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Photojournalists Combat quotes by Ilona Andrews
#1. A wise man once said, "A human mind is the place where emotion and reason are locked in perpetual combat. Sadly for our species, emotion always wins." I really liked that quote. It explained why, even though I was reasonably intelligent, I kept finding myself doing something really stupid. And it sounded much better than "Nevada Baylor, Total Idiot. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Kristin Armstrong
#2. Thank God for running. It is the ultimate detox for me, whether my poison is bubbles, a foul mood, or a bad attitude. If I combat inertia, get out, and get moving, eventually every kind of toxin works its way out. #Quote by Kristin Armstrong
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Moon Bloodgood
#3. I don't know why I've always been uncomfortable being too feminine. If a dress has too many flowers on it, if I'm giggling too much, I'm like ugh, put some combat boots on. I love masculine women. I think it's because I'm like a fake lesbian, I don't know. #Quote by Moon Bloodgood
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Margaret Mead
#4. Female animals defending their young are notoriously ferocious and lack the playful delight in combat which characterizes the mock combats of males of the same species. There seems very little ground for claiming that the mother of young children is more peaceful, more responsible, and more thoughtful for the welfare of the human race than is her husband or brother. #Quote by Margaret Mead
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Albert Einstein
#5. I believe that whoever tries to think things through honestly will soon recognize how unworthy and even fatal is the traditional bias against Negroes. What can the man of good will do to combat this deeply rooted prejudice? He must have the courage to set an example by words and deed, and must watch lest his children become influenced by racial bias. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
#6. Do you know how beautiful a morning at war can be? Before combat...You look and you know: this may be your last. The earth is so beautiful...And the air...And the dear sun... #Quote by Svetlana Alexievich
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Nathan Edmondson
#7. I am a spy. Not some rooftop-jumping archer, shield-wielding super-soldier, or shiny-metal philanthrobot. I need to make that clear on my business card. Espionage is shadow warfare. Cold combat. Does anything about this feel cold to you? #Quote by Nathan Edmondson
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Bernie Sanders
#8. We can combat climate change effectively. What we are lacking now is not the brain power, not the knowledge, not the technology. What we are lacking is the political will power, and we need your help by the millions to tell Congress to stop worrying about their fossil fuel contributors to their campaigns and worry about their kids and grandchildren. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Miguel De Cervantes
#9. Our greatest foes, and whom we must chiefly combat, are within. #Quote by Miguel De Cervantes
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Dick Cavett
#10. Depression - it falls into that small category of things like combat that, if you haven't been in it, you can say you can imagine it all you like. But it's truly different. #Quote by Dick Cavett
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Jack Kilborn
#11. Feet, wearing a black rubber gas mask that obscured his face. His chest was bare, covered in dried blood. All he wore was stained white underwear, and combat boots, their laces untied. #Quote by Jack Kilborn
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Oliver North
#12. In uniform, I had to make judgments about the best course of action in combat when the only choices were 'bad' or 'worse.' As a member of the media, I only had to decide how to get the best 'shot' - preferably without getting shot. #Quote by Oliver North
Photojournalists Combat quotes by James D Hornfischer
#13. ...the experience of battle forever divides those who talk of nothing else but its prospect from those who talk of everything else but its memory. #Quote by James D Hornfischer
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Jake Wood
#14. I was not descending in a plane, coming Home.
I was watching an alien world as it ascended towards me - and one that I could never begin the process of readjusting to, because I knew that I would just as soon be returning to another world, whose normality was as alien to this home as I now was. #Quote by Jake Wood
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Philip Neri
#15. Let the sick man enter into the Side of Jesus and His most holy Wounds; let him not be afraid, but combat manfully, and he will come forth victorious. #Quote by Philip Neri
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Laurence Sterne
#16. I know as well as any one, [the devil] is an adversary, whom if we resist, he will fly from us
but I seldom resist him at all; from a terror, that though I may conquer, I may still get a hurt in the combat
soinstead of thinking to make him fly, I generally fly myself. #Quote by Laurence Sterne
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#17. What is it that we combat in Christianity? That it aims at destroying the strong, at breaking their spirit, at exploiting their moments of weariness and debility, at converting proud assurance into anxiety and conscience trouble; that it knows how to poison the noblest instincts and to infect them with disease until their strength, their will to power, turns inwards, against themselves - until the strong perish from excessive self contempt and self-immolation: that gruesome way of perishing #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#18. Lowry, drunk out of his mind at his going-away party, headed for Central, only three years after you had been hired, had said, "How goddamn boring. Fucking boring if they win. If we gotta live in that world." As if people would be living in "that world" at all, which wasn't what any of the evidence foretold, or kept foretelling, as if there were nothing worse than being bored and the only point of the world people already lived in was to find ways to combat boredom, to make sure "all the moments," as Whitby put it when he went on about parallel universes, might be accounted for in some way, so minds wouldn't fill up with emptiness that they bifurcated simply to have more capacity to be bored. #Quote by Jeff VanderMeer
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Andrei Grechko
#19. The Communist Party and the Soviet Government display constant concern to strengthen the country's defensive might and raise the combat readiness of the Armed Forces. #Quote by Andrei Grechko
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Steph Campbell
#20. If you find that one person who believes in you, helps you combat your doubts, lifts you up when you're ready to lie down and say 'screw it'? If you find that person, grab tight. So tight. Never let go. #Quote by Steph Campbell
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Mary Roach
#21. Aspirin and ibuprofen combat inflammation everywhere but the stomach and bowel; there they create inflammation. #Quote by Mary Roach
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Charles Dickens
#22. But injustice breeds injustice; the fighting with shadows and being defeated by them necessitates the setting up of substances to combat. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Brian Stann
#23. Combat is my profession and fighting was a great way to maintain a combat mindset while preparing to lead Marines in war. #Quote by Brian Stann
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Sri Mulyani Indrawati
#24. We now know that climate action does not require economic sacrifice. This is fully in line with the World Bank Group's findings. It is up to all of us to make smart policy choices that will help combat climate change. For example, putting a price on carbon is a necessary step and could drive resources and investments to a cleaner economy. #Quote by Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Rick Riordan
#25. Rule of duelling etiquette: when choosing a weapon for single combat, you should absolutely not choose to wield your grandfather. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Photojournalists Combat quotes by James W. Loewen
#26. Ironically, Adolf Hitler displayed more knowledge of how we treated Native Americans than American high schoolers today who rely on their textbooks. Hitler admired our concentration camps for American Indians in the west and according to John Toland, his biographer, "often praised to his inner circle the efficiency of America's extermination - by starvation and uneven combat" as the model for his extermination of Jews and Gypsies (Rom people).94 #Quote by James W. Loewen
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#27. When you study success, you become a dreamer.
When you study failure, you become a victor.
When you study organisations, you become a mentor.
When you study management, you become a leader.

When you study nature, you become a scholar.
When you study people, you become a counselor.
When you study life, you become a thinker.
When you study God, you become a philosopher.

When you study magic, you become a sorcerer.
When you study stars, you become an astronomer.
When you study oracles, you become a seer.
When you study visions, you become a diviner.

When you study combat, you become a warrior.
When you study war, you become a commander.
When you study policy, you become a governor.
When you study politics, you become a ruler.

When you study nothing, you become a loser.
When you study little, you become a loafer.
When you study much, you become a winner.
When you study all, you become a master. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Kenneth E. Hagin
#28. Our combat with the devil always should be with the consciousness that we have authority always should be with the consciousness that we have authority over him because he is a defeated foe – the Lord Jesus Christ defeated him for us. #Quote by Kenneth E. Hagin
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Julianna Baggott
#29. Some of the best work done to combat the Republicans has been wit and humor. #Quote by Julianna Baggott
Photojournalists Combat quotes by James Joyce
#30. Our civilization, bequeathed to us by fierce adventurers, eaters of meat and hunters, is so full of hurry and combat, so busy about many things which perhaps are of no importance, that it cannot but see something feeble in a civilization which smiles as it refuses to make the battlefield the test of excellence. #Quote by James Joyce
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Barack Obama
#31. Our combat mission is ending, but our commitment to Iraq's future is not. #Quote by Barack Obama
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Jack London
#32. Already the zest of combat, which of old had been so keen and lasting, had died down, and he discovered that he was self-analytical, too much so to live, single heart and single hand, so primitive an existence. #Quote by Jack London
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Pope Francis
#33. Resolve not to be overcome by evil, but to combat evil with good. #Quote by Pope Francis
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Karen Traviss
#34. You never have perfect knowledge in combat, gentlemen. It's what we call the fog of war. You can either sit around worrying what's real and what's not, or you can realize the enemy hasn't got a clue either and fire off a few rounds of psychology. A truly great army is one that only has to rattle its saber to win a war. #Quote by Karen Traviss
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Chris Hedges
#35. If we really saw war, what war does to young minds and bodies, it would be impossible to embrace the myth of war. If we had to stand over the mangled corpses of schoolchildren killed in Afghanistan and listen to the wails of their parents, we would not be able to repeat clichés we use to justify war. This is why war is carefully sanitized. This is why we are given war's perverse and dark thrill but are spared from seeing war's consequences. The mythic visions of war keep it heroic and entertaining…

The wounded, the crippled, and the dead are, in this great charade, swiftly carted offstage. They are war's refuse. We do not see them. We do not hear them. They are doomed, like wandering spirits, to float around the edges of our consciousness, ignored, even reviled. The message they tell is too painful for us to hear. We prefer to celebrate ourselves and our nation by imbibing the myths of glory, honor, patriotism, and heroism, words that in combat become empty and meaningless. #Quote by Chris Hedges
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Mary Roach
#36. During World War II, when combat rations were tinned, meat hashes were a common entrée because they worked well with the filling machines. "But the men wanted something they could chew, something into which they could 'sink their teeth,'" wrote food scientist Samuel Lepkovsky in a 1964 paper making the case against a liquid diet for the Gemini astronauts. He summed up the soldiers' take on potted meat: "We could undoubtedly survive on these rations a lot longer than we'd care to live." (NASA went ahead and tested an all-milkshake meal plan on groups of college students living in a simulated space capsule at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in 1964. A significant portion of it ended up beneath the floorboards.) #Quote by Mary Roach
Photojournalists Combat quotes by William Powell
#37. There is only one purpose in hand-to-hand combat, and that is to kill. Never face an enemy with the idea of knocking him out. The chances are extremely good that he will kill you. #Quote by William Powell
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Mary-Louise Parker
#38. My way to combat anything is just to walk straight into it with my fists up. #Quote by Mary-Louise Parker
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Ian Fleming
#39. I have discussed this with him and he points out that the Rolex Oyster Perpetual weighs about six ounces and would appreciably slow up the use of his left hand in combat. His practice, in fact, is to use fairly cheap, expendable wrist watches on expanding metal bracelets which can be slipped forward over the thumb and used in the form of a knuckle-duster, either on the outside or the inside of the hand. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#40. Our families may be corrupted by worldly trends and teachings unless we know how to use the [Book of Mormon] to expose and combat the falsehoods in socialism, organic evolution, rationalism, humanism, and so forth. ... And our nation will continue to degenerate unless we read and heed the words of the God of this land, Jesus Christ, and quit building up and upholding the secret combinations which the Book of Mormon tells us proved the downfall of both previous American civilizations. #Quote by Ezra Taft Benson
Photojournalists Combat quotes by Frederick Lenz
#41. I don't feel that men have been wrong. I don't feel that women are wrong for using their second attention to combat sexual repression. That's just how it's been. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Photojournalists Combat quotes by David Halberstam
#42. During their college years the oarsmen put in terrbily long hours, often showing up at the boathouse at 6:00am for preclass practices. Both physically and psychologically, they were separated from their classmates. Events that seemed earth-shattering to them
for example, who was demoted from the varsity to the junior varsity
went almost unnoticed by the rest of the students. In many ways they were like combat veterans coming back from a small, bitter and distant war, able to talk only to other veterans. #Quote by David Halberstam

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