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Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Valerie Thomas
#1. I'm gathering Kylie thinks that all it takes to capture an image is to point and shoot. That's what everyone thinks. But there's a lot more to it. It's taken me years to frame things correctly. People assume you can't take good pictures on an iPhone, but they're wrong. Some of my best shots are on the phone.They're raw and simple, and most of the time no one knows you're taking a picture. It's much better than the thousand-dollar Nikon my dad got me for Christmas. I don't think I've used it in months. #Quote by Valerie Thomas
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Donna Goddard
#2. It is not the frame which matters but the picture. Make sure that the picture is beautiful. The frame is only there to draw the eyes to the picture. #Quote by Donna Goddard
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by John Huston
#3. The directing of a picture involves coming out of your individual loneliness and taking a controlling part in putting together a small world. A picture is made. You put a frame around it and move on. And one day you die. That is all there is to it. #Quote by John Huston
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Susan Rose
#4. Molly grabbed a vase off the mantel and flung it at the wall, knocking it into a painting of a mountain scene. The vase shattered and the picture frame swayed back and forth on the wall, taunting her with an image of what life was supposed to be like. . . #Quote by Susan Rose
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Salman Rushdie
#5. The only people who see the whole picture,' he murmured, 'are the ones who step out of the frame. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Rachael Wade
#6. You all set?" he asked, tossing me a pair of sunglasses.
"Wow, nice." I felt the frame, rubbing my finger over the lenses to wipe away a smudge. "Not bad, Phoenix."
"Twinkies." He slid his pair on and adjusted the gun across his chest. "Told you. Breakfast of champions."
- Skylla and Jet #Quote by Rachael Wade
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Savannah Stuart
#7. The picture of her and her younger sister, which normally sat on her nightstand, was face down on the floor....
She pointed to the frame and looked at Steve. "Can I pick this up?"
"I'll do it."...
Ice slid through her veins when he turned it over. Written across the glass in her red lipstick were the words "you're next. #Quote by Savannah Stuart
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#8. The painter's face curdled with scorn "You think I'm proud of this daub?" he said. "You think this is my idea of what life looks like?"
"What's your idea of what life looks like?" said the orderly.
The painter gestured at a foul dropcloth. "There's a good picture of it," he said. "Frame that, and you'll have a picture a damn sight more honest than this one. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#9. Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by E. Jamie
#10. She walked slowly towards him, taking in how he looked so eerily still. "Okay you," she said, her voice choked. "We have to have a talk. I know you're a Dardano, but a wedding reception in the ICU? Not so classy." She lowered her head, her attempt at levity falling flat under the weight of her heartbreak. She blinked back her tears and cupped his face. "You listen to me, okay? You are not leaving me. You're not allowed. You're going to fight, understand? Alessandro, I will not bury another husband. Do you hear me? I refuse to grieve for you. That is not even an option because you are my life." She kissed his forehead, the beeping of the heart monitor and the respirators the only sounds in the room. "Funny huh? I spent so much time pushing you away and here I am begging you to stay. Not just for me, but for our boys. Will's already lost one father, don't you leave him too. And Gianni…don't you dare leave him nothing but stories about some man in a picture frame." Bree took his hand, rubbing his ring finger. "Please, Alessandro. Fight. I won't survive without you. I won't." She kissed his palm. "We've fought too hard for you to just give up when we're finally going to be happy. Dammit Alessandro, you owe me! You owe me a life, a happy life together. So don't you dare die on me. Don't you leave me to deal with that son of a bitch father of yours by myself." She covered her mouth with her free hand to stifle her sobs. She leaned down and kissed his still mouth. "I love you…I love #Quote by E. Jamie
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Joel Meyerowitz
#11. I think about photographs as being full, or empty. You picture something in a frame and it's got lots of accounting going on in it-stones and buildings and trees and air - but that's not what fills up a frame. You fill up the frame with feelings, energy, discovery, and risk, and leave room enough for someone else to get in there. #Quote by Joel Meyerowitz
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Delphine De Vigan
#12. All my life I've felt on the outside wherever I am - out of the picture, the conversation, at a distance, as though I were the only one able to hear the sounds or words that other's can't, and deaf to the words that they hear. As if I'm outside the frame, on the other side of a huge, invisible window. #Quote by Delphine De Vigan
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Virginia Woolf
#13. He turned and saw her. Ah! She was lovely, lovelier now than ever he thought. But he could not speak to her. He could not interrupt her. He wanted urgently to speak to her now that ames was gone and she was alone at last. But he resolved, no; he would not interrupt her. She was aloof from him now in her beauty, in her sadness. He would let her be, and he passed her without a word, though it hurt him that she should look so distant, and he could not reach her, he could do nothing to help her. And again he would have passed her without a word had she not, at that very moment given him of her own free will what she knew he would never ask, and called to him and taken the green shawl off the picture frame, and gone to him. For he wished, she knew, to protect her. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by C.S. Lewis
#14. Stop it," came Eustace's voice, squeaky with fright and bad temper. "It's some silly trick you two are playing. Stop it. I'll tell Alberta--Ow!"
The other two were much more accustomed to adventures, but, just exactly as Eustace Clarence said "Ow," they both said "Ow" too. The reason was that a great cold, salt splash had broken right out of the frame and they were breathless from the smack of it, besides being wet through.
"I'll smash the rotten thing," cried Eustace; and then several things happened at the same time. Eustace rushed toward the picture. Edmund, who knew something about magic, sprang after him, warning him to look out and not to be a fool. Lucy grabbed at him from the other side and was dragged forward. And by this time either they had grown much smaller or the picture had grown bigger. Eustace jumped to try to pull it off the wall and found himself standing on the frame; in front of him was not glass but real sea, and wind and waves rushing up to the frame as they might to a rock. He lost his head and clutched at the other two who had jumped up beside him. There was a second of struggling and shouting, and just as they thought they had got their balance a great blue roller surged up round them, swept them off their feet, and drew them down into the sea. Eustace's despairing cry suddenly ended as the water got into his mouth.
Lucy thanked her stars that she had worked hard at her swimming last summer term. It is true that she would have got on m #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Jennifer Gooch Hummer
#15. What's that?" he asked.

"A picture of my mom," I said, opening his ice-cold hand and putting the frame in it gently.

"But Apron," Chad said. "I can't see."

"I know. But it's not for now. It's for when you get there, so you can find her."

Chad tapped his finger on my mom's cheek. "Does she look like you?"

I thought about it hard enough for Chad to take in another long breath. "A little bit," I said.

"Not quite as pretty?"

"Well," I said. "You'll have to see for yourself."

Chad raised his eyebrows. "I'll find her, Apron. I promise. If you promise me something, too."

I nodded, but then remembered he couldn't see me. "What?"

"Don't stay sad. Remember our poem. What it means. Promise? #Quote by Jennifer Gooch Hummer
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Mo'Nique
#16. Do you know I keep a picture of Hattie McDaniel in my closet in an 8-by-10 frame? #Quote by Mo'Nique
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Richard Eberhart
#17. When I see your picture in its frame,
A strait jacket, pity rises in me,
And stronger than pity, revulsion.
It is as if you had never been.

Nobody in the world can know your love,
You are strapped to the nothingness of ages,
Nobody can will you into life,
It is as if you had never been.

I cannot break your anonymity,
The absolute has imprisoned you,
Most sentient, most prescient, most near.
It is as if you had never been. #Quote by Richard Eberhart
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Don DeLillo
#18. Picture yourself, Jack, a confirmed homebody, a sedentary fellow who finds himself walking in a deep wood. You spot something out of the corner of your eye. Before you know anything else, you know that this thing is very large and that it has no place in your ordinary frame of reference. A flaw in the world picture. Either it shouldn't be here or you shouldn't. Now the thing comes into full view. It is a grizzly bear, enormous, shiny brown, swaggering, dripping slime from its bared fangs. Jack, you have never seen a large animal in the wild. The sight of this grizzer is so electrifyingly strange that it gives you a renewed sense of yourself, a fresh awareness of the self - the self in terms of a unique and horrific situation. You see yourself in a new and intense way. You rediscover yourself. You are lit up for your own imminent dismemberment. The beast on hind legs has enabled you to see who you are as if for the first time, outside familiar surroundings, alone, distinct, whole. The name we give this complicated process is fear. [...]

Fear is self-awareness raised to a higher level.
(p. 218) #Quote by Don DeLillo
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Unknown Author 724
#19. It is difficult to see the picture when you are inside the frame. #Quote by Unknown Author 724
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Henry James
#20. You're like a picture; you ought to be enclosed in a gilt frame and stand against the wall. #Quote by Henry James
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Teju Cole
#21. When I've had enough of words, I go out into the city for a long walk; sometimes I'll go out walking for several miles. And I'll just take photographs and hope for something striking or unusual to happen that I can organize into a picture frame. #Quote by Teju Cole
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Bei Dao
#22. the bouquet

Between me and the world
you are a bay, a sail
the faithful ends of a rope
you are a fountain, a wind,
a shrill childhood cry.

Between me and the world
you are a picture frame, a window
a field covered in wildflowers
you are a breath, a bed,
a night that keeps the stars company.

Between me and the world,
you are a calendar, a compass
a ray of light that slips through the gloom
you are a biographical sketch, a book mark
a preface that comes at the end.

between me and the world
you are a gauze curtain, a mist
a lamp shining in my dreams
you are a bamboo flute, a song without words
a closed eyelid carved in stone.

Between me and the world
you are a chasm, a pool
an abyss plunging down
you are a balustrade, a wall
a shield's eternal pattern. #Quote by Bei Dao
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#23. We often talk about being kind, but how do we define "kind" at its very root? Where is the root and what is the root of "kind" and "kindness"? I truly believe that kindness is rooted in the acceptance of the flaws of life, the acceptance of the turns life has taken which we couldn't have planned for and that we didn't hope for. Kindness is rooted in the acceptance of the fact that life is a wild thing that cannot ever be caged. Some people are going to get married and divorced seven times before they find the one they are meant to be with; that's okay. Some people are going to be born with disabilities; that's okay. Some people are born in heaven while others are born in hell; both are okay. Some people are born in hell later ending up in heaven while others are born in heaven later ending up in hell; it's all okay. Life, whether belonging to you or to others, is never going to be a painting fitting into your prepared picture frame. How dare we come into this monstrous, joyous, incredible, terrible world, thinking that we can dictate what's wrong and right, what's better and what's lesser? Come into this world with your wings and your claws and your paws and your laughters! With your feathers and your fur! Because you're going to need all of it! And when you look at other people, sometimes they are going to be donning feathers and other times they are going to be clawing things, jumping in and out, screaming or laughing or crying or being quiet; it's all okay. Because we are #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by John Green
#24. You pick your endings, and your beginnings. You get to pick the frame, you know? Maybe you don't choose what's in the picture, but you decide on the frame. #Quote by John Green
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Tatjana Soli
#25. Pictures could not be accessories to the story
they had to contain the story within the frame; the best picture contained a whole war within one frame. #Quote by Tatjana Soli
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Erica Bauermeister
#26. She became a frame for the picture that was her son and daughter. #Quote by Erica Bauermeister
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#27. It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame. #Quote by Marshall McLuhan
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by William Shenstone
#28. The best time to frame an answer to the letters of a friend, is the moment you receive them. Then the warmth of friendship, and the intelligence received, most forcibly cooperate. #Quote by William Shenstone
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Jenny Han
#29. You should definitely frame the picture too, so people know you're not someone to mess with. A frame says permanence. A picture taped on a wall says here today, gone tomorrow."
I chew on my bottom lip thoughtfully. "So maybe a picture of me baking, in an apron--"
"With nothing underneath?" Chris cackles, and I flick her forehead lightning quick.
"Get serious then! #Quote by Jenny Han
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by John Green
#30. No, it's not, Holmesy. You pick your endings, and your beginnings. You get to pick the frame, you know? Maybe you don't choose what's in the picture, but you decide the frame. #Quote by John Green
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Julie Morgenstern
#31. Successful organizing forces you to look at the big picture, not one small section of the frame, so that the system you design will be complete. #Quote by Julie Morgenstern
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Garry Winogrand
#32. Frame in terms of what you want to have in the picture, not about making a nice picture, that anybody can do. #Quote by Garry Winogrand
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Franz Kafka
#33. Over the table, on which an unpacked line of fabric samples was all spread out
Samsa was a traveling salesman
hung the picture which he had recently cut out of a glossy magazine and lodged in a pretty gilt frame. It showed a lady done up in a fur hat and a fur boa, sitting upright and raising up against the viewer a heavy fur muff in which her whole forearm had disappeared. #Quote by Franz Kafka
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Kristi Cook
#34. Wow," he says, looking around. "You've redecorated."
"When was the last time you were in here?" I search my memory, browsing through images of a much smaller, shaggy-haired Ryder in my room. Eight, maybe nine?
"It's been a while, I guess." He moves over to my mirror, framed with photos that I've tacked up haphazardly on the white wicker frame. Mostly me, Morgan, and Lucy in various posed and candid shots. One of Morgan, just after being crowned Miss Teen Lafayette Country. A couple of the entire cheerleading squad at cheer camp.
I see his gaze linger on one picture in the top right corner. Curious, I move closer, till I can see the photo in question. It was taken on vacation--Fort Walton Beach, at the Goofy Golf--several years ago. Nan and I are standing under the green T-Rex with our arms thrown around each other. Ryder is beside us, leaning on a golf club. He's clearly in the middle of a growth spurt, because he looks all skinny and stretched out. I'd guess we're about twelve.
If you look through our family photo albums, you'll probably find a million pictures that include Ryder. But this is the only one of him in my room. I'd kind of forgotten about it.
But now…I'm glad it's here.
"Look how skinny I was," he says.
"Look how chubby I was," I shoot back, noting my round face.
"You were not chubby. You were cute. In that, you know, awkward years kind of way."
"Thanks. I think. #Quote by Kristi Cook
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Ingmar Bergman
#35. The film medium is some sort of magic. I think also it's a magic that every frame comes and stands still for a fraction of a second and then it darkens. A half part of the time when you see a picture you sit in complete darkness. Isn't that fascinating? That is magic. #Quote by Ingmar Bergman
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Victor Robert Lee
#36. And yet Xiao Li always spoke of her mother as if her image were mounted in a red-and-gold picture frame resting on a shrine in the corner of a tidy house, to be venerated and pleased at all times, like a deceased ancestor ever-present and scrutinizing her progeny. #Quote by Victor Robert Lee
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Molemo Sylence
#37. As beautiful as you are my lady,

You sick answers to why love is never by your side

Your heart wonders around trying to find your ideal love

But yet nothing is completing your need.

You're a women of strength and resemble power within,

Filled with joy on your angelic face, yet no good man appreciates it

A laughter that one can capture for a lifetime, too bad that all the men you seem to meet erase it all

You display Emotions that one can wish to dwell in and feel the energy you hold within.

Take a stand my lady, no rose ever dies without growing back again,

You need no tears to fall for a man who sees less in you

You need no sad feeling to crush that happy self, he'll never be worth the joy in you

Show him no sad emotions, you're too strong to give in now.

As a flower you bloomed gracefully and a beautiful lady rose up from that seed the Lord God planted

As a pillar you balanced yourself against all negative forces of life and that was your strength

As an ocean you cried your tears out but that never hindered the ocean from being full again

As a beautiful picture frame you lit up the room and no soul will ever take that away from you.

Let yourself love you, is the greatest love one can ever behold,

I'm done seeing you cry!!! #Quote by Molemo Sylence
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Steven D. Levitt
#38. A story, meanwhile, fills out the picture. It uses data, statistical or otherwise, to portray a sense of magnitude; without data, we have no idea how a story fits into the larger scheme of things. A good story also includes the passage of time, to show the degree of constancy or change; without a time frame, we can't judge whether we're looking at something truly noteworthy or just an anomalous blip. And a story lays out a daisy chain of events, to show the causes that lead up to a particular situation and the consequences that result from it. #Quote by Steven D. Levitt
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Freddy MacKay
#39. A house is just the frame,but a Home is the picture #Quote by Freddy MacKay
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Clarence King
#40. Through the white snow-gate of our ampitheatre, as through a frame we looked eastward upon the summit group; not a tree, not a vestige of vegetation in sight,-sky, snow and granite the only elements in this wild picture. #Quote by Clarence King
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Katherine Anne Porter
#41. [From Old Mortality]
The woman in the picture ... was only a ghost in a frame, and a sad, pretty story from old times. #Quote by Katherine Anne Porter
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Jeanne Murray Walker
#42. Listen. Outside this frame I can see light,
heavy as pardon, reliable as granite.
Help me. Help me drag it into the picture. #Quote by Jeanne Murray Walker
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by The Click Five
#43. I tried to take a picture of love, didn't think I'd miss her, that much. I tried to fill this new frame, but it's empty. #Quote by The Click Five
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by John Mayer
#44. Today I finally overcame tryin' to fit the world inside a picture frame. #Quote by John Mayer
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by Arthur Koestler
#45. He shivered. A picture appeared in his mind's eye, a big photograph in a wooden frame: the delegates to the first congress of the Party. They sat at a long wooden table, some with their elbows propped on it, others with their hands on their knees; bearded and earnest, they gazed into the photographer's lens. Above each head was a small circle, enclosing a number corresponding to a name printed underneath. All were solemn, only the old man who was presiding had a sly and amused look in his slit Tartar eyes. Rubashov sat second to his right, with his pince-nez on his nose. No. 1 sat somewhere at the lower end of the table, four square and heavy. They looked like the meeting of a provincial town council, and were preparing the greatest revolution in human history. They were at that time a handful of men of an entirely new species: militant philosophers. They were as familiar with the prisons in the towns of Europe as commercial travellers with the hotels. They dreamed of power with the object of abolishing power; of ruling over the people to wean them from the habit of being ruled. All their thoughts became deeds and all their dreams were fulfilled. Where were they? Their brains, which had changed the course of the world, had each received a charge of lead. Some in the forehead, some in the back of the neck. Only two or three of them were left over, scattered throughout the world, worn out. And himself; and No. 1. #Quote by Arthur Koestler
Picture Frame Friendship quotes by George Santayana
#46. Memory itself is an internal rumour; and when to this hearsay within the mind we add the falsified echoes that reach us from others, we have but a shifting and unseizable basis to build upon. The picture we frame of the past changes continually and grows every day less similar to the original experience which it purports to describe. #Quote by George Santayana

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