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Plymouth Rock quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#1. Who does Bill Clinton think got off the boat and stepped on Plymouth Rock? Peace Corps volunteers? #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Plymouth Rock quotes by John Keegan
#2. In 1861, on the eve of the Civil War, Grant, aged thirty-nine, with four children at home and scarcely a penny in the bank, had made no mark on the world and looked unlikely to do so, for all the boom conditions of mid-century America. His Plymouth Rock ancestry, his specialist education, his military rank, which together must have ensured him a sheltered corner in the life of the Old World, counted for nothing in the New. He lacked the essential quality to be what Jacques Barzun has called a "booster," one of those bustling, bonhomous, penny-counting, chance-grabbing optimists who, whether in the frenetic commercial activity of the Atlantic coast, in the emergent industries of New England and Pennsylvania or on the westward-moving frontier, were to make America's fortune. Grant, in his introspective and undemonstrative style, was a gentleman, and was crippled by the quality. #Quote by John Keegan
Plymouth Rock quotes by Meir Soloveichik
#3. As with the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, the origins of Shearith Israel trace back to a small group of religious freedom-seekers and a treacherous ocean passage to the New World. #Quote by Meir Soloveichik
Plymouth Rock quotes by Chris Rock
#4. It's my real name. My mother's name is Rose Rock. It was the worst name as a kid to have. They called me Piece of the Rock, Plymouth Rock, Joe Rockid, and Flintstones. Now they call me Mister Rock. #Quote by Chris Rock
Plymouth Rock quotes by Malcolm X
#5. We didn't land on plymouth rock, Plymouth rock landed on us. #Quote by Malcolm X
Plymouth Rock quotes by Oscar Straus
#6. The Jew is neither a newcomer nor an alien in this country or on this continent; his Americanism is as original and ancient as that of any race or people with the exception of the American Indian and other aborigines. He came in the caravels of Columbus, and he knocked at the gates of New Amsterdam only thirty-five years after the Pilgrim Fathers stepped ashore on Plymouth Rock. #Quote by Oscar Straus
Plymouth Rock quotes by Renee Graham
#7. People of color challenge racism everyday; we've never had a choice. Yet since we did not build, and fortify for centuries, a system of white supremacy as American as the Constitution, and as old as Plymouth Rock, we alone cannot be expected to undo it.

That, white people, is on you - and your privilege. #Quote by Renee Graham
Plymouth Rock quotes by Jean Craighead George
#8. Neither the Pilgrims nor the Indians new what they had begun. The Pilgrims called the celebration a Harvest Feast. The Indians thought of it as a Green Corn Dance. It was both and more than both. It was the first Thanksgiving.
In the years that followed, President George Washington issued the first national Thanksgiving proclamation, and President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November a holiday of "thanksgiving and praise." Today it is still a harvest festival and Green Corn Dance. Families feast with friends, give thanks and play games.
Plymouth Rock did not fare as well. It has been cut in half, moved twice, dropped, split and trimmed to fit its present-day portico. It is a mere memento of its once magnificent self.
Yet to Americans, Plymouth Rock is a symbol. It is larger than the mountains, wider than the prairies and stronger than all our rivers.
It is the rock on which our nation began. #Quote by Jean Craighead George
Plymouth Rock quotes by Charles Frazier
#9. Subtract everything inessential from America and what's left? Geography and political philosophy, V says. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The Federalist Papers. --I'd say geography and mythology, James says. Our legends. He gives examples, talks about Columbus sailing past the edge of the world, John Smith at Jamestown and Puritans at Plymouth Rock, conquering the howling wilderness. Benjamin Franklin going from rags to riches with the help of a little slave trading, Frederick Douglass escaping to freedom, the assassination of Lincoln, annexing the West, All those stories that tell us who we are---stories of exploration, freedom, slavery, and always violence. We keep clutching those things, or at least worn-out images of them, like idols we can't quit worshipping. #Quote by Charles Frazier
Plymouth Rock quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#10. This country was founded by religious nuts with guns. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Plymouth Rock quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#11. All of a sudden America wasn't about hamburgers and hot rods anymore. It was about the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock. It was about something that had happened for two minutes four hundred years ago, instead of everything that had happened since. Instead of everything that was happening now! #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Plymouth Rock quotes by Chauncey Depew
#12. It is a pity that instead of the Pilgrim Fathers landing on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock had not landed on the Pilgrim Fathers. #Quote by Chauncey Depew
Plymouth Rock quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
#13. That year, and every year, it seemed, we began by studying the Revolutionary War. We were taken in school buses on field trips to visit Plymouth Rock, and to walk the Freedom Trail, and to climb to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument. We made dioramas out of colored construction paper depicting George Washington crossing the choppy waters of the Delaware River, and we made puppets of King George wearing white tights and a black bow in his hair. During tests we were given blank maps of the thirteen colonies, and asked to fill in names, dates, capitals. I could do it with my eyes closed. #Quote by Jhumpa Lahiri
Plymouth Rock quotes by James Ellroy
#14. Rock and rollers can get you the youth buzz, and younger people are fanatical readers. #Quote by James Ellroy
Plymouth Rock quotes by Talking Heads
#15. It's not yesterday anymore #Quote by Talking Heads
Plymouth Rock quotes by Greg Graffin
#16. Science is very vibrant. There are always new observations to be found. And it's all in the interest in challenging the authority that came before you. That's consistent with the punk rock ethos that suggests that you should not take what people say at face value. #Quote by Greg Graffin
Plymouth Rock quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#17. Man must have fires in his life: Fire of love; fire of work; fire of doing kindness ... Without fires, man is just a cold rock! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Plymouth Rock quotes by Patti Smith
#18. My mother loved rock and roll. She loved high-energy music. #Quote by Patti Smith
Plymouth Rock quotes by Chris Rock
#19. I'm looking forward to not being tired around my child. My father was tired a lot. I want to play ball with my child without having to grab my shoulder because I'm not physically fit. And I want to really teach my child and become his or her friend. #Quote by Chris Rock
Plymouth Rock quotes by Slash
#20. And, as soon as I could put together the, you know, three or four notes that made up, like, sort of a rock and roll lick, you know, like a Chuck Berry kind of thing, I was off and running. Just completely taken over. #Quote by Slash
Plymouth Rock quotes by Mary Roach
#21. Spacewalking is a little like rock climbing in that everything, including and especially oneself, must be tethered or docked at all times. If you forget to tether a tool, it's gone. Ditto yourself. #Quote by Mary Roach
Plymouth Rock quotes by Chuck Klosterman
#22. At the apex of Prince's career, I listened almost exclusively to metal. My sister actually purchased 'Purple Rain' on cassette, which I write about in my anthology ["Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas"]. And I felt ashamed that I liked Prince so much. A typical rock fan would be embarrassed that they liked Warrant or Ratt at the time, but I had the exact opposite experience. And I had this overwhelming fear that Prince was actually a better guitar player than any of the metal gods. #Quote by Chuck Klosterman
Plymouth Rock quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#23. The E Street band casts a pretty wide net. Our influences go all the way back to the early primitive garage music, and also, we've had everything in the band from jazz players to Kansas City trumpet players to Nils Lofgren, one of the great rock guitarists in the world. #Quote by Bruce Springsteen
Plymouth Rock quotes by Rebecca Berto
#24. You need to wait until you are worthy of having a child of your own.' She pats her hair down, which is rock hard. Her action is pointless, but she's worried about appearances as usual. 'And someone like you who's responsible for killing my babies - your own siblings - is not worthy. #Quote by Rebecca Berto
Plymouth Rock quotes by Jack Kerouac
#25. Mad raging sunsets poured in seafoams of cloud through unimaginable crags, with every rose tint of hope beyond, I felt just like it, brilliant and bleak beyond words. Everywhere awful ice fields and snow straws; one blade of grass jiggling in the winds of infinity, anchored to a rock. To the East, it was gray; to the north, awful; to the west, raging mad, hard iron fools wrestling in the groomian gloom; to the south, my father's mist. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Plymouth Rock quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#26. You can touch me. You care and I don't know why. You're kind to me and you don't have to be. My own mother didn't care enough to - t-to - " My voice catches and I press my lips together. Glue them shut. Force myself to be still.

I am a rock. A statue. A movement frozen in time. Ice feels nothing at all. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Plymouth Rock quotes by Stephen Colletti
#27. I love the NBC comedies. I DVR 'Parks and Recreation,' 'Community,' 'The Office,' '30 Rock.' I love most of the HBO shows. I love 'Archer.' 'Archer's a great show. I'm big on Netflix; I've seen every episode of 'Freaks and Geeks.' We need more shows like that. #Quote by Stephen Colletti
Plymouth Rock quotes by Kaley Cuoco
#28. I actually like to sing on 'Rock Band.' I prefer to take the mic. #Quote by Kaley Cuoco
Plymouth Rock quotes by Tim Cahill
#29. A lot of the physical flirtation with fear I did early on in my career, when I was a much younger person - stuff I wouldn't do now. But I was very interested in the mechanics of risk and fear in those days. And I found out fear pretty much always feels the same, whether it's doing a rock climb or speaking in front of an audience. #Quote by Tim Cahill
Plymouth Rock quotes by Ally Condie
#30. For a moment on the top of that bare pain of rock I wonder if I should run behind or ahead-which is the best way to protect her-and then I find us just running side by side. #Quote by Ally Condie
Plymouth Rock quotes by Joni Mitchell
#31. I came upon a child of god, He was walking along the road And I asked him, where are you going And this he told me: I'm going on down to Yasgur's farm I'm going to join in a rock 'n' roll band I'm going to camp out on the land, I'm going to try an' get my soul free. #Quote by Joni Mitchell
Plymouth Rock quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#32. Behind this monstrous shield, liberal democracy and the free market managed to hold out in their last bastions, and Westerners could enjoy sex, drugs and rock and roll, as well as washing machines, refrigerators and televisions. Without nukes, there would have been no Woodstock, no Beatles and no overflowing supermarkets. But in the mid-1970s it seemed that nuclear weapons notwithstanding, the future belonged to socialism. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Plymouth Rock quotes by Jamie Farrell
#33. She ran her hands under his shirt, over his chest, her cool
touch igniting shivers over his skin. "Is this a ploy to get another song out of me?" she asked.
"It's a ploy to get you out of your pants."
"And what, exactly, are you planning on doing once you get
me out of my pants?"
Will felt his lips curving up again. "Darlin', you leave the
details to me. #Quote by Jamie Farrell
Plymouth Rock quotes by Ellie Goulding
#34. I still love the skinny jeans thing and I wear my favorite leather jacket constantly. I like being kind of a rock star. I love that I can feel comfortable in a small dress or I can feel comfortable wearing a baggy T-shirt. #Quote by Ellie Goulding
Plymouth Rock quotes by David First
#35. Every improv must be song specific. It has to grow organically out of the particular elements involved or it's just glib self-expression. I hate when I feel like I'm the lead guitarist in a rock band. We all gotta be going somewhere strong together, you know? #Quote by David First
Plymouth Rock quotes by Jay Rock
#36. When you're a kid, you live carefree. You notice things that go on around you, but you live like a kid with no worries until you get to that certain age where trials and tribulations come and you gotta fight and stay on your toes. That's when survival instincts kick in. #Quote by Jay Rock
Plymouth Rock quotes by Jon Landau
#37. The Rolling Stones have been the best of all possible worlds: they have the lack of pretension and sentimentality associated with the blues, the rawness and toughness of hard rock, and the depth which always makes you feel that they are in the midst of saying something. They have never impressed me as being kitsch. #Quote by Jon Landau
Plymouth Rock quotes by Diane Moody
#38. My pastor, Pete Wilson, gave a message on prayer, specifically citing this idea many of us have that prayer is a kind of transaction. beside him on the platform, an object the size of a refrigerator stood cloaked beneath a black cover. He said, 'most of us have reduced prayer down to a transaction. A way to manipulate what we want. A vending machine.' At that point, he yanked off the cover revealing a large vending machine, loaded with all kinds of snacks. He inserted some coins and pushed the button for peanut M&Ms (smart man, my pastor). Nothing happened. He hit the machine a couple of times, tried to rock it. Nothing.
He continued. 'Most of the time when we go to God, it's because we want something. If we get what we want, we turn and walk off, satisfied. If we don't get what we want, we get frustrated; we kick the machine and blame God for not answering our request.'
This 'transaction' view of prayer will always disappoint us because at the root of it, we think it's all about us. but prayer is so much more than giving God a list of our wants and needs or, in some cases, our demands. Prayer is communication. It's talking and listening. #Quote by Diane Moody
Plymouth Rock quotes by Gwendolyn Womack
#39. Always remember the answers come not from the rock, the teacup, the shell, or the cards. The answers come from you. #Quote by Gwendolyn Womack
Plymouth Rock quotes by Devon Ashley
#40. Eyeing me playfully, he tossed a rock back and forth between his hands. Was that an accident, or do you have a wet t-shirt competition you need me to get you ready for? #Quote by Devon Ashley
Plymouth Rock quotes by Wesley Willis
#41. I just love to play rock and roll. I love to write songs all the time
about what's up on these streets. I write songs about people getting killed; I write songs about people getting beaten up; I write songsabout people getting taken to jail by the police; and I also write songs about love and happiness. #Quote by Wesley Willis
Plymouth Rock quotes by Brendan Coyle
#42. I think with Sky and BBC Three and Channel 4, there are some great television platforms, and the stand-up movement in this country is phenomenal. It's like rock n' roll here. Britain's a funny place and there's a lot of funny people coming out of there and a lot of people are finding mediums to express themselves. #Quote by Brendan Coyle
Plymouth Rock quotes by Chris Jericho
#43. Welcome to RAW is Jericho! And I was just listening to your list of problems and grievances that you have with all my Jerichoholics, and I have a solution - and that solution is to SHUT THE HELL UP. But finally, Al Snow, tomorrow people WILL be acknowledging you - they WILL be talking about the greatest moment of '99 - they'll be talking about the night that Al Snow was brutally beaten by the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla. #Quote by Chris Jericho
Plymouth Rock quotes by Debra Salonen
#44. Well, trust me. Nowadays, babies travel with more crap than a rock band." He #Quote by Debra Salonen
Plymouth Rock quotes by Shigeru Miyamoto
#45. Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock n' roll. #Quote by Shigeru Miyamoto
Plymouth Rock quotes by Steven Tyler
#46. We believed anything worth doing was worth over-doing #Quote by Steven Tyler
Plymouth Rock quotes by Smokey Robinson
#47. You are most certainly the inspiration for all of today's rock 'n' roll guitarists. Your music is timeless. #Quote by Smokey Robinson
Plymouth Rock quotes by Walter Becker
#48. My primary influences were the best jazz players from the 50's and 60's and later some of the pop people from the same time period along with the better of the well known blues musicians. #Quote by Walter Becker
Plymouth Rock quotes by Henry Miller
#49. Who but the artist has the power to open man up, to set free the imagination? The others - priest, teacher, saint, statesman, warrior - hold us to the path of history. They keep us chained to the rock, that the vultures may eat out our hearts. It is the artist who has the courage to go against the crowd; he is the unrecognized "hero of our time" - and of all time. #Quote by Henry Miller
Plymouth Rock quotes by Ilona Andrews
#50. « He squeezed his hands into fists. I picked up a grapefruit-sized rock and handed it to him. It went flying. Home run, Beast Lord style. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Plymouth Rock quotes by Eden Summers
#51. Yes, Troy, I'm tired. And do you want to know why?" She raised her brows, cocking her head on an angle to give him a full dose of attitude. "Cause I was riding Blake all night long. #Quote by Eden Summers
Plymouth Rock quotes by Nick Bilton
#52. It was a testament to the resilience of humanity. Give a man a tree and he will make it into a boat; give him a leaf and he will curve it into a cup and drink water from it; give him a rock and he will make a weapon to protect himself and his family. Give a man a small box and a limit of 140 characters to type into it, and he will adapt it to fight an oppressive dictatorship in the Middle East. #Quote by Nick Bilton
Plymouth Rock quotes by Chris Rock
#53. Men lie the most,

women tell the biggest lies. #Quote by Chris Rock
Plymouth Rock quotes by Mauro Lannini
#54. True soul"

From the world desired by all
Down the street I walk up to a different kind of soul

Why are you looking at me like that, I feel something
I feel your love, your life, your pain,

you're from the no longer existent world whats your life goal, you're not here in vain

I'm here and alive and you rock to feel me the way you do, all I want is be whole

Several have strolled down my road but none have reached as deep into my soul

Love me truly, love me now, love me forever and I'd show you my true soul

God will give us a gift of life that will bond us from herein on into infinity

Let it be the birth of our true souls. #Quote by Mauro Lannini
Plymouth Rock quotes by Linda Evangelista
#55. Being a rock star was out of the question. I can't sing. #Quote by Linda Evangelista
Plymouth Rock quotes by Michael Tianias
#56. Darkness
I find myself set upon a ship of fools and cast adrift.
Adrift in sea of madness, steaming towards a storm of uncertainty.
Overboard, swirling, twirling tumbling.
Engulfed in madness.
Shipwrecked, marooned.
Washed upon a rock of hope.
Darkness surrounds.
Within the darkness madness laps upon a distant shore.
Morning breaks and sun rises once more.
Darkness retreats into the shadows.
Golden rays of light cleanse the mind and soul.
A new day dawns heralding sanity, and hope
for the human race once more. #Quote by Michael Tianias
Plymouth Rock quotes by Mike Lowry
#57. We have an electronic vein we have tapped and applied it to a rock setting like tons of bands out there. #Quote by Mike Lowry
Plymouth Rock quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#58. The Rock is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most electrifying man in sports entertainment today. #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Plymouth Rock quotes by Travis Barker
#59. A lot of people think that punk rock musicians don't know what they're doing. #Quote by Travis Barker

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