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Ploughing A Field quotes by Apolo Anton Ohno
#1. The world was watching, kids especially were watching, and it is so important to handle yourself-no matter the situation-with class and grace. It is more important to be a champion off the field than on; that's what resonates with me. #Quote by Apolo Anton Ohno
Ploughing A Field quotes by Fernando J. Corbato
#2. The computer field is intoxicated with change. We have seen galloping growth over a period of four decades and it still does not seem to be slowing down. The field is not mature yet and already it accounts for a significant percentage of the Gross National Product. #Quote by Fernando J. Corbato
Ploughing A Field quotes by Lou Groza
#3. Never worry about missing a field goal. Just blame the holder and think about making the next one. #Quote by Lou Groza
Ploughing A Field quotes by Jimmy Breslin
#4. Pointing to the mutual envy of businessmen and politicians who are often out of their field in each other's area,, the author quotes the wisdom, A wise shoemaker sticks to his trade and maintains a mouthful of nails. #Quote by Jimmy Breslin
Ploughing A Field quotes by Peter J. Denning
#5. How do fields express their principles? Physicists use terms like photons, electrons, quarks, quantum wave functions, relativity, and energy conservation. Astronomers use terms like planets, stars, galaxies, Hubble shift, and black holes. Thermodynamicists use terms like entropy, first law, second law, and Carnot cycle. Biologists use terms like phylogeny, ontology, DNA, and enzymes. Each of these terms can be considered to be the thread of a story. The principles of a field are actually a set of interwoven stories about the structure and behavior of field elements, the fabric of the multiverse. #Quote by Peter J. Denning
Ploughing A Field quotes by John A. Keel
#6. I abandoned the extraterrestria l hypothesis in 1967 when my own field investigations disclosed an astonishing overlap between psychic phenomena and UFOs ... The objects and apparitions do not necessarily originate on another planet and may not even exist as permanent constructions of matter. It is more likely that we see what we want to see and interpret such visions according to our contemporary beliefs. #Quote by John A. Keel
Ploughing A Field quotes by Alexander Pushkin
#7. Love is for every age auspicious,
But for the virginal and young
Its impulses are more propitious
Like vernal storms on meadows sprung:
They freshen in the rain of passion,
Ripening in their renovation –
And life, empowered, sends up shoots
Of richest blooms and sweetest fruits.
But at a late age, dry and fruitless,
The final stage to which we're led,
Sad is the trace of passions dead:
Thus storms in autumn, cold and ruthless,
Transform the field into a slough,
And strip the trees from root to bough. #Quote by Alexander Pushkin
Ploughing A Field quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#8. Indeed, I have found that it is usually in unimportant matters that there is a field for the observation. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Ploughing A Field quotes by Adolf Hitler
#9. Since I have fought against these Jewish-Soviet ideas in Germany, since I have conquered and stamped out this peril, I fancy that I possess a better comprehension of its character than do these men who have only to deal with it in the field of literature. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Ploughing A Field quotes by Tim Harlow
#10. So if 195 million people don't go to church, and the fastest growing religious group is those who believe in nothing, I think it's safe to say that we live in a mission field. #Quote by Tim Harlow
Ploughing A Field quotes by Terry Pratchett
#11. Five damn days, that battle took," said Truckle, "'cos the Duchess was doing a tapestry to commemorate it, right? We had to keep doing the fights over and over again, and there was the devil to pay when she was changing needles. There's no place for the media on the field of battle, I've always said."
"Aye, and I mind you makin' a rude sign to the ladies!" Hamish cackled. "I saw that ol' tapestry in the castle of Rosante years later and I could tell it wuz you! #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Ploughing A Field quotes by Barbara Field Benziger
#12. I am not manic-just happy. It has been such a long time since I was happy. Please join me on my magic carpet for now. #Quote by Barbara Field Benziger
Ploughing A Field quotes by Jonah Lomu
#13. I was this guy who'd been racing around down there, on that field in 1999, running straight over people, scoring tries, winning games, having fun. And I ended up so sick I couldn't even run past a little baby. #Quote by Jonah Lomu
Ploughing A Field quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#14. There is a harvest field you cannot reap alone #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Ploughing A Field quotes by Stephen Covey
#15. A blind person could make a lifelong study of the eye, properties of light, the sight process and become a great expert in the field, but in another sense he would know nothing about sight. A person could know a great deal about God and yet not know God. #Quote by Stephen Covey
Ploughing A Field quotes by A+ Book Reports
#16. Kicking a field goal, worth 3 points, can be difficult if the ball is far from the uprights. If the offense punts the ball, they are giving the other team a chance to play offense and score points. After halftime, the ball is kicked off again. It is kicked by the opposite team that kicked at the start of the game. This makes sure that no matter what happens, each team is given a chance to have the ball on offense. #Quote by A+ Book Reports
Ploughing A Field quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#17. If an elderly respected expert in a given field tells you that something can be done he is almost certainly right. If an elderly respected expert in a given field tells you that something is impossible, he is almost certainly wrong. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Ploughing A Field quotes by Jenny McCarthy
#18. We can either continue to collectively stand on the sidelines and debate what is causing autism and if it is an epidemic or we can get on the field and start addressing the real problem - a generation of children with autism. We are not focusing enough on prevention, treatments and support services. #Quote by Jenny McCarthy
Ploughing A Field quotes by Ben Mezrich
#19. One of the many pieces of advice his father had given him - besides the importance of antivenom and the need for a good, sturdy blade - was that field anthropology was ninety percent preparation, and ten percent trying desperately to recover when you didn't prepare properly. #Quote by Ben Mezrich
Ploughing A Field quotes by Herbert
#20. I think I have a particular logic of my own that has to do with sound and sampling sound, and there isn't a great deal of music out there in that field. Whereas, harmonically and melodically, there's loads. #Quote by Herbert
Ploughing A Field quotes by Oliver Kahn
#21. The realization that you're not always standing down there on the field merely to win, to be successful, was very liberating. One can be successful by helping the team, the other players. All of a sudden I felt the kind of empathy for people that I hadn't felt before. #Quote by Oliver Kahn
Ploughing A Field quotes by Stephen Crane
#22. This landscape gave him assurance. A fair field holding life. It was the religion of peace. It would die if its timid eyes were compelled to see blood. He conceived Nature to be a woman with a deep aversion to tragedy. #Quote by Stephen Crane
Ploughing A Field quotes by Anthony T. Hincks.
#23. When you're black & white it's no use hiding in a field of color. #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks.
Ploughing A Field quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#24. We must not hope to be mowers, And to gather the ripe gold ears, Unless we have first been sowers And water the furrows with tears. It is not just as we take it, This mystical world of ours, Life's field will yield as we make it A harvest of thorns or of flowers. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Ploughing A Field quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#25. Tradition now dictated that anyone could try and pull the couple apart. Whoever succeeded in separating them at their ribbons would be able to sit beside the couple as they feasted in celebration. The field became a tumble of laughing mates and contestants as males tried to remove males and females tried to remove females.
Jacob grabbed his newly healed bride and floated out of the reach of the would-be renders, a cry of protest rising from below them. Gideon and Legna were left unmolested, Gideon's imposing reputation having a quelling effect on the nerves of any who might have approached.
He was kissing his bride when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and saw Damien arching a challenging brow at him. Legna laughed, delighted as Gideon gave the Prince a dirty look. Her humor lasted about two seconds. That was when Damien's partner in crime tapped Legna's shoulder.
Siena gave the bride a feline grin.
"Oh, you bitch," Legna choked out, laughing in her shock at the excellent maneuver on the Queen's part.
"Uh-uh," the Queen scolded, her collar winking in the firelight. "That's not very diplomatic of you, Ambassador."
"You realize this means war," Legna said archly.
"As if I would settle for anything less," Siena returned.
Legna and Gideon sighed, looking at each other and rolling their eyes. Husband grabbed hold of wife by their joined arms and then they braced their feet. Legna felt slim, strong arms around her waist and shoulders, #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Ploughing A Field quotes by Niall Ferguson
#26. As a financial historian, I was quite isolated in Oxford - British historians are supposed to write about kings - so the quality of intellectual life in my field is much higher at Harvard. The students work harder there. #Quote by Niall Ferguson
Ploughing A Field quotes by Barbara Brennan
#27. The points or tips of the chakras, where they connect to the main power current, are called the roots or the hearts of the chakras. Within these hearts are seals which control exchange of energy between layers of the aura through that chakra. That is, each of the seven chakras has seven layers, each corresponding to a layer of the auric field. #Quote by Barbara Brennan
Ploughing A Field quotes by Kristan Higgins
#28. Here's the thing, Grace," Cal said, a smile playing at the corner of his mouth. "Ever since that first day when you smacked me in the head with your field hockey stick-"
"You just can't let that go, can you?" I muttered.
He grinned fully now. "-and even when you hit me with the rake and dented my truck, and when you were spying on me from your attic and your dog was mauling me, Grace, I always knew you were the one for me. #Quote by Kristan Higgins
Ploughing A Field quotes by Ilia Delio O.S.F.
#29. The journey of prayer for Franciscans is the discovery of God at the center of our lives. We pray not to acquire a relationship with God as if acquiring something that did not previously exist. Rather, we pray to disclose the image of God in which we are created, the God within us, that is, the one in whom we are created and in whom lies the seed of our identity. We pray so as to discover what we already have - "the incomparable treasure hidden in the field of the world and of the human heart. (St. Clare) #Quote by Ilia Delio O.S.F.
Ploughing A Field quotes by Adam  Becker
#30. Nonetheless, the appeal of Copenhagen makes some sense, seen in this light. Quantum physics drove much of the technological and scientific progress of the past ninety years: nuclear power, modern computers, the Internet. Quantum-driven medical imaging changed the face of health care; quantum imaging techniques at smaller scales have revolutionized biology and kicked off the entirely new field of molecular genetics. The list goes on. Make some kind of personal peace with Copenhagen, and contribute to this amazing revolution in science . . . or take quantum physics seriously, and come face-to-face with a problem that even Einstein couldn't solve. Shutting up never looked so good. #Quote by Adam Becker
Ploughing A Field quotes by Jake Byrne
#31. How responsible are you with what you are given? Are you the per- son who, when asked to do a job, can be counted on to get it done and get it done right? Don't settle for just a field goal in life. Make the push for the last six inches and score a touchdown. Faithfulness, hard work, and dedication will gain the trust of others and take you further down the field. #Quote by Jake Byrne
Ploughing A Field quotes by Johnny B. Truant
#32. You're not just looking up into a curtain of black. You're looking into the eye of the universe. Stare for a while and you start to realize -- on a deep, gut level -- that the moon is a giant rock circling us in space. The sun is a violent, fusion-fueled ball of plasma and gas millions of miles away that destroyed the atmospheres of all of the inner planets (including Mars, which is farther away from it than we are) and would do the same to ours if we weren't lucky enough to have a magnetic field that diverts the solar wind. The cute little pinpricks of light you see out there are other giant, explosive, incredibly pissed-off balls of gas floating in an infinite void, most of which are far more impressive than our puny sun. And that smear of milky white through the sky? That's the center of our own galaxy -- a gigantic pinwheel circling a supermassive black hole like floating detritus around the vortex of a flushing toilet. #Quote by Johnny B. Truant
Ploughing A Field quotes by John Green
#33. It's gas! It's gonna blow!" Ben shouts. He throws open the passenger door and takes off, running in a panic. He hurdles a split-rail fence and tears across a hay field. I get out as well, but not in quite the same hurry. Radar is outside, too, and as Ben hauls ass, Radar is laughing. "It's the beer," he says. #Quote by John Green
Ploughing A Field quotes by Wendy Kopp
#34. People are attracted to teaching because they want to make a real impact. The teachers who are making the greatest difference go far beyond meeting standardised test measures. They aspire to truly level the playing field for their students, which means inspiring a love of learning, fostering the highest levels of critical thinking, building perseverance in working towards academic excellence, and so on. #Quote by Wendy Kopp
Ploughing A Field quotes by Rob Portman
#35. We want more of our products going overseas, but the trick is to have a level playing field. #Quote by Rob Portman

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