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Planned Economy quotes by Leonard Read
#1. Such terms as communism, socialism, Fabianism, the welfare state, Nazism, fascism, state interventionism, egalitarianism, the planned economy, the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the New Frontier are simply different labels for much the same thing. #Quote by Leonard Read
Planned Economy quotes by Albert Einstein
#2. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that a planned economy is not yet socialism. A planned economy as such may be accompanied by the complete enslavement of the individual. The achievement of socialism requires the solution of some extremely difficult socio-political problems: how is it possible, in view of the far-reaching centralisation of political and economic power, to prevent bureaucracy from becoming all-powerful and overweening? How can the rights of the individual be protected and therewith a democratic counterweight to the power of bureaucracy be assured? #Quote by Albert Einstein
Planned Economy quotes by A.E. Samaan
#3. The right to "liberty" and "pursuit" of happiness is incompatible with a government that makes choices for you. #Quote by A.E. Samaan
Planned Economy quotes by Ron Paul
#4. To condemn free-market capitalism because of anything going on today makes no sense. There is no evidence that capitalism exists today. We are deeply involved in an interventionist-planned economy that allows major benefits to accrue to the politically connected of both political parties. One may condemn the fraud and the current system, but it must be called by its proper names - Keynesian inflationism, interventionism, and corporatism. #Quote by Ron Paul
Planned Economy quotes by A.E. Samaan
#5. The desire to engineer humanity is a sign of a mind warped by megalomania and lust for power. #Quote by A.E. Samaan
Planned Economy quotes by A.E. Samaan
#6. Centralization is an abomination! Decentralize everything! Leave nothing to the central planners. #Quote by A.E. Samaan
Planned Economy quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#7. It suffices here to say that the planned economy which the advocates of dictatorship wish to set up is precisely as socialistic as the Socialism propagated by the self-styled Social Democrats. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Planned Economy quotes by Fidel Castro
#8. There is not Communism or Marxism, but representative democracy and social justice in a well-planned economy. #Quote by Fidel Castro
Planned Economy quotes by Anthony Lewis
#9. East and West, most societies have come to believe that competition will produce more prosperity for more people than a planned economy. I share that belief. #Quote by Anthony Lewis
Planned Economy quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#10. The fully planned economy, so far from being unpopular, is warmly regarded by those who know it best. #Quote by John Kenneth Galbraith
Planned Economy quotes by Noam Chomsky
#11. There are lots of planned economies-the United States is a planned economy, for example. I mean, we talk ourselves as a "free market", but that's baloney. The only parts of the U.S. economy that are internationally competitive are the planned parts, the state-subsidized parts--like capital-intensive agriculture (which has a state-guaranteed market as a cushion in case there are excesses); or high-technology industry (which is dependent on the Pentagon system); or pharmaceuticals (which is massively subsidized by publically funded research). Those are the parts of the U.S. economy that are functioning well. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Planned Economy quotes by Albert Shanker
#12. It's time to admit that public education operates like a planned economy, a bureaucratic system in which everybody's role is spelled out in advance and there are few incentives for innovation and productivity. It's no surprise that our school system doesn't improve: It more resembles the communist economy than our own market economy. #Quote by Albert Shanker
Planned Economy quotes by A.E. Samaan
#13. A "centrally planned economy" by definition discourages and despises participation by the masses. It's a bureaucratic oligarchy. #Quote by A.E. Samaan
Planned Economy quotes by Paul Johnson
#14. It is one of the many ironies of this period that, at a time when the intelligentsia were excoriating Mellon for tax-evasion, and contrasting the smooth-running Soviet planned economy with the breakdown in America, he was secretly exploiting the frantic necessities of the Soviet leaders to form the basis of one of America's most splendid public collections #Quote by Paul Johnson
Planned Economy quotes by Anne Applebaum
#15. A totalitarian regime thus has one political party, one educational system, one artistic creed, one centrally planned economy, one unified media, and one moral code. In a totalitarian state there are no independent schools, no private businesses, no grassroots organizations, and no critical thought. #Quote by Anne Applebaum
Planned Economy quotes by Chapo Trap House
#16. Finally, as 9/11 fell on December 7, 1941, America entered World War II, and wouldn't you know it, the US actually recovered from the Depression. It turned out that with state control of production and jobs for all, a nation could spend its way out of misery. Of course, this proof of concept of planned economies was instead interpreted as a reason to constantly go to war. #Quote by Chapo Trap House
Planned Economy quotes by A.E. Samaan
#17. Neither Fascist Italy nor Spain adopted eugenics as an ideology central to their form of government the way the National Socialist did. However, socialist and progressive nations such as Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Norway did adopt and implement eugenics. This is because eugenics is the safety valve of a centrally planned economy. Central planners like John Maynard Keynes fear a population that is not as meticulously planned as the economy. They fear the unproductive sectors out-breeding the productive sectors of the population. This is also why Keynes was a lobbyist for the British eugenics movement both before and after The Holocaust. #Quote by A.E. Samaan
Planned Economy quotes by Jon Katz
#18. Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. We live in a fragmented and disconnected culture. Politics are ugly, religion is struggling, technology is stressful, and the economy is unfortunate. What's one thing that we have in our lives that we can depend on? A dog or a cat loving us unconditionally, every day, very faithfully. #Quote by Jon Katz
Planned Economy quotes by Richard Overy
#19. It is sometimes suggested that the [Nazi economic] recovery was a product of a specific fascist economic strategy, which distinguished it from the recovery efforts of other capitalist states. While few would disagree that the Nazi regime had a number of clear ideological preferences when it came to the economy, the policies pursued in 1933 had much in common with those adopted in other countries, and with the policies of the pre-Hitler governments. #Quote by Richard Overy
Planned Economy quotes by Steve Case
#20. So you have to force yourself out of a comfort zone and really try to figure out what are the key ingredients, the key skill sets, the key perspectives that are necessary, and then figure out a way to attract the very best people to fill those particular roles. #Quote by Steve Case
Planned Economy quotes by Rob Sheffield
#21. You have blundered into an adult existence you don't understand, and you can't tell whether you planned it this way or whether you screwed up big-time, though it's too late either way. #Quote by Rob Sheffield
Planned Economy quotes by John Steinbeck
#22. She planted that terror of debt so deeply in her children that even now, in a changed economic pattern where indebtedness is a part of living, I become restless when a bill is two days overdue. Olive never accepted the time-payment plan when it became popular. A thing bought on time was a thing you did not own and for which you were in debt. She saved for things she wanted, and this meant that the neighbours had new gadgets as much as two years before we did. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Planned Economy quotes by Virgilia Peterson
#23. Words have their genealogy, their history, their economy, their literature, their art and music, as too they have their weddings and divorces, their successes and defeats, their fevers, their undiagnosable ailments, their sudden deaths. They also have their moral and social distinctions. #Quote by Virgilia Peterson
Planned Economy quotes by George Gilder
#24. The risk-bearing role of the rich cannot be performed so well by anyone else. The benefits of capitalism still depend on capitalists. The other groups on the pyramid of wealth should occasionally turn from the spectacles of consumption long enough to see the adventure on the frontiers of the economy above them - an adventure not without its note of nobility ... #Quote by George Gilder
Planned Economy quotes by Janet Frame
#25. The idea was to have a basin inverted on his head and his hair cut to the shape of it. Skill and money were not needed. Then the idea grew that it was more convenient to leave the basin on his head. Stray thoughts were trimmed along with stray hair; brain-vines, tentacles of thought, were not encouraged to wander. Then, in the interests of human economy, the head of adaptable man became a basin of uniform shape - a basin, a crash helmet. Safe at last; no more thought-cuts. #Quote by Janet Frame
Planned Economy quotes by Patricia Hewitt
#26. You've got to respond to that and of course thinking through the role of a left party in the modern world, in the modern economy and society and having a policy response to that. #Quote by Patricia Hewitt
Planned Economy quotes by Tim Walz
#27. If giving tax breaks to millionaires created jobs or grew our economy, I would be in favor of them, but they are the same failed policies of the past that just don't work. #Quote by Tim Walz
Planned Economy quotes by Jack Daly
#28. Building a business is a creative act. Few of us realize when we start out that we are creating not only a company but a culture. That's because it's usually not planned. It just happens. While everyone is focused on something else, making sales, providing service, sending out invoices, a little community springs up. It has its own unspoken customs, traditions, modes of dress and speech, and rules of behavior. By the time you become aware of it, the culture is often well established and it will probably be a reflection of your personality. #Quote by Jack Daly
Planned Economy quotes by Michael Lewis
#29. Back in 1921 Veblen had predicted that engineers would one day rule the U.S. economy. He argued that since the economy was premised on technology and the engineers were the only ones who actually understood how the technology worked, they would inevitably use their superior knowledge to seize power from the financiers and captains of industry who wound up on top at the end of the first round of the Industrial Revolution. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Planned Economy quotes by Robert Henri
#30. Art tends toward balance, order, judgment of relative values, the laws of growth, the economy of living – very good things for anyone to be interested in. #Quote by Robert Henri
Planned Economy quotes by Barack Obama
#31. Climate change poses a direct threat to the infrastructure of America that we need to stay competitive in this 21st-century economy. #Quote by Barack Obama
Planned Economy quotes by Lucan
#32. Let him leave the imperial court, who wishes to be virtuous. Virtue and absolute power cannot coexist. #Quote by Lucan
Planned Economy quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#33. Few can believe that suffering, especially by others, is in vain. Anything that is disagreeable must surely have beneficial economic effects. #Quote by John Kenneth Galbraith
Planned Economy quotes by Lynn Kurland
#34. He pulled himself back up straight into his chair. Then, before she had any idea what he'd planned, he pulled her down into his lap. She fell, surprised. His embrace was passionless; more comforting than anything. She didn't mind. It was too late at night for anything else. Richard yawned as he snuggled her close and rested his cheek against the top of her head. "I'm not good at apologizing," he said with another yawn. She pulled back and put her hand over his mouth. "Yes, you are. Apology accepted. #Quote by Lynn Kurland
Planned Economy quotes by John Steinbeck
#35. And the great owners, who must lose their land in an upheaval, the great owners with access to history, with eyes to read history and to know the great fact: when property accumulates in too few hands it is taken away. And that companion fact: when a majority of the people are hungry and cold they will take by force what they need. And the little screaming fact that sounds through all history: repression works only to strengthen and knit the repressed. The great owners ignored the three cries of history. The land fell into fewer hands, the number of the dispossessed increased, and every effort of the great owners was directed at repression. The money was spent for arms, for gas to protect the great holdings, and spies were sent to catch the murmuring of revolt so that it might be stamped out. The changing economy was ignored, plans for the change ignored; and only means to destroy revolt were considered, while the causes of revolt went on. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Planned Economy quotes by Barbara Castle
#36. If you've got unemployment, low pay, that was just too bad. But that was the system. That was the sort of economy and philosophy against which I was fighting in the 1930s. #Quote by Barbara Castle
Planned Economy quotes by Silas House
#37. I always tell my writing students that every good piece of writing begins with both a mystery and a love story. And that every single sentence must be a poem. And that economy is the key to all good writing. And that every character has to have a secret. #Quote by Silas House
Planned Economy quotes by Bill Maher
#38. The other financial genius, John McCain, said the fundamentals of our economy are strong, and then yesterday he wanted to fire the head of the SEC
except you can't as president fire the SEC chairman, it's a non-governmental job. Sarah Palin said today one more gaffe from McCain, and she's going to drop him from the ticket. #Quote by Bill Maher
Planned Economy quotes by Rachel Wolchin
#39. My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. #Quote by Rachel Wolchin
Planned Economy quotes by Brian Behlendorf
#40. Engineers in the developed world should be arguing not for protectionism but for trade agreements that seek to establish rules that result in a real rise in living standards. This will ensure that outsourcing is a positive force in the developing nation's economy and not an exploitative one. #Quote by Brian Behlendorf
Planned Economy quotes by Jeanette Winterson
#41. In the economy of the body, the limbic highway takes precedence over the neural pathways. We were designed and built to feel, and there is no thought, no state of mind, that is not also a feeling state.
Nobody can feel too much, though many of us work very hard at feeling too little.
Feeling is frightening. #Quote by Jeanette Winterson
Planned Economy quotes by John McCain
#42. Suppose that climate change is not real and all we do is adopt green technologies, which our economy and our technology is perfectly capable of. Then all we've done is given our kids a cleaner world. #Quote by John McCain
Planned Economy quotes by Isaac Asimov
#43. You must have minimalism because every change, any change, has myriad side effects that can't always be allowed for. If the change is too great and the side effects too many, then it becomes certain that the outcome will be far removed from anything you've planned and that it would be entirely unpredictable. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Planned Economy quotes by Michael Nutter
#44. Our economy grows from the middle out, not the top down. #Quote by Michael Nutter
Planned Economy quotes by Ellen Galinsky
#45. Child care is an invisible part of the economy. #Quote by Ellen Galinsky
Planned Economy quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
#46. It's not just global warming, it's not just a loss of biodiversity, it's not just the pollution of our oceans and the clearing of our rainforests and all these complicated systems, The [11th Hour] movie talks about the world economy, it talks about politics, it talks about personal transformation and environmental consciousness that we need to have in this generation to implement a lot of these changes that need to occur. #Quote by Leonardo DiCaprio
Planned Economy quotes by Lou Dobbs
#47. The fact is whether one looks at this [outsourcing] in terms of men and women, working men and women in this country who are simply being screwed, or whether one looks at this in terms of corporations who are benefiting, the fact is it is certainly not helping the American economy. #Quote by Lou Dobbs
Planned Economy quotes by Werner Herzog
#48. I never planned my career in steps. It's all coming at me like burglars in the night. #Quote by Werner Herzog
Planned Economy quotes by Keith Richards
#49. I don't like to go into the studio with all the songs worked out and planned before hand ... you've got to give the band something to use its imagination on as well. That can make a very ordinary song come alive into something totally different ... the X-factor - so important in rock and roll - which is the feel.. #Quote by Keith Richards
Planned Economy quotes by Howard Schultz
#50. I do think - as self-serving as it sounds - that I was the right person, given the very, very strong headwind we had from the economy and our own issues, to come back and rewrite the future of the company. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Planned Economy quotes by Felix Rohatyn
#51. Fairness does not require the redistribution of wealth;
it requires the creation of wealth, geared to an economy
that can provide employment for everyone able and willing to work. #Quote by Felix Rohatyn
Planned Economy quotes by Bakari Kitwana
#52. My hope is to get young people to think about ways that they can translate hip-hop's great cultural movement into political power that can change the conditions for America's young, so that young people upon graduating from high school who don't have economic means to go to college can realize other options beyond joining the military and fighting in wars that enrich corporations like Halliburton which should feel guilty about profiteering off of a war that is being fought on the backs of those locked out of America's mainstream economy. #Quote by Bakari Kitwana
Planned Economy quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
#53. Even if the economy crashes, we will still burn oil. #Quote by Robert Kiyosaki
Planned Economy quotes by John McAfee
#54. When we do not understand something, a common reaction is to fear it. In government, this is the usual, and encouraged, reaction. The reaction to the gig economy has been no different, and this growing fear has unfortunately turned into a legislative bloodbath. #Quote by John McAfee
Planned Economy quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev
#55. What happened to the Soviet Union happened mainly for domestic reasons. It was a failure of the model based on a command economy and dictatorship. The rejection of freedom and democracy, the decisionmaking monopoly of one party, and the monopoly of one ideology all had a chilling effect on the country. That model turned out to be incapable of making structural changes. It did not open up ways for initiative and was overly centralized. #Quote by Mikhail Gorbachev
Planned Economy quotes by William E. Gladstone
#56. Economy is the first and great article (economy such as I understand it) in my financial creed. The controversy between direct and indirect taxation holds a minor, though important place. #Quote by William E. Gladstone
Planned Economy quotes by Van Jones
#57. The chief moral obligation of the 21st Century is to build a green economy that is strong enough to lift people out of poverty. Those communities that were locked out of the last century's pollution-based economy must be locked into the new, clean and renewable economy. Our youth need green-collar jobs, not jails. #Quote by Van Jones
Planned Economy quotes by Gerald Chertavian
#58. The Opportunity Divide doesn't just keep our students disconnected from the mainstream economy; it prevents our businesses from growing. #Quote by Gerald Chertavian

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