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Piven Theatre quotes by Peter Cushing
#1. There are all sorts of reasons why I don't do much work in the theatre, the main one being that after two performances I feel I've given all I can. I hate repetition, I really do. It's like asking a painter to paint he same picture every day of his life. #Quote by Peter Cushing
Piven Theatre quotes by Edward Rutherfurd
#2. And in busy London there now grew up one of the greatest gifts that the English genius was to leave the world. For in the reign of Elizabeth I began the first and greatest flowering of the glorious English theatre. #Quote by Edward Rutherfurd
Piven Theatre quotes by Douglas Adams
#3. The word was out that maybe, just maybe, a British accent would fit. The hair, the skin tone and the bridgework would have to be up to American network standards, but there had been a lot of British accents up there thanking their mothers for their Oscars, a lot of British accents singing on Broadway, and some unusually big audiences tuning in to British accents in wig on Masterpiece Theatre. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Piven Theatre quotes by Jean Reno
#4. I went to drama school in Paris and started doing theatre with a friend. Then I moved into movies and slowly but surely I got roles. #Quote by Jean Reno
Piven Theatre quotes by Anne Bogart
#5. The object is freedom. #Quote by Anne Bogart
Piven Theatre quotes by Sylvester McCoy
#6. Variety has always been in my mind: to do something totally different. I've had a parallel career since the beginning. On one track, the TV and film, the other, theatre, but they never crossed. #Quote by Sylvester McCoy
Piven Theatre quotes by Elaine Paige
#7. You couldn't even write me a paper about the roles you would dream of playing in modern musical theatre. #Quote by Elaine Paige
Piven Theatre quotes by Helen McCrory
#8. I was very lucky. I left college, and Richard Eyre was in charge of the National Theatre. I was offered the lead in 'The Seagull' with no experience and went on to do five plays there. #Quote by Helen McCrory
Piven Theatre quotes by Kathryn Budig
#9. I was a tomboy growing up and then fell into the world of theatre and musical theatre. A girlfriend introduced me to yoga in college and I was hooked. I didn't really know anything about it except that it was the highlight of my week. I ended up graduating from the University of Virginia and moving to Los Angeles where I could continue acting and do a yoga teacher training. I went from practicing once or twice a week to several hours everyday. I loved it. #Quote by Kathryn Budig
Piven Theatre quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#10. Mankind has invented the mirror in vain, for there's nobody in this world who looks into the mirror and sees himself as he truly is; each person has his own mirror hidden in his own mind and he can't see more than what that mirror in his mind reflects! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Piven Theatre quotes by Kerry Greenwood
#11. Things accumulated in purses. Unless they were deliberately unloaded and all contents examined for utility occasionally, one could find oneself transporting around in one's daily life three lipstick cases with just a crumb of lipstick left, an old eyebrow pencil sharpener without a blade, pieces of defunct watch, odd earrings, handkerchiefs (three crumpled, one uncrumpled), two grubby powder puffs, bent hairpins, patterns of ribbon to be matched, a cigarette lighter without fuel (and two with fuel), a spark plug, some papers of Bex and a sprinkling of loose white aspirin, eleven train tickets (the return half of which had not been given up), four tram tickets, cinema and theatre stubs, seven pence three farthings in loose change and the mandatory throat lozenge stuck to the lining. At least, those had been the extra contents of Phyrne's bag the last time Dot had turned it out. #Quote by Kerry Greenwood
Piven Theatre quotes by David Mamet
#12. At the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, Sanford Meisner said, 'When you go into the professional world, at a stock theatre somewhere, backstage, you will meet an older actor, someone who has been around awhile. He will tell you tales and anecdotes, about life in the theatre. He will speak to you about your performance and the performances of others, and he will generalize to you, based on his experience and his intuitions, about the laws of the stage. Ignore this man!' #Quote by David Mamet
Piven Theatre quotes by Ian McKellen
#13. In the theatre, the actor is in total control. The director wasn't in the house last night, the designer wasn't there, the author's dead. It's just us and the audience. #Quote by Ian McKellen
Piven Theatre quotes by Philippe Petit
#14. I was born in a world of opera, theatre, films, poetry, art, and therefore, out of the wire, I made a stage. That's why they call me a high wire artist. #Quote by Philippe Petit
Piven Theatre quotes by Kim Cattrall
#15. The roles for women in theatre are much better than they are in film. #Quote by Kim Cattrall
Piven Theatre quotes by Martin McDonagh
#16. I seldom feel comfortable in a theatre. I always feel like I own a cinema. I feel equally happy in an empty one as a full one. Probably happier in an empty one! #Quote by Martin McDonagh
Piven Theatre quotes by Richard Rodgers
#17. If a composer is to reach his audience emotionally - and surely that's what theatre music is all about - he must reach the people through sounds they can relate to. #Quote by Richard Rodgers
Piven Theatre quotes by Harold Prince
#18. I always liked the visuals to be choice and at the same time minimalist. And, I love black boxes. After all, that's what theatre is, it's an empty space, and it's both limited and unlimited because the space is the space, but what you can do with people's imaginations is really endless. #Quote by Harold Prince
Piven Theatre quotes by Theodore Bikel
#19. Despite a large body of work in films, TV, theatre and concerts, I am viewed by many as a Jewish artist. I do not resent the label, except for the fact that I disapprove of labels in general. #Quote by Theodore Bikel
Piven Theatre quotes by Emilia Fox
#20. I love the instantaneous nature of filming rather than the repetition of working in the theatre, but that maybe because I haven't had great experiences working in the theatre. #Quote by Emilia Fox
Piven Theatre quotes by Iwan Rheon
#21. Playing live is closer to theatre, although when you're up there on your own, it's quite scary and revealing because you're playing your own songs. It's like a one man show that you've written yourself. #Quote by Iwan Rheon
Piven Theatre quotes by Bertolt Brecht
#22. From the start it has been the theatre's business to entertain people ... it needs no other passport than fun. #Quote by Bertolt Brecht
Piven Theatre quotes by Jerzy Grotowski
#23. It is not theatre that is indispensable, but something quite different. To cross the frontiers between you and me. #Quote by Jerzy Grotowski
Piven Theatre quotes by Joe Thomas
#24. The last person to teach me how to act was my A-level Theatre Studies teacher at school, which I literally still draw on. Got an A! #Quote by Joe Thomas
Piven Theatre quotes by Clark Gregg
#25. I was a football player at college and dislocated my thumb. I was out for a bit and passed the theatre and saw some lovely drama students walking into an audition for 'Much Ado About Nothing' and thought: 'That's what I'll do when I recover.' I joined that production and was hooked. #Quote by Clark Gregg
Piven Theatre quotes by Girish Karnad
#26. The world has never before had as much drama as today. Radio, films, television and video inundate us with drama. But while these forms can engage or even enrage the audience, in none of them can the viewer's response alter the artistic event itselfThat is why theatre is signing its own death warrant when it tries to play too safe. On the other hand, that is also the reason why, although its future often seems bleak, theatre will continue to live and to provoke. #Quote by Girish Karnad
Piven Theatre quotes by Saul Rubinek
#27. In the theatre, as anyone knows who's even done amateur theatre all their lives, you immediately find a family there. Because you're under stress, you're trying to create something, you're putting on a show, you find brothers and sisters right away. #Quote by Saul Rubinek
Piven Theatre quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
#28. Whatever may be the pros and cons of going to the public theatre, it is a patent fact that it has undermined the morals and ruined the character of many a youth in his country. #Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
Piven Theatre quotes by Andrzej Wajda
#29. At the same time, television theatre became more visibly active. #Quote by Andrzej Wajda
Piven Theatre quotes by Jeremy Bulloch
#30. I hope to continue working in film, television and theatre. #Quote by Jeremy Bulloch
Piven Theatre quotes by Sean Condon
#31. Did you go to the the theatre last time you were here?
'No, it's too expensive.'
'What did you do?'
'What tourists always do in New York City. Empire State, Statue of and all the galleries. There's a million galleries.'
'Where'd you stay?'
'The first two nights, I slept in an abandoned car. A Pontiac Grand Am.'
Weren't you scared?'
'Not really. It had a doorman. #Quote by Sean Condon
Piven Theatre quotes by Stephen Fry
#32. I also knew that he was the kind of anile little runt who, in foyers and theatre bars the West End over, can be heard bleating into their gin and tonics, "I go to the theatre to be entertained. #Quote by Stephen Fry
Piven Theatre quotes by Moses I. Finley
#33. The Greeks, or more correctly the Athenians, invented the idea of theatre, as they invented so many other social and cultural institutions which the west then came to take for granted. There is nothing self-evident about the idea of theatre, of plays and players through whom private individuals, lacking priestly or other authority, publicly examined man's fate and commented on it by a poetic play which, despite the many traditional elements, was in its essential qualities a creation of the playwright. #Quote by Moses I. Finley
Piven Theatre quotes by Gaston Leroux
#34. But the real triumph was reserved for Christine Daae, who had begun by singing a few passages from Romeo and Juliet. It was the first time that the young artist sang in this work of Gounod, which had not been transferred to the Opera and which was revived at the Opera Comique after it had been produced at the old Theatre Lyrique by Mme. Carvalho. Those who heard her say that her voice, in these passages, was seraphic; but this was nothing to the superhuman notes that she gave forth in the prison scene and the final trio in FAUST, which she sang in the place of La Carlotta, who was ill. No one had ever heard or seen anything like it.

Daae revealed a new Margarita that night, a Margarita of a splendor, a radiance hitherto unsuspected. The whole house went mad, rising to its feet, shouting, cheering, clapping, while Christine sobbed and fainted in the arms of her fellow-singers and had to be carried to her dressing-room.

- Chapter 2: The New Margarita, from The Phantom of the Opera #Quote by Gaston Leroux
Piven Theatre quotes by Uta Hagen
#35. Once in awhile, there's stuff that makes me say, That's what theatre's about. It has to be a human event on the stage, and that doesn't happen very often. #Quote by Uta Hagen
Piven Theatre quotes by Jennifer Tepper
#36. It was right then that I realized truly what the theatre is all about, which is that it's a prayer circle. It's just a big circle: we tell stories, and maybe we heal a heart or two, and we put something positive into the world, and we just do it - you know, we just create our circle with actors and collaborators and friends who take part in this art form. #Quote by Jennifer Tepper
Piven Theatre quotes by William Missouri Downs
#37. If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; but if you really make them think, they'll hate you. In short, entertainment fulfills our expectations. Art, on the other hand, makes no compromise for public taste as it inspires us to consider life's complexities and ambiguities. Art is the opposition testing the strength of societal and cultural values-values that are thoughtlessly adopted by the mass of individuals living unexamined lives and all who cannot imagine a different way of seeing life. #Quote by William Missouri Downs
Piven Theatre quotes by Mark Linn-Baker
#38. My parents were always involved in community theatre, and I'd do the tech work and play the child. #Quote by Mark Linn-Baker
Piven Theatre quotes by William Shakespeare
#39. All the world's a stage. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Piven Theatre quotes by Edward Bond
#40. First there was the theatre of people and animals, then of people and the devil. Now we need the theatre of people and people. #Quote by Edward Bond
Piven Theatre quotes by Gia Coppola
#41. I didn't go to film school. My Grampa always says just watch a lot of movies. He didn't go to film school; he went to theatre school. It's interesting to learn about the technical side of it, but I think it's more important to learn about writing and working with actors. #Quote by Gia Coppola
Piven Theatre quotes by John Dos Passos
#42. In a moment when criticism shows a singular dearth of direction every man has to be a law unto himself in matters of theatre, writing, and painting. While the American Mercury and the new Ford continue to spread a thin varnish of Ritz over the whole United States there is a certain virtue in being unfashionable. #Quote by John Dos Passos
Piven Theatre quotes by Martine McCutcheon
#43. I've been told if you're an actress you can't sing, if you're a dancer you can't act, you can't do theatre and be respected if you've done a TV soap, you can't have a No. 1 record. All these different things they've told me I can't do, but I wanted to do them, so I've done them. #Quote by Martine McCutcheon
Piven Theatre quotes by Jeremy Piven
#44. For so much of my career I've been trying to find little things and make something out of it. #Quote by Jeremy Piven
Piven Theatre quotes by Simon McBurney
#45. The only way that you can keep moving forward, finding other ways of expressing things about this increasingly complicated world that we live in, is by listening and observing not only to life around you but to the other people who are in the room. It's not about a sort of, you know, a sense that you have to be democratic about these things, it's a question of creativity that the process of making theatre is a collaborative process, and it is not in, it is not a question of, you know, I have no interest in paying lip service to it, for me it's absolutely fundamental. #Quote by Simon McBurney
Piven Theatre quotes by Ralph Fiennes
#46. I'm interested in the spirits of people. In the theatre, there's the acting part of acting - and I'm not saying that can't be great - and there's the essence. To explore that essence, you need a key, a look, a gesture, an insight that unlocks the person's soul. #Quote by Ralph Fiennes
Piven Theatre quotes by Sarah Kane
#47. I hate the idea of theatre just being an evening pastime. It should be emotionally and intellectually demanding. I love football. The level of analysis that you listen to on the terraces is astonishing. If people did that in the theatre ... but they don't. They expect to sit back and not participate. #Quote by Sarah Kane
Piven Theatre quotes by S.M. Stevens
#48. The first few weeks of school were always surreal, like you landed on an alien planet with strange teachers and unfamiliar classrooms, even though the lockers and cafeteria seemed familiar. #Quote by S.M. Stevens

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