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Poems quotes by Natasha Trethewey
#1. The first thing I tried to do in the months after losing my mother was to write a poem. I found myself turning to poetry in the way so many people do - to make sense of losses. And I wrote pretty bad poems about it. But it did feel that the poem was the only place that could hold this grief. #Quote by Natasha Trethewey
Poems quotes by Andre Aciman
#2. You're speaking volumes, my friend, and tonight we're doing short poems only. #Quote by Andre Aciman
Poems quotes by Naomi Shihab Nye
#3. Valentine for Ernest Mann"

You can't order a poem like you order a taco.
Walk up to the counter, say, "I'll take two"
and expect it to be handed back to you
on a shiny plate.

Still, I like your spirit.
Anyone who says, "Here's my address,
write me a poem," deserves something in reply.
So I'll tell a secret instead:
poems hide. In the bottoms of our shoes,
they are sleeping. They are the shadows
drifting across our ceilings the moment
before we wake up. What we have to do
is live in a way that lets us find them.

Once I knew a man who gave his wife
two skunks for a valentine.
He couldn't understand why she was crying.
"I thought they had such beautiful eyes."
And he was serious. He was a serious man
who lived in a serious way. Nothing was ugly
just because the world said so. He really
liked those skunks. So, he re-invented them
as valentines and they became beautiful.
At least, to him. And the poems that had been hiding
in the eyes of skunks for centuries
crawled out and curled up at his feet.

Maybe if we re-invent whatever our lives give us
we find poems. Check your garage, the off sock
in your drawer, the person you almost like, but not quite. #Quote by Naomi Shihab Nye
Poems quotes by Sophie Hannah
#4. Everything is personal - the poems and the crime novels. I have never been involved in any murders, but there are strong autobiographical elements in each. #Quote by Sophie Hannah
Poems quotes by Deborah Wells
#5. The dark man is ubiquitous. People from all times and in all places have recorded their experiences of him in stories, poems, paintings, songs, stone, dance, crafts and prayers. Saint or sinner, scientist or theologian, agnostic or true believer, it makes little difference as the dark man has walked beside us since the very beginning and he will stay with us until the end. He is so intrinsic to the human experience that everyone has at least one dark man story to tell... #Quote by Deborah Wells
Poems quotes by Aravind Adiga
#6. He read me another poem, and another one - and he explained the true history of poetry, which is a kind of secret, a magic known only to wise men. Mr. Premier, I won't be saying anything new if I say that the history of the world is the history of a ten-thousand-year war of brains between the rich and the poor. Each side is eternally trying to hoodwink the other side: and it has been this way since the start of time. The poor win a few battles (the peeing in the potted plants, the kicking of the pet dogs, etc.) but of course the rich have won the war for ten thousand years. That's why, on day, some wise men, out of compassion for the poor, left them signs and symbols in poems, which appear to be about roses and pretty girls and things like that, but when understood correctly spill out secrets that allow the poorest man on earth to conclude the ten-thousand-year-old brain-war on terms favorable to himself. #Quote by Aravind Adiga
Poems quotes by Natasha Boyd
#7. It occurred to me that the moment in space and time before lips touch, the small exquisite sting of wanting, a beat of thirst, of yearning, was the most underrated part of kissing. There should be sonnets and epic poems written about the space before a kiss, and the thrilling rush that comes with the moment of contact. #Quote by Natasha Boyd
Poems quotes by Jane Hirshfield
#8. Poems offer us counter-knowledges. They let us see what is invisible to ordinary looking, and to find in overlooked corners the opulence of our actual lives. Similarly, we usually spend our waking hours trying to be sure of things - of our decisions, our ideas, our choices. We so want to be right. But we walk by right foot and left foot. #Quote by Jane Hirshfield
Poems quotes by Phar West Nagle
#9. Following dark winter's strife, a warm air rises, teemed with life. Birth, rebirth, as the waiting die. Old love, new love sprouts wings to fly. #Quote by Phar West Nagle
Poems quotes by Norman Mailer
#10. Poems should be like pins which prick the skin of boredom and leave a glow equal in its pride to the gate of the sadist who stuck the pin and walked away #Quote by Norman Mailer
Poems quotes by Charles-Francois Dupuis
#11. If there is one fable, which would seem entitled to escape the analysis, which we have undertaken of religious poems and sacred legends, by the laws of physical and astronomical science, it is doubtless that of Christ, or the legend, which under that name is really dedicated to the worship of the Sun. The hatred, which the sectarians of that religion, - jealous to make their form of worship dominant over all others, - have shown against those, who worshipped Nature, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars, against the Roman Deities, whose temples and altars they have upset, - would suscitate the idea, that their worship did not form a part of that otherwise universal religion. #Quote by Charles-Francois Dupuis
Poems quotes by P.J. Harvey
#12. I work on words quite separately to music. They're both ongoing, and I don't ever feel like I'm working in a cycle in that respect, because it's every day anyway, no matter what I'm doing. Then I get to a point when I've collected together enough words that seem like they want to be songs rather than poems, or sometimes not. #Quote by P.J. Harvey
Poems quotes by May Sarton
#13. I write poems, have always written them, to transcend the painfully personal and reach the universal. #Quote by May Sarton
Poems quotes by Unknown
#14. We ding to music, to poems, to quotes, to writing, to art because we desperately do not want to be alone. We want to know we aren't going crazy and someone else out there knows exactly how you're feeling. We want someone to explain the things we can't. #Quote by Unknown
Poems quotes by Roman Payne
#15. With the need for the self in the time of another / I left my seaport grim and dear / knowing good work could be made / in the state governed by both Hope and Despair. #Quote by Roman Payne
Poems quotes by Philippa Gregory
#16. I have heard ballads of great battles, and poems about the beauty of a charge and the grace of a leader. But I did not know that war was nothing more than butchery, as savage and unskilled as sticking a pig in the throat and leaving it to bleed to make the meat tender. I did not know that the style and nobility of the jousting arena had nothing to do with this thrust and stab. Just like killing a screaming piglet for bacon after chasing it round the sty. And I did not know that war thrilled men so: they come home laughing like schoolboys after a prank; but they have blood on their hands and a smear of something on their cloaks and the smell of smoke in their hair and a terrible ugly excitement on their faces.

I understand now why they break into convents, force women against their will, defy sanctuary to finish the killing chase. They arouse in themselves a wild vicious hunger more like animals than men. I did not know war was like this. I feel I have been a fool not to know, since I was raised in a kingdom at war and am the daughter of a man captured in battle, the widow of a night, the wife of a merciless solider. But I know now. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Poems quotes by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
#17. For once,
not air,
but hope.
For once,
breathe on,
a firm belief! #Quote by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
Poems quotes by John Ashbery
#18. I like poems you can tack all over with a hammer and there are no hollow places. #Quote by John Ashbery
Poems quotes by Seamus Heaney
#19. Memory has always been fundamental for me. In fact, remembering what I had forgotten is the way most of the poems get started. #Quote by Seamus Heaney
Poems quotes by Mahmoud Darwish
#20. Later, we'll look up what was recorded in our history about yours in faraway lands.
Then we'll ask ourselves, Was Andalusia here or there? On earth, or only in poems? #Quote by Mahmoud Darwish
Poems quotes by James Arthur
#21. My ideal reader is somebody who reads my poems out loud. #Quote by James Arthur
Poems quotes by Ventum
#22. If you catch your
mind and heart
at war, it is your
worth, the mind
is fighting for. #Quote by Ventum
Poems quotes by Robert Penn Warren
#23. In America they have to know just what you are
novelist, poet, playwright ... Well, I've been all of them ... I think poems and novels and stories spring from the same seed. It's not like, say, playing polo and knitting. #Quote by Robert Penn Warren
Poems quotes by Phar West Nagle
#24. How envious I am that the sun may kiss your porcelain skin and forever change how the world sees you. #Quote by Phar West Nagle
Poems quotes by Beryl Dov
#25. Snapchat Poetry [10w] + {Couplet
On Hellopoetry,
poems are
as soon as
they're read. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Poems quotes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#26. Ye are better than all the ballads
That ever were sung or said;
For ye are living poems,
And all the rest are dead. #Quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Poems quotes by Ashley Tisdale
#27. My favorite subject was English or creative writing. We did poems and making a magazine, and I did one on celebrities. I called it 'Celebrity Life Magazine.' I interviewed my good friend Kaley Cuoco. #Quote by Ashley Tisdale
Poems quotes by H.G. Parry
#28. There is not a poem on earth that doesn't make sense to anyone. #Quote by H.G. Parry
Poems quotes by Harold Bloom
#29. Criticism starts - it has to start - with a real passion for reading. It can come in adolescence, even in your twenties, but you must fall in love with poems. #Quote by Harold Bloom
Poems quotes by Meraaqi
#30. I want to
peel away all the labels
I had once given to others
and place them
upon the fabric
of my own identity.

They have reflected back to me,
everything that I refuse
to See in myself. #Quote by Meraaqi
Poems quotes by AVA.
#31. there is a difference between
loneliness and solitude,
one will empty you and
one will fill you.

you have the power to choose. #Quote by AVA.
Poems quotes by Bzam
#32. Fall in love so that when death comes life will be cured. #Quote by Bzam
Poems quotes by Heinrich Boll
#33. No one will ever know how many novels, poems, analyses, confessions, sufferings and joys have been piled up on this continent called Love, without it ever having turned out to be totally investigated. #Quote by Heinrich Boll
Poems quotes by Anna Akhmatova
#34. And if you knew from what scraps
Poems are born - without shame
Like yellow dandelions by a wormy fence,
Like wild spinach or the common burr. #Quote by Anna Akhmatova
Poems quotes by Angela Thirkell
#35. Early poems are a thing it takes years to live down. #Quote by Angela Thirkell
Poems quotes by Mekael Shane
#36. Me (Abridged)

Just, fly by
And get away from me
But it, can't be
That way
With you and

Possess - feelings
The same - feelings
Put them right here
Put them all inside
Put them right here
.......inside me

Excerpt from:
Jacob's Ascent, New Poems by Mekael
© Mekael Shane, 2019 #Quote by Mekael Shane
Poems quotes by Charles Bukowski
#37. his is the last poem of any number of poems
tonight, there's
one drink of wine left
and both of those guys
they are asleep across the top of my feet.
I can feel the gentle weight of them
the touch of fur
I am aware of their breathing:
good things happen often, remember that
as the Bombs trundle out in their magnificent
at my feet
know more,
and instants of the moments explode
and a lucky past
can never be
killed. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Poems quotes by Munindra Misra
#38. 2.07 WALK OF LIFE
Life but like a cycle that you be riding,
You will fall if you ever stop peddling,
Life not of good cards you be holding,
But those held and how you be playing.
[68] - 4 #Quote by Munindra Misra
Poems quotes by Eric Overby
#39. Is our closeness all smoke and mirrors,
Just a figment in my mind?
Do you know what all your in for
With a love like mine?
I can show you what lies ahead
If we leave our lives behind #Quote by Eric Overby
Poems quotes by Matthea Harvey
#40. Some of my favorite poems are "confessional" poems written in the voices of aliens ("Southbound on the Freeway" by May Swenson" and "Report from the Surface" by Anthony McCann), sheep ("Snow Line" by John Berryman) or a yak ("The Only Yak in Batesville, Virginia" by Oni Buchanan). #Quote by Matthea Harvey
Poems quotes by Nicole Krauss
#41. For me, what I am making in the novel is a place to live. When I first switched from poetry to novels, I was asked why, and the metaphor I came up with was about poems as rooms. You can make a room perfect, but then you have to shut the door and never go back, whereas a novel is like a house - it can never be perfect, but you can make a life in it. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Poems quotes by Annie Dillard
#42. Father had stretched out his long legs and was tilting back in his chair. Mother sat with her knees crossed, in blue slacks, smoking a Chesterfield. The dessert dishes were still on the table. My sisters were nowhere in evidence. It was a warm evening; the big dining-room windows gave onto blooming rhododendrons.

Mother regarded me warmly. She gave me to understand that she was glad I had found what I had been looking for, but that she and father were happy to sit with their coffee, and would not be coming down.

She did not say, but I understood at once, that they had their pursuits (coffee?) and I had mine. She did not say, but I began to understand then, that you do what you do out of your private passion for the thing itself.

I had essentially been handed my own life. In subsequent years my parents would praise my drawings and poems, and supply me with books, art supplies, and sports equipment, and listen to my troubles and enthusiasms, and supervise my hours, and discuss and inform, but they would not get involved with my detective work, nor hear about my reading, nor inquire about my homework or term papers or exams, nor visit the salamanders I caught, nor listen to me play the piano, nor attend my field hockey games, nor fuss over my insect collection with me, or my poetry collection or stamp collection or rock collection. My days and nights were my own to plan and fill. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Poems quotes by Diane Di Prima
#43. Maketa Groves has a strong, bright lyric gift. Her poems come out of music and are full of music. They bring us the sounds of the streets and the sounds of nature, and make us see once again that they are parts of the same song. She celebrates American lives as they are lived today: the mother scrubbing her kitchen floor at midnight, the drag-queens in the Tenderloin, the homeless woman knitting in the courtyard. This is poetry that relentlessly shows us the beauty in the world, with all its struggles and complexity, and demands that we go out to meet it with open hearts. #Quote by Diane Di Prima
Poems quotes by Mark Twain
#44. Geniuses are people who dash off weird, wild, incomprehensible poems with astonishing facility, & then go & get booming drunk & sleep in the gutter. Genius elevates a man to ineffable speres [sic] far above the vulgar world, & fills his soul with a regal contempt for the gross & sordid things of earth. It is probably on account of this that people who have genius do not pay their board, as a general thing. #Quote by Mark Twain
Poems quotes by Beryl Dov
#45. The Magpie Poet
The magpie poet lined his poems,
with a nest of shiny objects:
engagement rings returned by ex-lovers,
lipstick and keys found beneath his couch's cushions,
even shards of his mom's silver hand mirror,
too filled with images to discard.
His nest of luminous memories
held his yellow eye, his offspring.
More importantly, it held him.
Each poem he wrote was a
pro tem refuge he could hide in,
a safe house to rest his head
after another sleepless night. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Poems quotes by Robert Pinsky
#46. A reflection on Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell knew I was not one of his devotees. I attended his famous "office hours" salon only a few times. Life Studies was not a book of central importance for me, though I respected it. I admired his writing, but not the way many of my Boston friends did. Among poets in his generation, poems by Elizabeth Bishop, Alan Dugan, and Allen Ginsberg meant more to me than Lowell's. I think he probably sensed some of that.

To his credit, Lowell nevertheless was generous to me (as he was to many other young poets) just the same. In that generosity, and a kind of open, omnivorous curiosity, he was different from my dear teacher at Stanford, Yvor Winters. Like Lowell, Winters attracted followers - but Lowell seemed almost dismayed or a little bewildered by imitators; Winters seemed to want disciples: "Wintersians," they were called.

A few years before I met Lowell, when I was still in California, I read his review of Winters's Selected Poems. Lowell wrote that, for him, Winters's poetry passed A. E. Housman's test: he felt that if he recited it while he was shaving, he would cut himself. One thing Lowell and Winters shared, that I still revere in both of them, was a fiery devotion to the vocal essence of poetry: the work and interplay of sentences and lines, rhythm and pitch. The poetry in the sounds of the poetry, in a reader's voice: neither page nor stage.

Winters criticizing the violence of Lowell's #Quote by Robert Pinsky
Poems quotes by Matt Haig
#47. I
The Way
That when you
On their side
Look like
A long way
Made out
Words. #Quote by Matt Haig
Poems quotes by Doug Stanhope
#48. Children are like poems. They're beautiful
to their creators
but to others they're just silly and fucking annoying. #Quote by Doug Stanhope
Poems quotes by Louise Penny
#49. How do your poems start out?" "They start as a lump in the throat," she said. "Isn't that normally just a cocktail olive lodged there?" Olivier asked. "Once," Ruth admitted. "Wrote quite a good poem before I coughed it up. #Quote by Louise Penny
Poems quotes by AVA.
#50. they say people only hear what they want to hear,
but i don't know if that is always true, i've been wanting to hear your heart and it's as silent as the moon. #Quote by AVA.
Poems quotes by Richard M. Knittle Jr.
#51. To truly understand poetry one must understand themselves from within one's self. #Quote by Richard M. Knittle Jr.
Poems quotes by Amelie Nothomb
#52. The nature of the epistolary genre was revealed to me: a form of writing devoted to another person. Novels, poems, and so on, were texts into which others were free to enter, or not. Letters, on the other hand, did not exist without the other person, and their very mission, their significance, was the epiphany of the recipient. #Quote by Amelie Nothomb
Poems quotes by Walt Whitman
#53. Have you reckon'd a thousand acres much? have you reckon'd the earth much?
Have you practis'd so long to learn to read?
Have you felt so proud to get at the meaning of poems? #Quote by Walt Whitman
Poems quotes by James Arthur
#54. I like poems that affect me emotionally and also provoke me to further, deeper thought. I enjoy challenge, but not, I think, for its own sake. #Quote by James Arthur
Poems quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#55. I cast my eyes out to the sea
And gaze at all eternity.
until forever turns to night.
My eyes then lift to catch starlight. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Poems quotes by Maquita Donyel Irvin
#56. I feel your words on my lips
and feel your mood in my hips #Quote by Maquita Donyel Irvin
Poems quotes by Mark Strand
#57. The number of people writing poems is vast, and their reasons for doing so are many, that much can be surmised from the stacks of submissions. #Quote by Mark Strand
Poems quotes by Thomas Lloyd Qualls
#58. words are a border collie's
worst nightmare. #Quote by Thomas Lloyd Qualls
Poems quotes by Walt Whitman
#59. The thin red jellies within you or within me, the bones and the marrow in the bones,
The exquisite realization of health;
O I say these are not the parts and poems of the body only, but of the soul,
O I say now these are the soul! #Quote by Walt Whitman
Poems quotes by Edward Hirsch
#60. Poems mesmerized me, and I felt better when I was writing them, or trying to - more in touch with something deep and dark within myself. #Quote by Edward Hirsch
Poems quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#61. There are objects made up of two sense elements, one visual, the other auditory - the colour of a sunrise and the distant call of a bird. Other objects are made up of many elements - the sun, the water against the swimmer's chest, the vague quivering pink which one sees when the eyes are closed, the feeling of being swept away by a river or by sleep. These second degree objects can be combined with others; using certain abbreviations, the process is practically an infinite one. There are famous poems made up of one enormous word, a word which in truth forms a poetic object, the creation of the writer. The fact that no one believes that nouns refer to an actual reality means, paradoxically enough, that there is no limit to the numbers of them. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Poems quotes by Atticus Poetry
#62. She was afraid of heights
but she was
much more afraid
of never flying. #Quote by Atticus Poetry
Poems quotes by Atticus Poetry
#63. Art takes time -
Monet grew his gardens
before he painted them. #Quote by Atticus Poetry
Poems quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#64. If we will admit time into our thoughts at all, the mythologies, those vestiges of ancient poems, wrecks of poems, so to speak, the world's inheritance, ... these are the materials and hints for a history of the rise and progress of the race; how, from the condition of ants, it arrived at the condition of men, and arts were gradually invented. Let a thousand surmises shed some light on this story. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Poems quotes by Raegan Butcher
#65. Anyone who has no feelings for animals has a dead heart. #Quote by Raegan Butcher
Poems quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#66. Colonial American and Australian schoolchildren once memorized poems about British skylarks while the blue jays or cockatoos (according to continent) squawked outside, utterly ignored. The dominant culture has a way of becoming more real than the stuff at hand. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Poems quotes by P.W. Catanese
#67. Enjoy yourselves. And Hap: Don't let Umber near the arrows and bows; he's liable to shoot himself in the nose." Dodd grinned and snapped the reins, and the carriage rolled away.
Umber sniffed. "One of his lesser poems. Come, Hap. #Quote by P.W. Catanese
Poems quotes by Matthew Zapruder
#68. Keats's odes are among my favorite poems ever. As are Neruda's. So yes, I think my poems are odes, though I really just see those titles as ways of more or less orienting the poem. I've never thought about this until now, but I guess you could say that one effect of all the titles, their pervasiveness in the book, might be to once again, as so many other things do, put into question the meaning of the word "for," which I suppose is one of the great human questions: what is all this for? Why, and for whom, are we doing whatever we are doing? #Quote by Matthew Zapruder
Poems quotes by Henri Cole
#69. In truth, I'm still slightly embarrassed to say, I am a poet. I'd rather say, I make poems. #Quote by Henri Cole
Poems quotes by Atticus Poetry
#70. Don't worry -
you see,
to some you are magic. #Quote by Atticus Poetry
Poems quotes by Anne Waldman
#71. For me poems are acts re-done, and that can vibrate well into the future. #Quote by Anne Waldman
Poems quotes by Jon Paul Fiorentino
#72. Steven dreamed of you the very second
you died
(So the poem goes)
and you may have visited him
But I'm pretty sure you don't believe
in poems #Quote by Jon Paul Fiorentino
Poems quotes by Tasos Livaditis
#73. When one does not die for the other, then we are already dead_ #Quote by Tasos Livaditis
Poems quotes by Kurt Cobain
#74. I write poems for myself and I write poetry that gets torn apart and becomes songs. I have a lot of respect for words, the power of words. #Quote by Kurt Cobain
Poems quotes by Kim Heacox
#75. Among those who could read, books were prized possessions. Words on paper were powerful magic, seductive as music, sharp as a knife at times, or gentle as a kiss. Friendships and love affairs blossomed as men and women read to each other in summer meadows and winter kitchens. Pages were ambrosia in their hands. A new novel or collection of poems was something everybody talked about. Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shakespeare, Bronte, Austen, Dickens, Keats, Emerson, Cooper, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and Twain. To read these authors was to go on a grand adventure and see things as you never had before, see yourself as you never had before. #Quote by Kim Heacox
Poems quotes by Ventum
#76. Let go of the ones who don't want to stay. Let go of a love that wants to end, let go of yesterday, focus on the now, on yourself. Let a love's end, be the beginning of yourself. #Quote by Ventum
Poems quotes by Sylvia Plath
#77. There are a few times when the songs that are written, the poems that are written, the plays that are written, come alive. By accident you fall onto a stage-set put aside for a tragedy for the lesser gods, and you utter words that were in the script written in the leaves and in the grass for some heroic cast. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Poems quotes by John Berger
#78. Do you know the legend about cicadas? They say they are the souls of poets who cannot keep quiet because, when they were alive, they never wrote the poems they wanted to. #Quote by John Berger
Poems quotes by Imbolo Mbue
#79. loved the poems so much that I decided to try writing one. Feels real good to just write out lines about whatever you're feeling. You should try it sometime." "It sounds very good, sir." "I wrote one for Cindy, but she didn't like it much, so I just write for myself now. #Quote by Imbolo Mbue
Poems quotes by Jim Harrison
#80. I got $30 from Nation magazine for a poem and $500 for my first book of poems. #Quote by Jim Harrison
Poems quotes by Nichomachus
#81. I want to come home laughing, chasing fireflies, and drunk in love with you. #Quote by Nichomachus
Poems quotes by Jacqueline Woodson
#82. When I tell my family I want to be a writer, they smile and say, We see you in the backyard with your writing. They say, We hear you making up all those stories. And, We used to write poems. And, It's a good hobby, we see how quiet it keeps you. They say, But maybe you should be a teacher, a lawyer, do hair . . . I'll think about it, I say. And maybe all of us know this is just another one of my stories. #Quote by Jacqueline Woodson
Poems quotes by Mystqx Skye
#83. In a world full of war and hate
Her body is my temple and she is my religion
Scared yet spirited - as she laid bare
The demons she had slayed and spared
I can't help but fall into the depths of her

- The Depths of Her - #Quote by Mystqx Skye
Poems quotes by Doug Stanhope
#84. Babies are like poems. They're beautiful to their creator, but to other people, they're silly and they're irritating. #Quote by Doug Stanhope
Poems quotes by King Krule
#85. I'm trying to create a collection of stories - the 'U.F.O.W.A.V.E.' songs are all stories. I haven't really taken direct lyrical influence from other songwriters, but my dad bought me a book of W.H. Auden's poems when I was younger, and the imagery really interested me. #Quote by King Krule
Poems quotes by Melita Tessy
#86. Don't you dare say these times are hollow
Just because there are storms raging by.
Just lay low on your pillow,
Close your eyes and say goodbye

To the world that you lived in today.
Let your dreams carry you away;
You lived a nightmare all through the day,
It is time to dream, so don't delay.

You searched for a reason to live,
Yes darling, you searched everywhere.
You had to push, you had to strive,
It is time now to get some air.

You searched in all that is outside,
It is time now to look inside,
Cause that is where you'll find
A reason worth keeping in your mind.

These dreams are not an escape, darling,
You need time to see past the lies that blind you.
It is time for you to start running
To those things that are true.

So, don't you dare say these nights are hollow,
Just because there are storms raging by.
Just lay low on your pillow
And lose yourself in this lullaby. #Quote by Melita Tessy
Poems quotes by Iris Murdoch
#87. To lose somebody is to lose not only their person but all those modes and manifestations into which their person has flowed outwards; so that in losing a beloved one may find so many things, pictures, poems, melodies, places lost too: Dante, Avignon, a song of Shakespeare's, the Cornish sea. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Poems quotes by Patrick Cruz
#88. Words mean nothing
Actions are everything
Expect nothing
Appreciate everything #Quote by Patrick Cruz
Poems quotes by Goitsemang Mvula
#89. It is hard to remember the day it is today
For days that don't shine
Sun-Day is hard to forget in my memory
For days that sunflowers #Quote by Goitsemang Mvula
Poems quotes by Billy Collins
#90. My poems tend to have rhetorical structures; what I mean by that is they tend to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. There tends to be an opening, as if you were reading the opening chapter of a novel. They sound like I'm initiating something, or I'm making a move. #Quote by Billy Collins
Poems quotes by Andrew Motion
#91. I wish I'd been better able to resist the sense of obligation to write some of the poems I did. It's in the nature of commissioned work to be written too much from the side of your mind that knows what it's doing, which dries up the poetry. #Quote by Andrew Motion
Poems quotes by Shel Silverstein
#92. William tell, William tell,
Take your arrow, grip it well,
There's the apple– – aim for the middle– –
Oh well … you just missed by a little. #Quote by Shel Silverstein
Poems quotes by Edward Hirsch
#93. Read poems to yourself in the middle of the night. Turn on a single lamp and read them while you're alone in an otherwise dark room or while someone else sleeps next to you. Read them when you're wide awake in the early morning, fully alert. Say them over to yourself in a place where silence reigns and the din of the culture - the constant buzzing noise that surrounds us - has momentarily stopped. These poems have come from a great distance to find you. #Quote by Edward Hirsch
Poems quotes by Sanober Khan
#94. there are some poems
that we leave behind
some that leave us behind

while some just live
in the heart

crumble, sometimes

and are reborn
when you smile again. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Poems quotes by Atticus Poetry
#95. When it comes to love
we are primates breaking sticks
while pointing to our hearts. #Quote by Atticus Poetry
Poems quotes by Jessica-Lynn Barbour
#96. I'm sick of the images trapped in my head
I'm sick of being preoccupied with the dead #Quote by Jessica-Lynn Barbour
Poems quotes by Dejan Stojanovic
#97. You ask how it is possible to be your own father and son. You should seek answers, although it is better to anticipate some, to be the light and dream. #Quote by Dejan Stojanovic
Poems quotes by Dorothy Parker
#98. My verses, I cannot say poems ... I was following in the exquisite footsteps of Miss Millay, unhappily in my own horrible sneakers. #Quote by Dorothy Parker
Poems quotes by Dejan Stojanovic
#99. The length of novels, poems and stories, is measured by the number of missing words; a thousand pages become one, one becomes a thousand. #Quote by Dejan Stojanovic
Poems quotes by J.A. ANUM
#100. Oh, we were so wrong for each other, but the things we did to each other felt so right. #Quote by J.A. ANUM
Poems quotes by Antony Beevor
#101. A blend of fact and fiction has been used in various forms since the dawn of creative writing, starting with sagas and epic poems. #Quote by Antony Beevor
Poems quotes by Santosh Kalwar
#102. I am very close to HIM, sometimes I think I am HIM, with my mood is the weather,bright and sunny forever. #Quote by Santosh Kalwar
Poems quotes by Atticus Poetry
#103. We are all born free
and spend a lifetime
becoming slaves
to our own
false truths. #Quote by Atticus Poetry
Poems quotes by Taylor Patton
#104. Even lungs that are gasping are lungs that are trying. #Quote by Taylor Patton
Poems quotes by Jose Marti
#105. My poems are like a dagger Sprouting flowers from the hilt; My poetry is like a fountain Sprinkling streams of coral water. #Quote by Jose Marti
Poems quotes by Paul Celan
#106. The language with which I make my poems has nothing to do with one spoken here, or anywhere. #Quote by Paul Celan
Poems quotes by F.farai
#107. as the stars change their position
every now and then
to look at the earth
so can we,
to expand your horizon.

- a lesson from the sky. #Quote by F.farai
Poems quotes by Nikita Dudani
#108. Books have power to bring you glory or doom, it all depends on perception. #Quote by Nikita Dudani
Poems quotes by W. H. Auden
#109. Far from his illness The wolves ran on through the evergreen forests, The peasant river was untempted by the fashionable quays; By mourning tongues The death of the poet was kept from his poems. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Poems quotes by Alexandra Adornetto
#110. Imagination makes us aware of limitless possibilities. How many of us haven't pondered the concept of infinity or imagined the possibility of time travel? In one of her poems, Emily Bronte likens imagination to a constant companion, but I prefer to think of it as a built-in entertainment system. #Quote by Alexandra Adornetto
Poems quotes by Henry James
#111. Mr. Morris's poem is ushered into the world with a very florid birthday speech from the pen of the author of the too famous Poems and Ballads, - a circumstance, we apprehend, in no small degree prejudicial to its success. But we hasten to assure all persons whom the knowledge of Mr. Swinburne's enthusiasm may have led to mistrust the character of the work, that it has to our perception nothing in common with this gentleman's own productions, and that his article proves very little more than that his sympathies are wiser than his performance. If Mr. Morris's poem may be said to remind us of the manner of any other writer, it is simply of that of Chaucer; and to resemble Chaucer is a great safeguard against resembling Swinburne. #Quote by Henry James
Poems quotes by Peter Porter
#112. The Arden Shakespeare is intended both as a student text and as a revision of traditional scholarship. If it is to be used in the first way, then the often narrow thread of text above a sediment of footnotes, something Dr Leavis so deplored, can prove debilitating. Poems, especially the classics of our language, should be read headlong. Dubieties may be looked up later. #Quote by Peter Porter
Poems quotes by Nan Fairbrother
#113. A collection of plants is not a landscape, any more than a list of choice words is a poem. The merit is in the design, not the material it is expressed in, and the best designs, like the best poems, make ordinary material significant by its arrangement. #Quote by Nan Fairbrother
Poems quotes by Subhajit Ganguly
#114. My beloved isn't dazzling light, Darkness is my beloved – The reason I'm so fond of her… #Quote by Subhajit Ganguly
Poems quotes by Berton Braley
#115. Success"

If you want a thing bad enough
To go out and fight for it,
Work day and night for it,
Give up your time and your peace and your sleep for it

If only desire of it
Makes you quite mad enough
Never to tire of it,
Makes you hold all other things tawdry and cheap for it

If life seems all empty and useless without it
And all that you scheme and you dream is about it,

If gladly you'll sweat for it,
Fret for it,
Plan for it,
Lose all your terror of God or man for it,

If you'll simply go after that thing that you want.
With all your capacity,
Strength and sagacity,
Faith, hope and confidence, stern pertinacity,

If neither cold poverty, famished and gaunt,
Nor sickness nor pain
Of body or brain
Can turn you away from the thing that you want,

If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it,
You'll get it! #Quote by Berton Braley
Poems quotes by Seamus Heaney
#116. In the United States, in poetry workshops, it's now quite a thing to make graduate students learn poems by heart. #Quote by Seamus Heaney
Poems quotes by Kamand Kojouri
#117. Autumn has come
and reason has gone.
Yesterday, I sold the sun for you
and tonight the stars are running away from me.
When you first spoke,
you slowly annihilated my world.
Your mouth was like the sea -
in your kisses I sank.
Your hands were like the ocean -
in your caresses I sank.
I ask for no salvation on this moonless night.
I only ask for more Autumn. #Quote by Kamand Kojouri
Poems quotes by Dorothy Allison
#118. Beauty is a hard thing. Beauty is a mean story. Beauty is slender girls who die young, fine-featured delicate creatures about whom men write poems. Beauty, my first girlfriend said to me, is that inner quality often associated with great amounts of leisure time. And I loved her for that. #Quote by Dorothy Allison
Poems quotes by Alan W. Watts
#119. Vedanta is the teaching of the Upanishads, a collection of dialogues, stories, and poems, some of which go back to at least 800 B.C. Sophisticated Hindus do not think of God as a special and separate super-person who rules the world from above, like a monarch. Their God is "underneath" rather than "above" everything, and he (or it) plays the world from inside. One might say that if religion is the opium of the people, the Hindus have the inside dope. What is more, no Hindu can realize that he is God in disguise without seeing at the same time that this is true of everyone and everything else. In the Vedanta philosophy, nothing exists except God. There seem to be other things than God, but only because he is dreaming them up and making them his disguises to play hide-and-seek with himself. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Poems quotes by Etgar Keret
#120. Sometimes, when you are in a really constrained situation, it makes you more focused about what you want to say and where you're heading. The most beautiful love poems that were ever written are sonnets, composed in a very constraining form. #Quote by Etgar Keret
Poems quotes by Jonathan Galassi
#121. Our real poems are already in us / and all we can do is dig. / We can work for years and never find them / or miss them when they stare us in the face. #Quote by Jonathan Galassi
Poems quotes by Abdul'Rauf Hashmi
#122. Everyone should be able to give a wink trick, tell two jokes, and recite three poems, in case they are ever trapped in elevating waves of shore !! #Quote by Abdul'Rauf Hashmi
Poems quotes by Rupert Brooke
#123. In that rich earth a richer dust concealed.
(I'm flogging a dead horse w/ this one but this is the 1st time I've even seen this quotes feature! I just wanted to post something.) #Quote by Rupert Brooke
Poems quotes by Ben Lerner
#124. Poetry: What kind of art assumes the dislike of its audience and what kind of artist aligns herself with that dislike, even encourages it? An art hated from without and within. #Quote by Ben Lerner
Poems quotes by Heinrich Heine
#125. I take pride in never being rude to anyone on this earth, which contains a great number of unbearable villains who set upon you to recount their sufferings and even recite their poems. #Quote by Heinrich Heine
Poems quotes by Edward Hirsch
#126. Once your poems are completed, you send them into the world. You don't write for a coterie of other writers - you write for other human beings. #Quote by Edward Hirsch
Poems quotes by Jessica-Lynn Barbour
#127. We dreamt of a crappy apartment somewhere
Making love while we let the midnight air
Flow through the open window, into our closed hearts
Left bitter from heartbreak and too much time apart #Quote by Jessica-Lynn Barbour
Poems quotes by Zoltan Komor
#128. the happiness of every artist fits into my palm" says the homeless with no arms "when i had my hands i wrote beautiful pieces of poetry the poems were nesting under my nails i just had to snap with my fingers and rhymes were born" there #Quote by Zoltan Komor
Poems quotes by John Updike
#129. Billy Collins writes lovely poems. Limpid, gently and consistently startling, more serious than they seem, they describe all the worlds that are and were and some others besides. #Quote by John Updike
Poems quotes by John Dryden
#130. One of the greatest, most noble, and most sublime poems which either this age or nation has produced. #Quote by John Dryden
Poems quotes by Rumi
#131. I like to hope that Rumi's poems, even in translation, carry the essence of the transforming friendship of Rumi and Shams, that the sun can reappear, whole and radiant in any one of us at any moment. #Quote by Rumi
Poems quotes by J.WOLF
#132. Cheers to my old flames and all the lovers I haven't kissed yet. #Quote by J.WOLF
Poems quotes by Patrick Leigh Fermor
#133. At school some learning by heart was compulsory, though not irksome. But this intake was out-distanced many times, as it always is among people who need poetry, by a private anthology, both of those automatically absorbed and of poems consciously chosen and memorized as though one were stocking up for a desert island or for a stretch of solitary. #Quote by Patrick Leigh Fermor
Poems quotes by James Fenton
#134. I've not been a prolific poet, and it always seemed to me to be a bad idea to feel that you had to produce in order to get ... credits. Production of a collection of poems every three years or every five years, or whatever, looks good, on paper. But it might not be good; it might be writing on a kind of automatic pilot. #Quote by James Fenton
Poems quotes by Atticus Poetry
#135. Songs live longer than kingdoms. #Quote by Atticus Poetry
Poems quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#136. Who are you, reader, reading my poems a hundred years hence?
I cannot send you one single flower from this wealth of the spring, one single streak of gold from yonder clouds.
Open your doors and look abroad.
From your blossoming garden gather fragrant memories of the vanished flowers of an hundred years before.
In the joy of your heart may you feel the living joy that sang one spring morning, sending its glad voice across an hundred years. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Poems quotes by William Carlos Williams
#137. It is difficult
to get the news from poems
yet men die miserably every day
for lack
of what is found there. #Quote by William Carlos Williams
Poems quotes by Andrea Gibson
#138. I'd cut my soul into a million different pieces just to form a constellation to light your way home. I'd write love poems to the parts of yourself you can't stand. I'd stand in the shadows of your heart and tell you I'm not afraid of your dark. #Quote by Andrea Gibson
Poems quotes by Mary Ruefle
#139. I'm lucky enough to occasionally be able to do something I love - write poems - and unlucky enough that what I love confuses and overwhelms me. #Quote by Mary Ruefle
Poems quotes by Samuel Florman
#140. We recognize that we cannot survive on meditation, poems and sunsets. We are restless. We have an irresistible urge to dip our hands into the stuff of the earth and do something with it. #Quote by Samuel Florman
Poems quotes by Leonard Cohen
#141. Dearest Shell,
If you let me I'd always keep you 400 miles away and write you pretty poems and letters ... I'm afraid to live anywhere but in expectation. #Quote by Leonard Cohen
Poems quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#142. The whispers you hear in your ear that you fear
in the air everywhere,
they are ghosts.

The moans and the groans in the lowest of tones
no one owns or condones,
they are ghosts.

You might deem them gremlins or water or wind,
while others say shadows or rodents or sin.

But oh! I say no!
'Tis not so, child, for lo!
The chills that you feel in a thrill that proves goose
bumps are frightfully real,
they are ghosts! #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Poems quotes by Ally Condie
#143. Did you know Grandfather would give the poems to me?" I ask.
"We thought he might," my mother says.
"Why didn't you stop him?"
"We didn't want to take away your choices," my mother says.
"But Grandfather never did tell me about the Rising," I say.
"I think he wanted you to find your own way," my mother says. She smiles. "In that way, he was a true rebel. I think that's why he chose that argument with your father as his favorite memory. Though he was upset when the fight happened, later he came to see that your father was strong in choosing his own path, and he admired him for it. #Quote by Ally Condie
Poems quotes by Colleen Hoover
#144. Will slams poems; I slam doors. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Poems quotes by Gregory Orr
#145. Another way of saying "put it in the Book" would be that each poem we write pops up in the city of poetry, where anyone can visit it. Just as we visit the poems written before us. Go to Dickinson's house, or Li Po's or whomever we think has something to say to us that might help or be beautiful. #Quote by Gregory Orr
Poems quotes by Tatjana Ostojic
#146. Love gives value to the one who loves
and not to the loved one. #Quote by Tatjana Ostojic
Poems quotes by Mary Ann Shaffer
#147. It's called 'The Oxford Book of Modern Verse, 1892-1935'. They let a man named Yeats make the choosings. They shouldn't have. Who is he - and what does he know about verse?
I hunted through that book for poems by Wilfred Owen or Siegfried Sassoon. There weren't any - not one. And do you know why not? Because Mr Yeats said - he said, "I deliberately chose NOT to include any poems from World War I. I have a distaste for them. Passive suffering is not a theme for poetry. #Quote by Mary Ann Shaffer
Poems quotes by Peter Bichsel
#148. Why does one always ask a writer why they stopped? I am sure everyone finds in any drawer a few dear poems. #Quote by Peter Bichsel
Poems quotes by Jacob Wren
#149. I go to the shelf and pick out a few poetry books to take with me. A few old favorites and a few I haven't gotten to yet. As I slip the books into my carry-on, it occurs to me that there really are a lot of poems about death, that I've always read many poems about dying, but had almost never noticed them before. They were always the ones I lightly skimmed, and I thought that maybe I could start reading these poems more carefully. It was almost nothing, but it was also a decision about my life. #Quote by Jacob Wren
Poems quotes by Donald Miller
#150. It's true I've been hurt a few times after revealing myself. There are people who lie in wait for the vulnerable and pounce as a way to feel powerful. But God forgive them. I'm willing to take the occasional blow to find people I connect with. As long as you're willing to turn the other cheek with the mean ones, vulnerability can get you a wealth of friends. Can you imagine coming to the end of your life, being surrounded by people who loved you, only to realize they never fully knew you? Or having poems you never shared or injustices you said nothing about? Can you imagine realizing, then, it was too late? How can we be loved if we are always in hiding? #Quote by Donald Miller
Poems quotes by Michael Longley
#151. When I'm assembling a book I concentrate as though I were writing a poem. A truly imagined arrangement will indicate gaps and generate new poems. I re-read the new poems in my folder in the hope that this might happen. #Quote by Michael Longley
Poems quotes by Andrew Motion
#152. But I can't and don't ever want to write bell-yanking confetti-tossing hat-throwing poems. #Quote by Andrew Motion
Poems quotes by Jimmy Carter
#153. I've been writing poems since I was in the Navy - to Rosalynn. I found I could say things in poems that I never could in prose. Deeper, more personal things. I could write a poem about my mother that I could never tell my mother. Or feelings about being on a submarine that I would have been too embarrassed to share with fellow submariners. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Poems quotes by Joshua Foer
#154. Finding patterns and structure in information is how our brains extract meaning from the world, and putting words to music and rhyme are a way of adding extra levels of pattern and structure to language. It's the reason Homeric bards sang their epic oral poems, the reason that the Torah is marked up with little musical notations, and the reason we teach kids the alphabet in a song and not as twenty-six individual letters. Song is the ultimate structuring device for language. #Quote by Joshua Foer
Poems quotes by Melody  Lee
#155. I swear that girl was born with a pen in her hand, the moon in her hair and stars in her soul. #Quote by Melody Lee
Poems quotes by Kiersten White
#156. Radu had practiced the poem so often he could recite it in his sleep. He had stolen shiny bits from famous Arabic poems, gathering them like a raven to line his own nest. The language was dense and flowery, hyperbolic in the extreme. Murad listened, enraptured, as his reign was likened to the ocean and his posterity a mighty river. #Quote by Kiersten White
Poems quotes by Frank O'Hara
#157. Autobiographia Literaria"
When I was a child
I played by myself in a
corner of the schoolyard
all alone.
I hated dolls and I
hated games, animals were
not friendly and birds
flew away.
If anyone was looking
for me I hid behind a
tree and cried out "I am
an orphan."
And here I am, the
center of all beauty!
writing these poems!
Imagine! #Quote by Frank O'Hara
Poems quotes by Penny Reid
#158. I returned to my pillow and comforter, both of which I loved; they smelled like lavender, and were so cozy, poems should be written about their epic cozy wonder. I snuggled against their softness and willed away the touch of anxiety I felt about my mom's strange behavior. #Quote by Penny Reid
Poems quotes by Jenim Dibie
#159. I paint the darkness and the silence,
You see them as stars and poetry. #Quote by Jenim Dibie
Poems quotes by Sappho
#160. Girls, be good to these spirits of music and poetry
that breast your threshold with their scented gifts.
Lift the lyre, clear and sweet, they leave with you.
As for me, this body is now so arthritic
I cannot play, hardly even hold the instrument.
Can you believe my white hair was once black?
And oh, the soul grows heavy with the body.
Complaining knee-joints creak at every move.
To think I danced as delicate as a deer!
Some gloomy poems came from these thoughts:
useless: we are all born to lose life,
and what is worse, girls, to lose youth.
The legend of the goddess of the dawn
I'm sure you know: how rosy Eos
madly in love with gorgeous young Tithonus
swept him like booty to her hiding-place
but then forgot he would grow old and grey
while she in despair pursued her immortal way. #Quote by Sappho
Poems quotes by Langston Hughes
#161. I live in Harlem, New York City. I am unmarried. I like 'Tristan,' goat's milk, short novels, lyric poems, heat, simple folk, boats and bullfights; I dislike 'Aida,' parsnips, long novels, narrative poems, cold, pretentious folk, buses and bridges. #Quote by Langston Hughes
Poems quotes by Joseph Campbell
#162. Mythologies, in other words, mythologies and religions are great poems and, when recognized as such, point infallibly through things and events to the ubiquity of a #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Poems quotes by Nanette L. Avery
#163. Sometimes I feel like I belong in another century when I write poetry... #Quote by Nanette L. Avery
Poems quotes by Gerald Morris
#164. I can't make flowery speeches," Sir Kai began, "and I wouldn't even if I could. I won't whimper at your feet like these callow puppies that call themselves knights these days, and I don't write poetry or play the damned rebec. I don't intend to change my manners or my way of life, but if you'll have me, Connoire, I'd be obliged if you'd marry me."
The incredulous silence that struck the watching crowd was so profound that Piers could hear the peep of a chickadee in the distant forest. Lady Connoire's expression did not change. Taking a deep breath, she said, "I don't like flowery speeches, and if you ever make one to me, I'll just laugh at you. I despise simpering poems, I hate the squealing of a rebec, and we'll see whether you'll change your manners or not. I'll marry you. #Quote by Gerald Morris
Poems quotes by Wilhelm Reich
#165. The few bad poems which occasionally are created during abstinence are of no great interest. #Quote by Wilhelm Reich
Poems quotes by Ikkyu
#166. Break open
A cherry tree
And there are no flowers;
But the spring breeze
Brings forth myriad blossoms. #Quote by Ikkyu
Poems quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#167. The Complete Work is essentially dramatic, thought it takes different forms - prose passages in this first volume, poems and philosophies in other volumes. It's the product of the temperament I've been blessed or cursed with - I'm not sure which. All I know is that the author of these lines (I'm not sure if also of these books) has never had just one personality, and has never thought or felt except dramatically - that is, through invented persons, or personalities, who are more capable than he of feeling what's to be felt. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Poems quotes by Caroline B. Cooney
#168. I wonder why we always deny love. I remember in middle school, if you were accused of the crime of loving, you screamed denials constantly and stopped ever even looking at the boy you were accused of liking. The boys could destroy each other by yodeling, "An-drew lo-oves Jen-nie," and both Andrew and Jennie would flinch and blush. Love is this great thing that most songs and books and poems and lives are all about. So the minute we actually think there might be love around, we start laughing and pretending and hiding from it. #Quote by Caroline B. Cooney
Poems quotes by Theodore Roszak
#169. Nature composes some of her loveliest poems for the microscope and the telescope. #Quote by Theodore Roszak
Poems quotes by Leslie Austin
#170. Today I write,
riots with insite!
Tomorrow I read,
take the lead!
Sometimes I sleep, health to keep!
But for now I write,
and got no gripe! #Quote by Leslie Austin
Poems quotes by Gift Gugu Mona
#171. I Pray For This Girl

Oh yes! For the young girl
Who just landed on Mother Earth!
The one about to turn five with a smile
Or the other one who just turned nine
She is not only mine
My Mother's, Grandmother's
Neighbour's or friend's daughter
She is like a flower
Very fragile, yet so gorgeous
An Angel whose wings are invisible

I speak life to this young or older girl
She might not have a say
But expects the world to be a better place
Whether affluent or impoverished
No matter her state of mind
Her background must not determine
How she is treated
She needs to live, she has to thrive!

Lord God Almighty
Sanctify her unique journey
Save her from the claws of the enemy
Shield her against any brutality
Restore her if pain becomes a reality
Embrace her should joy pass swiftly
When emptiness fills her heart severely
May you be her sanctuary!

Dear Father, please give her
The honour to grow without being frightened
Hope whenever she feels forsaken
Contentment even after her heart was broken
Comfort when she is shaken
Courage when malice creeps in
Calm when she needs peace
Strength when she is weak
Freedom to climb on a mountain peak
And wisdom to tackle any season

Guide her steps, keep her from tumbling
My Lord, if she does sometimes stumble
Lift her up, so she can ri #Quote by Gift Gugu Mona
Poems quotes by Julian Barnes
#172. He thought of trying to explain something he had recently noticed about himself: that if anyone insulted him, or one of his friends, he didn't really mind
or not much, anyway. Whereas if anyone insulted a novel, a story, a poem that he loved, something visceral and volcanic occurred within him. He wasn't sure what this might mean
except perhaps that he had got life and art mixed up, back to front, upside down. #Quote by Julian Barnes
Poems quotes by Tony Leuzzi
#173. Writing is not always a priority. . . .I only write those things that are necessary for me to write. I love to write, and when I'm not writing, I often feel as if I'm betraying my art, my gift, my calling, but that sensation is probably hubris or neurosis as much as anything else. The problem, and one of the joys of writing poetry, is that none of us can really count on entering the canon. The chances are that none of our work will survive long after we're gone. That's just the way it is. To feel otherwise is foolish. we write in competition with the dead for the attention of the unborn. We are writing poems that are trying to take the attention of people away from Sappho, Shakespeare, Whitman, and Baudelaire. Good luck to you! There's a built-in failure to writing poetry that I find comforting.
If you know you're doomed to failure, then you can work freely. People who think their work is going to last, or that it matters, well . . . I always try to disabuse my students of their desire to write for fame. I ask them, "Who here has read Shakespeare?" Everyone raises his or her hand. We agree that his work is immortal, then I remind them: "he's still dead. He's as dead as he'd have been if you hadn't read him; and you'll be dead too someday, no matter how well you write." To sacrifice your life for your art is an appalling notion. On the other hand, I have been called to be a poet, ad it's an unimaginably rich gift. Like every artist, I know that in order to be a moral, eff #Quote by Tony Leuzzi
Poems quotes by Michael Palin
#174. We read poems from the Oxford Book of Twentieth Century Verse. Neil insisted on spilling wine over my carpet. #Quote by Michael Palin
Poems quotes by Nick Lampson
#175. But this Veterans Day, I believe we should do more than sing the praises of the bravery and patriotism that our veterans have embodied in the past. We should take this opportunity to re-evaluate how we are treating our veterans in the present. #Quote by Nick Lampson
Poems quotes by Natasha Trethewey
#176. I think I felt at some point that I couldn't understand poetry or that it was beyond me or it didn't speak to my experience. I think that was because I hadn't yet found the right poems to invite me in. #Quote by Natasha Trethewey
Poems quotes by Samuel R. Delany
#177. The poems ... are moments when I had the intensity to see, and the energy to build, some careful analog that completed the seeing ... All I have been left is the exhausting habit of trying to tack up the slack in my life with words. #Quote by Samuel R. Delany
Poems quotes by Anne Carson
#178. There are different gradations of personhood in different poems. Some of them seem far away from me and some up close, and the up-close ones generally don't say what I want them to say. And that's true of the persona in the poem who's lamenting this as a fact of a certain stage of life. But it's also true of me as me. #Quote by Anne Carson
Poems quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#179. We imagine that when we are thrown out of our usual ruts all is lost, but it is only then that what is new and good begins. While there is life there is happiness. There is much, much before us. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Poems quotes by James Joyce
#180. She asked me why I never came, said she had heard all sorts of stories about me. This was only to gain time. Asked me, was I writing poems? About whom? I asked her. This confused her more and I felt sorry and mean. Turned off that valve at once and opened the spiritual-heroic refrigerating apparatus, invented and patented in all countries by Dante Alighieri ... #Quote by James Joyce
Poems quotes by Rachel Zucker
#181. Humor is essential to survival. Funny poems are vastly underrated. Very underwritten. #Quote by Rachel Zucker
Poems quotes by Beverley Nichols
#182. There are a thousand 'greatest' melodies, just as there are a thousand 'greatest' poems and a thousand 'greatest' pictures, because there are a thousand moods in the mind of man when a certain note rings with the most clarity--when a certain design is most sharply silhouetted against the changing curtain of his mind. #Quote by Beverley Nichols
Poems quotes by Tove Ditlevsen
#183. My poems covered the bare places in my childhood like the fine, new skin under a scab that hasn't yet fallen off completely. #Quote by Tove Ditlevsen
Poems quotes by Sylvia Plath
#184. What do you have in mind after you graduate?"
What I always thought I had in mind was getting some big scholarship to graduate
school or a grant to study all over Europe, and then I thought I'd be a professor and write
books of poems or write books of poems and be an editor of some sort. Usually I had
these plans on the tip of my tongue.
"I don't really know," I heard myself say. I felt a deep shock, hearing myself say that, because the minute I said it, I knew it was true. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Poems quotes by Ringo Starr
#185. I like Beethoven, especially the poems. #Quote by Ringo Starr
Poems quotes by Jack Spicer
#186. Most of my friends like words too well. They set them under the blinding light of the poem and try to extract every possible connotation from each of them, every temporary pun, every direct or indirect connection - as if a word could become an object by mere addition of consequences. Others pick up words from the streets, from their bars, from their offices and display them proudly in their poems as if they were shouting, "See what I have collected from the American language. Look at my butterflies, my stamps, my old shoes!" What does one do with all this crap? #Quote by Jack Spicer
Poems quotes by A. E. Douglass
#187. Nature is a book of many pages and each page tells a fascinating story to him who learns her language. Our fertile valleys and craggy mountains recite an epic poem of geologic conflicts. The starry sky reveal gigantic suns and space and time without end. #Quote by A. E. Douglass
Poems quotes by Seamus Heaney
#188. I have always thought of poems as stepping stones in one's own sense of oneself. Every now and again, you write a poem that gives you self-respect and steadies your going a little bit farther out in the stream. At the same time, you have to conjure the next stepping stone because the stream, we hope, keeps flowing. #Quote by Seamus Heaney
Poems quotes by Jane Green
#189. That's how it is with relationships, it's a part of life, and all the great love songs and poems and films have been written by people who were standing where I was that morning as Simon shut the door. Doesn't make it any easier though. #Quote by Jane Green
Poems quotes by Tatyana Tolstaya
#190. That's what poems are for, so you don't understand a thing. #Quote by Tatyana Tolstaya
Poems quotes by Lactantius
#191. The poets, therefore, however much they adorned the gods in their poems, and amplified their exploits with the highest praises, yet very frequently confess that all things are held together and governed by one spirit or mind. #Quote by Lactantius
Poems quotes by Gin Love Thompson
#192. Just as the leaves know they belong to the trees, so do I to you. #Quote by Gin Love Thompson
Poems quotes by Philip Dunne
#193. It's easy to understand why the most beautiful poems about England in the spring were written by poets living in Italy at the time. #Quote by Philip Dunne
Poems quotes by Gregory Sherl
#194. Because I live in south Florida I store cans of black beans and gallons
of water in my closet in preparation for hurricane season.
I throw a hurricane party in January. You're my only guest.
We play Marco Polo in bed. The sheets are wet like the roof caved in.
There's a million of me in you. You try to count me as I taste the sweat
on the back of your neck. I call you Sexy Sexy, and we do everything twice.
After, still sweating, we drink Crystal Light out of plastic water bottles.
We discuss the pros and cons of vasectomies. It's not invasive you say.
I wrap the bedsheet around my waist. Minor surgery you say.
You slur the word surgery, like it's a garnish on a dish you just prepared.
I eat your hair until you agree to no longer talk about vasectomies.
We agree to have children someday, and that they will be beautiful even if they're not.
As I watch your eyes grow heavy like soggy clothes, I tell you When I grow up
I'm going to be a famous writer. When I'm famous I'll sign autographs
on Etch-A-Sketches. I'll write poems about writing other poems,
so other poets will get me. You open your eyes long enough to tell me
that when you grow up, you're going to be a steamboat operator.
Your pores can never be too clean you say.
I say I like your pores just fine. I say Your pores are tops.
I kiss you with my whole mouth, and you fall asleep next to my molars.
In the #Quote by Gregory Sherl
Poems quotes by Plato
#195. You did not seem to me over-fond of money. And this is the way in general with those who have not made it themselves, while those who have are twice as fond of it as anyone else. For just as poets are fond of their own poems, and fathers of their own children, so money-makers become devoted to money, not only because, like other people, they find it useful, but because it's their own creation. #Quote by Plato
Poems quotes by J.WOLF
#196. Her love was as wild as the flames that made her. She was not the one to be tamed but loved from far. #Quote by J.WOLF
Poems quotes by Roman Payne
#197. I took her to bed with silk and song
'Lay still, my love, I won't be long,
I must prepare my body for passion.'
'O, your body you give, but all else you ration ... #Quote by Roman Payne
Poems quotes by John Burnside
#198. My poems tend to be more celebratory and lyrical, and the novels so far pretty dark. Poetry doesn't seem to me to be an appropriate tool for exploring that. #Quote by John Burnside
Poems quotes by Grace Cavalieri
#199. I write a book of poems and then the characters won't go away so I write a play from that. #Quote by Grace Cavalieri
Poems quotes by William Shakespeare
#200. But thy eternal summer shall not fade. #Quote by William Shakespeare

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