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Political Partisanship quotes by Jeffrey Toobin
#1. Random chance - a freakishly close vote in the single decisive state - gave the Supreme Court the chance to resolve the 2000 presidential election. The character of the justices themselves turned that opportunity into one of the lowest moments in the Court's history. The struggle following the election of 2000 took thirty-six days, and the Court was directly involved for twenty-one of them. Yet over this brief period, the justices displayed all of their worst traits - among them vanity, overconfidence, impatience, arrogance, and simple political partisanship. These three weeks taint an otherwise largely admirable legacy. The justices did almost everything wrong. They embarrassed themselves and the Supreme Court. #Quote by Jeffrey Toobin
Political Partisanship quotes by Anthony Esolen
#2. G.K. Chesterton once wrote that the trouble with people who do not believe in God is not that they then believe in nothing. It is that they will believe in anything. And the biggest anything around for people to believe in, in our day, is the State. We might put it this way. We should substitute for the wonder of the imagination the irritable flush of political partisanship. We should accept the maxim that all human endeavor is ultimately about power. Therefore education is about power. So is art. #Quote by Anthony Esolen
Political Partisanship quotes by Aristotle.
#3. Hence anyone who is to listen intelligently to lectures about what is noble and just and, generally, about the subjects of political science must have been brought up in good habits. #Quote by Aristotle.
Political Partisanship quotes by Milton Friedman
#4. The combination of economic and political power in the same hands is a sure recipe for tyranny. #Quote by Milton Friedman
Political Partisanship quotes by Edward Brooke
#5. The polarization of Congress; the decline of civility; and the rise of attack politics in the 1980s, the 1990s, and the early years of the new century are a blot on our political system and a disservice to the American people. #Quote by Edward Brooke
Political Partisanship quotes by David Ben Gourion
#6. A homeland is not gotten as a gift; it is not acquired by privilege or political contracts, it is not bought with gold or held by force. No, it is made with the sweat of the brow; it is the historic creation and collective enterprise of the people, the fruit of its people's labor bodily, spiritually, morally over the span of generations. #Quote by David Ben Gourion
Political Partisanship quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#7. The liberals were of the opinion that all men have the intellectual capacity to reason correctly about the difficult problems of social cooperation and to act accordingly. They were so impressed with the clarity and self-evidence of the reasoning by which they had arrived at their political ideas that they were quite unable to understand how anyone could fail to comprehend it. They never grasped two facts: first, that the masses lack the capacity to think logically and secondly, that in the eyes of most people, even when they are able to recognize the truth, a momentary, special advantage that may be enjoyed immediately appears more
important than a lasting greater gain that must be deferred. Most people do not have even the intellectual endowments required to think through the - after all very complicated - problems of social cooperation, and they certainly do not have the will power necessary to make those provisional sacrifices that all social action demands. The slogans of interventionism and of socialism, especially proposals for the partial expropriation of private property, always find ready and enthusiastic approval with the masses, who expect to profit directly and immediately from them. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Political Partisanship quotes by John F. Kennedy
#8. Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put up a wall to keep our people in. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Political Partisanship quotes by Patricia Schroeder
#9. When people ask me why I am running as a woman, I always answer, 'What choice do I have?' #Quote by Patricia Schroeder
Political Partisanship quotes by Bruno De Oliveira
#10. The homeless people's suffering belongs to amusement of our political order under a game over the right of marginalised group being transformed into citizens for merely punishment and humiliation. The Public Space Protection Orders is a penalty over one's condition suffering – it is a fine over the disempowered for being disempowered. This act allows power to fragment the homeless into sub-humans punishable for the state of utter misery. #Quote by Bruno De Oliveira
Political Partisanship quotes by Ezra Klein
#11. The political media is biased, but not toward the Left or Right so much as toward loud, outrageous, colorful, inspirational, confrontational. It is biased toward the political stories and figures who activate our identities, because it is biased toward and dependent on the fraction of the country with the most intense political identities. #Quote by Ezra Klein
Political Partisanship quotes by Jerry Greenfield
#12. I like that Ben & Jerry's is willing to speak out about social and political issues that aren't always safe - but are the right thing to do. #Quote by Jerry Greenfield
Political Partisanship quotes by Evel Knievel
#13. Unless we do things in this country to slow down our population, slow down our birth control, provide better water for people, provide power for people, we're gonna find out that the next wars are not going to be fought over diamonds, gold and political things. #Quote by Evel Knievel
Political Partisanship quotes by Sasa Stanisic
#14. I know the word "incompetent" from my father. He uses it when there's something political on TV, or when he and Uncle Miki are quarreling about something political they've seen on TV. Incompetence means doing something even though you haven't the faintest idea how to
like governing Yugoslavia, for instance. #Quote by Sasa Stanisic
Political Partisanship quotes by Noam Chomsky
#15. Our yearning for democracy is accompanied by a no less profound yearning for peace. And the media also faced the task of historical engineering to establish this required truth. We therefore have phenomena called 'peace missions' and the 'peace process'. These are terms that apply to whatever the United States happens to be doing or advocating at some moment ... in short, 'War is Peace'. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Political Partisanship quotes by Evan Davis
#16. All socio-political phenomena in the U.K. come laden with the baggage of a class-based theory or two attached to them. In the case of gay Tories, there is one particularly silly variant of the category, which asserts that gayness is bred in public schools and thus fits with Conservatism like hand in glove. #Quote by Evan Davis
Political Partisanship quotes by Mark Russell
#17. When you trick somebody into participating in a small-time fraud, it's called a 'scam.' But when the scam is so big that people have no choice but to participate, it's called 'economics. #Quote by Mark Russell
Political Partisanship quotes by George Lakoff
#18. Therefore, any social or political system in which people get things they don't earn, or are rewarded for lack of self-discipline or for immoral behavior, is simply an immoral system. #Quote by George Lakoff
Political Partisanship quotes by Sol Stern
#19. Zionist willingness to compromise met by Palestinian rejection and Jew hatred. #Quote by Sol Stern
Political Partisanship quotes by David Graeber
#20. When an economist attempts to prove that it is "irrational" to vote in national elections (because the effort expended outweighs the likely benefit to the individual voter), they use the term because they do not wish to say "irrational for actors for whom civic participation, political ideals, of the common good are not values in themselves, but who view public affairs only in terms of personal advantage. #Quote by David Graeber
Political Partisanship quotes by Mary Fisher
#21. I ask you ... to recognize that AIDS virus is not a political creature. It does not care whether you are Democrat or Republican; it does not ask whether you are black or white, male or female, gay or straight, young or old. #Quote by Mary Fisher
Political Partisanship quotes by Aldous Huxley
#22. Ordinary men, we have seen, are not much interested in any political problems which do not immediately affect themselves. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Political Partisanship quotes by William Stanley Jevons
#23. There are a multitude of allied branches of knowledge connected with mans condition; the relation of these to political economy is analogous to the connexion of mechanics, astronomy, optics, sound, heat, and every other branch more or less of physical science, with pure mathematics. #Quote by William Stanley Jevons
Political Partisanship quotes by Christopher Buckley
#24. Who knew, in 2000, that 'compassionate conservatism' meant bigger government, unrestricted government spending, government intrusion in personal matters, government ineptitude, and cronyism in disaster relief? Who knew, in 2000, that the only bill the president would veto, six years later, would be one on funding stem-cell research? A more accurate term for Mr. Bush's political philosophy might be incontinent conservatism. #Quote by Christopher Buckley
Political Partisanship quotes by Simon Critchley
#25. There are two forms of disappointment that interest me: religious and political disappointment. Religious disappointment flows from the realization that religious belief is not an option for us. Political disappointment flows from the fact that there is injustice - that we live in a world that is radically unjust and violent, where might seems to equal right, where the poor are exploited by the rich, etc. #Quote by Simon Critchley
Political Partisanship quotes by Karl Marx
#26. If conquest constitutes a natural right on the part of the few, the many have only to gather sufficient strength in order to acquire the natural right of reconquering what has been taken from them #Quote by Karl Marx
Political Partisanship quotes by Robert Hughes
#27. Nevertheless, what was made in the hope of transforming the world need not be rejected because it failed to do so – otherwise, one would also have to throw out a good deal of the greatest painting and poetry of the nineteenth century. An objective political failure can still work as a model of intellectual affirmation or dissent. #Quote by Robert Hughes
Political Partisanship quotes by Andrea Gibson
#28. I decided I was going to read only social justice poetry through my entire set. But when I was making my set list it hit me that the simple existence of the word 'she' in my love poem made it a political poem. Isn't that criminal? Isn't it criminal that love is a political thing? That the heart is a political thing? #Quote by Andrea Gibson
Political Partisanship quotes by Arianna Huffington
#29. America is a country ready to be taken, in fact, longing to be taken by political leaders ready to restore democracy and trust to the political process. #Quote by Arianna Huffington
Political Partisanship quotes by Stephen Spender
#30. The ultimate aim of politics is not politics, but the activities which can be practised within the political framework of the State. Therefore an effective statement of these activities e.g. science , art , religion is in itself a declaration of ultimate aims around which the political means will crystallise ... a society with no values outside of politics is a machine carrying its human cargo, with no purpose in its institutions reflecting their care, eternal aspirations, loneliness, need for love . #Quote by Stephen Spender
Political Partisanship quotes by George W. Bush
#31. She's just trying to make sure Anthony gets a good meal - Antonio. #Quote by George W. Bush
Political Partisanship quotes by Milan Vaishnav
#32. The failure of India's public institutions to keep pace with the dramatic political, economic and social transformations under way has led to severe gaps in governance. The end result of this disjuncture has been a proliferation of grand corruption - a malaise made up of a diverse array of regulatory, extractive, and political rent-seeking activities. #Quote by Milan Vaishnav
Political Partisanship quotes by John Marini
#33. Post-modern intellectuals have pronounced their historical judgment on America's past, finding it to be morally indefensible. Every great human achievement of the past - whether in philosophy, religion, literature, or the humanities - came to be understood as a kind of exploitation of the powerless. Rather than allowing the past to be viewed in terms of its aspirations and accomplishments, it has been judged by its failures. The living part of the past is understood in terms slavery, racism, and identity politics. Political correctness arose as the practical and necessary means of enforcing this historical judgment. No public defense of past greatness could be allowed to live in the present. Public morality and public policy would come to be understood in terms of the formerly oppressed. #Quote by John Marini

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