic point of view you'd be very interested in it, too. Any chance we can stop by?...Yeah, it's some really old shit – nice phraseology, by the way. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Post Historic quotes by Aaron Eckhart
#10. I got as much information as I could, so I wouldn't look stupid, but this is a post 9/11 world and there's only so much you can do with the FBI in terms of research. #Quote by Aaron Eckhart
Post Historic quotes by Joe Trohman
#11. People would be surprised at how much of an electronic dude I am, and I like new wave, post-punk and proto-punk stuff. #Quote by Joe Trohman
Post Historic quotes by Vincent Price
#12. Many Hollywoodians may have good taste and an interest in culture but they certainly hide it. They're afraid they'll be branded as sissies if someone finds out they write poetry or own a painting. They're so timid about culture. #Quote by Vincent Price
Post Historic quotes by Christina Ricci
#13. I think people who suffer from depression, unless it's post-traumatic, are probably going to struggle with it for their whole life. #Quote by Christina Ricci
Post Historic quotes by H M Naqvi
#14. According to AC, serious historical inquiry incorrectly considers the question *what if* to be the turf of Philip K. Dick or comic book titles like *What if the Incredible Hulk Had the Brain of Bruce Banner?* Although historians were not in the business of assigning probabilities to historical events, AC opined they should. 'Look, chum," he once expounded, 'it's not like anything can happen at any time. You have to consider *conditions of possibility*. #Quote by H M Naqvi
Post Historic quotes by Markie Post
#15. I'm no sexual siren. I see prettier girls than me in the grocery store every day. #Quote by Markie Post
Post Historic quotes by Alan Bennett
#16. Why do we not care to acknowledge them? The cattle, the body count. We still don't like to admit the war was even partly our fault because so many of our people died. A photograph on every mantlepiece. And all this mourning has veiled the truth. It's not so much lest we forget, as lest we remember. Because you should realise the Cenotaph and the Last Post and all that stuff is concerned, there's no better way of forgetting something than by commemorating it. #Quote by Alan Bennett
Post Historic quotes by Candice Bergen
#17. I admit that Post-it note sheets that adhere to virtually any surface are now my substitute of choice for retention. #Quote by Candice Bergen
Post Historic quotes by Tim Wise
#18. Being asked to describe what 'post-racial' means is a bit like being asked to describe a leprechaun, cold fusion or unicorns: we know what is meant, but, if we are willing to be honest, we also know that none of the four describe something real, something tangible, something true. #Quote by Tim Wise
Post Historic quotes by William Faulkner
#19. If Jesus returned today we would have to crucify him quick in our own defense, to justify and preserve the civilization we have worked and suffered and died shrieking and cursing in rage and impotence and terror for two thousand years to create and perfect in mans own image; if Venus returned she would be a soiled man in a subway lavatory with a palm full of French post-cards
#Quote by William Faulkner
Post Historic quotes by Robert Scoble
#20. Use photos and videos often. The best startups post lots of imagery and videos. The worst ones? Text only. #Quote by Robert Scoble
Post Historic quotes by Cameron Sinclair
#21. We often discuss housing refugees, but not how you help return refugees back to their home countries. As a result, in a post-disaster or post-conflict situation, we end up with intractable refugee camps that end up staying for decades. #Quote by Cameron Sinclair
Post Historic quotes by Zainab Salbi
#22. It appears easier to talk about protecting women than it is to fully include women at all decision-making levels in peace talks and post-conflict planning. #Quote by Zainab Salbi
Post Historic quotes by John Hagel III
#23. In essence, what Innocentive does is it provides a platform where you can post a really challenging problem and offer a reward to anybody who can come and provide a solution. And it's been remarkably effective. People get very challenging problems and get solutions to those problems. #Quote by John Hagel III
Post Historic quotes by Michel Chossudovsky
#24. Humanity is undergoing, in the post-Cold War era, an economic and social crisis of unprecedented scale leading to the rapid impoverishment of large sectors of the world population. #Quote by Michel Chossudovsky
Post Historic quotes by Lewis Carroll
#25. But oh!" thought Alice, suddenly jumping up, "if I don't make haste I shall have to go back through the Looking-glass, before I've seen what the rest of the house is like! Let's have a look at the garden first!" She was out of the room in a moment, and ran down stairs - or, at least, it wasn't exactly running, but a new invention for getting down stairs quickly and easily, as Alice said to herself. She just kept the tips of her fingers on the hand-rail, and floated gently down without even touching the stairs with her feet; then she floated on through the hall, and would have gone straight out at the door in the same way, if she hadn't caught hold of the door-post. She was getting a little giddy too with so much floating in the air, and was rather glad to find herself walking again in the natural way. #Quote by Lewis Carroll
Post Historic quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#26. When I get lonely these days, I think: So BE lonely, Liz. Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. Welcome to the human experience. But never again use another person's body or emotions as a scratching post for your own unfulfilled yearnings. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Post Historic quotes by Michael Foley
#27. In sex women are largely guided by their sensible bodies but men are driven crazy by their feverish minds. Men love to think and talk about sex; women enjoy it while it lasts, if they can, and have little interest in pre-match build-up or post-match analysis. #Quote by Michael Foley
Post Historic quotes by Epictetus
#28. And what else can I do, lame old man that I am, than sing the praise of God? If I were a nightingale, I would perform the work of a nightingale, and if I were a swan, that of a swan. But as it is, I am a rational being, and I must sing the praise of God.
This is my work, and I accomplish it, and I will never abandon my post for as long as it is granted to me to remain in it; and I invite all of you to join me in this same song. #Quote by Epictetus
Post Historic quotes by Lalita Tademy
#29. Three generations of women out on the front porch, four counting little Emily, trying to put words around a past and a future that could never be explained. #Quote by Lalita Tademy
Post Historic quotes by William Shakespeare
#30. Ho! now you strike like the blind man;
t'was the boy that stole your meat,
and you'll beat the post. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Post Historic quotes by Mark Cuban
#31. When you post something, when you text something, you lose ownership of it when you hit enter or send. Who you send it to, where you post it, they take ownership of that information whether you like it or not. #Quote by Mark Cuban
Post Historic quotes by George Steiner
#32. Functions of technical information, historic record, analytic argument, which are integral and obvious to Dante's use of verse are now almost completely a part of the 'prosaic'. #Quote by George Steiner
Post Historic quotes by Ron Currie Jr.
#33. There will likely be one important difference between corporeal suicide and digital suicide. Right now, one cannot destroy oneself utterly. We can blow our heads off, get the chatter to stop and cease having to pay bills, but we persist in the minds of those who knew and loved us. We continue to appear to them, unbidden, in myriad ways. They recall our smiles, hear our voices, jolt from frightening dreams and reach for us on reflex before remembering that we are no longer there. Until they themselves are gone, they continue to suffer the chafing pang of our absence.

But when we all exist as pure thought, we can be deleted not just from ourselves, but from the minds of everyone. With a keystroke (or its post-Singularity equivalent) parents will be spared grief, lovers loneliness, friends the pain of having known and knowing no longer. When we choose suicide, we will choose not merely to destroy ourselves, but to never have existed. In this way, the one compelling argument against suicide―the anguish it causes to those left behind―will be eliminated. #Quote by Ron Currie Jr.
Post Historic quotes by David Dreman
#34. We invest in undervalued companies that exhibit strong fundamentals, above-market dividend yields and historic earnings growth, which our analysis indicates will persist. Our strategy is to own strong, fundamentally sound companies and to avoid speculative stocks or potential bankruptcies. #Quote by David Dreman
Post Historic quotes by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#35. There is small chance of truth at the goal, where there is not childlike humility at the starting-post. #Quote by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Post Historic quotes by Julian Assange
#36. Every time you go to a party and take a picture and post that picture to Facebook, you're being a rat. You're being a narc. #Quote by Julian Assange
Post Historic quotes by Daniel Johns
#37. We were perceived as a post-grunge band. #Quote by Daniel Johns
Post Historic quotes by Ramakrishna
#38. As a boy holding to a post or a pillar whirls about it with headlong speed without any fear or falling, so perform your worldly duties, fixing your hold firmly upon God, and you will be free from danger. #Quote by Ramakrishna
Post Historic quotes by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
#39. Our ancestors, when about to build a town or an army post, sacrificed some of the cattle that were wont to feed on the site proposed and examined their livers. If the livers of the first victims were dark-coloured or abnormal, they sacrificed others, to see whether the fault was due to disease or their food. They never began to build defensive works in a place until after they had made many such trials and satisfied themselves that good water and food had made the liver sound and firm ... healthfulness being their chief object. #Quote by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
Post Historic quotes by Ivanka Trump
#40. Your post-college years should be an exploratory time in your professional life. From your early twenties and on into your early thirties, you should feel free to explore your professional prospects. Keep an open mind, and don't expect to get everything right straight out of the gate. Be prepared to start over once or twice. #Quote by Ivanka Trump
Post Historic quotes by William S. Burroughs
#41. Squatting on old bones and excrement and rusty iron, in a white blaze of heat, a panorama of naked idiots stretches to the horizon. Complete silence - their speech centres are destroyed - except for the crackle of sparks and the popping of singed flesh as they apply electrodes up and down the spine. White smoke of burning flesh hangs in the motionless air. A group of children have tied an idiot to a post with barbed wire and built a fire between his legs and stand watching with bestial curiosity as the flames lick his thighs. His flesh jerks in the fire with insect agony. #Quote by William S. Burroughs
Post Historic quotes by Robert Crais
#42. I said, "Was it Amy?" "If it was, she was too smart for them, which is what drew their attention." Pike said, "They couldn't ID the source." "Meaning what?" Jon smirked. "Meaning the crap on these boards is usually posted by a crank in a garage, or a thirteen-year-old idiot, toked up on the big sister's weed. Thirteen-year-old idiots are easy to find. This computer was hidden behind anonymous proxies, virtual networks, and spoofed identity numbers. One post looked like it came from Paris, the next from Birmingham, another from Baton Rouge. Each post appeared to be written on a different computer, only none of the computers actually existed." I #Quote by Robert Crais

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