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Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Andrew McNeillie
#1. Was I (am I not still?) a victim of words and books merely, and are books just an excuse for living, living things out in parenthesis, even in the most desolate stony place as I was, quotations and misquotations raining down on me thick and fast – words, words, words – the multitude of words, a parody of rain? For after all, as old Mrs Feany said, the rain is healthy. And the rain it raineth everyday. But the stuff of books and solitude and spying on the poor, could they be healthy? Or were my doubts the real heresy and treason? What book ever changed the world? It seems a solipsism to say that what changes the way we see the world, changes the world, but it is not. Where do you want me to begin? The Bible, Das Kapital? The Divine Comedy, The Satanic Verses? #Quote by Andrew McNeillie
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Deanna Raybourn
#2. Earnshaw is quite a famous name, thanks to Miss Brontë . I did not realise there were Earnshaws in this country."

Mrs. Earnshaw gave a sharp nod. "Aye. And Heathcliffs and Eyres, as well. Proper little thieves, those Brontë girls. #Quote by Deanna Raybourn
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Cassandra Khaw
#3. And for one infinitesimally brief moment, the universe peels open, and I can see everything - how physics and velocity and time intersects with the idea of a heaven above, how meta co-exist with the fundamental truth of their non-existence, how the sun can be a star can be a ball of dung rolled across the galaxy by a gargantuan beetle. Suddenly, it is all so clear. #Quote by Cassandra Khaw
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#4. The more you pursue distractions, the less effective any particular distraction is, and so I'd had to up various dosages, until, before I knew it, I was checking my e-mail every ten minutes, and my plugs of tobacco were getting ever larger, and my two drinks a night had worsened to four, and I'd achieved such deep mastery of computer solitaire that my goal was no longer to win a game but to win two or more games in a row
a kind of meta-solitaire whose fascination consisted not in playing the cards but in surfing the streaks of wins and losses. #Quote by Jonathan Franzen
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Neil Gaiman
#5. The globby aliens went a very pale green. The pirates, shiny-black-hair-men, and the piranhas looked at them puzzled, seeking some kind of explanation, as did the wumpires.
"If two things that are the same thing touch," proclaimed the volcano god, "then the whole Universe shall end. Thus sayeth the great and unutterable Splod."
"How does a volcano know so much about transtemporal meta-science?" asked one of the pale green aliens.
"Being a geological formation gives you a lot of time to think," said Splod. "Also, I subscribe to a number of learned journals. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Geoffrey Nunberg
#6. The English language is shot through with idioms and expressions which allude to violence without inciting it, most of which pass without notice unless they're called to your attention. One of the most disingenuous moves in the incivility wars is to treat these expressions with a specious literalism; politics makes Freudians of us all. (205) #Quote by Geoffrey Nunberg
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Caroline Kepnes
#7. I gave her as much as I had, but it's like the difference between a movie and a book: A book lets you choose how much of the blood you want to see. A book gives you the permission to see the story as you want, as your mind directs. You interpret. Your Alexander Portnoy doesn't look like mine because we all have our unique view. When you finish a movie you leave the theater with your friend and talk about the movie right away. When you finish a book you think. Love grew up on movies and I have just read her a book. I give her time to digest. #Quote by Caroline Kepnes
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Philip Kerr
#8. I solve this kind of case all the time. Usually in the penultimate chapter. I like to keep the last few pages for restoring some sort of normality to the world. #Quote by Philip Kerr
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Daniel Goleman
#9. Emotional aptitude is a "meta-ability" , determining how well we can use whatever other skills we have , including raw inellect . #Quote by Daniel Goleman
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Daryl Gregory
#10. A monster crosses over into the everyday world. The mortals struggle and show great courage, but it's no use. The monster kills first the guilty, then the innocent, until finally only one remains. The Last Boy, the Last Girl. There is a final battle. The Last One suffers great wounds, but in the final moment vanquishes the monster. Only later does he or she recognize that this is the monster's final trick; the scars run deep, and the awareness of the truth grows like an infection. The Last One knows that the monster isn't dead, only sent to the other side. There it waits until it can slip into the mundane world again. Perhaps next time it will be a knife-wielding madman, or a fanged beast, or some nameless tentacled thing. It's the monster with a thousand faces. The details matter only to the next victims. #Quote by Daryl Gregory
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Daniel Goleman
#11. goal-directed self-imposed delay of gratification" is perhaps the essence of emotional self-regulation: the ability to deny impulse in the service of a goal, whether it be building a business, solving an algebraic equation, or pursuing the Stanley Cup. His finding underscores the role of emotional intelligence as a meta-ability, determining how well or how poorly people are able to use their other mental capacities. #Quote by Daniel Goleman
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#12. What is remembered is not a deed in stone but a metaphor. Meta = above. Pheren = to carry. That which is carried above the literalness of life. A way of thinking that avoids the problems of gravity. The word won't let me down. The single word that can release me from all that unuttered weight. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Anonymous
#13. Every human being, by nature, desires to know' (Meta. i 1 982a23). #Quote by Anonymous
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Jason Silva
#14. Consciousness, when it's unburdened by the body, is something that's ecstatic; we use the mind to watch the mind, and that's the meta-nature of our consciousness; we know that we know that we know, and that's such a delicious feeling, but when it's unburdened by biology and entropy, it becomes more than delicious: it becomes magical. #Quote by Jason Silva
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Kathryn Schulz
#15. The idea behind the meta-induction is that all of our theories are fundamentally provisional and quite possibly wrong, if we can add that idea to our cognitive toolkit, we will be better able to listen with curiosity and empathy to those whose theories contradict our own. We will be better able to pay attention to counterevidence - those anomalous bits of data that make our picture of the world a little weirder, more mysterious, less clean, less done. And we will be able to hold our own beliefs a bit more humbly, in the knowledge that better ideas are almost certainly on the way. #Quote by Kathryn Schulz
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Iris Murdoch
#16. I struggled with a nebulous work which seemed now a nouvelle, now a vast novel, wherein a hero not unlike myself pursued, amid ghostly incidents, a series of reflections about life and art. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Dorothea Lasky
#17. There were things I wished I'd said
And done
But it is too late now
So I go
Heavy with my offering
This book, this book #Quote by Dorothea Lasky
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by John Wisdom
#18. Every day, and in every way, we're getting meta and meta. #Quote by John Wisdom
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Octavio Paz
#19. Art for Duchamp, all the arts, obey the same law: meta-irony is inherent in their very spirit. It is an irony that destroys its own negation and, hence, returns in the affirmative. #Quote by Octavio Paz
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Susan Sontag
#20. A lot of what I've written in criticism of my lust for virtue - my discovery that I've committed idolatry, making of the good an idol - is open to the charge of being still caught within the dialectic of idolatry. I've made a moral criticism of my moral consciousness. Meta-idolatry. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Roma Downey
#21. Individual stories from the Bible had been made into movies, but no one had taken on the arc of the Bible story as one meta-narrative from Genesis to Revelation. #Quote by Roma Downey
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Robert Muller
#22. So at the request of educators I wrote the World Core Curriculum, the product of the United Nations, the meta-organism of human and planetary evolution. #Quote by Robert Muller
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#23. If increased meta-knowledge is not counter-balanced by a corresponding growth in consciousness then the likelihood of psycho-spiritual dysfunction is great. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Leslie Jamison
#24. That was a moment where something clarified about shame for me: it's not just something negative but some kind of arrow, it's pointing at something, some confusing blend of fear and desire. There was liberation in that, thinking of shame as something to follow, like a path - rather than simply something to be paralyzed by, or try to dissolve, or become second-level meta-shamed by (i.e. "I shouldn't even be having this feeling of shame ... ") #Quote by Leslie Jamison
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Irving Kirsch
#25. The results of decades of neurotransmitter-depletion studies point to one inescapable conclusion: low levels or serotonin, norepinephrine or dopamine do not cause depression. here is how the authors of the most complete meta-analysis of serotonin-depletion studies summarized the data: Although previously the monoamine systems were considered to be responsible for the development of major depressive disorder (MDD), the available evidence to date does not support a direct causal relationship with MDD. There is no simple direct correlation of serotonin or norepinephrine levels in the brain and mood.' In other words, after a half-century of research, the chemical-imbalance hypothesis as promulgated by the drug companies that manufacture SSRIs and other antidepressants is not only with clear and consistent support, but has been disproved by experimental evidence. #Quote by Irving Kirsch
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Joan Fontcuberta
#26. I need there to be documentary photographers, because my work is meta-documentary; it is a commentary about the documentary use of photography. #Quote by Joan Fontcuberta
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by William Gibson
#27. the World Wide Web, the test pattern for whatever will become the dominant global medium, offers us. Today, in its clumsy, larval, curiously innocent way, it offers us the opportunity to waste time, to wander aimlessly, to daydream about the countless other lives, the other people, on the far sides of however many monitors in that postgeographical meta-country we increasingly call home. #Quote by William Gibson
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Meg Leder
#28. I stared at Eph, envying the fact that he already had a costume, though whether it was actually qualified as a costume was debatable. He was dressed in all black- black jeans, black knit hat, black boots, long-sleeved, black T-shirt, black thermal on top of it.
"I'm the dark night of the soul. Or a black hole. Or something like that," He'd said when I'd asked him earlier.
"You're copping out," I said.
"How is being in more than one costume copping out? I'm actually so investing in this, I am in an infinite number of costumes. It's meta and crap. #Quote by Meg Leder
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#29. I will break your heart over a fucking library card. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Eve Ensler
#30. Some days I would get so exhausted, nauseous, in pain - just from going back through things. It's almost as if I had the experience and then the meta-experience. #Quote by Eve Ensler
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Thornton Wilder
#31. Y'know - Babylon once had two million people in it, and all we know about 'em is the names of the kings and some copies of wheat contracts . . . and contracts for the sale of slaves. Yet every night all those families sat down to supper, and the father came home from his work, and the smoke went up the chimney, - same as here. And even in Greece and Rome, all we know about the real life of the people is what we can piece together out of the joking poems and the comedies they wrote for the theatre back then.
So I'm going to have a copy of this play put in the cornerstone and the people a thousand years from now'll know a few simple facts about us - more than the Treaty of Versailles and the Lind-bergh flight.
See what I mean?
So - people a thousand years from now - this is the way we were in the provinces north of New York at the beginning of the twentieth century. - This is the way we were: in our growing up and in our marrying and in our living and in our dying.

Said by the Stage Manager #Quote by Thornton Wilder
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Iris Murdoch
#32. Then the front doorbell (already too long delayed by my rambling narrative) rang. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Paul Park
#33. I think it's no coincidence that people who are good at writing far-out fiction are also good at meta-fiction. Think of all the best Phillip K. Dick stories, where you experience a sort of dislocation, and suddenly what you think you've been reading is, in fact, something else entirely. #Quote by Paul Park
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Paul Willems
#34. I believe style is a kind of meta-language whose secrets must be learned, which is made up not only of whatever text we are reading, but of the books we have been reading for years, whose outlines lie like watermarks beneath the lines of every new work we encounter. #Quote by Paul Willems
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Alan Downs
#35. Passion is a meta-emotion - an emotion that is felt only after observing other emotions over time. #Quote by Alan Downs
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Meta Golding
#36. I think it's really important for Haitians living abroad to go back and help with the development and infrastructure, especially because there are so many international people there. #Quote by Meta Golding
Podejrzenie Meta quotes by Laurence Galian
#37. Tom Pritscher, a Meta-Hermeneutical Master, inventively explains that when you have suffered trauma, you suffer tears in the fabric of your existence. I see these as holes in your subtle bodies, for example in your Etheric or Astral bodies. Music can create a mesh on which can be woven the warp and weft of etheric filaments in order that the holes in the fabric of your subtle bodies can be repaired. Recall too, that as a multi-dimensional being, you must repair tears that exist in all the dimensions of your existence. The Humanity Healing Network advises that you clear and/or remove any extra, hidden, hiding or multiple souls present within the etheric bodies of each parallel life in order to ensure that your One Original Soul Essence resides in each physical body. You must release all merging soul extensions to their proper time and space continuum. #Quote by Laurence Galian

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