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Placing In Gods Hands quotes by George R R Martin
#1. Harwin's eyes went from her face to the flayed man on her doublet. "How do you know me?" he said, frowning suspiciously. "The flayed man ... who are you, some serving boy to Lord Leech?"
For a moment she did not know how to answer. She'd had so many names. Had she only dreamed Arya Stark? "I'm a girl," she sniffed. "I was Lord Bolton's cupbearer but he was going to leave me for the goat, so I ran off with Gendry and Hot Pie. You have to know me! You used to lead my pony, when I was little."
His eyes went wide. "Gods be good," he said in a choked voice. "Arya Underfoot? Lem, let go of her."
"She broke my nose." Lem dumped her unceremoniously to the floor. "Who in seven hells is she supposed to be?"
"The Hand's daughter." Harwin went to one knee before her. "Arya Stark, of Winterfell. #Quote by George R R Martin
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by William Madsen
#2. ...the Virgin of Guadalupe was not a mere Christian front for the worship of a pagan goddess. The adoration of Guadalupe represented a profound change of Aztec religious belief...The pagan Tonantzin was a dual-natured earth goddess who fed her Mexican children and devoured their corpses. She wore a necklace of human hands and hearts with a human skull hanging over her flaccid breasts, which nursed both gods and men. her idol depicts her as a monster with two streams of blood shaped like serpents flowing from her neck. Like other major deities in the Aztec pantheon, Tonantzin was both a creator and destroyer...The Christian ideals of beauty, love, and mercy associated with the Virgin of Guadalupe were never attributed to the pagan deity."
William Madsen, "Religious Syncretism", Handbook of Middle American Indians, Vol. 6, p.378. #Quote by William Madsen
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Victor Hugo
#3. We are in the hands of those gods, those monsters, those giants: our thoughts. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Johnny Cash
#4. God's the final judge for Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash too. That's solely in the hands of God. #Quote by Johnny Cash
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#5. The Christian soul knows it needs Divine Help and therefore turns to Him Who loved us even while we were yet sinners. Examination of conscience, instead of inducing morbidity, thereby becomes an occasion of joy. There are two ways of knowing how good and loving God is. One is by never losing Him, through the preservation of innocence, and the other is by finding Him after one has lost Him. Repentance is not self-regarding, but God-regarding. It is not self-loathing, but God-loving. Christianity bids us accept ourselves as we really are, with all our faults and our failings and our sins. In all other religions, one has to be good to come to God - in Christianity one does not. Christianity might be described as a "come as you are" party. It bids us stop worrying about ourselves, stop concentrating on our faults and our failings, and thrust them upon the Saviour with a firm resolve of amendment. The examination of conscience never induces despair, always hope…Because examination of conscience is done in the light of God's love, it begins with a prayer to the Holy Spirit to illumine our minds. A soul then acts toward the Spirit of God as toward a watchmaker who will fix our watch. We put a watch in his hands because we know he will not force it, and we put our souls in God's hands because we know that if he inspects them regularly they will work as they should…it is true that, the closer we get to God, the more we see our defects. A painting reveals few defects under candlelight, #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Walter Brueggemann
#6. The power of the future lies not in the hands of those who believe in scarcity but of those who trust God's abundance. #Quote by Walter Brueggemann
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Arthur W. Pink
#7. God's supremacy over the works of his hands is vividly depicted in Scripture. Inanimate matter, irrational creatures, all perform their Maker's bidding. At his pleasure the Red Sea divided and its waters stood up as walls (Exod. 14); and the earth opened her mouth, and guilty rebels went down alive into the pit (Num. 16). When he so ordered, the sun stood still (Josh. 10); and on another occasion went backward ten degrees on the dial of Ahaz (Isa. 38:8). To exemplify his supremacy, he made ravens carry food to Elijah (1 Kings 17), iron to swim on top of the waters (2 Kings 6:5), lions to be tame when Daniel was cast into their den, fire to burn not when the three Hebrews were flung into its flames. Thus "Whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places" (Ps. 135:6). #Quote by Arthur W. Pink
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Elizabeth May
#8. She didn't get this pish from you, did she? Because I'm still looking for a reason to lop off one of your appendages after what you did to her, and this looks like the perfect excuse."

"For god's sake," I mutter.

Gavin backs up with his hands raised. "Don't blame me. I might have presented the idea, but she's the one who sauntered off with it."

Derrick narrows his eyes. "Aileana, is that true?"

"Yes," I snap. "Well, not the sauntering. I don't saunter."

"Does . . . this mean I get to keep my appendages?" Gavin asks.

"For now," Derrick says, holding up the needle in a clear threat. #Quote by Elizabeth May
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Anton Szandor LaVey
#9. Anyone who thinks of Satan as evil should consider all the men, women, children, and animals who have died because it was "God's will." Certainly a person grieving the untimely loss of a loved one would much rather have their loved one with them than in God's hands! #Quote by Anton Szandor LaVey
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by M.A. Church
#10. You sound surprised."
"Not surprised, really. It's just that…." Heller flashed me a sheepish look. "I haven't actually told him I love him."
"Really?" I assumed he had. Didn't mates do that?
"Really, and I don't know why I haven't since I started falling in love with him the moment I looked into those sexy gunmetal eyes of his. Gods, those eyes of his. It's like rolling in catnip."
I leaned against my truck. Oh, this was almost too good. "Is this you waxing poetically?"
"Don't hate me because I have great hair and a way with words. Jeez, Remi, I do. I do love him. Wow." Heller looked at me, a happy smile plastered on his face. "I feel so much lighter now that I said it. I love him."
"Of course you do. He's your mate."
Heller's smiled
dipped. "It's not that simple, and you damn well know it. Are you saying you love Marshell?"
"Whoa, there." I held up my hands - like that was going to stop him. "I just met him. #Quote by M.A. Church
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Ibn Hazm
#11. Of Love
may God exalt you! -the first part is jesting, and the last part is right earnestness. So majestic are its diverse aspects, they are too subtle to be described; their reality can only be apprehended by personal experience. Love is neither disapproved by Religion, nor prohibited by the Law; for every heart is in God's hands. #Quote by Ibn Hazm
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Joseph Stephen
#12. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth." Psalm 127:4

Arrows in the wrong hands can cause a lot of destruction. Well-trained arrows, however, can save a nation. No arrow will change course mid-flight. I am not saying that a right environment guarantees our children's salvation. It most certainly does not. Children are born sinners. We do however, give them a great head start by helping them to curb passions and learn self-control and other godly traits. They must ultimately repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ for personal salvation, and they will still deal with sin as we all must. We do, however, prepare the soil for receiving the seed of God's word. Seed sown in good soil will bear much fruit. #Quote by Joseph Stephen
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Gerhard Tersteegen
#13. Let none, however difficult the circumstances, consider himself as debarred from the way of holiness. Have we but God and the cross of Christ, we have the means for becoming altogether holy in our walk and conversation. What dungeon is there that can shut us out from this? Only let us use the present location and means faithfully and truly, taking them from God's hand, and we shall find him able to free us from all that is really a hindrance. Let us each one desire to be a saint in his own place and calling, instead of building 'castles in the air' of future holiness. #Quote by Gerhard Tersteegen
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Paul Crouch
#14. God we proclaim death to anything or anyone that will lift a hand against this network and ministry that belongs to you God. It is your work, your idea, it is your property, it is your airwaves, it is your world. We proclaim death to anything that would stand in the way of God's great voice of proclamation to the whole world. In the name of Jesus and all the people said Amen! #Quote by Paul Crouch
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Martin Luther
#15. God's work is accomplished when we use the resources given to us. He wants us to use our resources but not put our trust in them. While it's true that hardworking hands bring wealth, it's also true that only the Lord's blessing brings it. As Solomon said, "the blessing of the LORD brings wealth" (Proverbs 10:22). #Quote by Martin Luther
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by William Shakespeare
#16. Injurious Hermia! most ungrateful maid! Have you conspired, have you with the contrived To bait me with this foul derision? Is all the counsel that we two have shared, The sisters' vows, the hours that we have spent, When we have chid the hasty-footed time For parting us,-O, and is all forgot? All school=days' friendship, childhood innocence? We, Hermia, like two artificial gods, Have with our neelds created both one flower, Both on one sampler, sitting on one cushion, Both warbling of one song, both in one key; As if our hands, our sides, voices, and minds, Had been incorporate. So we grew together, Like to a double cherry, seeming parted, But yet an union in partition; Two lovely berries moulded on one stem; So, with two seeming bodies, but one heart, Two of the first, like coats in heraldry, Due but to one, and crowned with one crest, And will you rent our ancient love asunder, To join with men in scorning your poor friend? It is not friendly, 'tis not maidenly: Our sex, as well as I, may chide you for it, Though I alone do feel the injury. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#17. Our imagination is God's ingenious gift that hands us the privilege of romping and playing in realities that we can't see only because we've yet to create them. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by John R.W. Stott
#18. 110. When I enter the pulpit with the Bible in my hands and in my heart, my blood begins to flow and my eyes to sparkle for the sheer glory of having God's Word to expound. #Quote by John R.W. Stott
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Bill Vaughan
#19. Open your hands, ye whose hands are full! The world is waiting for you! The whole machinery of the Divine beneficence is clogged by your hard hearts and rigid fingers.
Give and spend,
and be sure that God will send;
for only in giving and spending
do you fulfill the object of His sending. #Quote by Bill Vaughan
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by George R R Martin
#20. The gods made our bodies as well as our souls, is it not so? They give us voices, so we might worship them with song. They give us hands, so we might build them temples. And they give us desire, so we might mate and worship them in that way. #Quote by George R R Martin
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by James MacDonald
#21. While you can't keep fear from visiting, you can slam the door in its face. With God's promise in your hand, that's exactly what you are able to do. #Quote by James MacDonald
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Eddie Vedder
#22. [When asked about his thoughts on gods]

I think it's like a movie that was way too popular. It's a story that's been told too many times and just doesn't mean anything. Man lived on the planet - [placing his fingers an inch apart], this is 5000 years of semi-recorded history. And God and the Bible, that came in somewhere around the middle, maybe 2000. This is the last 2000, this is what we're about to celebrate [indicating about an 1/8th of an inch with his fingers]. Now, humans, in some shape or form, have been on the earth for three million years [pointing across the room to indicate the distance]. So, all this time, from there [gesturing toward the other side of the room], to here [indicating the 1/8th of an inch], there was no God, there was no story, there was no myth and people lived on this planet and they wandered and they gathered and they did all these things. The planet was never threatened. How did they survive for all this time without this belief in God? I'd like to ask this to someone who knows about Christianity and maybe you do. That just seems funny to me. #Quote by Eddie Vedder
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Pope Francis
#23. This is Christian hope, that the future is in God's hands. #Quote by Pope Francis
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by R.C. Sproul
#24. When we understand the character of God, when we grasp something of His holiness, then we begin to understand the radical character of our sin and hopelessness. Helpless sinners can survive only by grace. Our strength is futile in itself; we are spiritually impotent without the assistance of a merciful God. We may dislike giving our attention to God's wrath and justice, but until we incline ourselves to these aspects of God's nature, we will never appreciate what has been wrought for us by grace. Even Edwards's sermon on sinners in God's hands was not designed to stress the flames of hell. The resounding accent falls not on the fiery pit but on the hands of the God who holds us and rescues us from it. The hands of God are gracious hands. They alone have the power to rescue us from certain destruction. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by George R R Martin
#25. Will turned away, wordless. There was no use to argue. The wind was moving. It cut right through him. He went to the tree, a vaulting grey-green sentinel, and began to climb. Soon his hands were sticky with sap, and he was lost among the needles. Fear filled his gut like a meal he could not digest. He whispered a prayer to the nameless gods of the wood, and slipped his dirk free of its sheath. He put it between his teeth to keep both hands free for climbing. The taste of cold iron in his mouth gave him comfort. Down #Quote by George R R Martin
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Shauna Niequist
#26. But I took a deep breath, and she sat there listening to me across my dirty coffee table, and we talked about community and family and authenticity. It's easy to talk about it, and really, really hard sometimes to practice it. This is why the door stays closed for so many of us, literally and figuratively. One friend promises she'll start having people over when they finally have money to remodel. Another says she'd be too nervous that people wouldn't eat the food she made, so she never makes the invitation. But it isn't about perfection, and it isn't about performance. You'll miss the richest moments in life - the sacred moments when we feel God's grace and presence through the actual faces and hands of the people we love - if you're too scared or too ashamed to open the door. I know it's scary, but throw open the door anyway, even though someone might see you in your terribly ugly half-zip. #Quote by Shauna Niequist
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by A.E. Via
#27. Day made quick work of drying his body, brushed his teeth, and walked back into the bedroom. God was already in bed, his large form taking up the entire right side of the California king-size mattress. The starch white sheet was draped loosely over his lower half. Day walked over and grabbed the two bottles of water and set them on his nightstand just in case he needed it. He climbed onto the tall bed and was grabbed by strong hands and settled on top of his naked lover.

"Cash," Day moaned.

"Shhh. Just need to hold you," God said quietly as he rested his chin on top of Day's wet hair and squeezed him hard against him, protecting him as if someone might come in the middle of the night and try to snatch him away.

Day rose and fell slightly with God's steady breaths. It was only nine thirty but it wasn't long before Day's exhaustion had him drifting off to sleep. #Quote by A.E. Via
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Drew Waters
#28. As luck would have (it was) in God's hands. It was me ... The billionaire (part) was a stretch but I thought the almighty dollar was the way to be happy ... and I woke up one morning and I had three retail establishments and a full-blown construction company with partners making great money and I was miserable. #Quote by Drew Waters
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#29. My obligation is to do the right thing. The rest is in God's hands. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Joyce Meyer
#30. It is really not what we have in our hand that gets the job done, but it is God's power filling what we have in our hand. #Quote by Joyce Meyer
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Jill Briscoe
#31. His plan in your life means his work in your hands, and you can be sure it is work he has chosen and gifted you to do. #Quote by Jill Briscoe
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Marisa Anderson
#32. I like to envision sitting by a beautiful stream, watching the water glide soothingly over rounded stones as I watch it pass by me believing it is directed by Gods hands to wash away our pain and grief. Sad events and memories should be soothed in such a way, as they are [in many cases] too much for us to withstand alone. #Quote by Marisa Anderson
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by John Waters
#33. Our assholes will be clean but we must never wash our hands. Our immune systems will be strengthened by our being dirty. Not filthy. Just mildly grimy. Filthy fingernails have always been a favorite fashion accessory of mine. Especially when you place your hands in the prayer positions. Matter of fact, I urge all my followers to forgo nail polish permanently and replace it with expertly applied soot. The nonexistent gods above will ignore our prayers better this way. #Quote by John Waters
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#34. Any system that does not allow one to question it, has its roots digging into manipulation and control. And manipulation and control are devised by people in power. Not by gods and angels. If you fear questioning what you have been taught and if you fear to think freely and make decisions based upon what you feel, see and know; because a system has taught you to have that fear, you should know that you are under that manipulation, you are under that control. You have this one life and you are planning to live it based upon a path dictated to you as the truth, instead of questioning and seeking what the truth might actually be. Truth does not need to tell you not to look left and not to look right, because the validity of its character does not depend upon whether you open your eyes or not! Truth remains true in all times and it will encourage you to think freely, to ask questions, and to seek! Truth is not a fragile thing easily broken if you fail to tiptoe around it. Truth is not a fragile thing easily broken if you fail to wrap your hands around it. Truth is never failing and does not need the human race, or any other race living or dead, to validate it. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Ron Baratono
#35. Unless we can predict the future, we shouldn't be worrying about things that haven't happened yet. We can place these thoughts in God's hands then let them go. #Quote by Ron Baratono
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Octavius Winslow
#36. You are not called to believe in your love to God, but in God's love to you! Do not argue, 'I cannot love God! I have striven to my uttermost to do so, but have failed in all my endeavors, until in despair I have abandoned the thought and relinquished the attempt.' Be it so- no effort of your own can strike a spark of love to God from your heart. Nor does God demand the task at your hands. All that He requires of you is faith in His love, as embodied and expressed in Jesus Christ to poor sinners. #Quote by Octavius Winslow
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Peace Pilgrim
#37. Know that you are God's beautiful child, always in God's hands. Accept God ... accept God's protection ... there is really no problem to fear. Know that you are not the clay garment. Know that you are not the self-centered nature which governs your life needlessly. Know that you are the God-centered nature, The Kingdom of God within. The Indwelling Christ. Eternal and indestructible. Identify with the real you. #Quote by Peace Pilgrim
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by N. T. Wright
#38. We have a thousand machines for making war but none for making peace. We have computers and iPhone apps that can make millions out of a tiny change in exchange rates, but none that can rescue the poorest countries from their plight. We know how to make Internet pornography, but not how to repair marriages. The very objectivity or neutrality of scientific knowledge as commonly conceived has played into the hands of the gods we secretly worship. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Walter Brueggemann
#39. The Sabbath rest of God is the acknowledgment that God and God's people in the world are not commodities to be dispatched for endless production and so dispatched, as we used to say, as "hands" in the service of a command economy. Rather they are subjects situated in an economy of neighborliness. All of that is implicit in the reality and exhibit of divine rest. #Quote by Walter Brueggemann
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Joseph Sittler
#40. Augustine said that we were all born into the world of "common grace" [i.e., available to all]. Before one is baptized, or even if one never is, such grace meets one in God's creation. There is grace in the pear tree that blooms and blushes. There is common grace in the sea (that massive cleanliness which we are proceeding to corrupt), in the fact that there was, before we laid hands on it, clean air. Our task is to appreciate that grace. #Quote by Joseph Sittler
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Albert Camus
#41. For Marx, nature is to be subjugated in order to obey history; for Nietzsche, nature is to be
obeyed in order to subjugate history. It is the difference between the Christian and the Greek. Nietzsche,
at least, foresaw what was going to happen: "Modern socialism tends to create a form of secular
Jesuitism, to make instruments of all men"; and again: "What we desire is well-being. ... As a result we
march toward a spiritual slavery such as has never been seen. . . . Intellectual Caesarism hovers over
every activity of the businessman and the philosopher." Placed in the crucible of Nietzschean philosophy,
rebellion, in the intoxication of freedom, ends in biological or historical Caesarism. The absolute negative had driven Stirner to deify crime simultaneously with the individual. But the absolute affirmative leads to
universalizing murder and mankind simultaneously. Marxism-Leninism has really accepted the burden
of Nietzsche's freewill by means of ignoring several Nietzschean virtues. The great rebel thus creates with
his own hands, and for his own imprisonment, the implacable reign of necessity. Once he had escaped
from God's prison, his first care was to construct the prison of history and of reason, thus putting the
finishing touch to the camouflage and consecration of the nihilism whose conquest he claimed. #Quote by Albert Camus
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Voltairine De Cleyre
#42. As long as the working-people fold hands and pray the gods in Washington to give them work, so long they will not get it. #Quote by Voltairine De Cleyre
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Tad R. Callister
#43. Yes, Joseph Smith did see angels and visions - because he was the instrument in God's hands to restore the same Church of Jesus Christ as existed in primitive times - all of its powers as well as all of its doctrines. Yet sorrowfully, on occasion, some are willing to set aside the precious gospel truths restored by Joseph Smith because they get diverted on some historical issue or some scientific hypothesis not central to their exaltation, and in so doing they trade their spiritual birthright for a mess of pottage. They exchange the absolute certainty of the Restoration for a doubt, and in that process they fall into the trap of losing faith in the many things they do know because of a few things they do not know. There will always be some seemingly intellectual crisis looming on the horizon as long as faith is required and our minds are finite, but likewise there will always be the sure and solid doctrines of the Restoration to cling to, which will provide the rock foundation upon which our testimonies may be built. #Quote by Tad R. Callister
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Alija Izetbegovic
#44. To desire and to work is human, and here the scope of ethics ends. The results and consequences are in God's hands. #Quote by Alija Izetbegovic
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by W.B.Yeats
#45. That ancient chronicler Giraldus taunted the Archbishop of Cashel because no one in Ireland had received the crown of martyrdom. "Our people may be barbarous," the prelate answered, "but they have never lifted their hands against God's saints; but now that a people have come amongst us who know how to make them (it was just after the English invasion), we shall have martyrs plentifully. #Quote by W.B.Yeats
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Courtney Praski
#46. Imagine the fear the first men must have felt when they saw the sun setting on the horizon and the dark night beginning to rise - They must have felt such hopelessness within their hearts as the darkness descended, only for it to spark back to life as the stars began to shine through. However, the stars do not burn like the sun, do they? They provide little light for the land, which makes one wonder, that perhaps conquering the dark was not their purpose. Maybe the creators of the world intended when they made them, not to bring light into the world, but instead for them to serve as something else.

That is the great mystery of our world, is it not? Why would the creators, the gods who shaped the land and the heavens with their hands, forge something so stunning, so dazzling, only to then hide them away during the day and allow men to gaze upon their beauty only when darkness is present - this must mean something, right?

Maybe that was their intention all along. Perhaps they knew they could not eliminate the darkness of the night, so instead, they created these beautiful glowing lights in the sky - a small light for the people to cling to - to serve as a constant reminder to all that looked up, that no matter how dark the world seemed, there would always be light.

Maybe that is why they created you as well #Quote by Courtney Praski
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Sirshree
Whenever you feel skeptical, just say the following prayer: 'I am happy because my problem is now in God's hands. I am happy that God is now taking care of it. #Quote by Sirshree
Placing In Gods Hands quotes by Wyatt Cenac
#48. God's got his hands in a lot of human pies. #Quote by Wyatt Cenac

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