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Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Kreeft
#1. Everything smaller than Heaven bores us because only Heaven is bigger than our hearts. #Quote by Peter Kreeft
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Blegvad
#2. I'm not a visionary, but I've spent half my life drawing things Imagined, Remembered, and Observed, comparing the differences between them, and my study confirms that "the difference between night and day / is not as great as people say." #Quote by Peter Blegvad
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter F. Drucker
#3. For the existing enterprise, whether business or public-service institution, the controlling word in the term 'entrepreneurial management' is 'entrepreneurial'. For the new venture, it is 'management'. In the existing business, it is the existing that is the main obstacle to entrepreneurship. In the new venture, it is its absence. The new venture has an idea. It may have a product or a service. It may even have sales, and sometimes quite a substantial volume of them. It surely has costs. And it may have revenues and even profits. What it does not have is a 'business', a viable, operating, organized 'present' in which people know where they are going, what they are supposed to do, and what the results are or should be. But unless a new venture develops into a new business and makes sure of being 'managed', it will not survive no matter how brilliant the entrepreneurial idea, how much money it attracts, how good its products, nor even how great the demand for them. #Quote by Peter F. Drucker
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter S. Beagle
#4. ...she will remember them all when men are fairy tales in books written by #Quote by Peter S. Beagle
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Koestenbaum
#5. Creativity is harnessing universality and making it flow through your eyes. #Quote by Peter Koestenbaum
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Ruber
#6. Life's a quest - A long search for something we can't name; something we want and usually can't get. We don't know precisely what it is - all we know is that we don't get it. What a fellow needs is something in which he can lose himself when everything else is a mess. #Quote by Peter Ruber
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Drucker
#7. An organization belongs on a sick list when promotion becomes more important to its people than accomplishment of their job they are in. It is sick when it is more concerned with avoiding mistakes than with taking risks, with counteracting the weaknesses of its members than with building on their strength. But it is sick also when "good human relations" become more important than performance and achievement. #Quote by Peter Drucker
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Thomson
#8. A light, tender, sensitive touch is worth a ton of brawn. #Quote by Peter Thomson
Peter Grunberg quotes by Michael Jackson
#9. I am Peter Pan. He represents youth, childhood, never growing up, magic, flying. #Quote by Michael Jackson
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Thiel
#10. The best projects are likely to be overlooked, not trumpeted by a crowd; the best problems to work on are often the ones nobody else even tries to solve. #Quote by Peter Thiel
Peter Grunberg quotes by John Peter Nettl
#11. I am determined to bring even more severity, clarity, and reserve into my life (she wrote in 1908). #Quote by John Peter Nettl
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Stillman
#12. I've killed my soul by playing the victim. #Quote by Peter Stillman
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Capaldi
#13. Why can't jazz musicians just leave a melody alone? #Quote by Peter Capaldi
Peter Grunberg quotes by Darynda Jones
#14. After an epic search, I finally found something neither green nor fuzzy. It was a hot sausage link. I named it Peter, mostly because it seemed like the right thing to do. As soon as my java was piping hot I popped him into the microwave. hopefully the radioactive environment would sterilize Peter. No need to have little Peters running around, wreaking havoc. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Singer
#15. Pro Life' or 'Right to Life' movement is misnamed. Those who protest against abortion but dine regularly on the bodies of chickens, pigs and calves can hardly claim to have concern for 'life' as such. Their concern about embryos and fetuses suggests only a biased concern for the lives of members of our own species. #Quote by Peter Singer
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Alliss
#16. The game lends itself to fantasies about our abilities. #Quote by Peter Alliss
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Kreeft
#17. If a government is built on the principle of benevolence similar to that of a father towards his children, that is, a paternal government . . . , in which subjects are treated like children who have not yet come of age and who cannot distinguish what is truly beneficial from what is harmful for them . . . this is the greatest despotism imaginable. . . . Not a paternal but a patriotic government . . . is the only government conceivable for human beings who are capable of rights. (OCS) #Quote by Peter Kreeft
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter MacKay
#18. There is no more dangerous country in the world today than Pakistan. #Quote by Peter MacKay
Peter Grunberg quotes by Jonathan Swift
#19. I heartily hate and detest that animal called man, although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, ans so forth. #Quote by Jonathan Swift
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Jennings
#20. I am utterly struck how, 300 years after his execution, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. #Quote by Peter Jennings
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Watts
#21. Plus it'll triple your assimilation rate over anything filtered through the senses. Perfect for porn. #Quote by Peter Watts
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Orullian
#22. That's when I learned the hardest truth about vengeance: it had no logical end, served no real purpose, except perhaps to delay grief. #Quote by Peter Orullian
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter J. Daniels
#23. Almost any poem has to be read twice, first for strangeness, second for clarity. #Quote by Peter J. Daniels
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Hain
#24. Our task is nothing less than the creation of a new constitutional order for a new united Europe. #Quote by Peter Hain
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Benchley
#25. God isn't going to scribble across the sky. The shark is gone. #Quote by Peter Benchley
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter James
#26. I travel abroad constantly on book promotion and research, and the Internet is invaluable to me for accessing U.K. news in places such as America, which most of the time hasn't heard of England. #Quote by Peter James
Peter Grunberg quotes by William Peter Blatty
#27. Yes, of course," said Kinderman. "It's very strange. But then it leaves us #Quote by William Peter Blatty
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter S. Beagle
#28. Her voice left a flavor of honey and gunpowder on the air. #Quote by Peter S. Beagle
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Wessel Zapffe
#29. Man beholds the earth, and it is breathing like a great lung; whenever it exhales, delightful life swarms from all its pores and reaches out toward the sun, but when it inhales, a moan of rupture passes through the multitude, and corpses whip the ground like bouts of hail. #Quote by Peter Wessel Zapffe
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Winter
#30. It is manlike to punish but godlike to forgive. #Quote by Peter Winter
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter J. Tanous
#31. Well, they've come a long way. To think that he now could access a secret document held in the Vatican archives, via electronic technology. #Quote by Peter J. Tanous
Peter Grunberg quotes by Peter Costello
#32. You find actually over the years that you get attributed with a lot of things you didn't do and you don't get reported on a lot of things you did do and I must say, when I read some of these things I wonder where the journalists get them from. They generally speak to somebody who's spoken to somebody who was down the back of a pub who heard the barman say, and gradually finds its way into magazines or articles but no, that's not the case. #Quote by Peter Costello

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