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Plans quotes by Barack Obama
#1. Now, if you have or had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law and you really liked that plan, what we said was you can keep it if it hasn't changed since the law passed. #Quote by Barack Obama
Plans quotes by Daniel Keyes
#2. To control one's own destiny takes a mastermind. To execute the plans takes a fool. #Quote by Daniel Keyes
Plans quotes by Hannah More
#3. My plan of instruction is extremely simple and limited. They learn, on week-days, such coarse works as may fit them for servants. I allow of no writing for the poor. My object is not to make fanatics, but to train up the lower classes in habits of industry and piety. #Quote by Hannah More
Plans quotes by Sean Payton
#4. You learn a lot more about all the things that are necessary to be the leader of a team and so there's day-to-day hands-on training that you get and you might not even be asking for it. You try as best you can to be organized, have a plan, know exactly what you want from a schedule standpoint, have an idea of what you would want in a staff. #Quote by Sean Payton
Plans quotes by Clay Shirky
#5. When you got a cell phone you stopped making plans. 'I'll call you when I get there.' #Quote by Clay Shirky
Plans quotes by Carol Vorvain
#6. Next to her he felt both young and old. Old in his habits and fears, young in his curiosity and desires. And he wanted so badly to feel young. He never felt young, not even when the calendar said he was. He never had a one night stand, never went partying all night, never bought a one-way ticket to an island in the middle of the Pacific with no other plans than lazing around and drinking beer, and the list could on. Was he ever in his twenties? Or did he jump right into his mid-forties, a time of introspection and responsibilities? Now, not only was he obsessed by what he still didn't have and concerned for what the future may bring, he also felt he had less time to accomplish everything he ever wanted. And it had to be everything. His forties were as angst-ridden as his twenties, if not even more. #Quote by Carol Vorvain
Plans quotes by Brian Tracy
#7. If you have a clear goal and a plan to achieve it, your focus is fixed on a set course of action. Instead of becoming sidetracked by distractions and diversions, your time is focused on a straight line from start to finish. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Plans quotes by Woody Allen
#8. If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. #Quote by Woody Allen
Plans quotes by Al Roker
#9. I don't make plans, because life is short and unpredictable - much like the weather! #Quote by Al Roker
Plans quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#10. I have to live, perhaps, till seventy years. As far as I know, I have good health. Half a century of existence may lie before me. How am I to occupy it? What am I to do to fill the interval of time which spreads between me and the grave? #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Plans quotes by Winston Churchill
#11. I have found in my experience of war, that plans are useless, but planning is invaluable. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Plans quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#12. Hope combined with action is the only thing that will bring you contentment. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Plans quotes by Amy Engel
#13. I didn't have a bad childhood, but there was no magic in it. No one hit me, no one neglected me, but there wasn't much that was childlike about it. Even fun involved barely disguised lessons about my future and my father's plans. It is only now, away from the presence of my family, that I can admit that to myself. #Quote by Amy Engel
Plans quotes by Doris Kearns Goodwin
#14. York boss William Barnes issued an acid personal attack: "Mr. Roosevelt's departure for Chicago was inevitable. Undignified as it is, and impotent as it will prove to be, its chief interest lies in the disclosure of the mania for power over which Mr. Roosevelt has no control." The people of Chicago greeted the arrival of Theodore Roosevelt quite differently; word that Roosevelt was en route drove the city "plum crazy" with excitement. Ordinary business was suspended as tens of thousands made plans to celebrate Roosevelt's arrival. #Quote by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Plans quotes by Barbara W. Tuchman
#15. The impetus of existing plans is always stronger than the impulse to change. The Kaiser could not change Moltke's plan nor could Kitchener alter Henry Wilson's nor Lanrezac alter Joffre's. #Quote by Barbara W. Tuchman
Plans quotes by Kiki Hamilton
#16. We're bound by more than love, it would seem. Destiny seems to have plans for us as well. #Quote by Kiki Hamilton
Plans quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#17. The boldest plans for the future invoke the authority of the past; and that even a revolutionary seeks to satisfy himself that he is also a reactionary. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Plans quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#18. Life is funny isn't it? Just when you think you've got it all figured out,
just when you finally begin to plan something, get excited about something,
and feel like you know what direction you're heading in, the paths change,
the signs change, the wind blows the other way, north is suddenly south, and
east is west, and you're lost. It is so easy to lose your way, to lose direction.
And that's with following all the signposts #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
Plans quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#19. Indeed, Dr Haxhausen fought to preserve his freedom with very good reason, for he required a great deal of it - freedom, not reason - to pursue his plans for the future. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Plans quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#20. Why are you telling me?" Maura asked. "Why is your face so red?"

"Because you're my mother. Because you're an authority figure. Because you're supposed to inform people of your travel plans when you're hiking on dangerous trails. This is what my face always looks like. #Quote by Maggie Stiefvater
Plans quotes by Eli Manning
#21. We just have to go after our game plan. #Quote by Eli Manning
Plans quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#22. People with victim mentality often do not have life purpose, because they do not know how to acquire them unless someone plans their future for them #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Plans quotes by Noel Fielding
#23. Yeah? Rock 'n' Roll is fast, you know. If all goes according to plan I could be in rehab next thursday. Tuesday week I'll be living on an island with a small Indian boy. #Quote by Noel Fielding
Plans quotes by Russell Crowe
#24. I like villains because there's something so attractive about a committed person - they have a plan, an ideology, no matter how twisted. They're motivated. #Quote by Russell Crowe
Plans quotes by Sonia Johnson
#25. One of the cruelest crimes of patriarchy has been to teach us to project our thoughts into a future that will never come (getting together our vitae and our five-year-plans) or focusing us back into a past that is only memories of a present, keeping us unaware of the locus of our power in the present moment and effectively imprisoning us in time. #Quote by Sonia Johnson
Plans quotes by Anonymous
#26. Key to Sun Tzu's thinking is his realization that all plans are temporary. He knew that a plan can become obsolete as soon as it's crafted. For him, the decision to position one's forces in competition depends on two major factors: (1) objective conditions in the physical environment and (2) the subjective beliefs of competitors in that environment. #Quote by Anonymous
Plans quotes by Bill Benners
#27. Life is so precious. To even be born is a billion to one shot. And then, it's too short. And can be lost so easily, or taken from you. Regardless of your plans and dreams, or how many there are that love you. #Quote by Bill Benners
Plans quotes by Susanna Clarke
#28. I reached out my hand, England's rivers turned and flowed the other way...
I reached out my hand, my enemies's blood stopt in their veins...
I reached out my hand; thought and memory flew out of my enemies' heads like a flock of starlings;
My enemies crumpled like empty sacks.
I came to them out of mists and rain;
I came to them in dreams at midnight;
I came to them in a flock of ravens that filled a northern sky at dawn;
When they thought themselves safe I came to them in a cry that broke the silence of a winter wood...

The rain made a door for me and I went through it;
The stones made a throne for me and I sat upon it;
Three kingdoms were given to me to be mine forever;
England was given to me to be mine forever.
The nameless slave wore a silver crown;
The nameless slave was a king in a strange country...

The weapons that my enemies raised against me are venerated in Hell as holy relics;
Plans that my enemies made against me are preserved as holy texts;
Blood that I shed upon ancient battlefields is scraped from the stained earth by Hell's sacristans and placed in a vessel of silver and ivory.
I gave magic to England, a valuable inheritance
But Englishmen have despised my gift
Magic shall be written upon the sky by the rain but they shall not be able to read it;
Magic shall be written on the faces of the stony hills but their minds shall not be able to contain it; #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Plans quotes by Edmund Burke
#29. I have never yet seen any plan which has not been mended by the observations of those who were much inferior in understanding to the person who took the lead in the business. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Plans quotes by Caroline Kennedy
#30. Sometimes it takes a while to recognize that someone has a special ability to get us to believe in ourselves, to tie that belief to our highest ideals, and to imagine that together we can do great things.
In those rare moments, when such a person comes along, we need to put aside our plans and reach for what we know is possible. #Quote by Caroline Kennedy
Plans quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#31. It is an axiom in my mind, that our liberty can never be safe but in the hands of the people themselves, and that too of the people with a certain degree of instruction. This it is the business of the State to effect, and on a general plan. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Plans quotes by Jessica Hische
#32. If you try in whatever ways you can to brighten someone's day, to be fair and respectful to everyone, and to grow your network without being "networky", you will be a rockstar. Have a plan, but be willing to deviate from it if awesome opportunities arise. While it's important to think about your future and what you want to be doing in 5 years, don't let that plan be so concrete that you ignore opportunities around you. #Quote by Jessica Hische
Plans quotes by Smith Wigglesworth
#33. The power of God will take you out of your own plans and put you into the plan of God. #Quote by Smith Wigglesworth
Plans quotes by John Steinbeck
#34. The great owners, striking at the immediate thing, the widening government, the growing labor unity; striking at new taxes, at plans; not knowing these things are results, not causes. Results, not causes; results, not causes. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Plans quotes by Mark Feehily
#35. Few people asking about my post Westlife plans!? I'll be making a solo album of course! The process has already started actually ;) #Quote by Mark Feehily
Plans quotes by Elbert Hubbard
#36. There have always existed three ways of keeping the people loving and loyal. One is to leave them alone, to trust them and not to interfere. This plan, however, has very seldom been
practised, because the politicians regard the public as a cow to be milked, and something must be done to make it stand quiet. #Quote by Elbert Hubbard
Plans quotes by David Wong
#37. When a man plans, a woman laughs. #Quote by David Wong
Plans quotes by Avina Celeste
#38. Reduce the clutter in your life. Get rid of the things that no longer serve you: past regrets, leftover anger, old plans. Clutter doesn't just occupy the house in which you live, it occupies your mind. Learn to maintain your mind. Learn to do a daily clean up. Get rid of those unwanted thoughts. #Quote by Avina Celeste
Plans quotes by Carlos Wallace
#39. Most men can make moves, decisions, mistakes, plans, money, babies, love, war, progress, or even history. Not all men have what it takes to make a worthwhile difference in this world. Substance, drive, dedication, intelligence, faith and values; that comes from within. Its not what a MAN can make but what a MAN is made of that's impressive. #Quote by Carlos Wallace
Plans quotes by David Boehi
#40. Notice that God did much more than give Adam someone so that he wouldn't be lonely. God's solution for Adam's need was to "make him a helper suitable for him." It's important here to note that "helper" does not mean "inferior person." On the contrary, in the day when Moses penned these words, to identify a woman as a "helper" ran countercultural to the common low view of women. Moses actually elevated the sense of a woman's worth and role by calling her by the same name used in other places in the Old Testament to describe God Himself (see Pss. 30:10 and 54:4). To be called a "helper" here speaks more to the simple fact that God had plans for Adam that he could not fulfill without a mate - he was incomplete. Adam needed Eve. #Quote by David Boehi
Plans quotes by August Kubizek
#41. Externally Hitler sill appears a drifting character: he has failed at school, has no employment, has been rejected by the Academy, is in Vienna for no clearly stated purpose, lives on a pittance eked out by painting postcards. But behind this shiftless exterior Kubizek constructs what must have been there, although it was not apparent to casual acquaintances: the character of the man who, from these beginnings, without any other natural advantages besides his own personality, became the most powerful and terrible tyrant and conqueror of modern history. Here we see - along with the incipient monomania, the repetitive cliches, and the Wagnerian romanticism of his later years - the early evidence of that unbreakable will power, that extraordinary self-confidence. We see the penniless, unemployed, unemployable young Hitler, at sixteen, confidently rebuilding in his imagination the city of Linz, as he was afterwards to rebuild it in fact, and never for a moment doubting that he would one day carry out these improbable plans; we see him exercising over an elderly Austrian upholsterer that irresistible hypnotic power with which he was afterwards to seduce a whole nation; we see him, in Vienna, fortifying himself against a corrupt and purposeless society by adopting an iron asceticism, like some ancient crusader guarding himself against corruption in a pagan world. And then turning to detail, we see in Vienna, when Kubizek was closest to him, the working of Hitler's mind as it feels #Quote by August Kubizek
Plans quotes by Drew Hayden Taylor
#42. I've spent too many years explaining who and what I am repeatedly, so as of this moment I officially secede from both races. I plan to start my own separate nation. Because I am half Ojibway and half Caucasian, we will be called the Occasions. And of course, since I'm founding the new nation, I will be a Special Occasion. #Quote by Drew Hayden Taylor
Plans quotes by Tom Ridge
#43. Credible reporting indicates that Al Qaeda is moving forward with its plans to carry out a large-scale attack in the United States in an effort to disrupt our democratic process ... #Quote by Tom Ridge
Plans quotes by Stacey T. Hunt
#44. Life never goes according to plan. That's okay, because often our plans are much smaller than life intends. Probably EASIER, but smaller. #Quote by Stacey T. Hunt
Plans quotes by Sidin Vadukut
#45. each year India produces thousands upon thousands of eighteen-year olds who have little to no instructed idea of the last sixty years of Indian history. They have no idea if or how those five-year plans worked. They have no idea if or how the Non-Aligned Movement worked. They have no idea about the numerous wars India has fought against Pakistan or China. They have no idea, for instance, of what many people call the greatest threat to India's internal security: the Naxal movement. What created this Naxal movement? And why is the movement popular where it is? Our youth doesn't know. #Quote by Sidin Vadukut
Plans quotes by Brian Tracy
#46. Decide for yourself what makes you truly happy and then organize your life around it. Write down your goals and make plans to achieve them. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Plans quotes by Jon Stewart
#47. Fox opposes a Syria peace plan because its modus operandi is to foment dissent in the form of a relentless and irrational contrarianism to Barack Obama and all things Democratic, to advance its ultimate objective of creating a deliberately misinformed body politic whose fear, anger, mistrust, and discontent is the manna upon which it sustains its parasitic succubus-like existence. #Quote by Jon Stewart
Plans quotes by Shona Brown
#48. Managers who extensively plan the future get the timing wrong. #Quote by Shona Brown
Plans quotes by Kenneth Fisher
#49. Italians have always had a high savings rate. They love putting their money into their own government bonds - even more than in houses, stocks and gold. The higher rates climb, the happier they are to invest. So if austerity plans drive rates up, it's music to Italian ears. #Quote by Kenneth Fisher
Plans quotes by Margaret Atwood
#50. You're never going to kill storytelling, because it's built into the human plan. We come with it. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Plans quotes by Ricky Gervais
#51. I never had a plan. I just sort of ambled along, doing exactly what I wanted every day of my life. #Quote by Ricky Gervais
Plans quotes by Joan Rivers
#52. Russell Brand has announced that he plans to write a series of children's books. First up: 'Horton Hears a Heroin Dealer.' #Quote by Joan Rivers
Plans quotes by Billy Corgan
#53. I never wanted to leave the Smashing Pumpkins. That was never the plan. #Quote by Billy Corgan
Plans quotes by Nick Vujicic
#54. I found happiness when I realized that as imperfect as I may be, I am the perfect Nick Vujicic. I am God's creation, designed according to His plan for me. That's not to say there isn't room for improvement. I'm always trying to be better so I can better serve Him and the world! #Quote by Nick Vujicic
Plans quotes by Meg Cabot
#55. Once in a While
Once in a while you regret the road not taken
Start giving up on the plans you made
Once in a while you feel so forsaken
Wondering why so many took, not gave
Once in a while you ask, how could this happen?
How did I end up in these shoes?
But once in a while you meet a special someone
Someone who chose the same path as you
And suddenly it stops feeling so lonely
Out on that road that you had to choose
And that's when you know it all was worth it
Because once in a while dreams do come true #Quote by Meg Cabot
Plans quotes by John Green
#56. So Friday? Do you have plans for Friday? And then I laughed, because the Colonel and I didn't have plans for this Friday, or for any other Friday for the rest of our lives. #Quote by John Green
Plans quotes by Timothy Thomas Fortune
#57. We must learn to lean upon ourselves; we must learn to plan and execute business enterprises of our own; we must learn to venture our pennies if we would gain dollars. #Quote by Timothy Thomas Fortune
Plans quotes by Neeraj Narayanan
#58. Whatever we think about the future, whatever plans we make, however, we foresee certain events happening, there is some force out there that can completely change all of that. Travelling, it probably gives you more opportunities to be surprised. Do it for enough time, for long stretches, and if you are blessed enough, you may learn how to not attempt to anticipate the future, and instead live more in the present, and let the future come to you by itself. #Quote by Neeraj Narayanan
Plans quotes by Steven Wright
#59. Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow. #Quote by Steven Wright
Plans quotes by Pete Sampras
#60. The future is flying home. That's the immediate future. But long-distance future, I plan on being back. I'm not going to end my time here with that loss. #Quote by Pete Sampras
Plans quotes by Julie James
#61. You said she works at an ice-cream shop around here, right?" He made a big show of wiping the sweat off his brow. "Come to think of it, a nice double cone would really hit the spot in this heat."

Zach's expression was one of pure teenage mortification. "Yeah, because that's exactly what will help my inability to talk to her - my older brother watching and critiquing all my moves."

"I thought we'd already established that you don't have any moves."

"Now that's funny. Picking on someone half your age. Hey, here's an idea: I'll introduce you to Paige as soon as I meet this so-called smart, witty, and hot woman you're supposedly seeing. Sounds a lot like one of those made-up girlfriends who live in Niagara Falls."

"She's real. I'm seeing her tonight, in fact." They hadn't decided their specific plans yet, but Brooke had texted him last night, asking if he was free.

"Wow. You actually, like, beamed when you said that."

"Get out of here," Cade scoffed. "I did not."

"What's her name?"

Cade opened his mouth to answer, then paused.

Zach grinned. "Worried you can't say it without beaming again?"

Ridiculous. "Her name is Brooke." He deliberately maintained a straight face

Zach made a big show of studying him, presumably looking for any sign of this alleged "beaming." He stepped closer and then, with a comically scrutinizing face, slowly looked at one side of Cade's fa #Quote by Julie James
Plans quotes by Paula Nelson
#62. The best business plans are straightforward documents that spell out the who, what, where, why, and how much ... #Quote by Paula Nelson
Plans quotes by Winston Churchill
#63. Any clever person can make plans for winning a war if he has no responsibility for carrying them out. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Plans quotes by John Flavel
#64. Providence is wiser than you, and you may be confident it has suited all things better to your eternal good than you could do had you been left to your own option. #Quote by John Flavel
Plans quotes by Patricia Barry
#65. I plan to rearrange the alphabetical order because i think it has a very big error on the parts of the sequence of some letters. For example, I have just discovered that U and I should be together. #Quote by Patricia Barry
Plans quotes by T. Torrest
#66. And when your plans don't work out, when your choices turn out to be all wrong ... You find yourself alone and defeated, not knowing where to turn. #Quote by T. Torrest
Plans quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#67. Plans are deliberately indefinite, more to travel than to arrive anywhere. #Quote by Robert M. Pirsig
Plans quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#68. If the Europeans truly wish to improve their NATO contribution they can show it simply enough. They can establish professional armed forces, like those of the UK. And they can acquire more advanced technology. Indeed, unless that happens soon the gulf between the European and US capabilities will yawn so wide that it will not be possible to share the same battlefield. Alas, I do not think that sharing battlefields with our American friends - but rather disputing global primacy with them - is what European defence plans are truly about. #Quote by Margaret Thatcher
Plans quotes by Ted Cruz
#69. Obamacare is the nation's biggest job killer and stands in the way of our country's economic growth and prosperity. It should be defunded and repealed. President Obama should hear the pleas from the untold number of Americans who are losing their jobs, wages, and healthcare plans, and Congress should act immediately to stop Obamacare from inflicting any more damage on the country on our hard-working citizens. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Plans quotes by John Harris
#70. So, in what we considered the true spirit of freedom and the timeless nature of our travel plans, a few months after the sacrifice of Dave's airline ticket, the three of us ceremoniously burnt our watches, too. #Quote by John Harris
Plans quotes by Gerhard Richter
#71. I go to the studio every day, but I don't paint every day. I love playing with my architectural models. I love making plans. I could spend my life arranging things. #Quote by Gerhard Richter
Plans quotes by Julianna Deering
#72. She gave me that pert look of hers. "Would you like to know who I've invited to come help me with the wedding plans?"
Drew:"Very much. Anyone I know? King George? Mrs. Hoover?"
Madeline: "Don't be silly. George is one of your friends, not mine. And from what I hear, Mrs. Hoover is packing her things and preparing to move out of the White House."
Drew: "Very well, that leaves us with just the population of the world minus two. #Quote by Julianna Deering
Plans quotes by Roger Stone
#73. Stone's Rule #28
Never hold a meeting unless you know what result you want out of the meeting.

In both politics and business, the amount of labor and time wasted in meetings is huge.

It never ceases to shock me when I attend a meeting out to find out halfway into it that the organizers have no agenda and, by the end of it, have reached resolution on absolutely nothing.

A strong leader meticulously plans and methodically orchestrates meetings in order to achieve a desired result, or he doesn't hold them. #Quote by Roger Stone
Plans quotes by Catherine Lacey
#74. not think about time or plans or deadlines or that rust spot in my old shower that bothered me so much or that wild animal with all the teeth charging toward me called the future, #Quote by Catherine Lacey
Plans quotes by Danielle Dutton
#75. I suppose also that watching marketing and publicity stuff play out from behind the scenes, making those plans and seeing each piece fall into place or not, each year, for each book, has made me a little more tranquil about the process for my own book than I might otherwise be. #Quote by Danielle Dutton
Plans quotes by Sarah Price
#76. No matter what happened, God's plans continued to work for the betterment of His creation. #Quote by Sarah Price
Plans quotes by Helen Simonson
#77. He cursed himself for having assumed the weather would be sunny. Perhaps it was the result of evolution, he thought
some adaptive gene that allowed the English to go on making blithe outdoor plans in the face of almost certain rain. #Quote by Helen Simonson
Plans quotes by Stormie O'martian
#78. When you pray for your wife, it keeps the world at bay, it transforms selfish hearts, and it derails the devil's plans. #Quote by Stormie O'martian
Plans quotes by Seneca
#79. Why do we complain of Nature? She has shown herself kindly; life, if you know how to use it, is long. But one man is possessed by an avarice that is insatiable, another by a toilsome devotion to tasks that are useless; one man is besotted with wine, another is paralyzed by sloth; one man is exhausted by an ambition that always hangs upon the decision of others, another, driven on by the greed of the trader, is led over all lands and all seas by the hope of gain; some are tormented by a passion for war and are always either bent upon inflicting danger upon others or concerned about their own; some there are who are worn out by voluntary servitude in a thankless attendance upon the great; many are kept busy either in the pursuit of other men's fortune or in complaining of their own; many, following no fixed aim, shifting and inconstant and dissatisfied, are plunged by their fickleness into plans that are ever new; some have no fixed principle by which to direct their course, but Fate takes them unawares while they loll and yawn - so surely does it happen that I cannot doubt the truth of that utterance which the greatest of poets delivered with all the seeming of an oracle: "The part of life we really live is small."5 For all the rest of existence is not life, but merely time. Vices beset us and surround us on every side, and they do not permit us to rise anew and lift up our eyes for the discernment of truth, but they keep us down when once they have overwhelmed us and we are c #Quote by Seneca
Plans quotes by Max Lucado
#80. When we submit to God's plans, we can trust our desires. Our assignment is found at the intersection of God's plan and our pleasures. #Quote by Max Lucado
Plans quotes by Bob Cousy
#81. The NBA wasn't a big deal at that time, so it wasn't really in my career plans. #Quote by Bob Cousy
Plans quotes by J.D. Robb
#82. Any hot plans for the weekend, Peabody?"
"My usual, flicking off men like flies, breaking hearts, crushing souls. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Plans quotes by Ferdinand Foch
#83. The fundamental qualities for good execution of a plan is first; intelligence; then discernment and judgment, which enable one to recognize the best method as to attain it; the singleness of purpose; and, lastly, ... stubborn will. #Quote by Ferdinand Foch
Plans quotes by Joseph Hooker
#84. My plans are perfect, and when I start to carry them out, may God have mercy on Bobby Lee, for I shall have none. #Quote by Joseph Hooker
Plans quotes by Tonya Lampley
#85. Don't start doubting who you are and what you're capable of because things didn't go exactly the way you anticipated. Your plans have been delayed, that's all. There's probably a good reason for this. #Quote by Tonya Lampley
Plans quotes by Clive Barker
#86. You can plan to be brave - it's even better if you just try to be brave. #Quote by Clive Barker
Plans quotes by Jim DeMint
#87. I have no plans to run for president. #Quote by Jim DeMint
Plans quotes by Mark Owen
#88. As I walked past the houses, I was sure my neighbors were thinking about summer vacation plans, bills, or what baseball game they were going to watch that night. It struck me how wide the chasm was between what was going on in Afghanistan and what was happening at home. I knew my neighbors cared and supported the troops, but they had no idea what it was #Quote by Mark Owen
Plans quotes by Belva Plain
#89. It was unwise to plan too carefully. It took only one great failure to learn that lesson. #Quote by Belva Plain
Plans quotes by John Greenleaf Whittier
#90. Who fathoms the Eternal Thought? Who talks of scheme and plan? The Lord is God! He needeth not The poor device of man. #Quote by John Greenleaf Whittier
Plans quotes by Kristin Michelle Elizabeth
#91. The life of the party is actually an introverted recluse. She knows the difference between being alone and being lonely. The latter is a feeling she has yet to experience. If she invites you into her world, she plans on keeping you. #Quote by Kristin Michelle Elizabeth
Plans quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#92. This great and sombre stage is set for something more worthy than that," said he. "It is fortunate for this community that I am not a criminal." -Sherlock Holmes- (The adventure of the Bruce-Partington plans) #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Plans quotes by Clifton Fadiman
#93. Down on his luck, [the screenwriter] Michael Arlen went to New York in 1944. To drown his sorrows he paid a visit to the famous restaurant "21." In the lobby, he ran into Sam Goldwyn, who offered the somewhat impractical advice that he should buy racehorses. At the bar Arlen met Louis B. Mayer, an old acquaintance, who asked him what were his plans for the future. "I was just talking to Sam Goldwyn ..." began Arlen. "How much did he offer you? "interrupted Mayer. "Not enough," he replied evasively. "Would you take fifteen thousand for thirty weeks?" asked Mayer. No hesitation this time. "Yes," said Arlen. #Quote by Clifton Fadiman
Plans quotes by Jonathan Coulton
#94. Make good stuff, then make it easy for people to buy it. There's your anti-piracy plan. #Quote by Jonathan Coulton
Plans quotes by Philip Seymour Hoffman
#95. I try not to plan that too much. #Quote by Philip Seymour Hoffman
Plans quotes by Eoin Colfer
#96. Chaos reigned, and the survivalists eagerly unwrapped the kidskin from their crossbows.
Phase one of Opal's plan was complete. #Quote by Eoin Colfer
Plans quotes by P.T. Barnum
#97. You must exercise your caution in laying your plans, but be bold in carrying them out. #Quote by P.T. Barnum
Plans quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#98. When you have a lot of goals to accomplish, it is very important you do your own "Kaizin". Shift those that are unnecessary now to the following day and carefully deal with a bigger task in smaller bits #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Plans quotes by Brandon Mull
#99. I have plans to start a sequel series to Fablehaven around 2016. Beyonders #Quote by Brandon Mull
Plans quotes by Liza Palmer
#100. I have a theory about pink pastry boxes. So much joy comes from those boxes. When someone walks into a room with a pink pastry box, joy immediately fills the room. World peace? Three words. Pink pastry box. I get a big cup of coffee and finalize my plans for world domination. #Quote by Liza Palmer
Plans quotes by Sun Tzu
#101. and were closely pursued by Pan Ch`ao. Over 5000 heads were brought back as trophies, besides immense spoils in the shape of horses and cattle and valuables of every description. Yarkand then capitulating, Kutcha and the other kingdoms drew off their respective forces. From that time forward, Pan Ch`ao's prestige completely overawed the countries of the west." In this case, we see that the Chinese general not only kept his own officers in ignorance of his real plans, but actually took the bold step of dividing his army in order to deceive the #Quote by Sun Tzu
Plans quotes by Sarah Kay
#102. We build model ships in bottles, whispering life into the toothpicks and wire; we make plans and blueprints for the one we hope is coming. And come they do. Fleets of vessels. Battleships and barges. They arrive on the horizon, flags to the sky. #Quote by Sarah Kay
Plans quotes by Seneca.
#103. We all rush through life torn between a desire for the future and a weariness of the present. But he who devotes his time to his own needs, who plans out every day as if it were his last, neither longs for nor fears for tomorrow. How #Quote by Seneca.
Plans quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#104. He winced suddenly, and moved to arrange her on his lap. Don't put your knee there, darling, or your plans of consummating the marriage may be thrown very much into doubt. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Plans quotes by Laura Bush
#105. If I'm just at the White House, I have meetings in my office, I sign letters, I plan different things. Late in the afternoon, I'll quit working and wait for my husband to get home. #Quote by Laura Bush
Plans quotes by Auliq Ice
#106. There is no future in the past and there is no real hope in the future, only regrets, worries, plans and aim for the best. #Quote by Auliq Ice
Plans quotes by Mark Mason
#107. I was attracted to the direct connection with history that land surveyors experience in the form of plans, field notes, and from surveying monuments from decades or even centuries in the past. #Quote by Mark Mason
Plans quotes by Andrew S. Grove
#108. You need to plan the way a fire department plans: It cannot anticipate where the next fire will be, so it has to shape an energetic and efficient team that is capable of responding to the unanticipated as well as to any ordinary event. #Quote by Andrew S. Grove
Plans quotes by David Levithan
#109. But isn't this a dance? Isn't all of this a dance? Isn't that what we do with words? Isn't that what we do when we talk, when we spar, when we make plans or leave it to chance? Some of it's choreographed. Some of the steps have been done for ages. And the rest
the rest is spontaneous. The rest has to be decided on the floor, in the moment, before the music ends. #Quote by David Levithan
Plans quotes by Colin Farrell
#110. I'm in no hurry to get anywhere. I don't have any plans. I don't have a map. If you did in this business, you'd destroy yourself. #Quote by Colin Farrell
Plans quotes by Shannon A. Thompson
#111. I can't take back the past, but I can fight for the future. #Quote by Shannon A. Thompson
Plans quotes by Nora McInerny Purmort
#112. Yes, it stressed me out to be asked about my plans for my one (ONE) wild and precious life, but I will still like this phrase every time someone has turned it into art on Pinterest or Instagram. I will try not to let it stress me out. I will try to be better. I will try to bring more love to the world. #Quote by Nora McInerny Purmort
Plans quotes by Robin Hobb
#113. There is no path to the future, Fitz. The path is now. Now is all there is, or ever will be. You can change perhaps the next ten breaths in your life. But after that, random chance seizes you in its jaws again. A tree falls on you, a spider bites your ankle, and all your grand plans for winning a battle are for naught. Now is what we have Fitz, and now is where we act to stay alive. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Plans quotes by George R R Martin
#114. He made plans to keep himself sane, built castles of hope in the dark. #Quote by George R R Martin
Plans quotes by Bob Dylan
#115. Maybe someday you will understand, that something for nothing is everybody's plan. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Plans quotes by Nicole Krauss
#116. The more freedom I allow myself as a writer to wander, become lost and go into uncertain territory - and I am always trying to go to the more awkward place, the more difficult place - the more frightening it is, because I have no plan. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Plans quotes by Donald Bren
#117. My first large-scale community development opportunity was the formation of the Mission Viejo Co. - a partnership with the O'Neill Family, who owned Rancho Mission Viejo. As the young president of the company, I had the responsibility for master planning, master building and implementing the new community's development plans. #Quote by Donald Bren
Plans quotes by Maude Adams
#118. You may shelve your Shakespearian plans for the present. I am going to play Peter Pan. #Quote by Maude Adams
Plans quotes by Caroline Myss
#119. I have to trust that there is a force greater than me that also knows and sees this, and breathes with it and knows that it's part of a grander plan, and all the good things people do matter. #Quote by Caroline Myss
Plans quotes by Jim Highsmith
#120. a good set of questions to determine whether a project leader - or even an individual contributor - has an agile mindset might be, "In what specific ways and with what practices do you focus on value first and constraints last?" "In what specific ways and with what practices do you manage teams rather than tasks?" "In what specific ways and with what practices do you adapt to change rather than conform to plans?" Try these out in your organization to get a feel for your agile maturity. #Quote by Jim Highsmith
Plans quotes by Paul Goodman
#121. I often ask, "What do you want to work at? If you have the chance. When you get out of school, college, the service, etc."

Some answer right off and tell their definite plans and projects, highly approved by Papa. I'm pleased for them* but it's a bit boring, because they are such squares.

Quite a few will, with prompting, come out with astounding stereotyped, conceited fantasies, such as becoming a movie actor when they are "discovered" "like Marlon Brando, but in my own way."

Very rarely somebody will, maybe defiantly and defensively, maybe diffidently but proudly, make you know that he knows very well what he is going to do; it is something great; and he is indeed already doing it, which is the real test.

The usual answer, perhaps the normal answer, is "I don't know," meaning, "I'm looking; I haven't found the right thing; it's discouraging but not hopeless."

But the terrible answer is, "Nothing." The young man doesn't want to do anything.

I remember talking to half a dozen young fellows at Van Wagner's Beach outside of Hamilton, Ontario; and all of them had this one thing to say: "Nothing." They didn't believe that what to work at was the kind of thing one wanted. They rather expected that two or three of them would work for the electric company in town, but they couldn't care less, I turned away from the conversation abruptly because of the uncontrollable burning tears in my eyes and constriction in m #Quote by Paul Goodman
Plans quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#122. The small hopes and plans and pleasures of children should be tenderly respected by grown-up people, and never rudely thwarted or ridiculed. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Plans quotes by Amalie Benjamin
#123. I have had no discussions for [Brad] Marchand and I have no plans to trade him. #Quote by Amalie Benjamin
Plans quotes by Bradley B. Dalina
#124. If you can't reach your dreams,
If you can't achieve your goals,
If you can't meet your plans,

Least be happy each day

Success is not an annual achievement,
It's a daily achievement. #Quote by Bradley B. Dalina
Plans quotes by Katy Evans
#125. I learned you can't always count on your life plans to go your way. Sometimes some higher power somewhere has a bigger picture. Puts you where you didn't expect to be. To learn what you need to learn. Life sometimes doesn't run in the cycles it's expected to. We are all here for a blink. Life changes in a blink. We fall in love sometimes, in a blink. #Quote by Katy Evans
Plans quotes by Buffalo Bill
#126. My first plan of escape having failed, I now determined upon another. #Quote by Buffalo Bill
Plans quotes by Sufjan Stevens
#127. I'm not beholden to the public, and neither are the public beholden to me or my songs. I'm very much of a populist on those terms, I believe that the song is no longer mine anyway. I like to process the dispossession that happens when you play something live. I don't have a clue as to how these songs are going to plan out, whether they're going to be on a record. I don't know yet. #Quote by Sufjan Stevens
Plans quotes by Everance Caiser
#128. Just another case of sometimes. Sometimes fates plans are different from your own. Sometimes the beautiful things are right in your reach but you settle for things that are good enough to make you happy. Sometimes people that should be trying harder than ever, give up on you. Sometimes feelings are so strong that you decide its time to give up. Sometimes giving up is the worst thing you can do. Sometimes people think it'll all work out. Sometimes people think it'll get better in time. Sometimes people do what they can do today, tomorrow. Sometimes the most beautiful emotions are the ones that are most neglected. Sometimes people mistaken love for lust. Sometimes people miscommunicate. Sometimes people say things that they don't really mean. Sometimes people say things that they mean and just say them wrong. Sometimes people think they've moved on. Sometimes people think that they will never move on. Sometimes people share they're lives with people that they don't really love. Sometimes people let the people they really love pass through they're lives. Sometimes people chose to stay alive. Sometimes people chose to live. #Quote by Everance Caiser
Plans quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#129. Man is unique in that he has plans, purpose and goals which require the need for criteria of choice. The need for ethical value is within man whose future may largely be determined by the choice he make #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Plans quotes by Don Kardong
#130. So here's my advice to city planners. Make your city runnable. Runners are the first wave of troops bringing human activity back to the urban core of any city. Where we go, others will follow. The connection between runnability and livability is so clear (at least to me), that it's surprising that new developments consistently leave pathways out of the plans ... #Quote by Don Kardong
Plans quotes by Edward Norton
#131. For me there's always a line or two in a script, when you hit it you almost decide to do the whole movie off a line or two. You almost do it for the fun of getting to say a line or two like that. I don't have any specific plans, you know. I mean, if Seth Rogen calls with a great buddy pic, I'll be there. #Quote by Edward Norton
Plans quotes by Joel Osteen
#132. If you know you have to wait anyway, why not make a decision to enjoy your life while you're waiting? Why not be happy while God is in the process of changing things? After all, there's nothing we can really do to make it happen any faster. We might as well relax and enjoy our lives, knowing that at the appointed time God is going to bring his plan to pass. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Plans quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#133. I am often asked how it is that I am able to value people to such a deep degree. Apparently, I exhibit an ability to value others, that goes beyond ordinary. Well, the answer to that is simple. And it's not a religious answer, either. You see, it goes like this, when I look into a person's eyes, I am deeply aware of the fact that I am not only looking into the eyes of this person right here in front of me; but that I am looking into the eyes of a child, a baby, a grandparent... I am looking into the eyes of someone who has dreams at night, someone who plans for a future, someone who cries and laughs... it's not just the person standing in front of me, that I see; but I see all the persons that the individual has ever been and ever will be. I even see who they are in their dreams at night. You see, a person is much more than just a person! A person is a collection of vast and wide stories, each one good enough to read! So when I see people, I see all of these things! How can I not value a person when I see them in this way? #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Plans quotes by Sophia Bush
#134. Regardless of what you plan on when you fall in love, significant others come and go in your life. Your friends are it. My friends are my everything. #Quote by Sophia Bush
Plans quotes by Rachel Bertsche
#135. I like having plans. I like keeping them. Even if said plan is to spend an uninterrupted hour watching Friday Night Lights. If I pass the day excited about solo time on the couch with a glass of wine, pad thai, and Tim Riggins, it's hard to shift gears and muster up enthusiasm for an invitation when it comes my way. #Quote by Rachel Bertsche
Plans quotes by William S. Friday
#136. The open road, at night, looks like life.
There's only what's in front of you, insufficiently lit. #Quote by William S. Friday
Plans quotes by S.J.A. Turney
#137. the very best plans were made like an onion, with layer upon layer protecting the heart. #Quote by S.J.A. Turney
Plans quotes by Paul Cornell
#138. Big construction companies, making millions on underground developments such as this, had initially gone to the bother of bringing in cranes to lift mechanical diggers, once their work was done, out of their excavations. Then they'd realized that the cost-benefit analysis actually tipped in the direction of just finding somewhere to hide the digger and leaving it entombed in a wall, the company sometimes going just a little bit beyond the planning permission they'd been given for the few days it took to do so. Ballard had slipped someone at City Hall some cash to get a look at the plans and realized that, yes, the only place the digger could have been entombed was right up against the bank. Its #Quote by Paul Cornell
Plans quotes by Rossana Condoleo
#139. Happiness supports enthusiasm and empowers creativity and initiative.
Happiness makes you a better person in your private, family, and
work spheres.
Happiness keeps you healthy and lets you stick to your plans.
Cultivate happiness as the most precious flower in your Garden.
- From HAPPY DIVORCE, by Rossana Condoleo
gardenRossana Condoleo #Quote by Rossana Condoleo
Plans quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#140. You don't have to be strong to survive a bad situation; you simply need a plan. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Plans quotes by Vladimir Sorokin
#141. When I turn on the TV in Russia I see a general calmly claiming that our missiles are ahead of the latest American models by three five-year plans. It's a nightmare. We are creating a concept of the enemy, just as they did in the Soviet era. This is a giant step backward. #Quote by Vladimir Sorokin
Plans quotes by John Katzman
#142. Americans have learned to trust free markets. Republican or Democrat, we believe the unimpeded exchange of goods and services will yield better solutions than five-year plans set by even the most well-meaning public servants. #Quote by John Katzman
Plans quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
#143. Two days later, two days before Christmas, I am judged fat and sane enough to be kicked out of the hospital. The plan to send me straight back to New Seasons won't work. There is no room at the inn for a leather Lia-skin plumped full of messy things. Not yet. The director promises Dr. Marrigan he'll have a bed for me next week. I'm stable enough to go home until then. They all say I'm stable. #Quote by Laurie Halse Anderson
Plans quotes by Andy Stanley
#144. [God] wants you to go home, look at your bucket of seed, and determine in your heart how much you'd like to sow. He wants you to consider thoughtfully your current circumstances, your life, your potential, and your finances. He wants you to involve your family. He wants you to pray about it. And then He wants you to come up with a plan. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Plans quotes by Timothy Snyder
#145. In the euphoria of victory, Nazis tried to organize a boycott of Jewish shops. This was not very successful at first. But the practice of marking one firm as "Jewish" and another as "Aryan" with paint on the windows or walls did affect the way Germans thought about household economics. A shop marked "Jewish" had no future. It became an object of covetous plans. As property was marked as ethnic, envy transformed ethics. If shops could be "Jewish," what about other companies and properties? The wish that Jews might disappear, perhaps suppressed at first, rose as it was leavened by greed. Thus the Germans who marked shops as "Jewish" participated in the process by which Jews really did disappear - as did people who simply looked on. Accepting the markings as a natural part of the urban landscape was already a compromise with a murderous future. You #Quote by Timothy Snyder
Plans quotes by Spike Milligan
#146. We haven't got a plan so nothing can go wrong! #Quote by Spike Milligan
Plans quotes by George Lakoff
#147. Conservatives have proposed cutting pension plans and benefits like contributions to health care. Think for a moment what pensions are: Pensions are delayed payments for work already done. If employees' pensions are cut, the company is stealing their money - money they have already earned. If the corporation says it can no longer pay "generous" benefits, then the company is cutting employees' salaries. "Benefits" are not gifts; "generosity" is not at issue. Benefits are part of pay for work. Corporations #Quote by George Lakoff
Plans quotes by Dalma Heyn
#148. He was too busy checking out and checking in, making and breaking plans, buying and losing cell phones, playing computer games and pool, looking at stock quotes, and living the chaotic life that effectively took up all his energy and time. #Quote by Dalma Heyn
Plans quotes by Leisa Rayven
#149. See, that's the problem. Love is an asshole. It doesn't care about people's plans. It's never convenient. It crawls inside of you at the most ridiculous times and makes you feel, whether you like it or not. And even long after the time when you should have learned to stop loving someone, it just keeps holding on to them. Doesn't it? #Quote by Leisa Rayven
Plans quotes by Stewart Cink
#150. You play the golf course just like you played it in your practice rounds and you stick to your game plan and just try to get whatever you can out of it. #Quote by Stewart Cink
Plans quotes by Adrienne Vaughan
#151. She turned her can'ts into cans, and her DREAMS into plans! (Stuck on my screen, and always will be). #Quote by Adrienne Vaughan
Plans quotes by Barbara Kloss
#152. Life never obeys our plans, I'm afraid. #Quote by Barbara Kloss
Plans quotes by Marc Morial
#153. Technology is permeating every single thing we do ... And to the extent that we can better expose our young people to all the different ways that technology can be used, not just for video games or toys, we're planning for the future. #Quote by Marc Morial
Plans quotes by Mark Smith
#154. Demands for 3d Floor Plans have increased significantly compared to the last couple of years where only black and white layouts are the standard choice in the building or housing industry. #Quote by Mark Smith
Plans quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
#155. I am convinced that wise planning is good. But plans, like material possessions, must always be held loosely. Yes - always! Plan wisely, but be ready for God to rearrange things and take you along paths that may feel dangerous to you. Don't sweat it; He knows what He's doing. And He isn't obligated to inform you ... or request permission to upset your neat little agenda! #Quote by Charles R. Swindoll
Plans quotes by Theodore J. Nottingham
#156. Intentionality is actually the first step toward authentic spiritual awakening and the discovery of new horizons of understanding and wisdom. Intentionality is that baby step that opens the doors of perception. It requires an effort of sustained attention and commitment which is rare in our time, as our minds are distracted and reshaped by the rapid-fire stimulus of media through every possible venue. We are each responsible for reining in our attention, taking command of this power of focused awareness, and purposefully choosing how we will live the moments of our lives. We can waste and dissipate them, like leaking cisterns that can hold no water as the prophet Jeremiah said in ancient times, or we can center ourselves intentionally and live fully in the present moment which then opens a meaningful path into the future, even when our plans are not entirely clear. Intentionality calls forth the best of our human nature and all its potential. It all begins with a decision to live in such a way, a decision that we refuse to betray. We then become useful to the Universe and to our fellow human beings. That is how bliss enters our lives. #Quote by Theodore J. Nottingham
Plans quotes by Scott Westerfeld
#157. Sure, zombies can "be a metaphor." They can represent the oppressed, as in Land of the Dead, or humanity's feral nature, as in 28 Days. Or racial politics or fear of contagion or even the consumer unconscious (Night of the Living Dead, Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead). We could play this game all night.

But really, zombies are not "supposed to be metaphors." They're supposed to be friggin' zombies. They follow the Zombie Rules: they rise from death to eat the flesh of the living, they shuffle in slow pursuit (or should, anyway), and most important, they multiply exponentially. They bring civilization down, taking all but the most resourceful, lucky and well-armed among us, whom they save for last. They make us the hunted; all of us.

That's the stuff zombies are supposed to do. Yes, they make excellent symbols, and metaphors, and have kick-ass mythopoeic resonance to boot. But their main job is to follow genre conventions, to play with and expand the Zombie Rules, to make us begin to see the world as a place colored by our own zombie contingency plans. […]

Stories are the original virtual reality device; their internal rules spread out into reality around us like a bite-transmitted virus, slowly but inexorably consuming its flesh. They don't just stand around "being metaphors" whose sole purpose is to represent things in the real world; they eat the real world. #Quote by Scott Westerfeld
Plans quotes by Russell Anthony Gibbs
#158. Know that you are God/the Universe and that anywhere you aim/focus your consciousness you create reality in one of the infinite physical and nonphysical realms. It all begins with thought, contemplation, prayer, dreams, plans, desires or any method of focusing your consciousness. If you wish to praise or blame God/the Universe for something, you should do it in a mirror. It is you and has always been you in charge of all reality. #Quote by Russell Anthony Gibbs
Plans quotes by Robert Jordan
#159. Always plan for the worst, child, that way all your surprises are pleasant ones. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Plans quotes by Robert Greene
#160. If you are armed with knowledge, if you are aware that certain dynamics are at play then you have options. You can play defense, you can ignore certain person and take the consequences perhaps with a game plan in mind and it goes on, you've increased your options. #Quote by Robert Greene
Plans quotes by Dee Hock
#161. Far better than a precise plan is a clear sense of direction and compelling beliefs. And that lies within you. The question is, how do you evoke it? #Quote by Dee Hock
Plans quotes by Mike Figgis
#162. I had no plans to be a director. #Quote by Mike Figgis
Plans quotes by Joseph Stilwell
#163. The Limeys want us in even with our hastily made plans and our half-trained and half-equipped troops. #Quote by Joseph Stilwell
Plans quotes by Kayambila Mpulamasaka
#164. When things don't go according to plan, plan according to how things go. #Quote by Kayambila Mpulamasaka
Plans quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#165. My books have all been very deeply felt. You don't spend eight years of your life working on a trendy knockoff. In that sense I've been serious. But I don't do lots of things that other serious writers do. I don't write book reviews. I don't sit on panels about the state of the novel. I don't go to writer conferences. I don't teach writing seminars. I don't hang out at Yaddo or MacDowell. I'm not concerned with my reputation as a writer and where I stand relative to other writers. I'm not competitive or professionally ambitious. I don't think about my work and my career in an overarching or systematic way. I don't think about myself, as I think most writers do, as progressing toward some ideal of greatness. There's no grand plan. All I know is that I write the books I want to write. All that other stuff is meaningless to me. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
Plans quotes by E. M. Bounds
#166. WE are constantly on a stretch, if not on a strain, to devise new methods, new plans, new organizations to advance the Church and secure enlargement and efficiency for the gospel. This trend of the day has a tendency to lose sight of the man or sink the man in the plan or organization. God's plan is to make much of the man, far more of him than of anything else. Men are God's method. The Church is looking for better methods; God is looking for better men. There was a man sent from God whose name was John. #Quote by E. M. Bounds
Plans quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#167. I don't have time to beat around the bush. The health-care plan as proposed by Mrs. Clinton is socialism. There's no soft way to peddle it. There is not other way to describe it. #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Plans quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#168. Life isn't fair." I said. "It's taken me a while to get that. It's always going to disappoint you in some way or another. You'll make plans, and it'll push you in another direction. You will love people, and they'll be taken away no matter how hard you fight to keep them. You'll try for something and won't get it. You don't have to find meaning in it; you don't have to try to change things. You just have to accept the things that are out of your hands and try to take care of yourself. That's your job. #Quote by Alexandra Bracken
Plans quotes by James C. Collins
#169. 10Xers distinguish themselves by an ability to recognize defining moments that call for disrupting their plans, changing the focus of their intensity, and/or rearranging their agenda, because of opportunity or peril, or both. #Quote by James C. Collins
Plans quotes by Babatunde Adebimpe
#170. I was living in a loft with Dave Sitek - this loft full of people just working on their stuff. Some were painting, some were writing. Any plans you had were kind of like a plan for the next two months. #Quote by Babatunde Adebimpe
Plans quotes by Hillary Clinton
#171. It is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. We need more than a plan for the big banks. The middle class needs a raise. And we need more jobs. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Plans quotes by Anonymous
#172. A company that insures cellphones and other tech devices is expected to announce plans to open a service call center in Las Vegas that would provide up to 800 jobs within five years. #Quote by Anonymous
Plans quotes by Alexander Freed
#173. Galen: New research and technological development is out of the question at this juncture. Work up a full proposal for the exhaust port solution and send the plans to Vodran for SSCR. [Document #Quote by Alexander Freed
Plans quotes by Armando Iannucci
#174. Any president's second term ends up being quite messy. It never goes quite according to plan. #Quote by Armando Iannucci
Plans quotes by Graham Owen
#175. He is fascinated by their lack of conventional hierarchy or structure and loves how the forces of capital have subverted plans to control and order space. #Quote by Graham Owen
Plans quotes by Tim Sanders
#176. Go back into your yesterdays, at times, and bathe your mind in the beautiful memories of past love. It will soften the influence of the present worries and annoyances. It will give you a source of escape from the unpleasant realities of life and maybe - who knows? - your mind will yield to you, during this temporary retreat into the world of . . . plans which may change the entire financial or spiritual status of your life. #Quote by Tim Sanders
Plans quotes by Gertrude Stein
#177. One of the things that is most striking about the young generation is that they never talk about their own futures, there are no futures for this generation, not any of them and so naturally they never think of them. It is very striking, they do not live in the present they just live, as well as they can, and they do not plan. It is extraordinary that whole populations have no projects for a future, none at all. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
Plans quotes by Michael Baisden
#178. Start working your plan today to set yourself free tomorrow. #Quote by Michael Baisden
Plans quotes by Cee Lo Green
#179. Meanwhile, NBC and I plan to continue our relationship with several new co-ventures including a new music show, while we also explore our ideas for me to create and host a new show of my own. I will not go quietly into the night ... expect more great music and entertainment done in my own unique unmistakable and undeniable way. The Voice has given me all the altitude and incentive to do just that. Thanks for the memories and make way for many more! #Quote by Cee Lo Green
Plans quotes by Bible
#180. Commit your work to the Lord, and then your plans will succeed." (Proverbs 16:3). #Quote by Bible
Plans quotes by Pipilotti Rist
#181. I'm always in awe of and respect humans for their ability to plan, but sometimes, good intentions are lost along the way. And often the way becomes the goal. #Quote by Pipilotti Rist
Plans quotes by Barack Obama
#182. If you have health insurance, then you don't have to do anything. If you've got health insurance through your employer, you can keep your health insurance, keep your choice of doctor, keep your plan. #Quote by Barack Obama
Plans quotes by Katie Kacvinsky
#183. Dylan doesn't make plans. She unmakes plans. She has planaphobia. The fear of plans. #Quote by Katie Kacvinsky
Plans quotes by Jim Hamilton
#184. I couldn't imagine, you know, God having a plan for my life. I thought I planned my life out. #Quote by Jim Hamilton
Plans quotes by Sergey Brin
#185. Currently we don't have plans on conquering the world. #Quote by Sergey Brin
Plans quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#186. Sent him to the Harvard Business School to study the minds of the movers and shakers who were screwing up our economy for their own immediate benefit, taking money earmarked for research and development and new machinery and so on, and putting it into monumental retirement plans and year-end bonuses for themselves. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Plans quotes by Ernesto Che Guevara
#187. His wife spotted the danger in our resolutely bohemian ways.
"You have only one year left before you qualify as a doctor and yet you're going away? You have no idea when you'll be back? But why?"
We couldn't give precise answers to her desperate questions and this horrified her ... #Quote by Ernesto Che Guevara
Plans quotes by Will Evans
#188. True strategy is about placing bets and making hard choices under conditions of uncertainty, not about assuming plans can remove risk. #Quote by Will Evans
Plans quotes by Emily St. John Mandel
#189. No more social media, no more scrolling through litanies of dreams and nervous hopes and photographs of lunches, cries for help and expressions of contentment and relationship-status updates with heart icons whole or broken, plans to meet up later, pleas, complaints, desires, pictures of babies dressed as bears or peppers for Halloween. No more reading and commenting on the lives of others, and in so doing, feeling slightly less alone in the room. No #Quote by Emily St. John Mandel
Plans quotes by Brad Meltzer
#190. On the day my daughter was born, I started writing a book for her. The plan was that, over the course of her life, I'd fill it with advice on how to be a strong woman. But along the way, I got caught up in the stories of Amelia Earhart, Sally Ride, and so many others. So how do you pick the best heroes for your kids? #Quote by Brad Meltzer
Plans quotes by Leo Burnett
#191. Plan the sale when you plan the ad. #Quote by Leo Burnett
Plans quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#192. Sartaq chuckled. "I did. But I also told him that the woman I love now plans to head into war. And I intend to follow her. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Plans quotes by Caroline Wells Healey Dall
#193. Let us candidly confess our indebtedness to the needle. How many hours of sorrow has it softened, how many bitter irritations calmed, how many confused thoughts reduced to order, how many life-plans sketched in purple! #Quote by Caroline Wells Healey Dall
Plans quotes by Darynda Jones
#194. They were back. The demons in all their glory. And they had a plan. I made plans sometimes, too, but they rarely involved world domination. Hot dogs on a grill, maybe. Tequila. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Plans quotes by Louie Giglio
#195. God's plans for your life far exceed the circumstances of your day. #Quote by Louie Giglio
Plans quotes by William J. Clinton
#196. And I have a plan to do even better, to end welfare as we know it #Quote by William J. Clinton
Plans quotes by John Guillebaud
#197. Should we now explain to UK couples who plan a family that stopping at two children, or at least having one less than first intended, is the simplest and biggest contribution anyone can make to leaving a habitable planet for our grandchildren? #Quote by John Guillebaud
Plans quotes by Jon Stewart
#198. It upset me that, five days after the hurricane hit down in New Orleans, the President's plan was for a day of prayer. I would have thought a truck of food. A day of prayer. Now, maybe I'm mistaken here and, again, I'm not a scientific expert, but isn't a hurricane officially an act of God? Isn't a day of prayer kind of redundant? Hasn't God already made up his mind on that sort of thing? So we do a day of prayer. The President has his stupid day of prayer. Three days later, Hurricane Rita hits. Somebody must have said something ... something like, is that all you got? #Quote by Jon Stewart
Plans quotes by Stormie O'martian
#199. Having absolutes in our life is freeing. Parents who love their children give them rules for their protection, and God does the same for His children. As a child of God, His laws free you to move into the plans and purposes He has for you. From His Word you find out what works and what doesn't work and never will. You don't have to wander down paths that will hurt you, rob you, ruin your life, and take you far away from the fulfillment and purpose God has for you. That's why God's Word is His love letter to you. #Quote by Stormie O'martian
Plans quotes by Gordon Taylor
#200. David Beckham is a patriot, and I am sure he will help in any way he can. Beckham needs to be part of any future plans to remould the England set-up. Beckham and players like him need to be integrated into the set-up in the same way that the Germans take on board former players from Beckenbauer to Rummenigge. #Quote by Gordon Taylor

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