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Poetic quotes by Yael Naim
#1. English is really free for me; there's no limits to the music and the imagination. And French, it's just I live in Paris, and it's really a poetic language where you can really play with words. #Quote by Yael Naim
Poetic quotes by Barry Hughart
#2. The problem with poetic justice is that it never knows when to stop. #Quote by Barry Hughart
Poetic quotes by Multatuli
#3. There is nothing more poetic than the truth. He who does not see poetry in it will always be a poor versifier outside of it. #Quote by Multatuli
Poetic quotes by C.M. Mayo
#4. I was both charmed and moved by Midday with Buuel, Mexican filmmaker and writer Claudio Isaac's personal and very poetic recollection of his friendship with his mentor, the Spanish surrealist Luis Buuel. #Quote by C.M. Mayo
Poetic quotes by Mike Nichols
#5. I had a high school girlfriend whose mother gave us theater tickets, so I saw the second night performance of 'A Streetcar Named Desire.' My girl and I could not get up during intermission, we were so stunned. To this day it's the only thing I've seen on stage that's 100 percent real and 100 percent poetic simultaneously. #Quote by Mike Nichols
Poetic quotes by Denis Diderot
#6. En ge ne ral, plus un peuple est civilise , poli, moins ses moeurs sont poe tiques; tout s'affaiblit en s'adoucissant. Ingeneral, themore civilized and refinedthepeople, the less poetic are its morals; everything weakens as it mellows. #Quote by Denis Diderot
Poetic quotes by Brett Dennen
#7. What I strive to do with songwriting is be really honest, authentic and try to be open and share that with people. I choose that over trying to be clever, poetic, or lyrical. #Quote by Brett Dennen
Poetic quotes by Susan Glaspell
#8. I often think of the different ways Goethe and Darwin got at evolution. Goethe had the poetic conception of it all right; Darwin worked it out step by step. Who's ahead? And which has any business scoffing at the other? #Quote by Susan Glaspell
Poetic quotes by Paul Caponigro
#9. Under all of the factors that make up the art world, it's up to the individual artist to discern which of those influences are present and at what time and what really serves the deeper process that is constantly running like a stream underground. Influence is incessant. Influence is a fact. But, carry a big shovel and dig constantly to clear away all the unessentials so that the origins of mystery and the poetic force of life can get into and inspire the work. #Quote by Paul Caponigro
Poetic quotes by Stephen King
#10. But the nice man had cold eyes. When interacting with his fascinated lady-harem, they had been blue. But when he turned his attention to me - however briefly - I could have sworn that they turned gray, the color of water beneath a sky from which snow will soon fall. #Quote by Stephen King
Poetic quotes by John Keegan
#11. The ANZACs, clinging lost and leaderless to the hillsides, began, as the hot afternoon gave way to grey drizzle, to experience their martyrdom. #Quote by John Keegan
Poetic quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#12. If you are of the opinion that the contemplation of suicide is sufficient evidence of a poetic nature, do not forget that actions speak louder than words. #Quote by Fran Lebowitz
Poetic quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#13. Don't feel guilty if you don't immediately love your stepchildren as you do your own, or as much as you think you should. Everyoneneeds time to adjust to the new family, adults included. There is no such thing as an "instant parent."
Actually, no concrete object lies outside of the poetic sphere as long as the poet knows how to use the object properly. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Poetic quotes by Meraaqi
#14. I want to
peel away all the labels
I had once given to others
and place them
upon the fabric
of my own identity.

They have reflected back to me,
everything that I refuse
to See in myself. #Quote by Meraaqi
Poetic quotes by Amelia Gray
#15. Remain Healthy All Day: Drink a spoonful of oil every morning. Reach up with your arms and extend your body to its full height. Use a warm towel to dry the cat. Consider a philosophical idea larger than your area of expertise. Avoid getting cancer. Chalk up bad decisions to outside influences. Don't take your father too seriously. Play a game where you close your eyes very tightly, and when you open your eyes, you have amnesia and you must draw the details of your life from your surroundings. Give up smoking, drinking, and poetic verse. Remind yourself how important you are to your friends or at least your animals. Wax the floor in socks. Enter into a healthy, monogamous relationship. Consider briefly the idea of a soulmate. Light an entire box of matches and throw it into the sink. Hold a metal rod to the heavens and beg for whatever comes next. #Quote by Amelia Gray
Poetic quotes by Kenneth J. Reckford
#16. Scholars heal poetic texts; poetry, to some degree, may heal scholars. #Quote by Kenneth J. Reckford
Poetic quotes by Jaeda DeWalt
#17. A loner by nature and an introvert ... i am a twinkling star, burning bright amidst a cloudless night. As such, i tend to fade in and out of people's lives. This aspect of me is often misunderstood as rejection or a lack of love and caring. In reality, the only way i can survive as an introvert, is to drop from the sky, from time-to-time, recharging within the energizing landscape of my inner-universe. To love me, is to let me me have the space i need to illuminate the sky. I can't be taken hostage or held captive. Inner-light is what gives my star its twinkle. #Quote by Jaeda DeWalt
Poetic quotes by Rick Springfield
#18. Everything looks better with my eyes closed. #Quote by Rick Springfield
Poetic quotes by F.N.Collier
#19. Turn to the wind, I dare you
For time is but a space that is captured
Live in fear or peace, which will you?
For none shall stand at ease
In fickleness of all human nature
You will fear while in peace
and complain while in fear. #Quote by F.N.Collier
Poetic quotes by Meghan Quinn
#20. She tilts her head to the side after taking a sip of her tea, studying us. "You know, I can't get over how beautiful you two are together. One of those couples you love to follow on Instagram, you know, the really cute ones that are so sickening in love that you can't get enough of them."

Way to drop the love bomb, Mom.


Thankfully Emory doesn't show any kind of hatred for the term but instead says, "Like Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod?"

"Yes," my mom answers with excitement. "Oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with watching their stories. The little videos they do together, I just can't get enough of them. J-Rod," my mom says dreamily. "Oh gosh, what would your couple name be?" She thinks about it for a second. "Emox . . . or Knemory. Oh I love Knemory. Sounds so poetic."

"Knemory does have a nice ring to it," I add.

"I don't know, what about Emorox?"

"Ohhh, that sounds like a name that belongs in The Game of Thrones." Taking on a more masculine voice, my mom says, "Look out, Jon, Emorox is coming over the hill, with her fire-spitting dragons, Knemory and George."

"George?" Emory laughs out loud, covering her mouth. "Why George?"

"Well, look at the names they have in that show? They're all exotic names you've never heard before - Cersei, Gregor, Arya - and then in waltzes good old Jon Snow. It's only fair that the dragons have a lemon in the bunch as well."

"Uh, Jon is anythin #Quote by Meghan Quinn
Poetic quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#21. Thrift is the really romantic thing; economy is more romantic than extravagance... But the thing is true; economy, properly understood, is the more poetic. Thrift is poetic because it is creative; waste is unpoetic because it is waste. It is prosaic to throw money away, because it is prosaic to throw anything away; it is negative; it is a confession of indifference, that is, it is a confession of failure. The most prosaic thing about the house is the dustbin, and the one great objection to the new fastidious and aesthetic homestead is simply that in such a moral menage the dustbin must be bigger than the house. If a man could undertake to make use of all things in his dustbin he would be a broader genius than Shakespeare. When science began to use by-products; when science found that colors could be made out of coaltar, she made her greatest and perhaps her only claim on the real respect of the human soul. Now the aim of the good woman is to use the by-products, or, in other words, to rummage in the dustbin. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Poetic quotes by Louis Dudek
#22. The long poem cannot be a digressive, expansive, boring exposition. It is really made of very sharp, Imagistic, quintessential poetic elements. #Quote by Louis Dudek
Poetic quotes by John Fowles
#23. I acquired expensive habits and affected manners. I got a third-class degree and a first-class illusion: that I was a poet. But nothing could have been less poetic that my seeing-through-all boredom with life in general and with making a living in particular. I was too green to know that all cynicism masks a failure to cope-- an impotence, in short; and that to despise all effort is the greatest effort of all. But I did absorb a small dose of one permanently useful thing, Oxford's greatest gift to civilized life: Socratic honesty. It showed me, very intermittently, that it is not enough to revolt against one's past. One day I was outrageously bitter among some friends about the Army; back in my own rooms later it suddenly struck me that just because I said with impunity things that would have apoplexed my dead father, I was still no less under his influence. The truth was I was not a cynic by nature, only by revolt. I had got away from what I hated, but I hadn't found where I loved, and so I pretended that there was nowhere to love. Handsomely equipped to fail, I went out into the world. #Quote by John Fowles
Poetic quotes by Kayla Bashe
#24. Someone once said that there's nothing more poetic than the death of a beautiful woman, but I think that's only true until the women get revenge. And I'm done with spending my days hidden away behind heavy curtains and wrought-iron gates. I want to burst forth into the sun and unfold and blossom there, like a waterfall cutting through rock. No more beautiful dead girls. No more sculptures made of women's bones. Never again. #Quote by Kayla Bashe
Poetic quotes by Marin Hinkle
#25. First of all, Craig Lucas' work, any of it, for any actor, is such good material. It's so alive in such a poetic, yet human way. It's theatrical, but it lets you emotionally connect with the characters. #Quote by Marin Hinkle
Poetic quotes by Stephen Harrod Buhner
#26. One of our greatest fears is to eat the wildness of the world.

Our mothers intuitively understood something essential: the green is poisonous to civilization. If we eat the wild, it begins to work inside us, altering us, changing us. Soon, if we eat too much, we will no longer fit the suit that has been made for us. Our hair will begin to grow long and ragged. Our gait and how we hold our body will change. A wild light begins to gleam in our eyes. Our words start to sound strange, nonlinear, emotional. Unpractical. Poetic.

Once we have tasted this wildness, we begin to hunger for a food long denied us, and the more we eat of it the more we will awaken. #Quote by Stephen Harrod Buhner
Poetic quotes by Glenda Millard
#27. O Grandpa turned the rusty latchkey of his magnificent remembery and set free a symphony of stories #Quote by Glenda Millard
Poetic quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#28. There are objects made up of two sense elements, one visual, the other auditory - the colour of a sunrise and the distant call of a bird. Other objects are made up of many elements - the sun, the water against the swimmer's chest, the vague quivering pink which one sees when the eyes are closed, the feeling of being swept away by a river or by sleep. These second degree objects can be combined with others; using certain abbreviations, the process is practically an infinite one. There are famous poems made up of one enormous word, a word which in truth forms a poetic object, the creation of the writer. The fact that no one believes that nouns refer to an actual reality means, paradoxically enough, that there is no limit to the numbers of them. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Poetic quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#29. I lately met with an old volume from a London bookshop, containing the Greek Minor Poets, and it was a pleasure to read once moreonly the words Orpheus, Linus, Musaeus,
those faint poetic sounds and echoes of a name, dying away on the ears of us modern men; and those hardly more substantial sounds, Mimnermus, Ibycus, Alcaeus, Stesichorus, Menander. They lived not in vain. We can converse with these bodiless fames without reserve or personality. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Poetic quotes by Terry Pratchett
#30. Poetic simile was strictly limited to statements like 'his mighty steed was as fleet as the wind on a fairly calm day, say about Force Three,' and any loose talk about a beloved having a face that launched a thousand ships would have to be backed by evidence that the object of desire did indeed look like a bottle of champagne. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Poetic quotes by Angela Carter
#31. Below me, in spreading, concentric circles, like those a fish makes when it rises in still water, spun round the lower tiers; above me arched the black sky pierced by the gas jets of the stars. #Quote by Angela Carter
Poetic quotes by Nancy Milford
#32. It was not, Zelda wrote, prosperity or the softness of life, or any instability that marred the war generation; it was a great emotional disappointment resulting from the fact that life moved in poetic gestures when they were younger and had since settled back into buffoonery. #Quote by Nancy Milford
Poetic quotes by William Klein
#33. The New York book was a visual diary and it was also kind of personal newspaper. I wanted it to look like the news. I didn't relate to European photography. It was too poetic and anecdotal for me ... the kinetic quality of new york, the kids, dirt, madness - I tried to find a photographic style that would come close to it. So I would be grainy and contrasted and black. Id crop, blur, play with the negatives. I didn't see clean technique being right for New York. I could imagine my pictures lying in the gutter like the New York Daily News. #Quote by William Klein
Poetic quotes by Poetic Evolution
#34. People try to hide behind God to fool others in the world, but they fail to realize that the world is not big enough to hide behind to try and fool God #Quote by Poetic Evolution
Poetic quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#35. The boatmen appeared to lead an easy and contented life, and we thought that we should prefer their employment ourselves to many professions which are much more sought after. They suggested how few circumstances are necessary to the well-being and serenity of man, how indifferent all employments are, and that any may seem noble and poetic to the eyes of men, if pursued with sufficient buoyancy and freedom. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Poetic quotes by Casey Spooner
#36. It is impossible not to react to the current state of affairs through personal action and artistic production. We have been at war for three years. One desperately feels the need for someone to speak some sort of truth, either poetic or factual. #Quote by Casey Spooner
Poetic quotes by W. H. Auden
#37. That to the adolescent is the authentic poetic note and whoever is the first in his life to strike it, whether Tennyson, Keats, Swinburne, Housman or another, awakens a passion of imitation and an affectation which no subsequent refinement or sophistication of his taste can entirely destroy. In my own case it was Hardy in the summer of 1923; for more than a year I read no one else and I do not think that I was ever without one volume or another or the beautifully produced Wessex edition in my hands: I smuggled them into class, carried them about on Sunday walks, and took them up to the dormitory to read in the early morning, though they were far too unwieldy to be read in bed with comfort. In the autumn of 1924 there was a palace revolution after which he had to share his kingdom with Edward Thomas, until finally they were both defeated by Elliot at the battle of Oxford in 1926. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Poetic quotes by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low
#38. The angel being interrogated paced back and forth, anxiously running his fingers through his hair. Of course, being an angel, he didn't really do any of those things - being a fearsome creature, all wings and feathers and eyes. You might say, rather, that he fluttered about in a vaguely serpentine fashion, straightening out and smoothing one half of his wings with the other. But then, that would be difficult to envision, and probably meaningless, in terms of effectively interpreting his peculiar range of emotion; so we're just going to go ahead and say that he paced,
because these are angels, and poetic license is the only kind of license that holds any water with them. #Quote by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low
Poetic quotes by Harold Bloom
#39. The second, and I think this is the much more overt and I think it is the main cause, I have been increasingly demonstrating or trying to demonstrate that every possible stance a critic, a scholar, a teacher can take towards a poem is itself inevitably and necessarily poetic. #Quote by Harold Bloom
Poetic quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#40. He talks softly, patiently, as I sit on the window ledge and watch boats with colorful triangles for sails scratch the ocean. #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
Poetic quotes by Angela Quarles
#41. No, he didn't view the scar as shameful, though he did in its getting. For he'd not received it in battle. He'd received it the last time he'd ever acted foolishly over a woman.
Oddly poetic that the very woman who brought out that foolish side again was turned off by the scar. As if the scar and tattoo were a shield. A shield protecting him forevermore from heartache. #Quote by Angela Quarles
Poetic quotes by Frederick Buechner
#42. ...With a religious book it is less what we see in it than what we see through it that matters. J. R. R. Tolkien's fairy-tale epic the Lord of the Rings helps draw the distinction perhaps. Some of its admirers have tried to make it into a religion book by claiming, among other things, that the Ring of Power which must be destroyed is the hydrogen bomb. Tolkien, on the other hand, denied this unequivocally. But intended or otherwise, there can be little doubt that for many it has become a religious book. The "Frodo Lives" buttons are not entirely a joke, because something at least comes to life through those fifteen hundred pages, although inevitably it is hard to say just what. It seems to have something to do with the way Tolkien has of making us see the quididity of things like wood, bread, stone, milk, iron, as though we have never seen them before or not for a long time, which is probably the truth of the matter; his landscapes set deeper echoes going in us than any message could. He gives us back a sense that we have mostly lost of the things of the earth, and because we are ourselves of the earth, whatever else, we are given back too some sense of our own secret. Very possibly again he did not intend it. I may well be axiomatic that, religiously, a writer achieves most when he is least conscious of doing so. Certainly the attempt to be religious is as doomed as the attempt to be poetic is. #Quote by Frederick Buechner
Poetic quotes by Gino Severini
#43. In the early days the Cubists' method of grasping an object was to go round and round it; the futurists declared that one had to get inside it. In my opinion the two views can be reconciled in a poetic cognition of the world. But to the very fact that they appealed to the creative depths in the painter by awakening in him hidden forces which were intuitive and vitalizing, the Futurist theories did more than the Cubist principles to open up unexplored and boundless horizons. #Quote by Gino Severini
Poetic quotes by Sanober Khan
#44. You are the ocean to my eyes. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Poetic quotes by Eugene Ionesco
#45. DAISY: I never knew you were such a realist-I thought you were more poetic. Where's your imagination? There are many sides to reality. Choose the one that's best for you. Escape into the world of imagination. #Quote by Eugene Ionesco
Poetic quotes by Madeline Miller
#46. He is half my soul, as the poets say. #Quote by Madeline Miller
Poetic quotes by Gaston Bachelard
#47. Poetry is one of the destinies of speech ... One would say that the poetic image, in its newness, opens a future to language. #Quote by Gaston Bachelard
Poetic quotes by Simon Critchley
#48. Poetry is difficult, I mean interesting poetry, not confessional babble or emotive propaganda. Reading a new poet is discovering an entire world, what Stevens called a 'mundo' and it takes a lot of time to orientate oneself in such a world. What we have to learn to do then, as teachers and militants of a poetic insurgency, is to encourage people to learn to love the difficulty of poetry. I simply do not understand much of the poetry that I love. #Quote by Simon Critchley
Poetic quotes by Nancy Moser
#49. And so ... we prayed. And I added a silent prayer of my own, giving God thanks for the blessing of my father. #Quote by Nancy Moser
Poetic quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#50. Watch carefully. In forty formidable bosoms we are about to create a climacteric of emotion. In one short speech - or maybe two - I propose to steer your women through excitement, superiority, contempt and anger: we shall have a little drama; just, awful and poetic, spread with uncials and full, as the poet said, of fruit and seriosity. Will they thank me, I wonder? #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Poetic quotes by Rene Magritte
#51. A truly poetic canvas is an awakened dream. #Quote by Rene Magritte
Poetic quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#52. In the entr'acte Levin and Pestsov fell into an argument upon the merits and defects of music of the Wagner school. Levin maintained that the mistake of Wagner and all his followers lay in their trying to take music into the sphere of another art, just as poetry goes wrong when it tries to paint a face as the art of painting ought to do, and as an instance of this mistake he cited the sculptor who carved in marble certain poetic phantasms flitting round the figure of the poet on the pedestal. "These phantoms were so far from being phantoms that they were positively clinging on the ladder," said Levin. [ ... ] Pestsov maintained that art is one, and that it can attain its highest manifestations only by conjunction with all kinds of art. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Poetic quotes by Richard Dawkins
#53. The Bible may be an arresting and
poetic work of fiction, but it is not the sort of book you should give
your children to form their morals. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Poetic quotes by Bruce R. McConkie
#54. Religious music is by far the greatest music of the ages. What is there to compare-in rhythmic beauty, poetic sublimity, and inspired teachings-with the Psalms of David? #Quote by Bruce R. McConkie
Poetic quotes by Walter Pater
#55. Poetry, at all times, exercises two distinct functions: it may reveal, it may unveil to every eye, the ideal aspects of common thingsor it may actually add to the number of motives poetic and uncommon in themselves, by the imaginative creation of things that are ideal from their very birth. #Quote by Walter Pater
Poetic quotes by William Blake
#56. He who loves feels love descend into him and if he has wisdom may perceive it from the Poetic Genius which is the Lord. #Quote by William Blake
Poetic quotes by Roman Jakobson
#57. In poetic language, in which the sign as such takes on an autonomous value, this sound symbolism becomes an actual factor and creates a sort of accompaniment to the signified. #Quote by Roman Jakobson
Poetic quotes by Jenna Butler
#58. I won't wax poetic about the land in a perfectionist sense: we work hard out here, and things constantly threaten the tiny equilibrium we've established in the market garden. Whatever peace we find is often hard won. But I stand firmly with Berry and Kingsolver and so many other writers who possess a deep need to step outside the city to find a place of calm. I don't like the word "authentic"; at best, it's divisive and antagonistic, implying one way of being is intrinsically better than another. But I do very much favour the notion of alignment. I'm convinced that at the heart of the matter lies a desire to draw what we do into alignment with how we live. Some of us aren't in a place where we can live consistently on the land that holds our hearts, but come mishaps or miracles, we're bound and determined to make that land as much a part of who we are as humanly possible. #Quote by Jenna Butler
Poetic quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#59. It isn't a perfect place. There are no perfect places. But nobody cares about perfection when there are sand castles to build and kites to chase, children that are being born, old hearts that are giving in. #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
Poetic quotes by Umberto Eco
#60. I would define the poetic effect as the capacity that a text displays for continuing to generate different readings, without ever being completely consumed. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Poetic quotes by Colin Nissan
#61. There will be others, many others. You'll try desperately to digest a single word through the acronym-laden gibberish, while beginning to wonder what the point of all this is, and also why you didn't feel that staple you just sent into your thigh. You usually do. You'll wonder what your company even does. After six years, you have no idea what an information system is, do you? Maybe you should ask. Maybe that's how this ends. You'll imagine how poetic it would be to simply unmute yourself and say, "Sorry to interrupt, guys, but what's an information system?"
Still, your mind will drift further, envisioning how much more tolerable this call would be if you could just slowly masturbate during it. So you do. You masturbate during it. And it's beautiful. Masturbating, invisible within your three-walled fortress. Invisible ... invisible ... practically invisible. #Quote by Colin Nissan
Poetic quotes by Jim Butcher
#62. Harry waxes poetic about magic. He'll go on and on about how it comes from your feelings, and how it's a deep statement about the nature of your soul, and then he'll whip out some kind of half-divine, half-insane philosophy he's cobbled together from the words of saints and comic books about the importance of handling power responsibly. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Poetic quotes by Marissa Meyer
#63. I'd call it a brilliant success. All those journalists are going to be so disappointed when they find out they missed it."
"They'll still have plenty to report on still. They don't need to intrude on Wolf and Scarlet's privacy anymore in order to do it."
"Are you going to hold a press conference in place of the wedding in a couple of days? Tell the world about your first foray into matrimonial officiating? Wax poetic about the historical importance of such a union?"
He turned his head and smirked down at her. "Nope. But I might tell them what an honor it was for me to be able to marry two of my closest friends, who happen to love each other very much."
Her grin widened. "That won't satisfy them at all."
"I know. That's half the appeal. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Poetic quotes by Patti Smith
#64. I was attracted to Robert's work because his visual vocabulary was akin to my poetic one, even if we seemed to be moving toward different destinations. Robert always would tell me, "Nothing is finished until you see it. #Quote by Patti Smith
Poetic quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#65. I believe that every man who has ever been earnest to preserve his higher or poetic faculties in the best condition has been particularly inclined to abstain from animal food, and from much food of any kind. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Poetic quotes by Sally Kempton
#66. The Kena Upanishad says that the Self "shines through the mind and senses," which is a poetic way of saying that it is the power of the Self which allows the mind and senses to function. So the eternally conscious Self is what makes us conscious. Essentially, it is light.
At times when our inner vision becomes pure enough to let us see through the layers of psychic debris that thickens our consciousness and make it opaque, we realize that everything is actually made of light. We understand that we are light, that the world is light, and that light is the essence of everything. This is why so many people's experience of touching the Self are experiences of light - visions, inner luminosity, or profound and crystalline clarity. #Quote by Sally Kempton
Poetic quotes by Rodger Kamenetz
#67. We can't choose our poetic fathers any more than our biological ones - but we can choose how to come to terms with them. #Quote by Rodger Kamenetz
Poetic quotes by Jaeda DeWalt
#68. I want to be intoxicated by the darkened ether of midnight, running through my fingers as sparkling stardust. I crave the taste of the ocean's salty tears, as her temperamental tides crash and break against the rocks. I yearn for the sweet scent of sun on my skin and the earthy musk of dirt giving way under my bare feet. I want to lay naked in golden fields, as i gaze up at an endless sky, dreaming my dreams, as Mother Nature's love washes over me like spiritual sunshine. #Quote by Jaeda DeWalt
Poetic quotes by Gaston Bachelard
#69. For Baudelaire, man's poetic fate is to be the mirror of immensity; or even more exactly, immensity becomes conscious of itself, through man. Man for Baudelaire is a vast being. #Quote by Gaston Bachelard
Poetic quotes by Janet Lee Carey
#70. Do not wander in the deeps,
Where the Shriker's shadow creeps.
When he rises from beneath,
Beware the Sharpness of his teeth. #Quote by Janet Lee Carey
Poetic quotes by Marty Rubin
#71. The true poetic urge is the desire for absolute freedom. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Poetic quotes by Ronald Carter
#72. Beowulf stands out as a poem which makes extensive use of this kind of figurative language. There are over one thousand compounds in the poem, totalling one-third of all the words in the text. Many of these compounds are kennings. The word 'to ken' is still used in many Scottish and Northern English dialects, meaning 'to know'. Such language is a way of knowing and of expressing meanings in striking and memorable ways; it has continuities with the kinds of poetic compounding found in nearly all later poetry but especially in the Modernist texts of Gerard Manley Hopkins and James Joyce. #Quote by Ronald Carter
Poetic quotes by Cheryl Cooke Harrington
#73. AirWalker. With a name like that, it had to be Mitch Walker's plane. Was it possible she'd found herself a bush pilot with a poetic soul? #Quote by Cheryl Cooke Harrington
Poetic quotes by Oliver Sacks
#74. Sign language is the equal of speech, lending itself equally to the rigorous and the poetic, to philosophical analysis or to making love. #Quote by Oliver Sacks
Poetic quotes by Alexander Pope
#75. Poetic justice, with her lifted scale,
Where, in nice balance, truth with gold she weighs,
And solid pudding against empty praise.
Here she beholds the chaos dark and deep,
Where nameless somethings in their causes sleep,
Till genial Jacob, or a warm third day,
Call forth each mass, a poem, or a play:
How hints, like spawn, scarce quick in embryo lie,
How new-born nonsense first is taught to cry. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Poetic quotes by Jose Saramago
#76. I am a better novelist than a poet, playwright, or essayist. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Poetic quotes by David Daiches
#77. Historically, the language we call Scots was a development of the Anglian speech of the Northumbrians who established their kingdom of Bernicia as far north as the Firth of Forth in the seventh century. This northern Anglo-Saxon language flourished in Lowland Scotland and emerged into a distinct language on its own, capable of rich expansion by borrowing from Latin, French and other sources with its own grammatical forms and methods of borrowing. By the time of the Makars of the fifteenth century it was a highly sophisticated poetic language, based on the spoken speech of the people, but enriched by many kinds of expansion, invention and 'aureation'. Distinct from literary English, but having much in common with it, literary Scots took its place in the late Middle Ages as one of the great literary languages of Europe. #Quote by David Daiches
Poetic quotes by T.F. Hodge
#78. Sometimes a loved one might not 'spit' the message in the most tender or poetic fashion that suits you, but don't allow a rugged style to blind you from a loving intent. It's the spirit of the message one must receive beyond [the] perception of one's senses; be mindful of hearing with the heart. #Quote by T.F. Hodge
Poetic quotes by Bruno Mars
#79. I could sing you a thousand and one doo-wop songs. I love the simplicity in that music. It's not super-poetic, it's just from the heart. #Quote by Bruno Mars
Poetic quotes by Sylvia Plath
#80. I can only end up with one, and I must leave many lonely by the wayside. So that is all for now. Perhaps someday someone will leave me by the wayside. And that will be poetic justice. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Poetic quotes by Lord Byron
#81. That prose is a verse, and verse is a prose; convincing all, by demonstrating plain – poetic souls delight in prose insane #Quote by Lord Byron
Poetic quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#82. The function of a writer is to call a spade a spade. If words are sick, it is up to us to cure them. Instead of that, many writers live off this sickness. In many cases modern literature is a cancer of words ... There is nothing more deplorable than the literary practice which, I believe, is called poetic prose and which consists of using words for the obscure harmonics which reosund about them and which are made up of vague meanings which are in contradiction with the clear meaning ... That is not all: we are living in an age of mystifications. Some are fundamental ones which are due to the structure of society; some are secondary. At any rate, the social order today rests upon the mystification of consciousness, as does disorder as well. #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Poetic quotes by Erin M. Truesdale
#83. I love my style of writing. Nope, it's not the most poetic stuff you've ever read but you know, it can evoke emotions and images and smells and sensations, and that is what I set out to do. #Quote by Erin M. Truesdale
Poetic quotes by Paul Klee
#84. Spatial art does not begin with a poetic mood or idea, but with construction of one or more figures, with the harmonizing of several colors and tones, or with the devaluation of spatial relationships and so on. #Quote by Paul Klee
Poetic quotes by Harold Bloom
#85. Who anyway can define the borderline between gnosis and poetic knowledge? The two modes are not identical, and yet they interpenetrate one another. Are we to call the gnosis of Novalis, Blake, and Shelley a knowledge that is not poetic? In domesticating the Sufis in our imagination, Corbin renders Ibn 1 Arabi and Suhrawardi as a Blakl· and a Shelley whose precursor is not Milton but the Koran. #Quote by Harold Bloom
Poetic quotes by Charles Addams
#86. Child of woe is wane and delicate ... sensitive and on the quiet side, she loves the picnics and outings to the underground caverns ... a solemn child, prim in dress and, on the whole, pretty lost ... secretive and imaginative, poetic, seems underprivileged and given to occasional tantrums ... has six toes on one foot ... #Quote by Charles Addams
Poetic quotes by Renzo Novatore
#87. LOVE: Deception of the flesh and damage to the spirit. Disease of the soul, atrophy of the brain, weakening of the heart, corruption of the senses, poetic lies from which one gets ferociously inebriated two or three times a day in order to consume this precious but stupid life more quickly. And yet I would prefer to die of love. Its the only swindler, after Judas, that can kill with a kiss. #Quote by Renzo Novatore
Poetic quotes by Walter Scott
#88. O Caledonia! stern and wild, Meet nurse for a poetic child! Land of brown heath and shaggy wood; Land of the mountain and the flood! #Quote by Walter Scott
Poetic quotes by Michael Leunig
#89. Perhaps the more benign and poetic sense of God is established when we are babies in the moments of primal joy we might call 'the epiphanies of infancy' - the sensation of being blissfully held and feeling complete and at one with everything - yet having no words or no need to say it but instead to just assimilate the feeling. #Quote by Michael Leunig
Poetic quotes by George Will
#90. There may be more poetry than justice in poetic justice. #Quote by George Will
Poetic quotes by Ann Demeulemeester
#91. Black is not sad ... Black is poetic. #Quote by Ann Demeulemeester
Poetic quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#92. A lot of them [Germaqn actors] could come in and we could speak for the next nine hours in English and there would be no problem. It was - but it was - English wasn't the language for them to read poetry in. And there is a - there's a poetic quality to my dialogue. #Quote by Quentin Tarantino
Poetic quotes by Izzeldin Abuelaish
#93. It is true that the sky was always beautiful but I don't remember marvelling at sunset or gazing at the dawn of a new day. Survival does not allow time for poetic reflection. #Quote by Izzeldin Abuelaish
Poetic quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#94. Companies trying to misrepresent the product they sell by playing with our cognitive biases, our unconscious associations, and that's sneaky. The latter is done by, say, showing a poetic picture of a sunset with a cowboy smoking and forcing an association between great romantic moments and some given product that, logically, has no possible connection to it. You seek a romantic moment and what you get is cancer. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Poetic quotes by Rajneesh
#95. God is a synergetic experience. Science can never reveal it, philosophy can never come to it - only a poetic approach, a very passive, very loving approach, can. #Quote by Rajneesh
Poetic quotes by Arthur Miller
#96. All paradox and enticing mystery, street-tough one moment, then lifted by a lyrical and poetic sensitivity #Quote by Arthur Miller
Poetic quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#97. There is another old poet whose name I do not now remember who said, 'Truth is the daughter of Time.' #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Poetic quotes by Hans-Georg Gadamer
#98. The ambiguity of poetic language answers to the ambiguity of human life as a whole, and therein lies its unique value. All interpretations of poetic language only interpret what the poetry has already interpreted. #Quote by Hans-Georg Gadamer
Poetic quotes by Lucy Christopher
#99. I wrapped my arms around me as tightly as I could, and stared up at the stars. Had I not been so cold and wanting to escape so badly, I could have stared at them forever: They were amazingly beautiful, so dense and bright. My eyes could get lost up there if I left them looking long enough. [ ... ] They swallowed me up. They were like a hundred thousand tiny candles, sending out hope. #Quote by Lucy Christopher
Poetic quotes by Beryl Dov
#100. The Only Time You'll Ever Have to Be Poetic [10w]
When God asks,
"Why should I let you into Heaven? #Quote by Beryl Dov
Poetic quotes by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
#101. Shakespeare's plays were a great Teutonic Valhalla with brilliant sunshine at times and violent tempests at others. The world to him was a battlefield, but his sense of poetic justice, his sublime faith in life and its infinite resources, guided the battles. #Quote by Bjornstjerne Bjornson
Poetic quotes by Kimberley Nixon
#102. I thought every other kid was like me. I'd watch films and act them out on my own and wish I could be one of the actresses. When I saw 'Pride And Prejudice,' the one with Colin Firth, I just absolutely knew that was what I wanted to do, and for 'Cranford' to be my first job was poetic, really. #Quote by Kimberley Nixon
Poetic quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#103. Who among us has not, in moments of ambition, dreamt of the miracle of a form of poetic prose, musical but without rhythm and rhyme, both supple and staccato enough to adapt itself to the lyrical movements of our souls, the undulating movements of our reveries, and the convulsive movements of our consciences? This obsessive ideal springs above all from frequent contact with enormous cities, from the junction of their innumerable connections. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Poetic quotes by Kenya Wright
#104. We learned a new way to consume each other, without the need for any drug or conflict. We smothered each other in kisses and dreams of our future and poetic wishes that ended in moans. Our addictions shifted to our obsession with us. #Quote by Kenya Wright
Poetic quotes by Linton Kwesi Johnson
#105. Back in those early days when I began my apprenticeship as a poet, I also tried to voice our anger, spirit of defiance and resistance in a Jamaican poetic idiom. #Quote by Linton Kwesi Johnson
Poetic quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#106. Let ideas establish their legitimate sway again in society, let life be fair and poetic, and the scholars will gladly be lovers, citizens, and philanthropists. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Poetic quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#107. Truth is a mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, anthropomorphisms, in short a sum of human relations which have been subjected to poetic and rhetorical intensification, translation and decoration [ ... ]; truths are illusions of which we have forgotten that they are illusions, metaphors which have become worn by frequent use and have lost all sensuous vigour [ ... ]. Yet we still do not know where the drive to truth comes from, for so far we have only heard about the obligation to be truthful which society imposes in order to exist"
from, "On Truth and Lying in a Non-Moral Sense". #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Poetic quotes by Bob Berman
#108. Atoms have substantial, chewy centers made of protons and neutrons stuck together by the most powerful force in the universe, which, in the great poetic tradition of physics, is officially called the strong force.

from The Sun's Heartbeat #Quote by Bob Berman
Poetic quotes by Joseph Brodsky
#109. In poetic thought, the role of the subconscious is played by euphony. #Quote by Joseph Brodsky
Poetic quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#110. Days of absence, sad and dreary,
Clothed in sorrow's dark array, -
Days of absence, I am weary;
She I love is far away.
Poetic Verse by #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Poetic quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#111. My eyelids flickered open again and focused on Daemon. He had his eyes closed as he leaned his head against the wall but I knew he was listening to everything. Dee talked about taking me home if my mom couldn't leave. I was struck again by the twins. Daemon and Dee didn't belong here, but I did. I could blend easily with the whitewashed walls and pale green curtains. I was as plain as the linoleum, but these two seemed to light the room with their flawless beauty and demanding presence.
Ah, the medication was kicking in. I was poetic. And high. Bliss. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Poetic quotes by Gaston Bachelard
#112. In my opinion, for Baudelaire, the word vast is a vocal value. It is a word that is pronounced, never only read, never only seen in the objects to which it is attached. It is one of those words that a writer always speaks softly while he is writing it. Whether in verse or in prose, it has a poetic effect, which is also an effect of vocal poetry. This word immediately stands out from the words that surround it, from the images, and perhaps, even, from the thought. It is a "power of the word." Indeed, whenever we read this word in the measure of one of Baudelaire's verses, or in the periods of his prose poems, we have the impression that he forces us to pronounce it. The word vast, then, is a vocable of breath. It is placed on our breathing, which must be slow and calm. And the fact is that always, in Baudelaire's poetics, the word vast evokes calm, peace and serenity. It expresses a vital, intimate conviction. It transmits to our ears the echo of the secret recesses of our being. For this word bears the mark of gravity, it is the enemy of turmoil, opposed to the vocal exaggerations of declamation. In diction enslaved to strict measure, it would be shattered. The word vast must reign over the peaceful silence of being. #Quote by Gaston Bachelard
Poetic quotes by Gaston Bachelard
#113. The reverie we intend to study is poetic reverie. This is a reverie which poetry puts on the right track, the track an expanding consciousness follows. This reverie is written, or, at least, promises to be written. It is already facing the great universe of the blank page. Then images begin to compose and fall into place. #Quote by Gaston Bachelard
Poetic quotes by Danilo Kis
#114. Thanks to suffering and madness, I have had a finer, richer life than any of you, and I wish to go to my death with dignity, as befits the great moment after which all dignity and majesty cease. Let my body be my ark and my death a long floating on the waves of eternity. A nothing amid nothingness. What defense have I against nothingness but this ark in which I have tried to gather everything that was dear to me, people, birds, animals, and plants, everything that I carry in my eye and in my heart, in the triple-decked ark of my body and soul. Like the pharaohs in the majestic peace of their tombs, I wanted to have all those things with me in death, I wanted everything to be as it was before; I wanted the birds to sing for me forever, I wanted to exchange Charon's bark for another, less desolate and less empty; I wanted to ennoble eternity's unconscionable void with the bitter herbs that spring from the heart of man, to ennoble the soundless emptiness of eternity with the cry of the cuckoo and the song of the lark. All I have done is to develop that bitter poetic metaphor, carry it with passionate logic to its ultimate consequence, which transforms sleep into waking (and the converse); lucidity into madness (and the converse); life into death, as though there were no borderline, and the converse; death into eternity, as if they were not one and the same thing. Thus my egoism is only the egoism of human existence, the egoism of life, counterweight to the egoism of death, and, #Quote by Danilo Kis
Poetic quotes by W. Eugene Smith
#115. I am constantly torn between the attitude of the conscientious journalist who is a recorder and interpreter of the facts and of the creative artist who often is necessarily at poetic odds with the literal facts. #Quote by W. Eugene Smith
Poetic quotes by Henry Moore
#116. A sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things, a poet in words, a musician by sounds. #Quote by Henry Moore
Poetic quotes by Geoffrey Harvey
#117. A turning point in the criticism of Hardy's poetry came in his centenary year, in which W. H. Auden (1940) recorded his indebtedness to Hardy for his own education in matters of poetic technique.

In a radio interview, Larkin defended his liking for Hardy's temperament and way of seeing life: 'He's not a transcendental writer, he's not a Yeats, he's not an Eliot; his subjects are men, the life of men, time and the passing of time, love and the fading of love'.
Larkin freely acknowledges the influence on him of Hardy's verse, which results in his rejection of Yeats as a poetic model.


It is a similar kind of response that gave rise to an important study by Donald Davie (1973). Davie feels that 'in British poetry of the last fifty years (as not in America) the most far-reaching influence, for good or ill, has been not Yeats, still less Eliot or Pound, not Lawrence, but Hardy', and that this influence has been deleterious. #Quote by Geoffrey Harvey
Poetic quotes by Dave Eggers
#118. And there was a wonderful thing that tended to happen, something that felt like poetic justice: every time someone started shouting about the supposed monopoly of the Circle, or the Circle's unfair monetization of the personal data of its users, or some other paranoid and demonstrably false claim, soon enough it was revealed that that person was a criminal or deviant of the highest order. One was connected to a terror network in Iran. One was a buyer of child porn. Every time, it seemed, they would end up on the news, footage of investigators leaving their homes with computers, on which any number of unspeakable searches had been executed and where reams of illegal and inappropriate materials were stored. And it made sense. Who but a fringe character would try to impede the unimpeachable improvement of the world? #Quote by Dave Eggers
Poetic quotes by Laini Taylor
#119. This gown, is it cut from shadow?" the general asked. "I can barely feel it between my fingers."
Not for want of trying, thought Madrigal.
"Perhaps it is a reflection of the night sky," he suggested, "skimmed from a pond?"
She supposed that he was being poetic. erotic, even. In return, as unerotically as possible- more like complaining of a stain that wouldn't come out-she said, "Yes, my lord. I went for a dip, and the reflection clung. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Poetic quotes by C.S. Forester
#120. The cork was in the bottle. He and the Atropos were trapped. #Quote by C.S. Forester
Poetic quotes by Francis Bacon
#121. REVENGE is a kind of wild justice; which the more man's nature runs to, the more ought law to weed it out. #Quote by Francis Bacon
Poetic quotes by Alan Moore
#122. I hurled myself into the study of my subject with renewed fervor, able to see the dry facts and arid descriptions in the same transforming magical light that had favored them when I was younger. A scientific understanding of the beautifully synchronized and articulated motion of an owl's individual feathers during flight does not impede a poetic appreciation for the same phenomenon. Rather, the two enhance each other, a more lyrical eye lending the cold data a romance from which it has long been divorced. Immersing myself avidly in dusty and long untouched reference books I came across forgotten passages that would make me almost breathless, dreary-looking tomes that would reveal themselves to be treasure houses of iridescent wonder. #Quote by Alan Moore
Poetic quotes by Josef Pieper
#123. Who among us has not suddenly looked into his child's face, in the midst of the toils and troubles of everyday life, and at that moment "seen" that everything which is good, is loved and lovable, loved by God! Such certainties all mean, at bottom, one and the same thing: that the world is plumb and sound; that everything comes to its appointed goal; that in spite of all appearances, underlying all things is - peace, salvation, gloria; that nothing and no one is lost; that "God holds in his hand the beginning, middle, and end of all that is." Such nonrational, intuitive certainties of the divine base of all that is can be vouchsafed to our gaze even when it is turned toward the most insignificant-looking things, if only it is a gaze inspired by love. That, in the precise sense, is contemplation...

Out of this kind of contemplation of the created world arise in never-ending wealth all true poetry and all real art, for it is the nature of poetry and art to be paean and praise heard above all the wails of lamentation. No one who is not capable of such contemplation can grasp poetry in a poetic fashion, that is to say, in the only meaningful fashion. The indispensability, the vital function of the arts in man's life, consists above all in this: that through them contemplation of the created world is kept alive and active. #Quote by Josef Pieper
Poetic quotes by Graham Joyce
#124. George Orwell's '1984' frequently tops surveys of our greatest books: it's not a celebration of poetic language. It's decidedly anti-literary, a masterpiece of personal and political narrative sequence. And its subject matter is crucial, because what '1984' shows is that language can be a dirty trick. #Quote by Graham Joyce
Poetic quotes by Erich Fromm
#125. The child starts out by being attached to his mother as "the ground of all being." He feels helpless and needs the all-enveloping love of mother. He then turns to father as the new center of his affections, father being a guiding principle for thought and action; in this stage he is motivated by the need to acquire father's praise, and to avoid his displeasure. In the stage of full maturity he has freed himself from the person of mother and of father as protecting and commanding powers; he has established the motherly and fatherly principles in himself. He has become his own father and mother; he is father and mother.
In the history of the human race we see - and can anticipate - the same development: from the beginning of the love for God as the helpless attachment to a mother Goddess, through the obedient attachment to a fatherly God, to a mature stage where God ceases to be an outside power, where man has incorporated the principles of love and justice into himself, where he has become one with God, and eventually, to a point where he speaks of God only in a poetic, symbolic sense. #Quote by Erich Fromm
Poetic quotes by Chuck Eddy
#126. No band on 21st-century radio has mined pre-grunge hair-metal's sleaze like L.A.'s Buckcherry. So it makes poetic sense that they'd spend their sixth album tallying all seven deadly sins. #Quote by Chuck Eddy
Poetic quotes by Ann Radcliffe
#127. Radcliffe is the first important English novelist to use poetic epigraphs, interpolated poems, and poetic fragments decoratively, as it were, for their suggestive or mood-enhancing effects. (Matthew #Quote by Ann Radcliffe
Poetic quotes by Dathan Auerbach
#128. It's a bit poetic that it is so easy to take advantage of those who have no advantages to begin with. #Quote by Dathan Auerbach
Poetic quotes by Harold Bloom
#129. Frye's influence on me lasted twenty years but came to an abrupt halt on my thirty-seventh birthday, July 11, 1967, when I awakened from a nightmare and then passed the entire day in composing a dithyramb, The Covering Cherub; or, Poetic Influence. #Quote by Harold Bloom
Poetic quotes by Peter Mayle
#130. Look at those vines,' he said. 'Nature is wearing her prettiest clothes.'
The effect of this unexpectedly poetic observation was slight spoiled when Massot cleared his throat nosily and spat, but he was right; #Quote by Peter Mayle
Poetic quotes by Virginia Woolf
#131. He felt the need for something which he could attach his floating heart to; the heart that tugged at his side; the heart that seemed filled with spiced amorous gales every evening about this time. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Poetic quotes by Gaston Bachelard
#132. It is through the intentionality of poetic imagination that the poet's soul discovers the opening of consciousness common to all true poetry. #Quote by Gaston Bachelard
Poetic quotes by Georges Franju
#133. What pleases is what is terrible, gentle, and poetic. #Quote by Georges Franju
Poetic quotes by Robert Doisneau
#134. The photographer must be absorbent - like a blotter, allow himself to be permeated by the poetic moment ... His technique should be like an animal function ... he should act automatically. #Quote by Robert Doisneau
Poetic quotes by W. H. Auden
#135. All poets adore explosions, thunderstorms, tornadoes, conflagrations, ruins, scenes of spectacular carnage. The poetic imagination is therefore not at all a desirable quality in a chief of state. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Poetic quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#136. ...A strange art – music – the most poetic and precise of all the arts, vague as a dream and precise as algebra. #Quote by Guy De Maupassant
Poetic quotes by V. Theia
#137. A kiss before he went to murder.
Poetic. Or plain terrifying. #Quote by V. Theia
Poetic quotes by Arundhati Roy
#138. She thought of Chacko's laugh, and a smile stayed in her eyes for a long time. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Poetic quotes by Crispin Hellion Glover
#139. Eccentric doesn't bother me. "Eccentric" being a poetic interpretation of a mathematical term meaning something that doesn't follow the lines - that's okay. #Quote by Crispin Hellion Glover
Poetic quotes by Dan Simmons
#140. They lay together in a sheltered place among the ruins of Brasilia while deathbeams from Chinese EMVs played like blue searchlights on broken ceramic walls. #Quote by Dan Simmons
Poetic quotes by Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
#141. Nobody must question your right to smoke,
but I've right, too, not to inhale your smoke.
First of all, health abuse is not a right;
use of right ought to lead to life, not blight.

You have right to party with unchecked noise,
but I've right, too, not be pained by your noise.
In short, a right can't be claimed as a right,
if it violates other people's right. #Quote by Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
Poetic quotes by Sanober Khan
#142. I am a tale, I am a book, written in different languages and styles

I can't be read, can't be understood,
neither by me nor the greatest of minds

I am too big, I am too small, to be processed or seen by the naked eye

I am too dim, I am too bright, to appear in the shadows or the sunshine. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Poetic quotes by David J. Tacey
#143. Jung thought the psychological forces of healing cannot be known directly - as rational concepts - but only indirectly, as poetic symbols. #Quote by David J. Tacey
Poetic quotes by David Foenkinos
#144. Words do not always need a destination.
We can leave them behind us at the borders of feelings.
Running around headless in the vague zone.
And that is the privilege of artists: to live in confusion. #Quote by David Foenkinos
Poetic quotes by Werner Herzog
#145. There are deeper strata of truth in cinema, and there is such a thing as poetic, ecstatic truth. It is mysterious and elusive, and can be reached only through fabrication and imagination and stylization. #Quote by Werner Herzog
Poetic quotes by Pablo Neruda
#146. I crown you, small monarch of my bones, #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Poetic quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#147. To say that the farmer laughed would be to express the matter feebly. That his young opponent, who had been irritating him unspeakably since the beginning of the game with advice and criticism, should have done exactly what he had cautioned him, the farmer, against a moment before, struck him as being the finest example of poetic justice he had ever heard of, and he signalized his appreciation of the same by nearly dying of apoplexy. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Poetic quotes by John Dominic Crossan
#148. Firmly grounded in the divine dream of Israel's Torah, the Bible's prophetic vision insists that God demands the fair and equitable sharing of God's world among all of God's people. In Israel's Torah, God says, "The land is mine; with me you are but aliens and tenants" (Lev. 25:23). We are all tenant farmers and resident aliens in a land and on an earth not our own.

The prophets speak in continuity with that radical vision of the earth's divine ownership. They repeatedly proclaim it with two words in poetic parallelism. "The Lord is exalted," proclaims Isaiah. "He dwells on high; he filled Zion with justice and righteousness" (33:5). "I am the Lord," announces Jeremiah in the name of God. "I act with steadfast love, justice, and righteousness in the earth, for in these things I delight" (9:24). And those qualities must flow from God to us, from heaven to earth. "Thus says the Lord," continues Jeremiah. "Act with justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor anyone who has been robbed. And do no wrong or violence to the alien, the orphan, and the widow, or shed innocent blood in this place" (22:3).

"Justice and righteousness" is how the Bible, as if in a slogan, summarizes the character and spirit of God the Creator and, therefore, the destiny and future of God's created earth. It points to distributive justice as the Bible's radical vision of God. "Ah, you who join house to house, who add field to field," mourns the prophet Isaiah #Quote by John Dominic Crossan
Poetic quotes by Oscar Wilde
#149. The heart contains passion but the imagination alone contains poetry,' says Charles Baudelaire. This too was the lesson that Theophile Gautier, most subtle of all modern critics, most fascinating of all modern poets, was never tired of teaching - 'Everybody is affected by a sunrise or a sunset.' The absolute distinction of the artist is not his capacity to feel nature so much as his power of rendering it. The entire subordination of all intellectual and emotional faculties to the vital and informing poetic principle is the surest sign of the strength of our Renaissance. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Poetic quotes by James Emanuel
#150. For me, the promised land, always seeming just beyond my reach, is the poetic masterpiece, that perfect union of words in cadence, each beckoned and shined and breathed into place, each moving in well-tried harmony of tone and texture and meaning with its neighbors, molding an almost living being so faithful to observable truth, so expressive of the mass of humanity and so aglow with the beauty of just proportions that the reader feels a chill in his legs or a catch in his throat. #Quote by James Emanuel
Poetic quotes by Darren Shan
#151. Because we live in a world under siege," I say. "Life sucks for mages and magicians- you taught me that. Bad things happen to those of us who get involved, but if we didn't fight, we'd be in an even worse state. None of it it's your fault, any more than it's the fault of the moon or the stars."
Dervish nods slowly, then arches an eyebrow "The moon or the stars?"
"I always get poetic when I'm dealing with self-pitying simpletons. #Quote by Darren Shan
Poetic quotes by Oliver Sacks
#152. The real functional "machinery" of the brain, for Edelman, consists of millions of neuronal groups, organized into larger units or "maps". These maps, continually conversing in everchanging, unimaginably complex, but always meaningful patterns, may change in minutes or seconds. One is reminded of C. S. Sherrington's poetic evocation of the brain as "an enchanted loom", where "millions of flashing shuttles weave a dissolving pattern, always a meaningful pattern though never an abiding one; a shifting harmony of subpatterns". #Quote by Oliver Sacks
Poetic quotes by Jack Canfield
#153. Walt Whitman said, To have great poets, there must be great audiences. #Quote by Jack Canfield
Poetic quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#154. There is nothing more poetic and terrible than the skyscrapers' battle with the heavens that cover them. #Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca
Poetic quotes by Ernst Bacon
#155. Dancing is the body made poetic. #Quote by Ernst Bacon
Poetic quotes by Lauren DeStefano
#156. She was supposed to build sand castles on the beach and put her toes in the ocean, Madame says. #Quote by Lauren DeStefano
Poetic quotes by Gaston Bachelard
#157. Whoever lives for poetry must read everything. How often has the light of a new idea sprung for me from a simple brochure! When one allows himself to be animated by new images, he discovers iridescence in the images of old books. Poetic ages unite in a living memory. The new age awakens the old. The old age comes to live again in the new. Poetry is never as unified as when it diversifies. #Quote by Gaston Bachelard
Poetic quotes by Nicki Salcedo
#158. Maybe there was healing in running when nothing chased you. #Quote by Nicki Salcedo
Poetic quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#159. The poetic does not misrepresent the speech one half so much as the speech misrepresents the soul. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Poetic quotes by Anne Sexton
#160. I'm hunting for the truth. It might be a kind of poetic truth, and not just a factual one, because behind everything that happens to you, there is another truth, a secret life. #Quote by Anne Sexton
Poetic quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#161. A great man scarcely knows how he dines, how he dresses; but without railing or precision, his living is natural and poetic. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Poetic quotes by Lauren Hammond
#162. Most girls my age don't appreciate this kind of music. In my opinion, this is real music. It's haunting, poetic, and carefully-crafted. Not that techno teeny bopper crap that only sounds good because of all the machines the record label uses to make it. #Quote by Lauren Hammond
Poetic quotes by Nia Vardalos
#163. What I wish I had, is that I wish I was a little more Greek, in that I wish I could lose my North American driven attitude and that I could be a little bit more poetic and laissez faire. #Quote by Nia Vardalos
Poetic quotes by Kimberly Kinrade
#164. Time held no meaning as my mind darted in and out of memories. Past and present collided to create a full-sensory collage out of my life: playing hide-n-seek with my best friends Luke - who always cheated by walking through walls when he was about to be caught - and Lucy; Mr. Caldrin critiquing my sketches and offering ideas to make them more realistic; targets changing faces, blending into the same person, their thoughts rippling through my mind like waves. Through it all, a demon stalked me from the shadows of my memories, never quite showing its face, but crouching, waiting.
And then I dreamed ... #Quote by Kimberly Kinrade
Poetic quotes by Rajneesh
#165. I am here to seduce you into a love of life; to help you to become a little more poetic; to help you die to the mundane and to the ordinary so that the extraordinary explodes in your life. #Quote by Rajneesh
Poetic quotes by Lynn Thomson
#166. Birds are everywhere in our literature, a part, it seems, of our collective poetic imagination. If writing a beautiful line of poetry fills a poet's heart with joy, imagine how that same poet's soul must take flight at the sight of swallows soaring through the evening sky! #Quote by Lynn Thomson
Poetic quotes by Anton Chekhov
#167. There is something sad, dreamy, and in the highest degree poetic in a lonely grave ... You can hear its silence, and in this silence you sense the presence of the soul of the unknown person who lies under the cross. Is it good for this soul in the steppe? Does it languish #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Poetic quotes by Flann O'Brien
#168. With these words there came the rending scream of a shattered stirk and an angry troubling of the branches as the poor madman percolated through the sieve of a sharp yew, a wailing black meteor hurtling through green clouds, a human prickles. #Quote by Flann O'Brien
Poetic quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#169. The fire you rubbed left its brand on the most vulnerable, most vicious and tender point of my body. Now I have to pay for your rasping the red rash too strongly, too soon, as charred wood has to pay for burning. When I remain without your caresses, I lose all control of my nerves, nothing exists any more than the ecstasy of friction, the abiding effect of your sting, of your delicious poison. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Poetic quotes by Kenneth Rexroth
#170. It takes great labor to uncover the convincing simple speech of the heart. Poetic candor comes with hard labor, so even does impetuosity and impudence. #Quote by Kenneth Rexroth
Poetic quotes by Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
#171. A lie is yet a lie, though bought worldwide;
soon it shall fade with coming of new tide.
Truth remains truth, though stepped on like a dime;
soon it shall reign with the passing of time.

A lie lasts as long as there's suppression,
for lies were but of man's fabrication.
Truth lasts as long as there's constellation,
for truths were but of Nature's formation. #Quote by Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol
Poetic quotes by Edwin Markham
#172. Mr. Rihani is a man of ardent poetic temperament, a clever poet, and a man of unworldly ideals. #Quote by Edwin Markham
Poetic quotes by W. H. Auden
#173. In most poetic expressions of patriotism, it is impossible to distinguish what is one of the greatest human virtues from the worst human vice, collective egotism. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Poetic quotes by Renee Carlino
#174. I don't know what I'll do if I fall in love with him."
"If you fall, let him catch you. #Quote by Renee Carlino
Poetic quotes by Michel Leiris
#175. I am imbued with the notion that a Muse is necessarily a dead woman, inaccessible or absent; that a poetic structure - like the canon, which is only a hole surrounded by steel - can be based only on what one does not have; and that ultimately one can write only to fill a void or at the least to situate, in relation to the most lucid part of ourselves, the place where this incommensurable abyss yawns within us. #Quote by Michel Leiris
Poetic quotes by Leonard Michaels
#176. So many writers make dope glamorous; a form of romantic transgression, or world-weariness, or poetic sensitivity, or hipness. Mainly it's the stuff of ritualistic communion among inarticulate bores. #Quote by Leonard Michaels
Poetic quotes by Sanober Khan
#177. a single poem
the thing that can keep me
light on my feet,
when my soul is
heavy with sorrow. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Poetic quotes by Claire Lombardo
#178. I wish I could take it all away from you sweet thing. Her mom said simply. It was a strange sentence. Darkly poetic. One that with a subtle shift in vocal inflection could have been a curse instead of a sweet proclamation of motherly selflessness. #Quote by Claire Lombardo
Poetic quotes by Abdu'l- Baha
#179. All Art is a gift of the Holy Spirit. When this light shines through the mind of a musician, it manifests itself in beautiful harmonies. Again, shining through the mind of a poet, it is seen in fine poetry and poetic prose. When the Light of the Sun of Truth inspires the mind of a painter, he produces marvellous pictures. These gifts are fulfilling their highest purpose, when showing forth the praise of God. #Quote by Abdu'l- Baha
Poetic quotes by Will Ferrell
#180. I think you can't do any action without in some way paying homage to John Woo. He's the guy who just invented that sort of next level of poetic nasty action. #Quote by Will Ferrell
Poetic quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#181. Sometimes I muse about how wonderful it would be if I could string all my dreams together into one continuous life, a life consisting of entire days full of imaginary companions and created people. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Poetic quotes by N. T. Wright
#182. The Psalms are the steady, sustained subcurrent of healthy Christian living. They shaped the praying and vocation even of Jesus himself. They can and will do the same for us. The Psalms do this, to begin with, simply because they are poetry set to music: a classic double art form. To write or read a poem is already to enter into a different kind of thought world from our normal patterns. A poem is not merely ordinary thought with a few turns and twiddles added on to make it pretty or memorable. A poem (a good poem, at least) uses its poetic form to probe deeper into human experience than ordinary speech or writing is usually able to do, to pull back a veil and allow the hearer or reader to sense other dimensions. Sometimes #Quote by N. T. Wright
Poetic quotes by Dean Wareham
#183. They didn't teach Nietzsche in the philosophy department at Harvard; philosophy there was strictly analytical stuff and the poetic ramblings of Nietzsche did not belong. And see - you are teaching it in a literature class - so they must have been right. #Quote by Dean Wareham
Poetic quotes by Andrei Tarkovsky
#184. I felt all the time that for the film to be a success the texture of the scenery and the landscapes must fill me with definite memories and poetic associations #Quote by Andrei Tarkovsky
Poetic quotes by Liu Cixin
#185. As a science fiction writer who began as a fan, I do not use my fiction as a disguised way to criticize the reality of the present. I feel that the greatest appeal of science fiction is the creation of numerous imaginary worlds outside of reality. I've always felt that the greatest and most beautiful stories in the history of humanity were not sung by wandering bards or written by playwrights and novelists, but told by science. The stories of science are far more magnificent, grand, involved, profound, thrilling, strange, terrifying, mysterious, and even emotional, compared to the stories told by literature. Only, these wonderful stories are locked in cold equations that most do not know how to read.

The creation myths of the various peoples and religions of the world pale when compared to the glory of the big bang. The three-billion-year history of life's evolution from self-reproducing molecules to civilization contains twists and romances that cannot be matched by any myth or epic. There is also the poetic vision of space and time in relativity, the weird subatomic world of quantum mechanics … these wondrous stories of science all possess an irresistible attraction. Through the medium of science fiction, I seek only to create my own worlds using the power of imagination, and to make known the poetry of Nature in those worlds, to tell the romantic legends that have unfolded between Man and Universe. #Quote by Liu Cixin
Poetic quotes by Franz Wright
#186. The poetic prose that most interests me is that of Henri Michaux. #Quote by Franz Wright
Poetic quotes by Georgette Heyer
#187. I will not listen to your verse on an empty stomach!" declared the Vicomte.
"You have no soul," said Philippe sadly.
"But I have a stomach, and it cries aloud for sustenance."
"I weep for you," said Philip. "Why do I waste my poetic gems upon you? #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Poetic quotes by Gerard Manley Hopkins
#188. Every true poet, I thought, must be original and originality a condition of poetic genius; so that each poet is like a species in nature (not an individuum genericum or specificum ) and can never recur. That nothing shd. be old or borrowed however cannot be. #Quote by Gerard Manley Hopkins
Poetic quotes by Will Sheff
#189. I never considered myself an Americana artist, but I'm a huge fan of old-time music from the States, the recordings that were made in the '20s and '30s. Trying to chase down the exact stylistic trappings of that stuff always felt like a dead end. That spirit of directness and economy, but also the poetic pungency of the writing and almost ugly, or raw, performance - all that seemed like the real message. I've just tried to somehow stay true to that feeling. #Quote by Will Sheff
Poetic quotes by Nancy Willard
#190. Our house is quiet, small and plain,
and yet its rooms run far and wide.
A hundred pencils, swift as rain,
writing on sheets of beaten gold
would not be quick enough to hold
the strange adventures
shadows hide ... #Quote by Nancy Willard
Poetic quotes by Sanober Khan
#191. when whispered
what an exquisite
song, it makes-
your name. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Poetic quotes by Jaeda DeWalt
#192. Love can be such a mysterious muse and seductress ... spinning her magical web of stardust and emotional euphoria.
True love sang her siren song and we wrapped that song around us like the sweetest melody. #Quote by Jaeda DeWalt
Poetic quotes by Alison Hawthorne Deming
#193. I'm always trying to bring as many poetic properties as possible to the essay without making it too overburdened. #Quote by Alison Hawthorne Deming
Poetic quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#194. Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Poetic quotes by Ryan Holiday
#195. A poet's function . . . is not to experience the poetic state: that is a private affair. His function is to create it in others. #Quote by Ryan Holiday
Poetic quotes by Franz Grillparzer
#196. The present is never poetic as it serves necessity, necessity, however, is prosaic. #Quote by Franz Grillparzer
Poetic quotes by Thomas Mann
#197. The experiences of a man who lives alone and in silence are both vaguer and more penetrating than those of people in society; his thoughts are heavier, more odd, and touched always with melancholy. Images and observations which could easily be disposed of by a glance, a smile, an exchange of opinion, will occupy him unbearably, sink deep into the silence, become full of meaning, become life, adventure, emotion. Loneliness ripens the eccentric, the daringly and estrangingly beautiful, the poetic. But loneliness also ripens the perverse, the disproportionate, the absurd, and the illicit. #Quote by Thomas Mann
Poetic quotes by Solange Nicole
#198. I make sacrifices in reward of trinkets for my gilded cage. #Quote by Solange Nicole
Poetic quotes by Pink
#199. Sometimes I wish I was poetic and subtle. I write very bold and blunt and tell it like it is. #Quote by Pink
Poetic quotes by Richard Dawkins
#200. Cheetah genes cooperate with cheetah genes but not with camel genes, and vice versa. This is not because cheetah genes, even in the most poetic sense, see any virtue in the preservation of the cheetah species. They are not working to save the cheetah from extinction like some molecular World Wildlife Fund. #Quote by Richard Dawkins

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