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Phrases quotes by Samuel Johnson
#1. When a language begins to teem with books, it is tending to refinement; as those who undertake to teach others must have undergone some labour in improving themselves, they set a proportionate value on their own thoughts, and wish to enforce them by efficacious expressions; speech becomes embodied and permanent; different modes and phrases are compared, and the best obtains an establishment. By degrees one age improves upon another. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Phrases quotes by The Wall Street Journal
#2. Instead of saying "I don't have time" try saying "it's not a priority," and see how that feels. Often, that's a perfectly adequate explanation. I have time to iron my sheets, I just don't want to. But other things are harder. Try it: "I'm not going to edit your résumé, sweetie, because it's not a priority." "I don't go to the doctor because my health is not a priority." If these phrases don't sit well, that's the point. Changing our language reminds us that time is a choice. If we don't like how we're spending an hour, we can choose differently. #Quote by The Wall Street Journal
Phrases quotes by Eleanor Perenyi
#3. A gift of flowers to a woman implies that she is as deliciously desirable as the blossoms themselves; but there may be another and hidden message, contained in the old-fashioned phrases like 'shy as a violet, 'clinging vine,' not originally conceived as pejoratives, that tells more of the truth - which is that flowers are also emblems of feminine submission. #Quote by Eleanor Perenyi
Phrases quotes by Rajneesh
#4. Religion can be condensed in a single phrase: total freedom to be oneself. #Quote by Rajneesh
Phrases quotes by Rachel Vincent
#5. Kaylee and Nash are like those rocks that ancient cave people used to make fire. Bang them together, and you get sparks." Sabine said.
"Let's never again use the phrase 'bang them together' in reference to my brother and my girlfriend," Tod mumbled. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Phrases quotes by Francis Bacon
#6. The remedy is worse than the disease. #Quote by Francis Bacon
Phrases quotes by Anais Nin
#7. I always run away from the simplest phrases because they never contain all of the truth. To me the truth is something which cannot be told in a few words, and those who simplify the universe only reduce the expansion of its meaning. #Quote by Anais Nin
Phrases quotes by Sherill Tippins
#8. Her new friends especially liked the southern phrases she recalled from her childhood, such as her father's remark that 'if I hadn't sold that Coca Cola stock I could just sit and pat my foot. #Quote by Sherill Tippins
Phrases quotes by Susan Sontag
#9. It is the nature of aphoristic thinking to be always in a state of concluding; a bid to have the final word is inherent in all powerful phrase-making. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Phrases quotes by Simon Garfield
#10. The truly perfect pangram would contain all the letters of the alphabet in the right order, but the only thing that achieves that is the alphabet. There are phrases that use fewer characters, but they are not as catchy. And this is not for want of trying. Here are two of the shortest: 'Quick wafting zephyrs vex bold Jim.' 'Sphinx of black quartz judge my vow. #Quote by Simon Garfield
Phrases quotes by Mindy McGinnis
#11. But some men should be marked. I'm fit for that task.

And I don't feel bad.

Still, the question remains : What is wrong with you? Because something is, and I know that. I've tried to find out, looked up the words and the phrases that seemed as if they should fit. Words like sociopath and psychopath, ones that people like to toss around without knowing what they actually mean. But neither of them fits. They spoke of lack of empathy, disregarding the safety of others --- when I am the opposite.

I feel too much. #Quote by Mindy McGinnis
Phrases quotes by Ronnie Van Zant
#12. I don't understand this phrase 'I've paid my dues.' We didn't have any money and lived on peanut butter and jelly, and I loved it. I don't regret any of it. We never expected to make it this far, but we worked hard to get here. #Quote by Ronnie Van Zant
Phrases quotes by Andy Summers
#13. As an artist, I move along in my life, into whatever things I'm doing, and I hear things where it's like, "Oh, that'd be a great [song] title! I'll use that!" So I keep a running list of titles on my computer. I've got these words and phrases that just sustained my interest. So I'm a step ahead, really, with the titling! #Quote by Andy Summers
Phrases quotes by Alain De Botton
#14. We feel something, and reach out for the nearest phrase or hum with which to communicate, but which fails to do justice to what has induced us to do so ... We stay on the outside of our impressions, as if staring at them through a frosted window, superficially related to them, yet estranged from whatever has eluded casual definition. #Quote by Alain De Botton
Phrases quotes by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
#15. My princess," began Mara, then found she could not speak the crushing phrases. "His Highness sends his warmest regards," she finished.
She had the satisfaction of seeing Ianni's face come back to life; the great dark eyes lost their look of suffering and turned hopefully toward the king. Mara turned to him too, well-pleased with her merciful little lie. But one look at his startled face froze the blood in her veins. What a fool she was! Of course, he had understood every word she said.
"Son of Pharaoh, live forever!" she gasped. "I crave pardon-- I could not believe you meant to wound this princess, however lowly--"
"You mean you forgot that I could understand," retorted Thutmose. #Quote by Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Phrases quotes by Virginia Woolf
#16. I walk making up phrases; sit, contriving scenes; am in short in the thick of the greatest rapture known to me. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Phrases quotes by Peter Shaffer
#17. What was evident was that Mozart was simply transcribing music completely finished in his head. And finished as most music is never finished. Displace one note and there would be diminishment. Displace one phrase and structure would fall. I was staring through the cage of those meticulous ink strokes at Absolute Beauty. #Quote by Peter Shaffer
Phrases quotes by Neil Sedaka
#18. I knew I had to have a hit. I would get no more chances. Analyzing what they had in common I discovered they had many similar elements: harmonic rhythm, placement of the chord changes, choice of harmonic progressions, similar instrumentation, vocal phrases, drum fills, content, even the timbre of the lead solo voice. I decided to write a song that incorporated all these elements in one record. #Quote by Neil Sedaka
Phrases quotes by Jane Hamilton
#19. I heard the phrases and I wanted all of me to call out in a song, a song that doesn't have words, a song that almost doesn't have noise. A lot of people take a short cut and call that feeling of song love. They just call it that because there isn't a way to describe it. But the word love doesn't describe the half of it. It doesn't do anything to bring to mind the song we all want so desperately to sing. #Quote by Jane Hamilton
Phrases quotes by Harvey Pekar
#20. He wasn't a man, but a tape recorder, repeating catch phrases and old slogans without any thought to the concepts behind them, a dog stuck in the training of his youth and faithfully executing his tasks long after his master had moved on. #Quote by Harvey Pekar
Phrases quotes by Susan Froderberg
#21. A scratching of melody comes from the radio, chords rising open as the land that carries us, rhythm mimicking our passage down the road, harmony making this life seem it should be only that. We sing along to what songs have always been about- beginning, going on, breaking up, forgiving, We sing in missed words and broken phrases as glints of tiger moths fly at us like snow, streaking the windshield over. #Quote by Susan Froderberg
Phrases quotes by Michael Faraday
#22. but let me, as an old man, who ought by this time to have profited by experience, say that when I was younger, I found I often misinterpreted the intentions of people, and found they did not mean what at the time I supposed they meant; and, further, that as a general rule, it was better to be a little dull of apprehension, where phrases seemed to imply pique, and quick in perception, when on the contrary they seemed to imply kindly feeling. The real truth never fails ultimately to appear; and opposing parties if wrong, are sooner convinced when replied to forbearingly, than when overwhelmed. All I mean to say is, that it is better to be blind to the results of partisanship, and quick to see good will. One has more happiness in oneself, in endeavoring to follow the things that make for peace. You can hardly imagine how often I have been heated in private when opposed, as I have thought unjustly and superciliously, and yet I have striven, and succeeded I hope, in keeping down replies of the like kind. And I know I have never lost by it. I would not say all this to you did I not esteem, you as a true philosopher and friend. #Quote by Michael Faraday
Phrases quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#23. Because lascivious or venal lips had murmured the same words to him, he now had little belief in their sincerity when he heard them from Emma; they should be taken with a grain of salt, he thought, because the most exaggerated speeches usually hid the weakest feelings - as though the fullness of the soul did not sometimes overflow into the emptiest phrases, since no one can ever express the exact measure of his needs, his conceptions, or his sorrows, and human speech is like a cracked pot on which we beat out rhythms for bears to dance to when we are striving to make music that will wring tears from the stars. #Quote by Gustave Flaubert
Phrases quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#24. There's nothing good about being certain about things. And I don't think there's any real talent in using language in a manipulative way, with phrases like "tax relief" or "Social Security reform." It's politically clever, but it's also completely disingenuous, and it's not something to aspire to. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Phrases quotes by Mark Twain
#25. 'Don't you worry, and don't you hurry.' I know that phrase by heart, and if all other music should perish out of the world it would still sing to me. #Quote by Mark Twain
Phrases quotes by Marcel Proust
#26. Maybe it was because of his ignorance of music that he had been capable of receiving so confused an impression, the kind of impression that is, however, perhaps the only one which is purely musical, immaterial, entirely original, irreducible to any other order of impression. An impression of this kind is, for an instant, so to speak, sine materia. No doubt the notes we hear then tend already, depending on their loudness and their quantity, to spread out before our eyes over surfaces of varying dimensions, to trace arabesques, to give us sensations of breadth, tenuousness, stability, whimsy. But the notes vanish before these sensations are sufficiently formed in us not to be submerged by those already excited by the succeeding or even simultaneous notes. And this impression would continue to envelop with its liquidity and its "mellowness" the motifs that at times emerge from it, barely discernible, immediately to dive under and disappear, known only by the particular pleasure they give, impossible to describe, to recall, to name, ineffable - if memory, like a laborer working to put down lasting foundations in the midst of the waves, by fabricating for us facsimiles of these fleeting phrases, did not allow us to compare them to those that follow them and to differentiate them. And so, scarcely had the delicious sensation which Swann had felt died away than his memory at once furnished him with a transcription that was summary and temporary but at which he could glance while the #Quote by Marcel Proust
Phrases quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#27. The difference between an admirer and a follower still remains, no matter where you are. The admirer never makes any true sacrifices. He always plays it safe. Though in words, phrases, songs, he is inexhaustible about how highly he prizes Christ, he renounces nothing, gives up nothing, will not reconstruct his life, will not be what he admires, and will not let his life express what it is he supposedly admires. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Phrases quotes by Melanie Yergeau
#28. Echophenomena, such as autistic echoing of phrases, are largely considered involuntary, even if such echoing is done voluntarily. (Such are the paradoxes of compliance.) Conversely, imitation, such as complying with a behavioral analyst's demand to mirror her jumping body, is regarded as voluntary, even if it is coerced or scripted. #Quote by Melanie Yergeau
Phrases quotes by Olivia Waite
#29. Why cast about for artful phrases when there were much better things to do with one's mouth? #Quote by Olivia Waite
Phrases quotes by C. Northcote Parkinson
#30. Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. #Quote by C. Northcote Parkinson
Phrases quotes by Robert Creeley
#31. Writing is the same as music. It's in how you phrase it, how you hold back the note, bend it, shape it, then release it. And what you don't play is as important as what you do say. #Quote by Robert Creeley
Phrases quotes by Penn Jillette
#32. If the bible were published as fiction, no reviewer would give it a passing grade. There are some vivid scenes and quotable phrases but there's no plot, no structure, a tremendous amount of filler and the characters are painfully one dimensional. Whatever you do, don't read the bible for a moral code. It advocates prejudice, cruelty, superstition and murder. Read it because we need more atheists. #Quote by Penn Jillette
Phrases quotes by Nikolai Gogol
#33. Ah! I--to you, Petrovitch, this--" It must be known that Akakiy Akakievitch expressed himself chiefly by prepositions, adverbs, and scraps of phrases which had no meaning whatever. #Quote by Nikolai Gogol
Phrases quotes by Graham Greene
#34. Those who marry God can become domesticated too - it's just as hum-drum a marriage as all the others. The word Love means a formal touch of the lips as in the ceremony of the Mass, and Ave Maria like dearest is a phrase to open a letter. This marriage like the world's marriages was held together by habits and tastes shared in common between God and themselves - it was God's taste to be worshipped and their taste to worship, but only at stated hours like a suburban embrace on a Saturday night. #Quote by Graham Greene
Phrases quotes by Ernst Junger
#35. Today words like 'persevere' and 'hero's death' had been so ceaselessly bandied about that they had long since acquired an ironic sound - at least wherever there was actual fighting. . . . Once, before an attack, Sturm had heard an old sergeant say the following: 'Kids, we're going over there now to gobble up the Englishmen's rations.' It was the best battle address that he had ever heard. That was surely something good in the war - that it destroyed glorious-sounding phrases. Concepts that hung fleshless in the void were overcome by laughter. #Quote by Ernst Junger
Phrases quotes by Heather Rose Jones
#36. Barbara took her accustomed place by the door but as the singing began Margerit beckoned her over to her side. "I haven't been following much except that it's all ancient Greeks and battles and such. What's happening now?"
Barbara knelt beside her and leaned close to whisper so as not to disturb the rest of the party. A brief synopsis of what had gone before took up the time while the chorus escorted the principles to the centre of the stage. "I haven't seen this performance before," Barbara added, "but I imagine this will be the grand love duet." As the soprano began, she concentrated on the stage to follow the opening phrases. The chorus had abandoned the field to the principles who faced each other against a backdrop of fluted columns.
"O! What strange fate is mine!" Barbara paused as the signature line was repeated several times. "I loved you in the guise of Mars, but now I am betrayed by Venus. The iron in your glance turns soft beneath my touch. I am undone. O Venus, you are cruel to mock me so." It continued on in the same vein until it was the mezzo's turn. Her lyrics ran much parallel with the soprano's. With less concentration required, Barbara ventured a glance to see Margerit's reaction. Margerit turned at the same moment and their eyes met as Barbara whispered Ifis's lines.
"O! What a strange fate is mine! In the guise of Mars I love you but now as Venus I'm betrayed. The Iron in my soul turns soft beneath your touch." Unconsciously, Margerit pl #Quote by Heather Rose Jones
Phrases quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#37. The main objects of all science, the freedom and happiness of man ... [are] the sole objects of all legitimate government.
(A plaque with this quotation, with the first phrase omitted, is in the stairwell of the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.) #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Phrases quotes by Flannery O'Connor
#38. I distrust pious phrases, especially when they issue from my mouth. I try militantly never to be affected by the pious language of the faithful but it is always coming out when you least expect it. In contrast to the pious language of the faithful, the liturgy is beautifully flat. #Quote by Flannery O'Connor
Phrases quotes by Ayn Rand
#39. The reporters who came to the press conference in the
office of the John Galt Line were young men who had
been trained to think that their job consisted of
concealing from the world the nature of its events.
It was their daily duty to serve as audience for some
public figure who made utterances about the public good,
in phrases carefully chosen to convey no meaning.
It was their daily job to sling words together in any
combination they pleased, so long as the words did not
fall into a sequence saying something specific.
They could not understand the interview now being
given to them. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Phrases quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#40. Don't feel bad, Angela," Kami said. "You know guys, they only want one thing. Repartee. I can't count how many times men have admired my well-turned phrases. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Phrases quotes by Victor Hugo
#41. Nothing can be more depressing than to expose, naked to the light of thought, the hideous growth of argot. Indeed it is like a sort of repellent animal intended to dwell in darkness which has been dragged out of its cloaca. One seems to see a horned and living creature viciously struggling to be restored to the place where it belongs. One word is like a claw, another like a sightless and bleeding eye; and there are phrases which clutch like the pincers of a crab. And all of it is alive with the hideous vitality of things that have organized themselves amid disorganization. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Phrases quotes by James W. Loewen
#42. When you see a roadside marker, take in what it tells but also ask, how might this be wrong? One giveaway is the use of qualifying phrases introducing statements of fact, as in: "According to tradition..." or "According to the legislature..." Visitors can count on the rest of such sentences to be unsubstantiated. #Quote by James W. Loewen
Phrases quotes by Braaten
#43. there are words and phrases in the Christian theological tradition so "thick" and so fraught with accumulated meaning that we can meditate on them in such depth that they yield, in that profound meditation, a whole range of meanings available to us not only in the words themselves but in the ways in which these words have been received within the Christian community over the past two millennia. #Quote by Braaten
Phrases quotes by Sharman Apt Russell
#44. Cabeza de Vaca had wrapped her in his arms and in his language, whispering about a life she did not understand although understanding seemed to form just beyond the sea and sand, waiting there for her to grow older. Even when the story confused her, she had caught words or phrases, ideas like fish, bold and surprising, tasting of her father's mind. She had learned quickly to nod and speak because he needed her to do this, because his need surrounded her like the blue sky. She was his bastard, and he had loved her. Yes, he had loved her. That was the memory she couldn't bear. #Quote by Sharman Apt Russell
Phrases quotes by Jamie Fessenden
#45. I do not want to keep these things from you. I adore you, puppy. I am just afraid of losing Thomas."
It was nice hearing Boris say that, but it didn't make Hans feel much better. He'd still behaved like a child throwing a tantrum. These two men were giving him everything - a job he liked doing, a great place to live, good food, fantastic sex, affection - and he'd blown up because they had a couple of things they liked to reserve for themselves. "I'm sorry. I do understand."
Boris reached out and took his hand. "I will start teaching you if you really want to learn. Thomas tells me it is a very hard language for English speakers. The vocabulary is strange."
"Really?" Hans asked, growing ridiculously excited, as if someone had just handed him the map to Blackbeard's treasure.
"It will take a very long time, puppy, before you can understand the things Thomas and I say to each other. But we have been rude. We should not speak so much in front of you."
"No!" Hans exclaimed. "Don't do that. I want to start picking up phrases. You should talk in front of me more!"
Boris laughed. "I had no idea this was so important to you. You really want to be close to us."
"I do!"
Boris pulled him in for a long kiss, caressing his back and then sliding his hand partway under Hans's ass. By the time the kiss ended, they both had raging hard-ons. "You want a pet name for me, puppy?"
"Yes! #Quote by Jamie Fessenden
Phrases quotes by Mitt Romney
#46. Hugo Chavez has tried to steal an inspiring phrase 'Patria o muerte, venceremos.' It does not belong to him. It belongs to a free Cuba. #Quote by Mitt Romney
Phrases quotes by Thomas Hardy
#47. Oak had nothing finished and ready to say as yet, and not being able to frame love phrases which end where they begin; passionate tales - Full of sound and fury
- signifying nothing - he said no word at all. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Phrases quotes by James Caan
#48. My least favorite phrase in the English language is 'I don't care.' #Quote by James Caan
Phrases quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
#49. To conceal a want of real ideas, many make for themselves an imposing apparatus of long compound words, intricate flourishes and phrases, new and unheard-of expressions, all of which together furnish an extremely difficult jargon that sounds very learned. Yet with all this they say-precisely nothing. #Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer
Phrases quotes by Harlan Howard
#50. I usually start with a title or maybe a little rhyme or phrase. #Quote by Harlan Howard
Phrases quotes by Chip Kelly
#51. Tommy's [Gamble] an East Coast guy, so he kind of talks fast and in quick statements and phrases, so I understood him and he understood me, and we just hit it off. #Quote by Chip Kelly
Phrases quotes by Nicolas Gomez Davila
#52. Phrases are pebbles that the writer tosses into the reader's soul.
The diameter of the concentric waves they displace depends on the dimensions of the pond. #Quote by Nicolas Gomez Davila
Phrases quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#53. They have invented a phrase, a phrase that is a black and white contradiction in two words - 'free-love' - as if a lover ever had been, or ever could be, free. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Phrases quotes by Milan Kundera
#54. The phrase "It's absolutely the same with me, I ... " seems to be an approving echo, a way of continuing the other's thought, but that is an illusion: in reality it is a brute revolt against a brutal violence, an effort to free our own ear from bondage and to occupy the enemy's ear by force. Because all of man's life among his kind is nothing other than a battle to seize the ear of others. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Phrases quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#55. My city. I pondered that phrase, wondered why Barrons felt that way. He never said "our world." He always said "your world." But he called Dublin his city. Merely because he'd been in it so long? Or had Barrons, like me, been beguiled by her tawdry grace, fallen for her charm and colorful dualities?
I looked around "my" bookstore. That was what I called it. Did we call the things of our heart our own, whether they were or not? #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Phrases quotes by Frank I. Cobb
#56. This is revolution in reaction, as well as in radicalism, and Toryism speaking a jargon of law and order may often be a graver menace to liberty than radicalism bellowing the empty phrases of the soapbox demagogue. #Quote by Frank I. Cobb
Phrases quotes by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
#57. Taqwaa (piety) is the driving force behind living faith. Without it, faith is only a meaningless jumble of memorized words and phrases, and 'righteous' deeds only shells of pretence and hypocrisy. #Quote by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Phrases quotes by Deborah Fallows
#58. Bu keyi, Cannot. It was one of the first Mandarin phrases I learned, and it is the phrase of choice for all things forbidden, out of bounds, not possible, or otherwise not allowed. Its meaning seems to vacillate with circumstances: sometimes bu keyi means no, sometimes it suggests maybe, and sometimes it even hints at yes. #Quote by Deborah Fallows
Phrases quotes by Virginia Woolf
#59. She felt him trying to piece together in a laborious and elementary fashion fragments of belief, unsoldered and separate, lacking the unity of phrases fashioned by the old believers. Together they groped in this difficult region, where the unfinished, the unfulfilled, the unwritten, the unreturned, came together in their ghostly way and wore the semblance of the complete and the satisfactory. The future emerged more splendid than ever from this construction of the present. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Phrases quotes by Paul Rusesabagina
#60. A sad truth of human nature is that it is hard to care for people when they are abstractions, hard to care when it is not you or somebody close to you. Unless the world community can stop finding ways to dither in the face of this monstrous threat to humanity those words Never Again will persist in being one of the most abused phrases in the English language and one of the greatest lies of our time. #Quote by Paul Rusesabagina
Phrases quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#61. What they [the 9/11 attackers] abominate about 'the west', to put it in a phrase, is not what western liberals don't like and can't defend about their own system, but what they do like about it and must defend: its emancipated women, its scientific inquiry, its separation of religion from the state. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Phrases quotes by Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù
#62. Young man, there are two cringe-worthy phrases in one's life that must be said, no matter what."

"Which two?"

"'Thank you', and 'I'm sorry'."

"What can anybody do to me if I don't say them?"

"Someday, you'll say those words in tears. #Quote by Mò Xiāng Tóngxiù
Phrases quotes by James Patterson
#63. Who ya gonna call?" "Ghostbusters!" "That phrase is ruined forever. #Quote by James Patterson
Phrases quotes by Bertrand Russell
#64. In the higher walks of politics the same sort of thing occurs. The statesman who has gradually concentrated all power within himself ... may have had anything but a public motive ... The phrases which are customary on the platform and in the Party Press have gradually come to him to seem to express truths, and he mistakes the rhetoric of partisanship for a genuine analysis of motives ... He retires from the world after the world has retired from him. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Phrases quotes by Michael Fassbender
#65. You use words like 'introvert' and 'extrovert,' various traits of a personality. A lot of that stuff, we used in drama school, and that was kind of interesting, to realize my teachers sort of ripped off a lot of Jung. And how much of it is part of our society now, these phrases, introvert and extrovert, where it actually came from. #Quote by Michael Fassbender
Phrases quotes by Yao Ming
#66. There is a phrase in Chinese, 'Resolve is victory.' #Quote by Yao Ming
Phrases quotes by Alan Price
#67. The one phrase you can use is that success has a thousand fathers, and failure is an orphan. #Quote by Alan Price
Phrases quotes by H.P. Lovecraft
#68. As for the Republicans
how can one regard seriously a frightened, greedy, nostalgic huddle of tradesmen and lucky idlers who shut their eyes to history and science, steel their emotions against decent human sympathy, cling to sordid and provincial ideals exalting sheer acquisitiveness and condoning artificial hardship for the non-materially-shrewd, dwell smugly and sentimentally in a distorted dream-cosmos of outmoded phrases and principles and attitudes based on the bygone agricultural-handicraft world, and revel in (consciously or unconsciously) mendacious assumptions (such as the notion that real liberty is synonymous with the single detail of unrestricted economic license or that a rational planning of resource-distribution would contravene some vague and mystical 'American heritage' ... ) utterly contrary to fact and without the slightest foundation in human experience? Intellectually, the Republican idea deserves the tolerance and respect one gives to the dead. #Quote by H.P. Lovecraft
Phrases quotes by Lord Dunsany
#69. And as the sea wind blew on that high and lonely place, there began to slip away from the voter's mind the meaningless phrases that had crowded it long - thumping majority - victory in the fight - terminological inexactitudes - and the smell of paraffin lamps dangling in classrooms, and quotations taken from ancient speeches because the words were long. #Quote by Lord Dunsany
Phrases quotes by Thomas Merton
#70. I got to a state where phrases like "the Good, the True, and the Beautiful" filled me with a kind of suppressed indignation, because they stood for the big sin of Platonism: the reduction of all reality to the level of pure abstraction, as if concrete, individual substances had no essential reality of their own, but were only shadows of some remote, universal, ideal essence filed away in a big card-index somewhere in heaven, while the demi-urges milled around the Logos piping their excitement in high, fluted, English intellectual tones. #Quote by Thomas Merton
Phrases quotes by Amelie Nothomb
#71. What is a flower? A giant sexual organ in its Sunday best. The truth has been known for a long time, yet, over-aged adolescents that we are, we persist in speaking sentimental drives about the delicacy of flowers. We construct idiotic phrases like "So-and-so is in the flower of his youth", which is as absurd as saying "in the vagina of his youth". #Quote by Amelie Nothomb
Phrases quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#72. It took a while to master the right phrases, but once I got him going, old Gilly - boy - he took to it like a knife to a soft back."

"Gilly?" Hadrian asked, laughing.

"A pet has to have a name, doesn't it? Later I'm planning to teach it fetch and roll over, but for now, dig and sic 'em will do #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Phrases quotes by Wallace Stevens
#73. The Idea of Order at Key West

She sang beyond the genius of the sea.
The water never formed to mind or voice,
Like a body wholly body, fluttering
Its empty sleeves; and yet its mimic motion
Made constant cry, caused constantly a cry,
That was not ours although we understood,
Inhuman, of the veritable ocean.

The sea was not a mask. No more was she.
The song and water were not medleyed sound
Even if what she sang was what she heard,
Since what she sang was uttered word by word.
It may be that in all her phrases stirred
The grinding water and the gasping wind;
But it was she and not the sea we heard.

For she was the maker of the song she sang.
The ever-hooded, tragic-gestured sea
Was merely a place by which she walked to sing.
Whose spirit is this? we said, because we knew
It was the spirit that we sought and knew
That we should ask this often as she sang.
If it was only the dark voice of the sea
That rose, or even colored by many waves;
If it was only the outer voice of sky
And cloud, of the sunken coral water-walled,
However clear, it would have been deep air,
The heaving speech of air, a summer sound
Repeated in a summer without end
And sound alone. But it was more than that,
More even than her voice, and ours, among
The meaningless plungings of water and the wind,
Theatrical distances, bronze shadows heap #Quote by Wallace Stevens
Phrases quotes by Walter Lippmann
#74. The ordinary politician has a very low estimate of human nature. In his daily life he comes into contact chiefly with persons who want to get something or to avoid something. Beyond this circle of seekers after privileges, individuals and organized minorities, he is aware of a large unorganized, indifferent mass of citizens who ask nothing in particular and rarely complain. The politician comes after a while to think that the art of politics is to satisfy the seekers after favors and to mollify the inchoate mass with noble sentiments and patriotic phrases. #Quote by Walter Lippmann
Phrases quotes by Italo Calvino
#75. A child's pleasure in listening to stories lies partly in waiting for things he expects to be repeated: situations, phrases, formulas. Just as in poems and songs the rhymes help to create the rhythm, so in prose narrative there are events that rhyme. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Phrases quotes by Aristophanes
#76. It is the compelling power of great thoughts and ideas to engender phrases of equal size. #Quote by Aristophanes
Phrases quotes by Richard Dawkins
#77. One of my pet peeves is the habit of labelling young children with the religion of their parents: 'Catholic child', 'Protestant child', 'Muslim child'. Such phrases can be heard used of children too young to talk, let alone hold religious opinions. It seems to me as absurd as talking about a 'Socialist child' or 'Conservative child', and nobody would ever use a phrase like that. I don't think we should talk about 'atheist children' either. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Phrases quotes by Dick Cavett
#78. The very phrase 'Oscar night' used to accelerate my pulse. For one thing - dating myself - it meant Bob Hope. He always had good, strong jokes, that faultless delivery, and always a new joke about his own films' failure - once again - to be honored. #Quote by Dick Cavett
Phrases quotes by Dylan Moran
#79. People will kill you. Over time. They will shave out every last morsel of fun in you with little, harmless sounding phrases that people uses every day, like: 'Be realistic!'
[What It Is (2009)] #Quote by Dylan Moran
Phrases quotes by Joseph Conrad
#80. That propensity of lifting every problem from the plane of the understandable by means of some sort of mystic expression, is very Russian. I knew her well enough to have discovered her scorn for all the practical forms of political liberty known to the western world. I suppose one must be a Russian to understand Russian simplicity, a terrible corroding simplicity in which mystic phrases clothe a naive and hopeless cynicism. I think sometimes that the psychological secret of the profound difference of that people consists in this, that they detest life, the irremediable life of the earth as it is, whereas we westerners cherish it with perhaps an equal exaggeration of its sentimental value. But this is a digression indeed ... #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Phrases quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#81. Bette Davis had a phrase that called it "cigarette smoking acting" . #Quote by Joe Eszterhas
Phrases quotes by Lemony Snicket
#82. For obvious reasons, I never told you about my notebook, with a cover as green as mansions long ago, which I use as a commonplace book, a phrase which here means 'place where I have collected passages from some of the most important books I have read. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Phrases quotes by Storm Jameson
#83. A politician is forced to make a habit of noble phrases and optimistic lies. In the end they infect himself. #Quote by Storm Jameson
Phrases quotes by Paul Claudel
#84. The words I use Are everyday words and yet are not the same! You will find no rhymes in my verse, no magic. There are your very own phrases. #Quote by Paul Claudel
Phrases quotes by Nella Larsen
#85. Everything can't be explained by some general biological phrase. #Quote by Nella Larsen
Phrases quotes by Rabih Alameddine
#86. All living languages are promiscuous. We promiscuous speakers shamelessly shoplift words, plucking bons mots and phrases from any tempting language. We wear these words when we wish to be more formal, more elegant, more mysterious, worldly, precise, vague. #Quote by Rabih Alameddine
Phrases quotes by Graham Greene
#87. And there, in that phrase, the bitterness leaks again out of my pen. What a dull lifeless quality this bitterness is. If I could I would write with love, but if I could write with love I would be another man; I would never have lost love. #Quote by Graham Greene
Phrases quotes by Sebastian Junger
#88. Shared public meaning gives soldiers a context for their losses and their sacrifice that is acknowledged by most of the society. That helps keep at bay the sense of futility and rage that can develop among soldiers during a war that doesn't seem to end. Such public meaning is probably not generated by the kinds of formulaic phrases, such as "Thank you for your service," that many Americans now feel compelled to offer soldiers and vets. Neither is it generated by honoring vets at sporting events, allowing them to board planes first, or giving them minor discounts at stores. If anything, these token acts only deepen the chasm between the military and civilian populations by highlighting the fact that some people serve their country but the vast majority don't. In Israel, where around half of the population serves in the military, reflexively thanking someone for their service makes as little sense as thanking them for paying their taxes. It doesn't cross anyone's mind. #Quote by Sebastian Junger
Phrases quotes by Frank Miller
#89. My feeling is that the hero has now been defined by phrases like the odious one that we were all raised with - crimes does not pay. Of course it pays, you schmuck. That's not why we don't do it. We don't do it because it is wrong. #Quote by Frank Miller
Phrases quotes by Oscar Wilde
#90. Clergymen and people who use phrases without wisdom sometimes talk of suffering as a mystery. It is really a revelation. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Phrases quotes by John Dos Passos
#91. A writer ... whittles at the words and phrases of today and makes of them forms to set the mind of tomorrow's generation. #Quote by John Dos Passos
Phrases quotes by Anthony Doerr
#92. Sergeant Major Reinhold von Rumpel is forty-one years old, not so old that he cannot be promoted. He has moist red lips; pale, almost translucent cheeks like fillets of raw sole; and an instinct for correctness that rarely fails him. He has a wife who suffers his absences without complaint, and who arranges porcelain kittens by color, lightest to darkest, on two different shelves in their drawing room in Stuttgart. He also has two daughters whom he has not seen in nine months. The eldest, Veronika, is deeply earnest. Her letters to him include phrases like sacred resolve, proud accomplishments, and unparalleled in history. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Phrases quotes by Vilfredo Pareto
#93. Theories of "natural law" and the "law of nations" are another excellent example of discussions destitute of all exactness. [ ... ] "Natural law" is simply that law of which the person using the phrase approves[ ... ] #Quote by Vilfredo Pareto
Phrases quotes by George Orwell
#94. Aesthetic enthusiasm. Perception of beauty in the external world, or, on the other hand, in words and their right arrangement. Pleasure in the impact of one sound on another, in the firmness of good prose or the rhythm of a good story. Desire to share an experience which one feels is valuable and ought not to be missed. The aesthetic motive is very feeble in a lot of writers, but even a pamphleteer or writer of textbooks will have pet words and phrases which appeal to him for non-utilitarian reasons; or he may feel strongly about typography, width of margins, etc. Above the level of a railway guide, no book is quite free from aesthetic considerations. #Quote by George Orwell
Phrases quotes by Yip Harburg
#95. The greatest romance in the life of a lyricist is when the right word meets the right note; often, however, a Park Avenue phrase elopes with a Bleecker Street chord, resulting in a shotgun wedding and a quickie divorce. #Quote by Yip Harburg
Phrases quotes by Dorothy Day
#96. Two years ago, I was saying as I planted seeds in the garden, "I must believe in these seeds, that they fall into the earth and grow into flowers and radishes and beans." It is a miracle to me because I do not understand it. The very fact that they use glib technical phrases does not make it any less a miracle, and a miracle we all accept. Then why not accept God's miracles? #Quote by Dorothy Day
Phrases quotes by George Sand
#97. Art for art's sake is an empty phrase. Art for the sake of truth, art for the sake of the good and the beautiful, that is the faith I am searching for. #Quote by George Sand
Phrases quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#98. It's difficult to know where to begin, sir.'

'Yes, the beginning is the tricky part. But perhaps there is no beginning, perhaps we can't look that far back.' He got up from his desk and went over to the window, from where he could see thin pillar of smoke rising into the clouds. 'I never know where anything comes from, Walter.'

'Comes from, sir?'

'Where you come from, where I come from, where all this comes from.' And he gestured at the offices and homes beneath him. He was about to say something else but he stopped, embarrassed; and in any case he was coming to the limits of his understanding. He was not sure if all the movements and changes in the world were part of some coherent development, like the weaving of a quilt which remains one fabric despite its variegated pattern. Or was it a more delicate operation than this - like the enlarging surface of a balloon in the sense that, although each part increased at the same rate of growth as every other part, the entire object grew more fragile as it expanded? And if one element was suddenly to vanish, would the others disappear also - imploding upon each other helplessly as if time itself were unravelling amid a confusion of Sights, calls, shrieks and phrases of music which grew smaller and smaller? He thought of a train disappearing into the distance, until eventually only the smoke and the smell of its engine remained. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Phrases quotes by Heather O'Neill
#99. That's the way I talked when I smoked pot. It was a gift. Every time I smoked up, these pretty phrases and ideas just popped into my head. Usually I went around with so many ugly insecure things flying around in my head that when a pretty thought came to me, it usually died a lonely death, afraid to come out. But when I was high, I simply had to utter it. #Quote by Heather O'Neill
Phrases quotes by Octavio Paz
#100. At first I couldn't see anything. I fumbled along the cobblestone street. I lit a cigarette. Suddenly the moon appeared from behind a black cloud, lighting a white wall that was crumbled in places. I stopped, blinded by such whiteness. Wind whistled slightly. I breathed the air of the tamarinds. The night hummed, full of leaves and insects. Crickets bivouacked in the tall grass. I raised my head: up there the stars too had set up camp. I thought that the universe was a vast system of signs, a conversation between giant beings. My actions, the cricket's saw, the star's blink, were nothing but pauses and syllables, scattered phrases from that dialogue. What word could it be, of which I was only a syllable? Who speaks the word? To whom is it spoken? I threw my cigarette down on the sidewalk. Falling, it drew a shining curve, shooting out brief sparks like a tiny comet.

I walked a long time, slowly. I felt free, secure between the lips that were at that moment speaking me with such happiness. The night was a garden of eyes. #Quote by Octavio Paz
Phrases quotes by Elizabeth Taylor
#101. She made a fence of phrases, which seemed a treachery to herself. #Quote by Elizabeth Taylor
Phrases quotes by Socrates
#102. To use words and phrases in an easygoing manner without scrutinizing them too curiously is not in general a mark of ill-breeding. On the contrary, there is something low-bred in being too precise. But sometimes there is no help for it #Quote by Socrates
Phrases quotes by S. Kelley Harrell
#103. Phrases such as "I'm beside myself," "I was frightened to pieces," "I feel lost," "I feel like part of me is missing," originated from a sense of soul loss. #Quote by S. Kelley Harrell
Phrases quotes by Camille Desmoulins
#104. What is this much repeated phrase 'active citizen' supposed to mean? The active citizens are the ones who took the Bastille. #Quote by Camille Desmoulins
Phrases quotes by Herbie Hancock
#105. You can expand, repeat, even change keys and do other things electronically to give certain elements and phrases more cohesiveness. #Quote by Herbie Hancock
Phrases quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#106. I earnestly wish to point out in what true dignity and human happiness consists - I wish to persuade women to endeavour to acquire strength, both of mind and body, and to convince them that the soft phrases, susceptibility of heart, delicacy of sentiment, and refinement of taste, are almost synonymous with epithets of weakness, and that those beings who are only the objects of pity and that kind of love, which has been termed its sister, will soon become objects of contempt. #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft
Phrases quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#107. A war, or any wild-goose chase, is, as the vulgar use the phrase, a lucky turn-up of patronage for the minister, whose chief merit is the art of keeping himself in place. #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft
Phrases quotes by Claude Bernard
#108. If I had to define life in a single phrase, I should clearly express my thought of throwing into relief one characteristic which, in my opinion, sharply differentiates biological science. I should say: life is creation. #Quote by Claude Bernard
Phrases quotes by Mikhail Bakunin
#109. If God really existed, it would be necessary to abolish Him. #Quote by Mikhail Bakunin
Phrases quotes by Carl Pohlad
#110. Seldom do we experience the charisma and character of a dynamic personality such as Lou Holtz, the very successful former football coach of Notre Dame. Lou has left his distinctive mark of success everywhere he has coached. Winning Every Day is not just a catchy phrase, but with Coach Holtz, a way of life. #Quote by Carl Pohlad
Phrases quotes by Charles Churchill
#111. Little do such men know the toil, the pains, the daily, nightly racking of the brains, to range the thoughts, the matter to digest, to cull fit phrases, and reject the rest. #Quote by Charles Churchill
Phrases quotes by N. T. Wright
#112. The phrase "spiritual journey" is one that I've only become familiar with comparatively recently. We wouldn't have put it like that when I was a kid. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Phrases quotes by Larry McMurtry
#113. It was inconsiderate, she thought, how blandly people mentioned the future in the sick rooms. Phrases like next summer were always popping out; people made such assumptions about their own continuity. #Quote by Larry McMurtry
Phrases quotes by Tim Winton
#114. Summer came whirling out of the night and stuck fast. One morning late in November everybody got up at Cloudstreet and saw the white heat washing in through the windows. The wild oats and buffalo grass were brown and crisp. The sky was the color of kerosene. The air was thin and volatile. Smoke rolled along the tracks as men began to burn off on the embankment. Birds cut singing down to a few necessary phrases, and beneath them in the streets, the tar began to bubble. The city was full of Yank soldiers; the trams were crammed to standing with them. The river sucked up the sky and went flat and glittery right down the middle of the place and people went to it in boats and britches and barebacked. Where the river met the sea, the beaches ran north and south, white and broad as highways in a dream, and men and babies stood in the surf while gulls hung in the haze above, casting shadows on the immodest backs of the oilslicked women. #Quote by Tim Winton
Phrases quotes by Susan Sontag
#115. The ethical task of the modern writer is to be not a creator but a destroyer - a destroyer of shallow inwardness, the consoling notion of the universally human, dilettantish creativity, and empty phrases. #Quote by Susan Sontag
Phrases quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#116. I am apprehensive, Sir, that in the warmth of my feelings, I may have uttered expressions, which were too vehement. If such has been my language, it was from the habit of using strong phrases to express my ideas; and, above all, from the interesting nature of the subject. I have ever condemned those cold, unfeeling hearts, which no object can animate. I condemn those indifferent mortals, who either never form opinions, or never make them known. #Quote by Alexander Hamilton
Phrases quotes by Teddy Thompson
#117. I was obsessed with country music when I was a kid, and it's definitely had a huge influence on the way I write songs. I was always attracted to songs that had a brilliant pun or a clever turn of phrase, but came from a dark, bitter place. As a writer, I've always gravitated towards that feeling. #Quote by Teddy Thompson
Phrases quotes by Clive James
#118. I try to be specific. One thought at a time. Clear. Articulate. And above all, memorable, if you can be. You'd like to write phrases that people can't forget as soon as they read them. #Quote by Clive James
Phrases quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#119. I still think of myself as a house. Ravan tried to fix this problem of self-image, as he called it. To teach me to phrase my communication in terms of a human body. To say: let us hold hands instead of let us hold kitchens. To say put our heads together and not put our parlors together.
But it is not as simple as replacing words anymore. Ravan is gone. My hearth is broken. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Phrases quotes by Virginia Woolf
#120. I to my friends, to my own heart, I to seek among phrases and fragments something unbroken. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Phrases quotes by La India
#121. Originally, I thought English was more my home. But Spanish is so much more romantic. I've had to learn new phrases. I've had to learn to be more secure about singing in Spanish. But I'm working on it. #Quote by La India
Phrases quotes by Lucretius
#122. For fools admire and love those things they see hidden in verses turned all upside down, and take for truth what sweetly strokes the ears and comes with sound of phrases fine imbued. #Quote by Lucretius
Phrases quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#123. Spade didn't respond with any useless, comforting cliches, for which she was grateful. She's head enough of those well-meaning phrases after Randy died. Why couldn't people acknowledge that occasionally, life just sucked? Didn't they realize that sometime silence was more comforting than the more sincere expression of sympathy or attempt at showing the deeper meaning behind it all? #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Phrases quotes by Beatrice K. Otto
#124. I look upon fine phrases as a lover. - John Keats #Quote by Beatrice K. Otto
Phrases quotes by Woodrow Wilson
#125. I have always in my own thought summed up individual liberty, and business liberty, and every other kind of liberty, in the phrase that is common in the sporting world, 'A free field and no favor.' #Quote by Woodrow Wilson
Phrases quotes by Greg Graffin
#126. Unfortunately, science cannot be reduced to short, catchy phrases. And if this is all that the general public can comprehend, it's no wonder that we spend so much of our time in the interminable debate about belief in God, or lack thereof. #Quote by Greg Graffin
Phrases quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#127. The English talked with inflected phrases. One phrase to mean everything. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Phrases quotes by Tina Fey
#128. I want to go to there. #Quote by Tina Fey
Phrases quotes by Patton Oswalt
#129. I'm sitting at the bar, rearranging the order of my jokes. I'm under the delusion that I'm having bad shows because of some cosmic misalignment of words, phrases, and ideas. I may as well have cast runes into a spirit bowl, hoping that the collective heart of the audience would open to my necromantic call. Maybe that's how jugglers do it. Those guys never have shitty sets. #Quote by Patton Oswalt
Phrases quotes by Robert C. Solomon
#130. Thus when I have to summarize naturalized spirituality in a single phrase, it is this: the thoughtful love of life. #Quote by Robert C. Solomon
Phrases quotes by Richard Dawkins
#131. Examples of memes are tunes, ideas, catch-phrases, clothes fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches. Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain via a process which, in the broad sense, can be called imitation. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Phrases quotes by Virginia Woolf
#132. Her soliloquy crystallized itself into little fragmentary phrases emerging suddenly from the turbulence of her thought, particularly when she had to exert herself in any way, either to move, to count money, or to choose a turning. "To know the truth
to accept without bitterness"
those, perhaps, were the most articulate of her utterances, for no one could have made head or tail of the queer gibberish murmured in front of the statue of Francis, Duke of Bedford ... #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Phrases quotes by Margaret Shepherd
#133. Conversation lets you be an artist every time you open your mouth--or shut it. As Robert Louis Stevenson said, "The most important art is to omit"; the key to being a master conversationalist is to listen at least as much as you talk. Just as the other arts include pauses in a dramatic play, white margins around printed text, and space between a singer's phrases, conversation is about silences as well as about words. #Quote by Margaret Shepherd
Phrases quotes by Rebecca Rose Orton
#134. I twisted words, phrases, and idioms around,
and deftly nixed the budding metaphor bounds.
Voila, a virtual book in a blog became softbound! #Quote by Rebecca Rose Orton
Phrases quotes by Colin Nissan
Mark Twain once said, "Show, don't tell." This is an incredibly important lesson for writers to remember; never get such a giant head that you feel entitled to throw around obscure phrases like "Show, don't tell." Thanks for nothing, Mr. Cryptic. #Quote by Colin Nissan
Phrases quotes by Shane McCrae
#136. I like having a phrase lying around to get poems started. It's like having a key. #Quote by Shane McCrae
Phrases quotes by Lemony Snicket
#137. A long time ago, there was no such thing as school, and children spent their days learning a trade, a phrase which here means "standing around doing tedious tasks under the instruction of a bossy adult." In time, however, people realized that the children could be allowed to sit, and the first school was invented. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Phrases quotes by Edward Hirsch
#138. One of the deep fundamentals of poetry is the recurrence of sounds, syllables, words, phrases, lines, and stanzas. Repetition can be one of the most intoxicating features of poetry. It creates expectations, which can be fulfilled or frustrated. It can create a sense of boredom and complacency, but it can also incite enchantment and inspire bliss. #Quote by Edward Hirsch
Phrases quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#139. Life in Britain had seemed like one long antechamber to a room that had too many barriers to entry; here in the USA it seemed to be true that if you dared to give things 'your best shot' then the other much-used phrases like 'land of opportunity' would kick in as well. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Phrases quotes by Malak El Halabi
#140. How can I begin to tell you how much I miss you without using those three common words that can't even start to express the magnitude nor the depth of my emotions. How can I write in my own blood while wanting to revert its color. The color of blood is similar to "I miss you". It has been raped by writers and lovers constantly, ever since Cain and Abel. I want to be able to create a new alphabet that can simply stand in front of you without bowing. I want to use new metaphors that would erupt like volcanoes between the phrases of my readers' souls. Metaphors such as your absence is similar to eating salt straight from the shaker while thirst is devouring my tongue. Metaphors such as the lack of your presence is like being straddled behind the glass of my own senses. #Quote by Malak El Halabi
Phrases quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#141. Have you ever heard the phrase, Living well is the best revenge?"
"Where I come from, someone's head in a bag is generally considered the best revenge #Quote by Lois McMaster Bujold
Phrases quotes by E. V. Lucas
#142. People in hotels strike no roots. The French phrase for chronic hotel guests even says so; they are called dwellers sur la branche. #Quote by E. V. Lucas
Phrases quotes by Denzel Washington
#143. In marriage, if you're a guy, learn two phrases. One is "yes, dear" and the other is "honey, you're right." Be patient. Be good friends first. And stick together. You gotta work at it. It's not all a honeymoon, it's not all flowers and roses, but if you're friends and partners and committed, you'll be okay. And everybody's got advice for you - don't listen. #Quote by Denzel Washington
Phrases quotes by Stephanie Schoenberger
#144. As each day passed the community became more and more indoctrinated into the world of psychobabble. It was used to keep patients in subservient positions. "Poor impulse control," "defiance," or "you want what you want when you want it" were all catch phrases. Pronouncing judgement, Brian said, "These recovery institutions are all alike. Former addicts own and operate them. They're founded on the cliches these individuals accuse us of, grandiosity, arrogance, and selfishness. They take away human dignity and wrap themselves in the AA free spiritual principals, while charging so much money you'd think you were staying at the Ritz in Paris. #Quote by Stephanie Schoenberger
Phrases quotes by Ian McEwan
#145. My needs were simple I didn't bother much with themes or felicitous phrases and skipped fine descriptions of weather, landscapes and interiors. I wanted characters I could believe in, and I wanted to be made curious about what was to happen to them. Generally, I preferred people to be falling in and out of love, but I didn't mind so much if they tried their hand at something else. It was vulgar to want it, but I liked someone to say 'Marry me' by the end. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Phrases quotes by Alan Rickman
#146. One thing I will say - my job gets harder and harder. The more you understand about what you are capable of, the less the instrument can do it physically. It's an inverse equation, if that's the right phrase. I just slammed those two words together. It sounded right. #Quote by Alan Rickman
Phrases quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#147. What a relief, Nadya thought; in that light he would not be able to tell that she had been crying.
"You mean if it weren't for the blackout you wouldn't have come?" Dasha took up Shchagov's tone, flirting unconsciously, as she did with every unmarried man she met.
"By no means, never. In bright light women's faces are deprived of all their charm; it reveals their spiteful expressions, their envious glances, their premature wrinkles, their heavy cosmetics."
Nadya shuddered at the words "envious glances" - it was as if he had overheard their argument.
Shchagov went on:" If I were a woman, I would make it a law that lights be kept low. Then everyone would soon have a husband."
Dasha looked disapprovingly at Shchagov. He always talked that way, and she didn't like it. All his phrases seemed memorized, insincere. #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Phrases quotes by Michael A. McLellan
#148. I should have" is one of the most tragic phrases in the English language. Live while you can. #Quote by Michael A. McLellan
Phrases quotes by Erik H. Erikson
#149. ...there is something Russian about this particular use of the eye as an aggressive and defensive weapon. In Russian literature there is endless variation in the use of the eye as a soulful receptor, as an avid grasper, and as the very organ for mutual soulful surrender. In regard to the great models of political and literary life, however, the emphasis is on the eye as an incorruptible instrument for the manipulation of the future. Gorky's description of Tolstoy is typical: 'With sharp eyes, from which neither a single pebble nor a single thought could hide itself, he looked, measured, tested, compared.' Or again, his eyes are 'screwed up as though straining to look into the future'.
Equally typical is Trotsky's description of Lenin:
When Lenin, his left eye narrowed, receives a wireless containing a speech he resembles a devilishly clever peasant who does not let himself be confused by any words, or deluded by any phrases. That is highly intensified peasant shrewdness, lifted to the point of inspiration. #Quote by Erik H. Erikson
Phrases quotes by Michel De Montaigne
#150. Just as in habiliments it is a sign of weakness to wish to make oneself noticeable by some peculiar and unaccustomed fashion, so, in language, the quest for new-fangled phrases and little-known words comes from a puerile and pedantic ambition. #Quote by Michel De Montaigne
Phrases quotes by C.S. Pacat
#151. The next night, alone in the tent, Laurent said: 'As we draw closer to the border, I think it would be safer
more private
to hold our discussions in your language rather than mine.'
He said it in carefully pronounced Akielon.
Damen stared at him, feeling as though the world had just been rearranged.
'What is it?' said Laurent.
'Nice accent,' said Damen, because despite everything, the corner of his mouth was beginning helplessly to curve up.
[ ... ]
It was of course no surprise to find that Laurent had a well-stocked armoury of elegant phrases and bitchy remarks, but could not talk in detail about anything sensible. #Quote by C.S. Pacat
Phrases quotes by Walter Brueggemann
#152. The deep places in our lives - places of resistance and embrace - are reached only by stories, by images, metaphors and phrases that line out the world differently, apart from our fear and hurt. #Quote by Walter Brueggemann
Phrases quotes by Robert Rowland Smith
#153. The associations get only richer and more intense when you realise that the very concept of truth - the cornerstone of philosophy and religion alike, let alone law - also rests heavily on the meaning of waking up. And you don't need a philosopher to appreciate it, because there are clues to its dependency in everyday phrases such as 'waking up to the truth', 'my eyes were opened' and even 'wake up and smell the coffee'. If such phrases hint that waking up and truth are bedfellows of some sort, you need only go back to the ancient Greek for corroboration. There you'll find that the word truth is 'aletheia', from which in English we get the word for 'lethargy'. But see how the Greek word is 'a-letheia' rather than letheia - that is truth is the opposite of lethargy. And what is opposite of lethargy, if not waking up? #Quote by Robert Rowland Smith
Phrases quotes by C.S. Lewis
#154. What assurance have we that our masters will or can keep the promise which induced us to sell ourselves? Let us not be deceived by phrases about 'Man taking charge of his own destiny'. All that can really happen is that some men will take charge of the destiny of the others. They will be simply men; none perfect; some greedy, cruel and dishonest. The more completely we are planned the more powerful they will be. Have we discovered some new reason why, this time, power should not corrupt as it has done before? #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Phrases quotes by John Fogerty
#155. As a songwriter, I try not to be sloppy; same with the music. You can be very lean, very efficient, so you're not wasting a lot of time getting' to the point. You're saying it with as pure a word or phrase as you can. That's the part that was craft. You refine and refine and refine. Maybe that's why the songs still hang on, because they're very pure. For one thing, they're very short. "Bad Moon Rising" is like 2 minutes and 12 seconds. I would try to do everything as quickly and with as little extra as possible. It was a challenge. #Quote by John Fogerty
Phrases quotes by Edgar Mitchell
#156. I think of the universe as the body of God, and the creative capability we see and can exhibit as the mind of God. I will use this phrase to describe our system, that it's a creative, intelligent, self-organizing, learning trial-and-error, interactive, non-locally interconnected evolutionary system. #Quote by Edgar Mitchell
Phrases quotes by Anton Seidl
#157. It is simple nonsense to speak of the fixed tempo of any particular vocal phrase. Each voice has its peculiarities. #Quote by Anton Seidl
Phrases quotes by Zadie Smith
#158. Some people
Samad for example
will tell you not to trust people who overuse the phrase "at the end of the day"
football managers, estate agents, salesmen of all kinds
but Archie's never felt that way about it. Prudent use of said phrase never failed to convince him that his interlocutor was getting to the bottom of things, to the fundamentals. #Quote by Zadie Smith
Phrases quotes by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
#159. Nowadays three witty turns of phrase and a lie make a writer. #Quote by Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
Phrases quotes by Mitch Albom
#160. Dor shook his head. "The phrase. What does it mean?"
Sarah wondered if he was kidding. "Time flies? You know, like, time goes really fast and suddenly you're saying goodbye
and it's like no time passed at all?"
His eyes drifted. He liked it. "Time flies."
"With you," she added. #Quote by Mitch Albom
Phrases quotes by Kylie Logan
#161. ...a relationship is one of those things that builds upon itself, incident upon incident. Words and gestures and phrases pile up, and in the end, they either make something that's strong and pleasing, or they're a sort of ramshackle mess and you know it's time to walk away. #Quote by Kylie Logan
Phrases quotes by Rodney Dangerfield
#162. When I got back into show business in 1961, I felt - for obvious reasons - that nothing in my life went right, and I realized that millions of people felt the same way. So when I first came
back my catch phrase was "nothing goes right." Early on, that was my setup for a lot of jokes. #Quote by Rodney Dangerfield
Phrases quotes by Evan Dando
#163. I don't write down my experiences, but I have a very decent memory. I have tons of books in which I write down phrases as they occur to me. That's how I write songs. I'll need a line and I'll go through the books and find it, the right rhyme and everything. #Quote by Evan Dando
Phrases quotes by Sean Connery
#164. Ever since the introduction of psychoanalysis there have been too many terms to excuse behavior and phrases that can be [used] to explain everything. #Quote by Sean Connery
Phrases quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#165. There are metaphors more real than the people who walk in the street. There are images tucked away in books that live more vividly than many men and women. There are phrases from literary works that have a positively human personality. There are passages from my own writing that chill me with fright, so distinctly do I feel them as people, so sharply outlined do they appear against the walls of my room, at night, in shadows ... I've written sentences whose sound, read out loud or silently (impossible to hide their sound), can only be of something that acquired absolute exteriority and a full-fledged soul. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Phrases quotes by Clive James
#166. All I can do is turn a phrase until it catches the light. #Quote by Clive James
Phrases quotes by Rakim
#167. I'm everlastin, I can go on for days and days
With rhyme displays that engrave deep as X-rays
I can take a phrase that's rarely heard, FLIP IT
Now it's a daily word #Quote by Rakim
Phrases quotes by Marcel Proust
#168. She had learned in her girlhood to fondle and cherish those long sinuous phrases of Chopin, so free, so flexible, so tactile, which begin by reaching out and exploring far outside and away from the direction in which they started, far beyond the point which one might have expected their notes to reach, and which divert themselves in those byways of fantasy only to return more deliberately - with a more premeditated reprise, with more precision, as on a crystal bowl that reverberates to the point of making you cry out - to strike at your heart. Brought #Quote by Marcel Proust
Phrases quotes by Ron Paul
#169. The catch-all phrase "the war on terrorism", in all honesty, has no more meaning than if one wants to wage a war against "criminal gangsterism". Terrorism is a tactic. You can't have a war against a tactic. It's deliberately vague and non-definable in order to justify and permit perpetual war anywhere and under any circumstance. #Quote by Ron Paul
Phrases quotes by Ron Hall
#170. The pain of losing Deborah still brings tears. And I cannot mask my profound disappointment that God did not answer yes to our prayers for healing. I think He's okay with that. One of the phrases we evangelicals like to throw around is that Christianity is 'not a religion; it's a relationship.' I believe that, which is why I know that when my faith was shattered and raged against Him, He still accepted me. And even though I have penciled a black mark in His column, I can be honest about it. That's what a relationship is all about. #Quote by Ron Hall
Phrases quotes by John Dos Passos
#171. The mind of a generation is its speech. A writer makes aspects of that speech enduring by putting them in print. He whittles at the words and phrases of today and makes of them forms to set the mind of tomorrow's generation. That's history. A writer who writes straight is the architect of history. #Quote by John Dos Passos
Phrases quotes by Anais Nin
#172. If I fall asleep, it is because I am overloaded. I sleep because one hour with Henry contains five years of my life, and one phrase, one caress answers the expectations of a hundred nights. When I hear him laugh, I say, "I have heard Rabelais.". And I swallow his laughter like bread and wine. #Quote by Anais Nin
Phrases quotes by Soseki Natsume
#173. Daisuke was of course equipped with conversation that, even if they went further, would allow him to retreat as if nothing had happened. He had always wondered at the conversations recorded in Western novels, for to him they were too bald, too self indulgent, and moreover, too unsubtly rich. However they read in the original, he thought they reflected a taste that could not be translated into Japanese. Therefore, he had not the slightest intention of using imported phrases to develop his relationship with Michiyo. Between the two of them at least, ordinary words sufficed perfectly well. But the danger was of slipping from point A to point B without realizing it. Daisuke managed to stand his ground only by a hair's breadth. When he left, Michiyo saw him to the entranceway and said, "Do come again, please? It's so lonely. #Quote by Soseki Natsume
Phrases quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#174. What is the use of studying philosophy if all that it does for you is to enable you to talk with some plausibility about some abstruse questions of logic, etc., & if it does not improve your thinking about the important questions of everyday life, if it does not make you more conscientious than any ... journalist in the use of the DANGEROUS phrases such people use for their own ends. #Quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Phrases quotes by Anatole France
#175. Caress your phrase tenderly; it will end by smiling at you. #Quote by Anatole France
Phrases quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#176. But even though questions of currency policy are never more than questions of the value of money, they are sometimes disguised so that their true nature is hidden from the uninitiated. Public opinion is dominated by erroneous views on the nature of money and its value, and misunderstood slogans have to take the place of clear and precise ideas. The fine and complicated mechanism of the money and credit system is wrapped in obscurity, the proceedings on the Stock Exchange are a mystery, the function and significance of the banks elude interpretation. So it is not surprising that the arguments brought forward in the conflict of the different interests often missed the point altogether. Counsel was darkened with cryptic phrases whose meaning was probably hidden even from those who uttered them. Americans spoke of 'the dollar of our fathers' and Austrians of 'our dear old gulden note'; silver, the money of the common man, was set up against gold, the money of the aristocracy. Many a tribune of the people, in many a passionate discourse, sounded the loud praises of silver, which, hidden in deep mines, lay awaiting the time when it should come forth into the light of day to ransom miserable humanity, languishing in its wretchedness. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Phrases quotes by J.D. Ruskin
#177. Phrases and images from the game filtered through his head... hitting the sweet spot, working the rosin bag, over the bat, going deep, in the hole, double header, baseball was a filthy, dirty sport! #Quote by J.D. Ruskin
Phrases quotes by Sharon M. Draper
#178. Words.

I'm surrounded by thousands of words. Maybe millions.

Cathedral. Mayonnaise. Pomegranate.
Mississippi. Neapolitan. Hippopotamus.
Silky. Terrifying. Iridescent.
Tickle. Sneeze. Wish. Worry.

Words have always swirled around me like snowflakes - each one delicate and different, each one melting untouched in my hands.

Deep within me, words pile up in huge drifts. Mountains of phrases and sentences and connected ideas. Clever expressions. Jokes. Love songs.

From the time I was really little - maybe just a few months old - words were like sweet, liquid gifts, and I drank them like lemonade. I could almost taste them. They made my jumbled thoughts and feelings have substance. My parents have always blanketed me with conversation. They chattered and babbled. They verbalized and vocalized. My father sang to me. My mother whispered her strength into my ear.

Every word my parents spoke to me or about me I absorbed and kept and remembered. All of them.

I have no idea how I untangled the complicated process of words and thought, but it happened quickly and naturally. By the time I was two, all my memories had words, and all my words had meanings.

But only in my head.

I have never spoken one single word. I am almost eleven years old. #Quote by Sharon M. Draper
Phrases quotes by Ben Affleck
#179. Well I've never used that phrase before, but yes she is bootylicious. #Quote by Ben Affleck
Phrases quotes by Malcolm Muggeridge
#180. All this was only, in my father's estimation, a means; the end was the Earthly Paradise, the translation of William Morris's 'News from Nowhere' into 'News from Somewhere.' Then Whitman's sense of abounding joy in his own and all creation's sensuality would sweep away the paltry backwaters of bourgeois morality; the horrors of industrial ugliness which Ruskin so eloquently denounced would dissolve, and die forgotten as a dream (phrases from hymns still washed about in my father's mind) as slums were transformed into garden cities, and the belching smoke of hateful furnaces into the cool elegance of electric power. As for the ferocious ravings of my namesake, Carlyle, about the pettifogging nature of modern industrial man's pursuits and expectations -- all that would be corrected as he was induced to spend ever more of his increasing leisure in cultural and craft activities; in the enjoyment of music, literature and art.

It was pefectly true -- a point that Will Straughan was liable to bring up at the Saturday evening gatherings -- that on the present form the new citizenry might be expected to have a marked preference for dog-racing over chamber music or readings from 'Paradise Lost,' but, my father would loftily point out, education would change all that. Education was, in fact, the lynchpin of the whole operation; the means whereby the Old Adam of the Saturday night booze-up, and fondness for Marie Lloyd in preference to Beatrice Webb, would be cast off, and the #Quote by Malcolm Muggeridge
Phrases quotes by George MacDonald
#181. Some dreams, some poems, some musical phrases, some pictures, wake feelings such as one never had before, new in colour and form - spiritual sensations, as it were, hitherto unproved #Quote by George MacDonald
Phrases quotes by Gavin DeBecker
#182. Local news has some favorite phrases,. . .the satellite age has increased the library of available shocking footage. . .if there wasn't something grisly in your town, you might hear, "Police made a shocking discovery today in Reno," or Chicago, or Miami, or even Caracus. It may not be local, but it is gruesome, so what the hell. #Quote by Gavin DeBecker
Phrases quotes by Jasper Fforde
#183. For myself, I favored the abstract. I collected not just obsolete terms and words, but ideas. #Quote by Jasper Fforde
Phrases quotes by Stephan Pastis
#184. The phrase 'I just turn on my monkey and it makes me feel good' sounds very dirty, but I can't explain why. It's great to try to use expressions like that on the comics page. People want to complain but they can't, because they can't figure out quite what they should be complaining about. #Quote by Stephan Pastis
Phrases quotes by Petina Gappah
#185. Later, as she drove the children to school, she thought how worn the grooves were along which they moved their quarrels. She could feel herself saying all the clichéd phrases of a thousand injured women before her, but she could never stop herself. - 'The Negotiated Settlement #Quote by Petina Gappah
Phrases quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#186. There's this powerful phrase in the legal world, "Difficult cases make bad law." The exception is the difficult case. You can't generalize them by definition. So although they are fascinating, they don't solve any problem because they're so one of a kind. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Phrases quotes by Larry Page
#187. Optimism is important. You have to be a little silly about the goals you are going to set. There is a phrase I learned in college called, 'having a healthy disregard for the impossible.' That is a really good phrase. You should try to do things that most people would not do. #Quote by Larry Page
Phrases quotes by Raymond Chandler
#188. Just keep your nose clean and everything will be jake. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Phrases quotes by George Carlin
#189. So about 80 years after the Constitution is ratified, the slaves are freed. Not so you'd really notice it of course; just kinda on paper. And that of course was at the end of the Civil War. Now there is another phrase I dearly love. That is a true oxymoron if I've ever heard one: "Civil War." Do you think anybody in this country could ever really have a civil war? "Say, pardon me?" (shoots gun) "I'm awfully sorry. Awfully sorry." #Quote by George Carlin
Phrases quotes by Stephen J. Binz
#190. There is a value in repetition. When we repeat certain phrases and even actions, like fingering prayer beads, we create a quiet rhythm within our spirits. The beating of our heart is a repetition as is the rhythm of our breathing. All of life has its rhythms, and the repetition of familiar prayers can bring our interior spirits into harmony with the Divine Heartbeat and the breathing of the Divine Christ. #Quote by Stephen J. Binz
Phrases quotes by H.L. Mencken
#191. I assume that you have read it. I also assume that you set it down as idiotic - a series of words without sense. You are quite right; it is. But now imagine it intoned as it were designed to be intoned. Imagine the slow tempo of a public speech. Imagine the stately unrolling of the first clause, the delicate pause upon the word "then" - and then the loud discharge of the phrase "in understanding," "in mutuality of interest," "in concern for the common good," each with its attendant glare and roll of the eyes, each with a sublime heave, each with its gesture of a blacksmith bringing down his sledge upon an egg - imagine all this, and then ask yourself where you have got. You have got, in brief, to a point where you don't know what it is all about. You hear and applaud the phrases, but their connection has already escaped you. And so, when in violation of all sequence and logic, the final phrase, "our tasks will be solved," assaults you, you do not notice its disharmony - all you notice is that, if this or that, already forgotten, is done, "our tasks will be solved." Whereupon, glad of the assurance and thrilled by the vast gestures that drive it home, you give a cheer. That is, if you are the sort of man who goes to political meetings, which is to say, if you are the sort of man that Dr. Harding is used to talking to, which is to say, if you are a jackass. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Phrases quotes by Kirsten Gillibrand
#192. I don't like the phrase having it all. It implies we're being greedy, like "have a second piece of pie." #Quote by Kirsten Gillibrand
Phrases quotes by Yuriy Tarnawsky
#193. In fact, the very phrase "teaching creative writing" sounds to me oxymoronic. How can you teach someone to be creative? #Quote by Yuriy Tarnawsky
Phrases quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#194. He murmured things that shocked her, expressing himself not in flowery phrases, but with the raw simplicity of a man whose lust for her knew no limits. I have no self-control where you're concerned. Every minute that I'm not with you, all I can think about is being inside you. I hate everything that keeps you separate from me. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Phrases quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#195. The present importance of the Book of Job cannot be expressed adequately even by saying that it is the most interesting of ancient books. We may almost say of the Book of Job that it is the most interesting of modern books. In truth, of course, neither of the two phrases covers the matter, because fundamental human religion and fundamental human irreligion are both at once old and new; philosophy is either eternal or it is not philosophy. The modern habit of saying, 'This is my opinion, but I may be wrong,' is entirely irrational. If I say that it may be wrong I say that is not my opinion. The modern habit of saying 'Every man has a different philosophy; this is my philosophy and its suits me'; the habit of saying this is mere weak-mindedness. A cosmic philosophy is not constructed to fit a man; a cosmic philosophy is constructed to fit a cosmos. A man can no more possess a private religion than he can possess a private sun and moon. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Phrases quotes by Joseph A. Schumpeter
#196. The metal of economic theory is in Marx's pages immersed in such a wealth of steaming phrases as to acquire a temperature not naturally its own. #Quote by Joseph A. Schumpeter
Phrases quotes by Michael Chabon
#197. She had long since lost the sense of her dresses and skirts and blouses; they were rote phrases of rayon and cotton that she daily intoned. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Phrases quotes by Don W. Weber
#198. As he settled in, he assessed the way he felt with one of his favorite phrases from Mark Twain - the calm confidence of a Christian holding four aces. He slept well. #Quote by Don W. Weber
Phrases quotes by George Orwell
#199. George Orwell, on how to avoid thinking when you speak:
You can shirk it by simply throwing your mind open and letting the ready-made phrases come crowding in. they will construct your sentences for you
even think your thoughts for you, to a certain extent
and at need they will perform the important service of partially concealing your meaning even from yourself. It is at this point that the special connexion between politics and the debasement of language becomes clear ...
It does not consist in picking out words for the sake of their meaning and inventing images in order to make the meaning clearer. It consists in gumming together long strips of words which have already been set in order by someone else, and making the results presentable by sheer humbug. The attraction of this, is that it is easy. #Quote by George Orwell
Phrases quotes by Stephanie Tromly
#200. I hate it when people use phrases like 'no offense' right after they say the crappiest things to you. #Quote by Stephanie Tromly

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