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Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Giovani Bernard
#1. You don't realize how long that NFL season is. It's a long season, especially in your first year. Not only do you spend a lot of time preparing for the draft and working out, but they you have OTAs, minicamps, training camp, preseason games. By the time you get to week six you've already had one of the longest years of your football life and you still have 11 weeks to go, plus the playoffs. #Quote by Giovani Bernard
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Donald Driver
#2. There is no way I could have played fourteen years in the NFL if I didn't work my butt off on the practice field perfecting my technique or spend hours upon hours in the film room studying defenses. #Quote by Donald Driver
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Devin Hester
#3. Things happen in NFL games. I don't try to dwell on it. I try to say, It happened. Let's move onto the next one. #Quote by Devin Hester
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Jeb Bush
#4. I think (fantasy football) has become something that needs to be looked at in terms of regulation. Effectively, it's day trading without any regulation at all. When you have insider information, which has apparently been the case, when you have people who use that information, use big data to try and take advantage of it, there has to be some regulation. If they can't regulate themselves, then the NFL needs to look at moving away from them a little bit, and there should be some regulation. #Quote by Jeb Bush
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Neil Hayes
#5. He wants to play major college football at a university far away, where nobody will know about his tragic family history. Then he wants to play in the NFL.

Every catch brings him closer to that reality. That's how he thinks of it, anyway. Every time he runs downfield, sees the ball in the air, and hears the defensive back laboring to catch up, whenever he feels that ball fall out of the sky and into his waiting hands, he inches closer to his goals. #Quote by Neil Hayes
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Richard Sherman
#6. I'm the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that is the result you are going to get. Don't you ever talk about me. #Quote by Richard Sherman
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by LaDainian Tomlinson
#7. I'm going to make the playoffs. You can believe that. To never play in the playoffs, that will not be my legacy. #Quote by LaDainian Tomlinson
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Roger Goodell
#8. Yes, NFL players deserve to be paid well. Unfortunately, economic realities are forcing everyone to make tough choices and the NFL is no different. These are not easy negotiations, but the outcome can be positive. If both sides give a little, everyone, including fans, will get a lot and the game will improve through innovation. Even in difficult economic times, a new CBA presents us with the opportunity to secure the future of our game. #Quote by Roger Goodell
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Michael   Lewis
#9. In the book "The Blind Side" they are talking about the most important job in the NFL (Lewis). The most important job is the job of the left tackle he is there to protect the quarterback's blindside. People don't see the left tackle's job as any more important as the right tackle but the truth is that without a good left tackle most quarterbacks would be injured. The left tackle has to have a certain figure with big wide legs long arms big hands and very fast feet (Lewis 37-38). When the left tackle is on the field, he is supposed to be able to see the quarterback and the guy trying to get the quarterback. The left tackles have to figure out their own way to keep anybody from running around them. Therefor this shows that they need to be able to do whatever they need to protect the quarterback. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Deacon Jones
#10. I did come up with the term "sack" to describe the devastation I was bringing on the poor, cringing quarterbacks in the NFL. "Sack the quarterback." That was nice. I thought it was lots better than saying, "Jones tackles the QB behind the line for another loss of yardage ... " It had a ring to it, and it caught on with the sports writers. But I tell you, doing it was a lot more fun than talking about it. #Quote by Deacon Jones
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Hugh Douglas
#11. The biggest thing, I think, is to stay healthy and make the fewest mistakes, and then you can win ... The margin of error is so small in the NFL, so if you can do those two things - keep your team healthy and make the fewest mistakes each Sunday - you have a good chance of going to the Super Bowl. #Quote by Hugh Douglas
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Carl Crawford
#12. This is totally unexpected. I thought I'd be in the NBA or the NFL. I never thought baseball. It's kind of like a surprise. I'm happy it happened. #Quote by Carl Crawford
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Matthew Stafford
#13. Third down and long is the toughest situation for any offensive coordinator in the NFL. #Quote by Matthew Stafford
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Hannah Storm
#14. J.J. Watt is larger than life and Houston's newest sports hero, in every sense of the word. He is a guy who spends NFL Fridays at high school football games and actively seeks out those in need of his kindness. #Quote by Hannah Storm
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Dan Marino
#15. We didn't win a Super Bowl together, and that's something I'll always regret - not knowing what that feels like. But you and I have won more games together than any quarterback and coach combination in the history of the NFL. #Quote by Dan Marino
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Philip Rivers
#16. I'm excited about the opportunity to get out there and show not only what I can do but, more importantly, what this team can do with me in there. #Quote by Philip Rivers
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Robert Griffin III
#17. As long as I can run fast, track will always be an option. But right now I'm focused on football because the NFL is knocking on my door and I'm not going to slam it in its face. #Quote by Robert Griffin III
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Bob Golic
#18. To play nose tackle in the NFL, you have to be unemployed or crazy. I was unemployed. The other part is still up in the air. #Quote by Bob Golic
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Tina Fey
#19. Q: Is 30 Rock the most racist show on television? A: No, in my opinion it's NFL football. Why do they portray all those guys as murderers and rapists? #Quote by Tina Fey
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Michael Bennett
#20. I was also proud. Wow. We got under the skin of the president of the United States. I was grateful. Even though he disagreed with us, he turned it into a worldwide conversation. Maybe he wasn't willing to have a discussion with us about what we were protesting and why it mattered. No beer summit for us. But his comments did allow for us to go global with the problems of racial inequality in this country. #Quote by Michael Bennett
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Giovani Bernard
#21. I've just been training and working on my speed. I want to be faster, Everyone knows that the more speed you have the more of a threat you can be in the NFL. For me I have been working on my speed and being more explosive. Everyone knows I can get the 10- or 15-yard runs, but I want to have the 60- and 70-yard runs. #Quote by Giovani Bernard
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Cambria Hebert
#22. This party is lame!" Braeden said loudly. "WOLVES, party at my dorm!" he yelled.
People cheered.
"Dude, how the fuck are you gonna fit all these people in your tiny-ass room?"
He grinned. "Sure as hell will be fun to try."
Out in front of the Omega house, there was hardly anyone around; they were all too busy in the back, checking out the drama. We were silent a moment. Then Braeden said, "You don't need them. You got more than enough talent to bring in the NFL on your own."
"Fuck," I muttered. "When did everything get so damn complicated?"
"When your life became about more than just football."
"You sound like Yoda." I grinned.
"It's the beer."
- Braeden & Romeo #Quote by Cambria Hebert
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Bill Parcells
#23. I think there are a lot of good people, a lot of good football guys in the NFL. #Quote by Bill Parcells
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by C.J. Pinard
#24. Damn. Totally forgot. Guess I just got my man card yanked for not realizing football season had started. In my defense, I am a college fan (Go Longhorns!) and they don't follow the same schedule as the NFL. I'm from the South, what can I say? It's all about the college ball down here. I glanced up at the TV to see the Cowboys were indeed playing, and shook my head. Not a fan. Nope. #Quote by C.J. Pinard
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Wes Welker
#25. When I first came into the league, I was with Tim Dwight in San Diego, and a guy named Eric Parker, who really showed me the work ethic it takes to be an NFL receiver, and I've really tried to keep that with me. #Quote by Wes Welker
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Dom Irrera
#26. I love that red wine is good for you. Isn't that cool? I want to hear more of this. I want to hear more things in life like, Red wine, in conjunction with a lap dance, while watching NFL football, is the best cardiovascular workout you can have. #Quote by Dom Irrera
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Robert Griffin III
#27. I still don't think it's sunk in that I won the Heisman. I'll be able to reflect back on the season, appreciate those types of things and realize that although I wanted to 'be like Mike' when I was growing up, now I get to go out and be in the NFL. #Quote by Robert Griffin III
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Robert Griffin III
#28. Making it to the NFL is a huge accomplishment. Making it in the NFL is a huge accomplishment, but I haven't done that yet. No matter how many games we've played, it's still hard to figure out when you've made it in the NFL. #Quote by Robert Griffin III
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Tom Landry
#29. First become a winner in life. Then it's easier to become a winner on the field. #Quote by Tom Landry
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Henry Rollins
#30. Literally thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the NFL by retired players, many of whom say that information on brain injury in football was withheld from them. #Quote by Henry Rollins
Polynesians In The Nfl quotes by Keyshawn Johnson
#31. There are already gay players in the NFL and have been for a while. #Quote by Keyshawn Johnson

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