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Point Of View quotes by Oscar Wilde
#1. For what are called criminals nowadays are not criminals at all. Starvation, and not sin, is the parent of modern crime. That indeed is the reason why our criminals are, as a class, so absolutely uninteresting from any psychological point of view. They are not marvellous Macbeths and terrible Vautrins. They are merely what ordinary, respectable, commonplace people would be if they had not got enough to eat. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Point Of View quotes by Alice Oswald
#2. I have this exercise where I force myself to look out from the flower's point of view at these great walloping humans coming down the path, and try, just try and feel it from their point of view because it's a different world to them, a fascinating hard one. #Quote by Alice Oswald
Point Of View quotes by Pat Robertson
#3. There's an assault on human sexuality, as Judge Scalia said, they've taken sides in the culture war and on top of that if we have a democracy, the democratic processes should be that we can elect representatives who will share our point of view and vote those things into law. #Quote by Pat Robertson
Point Of View quotes by Nadine Labaki
#4. It's a different point of view on the world and it's different issues and it's important. It's healthy to have both, and more and more women are becoming of aware of that. And when you are aware of how strong of an impact it has on people - it changes things. #Quote by Nadine Labaki
Point Of View quotes by Brian O'Driscoll
#5. When you talk to family and friends, they can't tell you anything from an impartial point of view because they have a vested interest in you. #Quote by Brian O'Driscoll
Point Of View quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#6. Students of media are persistently attacked as evaders, idly concentrating on means or processes rather than on 'substance'. The dramatic and rapid changes of 'substance' elude these accusers. Survival is not possible if one approaches his environment, the social drama, with a fixed, unchangeable point of view - the witless repetitive response to the unperceived. #Quote by Marshall McLuhan
Point Of View quotes by Wes Anderson
#7. If I have ideas, I want to put them in the movie. It's not a minimalist approach at all but I feel like it's for the audience. It's about seeing how much texture we can give it and seeing how many things are there for people to latch on to ... I just want to do it the way I want and I feel like it won't be helpful for me if I start worrying about that. I just have to follow my instincts. Everyone is going to respond differently to it and everybody's right - that's their point of view. That's how the story intersects with their lives. #Quote by Wes Anderson
Point Of View quotes by Ronald Reagan
#8. The key for any speaker is to establish his own point of view for the audience, so they can see the game through his eyes. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Point Of View quotes by Patrick Dempsey
#9. And, sure, if you have a political point of view, you have every right to share it. But you have to be careful not to get too self-important. You have to find the balance between being entertaining and being preachy. #Quote by Patrick Dempsey
Point Of View quotes by Markus Zusak
#10. They say that war is death's best friend, but I must offer you a different point of view on that one. To me, war is like the new boss who expects the impossible. He stands over your shoulder repeating one thin, incessantly: 'Get it done, get it done.' So you work harder. You get the job done. The boss, however, does not thank you. He asks for more. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Point Of View quotes by Danny Meyer
#11. Every restaurant needs to have a point of view. #Quote by Danny Meyer
Point Of View quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#12. Fear is less about what's happening to me and more about how I feel about what's happening to me. Therefore, might it be that my attitude is the thing that I should fear the most? #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Point Of View quotes by Sarah Ban Breathnach
#13. One of the most important milestones we'll all hit along the way is the moment when we finally own our unique point of view and realize how priceless it is. #Quote by Sarah Ban Breathnach
Point Of View quotes by Frithjof Schuon
#14. The annoyances or adversities that come to man always have three causes: man himself, the world, God. Depending on the point of view adopted, we may take into consideration one or another of these causes, but we cannot deny any of them.
Man is the author of his misfortune to the extent it is experienced as suffering; the world is its author to the extent the misfortune seeks to keep man in cosmic illusion; and God is the Author to the extent the misfortune comes to man as a sanction, though also as a purification, hence a trial.
The same thing is true mutatis mutandis of happy events: we can never say they do not come from God or that they do not come from the cosmic surroundings or that they do not result from our own nature. These events are also trials in their character of temptation; the corresponding virtue is renunciation or detachment (zuhd). The spiritual "traveler" (sālik) should be not only "patient" (sabūr) but also "detached" (zāhid). #Quote by Frithjof Schuon
Point Of View quotes by George Carey
#15. From a Christian point of view of course we do want a peaceful world, and I think September 11 did actually make people aware not only of vulnerability and how transitory life is, but there are forces of good and honor and justice which speak to us of God and his love for us. #Quote by George Carey
Point Of View quotes by Dion Fortune
#16. To say that a thing is imaginary is not to dispose of it in the realm of mind, for the imagination, or the image making faculty, is a very important part of our mental functioning. An image formed by the imagination is a reality from the point of view of psychology; it is quite true that it has no physical existence, but are we going to limit reality to that which is material? We shall be far out of our reckoning if we do, for mental images are potent things, and although they do not actually exist on the physical plane, they influence it far more than most people suspect. #Quote by Dion Fortune
Point Of View quotes by Nick Minchin
#17. It presents a really compelling case against the whole theory of anthropogenic global warming. From my point of view, it is a theory that has completely corrupted public policy making in most of the developed world. It confronts all the dubious claims that the warmists have put out there. #Quote by Nick Minchin
Point Of View quotes by Etgar Keret
#18. In the last war, people became vocal from the right-wing point of view: if you're liberal, then you're a traitor. #Quote by Etgar Keret
Point Of View quotes by Chancellor Williams
#19. Africans and persons of African descent must assume the primary responsibility and leadership in historical research ... if we are to continue to leave practically all important historical research and writing concerning the black race to the white man, then we must be prepared to accept, uncomplainingly, the white man's point of view. #Quote by Chancellor Williams
Point Of View quotes by Charlene Li
#20. From the consumer point of view, there may be questions about whether you'll have to be an AOL subscriber to get Time magazine, ... That combination of media with the access is one through which you may be able to block access to your competitors' subscribers. #Quote by Charlene Li
Point Of View quotes by Wallace D. Wattles
#21. This must be your point of view: that the world and all it contains is perfect, though not completed. #Quote by Wallace D. Wattles
Point Of View quotes by Wilkie Collins
#22. Tears are scientifically described as a Secretion. I can understand that a secretion may be healthy or unhealthy, but I cannot see the interest of a secretion from a sentimental point of view. #Quote by Wilkie Collins
Point Of View quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
#23. Wisdom is looking at life from God's point of view. You look at life's difficulties and tests as God looks at them. You look at family life and child rearing as God looks at them. You interpret current events as God would interpret them. You see the truth even though all around you are deception and lies. #Quote by Charles R. Swindoll
Point Of View quotes by Rob Zombie
#24. When you have too many people and you're trying to satisfy everybody's input, you usually end up with something so incredibly generic that it has no point of view. #Quote by Rob Zombie
Point Of View quotes by Audrey Regan
#25. Because he is awful and I am not I am over looked. It's perfectly logical if you look at it from a twisted point of view. #Quote by Audrey Regan
Point Of View quotes by Karen Armstrong
#26. Compassion dervies from the Latin patiri and the Greek pathein, meaning "to suffer, undergo or experience." So "compassion" means "to endure [something] with another person," to put ourselves in somebody else's shoes, to feel her pain as though it were our own, and to enter generously into his point of view. That is why our hearts, discover what gives us pain, and then refuse, under any circumstance whatsoever, to inflict that pain on anybody else. Compassion can be defined, therefore, as an attitude of principled, consistent altruism. #Quote by Karen Armstrong
Point Of View quotes by Dick Morris
#27. Anybody who thinks that getting a communication from a voter in your district is spam - that guy is pork. Roast pork unless he changes his point of view. #Quote by Dick Morris
Point Of View quotes by Peter Greenaway
#28. As you probably know, I'm often accused of intellectual exhibitionism and all forms of elitism. Although I can understand this point of view, it's a rather wasted argument because, if we regard areas of information as being elite and therefore somehow not usable, it means our centre-ground of activity becomes very, very impoverished. #Quote by Peter Greenaway
Point Of View quotes by Max Weber
#29. All knowledge of cultural reality, as may be seen, is always knowledge from particular points of view. #Quote by Max Weber
Point Of View quotes by T. S. Eliot
#30. James's critical genius comes out most tellingly in his mastery over, his baffling escape from, Ideas; a mastery and an escape which are perhaps the last test of a superior intelligence. He had a mind so fine that no idea could violate it. [ ... ] In England, ideas run wild and pasture on the emotions; instead of thinking with our feelings (a very different thing) we corrupt our feelings with ideas; we produce the public, the political, the emotional idea, evading sensation and thought. [ ... ] James in his novels is like the best French critics in maintaining a point of view, a view-point untouched by the parasite idea. He is the most intelligent man of his generation.
(Little Review, 1918) #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Point Of View quotes by Herta Muller
#31. Silence is also a form of speaking. They're exactly alike. It's a basic component of language. We're always selecting what we say and what we don't. Why do we say one thing and not the other? And we do this instinctively, too, because no matter what we're talking about, there's more that doesn't get said than does. And this isn't always to hide things - it's simply part of an instinctive selection in our speech. This selection varies from one person to the next, so that no matter how many people describe the same thing, the descriptions are different, the point of view is different. And even if there is a similar viewpoint, people make different choices as to what is said or not said. This was very clear to me, coming from the village, since the people there never said more than they absolutely needed to. When I was fifteen and went to the city, I was amazed at how much people talked and how much of that talk was pointless. And how much people talked about themselves - that was totally alien to me.
For me, silence had always been another form of communication. After all, you can tell so much just by looking at a person. At home we always knew about each other even if we didn't talk about ourselves all the time. I encountered a lot of silence elsewhere as well. There was the silence that was self-imposed, because you could never say what you really thought. #Quote by Herta Muller
Point Of View quotes by Barton Gellman
#32. Google appears to be the worst of the major search engines from a privacy point of view; Ask.com, with AskEraser turned on, is among the best. #Quote by Barton Gellman
Point Of View quotes by Bill Keller
#33. I don't think fairness means that you give equal time to every point of view no matter how marginal. You weigh the sides, you do some truth-testing, you apply judgment to them. #Quote by Bill Keller
Point Of View quotes by Milton Friedman
#34. See, if you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel. That's literally true. #Quote by Milton Friedman
Point Of View quotes by Sydney Pollack
#35. I don't consider myself a teacher of moral and political positions. I don't want to be that. I can't help but have a point of view when I make a film, but my first job is to entertain you. #Quote by Sydney Pollack
Point Of View quotes by Evan Davis
#36. I swing both ways. I can see things from a kind of conservative point of view and from a more socially liberal or left-wing point of view. #Quote by Evan Davis
Point Of View quotes by Seth Grahame-Smith
#37. Some novels present a story form many points of view. Most movies tell only one person's side of the story. Sometime it's easy to use the strongest point of view, or find the character with the most dramatic experience. It depends on which themes the scriptwriter wants to explore. #Quote by Seth Grahame-Smith
Point Of View quotes by Robert Musil
#38. In earlier times, one had an easier conscience about being a person than one does today. People were like cornstalks in a field, probably more violently tossed back and forth by God, hail, fire, pestilence, and war than they are today, but as a whole, as a city, a region, a field, and as to what personal movement was left to the individual stalk – all this was clearly defined and could be answered for. But today responsibility's center of gravity is not in people but in circumstances. Have we not noticed that experiences have made themselves independent of people? They have gone on the stage, into books, into the reports of research institutes and explorers, into ideological or religious communities, which foster certain kinds of experience at the expense of others as if they are conducting a kind of social experiment, and insofar as experiences are not actually being developed, they are simply left dangling in the air. Who can say nowadays that his anger is really his own anger when so many people talk about it and claim to know more about it than he does? A world of qualities without a man has arisen, of experiences without the person who experiences them, and it almost looks as though ideally private experience is a thing of the past, and that the friendly burden of personal responsibility is to dissolve into a system of formulas of possible meanings. Probably the dissolution of the anthropocentric point of view, which for such a long time considered man to be at the cente #Quote by Robert Musil
Point Of View quotes by Ron Glass
#39. What I was able to bring to the Christian part of it was the humanism and the humanistic point of view. It was the hook in terms of being able to make that adjustment. I wasn't born Buddhist, so I do have some other traditions to pull from. #Quote by Ron Glass
Point Of View quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#40. From a writing point of view, you now have teams of screenwriters working with a director. What's lost in the process is the power of that one heart, brain, gut and soul that makes something an original piece of writing. #Quote by Joe Eszterhas
Point Of View quotes by Mary Church Terrell
#41. Stop using the word 'Negro.' The word is a misnomer from every point of view. It does not represent a country or anything else ... I am an African-American. #Quote by Mary Church Terrell
Point Of View quotes by Victor Pelevin
#42. There's a scientific hypothesis that every person's name is a primary suggestive command that contains the entire script of their life in highly concentrated form ... According to this point of view, there is only a limited number of names, because society only needs a limited number of human types. Just a few models of worker and warrior ants, if I could put it like that. And everybody's psyche is preprogrammed at a basic level by the associative semantic fields that their first name and surname activate. #Quote by Victor Pelevin
Point Of View quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#43. I have wanted you to see out of my eyes so many times. #Quote by Elizabeth Berg
Point Of View quotes by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
#44. A man of wisdom always looks at every problem from the other's point of view also. You cannot be wise if you have only one point of view. Sometimes try to stand in others' shoes and just look from there. #Quote by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Point Of View quotes by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
#45. Hence, contrary to the conclusion arrived at by the public goods theorists, logic forces one to accept the result that only a pure market system can safeguard the rationality, from the point of view of the consumers, of a decision to produce a public good. And only under a pure capitalist order could it be ensured that the decision about how much of a public good to produce (provided it should be produced at all) would be rational as well. 17 No less than a semantic revolution of truly Orwellian dimensions would be required to come up with a different result. Only if one were willing to interpret someone's "no" as really meaning "yes," the "nonbuying of something" as meaning that it is really "preferred over that which the nonbuying person does instead of nonbuying," of "force" really meaning "freedom," of "noncontracting" really meaning "making a contract" and so on, could the public goods theorists' point be "proven. #Quote by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Point Of View quotes by Guillaume Faye
#46. Conscience is perhaps, on the evolutionary scale, an illness and intelligence a burden. Man has lost touch with his natural survival instincts. We have not been on the Earth for a long time and it may be that, from life's point of view, or Gaïa's, we are a failed species, an abortive experiment; and that, especially by destroying the ecosystem that supports it, the suicidal human race is hastening its own disappearance. #Quote by Guillaume Faye
Point Of View quotes by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
#47. I prayed that the Lord would help me to see my life from his point of view. It was then that I noticed it: as I looked around my house, I had dozens of PRIDE posters, T-shirts, coffee mugs. The flag that waved in the breeze at my porch was a PRIDE flag. Pride had become my best friend. In the LGBT world, we defined pride as a healthy self-esteem. But something started to crack a little and I dared to just ask the question: was I domesticating a tiger? #Quote by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Point Of View quotes by Vivienne Westwood
#48. If you see everything from the point of view of women being victims in some way, you don't see the wood for the trees. It is better to be a person than a woman. #Quote by Vivienne Westwood
Point Of View quotes by Richard Gere
#49. The idea of fixing of healing is an important part of any genuine spiritual approach. Kabbalah is very much about this idea of fixing of things that have been damaged. From a Buddhist point of view, things have been damaged because ignorance has intoxicated the mind. #Quote by Richard Gere
Point Of View quotes by Robert Anton Wilson
#50. Relativity and quantum mechanics have demonstrated clearly that what you find out with instruments is true relative only to the instrument you're using, and where that instrument is located in space-time. So there is no vantage point from which 'real' reality can be seen; we're all looking from the point of view of our own reality tunnels. #Quote by Robert Anton Wilson
Point Of View quotes by Philip Hensher
#51. It [fiction] allows us to see the world from the point of view of someone else and there has been quite a lot of neurological research that shows reading novels is actually good for you. It embeds you in society and makes you think about other people. People are certainly better at all sorts of things if they can hold a novel in their heads. It is quite a skill, but if you can't do it then you're missing out on something in life. I think you can tell, when you meet someone, whether they read novels or not. There is some little hollowness if they don't. #Quote by Philip Hensher
Point Of View quotes by Clayton Christensen
#52. A lot has been written about the Internet bust. From my point of view, it's quite clear the Internet isn't a category; the Internet is a technological infrastructure that can be deployed to facilitate a disruptive business model or a sustaining business model. #Quote by Clayton Christensen
Point Of View quotes by Catharine A. MacKinnon
#53. Men who are in prison for rape think it's the dumbest thing that ever happened... it's isn't just a miscarriage of justice; they were put in jail for something very little different from what most men do most of the time and call it sex. The only difference is they got caught. That view is nonremorseful and not rehabilitative. It may also be true. It seems to me that we have here a convergence between the rapists's view of what he has done and the victim's perspective on what was done to her. That is, for both, their ordinary experiences of heterosexual intercourse and the act of rape have something in common. Now this gets us into immense trouble, because that's exactly how judges and juries see it who refuse to convict men accused of rape. A rape victim has to prove that it was not intercourse. She has to show that there was force and that she resisted, because if there was sex, consent is inferred. Finders of fact look for "more force than usual during the preliminaries". Rape is defined by distinction from intercourse - not nonviolence, intercourse. They ask, does this event look more like fucking or like rape? But what is their standard for sex, and is this question asked from the women's point of view? The level of force is not adjudicated at her point of violation; it is adjudicated at the standard for the normal level of force. Who sets this standard? #Quote by Catharine A. MacKinnon
Point Of View quotes by Henry Hazlitt
#54. From a strictly economic point of view, buying gold in a major inflation and holding it probably presents the least risk of capital loss of any investment or speculation. #Quote by Henry Hazlitt
Point Of View quotes by Suzanne Collins
#55. No viewer could turn away from the show now. From the Gamemakers' point of view, this is the final word in entertainment. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Point Of View quotes by Toba Beta
#56. Smartass Disciple: Master, I'm going to change the whole world.
Master of Stupidity: It changes within you. It changes without you. #Quote by Toba Beta
Point Of View quotes by Juan Ramon Jimenez
#57. Dynamic ecstasy is absolute romanticism , absolute heroism . And here I return to my point. From my point of view, after the catastrophe which we feel and think is universal, a catastrophe resulting from an excess of useless dynamism of useless progress, of useless realism, of useless technology, after this an unattainable democracy is to be reached through the conception and realization of a new romanticism. #Quote by Juan Ramon Jimenez
Point Of View quotes by Maurice Cowling
#58. It seemed to me singularly ill-contrived for the British government to be going to war with Hitler when Hitler might have been about to attack the Russians, and even more ill-contrived that, when Hitler did attack the Russians, he had already defeated the French army. What I'm saying is that the war shouldn't have been started in September 1939 ... from the point of view of Britain, the war was really not a good thing and I would regard it as, in effect, a defeat. #Quote by Maurice Cowling
Point Of View quotes by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
#59. Going forward, I would love to work with directors like Rian Johnson and Joss Whedon; people like that who are doing big films but do have really independent voices. That's kind of what I want to focus on, is always working with people with at least an independent point of view, even if it's not an independent film. #Quote by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Point Of View quotes by Cameron Jace
#60. Because evil is a point of view. ~Wolf #Quote by Cameron Jace
Point Of View quotes by Andrew Solomon
#61. Depression means that you have no point of view. #Quote by Andrew Solomon
Point Of View quotes by Carl Andre
#62. We don't have a single point of view for a road at all, except a moving one, moving along it. #Quote by Carl Andre
Point Of View quotes by Napoleon Bonaparte
#63. A mathematician of the first rank, Laplace quickly revealed himself as only a mediocre administrator; from his first work we saw that we had been deceived. Laplace saw no question from its true point of view; he sought subtleties everywhere; had only doubtful ideas, and finally carried the spirit of the infinitely small into administration. #Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte
Point Of View quotes by H.G.Wells
#64. For ages that stagger the imagination this earth spun hot and lifeless, and again for ages of equal vastness it held no life above the level of the animalculae in a drop of ditch-water. Not only is Space from the point of view of life and humanity empty, but Time is empty also. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Point Of View quotes by Michelle Paver
#65. Doing field trips rather than simply researching online allows me to experience the story from the point of view of my main character; you can't get that by sitting at a desk. #Quote by Michelle Paver
Point Of View quotes by J.R. Ward
#66. I don't give a crap what happened between you and Xcor - mother to mother, I care only about you and the babies. And my husband will see my point of view. Trust me." Layla #Quote by J.R. Ward
Point Of View quotes by Eugene Paul Wigner
#67. Considered from this point of view, the fact that some of the theories which we know to be false give such amazingly accurate results is an adverse factor. Had we somewhat less knowledge, the group of phenomena which these "false" theories explain would appear to us to be large enough to "prove" these theories. However, these theories are considered to be "false" by us just for the reason that they are, in ultimate analysis, incompatible with more encompassing pictures and, if sufficiently many such false theories are discovered, they are bound to prove also to be in conflict with each other. Similarly, it is possible that the theories, which we consider to be "proved" by a number of numerical agreements which appears to be large enough for us, are false because they are in conflict with a possible more encompassing theory which is beyond our means of discovery. If this were true, we would have to expect conflicts between our theories as soon as their number grows beyond a certain point and as soon as they cover a sufficiently large number of groups of phenomena. In contrast to the article of faith of the theoretical physicist mentioned before, this is the nightmare of the theorist. #Quote by Eugene Paul Wigner
Point Of View quotes by Julian Of Norwich
#68. And I saw that truly nothing happens by accident or luck, but everything by God's wise providence. If it seems to be accident or luck from our point of view, our blindness and lack of foreknowledge is the cause; for matters that have been in God's foreseeing wisdom since before time began befall us suddenly, all unawares; and so in our blindness and ignorance we say that this is accident or luck, but to our Lord God it is not so. #Quote by Julian Of Norwich
Point Of View quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#69. Remember that every science is based upon an abstraction. An abstraction is taking a point of view or looking at things under a certain aspect or from a particular angle. All sciences are differentiated by their abstraction. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Point Of View quotes by Matt Blaze
#70. From a policymaker's point of view, [the back door] must look like a perfect solution. "We'll hold onto a separate copy of the keys, and we'll try to keep them really, really safe so that only in an emergency and if it's authorized by a court will we bring out those keys and use them." And, from a policy point of view, when you describe it that way, who could be against that? #Quote by Matt Blaze
Point Of View quotes by Howard Mumford Jones
#71. When he died, Emerson was thought of as the representative American writer par excellence, and his point of view was still so potent that William James was honored to be asked to speak at a centenary celebration. #Quote by Howard Mumford Jones
Point Of View quotes by Clayton Christensen
#72. Often they [writers on the study of management] have a point of view based upon intuition and experience. They then offer a cadence of two-paragraph examples carefully selected to "prove" their theory, and then they write "one size fits all" books. The message is, "If you'd do what these companies did, you'd be successful too." #Quote by Clayton Christensen
Point Of View quotes by Shigeru Miyamoto
#73. I'd like to be known as the person who saw things from a different point of view to others. #Quote by Shigeru Miyamoto
Point Of View quotes by David Elkind
#74. Taking the child's point of view demands good will, time, and effort on the part of parents. The child is the clear beneficiary. Parents who make the effort to understand their children's point of view are likely to treat children fairly and in an age-appropriate manner. #Quote by David Elkind
Point Of View quotes by Vasily Grossman
#75. She's got legs like a stork, no arse worth speaking of, and great cow-like eyes. call that a woman?' 'You just like big tits', chentsov retorted. 'That's an outmoded, pre-revolutionary point of view #Quote by Vasily Grossman
Point Of View quotes by Rene Guenon
#76. It can be said with truth that certain aspects of reality conceal themselves from anyone who looks upon reality from a profane and materialistic point of view, and they become inaccessible to his observation: this is not a more or less 'picturesque' manner of speaking, as some people might be tempted to think, but is the simple and direct statement of a fact, just as it is a fact that animals flee spontaneously and instinctively from the presence of anyone who evinces a hostile attitude toward them. That is why there are some things that can never be grasped by men of learning who are materialists or positivists, and this naturally further confirms their belief in the validity of their conceptions by seeming to afford a sort of negative proof of them, whereas it is really neither more nor less than a direct effect of the conceptions themselves. #Quote by Rene Guenon
Point Of View quotes by Robbie Vorhaus
#77. No one has, or ever will, be able to experience or express your singular point of view, which is why it is so important, both for you and all humanity, that you follow your heart. #Quote by Robbie Vorhaus
Point Of View quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
#78. You're going to say that you're a tractor specialist," I said to Slyunkov, he'd been a director of a tractor factory, "and that you didn't understand what radiation could do, but I'm a physicist, I know what the consequences are." But from his point of view, what was this? Some professor, a bunch of physicists, were going to tell the Central Committee what to do? No, they weren't a gang of criminals. It was more like a conspiracy of ignorance and obedience. #Quote by Svetlana Alexievich
Point Of View quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#79. Action is, by definition, always rational. One is unwarranted in calling goals of action irrational simply because they are not worth striving for from the point of view of one's own valuations. Such a mode of expressions leads to gross misunderstandings. Instead of saying that irrationality plays a role in action, one should accustom oneself to saying merely: There are people who aim at different ends from those that I aim at, and people who employ different means from those I would employ in their situation. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Point Of View quotes by Pat Cadigan
#80. Most people who are on the inside of a technology have no idea what it's like to look at from an end user's point of view. This is why they have focus groups. I'm really familiar with this because I worked 10 years for Hallmark Cards in the U.S. #Quote by Pat Cadigan
Point Of View quotes by Aldo Leopold
#81. Science contributes moral as well as material blessings to the world. Its great moral contribution is objectivity, or the scientific point of view. This means doubting everything except facts; it means hewing to the facts, let the chips fall where they may. #Quote by Aldo Leopold
Point Of View quotes by Bryan Fuller
#82. Race totally matters. Race totally changes your point of view. It's a different experience. #Quote by Bryan Fuller
Point Of View quotes by F. Murray Abraham
#83. Milos said, You're my first choice. From my point of view, that doesn't pay the rent. I said, Tell me what I have to do next because I'm busy painting my kitchen. #Quote by F. Murray Abraham
Point Of View quotes by Eleanor Catton
#84. Never underestimate how extraordinarily difficult it is to understand a situation from another person's point of view. #Quote by Eleanor Catton
Point Of View quotes by Pharrell Williams
#85. From a programmer's point of view, the user is a peripheral that types when you issue a read request. #Quote by Pharrell Williams
Point Of View quotes by Frank Kermode
#86. The discords of our experience--delight in change, fear of change; the death of the individual and the survival of the species, the pains and pleasures of love, the knowledge of light and dark, the extinction and the perpetuity of empires--these were Spenser's subject; and they could not be treated without this third thing, a kind of time between time and eternity. He does not make it easy to extract philosophical notions from his text; but that he is concerned with the time-defeating aevum and uses it as a concord-fiction, I have no doubt. 'The seeds of knowledge,' as Descartes observed, 'are within us like fire in flint; philosophers educe them by reason, but the poets strike them forth by imagination, and they shine the more clearly.' We leave behind the philosophical statements, with their pursuit of logical consequences and distinctions, for a free, self-delighting inventiveness, a new imagining of the problems. Spenser used something like the Augustinian seminal reasons; he was probably not concerned about later arguments against them, finer discriminations. He does not tackle the questions, in the Garden cantos, of concreation, but carelessly--from a philosophical point of view--gives matter chronological priority. The point that creation necessitates mutability he may have found in Augustine, or merely noticed for himself, without wondering how it could be both that and a consequence of the Fall; it was an essential feature of one's experience of the world, and so wer #Quote by Frank Kermode
Point Of View quotes by Christopher Reeve
#87. What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely. From an acting point of view, that's how I approached the part. #Quote by Christopher Reeve
Point Of View quotes by Miguel Angel Ruiz
#88. Don't take anything personally. Even when a situation seems so personal, even if others insult you directly, it has nothing to do with you. Their point of view and opinion come from all the programming they received growing up. When you take things personally, you feel offended and your reaction is to defend your beliefs and create conflict. You make something big out of something so little because you have the need to be right and make everybody else wrong. #Quote by Miguel Angel Ruiz
Point Of View quotes by Nong Duc Manh
#89. Individual rights always go along with the interests of the society. I want to add that in Vietnam we have no political prisoners. No one is arrested or jailed for his or her speech or point of view. They are put in jail because they violated the law. #Quote by Nong Duc Manh
Point Of View quotes by Mary Lascelles
#90. As for Elizabeth Bennet, our chief reason for accepting her point of view as a reflection of her author's is the impression that she bears of sympathy between them
an impression of which almost every reader would be sensible, even if it had not the explicit confirmation of Jane Austen's letters. Yet, as she is presented to us in Pride and Prejudice, she is but a partial and sometimes perverse observer. #Quote by Mary Lascelles
Point Of View quotes by Frank Miller
#91. I think most things I read on the Internet and in newspapers are propaganda. Everyone from the 'New York Times' to Rupert Murdoch has a point of view and is putting forth their own propaganda. They're stuck with the facts as they are, but the way they interpret and frame them is wildly different. #Quote by Frank Miller
Point Of View quotes by Rick Santorum
#92. One of the criticisms I make is to what I refer to as more of a libertarianish right ... This whole idea of personal autonomy, well I don't think most conservatives hold that point of view. Some do. They have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do ... Well, that is not how traditional conservatives view the world ... #Quote by Rick Santorum
Point Of View quotes by Emma Donoghue
#93. I would say I have sort of a natural gift for character, and following one person's point of view at a time, and dialogue, but I'm not naturally good at strong plot. #Quote by Emma Donoghue
Point Of View quotes by John Leguizamo
#94. You grow up Latin in this country and you're a third class citizen from the word go, and so you have to deal with everything around you from that point of view and trying to feel entitled. #Quote by John Leguizamo
Point Of View quotes by Bill Crawford
#95. In order to become more influential with those who are resistant to our point of view, we must be willing to start with what is influencing them. #Quote by Bill Crawford
Point Of View quotes by Walter Piston
#96. I must say Ive always composed music from the point of view of the performers. #Quote by Walter Piston
Point Of View quotes by Walter Murch
#97. Every film is a puzzle really, from an editorial point of view. #Quote by Walter Murch
Point Of View quotes by Wilkie Collins
#98. I agree with the late William Cobbett about picking a wife. See that she chews her food well and sets her foot down firmly on the ground when she walks, and you're all right. Selina Goby was all right in both these respects, which was one reason for marrying her. I had another reason, likewise, entirely of my own discovering. Selina, being a single woman, made me pay so much a week for her board and services. Selina, being my wife, couldn't charge for her board, and would have to give me her services for nothing. That was the point of view I looked at it from. Economy - with a dash of love. #Quote by Wilkie Collins
Point Of View quotes by Wallace Shawn
#99. I wrote my first play at the age of 10, 55 years ago, and I've always found it a fantastic relief to imagine I know what things would be like from the point of view of other individuals and to send out signals from where I actually am not. Playwrights never need to write from the place where they are. #Quote by Wallace Shawn
Point Of View quotes by Katherine Pancol
#100. Later, she would wonder if her feelings for a person depended on the way she perceived them. Where do feelings come from? she wondered. From a brief, variable impression? From a shifting point of view that's then replaced by an illusion that you project onto the other person? #Quote by Katherine Pancol
Point Of View quotes by Steven Chu
#101. I've always been inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, who articulated his Dream of an America where people are judged not by skin color but "by the content of their character." In the scientific world, people are judged by the content of their ideas. Advances are made with new insights, but the final arbitrator of any point of view are experiments that seek the unbiased truth, not information cherry picked to support a particular point of view. #Quote by Steven Chu
Point Of View quotes by Anthony Powell
#102. All right,' said Moreland, 'love, then. Is it better to love somebody and not have them, or have somebody and not love them? I mean from the point of view of action – living intensely. Does action consist in having or loving? In having – naturally – it might first appear. Loving is just emotion, not action at all. But is that correct? I'm not sure. #Quote by Anthony Powell
Point Of View quotes by Sri Aurobindo
#103. We can arrive at a point of view where the preservation of the individual activities is no longer inconsistent with our comprehension of the cosmic consciousness or our attainment to the transcendent and supracosmic. #Quote by Sri Aurobindo
Point Of View quotes by Katherine Paterson
#104. The moral, of course, is that you must always try to see other people's Point of View before you criticize anybody. Histories are crammed full of unkind things, silly things, and untrue things - why? Because so often the people who write them will not try to see or feel any Point of View but their own ... So mind that you always look out for the Point of View and help people to see yours, too, if you want them to understand you. #Quote by Katherine Paterson
Point Of View quotes by Leo Strauss
#105. The adjective "political" in "political philosophy" designates not so much the subject matter as a manner of treatment; from this point of view, I say, "political philosophy" means primarily not the philosophic study of politics, but the political, or popular, treatment of philosophy, or the political introduction to philosophy the attempt to lead qualified citizens, or rather their qualified sons, from the political life to the philosophic life. #Quote by Leo Strauss
Point Of View quotes by Jostein Gaarder
#106. What you did was to draw a conclusion from a descriptive sentence
That person
wants to live too'
to what we call a normative sentence: 'Therefore you ought not to kill them.' From the point of view of reason this is nonsense. You might just as well say 'There are lots of people who cheat on their taxes, therefore I ought to cheat on my taxes too.' Hume said you can never draw conclusions from is sentences to ought sentences. Nevertheless it is exceedingly common, not least in newspaper articles, political party programs, and speeches. #Quote by Jostein Gaarder
Point Of View quotes by Theodor Mommsen
#107. The battle of Varus is an enigma, not in a military but in a political point of view - not in its course, but in its consequences. #Quote by Theodor Mommsen
Point Of View quotes by Agatha Christie
#108. And yet," said Poirot, "suppose an accident-"
"Ah, no, my friend-"
"From your point of view it would be regrettable, I agree. But nevertheless let us just for one moment suppose it. Then, perhaps, all these here are linked together - by death. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Point Of View quotes by Stephen Chow
#109. From a director's point of view, if I can create different characters which impress the audience, that's fantastic for me. #Quote by Stephen Chow
Point Of View quotes by Franco Moschino
#110. The reason I do this job is because I started to be a painter. Making money in art was difficult. The easiest way to make money was to use art for some other reason. One of the easiest and most interesting from an economic point of view was fashion. Fashion pays. #Quote by Franco Moschino
Point Of View quotes by George Orwell
#111. No one, at any rate no English writer, has written better about childhood than Dickens. In spite of all the knowledge that has accumulated since, in spite of the fact that children are now comparatively sanely treated, no novelist has shown the same power of entering into the child's point of view. #Quote by George Orwell
Point Of View quotes by Bashar Al-Assad
#112. We, in Syria, our point of view stems from our experience. #Quote by Bashar Al-Assad
Point Of View quotes by Sandra Cisneros
#113. Perhaps the community you mentioned might not come to the story. Sometimes you have to take the story to them, and perform it, and that's another way that I get an alternate point of view that isn't the official version of history out to a community. I feel that's what I've been doing since Caramelo. #Quote by Sandra Cisneros
Point Of View quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#114. The troops and their ladies had first drunk champagne. There were also remains of sandwiches, and I stepped on one, which I think was either cucumber or watercress. I scraped it off on the curbing, left it there for germs. I'll tell you this, though: No germ is going to leave the Solar System eating sissy stuff like that.
Plutonium! Now there's the stuff to put hair on a microbe's chest. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Point Of View quotes by Woo Myung
#115. How can man become complete? From the world's point of view, he will become Truth when he eliminates his false world and false self. #Quote by Woo Myung
Point Of View quotes by Narendra Modi
#116. My 'Idea of India' calls not just for tolerance, but a celebration of all points of view. Where the sensibilities of every individual are respected #Quote by Narendra Modi
Point Of View quotes by Diahann Carroll
#117. In the beginning, I found myself dealing with a show business dictated by male white supremacists and chauvinists. As a black female, I had to learn how to tap dance around the situation. I had to ... find a way to present my point of view without being pushy or aggressive. In the old days, the only women I saw in this business were in makeup, hairdressing, and wardrobe departments. Now I'm surrounded by women executives, writers, directors, producers, and even women stagehands. #Quote by Diahann Carroll
Point Of View quotes by Marisha Pessl
#118. I believe writers need to be chameleons, or like Meryl Streep, who can play all sorts of characters. A good writer should be able to cross gender lines and people of all social classes. So for me, writing from a male point of view would be a great challenge, that I would look forward to taking on. #Quote by Marisha Pessl
Point Of View quotes by Edward Grey
#119. From the material point of view the proposal is unacceptable, for France, without further territory in Europe being taken from her, could be so crushed as to lose her position as a Great Power, and become subordinate to German policy. #Quote by Edward Grey
Point Of View quotes by Ilchi Lee
#120. Earth as the standard by which to judge all actions transacted on our planet. From such a point of view, we all are Earth Citizens before we are a part of any group, nation, or religion. The Earth is the source of life for all forms of life. It is the common ground and primary value we pursue in our lives personally and collectively! #Quote by Ilchi Lee
Point Of View quotes by Giorgio De Chirico
#121. It is essential that the revelation we receive, the conception of an image which embraces a certain thing, which has no sense of itself, which has no subject, which means absolutely nothing from the logical point of view ... should speak so strongly in us ... that we feel compelled to paint ... #Quote by Giorgio De Chirico
Point Of View quotes by John O'Callaghan
#122. Music, and art for that matter, to me is not about true meaning to anyone else but yourself. If I told you the meaning of it all from my point of view it would erase the intimacy of art. I feel like art is up for interpretation, so if I told you my meaning, how could you truly relate it to anything that "you" personally are going through?? That is the beauty of art and music in particular #Quote by John O'Callaghan
Point Of View quotes by Fred Frith
#123. There are always things to examine. What's great is not feeling that I have to refuse any of them. Maybe no good from a PR perspective, but from the point of view of everyday life, it keeps things interesting. #Quote by Fred Frith
Point Of View quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#124. Seen from a lower point of view, the Constitution, with all its faults, is very good; the law and the courts are very respectable;even this State and this American government are, in many respects, very admirable, and rare things, to be thankful for, such as a great many have described them; but seen from a point of view a little higher, they are what I have described them; seen from a higher still, and the highest, who shall say what they are, or that they are worth looking at or thinking of at all? #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Point Of View quotes by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
#125. When we confess a sin, we are not asking that God or others see it from our point of view, from the vantage point of our intentions or our motives. Instead, we use God's point of view. We submit to the righteous hand of God. We consent that the Bible is true and that the law of God condemns us. And this either drives us into mad depression or into the open arms of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The implications are far-reaching. Confession of sin is meant to drive us to Christ, for our good and for his glory. #Quote by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield
Point Of View quotes by Agatha Christie
#126. I think you are wise. You haven't got what it takes for this job. You are like Rosemary's father. He couldn't understand Lenin's dictum: 'Away with softness.'"
I thought of Hercule Poirot's words.
"I'm content," I said, "to be human ... "
We sat there in silence, each of use convinced that the other's point of view was wrong. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Point Of View quotes by Colin Wilson
#127. It is far easier to write an angry letter than to go and say angry things to another person - because as soon as we look in one another's faces we can see the other point of view. #Quote by Colin Wilson
Point Of View quotes by Thomas Crum
#128. Being willing to change allows you to move from a point of view to a viewing point - a higher, more expansive place, from which you can see both sides. #Quote by Thomas Crum
Point Of View quotes by Felicia Day
#129. 'The Last Of Us,' to me, is just amazing storytelling, because everything's from the character point of view, which even movies don't really do successfully a lot of the time. #Quote by Felicia Day
Point Of View quotes by T Bone Burnett
#130. At different times in my life I met God from a different point of view. #Quote by T Bone Burnett
Point Of View quotes by Thomas Dolby
#131. From a technical point of view, there seemed to me to be absolutely no reason why - with the existing technology - we couldn't do very high quality audio, because whereas the boom in digital graphics is ongoing, the boom in digital audio has already happened. #Quote by Thomas Dolby
Point Of View quotes by Lewis E. Lawes
#132. He proceeded on the theory that confinement within the walls of the prison was punishment. That the law never intended to confine prisoners within the prison. From a moral point of view, it was putting the prisoner in double jeopardy. Actually it was a double punishment. #Quote by Lewis E. Lawes
Point Of View quotes by Marjoe Gortner
#133. I really don't put it down. I never have. It's just that I analyze it and look at it from a very rational point of view. I don't see it as coming from God and say that at a certain point the Holy Spirit zaps you with a super whammy on the head and you've "gone for tongues" and there is it. Tongues is a process that people build up to. Then, as you start to do something, just as when you practice the scales on the piano, you get better at it. #Quote by Marjoe Gortner
Point Of View quotes by Tucker Viemeister
#134. A man-made thing that produces pleasure (and criticism) by somehow taping into the order of the universe is beautiful. Making beautiful things makes our lives worthwhile. My teacher, and one of the founders of the Pratt industrial design program, Rowena Reed Kostellow, said, "Pure, unadulterated beauty should be the goal of civilization." From a pragmatic point of view, for something to be beautiful, it has to work. In order to make this idea clearer I have combined the ideas of beauty and function into one word: Beautility. #Quote by Tucker Viemeister
Point Of View quotes by Bill Nighy
#135. From my point of view, it's very refreshing to play a regular human being and not someone from another dimension. When I say "not act," what I mean is just to be as natural and as normal as possible. #Quote by Bill Nighy
Point Of View quotes by Roald Hoffmann
#136. From a chemist's point of view, the surface or interior of a star ... is boring - there are no molecules there. #Quote by Roald Hoffmann
Point Of View quotes by Leo Strauss
#137. Our understanding of the thought of the past is liable to be the more adequate, the less the historian is convinced of the superiority of his own point of view, or the more he is prepared to admit the possibility that he may have to learn something, not merely about the thinkers of the past, but from them. #Quote by Leo Strauss
Point Of View quotes by Jean-Pierre Melville
#138. It's the honest point of view of an artist: You have to please.I'd like viewers to come away from my films unsure whether they've understood them. I want to leave them wondering. #Quote by Jean-Pierre Melville
Point Of View quotes by Krista Tippett
#139. I'm consciously shedding the assumption that a skeptical point of view is the most intellectually credible. Intellect does not function in opposition to mystery; tolerance is not more pragmatic than love; and cynicism is not more reasonable than hope. Unlike almost every worthwhile thing in life, cynicism is easy. It's never proven wrong by the corruption or the catastrophe. It's not generative. It judges things as they are, but does not lift a finger to try to shift them. I #Quote by Krista Tippett
Point Of View quotes by Rick Moranis
#140. I am wary of sequels. I understand them from the studio's point of view, but the audience doesn't want more, they want better, and I thought the second 'Ghostbusters' was not very effective, it did not really work, so there's no reason to believe a third would. I'm more interested in new things. #Quote by Rick Moranis
Point Of View quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#141. Seen from the point of view of the particular group interests of the bureaucrats, every measure that makes the government's payroll swell is progress. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Point Of View quotes by Robin Hobb
#142. Well,the fun part of being a writer is that it's like making a wonderful film, with no limit on my budget. I can design the sets, the costume, the lightings, I write the script, and then I get to perform all the roles as I step into each character's skin, zip up, and adopt that point of view. So, to me, they are all compelling and fascinating. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Point Of View quotes by W. H. Auden
#143. Between labor and play stands work. A man is a worker if he is personally interested in the job which society pays him to do; whatfrom the point of view of society is necessary labor is from his point of view voluntary play. Whether a job is to be classified as labor or work depends, not on the job itself, but on the tastes of the individual who undertakes it. The difference does not, for example, coincide with the difference between a manual and a mental job; a gardener or a cobbler may be a worker, a bank clerk a laborer. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Point Of View quotes by Michael A. Mullett
#144. Townspeople themselves were eager for change and experiment. From their point of view, Catholicism was tied in with customs and festivals that made sense in a farming community. People in towns and cities needed to have their industries work without being interrupted by all the feast days of the Catholic faith. #Quote by Michael A. Mullett
Point Of View quotes by Margery Allingham
#145. But there are roughly two sorts of informed people, aren't there? People who start off right by observing the pitfalls and mistakes and going round them, and the people who fall into them and get out and know they're there because of that. They both come to the same conclusions but they don't have quite the same point of view. #Quote by Margery Allingham
Point Of View quotes by Paul Blackthorne
#146. Real people are what fascinates me, whether it's from an acting point of view or a directing point of view. #Quote by Paul Blackthorne
Point Of View quotes by Jay Asher
#147. Things get better, or worse, depending on your point of view. #Quote by Jay Asher
Point Of View quotes by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
#148. People might not agree with me, but I think a woman should have a feminine shape, something you can get your hands on. You, on the other hand, look like you might be partial to the skinny type, a point of view I fully respect, don't misunderstand me. #Quote by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Point Of View quotes by Noam Chomsky
#149. On the other hand, it has a number of other advantages for power. For one thing, it diverts people, it atomizes people. When you're sitting in front of your tube, you're alone. I mean, there's something about human beings that just makes face-to-face contact very different from banging around on a computer terminal and getting some noise coming back―that's very impersonal, and it breaks down human relations. Well, that's obviously a good result from the point of view of people with power―because it's extremely important to drive human sentiments out of people if you just want them to be passive and obedient and under control. So if you can eliminate things like face-to-face contact and direct interaction, and just turn people into what's caricatured as kind of an M.I.T. nerd―you know, somebody who's got antennae coming out of his head, and is wired into his computer all the time―that's a real advantage, because then you've made them more inhuman, and therefore more controllable. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Point Of View quotes by Nikola Tesla
#150. Misunderstandings are always caused by the inability of appreciating one another's point of view. This again is due to the ignorance of those concerned, not so much in their own, as in their mutual fields. #Quote by Nikola Tesla
Point Of View quotes by Franz Kafka
#151. It puzzled K., at least it puzzled him looking at it from the policemen's point of view, that they had made him go into the room and left him alone there, where he had ten different ways of killing himself. At the same time, though, he asked himself, this time looking at it from his own point of view, what reason he could have to do so. Because those two were sitting there in the next room and had taken his breakfast, perhaps? #Quote by Franz Kafka
Point Of View quotes by Robert Rauschenberg
#152. I don't think there's anything really wrong with influence because I think that one can use another man's art as material either literally or just implying that they're doing that, without it representing a lack of a point of view. #Quote by Robert Rauschenberg
Point Of View quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#153. Well, what is a blessing but a curse from another point of view? #Quote by Lois McMaster Bujold
Point Of View quotes by Lemony Snicket
#154. The holiday season is a time for storytelling, and whether you are hearing the story of a candelabra staying lit for more than a week, or a baby born in a barn without proper medical supervision, these stories often feature miracles. Miracles are like pimples, because once you start looking for them you find more than you ever dreamed you'd see, and this holiday story features any number of miracles, depending on your point of view. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Point Of View quotes by Robin Boyd
#155. Many new churches, I regret to say, can be described from the design point of view only as holy terrors. #Quote by Robin Boyd
Point Of View quotes by Olly Murs
#156. It has been hard for me in a sense because from an industry point of view - I don't care if I'm from the 'X Factor;' I embrace the fact that I'm from the 'X Factor,' but other people don't embrace that. #Quote by Olly Murs
Point Of View quotes by Zelig Pliskin
#157. When you need to correct someone, be resolved not to do so in a blaming manner. Before criticizing, view the situation from the other person's point of view. Then be careful to speak calmly and tactfully. Carefully edit what you say before you say it. #Quote by Zelig Pliskin
Point Of View quotes by Rohit Shetty
#158. Film making is an expensive, as well as a serious business. We should be able to entertain our audiences, who are fully aware of what they want. Every filmmaker has a different point of view and presents facets of society. #Quote by Rohit Shetty
Point Of View quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
#159. For modern science, at least from a philosophical point of view, the critical divide seems to be between inanimate matter and the origin of living organisms, while for Buddhism the critical divide is between non-sentient matter and the emergence of sentient beings. #Quote by Dalai Lama XIV
Point Of View quotes by Michael Pollan
#160. Darwin called such a process artificial, as opposed to natural, selection, but from the flower's point of view, this is a distinction without a difference: individual plants in which a trait desired by either bees or Turks occurred wound up with more offspring. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Point Of View quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#161. My difficulties lay deeper. It was more than I could believe that Jesus was the only incarnate son of God, and that only he who believed in him would have everlasting life. If God could have sons, all of us were His sons. If Jesus was like God, or God Himself, then all men were like God and could be God Himself. My reason was not ready to believe literally that Jesus by his death and by his blood redeemed the sins of the world. Metaphorically there might be some truth in it. Again, according to Christianity only human beings had souls, and not other living beings, for whom death meant complete extinction; while I held a contrary belief. I could accept Jesus as a martyr, an embodiment of sacrifice, and a divine teacher, but not as the most perfect man ever born. His death on the Cross was a great example to the world, but that there was anything like a mysterious or miraculous virtue in it my heart could not accept. The pious lives of Christians did not give me anything that the lives of men of other faiths had failed to give. I had seen in other lives just the same reformation that I had heard of among Christians. Philosophically there was nothing extraordinary in Christian principles. From the point of view of sacrifice, it seemed to me that the Hindus greatly surpassed the Christians. It was impossible for me to regard Christianity as a perfect religion or the greatest of all religions. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Point Of View quotes by Margaret Atwood
#162. From any rational point of view I am absurd; but there are no longer any rational points of view. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Point Of View quotes by Mikhail Bulgakov
#163. Eh, Nikanor Ivanovich!' the unknown man exclaimed soulfully. 'What are official and unofficial persons? It all depends on your point of view on the subject. It's all fluctuating and relative, Nikanor Ivanovich. Today I'm a unofficial person, and tomorrow, lo and behold, I'm an official one! And it happens the other way round -oh, how it does! - Chapter 9 #Quote by Mikhail Bulgakov
Point Of View quotes by Sydney Pollack
#164. The essence of acting is seeing the world from another point of view. That's what acting is. #Quote by Sydney Pollack
Point Of View quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#165. The conviction that the world, and therefore man too, is something which really ought not to exist is in fact calculated to instil in us indulgence towards one another: for what can be expected of beings placed in such a situation as we are? From this point of view one might indeed consider that the appropriate form of address between man and man ought to be, not monsieur, sir, but fellow sufferer, compagnon de misères. However strange this may sound it corresponds to the nature of the case, makes us see other men in a true light and reminds us of what are the most necessary of all things: tolerance, patience, forbearance and charity, which each of us needs and which each of us therefore owes. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Point Of View quotes by John Andreas Widtsoe
#166. To make possible the subjection of eternal, spiritual organized intelligences to perishable, material structures, certain natural laws would naturally be brought into operation. From the point of view of the eternal spirit, it might mean the breaking of a law directed towards eternal life; yet to secure the desired contact with matter, the spirit was compelled to violate the law. Thus, in this earth life, a man who desires to acquire a first hand acquaintance with magnetism and electricity, may subject himself to all kinds of electric shocks, that, perhaps, will affect his body injuriously; yet, for the sake of securing the experience, he may be willing to do it. Adam, the first man, so used natural laws that his eternal, spiritual body became clothed upon with an earthly body, subject to death. Then in begetting children, he was able to produce earthly bodies for the waiting spirits. According #Quote by John Andreas Widtsoe
Point Of View quotes by Michel Houellebecq
#167. ...from the bureaucratic point of view, a good citizen is a dead citizen. #Quote by Michel Houellebecq
Point Of View quotes by Charles R. Drew
#168. I feel that the recent ruling of the United States Army and Navy regarding the refusal of colored blood donors is an indefensible one from any point of view. As you know, there is no scientific basis for the separation of the bloods of different races except on the basis of the individual blood types or groups. #Quote by Charles R. Drew
Point Of View quotes by Charlie Kaufman
#169. My point of view comes more from the literature I've read and the comedy of the era. When I was a kid, coming across National Lampoon Magazine, that was a big thing. I suddenly felt like there were other people that felt the way I did, and there was a way of expressing and communicating this worldview. #Quote by Charlie Kaufman
Point Of View quotes by Van Jones
#170. Our point of view is, lets not be so elitist that we can't honor good, hard, dignified, ennobling work: people working with their hands, building things, putting up solar panels, weatherizing homes, working on organic agriculture, building wind farms. We don't have robots in society, so somebody has to do that work. Lets make sure that the people who can use that work get a chance to do it. I see that as a first step toward bigger and better things. #Quote by Van Jones
Point Of View quotes by Erich Neumann
#171. Devaluation of the Earth, hostility towards the Earth, fear of the Earth: these are all from the psychological point of view the expression of a weak patriarchal consciousness that knows no other way to help itself than to withdraw violently from the fascinating and overwhelming domain of the Earthly. For we know that the archetypal projection of the Masculine experiences, not without justice, the Earth as the unconscious-making, instinct-entangling, and therefore dangerous Feminine. At the same time the projection of the masculine anima is mingled with the living image of the Earth archetype in the unconscious of man; and the more one-sidedly masculine man's conscious mind is the more primitive, unreliable, and therefore dangerous his anima will be. However, the Earth archetype, in compensation to the divinity of the archetype of Heaven and the Father, that determined the consciousness of medieval man, is fused together with the archaic image of the Mother Goddess.
Yet in its struggle against this Mother Goddess, the conscious mind, in its historical development, has had great difficulty in asserting itself so as to reach its – patriarchal - independence. The insecurity of this conscious mind-and we have profound experience of how insecure the position of the conscious mind still is in modern man-is always bound up with fear of the unconscious, and no well-meaning theory "against fear" will be able to rid the world of this deeply rooted anxiety, which at different times #Quote by Erich Neumann
Point Of View quotes by Benjamin Haydon
#172. Never disregard what your enemies say. They may be severe, they may be prejudiced, they may be determined to see only in one direction, but still in that direction see clearly. They do not speak all the truth, but they generally speak the truth from one point of view; so far as that goes, attend to them. #Quote by Benjamin Haydon
Point Of View quotes by Marie Brennan
#173. I've only written two novels, neither of them published, where the book is dominated by a male point of view; in the 'Onyx Court' series, it's split roughly 50/50. #Quote by Marie Brennan
Point Of View quotes by Alejandro Moreno
#174. The philosophical point of view of the average man - if that term may be applied to his naive realism - has a claim to the highest consideration.
#Quote by Alejandro Moreno
Point Of View quotes by Pico Iyer
#175. As soon as I began to talk to Dalai Lama, I realized that Chinese and Tibetans from his point of view are mostly the same. And as he pointed out during the recent disturbances, the Chinese are suffering under a tough government much as the Tibetans are. #Quote by Pico Iyer
Point Of View quotes by Diana Vreeland
#176. <"To bewitch" is to me always slightly artificial as it is always put on
whereas witchery is a form of naturalness that some people can't help, and the world judges that they don't create it ... > November 15 1967 memo to Mrs. Loew Gross re "THE ROMANTIC POINT OF VIEW #Quote by Diana Vreeland
Point Of View quotes by Ernesto Sabato
#177. I am seeing that woman for the first and last time. I will never in my lifetime see her again.' My thoughts floated aimlessly, like a cork down an uncharted river. For a moment they bobbed around the woman beneath the thatch. What did she matter to me? But I could not rid myself of the thought that, for an instant, she was a part of my life that would never be repeated; from my point of view it was as if she were already dead: a brief delay of the train, a call from inside the house, and that woman would never have existed in my life.
Everything seemed fleeting, transitory, futile, nebulous. My brain was not functioning well, but María was a recurring vision, something hazy and melancholy. #Quote by Ernesto Sabato
Point Of View quotes by Jane Poynter
#178. Shrimp farms are a scourge on the earth, frankly, from an environmental point of view. They pour huge amounts of pollutants into the ocean. They also pollute their next-door neighbors. #Quote by Jane Poynter
Point Of View quotes by Terry Pratchett
#179. From stone's point of view the universe is hardly created and mountain ranges are bouncing up and down like organ-stops while continents zip backward and forward in general high spirits, crashing into each other from the sheer joy of momentum and getting their rocks off. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Point Of View quotes by Jack Kerouac
#180. The best teacher is experience and not through someone's distorted point of view #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Point Of View quotes by Jack London
#181. point of view, so there is no use in discussing it. Now please forget all about it, and consider me at your service concerning this . . . this project of yours. I know more about cocoanut-planting than you do. You speak like a capitalist. I don't know how much money you have, but I don't fancy you are rolling in wealth, as you Americans say. But I do know what it costs to clear land. Suppose the government sells you Pari-Sulay at a pound an acre; clearing will cost you at least four pounds more; that is, five pounds for four hundred acres, or, say, ten thousand dollars. Have you that much?" She was keenly interested, and he could see that the previous clash between them was already forgotten. Her disappointment was plain as she confessed: "No; I haven't quite eight #Quote by Jack London
Point Of View quotes by Jonny Wilkinson
#182. My own position is so far on the obsessive side of preparation and professionalism that I fear my point of view is not going to be shared by anyone. #Quote by Jonny Wilkinson
Point Of View quotes by Janet Lansbury
#183. It's always hardest to remember to acknowledge a child in the heat of a difficult moment, but if a child can hear anything during a temper tantrum, it reassures him to hear our recognition of his point-of-view. "You wanted an ice cream cone and I said 'no'. It's upsetting not to get what you want." When a toddler feels understood, he senses the empathy behind our limits and corrections. He still resists, cries, and complains, but at the end of the day, he knows we are with him, always in his corner. These first years will define our relationship for many years to come. #Quote by Janet Lansbury
Point Of View quotes by J. Oswald Sanders
#184. We should always aim to read something different=not only the writers with whom we agree, but those with whom we are ready to do battle. Their point of view challenges us to examine the truth and to test their views ... and let us not comment on nor criticize writers of whom we have heard only second-hand, or third-hand without troubling to read their works for ourselves ... Don't be afraid of new ideas. #Quote by J. Oswald Sanders
Point Of View quotes by Jean Baptiste Perrin
#185. Lastly, and doubtless always, but particularly at the end of the last century, certain scholars considered that since the appearances on our scale were finally the only important ones for us, there was no point in seeking what might exist in an inaccessible domain. I find it very difficult to understand this point of view since what is inaccessible today may become accessible tomorrow (as has happened by the invention of the microscope), and also because coherent assumptions on what is still invisible may increase our understanding of the visible. #Quote by Jean Baptiste Perrin
Point Of View quotes by Gabor Mate
#186. Peer-oriented kids are repelled by similarity to their parents and want to be as different as possible from them. Since sameness means closeness, pursuing difference is a way of distancing. Such children will often go out of their way to take the opposite point of view and form opposite kinds of preferences. They are filled with contrary opinions and judgments.

We may confuse this obsessive need for difference from the parents with the child's quest for individuality. That would be a misreading of the situation. Genuine individuation would be manifested in all of the child's relationships, not just with adults. A child truly seeking to be her own person asserts her selfhood in the face of all pressures to conform. Quite the reverse, many of these "strongly individualistic" children are completely consumed with melding with their peer group, appalled by anything that may make them seem different. What adults see as the child's individualism masks an intense drive to conform to peers. #Quote by Gabor Mate
Point Of View quotes by Karl Popper
#187. It is not intuitive ease I am after, but rather a point of view which is sufficiently definite to clear up some difficulties, and to be criticized in rational terms. (Bohr's complementarity cannot be so criticized, I fear; it can only be accepted or denounced - perhaps as being ad hoc, or as being irrational, or as being hopelessly vague.) #Quote by Karl Popper
Point Of View quotes by Carleton S. Coon
#188. It is the retention by twentieth-century, Atom-Age men of the Neolithic point of view that says: You stay in your village and I will stay in mine. If your sheep eat our grass we will kill you, or we may kill you anyhow to get all the grass for our own sheep. Anyone who tries to make us change our ways is a witch and we will kill him. Keep out of our village. #Quote by Carleton S. Coon
Point Of View quotes by Big Sean
#189. Used to tell me the sky's the limit, now the sky is our point of view. #Quote by Big Sean
Point Of View quotes by Lester Bangs
#190. Look at it this way: there are many here among us for whom the life force is best represented by the livid twitching of one tortured nerve, or even a full-scale anxiety attack. I do not subscribe to this point of view 100%, but I understand it, have lived it. Thus the shriek, the caterwaul, the chainsaw gnarlgnashing, the yowl and the whizz that decapitates may be reheard by the adventurous or emotionally damaged as mellifluous bursts of unarguable affirmation. #Quote by Lester Bangs
Point Of View quotes by Frank M. J. LaFasto
#191. As team leader, you do need to provide guidance, share your ideas,
and honor your convictions. You must also be able to demonstrate your
passion and argue your point of view. However, it's much easier to
show enthusiasm for an idea and argue for it on its merits if you haven't
painted yourself into a corner as a control freak. #Quote by Frank M. J. LaFasto
Point Of View quotes by David Duchovny
#192. You can go through life and actually speak your mind and do it in an articulate fashion and with a really intelligent point of view. #Quote by David Duchovny
Point Of View quotes by J. Warner Wallace
#193. Biased people are seen as prejudicial and unfair, arrogant and overly confident of their position. Nobody wants to be identified as someone who is biased or opinionated. But make no mistake about it, all of us have a point of view; all of us hold opinions and ideas that color the way we see the world. Anyone who tells you that he (or she) is completely objective and devoid of presuppositions has another more important problem: that person is either astonishingly naive or a liar. #Quote by J. Warner Wallace
Point Of View quotes by John Bosco
#194. Never read books you aren't sure about . . . even supposing that these bad books are very well written from a literary point of view. Let me ask you this: Would you drink something you knew was poisoned just because it was offered to you in a golden cup? #Quote by John Bosco
Point Of View quotes by Nora Roberts
#195. I'll give you a hand with the feeding."
"I don't need it."
"I'll give you one anyway."
Keeley moved out of the box, rested a hand on the door. Best,she decided, to deal with this clean and simple. "Brian, you're working for my family, in a vital and essential role, so I think I should be straight with you."
"By all means." The serious tone didn't match the glint in his eyes as she leaned back.
"You bother me," she told him. "On some level,you just bother me. It's probably because I just don't care for cocky, intense men who smirk at me, but that's neither here nor there."
"No,that's here and it's there. What kind do you care for?"
"You see-that's just the sort of thing that annoys me."
"I know.It's interesting, isn't it, that I find myself compelled to do just the thing that gets a rise out of you? You bother me as well. Perhaps it's that I don't care for regal, cool-eyed women who look down their lovely noses at me. But here wwe are, so we should try getting on as best we can."
"I don't look down my nose at you, or anyone."
"Depends on your point of view, doesn't it? #Quote by Nora Roberts
Point Of View quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
#196. It may be a fact that the sky seems blue to you. Even so, that does not mean that the sky is blue. #Quote by Wayne Gerard Trotman
Point Of View quotes by Richard Feynman
#197. Everything is made of atoms. That is the key hypothesis. The most important hypothesis in all of biology, for example, is that everything that animals do, atoms do. In other words, there is nothing that living things do that cannot be understood from the point of view that they are made of atoms acting according to the laws of physics. This #Quote by Richard Feynman
Point Of View quotes by Christian Bale
#198. The point of having a director is that they make the final decision; it's their point of view, they set the rhythm and they make the final decisions. #Quote by Christian Bale
Point Of View quotes by Barney Chavous
#199. Chess is a very positive way to exercise your mind. It makes you look at the whole picture ... what are your options and what is the best thing to do? In football, you are mostly reacting from a defensive point of view ... but you always want to be counterattacking ... a similarity with chess strategy. Chess and offensive football are quite similar; you sacrifice something now to get something back later. #Quote by Barney Chavous
Point Of View quotes by Pema Chodron
#200. From this point of view, the only time we ever know what's really going on is when the rug's been pulled out and we can't find anywhere to land. We use these situations either to wake ourselves up or to put ourselves to sleep. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Point Of View quotes by Rudy Giuliani
#201. My view of Sarah Palin is she is the most dynamic figure maybe in politics, even more in some ways than President Obama, who is a little more scripted than she is. He is great with the teleprompter. #Quote by Rudy Giuliani
Point Of View quotes by Tom Callahan
#202. It's not nuclear physics. You always remember that. But if you write about sports long enough, you're constantly coming back to the point that something buoys people; something makes you feel better for having been there. Something of value is at work there ... Something is hallowed here. I think that something is excellence. #Quote by Tom Callahan
Point Of View quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#203. Part of what makes roads, trails and paths so unique as built structures is that they cannot be perceived as a whole all at once by a sedentary onlooker. They unfold in time as one travels along them, just as a story does as one listens or reads, and a hairpin turn is like a plot twist, a steep ascent a building of suspense to the view at the summit, a fork in the road an introduction of a new storyline, arrival the end of the story. Just as writing allows one to read the words of someone who is absent, so roads make it possible to trace the route of the absent. Roads are a record of those who have gone before and to follow them is to follow people who are no longer there… #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Point Of View quotes by George Saunders
#204. With non-fiction writing I feel like I'm confined and driven by what actually happened. That makes the "plot". So it's a process of getting all of my notes typed up, then scanning through the notes, trying to extract or find certain vignettes that seem like they might write well - that might have a potential for good energy, shape, etc. And then at some point I start stringing these together, keeping an eye on the word count. #Quote by George Saunders
Point Of View quotes by Aidan Gillen
#205. I've made a point of trying not to play the same part, and of moving between theatre and film and TV. The idea is that by the time you come back, you have been away for a year and people have forgotten you. If you like having time off, which I do, that's a good career strategy. #Quote by Aidan Gillen
Point Of View quotes by Hugh Howey
#206. Jahns told Juliette to view this as her first lesson in political compromise. Juliette said she saw it as a display of weakness. Inside, #Quote by Hugh Howey
Point Of View quotes by D. Keith Mano
#207. MANO: There's no question in my mind that we've always felt, in the heart of our Western, Christian culture, that Jesus was very much female. That is why the representations of Jesus with long hair have always been predominant in art. The Virgin Mary was later presented as a harmless sort of woman to whom we can address our need for a maternal outlet in prayer, as a safer way of dealing with the fact that Jesus was as much a woman as a man, particularly when he died.

DOOR: You said that if men don't overcome their wanting of women, society will crack.
MANO: We are coming to a point where the genders are clumsily engaging in civil war with each other. There's a lot of unpleasantness in the land. Men feel terribly threatened. Women have been crucified for many years, so they understand it and have their axes to grind as well. The truth of the matter is, Jesus on the cross is the female being exploited in every which way. I mentioned intercourse being, at its best, an act of penetration, but there are many other ways in which women have been sacrificed, whether from childbirth or being sold as wives or whatever, through history. So when the male S&M devotee binds a woman to a cross, he has to realize, if he's a Christian--

DOOR: Uh, just how many Christian S&M devotees are there?
MANO: Even if he's not a Christian, he ought to realize that he is essentially binding Jesus again, because Jesus contains in him the female--very, very strongly- #Quote by D. Keith Mano
Point Of View quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#208. The crucial point in life is: are we living our 'own' life or simply a life for 'other' people. Are we not playing a role on behalf of some social groups and masquerading for fear of being excluded? ( "Quest for the real moment" ) #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Point Of View quotes by Shirley Hazzard
#209. It mattered to us both to have some point of reference in that strange place, some means of attesting to the effect it had on us. [p. 87] #Quote by Shirley Hazzard
Point Of View quotes by Lewis Mumford
#210. As respects its isolation and its indifference to the basic requirements of all organic activity, the pecuniary power complex discloses a startling resemblance to a newly discovered center in the brain-that which is called the pleasure center. So far as is known, this pleasure center performs no useful function in the organism, unless it should prove that in some still obscure way it plays a part in more functional pleasure reactions. But in laboratory monkeys this localized center can be penetrated by electrodes which permit a micro-current to stimulate the nervous tissue in such a fashion that the flow of current-and hence the intensity of pleasure-can be regulated by the animal himself.

Apparently the stimulation of this pleasure center is so rewarding that the animal will continue to press the current regulator for an indefinite length of time, regardless of every other impulse or physiological need, even that for food, and even to the point of starvation. The intensity of this abstract stimulus produces something like a total neurotic insensibility to life needs. The power complex seems to operate on the same principle. The magical electronic stimulus is money.

What increases the resemblance between this pecuniary motivation and that of the cerebral pleasure center is that both centers, unlike virtually all organic reactions, recognize no quantitative limits. What has always been true of money, among those susceptible to its influence, applies equal #Quote by Lewis Mumford
Point Of View quotes by Rose Tremain
#211. My name is Lev," said Lev.
"My name is Lydia," said the woman. And they shook hands, Lev's hand holding the scrunched-up kerchief and Lydia's hand rough with salt and smelling of egg, and then Lev asked, "What are you planning to do in En gland?" and Lydia said, "I have some interviews in London for jobs as a translator."
"That sounds promising."
"I hope so. I was a teacher of English at School 237 in Yarbl, so my language is very colloquial."
Lev looked at Lydia. It wasn't difficult to imagine her standing in front of a class and writing words on a blackboard. He said, "I wonder why you're leaving our country when you had a good job at School 237 in Yarbl?"
"Well," said Lydia, "I became very tired of the view from my window. Every day, summer and winter, I looked out at the schoolyard and the high fence and the apartment block beyond, and I began to imagine I would die seeing these things, and I didn't want this. I expect you understand what I mean? #Quote by Rose Tremain
Point Of View quotes by Jenna Evans Welch
#212. Hey what's the matter? Are you crying?"
I shook my head, slowly opening my eyes and smiling at him again. "No, it's nothing."
But it wasn't nothing. I didn't want to ruin the moment by explaining to him, but suddenly it was like I had a zoomed-out view of this moment and I never, ever (ever) wanted it to end. I had Nutella on my face and my first real love sprawled out next to me and any minute the stars were going to sink back into the sky in preparation for a new day, and for the first time in a long time, I couldn't wait for what the day would bring.
And that was something. #Quote by Jenna Evans Welch
Point Of View quotes by Terence McKenna
#213. I think what's really happening is that a dialogue opens up between the ego and these larger, more integrated parts of the psyche that are normally hidden from view. #Quote by Terence McKenna
Point Of View quotes by David Mumford
#214. My own view is that no major advance was ever found as a result of a committee's recommendation ... We should be honest in telling these agencies we often don't know where some ideas are going to lead, but we hope they are going to clarify a problem. #Quote by David Mumford
Point Of View quotes by Laszlo Krasznahorkai
#215. He gained height, grew thin, the hair on his temples had begun to grey, but, now as then, he had none of that useful sense of proportion, nor could he ever develop anything of the sort, which might have helped him distinguish between the continuous flux of the universe of which he constituted a part (though a necessarily fleeting part) and the passage of time, the perception of which might have led to an intuitive and wise acceptance of fate. Despite vain efforts to understand and experience what precisely his 'dear friends' wanted from each other, he confronted the slow tide of human affairs with a sad incomprehension, dispassionately and without any sense of personal involvement, for the greater part of his consciousness, the part entirely given over to wonder, had left no room for more mundane matters, and (to his mother's inordinate shame and the extreme amusement of the locals) had ever since then trapped him in a bubble of time, in one eternal, impenetrable and transparent moment. He walked, he trudged, he flitted - as his great friend once said, not entirely without point - 'blindly and tirelessly... with the incurable beauty of his personal cosmos' in his soul [...] #Quote by Laszlo Krasznahorkai
Point Of View quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#216. Religion is, as it were, the calm bottom of the sea at its deepest point, which remains calm however high the waves on the surface may be. #Quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Point Of View quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#217. You want to be yourself, idiosyncratic; the collective (school, rules, jobs, technology) wants you generic to the point of castration. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Point Of View quotes by Iain Duncan Smith
#218. My personal view is always I'm in favour of anything that gives parliament a greater say. That's after all what we were elected for. #Quote by Iain Duncan Smith
Point Of View quotes by Kiersten White
#219. Jack put his hands on his hips, surveying the scene with a satisfied nod. "That turned out much better than I'd hoped."
"Please,let's leave!"
"What's your hurry? Let's take a moment to bask in the satisfaction of a job well done."
"I didn't want to do that!"
"No?" He cocked his head and raised his eyebrows. "I thought you hated the fey."
"I do,but that doesn't mean I want to run around the Faerie Realms lighting everything on fire!"
"What's the point in hating something if you aren't proactive?" He put his arm around my shoulders, steering me to look at the inferno with him. "You can't tell me that's not satisfying, not after what you saw.Faeries care about very few things,but they're quite fond of their little trinkets. That boat was a particular favorite of hers,not to mention the entire lake. All the centuries she spent crafting this landscape,then poof! One excellently thrown firebomb, and you've made her feel anger and pain more deeply than she's probably ever known. And far less than she deserves to know. #Quote by Kiersten White
Point Of View quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#220. Our coerced silence is the weapon that has been sharpened and brought to our throats.
This is why Nawaz Sharif's statement in defence of Ahmadis met with such an angry response. Because the heart of the issue isn't whether Ahmadis are non-Muslims or not. The heart of the issue is whether Muslims can be silenced by fear.
Because if we can be silenced when it comes to Ahmadis, then we can be silenced when it comes to Shias, we can be silenced when it comes to women, we can be silenced when it comes to dress, we can be silenced when it comes to entertainment, and we can even be silenced when it comes to sitting by ourselves, alone in a room, afraid to think what we think.
That is the point. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Point Of View quotes by Ernie Els
#221. For a 7-iron, you never want the ball to be closer to your left heel than just slightly ahead of the mid-point of your stance. That's especially true if you're a tall player, like me. #Quote by Ernie Els
Point Of View quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#222. Mom?" Then again, louder. "Mom?"
She turned around so quickly, she knocked the pan off the stove and nearly dropped the gray paper into the open flame there. I saw her reach back and slap her hand against the knobs, twisting a dial until the smell of gas disappeared.
"I don't feel good. Can I stay home today?"
No response, not even a blink. Her jaw was working, grinding, but it took me walking over to the table and sitting down for her to find her voice. "How - how did you get in here?"
"I have a bad headache and my stomach hurts," I told her, putting my elbows up on the table. I knew she hated when I whined, but I didn't think she hated it enough to come over and grab me by the arm again.
"I asked you how you got in here, young lady. What's your name?" Her voice sounded strange. "Where do you live?"
Her grip on my skin only tightened the longer I waited to answer. It had to have been a joke, right? Was she sick, too? Sometimes cold medicine did funny things to her.
Funny things, though. Not scary things.
"Can you tell me your name?" she repeated.
"Ouch!" I yelped, trying to pull my arm away. "Mom, what's wrong?"
She yanked me up from the table, forcing me onto my feet. "Where are your parents? How did you get in this house?"
Something tightened in my chest to the point of snapping.
"Mom, Mommy, why - "
"Stop it," she hissed, "stop calling me that!"
"What are you - ?" I think I must have tried to say someth #Quote by Alexandra Bracken
Point Of View quotes by Ben Chandler
#223. As attorney general, I've had some connection with just about every important public issue in the last eight years in Kentucky. All of the important public issues of the day have, at some point. #Quote by Ben Chandler
Point Of View quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#224. A man's imperative command is not only to say "no" in cases where "yes" would be a sign of "disinterestedness," but also to say "no" as seldom as possible. One must part with all that which compels one to repeat "no," with ever greater frequency. The rationale of this principle is that all discharges of defensive forces, however slight they may be, involve enormous and absolutely superfluous losses when they become regular and habitual. Our greatest expenditure of strength is made up of those small and most frequent discharges of it. The act of keeping things off, of holding them at a distance, amounts to a discharge of strength, - do not deceive yourselves on this point! - and an expenditure of energy directed at purely negative ends. Simply by being compelled to keep constantly on his guard, a man may grow so weak as to be unable any longer to defend himself. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Point Of View quotes by Robin Wasserman
#225. There are some moments you'd rather sleep through, pass from point A to point B without awareness of the time passing or the events that carry you from present to future. And it's mostly those moments in which it's smarter-safer- to stay awake. #Quote by Robin Wasserman
Point Of View quotes by Stephen King
#226. There's nothing to be scared of."
Instead of taking Charlie's pulse – there was really no point – he took one of the old man's hands in his. He saw Charlie's wife pulling down a shade in the bedroom, wearing nothing but the slip of Belgian lace he'd bought her for their first anniversary; saw how the ponytail swung over one shoulder when she turned to look at him, her face lit in a smile that was all yes. He saw a Farmall tractor with a striped umbrella raised over the seat. He smelled bacon and heard Frank Sinatra singing 'Come Fly with Me' from a cracked Motorola radio sitting on a worktable littered with tools. He saw a hubcap full of rain reflecting a red barn. He tasted blueberries and gutted a deer and fished in some distant lake whose surface was dappled by steady autumn rain. He was sixty, dancing with his wife in the American Legion hall. He was thirty, splitting wood. He was five, wearing shorts and pulling a red wagon. Then the pictures blurred together, the way cards do when they're shuffled in the hands of an expert, and the wind was blowing big snow down from the mountains, and in here was the silence and Azzie's solemn watching eyes. #Quote by Stephen King
Point Of View quotes by Paul Arden
#227. The point is we are all selling. We are all in advertising. It is part of life. #Quote by Paul Arden
Point Of View quotes by Gerard Butler
#228. Sometimes I finish a movie, and I get used to a certain lifestyle, and when that stops, I get a bit lost for about a week. 'No one is bringing me lunch anymore - I've got to go do that myself?' I lose the main point of my focus. #Quote by Gerard Butler
Point Of View quotes by Rachel Friedman
#229. Whenever you're traveling, you have these thoughts of home. At what point will you have been away so long that it will no longer be recognizable - or you won't be? #Quote by Rachel Friedman
Point Of View quotes by Terry Brooks
#230. Shea, particularly, had passed the point where his chief emotion was fear; now he felt only a sense of numbness that dulled his mind into self-imposed surrender, a robot-like acceptance of the fact that he was being led to the proverbial slaughter. #Quote by Terry Brooks
Point Of View quotes by Walter Gilbert
#231. Scientists tend to be skeptical, but the weakness of the community of science is that it tends to move into preformed establishment modes that say this is the only way of doing science, the only valid view. #Quote by Walter Gilbert
Point Of View quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#232. Illness affects everybody and alters relationships. When we receive grim medical news regarding a loved one, whom do we cry for first, for the injured party or for our own loss? The closer an ill person is to us, the more difficult it is to view their plight primarily in terms of their own misfortune. When a person we love suffers, we suffer as a collective group; we each bear part of the emotional pain. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Point Of View quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#233. What Robert was trying to do so intently was, in fact, no more than craft. He did no more than copy my tics and twitches - even to the point of staring at my family portrait, a very personal part of my disguise, for his character research - #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Point Of View quotes by Jonathan Frakes
#234. I'm sort of in for a penny, in for a pound with Star Trek, It's my life at this point. To deny it would just be foolish. #Quote by Jonathan Frakes
Point Of View quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#235. The most influential thinker, in my life, has been the psychologist Richard Nisbett. He basically gave me my view of the world. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Point Of View quotes by Gift Gugu Mona
#236. A woman of peace is a wise woman who understands that peace is more powerful than trying to prove a point. #Quote by Gift Gugu Mona
Point Of View quotes by Beverly Raphael
#237. in hours after the disaster
at least 25% of the population maybe stunned and dazed apathetic wandering suffering from the disaster syndrome
especially if impact has been sudden and totally devastating
at that point psychologically first aid and triage
are necessary #Quote by Beverly Raphael
Point Of View quotes by Philip Sidney
#238. The highest point outward things can bring unto, is the contentment of the mind; with which no estate can be poor, without which all estates will be miserable. #Quote by Philip Sidney
Point Of View quotes by Tullian Tchividjian
#239. Only when we see that the way of God's law is absolutely inflexible will we see that God's grace is absolutely indispensable. A high view of the law reminds us that God accepts us on the basis of Christ's perfection, not our progress. Grace, properly understood, is the movement of a holy God toward an unholy people. He doesn't cheapen the law or ease its requirements. He fulfills them in his Son, who then gives his righteousness to us. That's the gospel. Pure and simple. #Quote by Tullian Tchividjian
Point Of View quotes by Hannah Arendt
#240. Indeed, the most intense feeling we know of, intense to the point of blotting out all other experiences, namely, the experience of great bodily pain, is at the same time the most private and least communicable of all. Not only is it perhaps the only experience which we are unable to transform into a shape fit for public appearance, it actually deprives us of our feeling for reality to such an extent that we can forget it more quickly and easily than anything else. There seems to be no bridge from the most radical subjectivity, in which I am no longer "recognizable," to the outer world of life.42 Pain, in other words, truly a borderline experience between life as "being among men" (inter homines esse) and death, is so subjective and removed from the world of things and men that it cannot assume an appearance at all.43 #Quote by Hannah Arendt
Point Of View quotes by Jay Asher
#241. If time was a string connecting all of your stories, that party would be the point where everything knots up. And that knot keeps growing and growing, getting more and more tangled, dragging the rest of your stories into it. #Quote by Jay Asher
Point Of View quotes by Edward Kennedy
#242. Our commitment to this founding principle is especially relevant today. Americans are united as rarely before in compassion and generosity for our fellow citizens whose lives have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina, The powerful winds and floodwater of Katrina tore away the mask that has hidden from public view the many Americans who are left out and left behind. #Quote by Edward Kennedy
Point Of View quotes by Frederick Lenz
#243. According to Zen Buddhist cosmology there are ten thousand different states of mind to view and understand life through. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Point Of View quotes by Roy Spencer
#244. We are now at the point in the age of global warming hysteria where the IPCC global warming theory has crashed into the hard reality of observations. #Quote by Roy Spencer
Point Of View quotes by Rysa Walker
#245. Unfortunately, I'll need to watch them again at some point, because my mind keeps straying back to reality. I envy Deo's ability to lose himself in fantasy for a while. That type of break seems almost as useful as sleep for keeping stress at bay, and I've never really mastered it. #Quote by Rysa Walker
Point Of View quotes by Ori Gersht
#246. I'm constantly working on these edges of photography, either to employ so much information or reduce information to the point of collapse. #Quote by Ori Gersht
Point Of View quotes by Erica Bauermeister
#247. I think love is kind of like those waves out there," she said. "You ride one in to the beach, and it's the most amazing thing you've ever felt. But at some point the water goes back out; it has to. And maybe you're lucky-maybe you're both too busy to do anything drastic. Maybe you're good as friends, so you stay. And then something happens-maybe it's something as big as a baby, or as small as him unloading the dishwasher-and the wave comes back in again. And it does that, over and over. I just think sometimes people forget to wait. #Quote by Erica Bauermeister

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