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Perfect Heaven quotes by Gia Carangi
#1. This is Life, not Heaven you don't have to be perfect #Quote by Gia Carangi
Perfect Heaven quotes by Louie Giglio
#2. There's something that's not right or not perfect or not the way we had hoped or dreamed that it was going to be. But God promises that He will use everything and every moment to ultimately take us to a new Heaven and a new Earth. For now, we're stuck in the middle. #Quote by Louie Giglio
Perfect Heaven quotes by Katherine Hall Page
#3. My room was in one of those turrets and at night I could hear the sea and the faint rustle of eelgrass in the soft wind. The weather was perfect that summer. No storms. Blue skies and just the right amount of wind every day. The sailors were in heaven. #Quote by Katherine Hall Page
Perfect Heaven quotes by Rachel Caine
#4. And somewhere in heaven, Versace sheds a single, perfect tear. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Perfect Heaven quotes by Laurie Anderson
#5. They say that Heaven is like TV ... a perfect little world, that doesn't really need you. #Quote by Laurie Anderson
Perfect Heaven quotes by David Berg
#6. I don't know how perfect everybody is going to be in Heaven, but anyhow, certainly a lot better than here! #Quote by David Berg
Perfect Heaven quotes by James Clerk Maxwell
#7. Natural causes, as we know, are at work, which tend to modify, if they do not at length destroy, all the arrangements and dimensions of the earth and the whole solar system. But though in the course of ages catastrophes have occurred and may yet occur in the heavens, though ancient systems may be dissolved and new systems evolved out of their ruins, the molecules [i.e. atoms] out of which these systems are built-the foundation stones of the material universe-remain unbroken and unworn. They continue to this day as they were created-perfect in number and measure and weight. #Quote by James Clerk Maxwell
Perfect Heaven quotes by Dennis McKinsey
#8. Heaven is supposed to be a perfect place. Yet, it experienced a war (Revelation 12:7). How can there be a war in a perfect place and if it happened before why couldn't it happen again? Why would I want to go to a place in which war can occur? That's exactly what I'm trying to escape, aren't you? #Quote by Dennis McKinsey
Perfect Heaven quotes by David Berg
#9. We're still going to be learning in Heaven. We will still be developing and are not yet absolutely perfect. That's what the future is all about - to continue the learning process that we have begun here. We've all still got a lot to learn! #Quote by David Berg
Perfect Heaven quotes by Emily Bronte
#10. He wanted all to lie in an ecstacy of peace; i wanted all to sparkle, and dance in a glorious jubilee. #Quote by Emily Bronte
Perfect Heaven quotes by Rajesh Walecha
#11. Heaven is a place where everything is beautiful,life is full of comforts,where every good imagination exists in reality,where efforts are less and results are perfect.Heaven is a place where every creation of universe is taken care with utmost respect and love.Heaven is a place where love exists in the form of care not in the form of lust. Heaven is a place where language of love and care exists. #Quote by Rajesh Walecha
Perfect Heaven quotes by Cynthia Leitich Smith
#12. I may be heaven-sent, but I'm not perfect. #Quote by Cynthia Leitich Smith
Perfect Heaven quotes by William Carroll
#13. According to the bible, Heaven is completely perfect and Hell is completely evil. In Heaven, in order to keep everything completely perfect, everyone in it would have to follow a long, specific set of rules for it to be perfect. Heaven is prison. In Hell, everyone is already evil there, so no rules need to be set to make it completely evil. Hell is freedom. #Quote by William Carroll
Perfect Heaven quotes by Thomas Brooks
#14. Man's holiness is now his greatest happiness, and in heaven man's greatest happiness will be his perfect holiness. #Quote by Thomas Brooks
Perfect Heaven quotes by Thomas Guthrie
#15. It is not with a rush and a spring that we are to reach Christ's character, and attain to perfect saintship; but step by step, foot by foot, hand over hand, we are slowly and often painfully to mount the ladder that rests on earth, and rises to heaven. #Quote by Thomas Guthrie
Perfect Heaven quotes by Charles Gounod
#16. Mozart, prodigal heaven gave thee everything, grace and strength, abundance and moderation, perfect equilibrium. #Quote by Charles Gounod
Perfect Heaven quotes by Peter Julian Eymard
#17. The state of grace is nothing other than purity, and it gives heaven to those who clothe themselves in it. Holiness, therefore, is simply the state of grace purified, illuminated, beautified by the most perfect purity, exempt not only from mortal sin but also from the smallest faults; purity will make saints of you! Everything lies in this! #Quote by Peter Julian Eymard
Perfect Heaven quotes by Cecil O. Samuelson
#18. Because our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ, are perfect, our dearest aspiration is to become like Them and eventually achieve the perfection that is possible and promised, even though each of us has such a long way to go. #Quote by Cecil O. Samuelson
Perfect Heaven quotes by Carl Sagan
#19. The Platonists and their Christian successors held the peculiar notion that the Earth was tainted and somehow nasty, while the heavens were perfect and divine. The fundamental idea that the Earth is a planet, that we are citizens of the Universe, was rejected and forgotten. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Perfect Heaven quotes by Joyce Meyer
#20. Christianity is about the heart, and the Bible says that we cannot get to heaven on our own good works. No matter how good we are, we cannot be good enough, because God is perfect, and we're always going to be less than perfect. #Quote by Joyce Meyer
Perfect Heaven quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#21. If a thing happens once, it can happen again. If any human being has ever realised perfection, we too can do so. If we cannot become perfect here and now, we never can in any state or heaven or condition we may imagine. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Perfect Heaven quotes by Matt Holliday
#22. I understand I'm a sinner. I'm not perfect, and I need a Savior, and that I'm not going to make it to Heaven on merits and doing good things. #Quote by Matt Holliday
Perfect Heaven quotes by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
#23. Ein einziger dankbarer Gedanke gen Himmel ist das vollkommenste Gebet. One single grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer. #Quote by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Perfect Heaven quotes by Thomas Reid
#24. When we contemplate the world of Epicurus, and conceive the universe to be a fortuitous jumble of atoms, there is nothing grand in this idea. The clashing of atoms by blind chance has nothing in it fit to raise our conceptions, or to elevate the mind. But the regular structure of a vast system of beings, produced by creating power, and governed by the best laws which perfect wisdom and goodness could contrive, is a spectacle which elevates the understanding, and fills the soul with devout admiration. #Quote by Thomas Reid
Perfect Heaven quotes by Samuel Rutherford
#25. Consider, it is impossible that your idol sins and you can go to heaven together; and that those who will not part with these do not indeed love Christ at the bottom, but only in word and show, which will not do the business. #Quote by Samuel Rutherford
Perfect Heaven quotes by Ann Patchett
#26. In our friendship I had spent a lot of time telling Lucy to pull herself up, to get over the past and move on. That was my role, the best of my Catholic education in action, and I didn't worry about it because I knew that she had other friends, friends who were as close to her as I was, who were more tender. She had practical friends and emotional friends, friends with big houses to crash in and friends who were good for wild fun, and she knit us together to find the perfect balance of what she needed from all of us. #Quote by Ann Patchett
Perfect Heaven quotes by Natasha A. Salnikova
#27. If she had known who was a perfect match for Karen/Kelly, she wouldn't put cake on her plate, but instead add poison to her coffee. #Quote by Natasha A. Salnikova
Perfect Heaven quotes by Charles Lamb
#28. Beholding heaven, and feeling hell. #Quote by Charles Lamb
Perfect Heaven quotes by Blaise Pascal
#29. All that is made perfect by progress perishes also by progress. #Quote by Blaise Pascal
Perfect Heaven quotes by Jarod Kintz
#30. A brick could be used to create a new society, a perfect society, where there is no inequality, there are no laws, and most importantly, there are no people. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Perfect Heaven quotes by Oscar De La Renta
#31. The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times. #Quote by Oscar De La Renta
Perfect Heaven quotes by Yasmin Ahmad
#32. It is perfect to be imperfect, because perfection is made up of many imperfections put together that makes it perfect. #Quote by Yasmin Ahmad
Perfect Heaven quotes by David Mitchell
#33. Finished in a frenzy that reminded me of our last night in Cambridge. Watched my final sunrise. Enjoyed a last cigarette. Didn't think the view could be any more perfect until I saw that beat-up trilby. Honestly, Sixsmith, as ridiculous as that thing makes you look, I don't believe I've ever seen anything more beautiful. Watched you for as long as I dared. I don't believe it was a fluke that I saw you first. I believe there is another world waiting for us, Sixsmith. A better world, and I'll be waiting for you there. I believe we do not stay dead long. Find me beneath the Corsican stars, where we first kissed.
Yours eternally, R.F. #Quote by David Mitchell
Perfect Heaven quotes by Claire McCaskill
#34. If every crime victim had to have perfect judgment, we could empty our prisons. #Quote by Claire McCaskill
Perfect Heaven quotes by Lorena Cassady
#35. I met Rob in Austin, Texas. He was hitchhiking to California and I was driving to California, so it seemed like a perfect match. He had long blond hair and blue eyes and golden skin and so did I. It was like falling in love with myself. #Quote by Lorena Cassady
Perfect Heaven quotes by Charles Murray
#36. We should look at the kind of work that goes into acquiring a liberal education at the college level in the same way that we look at the grueling apprenticeship that goes into becoming a master chef: something that understandably attracts only a limited number of people. Most students at today's colleges choose not to take the courses that go into a liberal education because the capabilities they want to develop lie elsewhere. These students are not lazy, any more than students who don't want to spend hours learning how to chop carrots into a perfect eighth-inch dice are lazy. A liberal education just doesn't make sense for them. #Quote by Charles Murray
Perfect Heaven quotes by S.G. Holster
#37. We sped down the highway in the sleek, black Ferrari. The throaty rumble of its engine sounded strong. The car was perfect for Ren, my hero, my champion. I'd hit such a low and let any integrity I had left molest itself into something dark, ugly, and self destructive. Ren had come to rescue me as only a hero could. #Quote by S.G. Holster
Perfect Heaven quotes by Jean Toomer
#38. Happy, Muriel? No, not happy. Your aim is wrong. There is no such thing as happiness. Life bends joy and pain, beauty and ugliness, in such a way that no one may isolate them. No one should want to. Perfect joy, or perfect pain, with no contrasting element to define them, would mean a monotony of consciousness, would mean death. #Quote by Jean Toomer
Perfect Heaven quotes by Helen Bevington
#39. I had a perfect confidence, still unshaken, in books. If you read enough you would reach the point of no return. You would cross over and arrive on the safe side. There you would drink the strong waters and become addicted, perhaps demented - but a Reader. #Quote by Helen Bevington
Perfect Heaven quotes by Harriet Evans
#40. In the kitchen, you dropped a plate, one of the willow-pattern blue platters, shattered it to bits, and as we swept if up together you said, 'Easy come, easy go,' and shrugged, and I thought then, That's a different way to see the world. I was always a worrier, always concerned about something in the back of my mind. And you made me see then that everything was perfect as it was, in that moment. Because we were happy there, sweeping up the pieces, you singing Dean Martin songs, and Southpaw joining in from his study. So that's what I remember, when I try to think about all of us. #Quote by Harriet Evans
Perfect Heaven quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#41. Love one another without any expectations. Then, there is no need to go anywhere in search of heaven. #Quote by Mata Amritanandamayi
Perfect Heaven quotes by Anonymous
#42. 46For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? 47If you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? 48Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. #Quote by Anonymous
Perfect Heaven quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#43. It was like looking at heaven from the ferry to hell. #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Perfect Heaven quotes by Warren Ellis
#44. In the long run, you see, none of that matters.
I've seen Heaven, Dowling. And it's not a place where you exercise any power.
In the long run, we are all three-dimensional side-effects of a two-dimensional universe existing in a multidimensional stack. #Quote by Warren Ellis
Perfect Heaven quotes by L.B. Simmons
#45. So here's my advice:
"Face your fears and overcome them. Become the best person you can be as you grow into your impending adulthood. Find what drives you and hone those skills. Practice them and perfect them, so that you can leave this world in a better state than you found it.
"Be thankful for each day you're granted on this earth. Form friendships. Find love. Feel passion. Embrace destiny. Your destiny. Because at the end of these four years, you will most likely not be the same person you are at this moment. It's up to you to decide who you will be. What you will do. And how you will do it. So, choose wisely. #Quote by L.B. Simmons
Perfect Heaven quotes by Caitlin Elyse
#46. Writing started out as a kind of therapy for me. I was bullied mercilessly in high school, and I lived vicariously through Kitty. She was everything I wanted to be; strong, smart, witty, and above all else, she didn't care what other people thought about her. But after a while, she started to take on a personality of her own, and I was suddenly more interested in her story than I was in mine. #Quote by Caitlin Elyse
Perfect Heaven quotes by Darien Cox
#47. Corey had the most perfect dick Zach had ever seen, thick and smooth and long. He sucked it into his mouth deep, rewarded with a sharp inhale from above. "Okay, #Quote by Darien Cox
Perfect Heaven quotes by Ann Marie Frohoff
#48. Don't strive for perfection, just do your best. Everything in life is ever revolving to be perfect. #Quote by Ann Marie Frohoff
Perfect Heaven quotes by Frederick Lenz
#49. Beyond the world of thought and sensorial impressions, there are planes and dimensions of perfect light, knowledge, and radiant perfection. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Perfect Heaven quotes by Blanche Wiesen Cook
#50. Eleanor Roosevelt's very helpful to a lot of children who cannot speak French, who do not write well. And Marie Souvestre is fierce. She tears up students' papers that are not, you know, perfect. And Eleanor Roosevelt goes around, again, being incredibly helpful to children in need, children in trouble. And her best friends are the naughtiest girls who are in trouble. And she is a leader. And she is encouraged to be a leader. And everybody falls in love with her. She's a star. #Quote by Blanche Wiesen Cook
Perfect Heaven quotes by Ann Vaughn
#51. If you wait around for everything to be perfect, you'll be waiting around forever. Nothing is ever perfect. #Quote by Ann Vaughn
Perfect Heaven quotes by Jimmy Cajoleas
#52. There's a fortune to be made off of God, no two ways about it. Preachers have the keys to heaven. They can bind and loose, lock and unlock. Awful lot of power preachers have. #Quote by Jimmy Cajoleas
Perfect Heaven quotes by Jayne Middlemiss
#53. Yoga is not about having the perfect positions, it's not about who's the best and who's the most flexible. A lot of people are saying to me 'I can't do yoga because I'm not flexible,' but that's exactly why you should do it. It's not about being flexible. It's not about who's the best. It's about doing your best on that particular day. #Quote by Jayne Middlemiss
Perfect Heaven quotes by Sandi Lynn
#54. I could never understand my purpose in this world. I have had nothing but pain and loss my hole life. But now I know why god saved me the first time. It was so I could find you. Then he saved me the second time so I could love you forever. This house is perfect; you are perfect and no one will ever take that away from us. Our love is infinite and I'm going to spend the rest of my life showing you. #Quote by Sandi Lynn
Perfect Heaven quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
#55. On occasions, global or personal, we may feel we are distanced from God, shut out from heaven, lost, alone in dark and dreary places. Often enough that distress can be of our own making, but even then the Father of us all is watching and assisting. And always there are those angels who come and go all around us, seen and unseen, known and unknown, mortal and immortal. #Quote by Jeffrey R. Holland
Perfect Heaven quotes by Walter Benjamin
#56. Even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be. #Quote by Walter Benjamin
Perfect Heaven quotes by Paolo Giordano
#57. From the stereo came music that Alice didn't recognize, but it wasn't there to be listened to, just to complete a perfect scenario; there was nothing casual about it. #Quote by Paolo Giordano
Perfect Heaven quotes by Kendall Grey
#58. But the truth is, I'm not the woman I want to be. I'm Gianna Donato whether I like her or not. Flaws and insecurities. Strengths and talents. I'm not infallible or perfect any more than he is. I'm just…me.
And his smile tells me just me is okay with him. #Quote by Kendall Grey
Perfect Heaven quotes by Mike Milbury
#59. It's hard not to root for Henrik Lundqvist, he's practically perfect. #Quote by Mike Milbury
Perfect Heaven quotes by Sorin Cerin
#60. How can you be one of the stars of heaven, when the stars are innumerable? What star number do you have? #Quote by Sorin Cerin
Perfect Heaven quotes by Rumi
#61. Deep in our Hearts, the Light of Heaven is shining. #Quote by Rumi
Perfect Heaven quotes by Cynthia Rylant
#62. That's got to be at least one of the benefits of heaven - never having to act normal again. #Quote by Cynthia Rylant
Perfect Heaven quotes by J.C. Ryle
#63. A sin ... consists in doing, saying, thinking, or imagining anything that is not in perfect conformity with the mind and law of God #Quote by J.C. Ryle
Perfect Heaven quotes by George Santayana
#64. Heaven is to be at peace with things. #Quote by George Santayana
Perfect Heaven quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#65. The repetition in Nature may not be a mere recurrence; it may be a theatrical encore. Heaven may encore the bird who laid an egg. If #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Perfect Heaven quotes by Wassily Kandinsky
#66. Every man who steeps himself in the spiritual possibilities of his heart is a valuable helper in the building of the spiritual pyramid which will someday reach to heaven. #Quote by Wassily Kandinsky
Perfect Heaven quotes by Lee Eun-sang
#67. The only heaven permitted to me is the part-time job heaven. #Quote by Lee Eun-sang

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