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Possible Tornadoes quotes by Alison Croggon
#1. Love is one of the true mysteries,' he said at last. 'The truest and the deepest of all. One thing, Maerad: to love is never wrong. It may be disastrous; it may never be possible; it may be the deepest agony. But it is never wrong. #Quote by Alison Croggon
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#2. Love of liberty means the guarding of every resource that makes freedom possible-from the sanctity of our families and the wealth of our soil to the genius [of] our scientists ... #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Marie Taylor Collins Swabey
#3. While the scientist, on the one hand, is concerned with giving a faithful description of facts, on the other, he has the equally important task of construing them in relation to some explanatory conjecture. Similarly the historian has a double duty: both of reporting the past as nearly as possible as it passed or was lived through by men at the time (without doctoring up events to fit later developments or some more "enlightened reading" of them); and second, of interpreting their import in the light of a present hypothesis. #Quote by Marie Taylor Collins Swabey
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Jeff Beck
#4. I play the way I do because it allows me to come up with the sickest sounds possible. That's the point now isn't it? #Quote by Jeff Beck
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Roger Zelazny
#5. Between you and me,
the words,
like mortar,
separating, holding together
those pieces of the structure ourselves.
To say them,
to cast their shadows on the page,
is the act of binding mutual passions,
is cognizance, yourself/myself,
of our sameness under skin;
it rears possible cathedrals
indicating infinity with steeply-high styli.
For when tomorrow comes it is today,
and if it is not the drop
that is eternity
glistening at the pen's point,
then the ink of our voices
surrounds like an always night,
and mortar marks the limit of our cells. #Quote by Roger Zelazny
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Anjelica Huston
#6. I like things pretty close around me. I like to know that my house is safe, that the people and animals I love are well and happy. I like to feel as peaceful as possible. #Quote by Anjelica Huston
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Stanley Hauerwas
#7. The church does not exist to provide an ethos for democracy or any other form of social organization, but stands as a political alternative to every nation, witnessing to the kind of social life possible for those that have been formed by the story of Christ. #Quote by Stanley Hauerwas
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Isabel Briggs Myers
#8. The sensing person has faith in the actual, the intuitive in the possible. As each concentrates accordingly, they seldom look at anything from the same angle. The difference in viewpoint becomes acute, often exasperating, when the person with sensing has authority over the intuitive and the intuitive comes up with a blazing idea. The intuitive tends to present the idea in rough form - suitable for another intuitive - and expects the sensing listener to concentrate on the main point and ignore the sketchy details. The sensing person's natural reaction is to concentrate on what is missing, decide that the idea cannot work (and of course it cannot in that form), and flatly turn it down. One idea is wasted, one intuitive is frustrated, and one sensing executive has to deal with a resentful subordinate. #Quote by Isabel Briggs Myers
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Jane Addams
#9. The popular books are the novels, dealing with life under all possible conditions, and they are widely read not only because they are entertaining, but also because they in a measure satisfy an unformulated belief that to see farther, to know all sorts of men, in an indefinite way, is a preparation for better social adjustment
for the remedying of social ills. #Quote by Jane Addams
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Robert Biswas-Diener
#10. I believe that living out loud and not letting fear hold you back is the key to the fullest, most rewarding life possible #Quote by Robert Biswas-Diener
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Susan Sontag
#11. I'm in love. Don't ask me how it's possible. It's just not in character; my nightmare-ridden, stubborn, melancholy character. And yet, it's
happened. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Kaiten Nukariya
#12. Zen is completely free from the fetters of old dogmas, dead creeds, and conventions of stereotyped past, that check the development of a religious faith and prevent the discovery of a new truth. Zen needs no Inquisition. It never compelled nor will compel the compromise of a Galileo or a Descartes. No excommunication of a Spinoza or the burning of a Bruno is possible for Zen. #Quote by Kaiten Nukariya
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Gilles Deleuze
#13. Morality consists in this for each individual: to attempt each time to extend its region of clear expression, to try to augment its amplitude, so as to produce a free act that expresses the most possible in one given condition or another.
Gilles Deleuze, The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque, 73 #Quote by Gilles Deleuze
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Dick Swaab
#14. We must accept the fact that it is possible we know something without knowing why we know it. #Quote by Dick Swaab
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Julie Anne Long
#15. Tell me - what wouldn't you do for Violet, Captain Flint?"

Flint didn't yet know the answer to this. Though he was perhaps closer to knowing.

"I haven't yet been tested."

Lyon smiled slowly at this, and shook his head. "Ah. Clearly you haven't a soul of a poet, then, sir. You cannot be lured into hyperbole: 'There's nothing I wouldn't do! Nothing!' And etcetera. I can. I like hyperbole. Don't fear it, Flint! Believe me, there's some truth to all the purple words that surround love, you know. When you love someone more than life - and it is indeed possible to love someone more than life, or otherwise poets wouldn't have gone on and on about it over the centuries - and you know, you know, you were born for only one person…imagine you cannot have them without tearing everything else you know asunder. Without hurting and disappointing all the other people you love. What then would you do? #Quote by Julie Anne Long
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Jordan S. Rubin
#16. Hypertension is only a symptom of some other malfunction in your body. It's possible that the elevated blood pressure is a protective effect, enabling the heart to get blood to all the tissues in spite of the disease, whatever that might be. But since we still haven't figured out what that reason is, most physicians just throw drugs at the symptom and consider the problem solved when the high blood pressure goes down. #Quote by Jordan S. Rubin
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#17. And, indeed, this is the odd thing that is continually happening: there are continually turning up in life moral and rational persons, sages and lovers of humanity who make it their object to live all their lives as morally and rationally as possible, to be, so to speak, a light to their neighbours simply in order to show them that it is possible to live morally and rationally in this world. And yet we all know that those very people sooner or later have been false to themselves, playing some queer trick, often a most unseemly one. Now I ask you: what can be expected of man since he is a being endowed with strange qualities? Shower upon him every earthly blessing, drown him in a sea of happiness, so that nothing but bubbles of bliss can be seen on the surface; give him economic prosperity, such that he should have nothing else to do but sleep, eat cakes and busy himself with the continuation of his species, and even then out of sheer ingratitude, sheer spite, man would play you some nasty trick. He would even risk his cakes and would deliberately desire the most fatal rubbish, the most uneconomical absurdity, simply to introduce into all this positive good sense his fatal fantastic element. It is just his fantastic dreams, his vulgar folly that he will desire to retain, simply in order to prove to himself--as though that were so necessary-- that men still are men and not the keys of a piano, which the laws of nature threaten to control so completely that soon one will be able #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Possible Tornadoes quotes by David Icke
#18. There are many things that we can understand, but in the end it is a case of 'anything is possible'. #Quote by David Icke
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#19. The cabby left, muttering under his nose. "What's he muttering about?" Mr. Goliadkin thought through his tears. "I hired him for the evening, I'm sort of...within my rights nows...so there! I hired him for the evening, and that's the end of the matter. Even if he just stands there, it's all the same. It's as I will. I'm free to go, and free not to go. And that I'm now standing behind the woodpile--that, too, is quite all right...and don't you dare say anything; I say, the gentleman wants to stand behind the woodpile, so he stands behind the woodpile...and it's no taint to anybody's honor--so there! So there, lady mine, if you'd like to know. Thus and so, I say, but in our age, lady mine, nobody lives in a hut. So there! In our industrial age, lady mine, you can't get anywhere without good behavior, of which you yourself serve as a pernicious example...You say one must serve as a chief clerk and live in a hut on the seashore. First of all, lady mine, there are no chief clerks on the seashore, and second, you and I can't possible get to be a chief clerk. For, to take an example, suppose I apply, I show up--thus and so, as a chief clerk, say, sort of...and protect me from my enemy...and they'll tell you, my lady, say, sort of...there are lots of chief clerks, and here you're not at some émigrée Falbala's, where you learned good behavior, of which you yourself serve as a pernicious example. Good behavior, my lady, means sitting at home, respecting your father, and not thinking of #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Kimberly Lauren
#20. I'll show you how great we are going to be. Because you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met, and I'm not talking about your gorgeous face, your stunning hair or your drop-dead sexy body. I never knew it was possible to be so attracted to your best friend. #Quote by Kimberly Lauren
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Barry M. Goldwater
#21. The legitimate functions of government are actually conducive to freedom. Maintaining internal order, keeping foreign foes at bay, administering justice, removing obstacles to the free interchange of goods - the exercise of these powers makes it possible for men to follow their chosen pursuits with maximum freedom. But note that the very instrument by which these desirable ends are achieved can be the instrument for achieving undesirable ends - that government can, instead of extending freedom, restrict freedom. #Quote by Barry M. Goldwater
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Malcolm X
#22. I can give you a very good tip if you want to keep burglars out of your house. A light on for the
burglar to see is the very best single means of protection. One of the ideal things is to leave a
bathroom light on all night. The bathroom is one place where somebody could be, for any length
of time, at any time of the night, and he would be likely to hear the slightest strange sound. The
burglar, knowing this, won't try to enter. 'It's also the cheapest possible protection. The kilowatts
are a lot cheaper than your valuables. #Quote by Malcolm X
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Ben Aaronovitch
#23. Most archaeology in London these days is rescue archaeology – projects designed to preserve as much as possible from the relentless cash-driven redevelopment. It's not a new problem. Ask a medievalist about Victorian cellars or an Iron Age specialist about medieval ploughing – but take snacks, because you're going to be there for a while. #Quote by Ben Aaronovitch
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#24. I was making my mind as blank as possible, you see, since the past was so embarrassing and the future so terrifying. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Sydney Smith
#25. Find fault when you must find fault in private, and if possible sometime after the offense, rather than at the time. #Quote by Sydney Smith
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Howard Charles
#26. You want to know as much information as possible because it helps you make more informed decisions, but that's not always possible. There are a lot of different factors surrounding it. #Quote by Howard Charles
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Ben H. Winters
#27. Sometimes it's possible, just barely possible, to imagine a version of this world different from the existing one, a world in which there is true justice, heroic honesty, a clear perception possessed by each individual about how to treat all the others. Sometimes I swear I could see it, glittering in the pavement, glowing between the words in a stranger's sentence, a green, impossible vision--the world as it was meant to be, like a mist around the world as it is. #Quote by Ben H. Winters
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Zechariah Barrett
#28. Jean smirked and raised an eyebrow at Leor. "Would you like to fly through the Louvre?"
Leor couldn't perceive how that would even be possible. But Jean would inevitably find a way. "No, no!" Leor ardently replied. "Let's just land there and take a walk. Look at some statues, get some air."
"Ah, but do we not have plenty of air, flowing around up here in the skies?" Jean asked, diving down towards the Seine, and then sharply pulling up along one of the slopes.
"Would you like me to vomit again?" Leor asked, with a hand near his mouth. #Quote by Zechariah Barrett
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Edward Vilga
#29. Although yoga is supposedly noncompetitive, I can't help that my Alpha nature requires that I go for the hardest variation of every pose, always pushing my limits as far as possible. #Quote by Edward Vilga
Possible Tornadoes quotes by James Baldwin
#30. Wright puts this idea can only proceed from the assumption - not entirely unsound - that Americans, who evade, so far as possible, all genuine experience, have therefore no way of assessing the experience of others and no way of establishing themselves in relation to any way of life which is not their own. #Quote by James Baldwin
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Margaret J. Wheatley
#31. Despite current ads and slogans, the world doesn't change one person at a time. It changes when networks of relationships form among people who share a common cause and vision of what's possible. This is good news for those of us intent on creating a positive future. Rather than worry about critical mass, our work is to foster critical connections. We don't need to convince large numbers of people to change; instead, we need to connect with kindred spirits. Through these relationships, we will develop the new knowledge, practices, courage and commitment that lead to broad-based change. #Quote by Margaret J. Wheatley
Possible Tornadoes quotes by A.R. Gurney
#32. My father says everyone should write letters as much as they can. It's a dying art. He says letters are a way of presenting yourself in the best possible light to another person. #Quote by A.R. Gurney
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Beth Bailey
#33. The birth control pill, to a great degree, made possible the (hetero)sexual revolution. Yet those who developed oral contraceptives did not intend their work to promote what the majority of Americans at the time called "promiscuity." Doctors generally refused to prescribe the pill to women who were not married; the Supreme Court did not rule this practice unconstitutional until 1972. #Quote by Beth Bailey
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Tom Perrotta
#34. She was the kind of woman who always surprised you with the realization that she was just as lovely as you remembered, though it hardly seemed possible in her absence. #Quote by Tom Perrotta
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Jonas Jonasson
#35. Above all, Suharto had been hunting down communists, presumed communists, suspected communists, possible communists, highly unlikely communists, and the odd innocent person. #Quote by Jonas Jonasson
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Gerard De Nerval
#36. I have never felt any rest in sleep. For a few seconds I am numbed, then a new life begins, freed from the conditions of time and space, and doubtless similar to that state which awaits us after death. Who knows if there is not some link between those two existences and if it is not possible for the soul to unite them now? #Quote by Gerard De Nerval
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Austin Grossman
#37. He had never been to a party like this and it struck him as a little bizarre, like a feverish nightmare version of school. It was the exact same mass of people, but they had all shown up in the middle of the night, and now there were no teachers and everyone stood in the hallways talking as loudly as possible, and there were no classes except lunch, or else the classes were all different and he hadn't ever studied for any of them. #Quote by Austin Grossman
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Rashmi Rathi
#38. If one looks at it with his bare eyes then one can only see a stream of running water coming down the mountain. But, if one can verily perceive it through the eyes of wisdom then this tiny stream of water has the might of taking on any obstacles; big boulders, trees, anything that comes within its course. And why does it have the might? Because it adjusts its course when faced with any obstacles. Water just flows, naturally. It doesn't see a challenge in the obstacles. It doesn't say to the obstacle "You are in my way. Please move aside so that I can proceed further." No! When faced with an obstacle, it changes its course slightly, but, never stops flowing. Its primary aim is to flow to its destination and not to get embroiled with obstacles. And all this is possible because it has been endowed with this wonderful ability to change course. #Quote by Rashmi Rathi
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Bill Browder
#39. Seventy years of communism had destroyed the work ethic of an entire nation. Millions of Russians had been sent to the gulags for showing the slightest hint of personal initiative. The Soviets severely penalized independent thinkers, so the natural self-preservation reaction was to do as little as possible and hope that nobody would notice you. #Quote by Bill Browder
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Cathy Lamb
#40. Seasons are like life. Some seasons are better than others. Some have more sun and rainbows. Others have storms and tornadoes. Some have both. You have to accept that, and bring colour and light to the season you're in as best you can, and always look forward to the next season. #Quote by Cathy Lamb
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Tadeusz Borowski
#41. Despite the madness of war, we lived for a world that would be different. For a better world to come when all this is over. And perhaps even our being here is a step towards that world. Do you really think that, without the hope that such a world is possible, that the rights of man will be restored again, we could stand the concentration camp even for one day? It is that very hope that makes people go without a murmur to the gas chambers, keeps them from risking a revolt, paralyses them into numb inactivity. It is hope that breaks down family ties, makes mothers renounce their children, or wives sell their bodies for bread, or husbands kill. It is hope that compels man to hold on to one more day of life, because that day may be the day of liberation. Ah, and not even the hope for a different, better world, but simply for life, a life of peace and rest. Never before in the history of mankind has hope been stronger than man, but never also has it done so much harm as it has in the war, in this concentration camp. We were never taught how to give up hope, and this is why today we perish in gas chambers. #Quote by Tadeusz Borowski
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Ruben Blades
#42. I really think that music itself, being one of the greatest possible vehicles for mass communication, should be probed to its extremes, to see how effective it can actually become, which is one of the reasons why I became also interested in presenting political points of view. #Quote by Ruben Blades
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Martin Heidegger
#43. If knowing is to be possible as a way of determining the nature of the present-at-hand by observing it, then there must first be a deficiency in our having-to-do with the world concernfully. When concern holds back from any kind of producing, manipulating and the like, it puts itself into what is now the sole remaining mode of Being-in, the mode of just tarrying-alongside. In this kind of 'dwelling' as a holding-oneself-back from any manipulation or utilization, the perception of the present-at-hand is consummated. #Quote by Martin Heidegger
Possible Tornadoes quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#44. A wise prince will seek means by which his subjects will always and in every possible condition of things have need of his government, and then they will always be faithful to him. #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
Possible Tornadoes quotes by May Sarton
#45. It was a painful week, swung between doubt and hope. I knew that tension well. It is just the same before I begin to write a book or a poem. It is the tension of being on the brink of a major commitment, and not being quite sure whether one has it in one to carry it through - the stage where the impossible almost exactly balances the possible, and a thistledown may shift the scales one way or another. #Quote by May Sarton

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