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Phoebus Cartel quotes by Mark Walden
#1. We have nothing to fear but fear itself," Otto replied. "Oh, and a megalomaniacal headmaster, the world's deadliets assassin, giant mutated plant monsters, an international cartel of supervillains, and the security forces of every country on earth, but other than that ... just fear. #Quote by Mark Walden
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Tucker Max
#2. So I assume that those of you who are married and thus purchased a diamond for your wife are aware of how evil and corrupt the diamond cartel is. I was not. Apparently, diamonds are almost worthless other than the value attached to them by the silly tramps that DeBeers has brainwashed into thinking 'diamond equals love.' Congratulations, ladies, your quest for the perfect princess cut not only supports terrorism and genocide, but has managed to destroy an entire continent. - speaking of blood diamonds, what the hell is going on here? Everyone is upset about African children losing their limbs? Perhaps I missed their concern about these same children during the Rwandan genocide. Here's a solution: Stop buying diamonds. No no, the avarice of the entitled whore cannot be contained. And if blood diamonds are so fucking bad, why can't I by them at a discount? Or at least get them with a death certificate or an appendage or some sort of cogent backstory that might indicate an actual meaning to this useless little cube of carbon. Clearly the diamond market is broken on multiple levels. #Quote by Tucker Max
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Milton Friedman
#3. See, if you look at the drug war from a purely economic point of view, the role of the government is to protect the drug cartel. That's literally true. #Quote by Milton Friedman
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Cartel
#4. Wake me up, I've been dreaming, Because I haven't heard from you in days. Hazy now, this fog just follows me around, And it's only you that burns it away. - Cartel "The Perfect Mistake #Quote by Cartel
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Carmen Amato
#5. Emilia typed in her password and checked her inbox. A review by the Secretariat de Gobernación of drug cartel activities across Mexico. A report of a robbery in Acapulco's poorest barrio neighborhood that would probably never be investigated. Notice of a reward for a child kidnapped in Ixtapa who was almost certainly dead by now.
Her phone rang. It was the desk sergeant saying that a Señor Rooker wished to see her. Emilia avoided Rico's eye as she said, yes, the sergeant could let el señor pass into the detectives' area.
A minute later Rucker was standing by her desk, sweat beaded on his forehead. The starched collar of his shirt was damp.
"There's a head," he said breathlessly. "Someone's head in a bucket on the hood of my car. #Quote by Carmen Amato
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Lauren Gilley
#6. He checked the impulse, and darted a glance over his shoulder to see Mercy and Colin marching four duct-taped cartel boys in at gunpoint. "Look, boss," Mercy said with a dark laugh. "We've been making friends." "I #Quote by Lauren Gilley
Phoebus Cartel quotes by T. Styles
#7. Keep The Drama In Your Books, Not Your Life." - The Cartel Publications. #Quote by T. Styles
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Tucker Max
#8. People have proven over and over that they will read if they are given something they like. The problem with reading is not reading, its that almost everything out there sucks. For so long, publishing has been run by a cartel of snobby pseudo-intellectual failed writers, and the resulting output has reflected not what the market wants, but what they think people are supposed to read. #Quote by Tucker Max
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Gail Honeyman
#9. She had tried to steer me towards vertiginous heels again - why are these people so incredibly keen on crippling their female customers? I began to wonder if cobblers and chiropractors had established some fiendish cartel. #Quote by Gail Honeyman
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Alex Flinn
#10. When you're a kid, they tell you that it's what's on the inside that counts. Looks don't matter . But that's not true. Guys like Phoebus in The Hunchback, or Dorian, or the old Kyle Kingsbury
they can be scumbags to women and still get away with it because they're good-looking. Being ugly is a kind of prisoner. #Quote by Alex Flinn
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Nigel Farage
#11. [European Union] a giant cartel that suits big multinationals. #Quote by Nigel Farage
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Belinda Bauer
#12. She had arthritis, which meant that sometimes she experienced the agony of her diamond rings not fitting. She complained to the doctor about it constantly; she'd paid good money for those rings and somehow felt that the NHS simply didn't want her wearing them – socialist cartel that it was. #Quote by Belinda Bauer
Phoebus Cartel quotes by George W. Stocking
#13. Aluminum is a metallic element - one of the principal constituents of the earth's crust. Only oxygen and silicon are more abundant. Aluminum does not occur naturally in its pure form, but only in a wide variety of compounds. #Quote by George W. Stocking
Phoebus Cartel quotes by P.T. Macias
#14. Oh dios mio, she makes me burn, she makes me need. She is etching herself into mi alma #Quote by P.T. Macias
Phoebus Cartel quotes by James C. Horak
#15. Anyone mindful of one overwhelming tenet, if time travel is possible, will be possible, has ever been possible it is with us now must concur that this is the only time in history that such a banking cartel has risked its wealth on one sole adventure. Strengthening this incredible consideration was the discovery of an implant in Napoleon's skull. #Quote by James C. Horak
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Jon Rappoport
#16. At the highest levels of the medical cartel, vaccines are a top priority because they cause a weakening of the immune system. I know that may be hard to accept, but its true. The medical cartel, at the highest level, is not out to help people, it is out to harm them, to weaken them. To kill them. At one point in my career, I had a long conversation with a man who occupied a high government position in an African nation. He told me that he was well aware of this. He told me that WHO is a front for these depopulation interests #Quote by Jon Rappoport
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Tim Wu
#17. History shows a typical progression of information technologies: from somebody's hobby to somebody's industry; from jury-rigged contraption to slick production marvel; from a freely accessible channel to one strictly controlled by a single corporation or cartel-from open to closed system. #Quote by Tim Wu
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Kresley Cole
#18. She froze when she thought she heard movement in a nearby copse of trees, then scanned the area. Probably just an animal. They tended to be in jungles. She turned back to the stream -
"Put your hands on your head."
Not an animal. As she slowly stood and turned, she recognized that these weren't locals. These were bad guys, three of them with machine guns aimed at her face.
In her present mood that equaled: Why, I believe I'll turn them into frogs! Just as she reached for the mirror in her pocket, they cocked their weapons.
The oldest man was clearly the leader, and his tone was deadly as he said, "Your hands on your head - or I'll put a bullet into it." He didn't have a thick accent. These must be the international narco-terrorists, the ones who made the cartel look mild. So much for the mirror's judgment.
Unless this was still better than Bowen. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Suzanne Steele
#19. Do you want it hard, baby? Or slow? Just tell me how to give it to you and it's yours.
--Victor Ramirez #Quote by Suzanne Steele
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Suzanne Steele
#20. In their moment of joining he couldn't remember his own name, but King's brain was able to conjure a single word, a benediction that tumbled from his lips as he began to move. "Mine... #Quote by Suzanne Steele
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Yanis Varoufakis
#21. In 1950 the European Union was officially born in the form of a German-dominated cartel of coal and steel, run of course by a cross-border French-dominated administration located in Brussels. Its name? The European Steel and Coal Community. #Quote by Yanis Varoufakis
Phoebus Cartel quotes by William D. Lutz
#22. Everywhere we turn we encounter the language with which Orwell was so concerned. It's not an economic recession but a "period of accelerated negative growth" or simply "negative economic growth." There's no such thing as acid rain; according to the Environmental Protection Agency it's "poorly buffered precipitation," or more impressively, "atmospheric deposition of anthropogenetically-derived acidic substances," or more subtly "wet deposition." And those aren't gangsters, mobsters, the Mafia, or La Cosa Nostra in Atlantic City; according to the "New Jersey division of Gaming Enforcement" ( a doublespeak title which avoids the use of that dreaded word "gambling") they're "members of a career-offender cartel. #Quote by William D. Lutz
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Victor Hugo
#23. Phoebus de Chateaupers likewise came to a 'tragic end': he married. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Phoebus Cartel quotes by George W. Stocking
#24. The record is plain: the cartel system retarded the development of a domestic synthetic rubber industry, and, in so doing, jeopardized national security. #Quote by George W. Stocking
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Charles Bowden
#25. There are two ways to lose you sanity in Juarez. One is to believe the violence results from a cartel war. The other is to claim to understand what is behind each murder. #Quote by Charles Bowden
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Matt Taibbi
#26. For aiding and abetting drug cartels suspected in more than twenty thousand murders, groups famous for creating the world's most gruesome torture videos - the Sinaloa Cartel in particular, with its style of high-volume reprisal killings and public chainsawings and disembowelings, makes al-Qaeda look like the Peace Corps - HSBC got a walk. Tory Marone, for smoking their product and passing out on a park bench, got sent to jail. #Quote by Matt Taibbi
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Ayn Rand
#27. Dagny and Fransisco d'Anconia?" she said, smiling ruefully, in answer to the curiosity of her friends. "Oh no, it's not a romance. It's an international industrial cartel of some kind. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Ted Cruz
#28. There was reference made to our leaders being stupid. It's not a question of stupidity. It's that they don't want to enforce the immigration laws. That there are far too many in the Washington cartel that support amnesty. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Phoebus Cartel quotes by A Traveller
#29. A man cannot be too careful in selecting the individual who is intrusted with his cartel. He should run over the names of his friends, and endeavour to obtain the services of a staid, cool, calculating old fellow; if possible, one who has seen some few shots exchanged: but I should advise his never choosing an Irishman on any account, as nine out of ten of those I have had the pleasure of forming an acquaintance with, both abroad and in this country, have such an innate love of fighting, they cannot bring an affair to an amicable adjustment. #Quote by A Traveller
Phoebus Cartel quotes by Howard Marks
#30. A Philippine-brothel-owning member of the House of Lords was staying at the house of a Spanish Chief Inspector of Police. The Lord was being watched by an American CIA operative who was staying at the house of an English convicted sex offender. The CIA operative was sharing accommodation with an IRA terrorist. The IRA terrorist was discussing a Moroccan hashish deal with a Georgian pilot of Colombia's Medellín Cartel. Organising these scenarios was an ex-MI6 agent, currently supervising the sale of thirty tons of Thai weed in Canada and at whose house could be found Pakistan's major supplier of hashish. Attempting to understand the scenarios was a solitary DEA agent. The stage was set for something. #Quote by Howard Marks

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