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Pie Crust quotes by Charles Dickens
#1. (a specially oily old gentleman in a blanket, with a swan's-down tippet for a beard, and a web of cracks all over him like rich pie-crust), #Quote by Charles Dickens
Pie Crust quotes by Shannon McKenna
#2. He gestured toward the rice pudding. "I put cinnamon on it. Cancels out the cholesterol. Read about it on the Men's Health Web site."
Her lips twitched. "That's bullshit." She eyed the banana cream pie. "What cheap pop-science justification have you got for that one?"
He contemplated the pie. "Well, bananas are good for you. Lots of potassium, which helps you shed water weight, right? And there's no trans fats in the pie crust. I can promise you that."
"Yeah?" Her lips pursed, suppressing a smile. "So what is in it?"
He grinned wickedly. "Lard," he announced. "Artery clogging, cholesterol-laden pig fat. Hope you're not a vegetarian. #Quote by Shannon McKenna
Pie Crust quotes by Raymond Chandler
#3. When I left Merle was wearing a bungalow apron and rolling pie crust. She came to the door wiping her hands on the apron and kissed me on the mouth and began to cry and ran back into the house, leaving the doorway empty [ ... ] I had a funny feeling as I saw the house disappear, as though I had written a poem and it was very good and I had lost it and would never remember it again. (p. 262) #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Pie Crust quotes by Shannon McKenna
#4. I'm an excellent pastry chef. My pie crust is better than my Zia Rosa's. Come on back to the kitchen. I'll make a chocolate cream pie before your very eyes. I'll feed a piece of it to you by hand. And by the time I'm done, you're not going to be asking me if I'm gay anymore."
She cleared her throat, gaze darting down. "Is that so."
"It is," he said. "On your feet. Come on back to the kitchen. I mean it. I'm dead serious. It's pie time. And I am so ready for you. #Quote by Shannon McKenna
Pie Crust quotes by J.M. Klaire
#5. Recipe: Honeybear Pie For the pie crust Flour - 2 cups Salt - 1 teaspoon Butter - 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar - 2 tablespoons Water - 6 tablespoons To make two 9" crusts, combine the flour & salt & butter in a food processor. Add the vinegar and water and form into a ball. Wrap in plastic and chill for 30 minutes. For the pie filling Apples #Quote by J.M. Klaire
Pie Crust quotes by Raymond Chandler
#6. Her whole body shivered and her face fell apart like a bride's pie crust. She put it together again slowly, as if lifting a great weight, by sheer will power. The smile came back, with a couple of corners badly bent. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Pie Crust quotes by Brian O'Reilly
#7. The next day, Angelina was tending a fresh pot of red gravy on the stove. She was going to make Veal Parmigiana for dinner, to be accompanied by pasta, fresh bread, and salad. She left the sauce on low and went to put the finishing touches on the pie she had planned. Earlier, she had made 'a vol-au-vent'- the word means "windblown" in French- a pastry that was as light and feathery as a summer breeze, that Angelina had adapted to serve as a fluffy, delicately crispy pie crust.
The crust had cooled and formed a burnished auburn crown around the rim of the pie plate. She took a bowl of custardy creme anglaise out of the refrigerator and began loading it into a pie-filling gadget that looked like a big plastic syringe. With it, she then injected copious amounts of the glossy creme into the interior of the pie without disturbing the perfect, golden-crusty dome. That done, she heated the chocolate and cream on the stove top to create a chocolate ganache, which she would use as icing on the pie, just to take it completely over the top. #Quote by Brian O'Reilly
Pie Crust quotes by Adrianna Adarme
#8. To me, living a rich life means focusing on the minutiae, the seemingly small, insignificant moments that can pass us by if we don't watch carefully. They're the quiet, chilly morning walks with my [dog]; the adventure of going for a bike ride in a new part of town; cooking a dinner alongside my boyfriend; or even the simple activity of crimping a pie crust. These moments don't require much, just a little planning and attention. #Quote by Adrianna Adarme
Pie Crust quotes by Penny Reid
#9. I was making pie.

I didn't usually make pie, but I was waiting for the bread to rise so I could knead it again. I'd woken up with a thirst for violence. Cutting the butter into the flour for pie crust was almost as good as kneading bread. #Quote by Penny Reid
Pie Crust quotes by Henry Miller
#10. Returning to the boat we passed bridges, railroad tracks, warehouses, factories, wharves and what not. It was like following in the wake of a demented giant who had sown the earth with crazy dreams. If I could only have seen a horse or a cow, or just a cantankerous goat chewing tin cans, it would have been a tremendous relief. But there was nothing of the animal, vegetable or human kingdom in sight. It was a vast jumbled waste created by pre-human or sub-human monsters in a delirium of greed. It was something negative, some not-ness of some kind or other. It was a bad dream and towards the end I broke into a trot, what with disgust and nausea, what with the howling icy gale which was whipping everything in sight into a frozen pie crust. When I got back to the boat I was praying that by some miracle the captain would decide to alter his course and return to Piraeus. #Quote by Henry Miller
Pie Crust quotes by Austin O'Malley
#11. Sermons are like pie-crust, the shorter the better. #Quote by Austin O'Malley
Pie Crust quotes by Julie Schumacher
#12. Do you want to stand here talking about the car, or are you going to get in it?" CeeCee asked. I was the person with horrible red hair and a mound of pink crust surrounding a diamond in her ear. I was at risk, and I had just made out with a girl in a bathroom. I got into the car. #Quote by Julie Schumacher
Pie Crust quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#13. Michael Cole, The Rock knows that you have never, EVER, had a piece of poontang pie! #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Pie Crust quotes by Sharon Pywell
#14. Electra Gates would never concern herself with how much lard should be in pie dough, I thought; but then, I was not Electra Gates. I wanted pie, something that didn't seem to interest romantic heroines. #Quote by Sharon Pywell
Pie Crust quotes by Sylvia Plath
#15. Loaded my black patent leather bag with sherry, cream cheese (for grammy's apricot tarts), thyme, basil, bay leaves (for Wendy's exotic stews - a facsimile of which now simmers on the stove), golden wafers (such an elegant name for Ritz crackers), apples and green pears.
I was getting worried about becoming too happily stodgily practical: instead of studying Locke, for instance, or writing - I go make an apple pie, or study the Joy of Cooking, reading it like a rare novel. Whoa, I said to myself. You will escape into domesticity & stifle yourself by falling headfirst into a bowl of cookie batter. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Pie Crust quotes by Chad Kultgen
#16. When she left I realized my roommate, Dave, was awake the whole time and was witness to my entire interaction with Heather. He said something like, 'Good try, man. Just remember, if Christ wants something to happen it will, but it will happen in his time.' which was my first real taste of the born-again-flavored shit pie he was going to force-feed down my throat every day of our freshman year. #Quote by Chad Kultgen
Pie Crust quotes by Carl Sagan
#17. I say you don't need any more proof. There are proofs enough already. Cygnus A and all that are just for the scientists. You think it'll be hard to convince ordinary people that you're telling the truth. I think it'll be easy as pie. You think your story is too peculiar, too alien. But I've heard it before. I know it well. And I bet you do too. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Pie Crust quotes by Jeff Deck
#18. Consider this argument another wedge served from the malodorous pie known as "My way is Right," the dessert of choice for politicians, religious leaders, and warring pastry chefs. #Quote by Jeff Deck
Pie Crust quotes by Amy Lane
#19. Krissa, tough Lady Krissa, who had stood by impassively while Areau vomited out ten years of bitter addiction, wiped her eyes and offered Areau Mrs. Wrinkle's pie in comfort, and it suddenly occurred to Areau in the strangest, most dreamlike of ways, that his pain was not the only pain on the planet. #Quote by Amy Lane
Pie Crust quotes by Bohdi Sanders
#20. While there is nothing wrong with practicing martial arts, meditating, reading and studying, or even eating pie, excess in any of these areas will cause a problem in another area. #Quote by Bohdi Sanders
Pie Crust quotes by Caitlin Moran
#21. I now believe that there are only four things a grown, modern woman should have: a pair of yellow shoes (they unexpectedly go with everything), a friend who will come and post bail at 4 a.m., a fail-safe pie recipe, and a proper muff. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Pie Crust quotes by Stephen King
#22. The desert was the apotheosis of all deserts, huge, standing to the sky for what looked like eternity in all directions. It was white and blinding and waterless and without feature save for the faint, cloudy haze of the mountains which sketched themselves on the horizon and the devil-grass which brought sweet dreams, nightmares, death. An occasional tombstone sign pointed the way, for once the drifted track that cut its way through the thick crust of alkali had been a highway. Coaches and buckas had followed it. The world had moved on since then. The world had emptied. #Quote by Stephen King
Pie Crust quotes by Taylor Swift
#23. Mom is calculated, logical, business-minded; kind but very, very direct. Makes you better by giving you these little pointers but doesn't baby you. My dad is a Chatty Cathy, the social butterfly; friendly; knows everybody in the whole world by six degrees; tells me that every performance is the greatest he's ever seen, every new outfit is the coolest. Constant cheerleader. It's cool to have pie-in-the-sky Dad, down-to-earth Mom. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Pie Crust quotes by Sue Hubbell
#24. ...when I offered to either stay and help or go bake a pie, it was the pie that was most needed. It took six pies to finish the roof. I had not known that pies were such an important part of construction. #Quote by Sue Hubbell
Pie Crust quotes by Ellen Swallow Richards
#25. The most conventional customs cling to the table. Farmers who wouldn't drive a horse too hard expect pie three times a day. #Quote by Ellen Swallow Richards
Pie Crust quotes by Lionel Richie
#26. By growing up in Alabama, I had a melting pot of the whole pie: R&B, gospel, country. #Quote by Lionel Richie
Pie Crust quotes by Jose Saramago
#27. The threat of rain appears to have nothing to do with Joao Elvas's desire to be alone, and one must not forget that, strange as it may seem, some men can spend their entire life alone and enjoy solitude, especially if it is raining and their crust is hard. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Pie Crust quotes by Lindsey Wixson
#28. If I didn't ever model? I would be back in Kansas. I would probably end up being a pastry chef. My grandma taught me how to make a pie. #Quote by Lindsey Wixson
Pie Crust quotes by Lisa O'Donnell
#29. I'll make a steak pie and some roast potatoes, peas, and maybe a bramble and raspberry crumble. How you loved that crumble and I was so mean about it, I wouldn't give you the recipe in case you left me and made it for someone else. Doesn't matter now I suppose. #Quote by Lisa O'Donnell
Pie Crust quotes by Holly Bourne
#30. I can't, guys," I said. "Tonight I'm making a cherry pie from scratch. #Quote by Holly Bourne
Pie Crust quotes by Edmond Scherer
#31. We must avoid coming to too close quarters with life. It is a slender crust over which you must walk without bearing down too hard. Hit your heel into it and you make a hole in which you will disappear. True philosophy has never consisted in probing all problems, but often on the contrary eluding them. We are skirting an abyss: beware of vertigo. #Quote by Edmond Scherer
Pie Crust quotes by Janet Clarkson
#32. There were a number of reasons for decreeing abstention from meat. In ancient times meat was thought to inflame the passions (thereby distracting the mind from higher thoughts) whereas fish (or rather, creatures that lived in the water, which included whales and 'porpuses') were seen as cooling. It was also believed that the characteristics or habits of everything in the natural world would be transmitted to the eater, so the fact that fish did not have an obvious sex life added to its suitability for days of religious observance. #Quote by Janet Clarkson
Pie Crust quotes by Anthony Doerr
#33. But curses are not real. Earth is all magma and continental crust and ocean. Gravity and time. Isn't it? #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Pie Crust quotes by Julia Glass
#34. Hugo planned a five-course meal: smoked duck, oyster stew, roast beef with mashed yams, a salad of apples with beets and blue cheese, then chocolate banana cream pie. Rich, rich, and richer still. Ben made pitchers of martinis and set aside thirty-five bottles of a tried-and-true Napa cabernet, pure purple velvet, and an Oregonian pinot gris, grassy and effervescent. #Quote by Julia Glass
Pie Crust quotes by David Byrne
#35. How much of the audience's fun was sacrificed in the effort to redefine the social parameters of the concert hall - it sounds almost masochistic of the upper crust, curtailing their own liveliness, but I guess they had their priorities. Although the quietest #Quote by David Byrne
Pie Crust quotes by Patricia Lockwood
#36. First tweet, best tweet, I always think. I try not to work them too much or else they get Pie Dough Disease, which is where the dough has been to too much college and doesn't understand that it is dough anymore and refuses to be shaped. Pie Dough Disease! Poems get that too. #Quote by Patricia Lockwood
Pie Crust quotes by William Shakespeare
#37. He that keeps not crust nor crum Weary of all, shall want some. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Pie Crust quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#38. I heard every word between you. I knew you could take care of yourself, and yet ... " He went back to his pie, swallowing a bite before continuing. "And yet I found myself deciding that if you took his hand, I would find a way to live with it. It would be your choice."
I sipped from my wine. "And if he had grabbed me?"
There was nothing but uncompromising will in his eyes. "Then I would have torn apart the world to get you back. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Pie Crust quotes by Ed Sheeran
#39. There were a couple of things I needed to do while I was in New York. One was to have a pizza pie, one was to get a tattoo ... and the other was to get a Yankees hat. #Quote by Ed Sheeran
Pie Crust quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#40. She liked anything orange: leaves; some moons; marigolds; chrysanthemums; cheese; pumpkin, both in pie and out; orange juice; marmalade. Orange is bright and demanding. You can't ignore orange things. She once saw an orange parrot in the pet store and had never wanted anything so much in her life. She would have named it Halloween and fed it butterscotch. Her mother said butterscotch would make a bird sick and, besides, the dog would certainly eat it up. September never spoke to the dog again - on principle. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Pie Crust quotes by J. Ryan Stradal
#41. ...have a house without a pie, be ashamed until you die. #Quote by J. Ryan Stradal
Pie Crust quotes by Katha Pollitt
#42. For me, religion is serious business - a farrago of authoritarian nonsense, misogyny and humble pie, the eternal enemy of human happiness and freedom. #Quote by Katha Pollitt
Pie Crust quotes by Ron Koertge
#43. She's selling CDs on the corner,
fifty cents to any stoner,
any homeboy with a boner.

Sleet and worse - the weather's awful.
Will she live? It's very doubtful.
Life out here is never healthful.

She puts a CD in her Sony.
It's the about the pony
and a pie with pepperoni

and a mom with warm, clean hands
who doesn't bring home guys from bands
or make some sickening demands.

The cold wind bites like icy snakes.
She tries to move but merely shakes.
Some thief leans down and simply takes.

Her next CD's called Land Of Food.
No one there can be tattooed
or mumble things that might be crude

and everything to eat is free,
there's always a big Christmas tree
and crystal bowls of potpourri.

She's weak but still she play one more:
She's on a beach with friends galore.
They scamper down the sandy shore

to watch the towering waves cascade
and marvel at the cute mermaids
who call to her and serenade.

She can't resist. the water's fine.
The rocks are like a kind of shrine.
The foam goes down like scarlet wine.

One cop stands up and says, "She's gone."
The other shakes his head and yawns.
It's barely 10:00, and life goes on. #Quote by Ron Koertge
Pie Crust quotes by Kimberly Schlapman
#44. In the South, I think, food mirrors our lives. When I was growing up, no matter what you were grieving or celebrating, my mama would be at the door with a cake or a pie. #Quote by Kimberly Schlapman
Pie Crust quotes by George R R Martin
#45. Harwin's eyes went from her face to the flayed man on her doublet. "How do you know me?" he said, frowning suspiciously. "The flayed man ... who are you, some serving boy to Lord Leech?"
For a moment she did not know how to answer. She'd had so many names. Had she only dreamed Arya Stark? "I'm a girl," she sniffed. "I was Lord Bolton's cupbearer but he was going to leave me for the goat, so I ran off with Gendry and Hot Pie. You have to know me! You used to lead my pony, when I was little."
His eyes went wide. "Gods be good," he said in a choked voice. "Arya Underfoot? Lem, let go of her."
"She broke my nose." Lem dumped her unceremoniously to the floor. "Who in seven hells is she supposed to be?"
"The Hand's daughter." Harwin went to one knee before her. "Arya Stark, of Winterfell. #Quote by George R R Martin
Pie Crust quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#46. Men talk about Bible miracles because there is no miracle in their lives. Cease to gnaw that crust. There is ripe fruit over your head. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Pie Crust quotes by Clive Barker
#47. He liked the phrase "mother's tit." It said so much, so simply. Momma's tit had a good deal more power to move these men than her apple pie. #Quote by Clive Barker
Pie Crust quotes by Don McLean
#48. All roads lead to 'American Pie.' 'As American as apple pie' was the saying. It was some kind of a big American song that I wanted to write, which would be a conclusion for my show and bring all the songs home, which it still does. I can go anywhere I want with American music and come home to that. And it all makes sense. #Quote by Don McLean

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