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Perfect For Each Other quotes by Colbie Caillat
#1. If you just realized what I just realized,
Then we'll be perfect for each other
And we'll never find another
Just realized what I just realized
We'll never have to wonder if
We missed out on each other now.
Take time to realize
Oh-oh I'm on your side
Didn't I, didn't I tell you.
Take time to realize
Oh-oh I'm on your side
Oh oh oh oh oh oh ...
But I can't spell it out for you,
No its never gonna be that simple
No I can't spell it out for you.
#Quote by Colbie Caillat
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#2. Maybe he and I really are perfect for each other. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Sophie Jordan
#3. His low voice breaks the stillness. "You didn't say what you were doing out this late."
"I couldn't sleep either," I reply. Not a lie.
His mouth curves. "So we're perfect for each other. A pair of insomniacs."
Perfect for each other.
I grin a mad, stupid smile. #Quote by Sophie Jordan
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Shannon Guymon
#4. We don't need to be perfect. We just need to be perfect for each other. #Quote by Shannon Guymon
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Jarod Kintz
#5. She grew broccoli, and I grew dentures. We were perfect for each other. Our love disappeared into each other like a box of toothpicks. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Shaun David Hutchinson
#6. I don't think I deserve him."

Audrey shrugged. "Probably not. But he doesn't deserve you, either. Maybe that's why you're perfect for each other."

"Do you think it could last?"

"Who cares?"

"I care."

Audrey sucked up her drink and tossed the empty cup onto the ground. There was no way we were going to be able to hide the fact that we'd had a party from Mom. Fuck it.

"You like bacon, right?" Audrey asked.


"So, when you're offered bacon for breakfast, do you refuse because you're worried about what's going to happen when it's gone?"


"No!" Audrey smacked me in the chest. "You eat that bacon and you love it because it's delicious. You don't fret over whether you'll ever have bacon again. You just eat the bacon." Audrey stood in front of me and held my face between her hands. Her expression was so solemn that it was difficult not to laugh. "Eat the bacon, Henry. #Quote by Shaun David Hutchinson
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Hilary Duff
#7. Oh my God, Rayna…I think something almost happened with Ben and me in Rio."
"What? Wait, back up. When? You mean, 'almost happened' like…what? What exactly almost happened?"
"I'm not sure," I said. "It all went really fast. I was feeling all these things, and he was looking at me like…like he was in that picture, and then…"
"I saw Sage."
"Ooooh," Rayna winced. "What did Ben do?"
"Nothing. I mean, I ran after Sage and…you know everything that happened then. We haven't even talked about it." I looked at her plaintively. "What do I do?"
"What do you want to do?"
I thought about it. "I don't know."
"Well…how do you feel? She asked.
"I don't know that either. I never even thought about Ben that way except for that split second in Rio, and even then I wasn't thinking of it seriously. And Sage…with Sage it's all I think about, but it's all jumbled up with the most insane things: dreams, and other lives, and other people's memories, and…I don't even know what's real."
Rayna took it all in.
"I love Ben," she said. "You know that. I think you guys could be great together. I also believe in soulmates. Not just as romantic flings, like the guys in Europe, but true soulmates, destined to be together forever because they're perfect for each other. Are you and Sage true soulmates? I don't know, but I do know you're cheating yourself if you don't at least try to find out."
"How do I find that out, Rayna?"
"I want #Quote by Hilary Duff
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Michele Gorman
#8. You're right, nobody's perfect. But in the right relationship, you're going to be perfect for each other. Because you tick each other's boxes in the things that matter to you. So you can overlook his snoring, or he can ignore your aversion to exercise, or whatever it is that doesn't exactly align, as long as you each fulfil the big things, the important ones. #Quote by Michele Gorman
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Bijou Hunter
#9. How will I choose?" she finally muttered.
"Pick something that doesn't make you look like a slut. That'll narrow it down," Bailey said, now frowning at a headless mannequin wearing a tiny wedding dress with a long train. "Oh, and stay away from too much lace. Don't want to look like someone's grandma."
A wide-eyed Farah looked at me as I took her hand. "This is fun. We're going to look at them all and pick our favorites. Then, you'll try them on and narrow them down. With so many to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect dress."
"I just don't want to look like I'm trying too hard."
"You're an idiot," Bailey snorted. "Trying too hard to what?"
"Look fancy."
"You're wearing a fucking wedding dress. You're supposed to look fancy. It's not like you're ever getting married again. If things don't work out with Coop, he'll never let you go. Nope, you'll be heading for a shallow grave." While Farah rolled her eyes, I stared at Bailey who shrugged. "Too honest?
"Is that a real question?"
Bailey grinned. "What I meant to say was Farah and Cooper are so fucking perfect for each other that they'll never get divorced, so she should wear the fanciest damn dress she can find. It's what I would do if I was once dirt poor and now had money."
"Great effort, but you lost a little bit of your fake niceness at the end."
Bailey grinned. "Great effort is still something."
"Yes, it is," I said, taking Farah's hand. "Let's start #Quote by Bijou Hunter
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#10. You and I more than anyone else in the universe are perfect for each other. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#11. See I'm the reckless and wild one who saves him from being boring. It's why we're perfect for each other. We balance. - Madame Selena #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Jayne Ann Krentz
#12. I am absolutely positive they're wrong."


"Because you belong to me, that's why." She swept out her free hand. "We're perfect for each other. I love you. Why do you need What's that woman they claim they found for you got that I don't have?"

The dangerous energy that had swirled around him shifted with disconcerting abruptness into sensual hunger.

"Interesting question," he said.

"The answer is nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada. She's got absolutely nothing that I don't have. Don't bother to set up a date with her because there will be three of us there and I don't think she's going to feel real comfortable chatting with me, do you?"

"Don't know," he said. "It would certainly make for an unusual first date."

"Skip the snappy repartee. I am dead serious, Jake Salter Jones."

His mouth tweaked up at the corners. Heat burned in his eyes. "About me?"

"About you. And me. We're a match. Can't you see that?"


"What's more, there's no frickin' way those people could have found anyone who will love you more than I do. #Quote by Jayne Ann Krentz
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Azadeh Moaveni
#13. You're perfect for each other, she had insisted. "both of you act like you're already retired, always stuck at home reading books. #Quote by Azadeh Moaveni
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Rachel Higginson
#14. I thought we were perfect for each other."
"There's no such thing as perfect," Eli commiserated. #Quote by Rachel Higginson
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Anna Banks
#15. So…it wasn't love at first sight then? With Dad? You fell in love later?" I don't know why I feel disappointed. I don't even believe in love at first sight. Except where it applies to my parents being perfect for each other. And anyways, isn't that a kind of child-myth that all kids want to believe?
"Sweetie…It was never love."
Screw disappointment. Now I feel gut-kicked. "What do you mean? But you had to…Then how did I…?"
Mom sighs. "You were…the result of a moment of…weakness on my part." But she takes too long to choose her words. I wonder what she thought of first, instead of "weakness." Pity? Stupidity? She dabs her napkin at some imaginary syrup at the corner of her mouth. "The only weak moment we ever had, which is kind of extraordinary. Not that I regret it at all," she says quickly. "I wouldn't trade you for anything. You know that, right?"
I wonder if "I wouldn't trade you for anything" is also a child-myth. "So I was an accident. Not even the normal kind of accident. Like, a one-night stand, or a oops-I-didn't-take-my-pill accident. I was an oops-I-accidentally-mated-with-my-first-experiment accident." I put my head in my hands. "Lovely."
"That man loved you, Emma, from the moment you were born. He'd be very upset to hear you talking like that right now. Frankly, I am, too. I was not some experiment."
I bite my lip. "I know. It's just…a lot, don't you think?"
"That's why we're going to have two pieces of strawberry pie, Agnes," Mo #Quote by Anna Banks
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Adam Levy From Love And Sex Movie
#16. Two people can be perfect for each other but if the timing's wrong it's never going to work out. Bad timing is the reason that most normal people end up single. Weirdos and creeps are single cause they are weird and creepy but people like us are single because of bad timing. #Quote by Adam Levy From Love And Sex Movie
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Sharon Lathan
#17. Miss Bennet, I shall be completely blunt and honest and beg your pardon if I cross a line in some manner; however, I sense you are requesting a candid response." He paused, awaiting her favour until she nodded. "I feel drawn to you in a way I do not totally understand, yet there it is. I have never felt so inclined towards another. What this connection bodes for the future, I do not know. You are pretty, intelligent, honest, proper, and many other fine qualities I believe I could list without hesitation. I think it entirely probable you and I would be perfect for each other. It is my intention to discover if this is possible. I do not wish to trifle with your emotions, nor do I wish to have my own sensibilities manipulated; therefore, if you cannot imagine even the remotest chance of returning affection, tell me now and I shall abide by your pleasure. On the other hand, if you sense, even vaguely, a returned interest in me, then let us proceed with willing minds and hearts. #Quote by Sharon Lathan
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Jessica Simpson
#18. A marriage doesn't have to be perfect, but you can be perfect for each other. #Quote by Jessica Simpson
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Sarah MacLean
#19. Here's the thing about romance novels: The moment when the hero and heroine discover that they're perfect for each other is often the moment when it's them against the world. #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Tara Sivec
#20. I'm going to remind her why we're perfect for each other. I'm going to show her that there's no one else on this earth that can love her like I can. #Quote by Tara Sivec
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Michelle Smith
#21. She's not perfect. I'm not perfect. But together, we're imperfectly perfect for each other. #Quote by Michelle Smith
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Lyndsay Faye
#22. Confident I remain, however, and I find myself hopeful as well -- if the world is wide enough for me to find someone, who knows what miracles lurk behind each and every closed door? Charles Thornefield and I are far from perfect; but we are perfect for each other, and perhaps in the end, our chains bind us more closely than anyone who has never been a prisoner can imagine. #Quote by Lyndsay Faye
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Jarod Kintz
#23. Two one-armed people might seem perfect for each other, but what if they're both missing the same arm? Then even something simple like holding hands while walking becomes a case of they're too similar to see themselves really going anywhere as a couple. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#24. Maybe warner was right all along, maybe he and i were perfect for each other. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Ariel Pink
#25. I'm in love with Ariana Grande - she's got a very curious personality; I hear she loves Freddy Krueger, and I love Freddy Krueger, which makes me feel like we'd be perfect for each other. #Quote by Ariel Pink
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Nadia Aidan
#26. I knew from the moment I met you that we would end up here. I didn't know how, but I was determined. Now it's time for you to realize what I've know all along"
" Really? And what's that?"
" That despite our differencies and all the obstacles we have before us, there couldn't be two people in the world more perfect for each other. #Quote by Nadia Aidan
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Stephanie Perkins
#27. Josh is a romantic. He likes being in love, and he craves love to fill the void left by his absentee parents. Maybe our relationship didn't happen quickly because we're perfect for each other, but because we each got swept away by it – him because of this insatiable need, me because of my pre-existing crush. Did those three years of longing cloud my perception of reality? How well do I really know him? Since I've last seen him in person, I've been faced with several incarnations that I didn't even know existed #Quote by Stephanie Perkins
Perfect For Each Other quotes by M.A. Church
#28. The goddess gave me Marshell as a mate. I wasn't exactly sure why she thought we were perfect for each other, but I wasn't going to question it. I'd already come close to losing him once, and I'd be damned if it was going to happen again.
He was mine, and if Dolf didn't want to lose me, then he better get with the program and accept Marshell. I flipped over to my other side, and Marshell immediately pulled me back against him. I was never much of a cuddler in my human form, but this was nice.
My cat meowed happily. Yup, I could grow to like this. #Quote by M.A. Church
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Robin Williams
#29. She is not perfect. You are not perfect. The question is whether or not you are perfect for each other #Quote by Robin Williams
Perfect For Each Other quotes by T.E. Daniels
#30. Neither of us is perfect, which makes us perfect for each other.

T. E. Daniels #Quote by T.E. Daniels
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Pepper Winters
#31. Bare feet slapped against cool flooring. The room swam, reminding me all too much of Nila and her imbalance. We're perfect for each other. Both slightly broken. Both slightly flawed. But perfectly whole once we let our hearts become one. #Quote by Pepper Winters
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Olivia Cunning
#32. You're weird."
"You're weird too," she said defensively.
"I guess that means we're perfect for each other." He stared into her eyes, challenging her to deny it.
"I guess so," she said.
He smiled. #Quote by Olivia Cunning
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Kimberly Derting
#33. We've never matched. It's what makes us perfect for each other. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Donato Carrisi
#34. How many people meet by chance and then separate as if nothing has happened, without knowing that they were perfect for each other? #Quote by Donato Carrisi
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Lynn Hagen
#35. But you're the best cook ever, and I'm the best eater ever. We're perfect for each other. Tank pouted. #Quote by Lynn Hagen
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Erica Jong
#36. Why are women so ungenerous to other women? Is it because we have been tokens for so long? Or is there a deeper animosity we owe it to ourselves to explore?
A publisher...couldn't understand why women were so loath to help each other.... The notion flitted through my mind that somehow, by helping..., I might be hurting my own chances for something or other -- what I did not know. If there was room for only one woman poet, another space would be filled....
If I still feel I am in competition with other women, how do less well-known women feel? Terrible, I have to assume.

I have had to train myself to pay as much attention to women at parties as to men.... I have had to force myself not to be dismissive of other women's creativity. We have been semi-slaves for so long (as Doris Lessing says) that we must cultivate freedom within ourselves. It doesn't come naturally. Not yet.
In her writing about the drama of childhood developments, Alice Miller has created, among other things, a theory of freedom. in order to embrace freedom, a child must be sufficiently nurtured, sufficiently loved. Security and abundance are the grounds for freedom. She shows how abusive child-rearing is communicated from one generation to the next and how fascism profits from generations of abused children. Women have been abused for centuries, so it should surprise no one that we are so good at abusing each other. Until we learn how to stop doing that, we cannot make our revoluti #Quote by Erica Jong
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Sierra DeMulder
#37. I have calculated the total number of hours
we spend sleeping beside each other in a week
and I wanted to tell you it could be considered
a full-time job. We could be eligible for healthcare
benefits, could probably even pay for a mortgage
by now. I remind myself of this, in daylight, when
I miss you and cannot reach across the bed
for the comforting filling and refilling
of your chest. Such a strange affair
we are having on each other; these hours
that I have not lost but do not remember.
This cannot be the best of love: to drool
on someone's collarbone or inhale an elbow to
the jaw or be woken by the most ungraceful sounds
of the body. But what is it if not the softening
of grips? A letting go of. Your heart
finally slowly that stubborn, lonely march. #Quote by Sierra DeMulder
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Jesse Ball
#38. If some say that a man and woman must live together or that they must see each other, even that they must live in the same time in order to love, well, they are mistaken. A great lover has a life that prepares him for his love. She grooms herself for years without hope of any kind, yet stands by the crevice of the world. He sleeps inside of his own heart. She dries her hair with her tears and washes her skin with names and names and names. Then one day, he, she, hears the name of the beloved and it yet means nothing. She might see the beloved and it means nothing. But a wheel, far away, spins on thin spokes, and that name, that sight, grows solid as stone. Then wherever he is, he says, I known the name of my beloved, and it is . . . or I know the face of my beloved, and she is - there! And he returns to the place where she saw him, and she empties herself out - leaves herself like open water, beneath, past, in the distance, surrounding, able to be touched by the smallest gesture. And that is how the great loves begin. I can tell you because I have been a great love. I have had a great love. I was there. #Quote by Jesse Ball
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Mike MacLeod
#39. A favorite pastime of soldiers on long mounted patrols was testing each other with impossible hypotheticals. They were an endearing yet vulgar form of moral drama, but only because the alternative was to contemplate being blown up by an illiterate goat herder's morning project. "What would you rather do, have sex with your sister or shoot your mother?" "Would you rather pick up a baby with a pitchfork, or throw a paraplegic in a fire?" In one form or another, these young men were weighing the relative value of human life in real terms, perhaps as a surrogate for murkier thoughts that might otherwise be in the forefront, such as, "Why am I risking my life in this wasteland?" or "Whose life is worth more, that of my best friend in the gun turret or of some Iraqi kid I've never met?" It passed the time. #Quote by Mike MacLeod
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Pericles
#40. The freedom which we enjoy in our government extends also to our ordinary life. There, far from exercising a jealous surveillance over each other, we do not feel called upon to be angry with our neighbor for doing what he likes, or even to indulge in those injurious looks which cannot fail to be offensive, although they inflict no positive penalty. #Quote by Pericles
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Wendell Berry
#41. For the 4 percent of our population that is left on the farm does not, by any stretch of imagination, feed the rest. That 4 percent is only a small part, and the worst-paid part, of a food production network that includes purchasers, wholesalers, retailers, processors, packagers, transporters, and the manufacturers and salesmen of machines, building materials, feeds, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, medicines, and fuel. All these producers are at once in competition with each other and dependent on each other, and all are dependent on the petroleum industry. As #Quote by Wendell Berry
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Nirja
#42. Love is just an emotional bond, an attachment that ties people together despite of their feelings for each-other......thats why you can love someone even though you don't like them #Quote by Nirja
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#43. The two of them, father and son, lived like roommates, stumbling upon each other in their matching peacock robes, bitching over who used up the coffee, but by afternoon they drifted in the pool together, bumping the sides, compatriots in the search for a little passion on earth. They #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Cacilda Jetha
#44. In The Moral Animal, Robert Wright laments, "A basic underlying dynamic between men and women is mutual exploitation. They seem, at times, designed to make each other miserable."
Don't believe it. We aren't designed to make each other miserable. This view holds evolution responsible for the mismatch between our evolved predispositions and the post-agricultural socioeconomic world we find ourselves in. The assertion that human beings are naturally monogamous is not just a lie; it's a lie most Western societies insist we keep telling each other. #Quote by Cacilda Jetha
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Joel Osteen
#45. Maybe you once were excited about that person God supernaturally brought into your life as a marriage partner, but now all the excitement has worn off. Don't' allow that sense of a miracle to slip away. Don't get so familiar with each other that you take one another for granted. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
#46. ...To search for colours, fumble for words,
Strive to catch in earthly song
The echo of greater music,
To fail with heartbreak and give
The heartbreaks to each other with our love,
Can this be why we live? #Quote by Elizabeth Goudge
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#47. Early as it was, every one had breakfasted, and my basin of bread and milk was put on the oven-top to await my coming down. Every one was gone about their work. The first to come into the house-place was Phillis with a basket of eggs. Faithful to my resolution, I asked -
"What are those?"
She looked at me for a moment, and then said gravely -
"No! they are not," said I. "They are eggs. What do you mean by saying they are potatoes?"
"What do you mean by asking me what they were, when they are plain to be seen?" retorted she.
We were both getting a little angry with each other. #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Haruki Murakami
#48. I closed my eyes and listened carefully for the descendants of Sputnik, even now circling the earth, gravity their only tie to the planet. Lonely metal souls in the unimpeded darkness of space, they meet, pass each other, and part, never to meet again. No words passing between them. No promises to keep. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Barbara Ross
#49. After the pancake breakfast I was free for a while. Dan Small was overseeing the next event, the B&B Bed Races, where a dozen B&Bs attempted to beat each other in two-bed heats that pitted souped-up double beds-cum-go-carts against one another until a victor emerged. The only rule was the driver had to remain in the bed as it careened down the hill from the library to the dock. It sounded like a great way to get killed and when Bunnie had looked for a volunteer to run it, I'd sat on my hands until they lost all feeling. #Quote by Barbara Ross
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Coldwood
#50. Love forms bonds between us, but not to hold us back. They're meant to save us if we fall, or help us all climb higher. Yes, things break beyond repair sometimes, but we can always build anew. If our fire ever fades, it just takes a single spark to set it off again. No matter how dark things get, we can all help light the way. We can make this life beautiful for ourselves and for each other. And we all deserve to be here, whatever shape or color we come in. #Quote by Coldwood
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Amos Oz
#51. ... that sour blend of loneliness and lust for recognition, shyness and extravagance, deep insecurity and self-intoxicated egomania, that drives poets and writers out of their rooms to seek each other out, to rub shoulders with one another, bully, joke, condescend, feel each other, lay a hand on a shoulder or an arm round a waist, to chat and argue with little nudges, to spy a little, sniff out what is cooking in other pots, flatter, disagree, collude, be right, take offence, apologise, make amends, avoid each other, and seek each other's company again. #Quote by Amos Oz
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Alice Hoffman
#52. even the most dependable of men will stumble every now and then

There are some people who insist that every time one door closes, another door opens, but this isn't always the case. There are doors that are meant to stay closed, ones that lead to rooms filled with serpents, rooms of regret, rooms that will lbind you if you dare to raise your eye to the keyhole in all innocence, simply to see what's inside

Silence doesn't frighten us. We can just look at each other and recognize that there is pain in this world, even on beautiful nights when twilight settles in our backyards , sifting through the grass and the hedges

you can't change what's means to be

I had found if you didn't expect much, you weren't disappointed as much

I'd simply have to live with the doubt hanging over me

You could tell she didn't want to, she was trying with all her might to hold it back, but sometimes it's impossible to do that. I know from personal experience. You have to turn yourself cold as ice in order to stop yourself, and then if anything falls from your eyes it will only be blue ice crystals, hard and unbreakable as stone

people who have faith were ao lucky, you didn't want to ruin anything for them. you didn't want to plant doubt where there was none. you had to treat such individuals tenderly and hope that some of whatever they were feeling rubs off on you

everything is stupid when you really think about it #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Perfect For Each Other quotes by D.E. Stevenson
#53. That's what I was meaning. Ye've got to have freedom first. It's no use believing what other folks say; the only thing is for each man to fend for himself, Mr. Darnay. Each man standing on his own feet, finding his own path - " "Grand! #Quote by D.E. Stevenson
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Geraldine Brooks
#54. I reached for her, pushing back the fall of hair-it was heavy and thick and smooth to the touch-and tilted her chin so that the moonlight shone on her wet face.
We married each other that night, there on a bed of fallen pine needles-even today, the scent of pitch-pine stirs me-with Henry's distant flute for a wedding march and the arching white birch boughs for our basilica. At first, she quivered like an aspen, and I was ashamed at my lack of continence, yet I could not let go of her. I felt like Peleus on the beach, clinging to Thetis, only to find that, suddenly, it was she who held me; that same furnace in her nature that had flared up in anger blazed again, in passion. #Quote by Geraldine Brooks
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Emma Forrest
#55. Is it needy? It's not. We don't need each other. We just really, really enjoy each other. And we're good together. We're good people together. And I have the funniest feeling. I can really, truly touch this all, this happiness and the sadness too, I can trace all of it with my fingers. It isn't theoretical or distant. This feels like me. This is me. I love him, and, for the first time in a relationship, I also like me. Every time he says "I love you," I answer, "I believe you. #Quote by Emma Forrest
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Amy Poehler
#56. Tina Fey is my comedy wife. I have known her for almost a double decade. We met each other when we were poor and single. Now we are both rich as shit and have husbands all over the world. People think of us as a "comedy team" and I am not quick to correct them. Why wouldn't I want to connect myself to the fiercest and most talented voice in the comedy world? #Quote by Amy Poehler
Perfect For Each Other quotes by William Mackergo Taylor
#57. The lack of brotherhood among believers themselves has paralyzed the church in front of the skepticism and immorality of the world; but when we go back in simple faith to the one great fact of our redemption, we shall be both brought into closer fellowship with each other, and stimulated to more tender regard for the salvation of men. #Quote by William Mackergo Taylor
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Max Tegmark
#58. The core idea is that for an information processing system to be conscious, it needs to be integrated into a unified whole that can't be decomposed into nearly independent parts. This means that all parts need to compute jointly with lots of information about each other-otherwise there would be more than one independent consciousness, such as in a room full of people or, perhaps, in the two brain halves of a patient whose connecting corpus callosum has been cut out. If there are fairly independent parts that are too simple, then these won't be conscious at all, like the independent pixels of a video camera. #Quote by Max Tegmark
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Ian Dury
#59. Here for a moment is a glimpse of my plan:
All kids will be happy learning things.
The wind will smell of wild flowers.
Nobody will whack each other about with nasty things.
All the room in the world. #Quote by Ian Dury
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Kiersten White
#60. Today, he saw the true cost of two men's immovable wills. He saw what happened when men were forced to fight each other for months on end. It was not merely sickness of the body that plagued sieges, but sickness of the soul that turned men into monsters. #Quote by Kiersten White
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Sam Pink
#61. Every time I leave the apartment, I mistake the tree stump across the street for two people kissing/holding each other. I've forgotten every time that it's a tree stump. I'm disappointed every time it's a tree stump. #Quote by Sam Pink
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Justin Wetch
#62. Like two stars in the depths of the sky
This gravity is just irresistible
We spin around each other, you and I
When I fell for you, I fell into your orbit. #Quote by Justin Wetch
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Paulo Coelho
#63. A monk lived near the temple of Shiva. In the house opposite lived a prostitute. Noticing the large number of men who visited her, the monk decided to speak to her.

'You are a great sinner,' he said sternly. 'You reveal your lack of respect for God every day and every night. Do you never stop to think about what will happen to you after your death?'

The poor woman was very shaken by what the monk said. She prayed to God out of genuine repentance, begging His forgiveness. She also asked the Almighty to help her to find another means of earning her living.

But she could find no other work and, after going hungry for a week, she returned to prostitution.

But each time she gave her body to a stranger, she would pray to the Lord for forgiveness.

Annoyed that his advice had had no effect, the monk thought to himself:

'From now on, I'm going to keep a count of the number of men who go into that house, until the day the sinner dies.'

And from that moment on, he did nothing but watch the comings and goings at the prostitute's house, and for each man who went in, he added a stone to a pile of stones by his side.

After some time, the monk again spoke to the prostitute and said:

'You see that pile of stones? Each stone represents a mortal sin committed by you, despite all my warnings. I say to you once more: do not sin again!'

Seeing how her sins accumulated, the woman began to t #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Laurence Equilbey
#64. The most important thing for the conductor is that he or she listens. Her listening will make things sound a certain way. If the conductor listens well, the musicians listen each other better. The conductor can in effect impose a certain kind of listening for everybody. #Quote by Laurence Equilbey
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Carlos Salinas
#65. They showed each other that it was alright for their hearts to come out and play; that it was alright to feel close to someone; that love didn't always end in heartbreak. #Quote by Carlos Salinas
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Michelle Alexander
#66. Martin Luther King Jr. called for us to be lovestruck with each other, not colorblind toward each other. To be lovestruck is to care, to have deep compassion, and to be concerned for each and every individual, including the poor and vulnerable. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
Perfect For Each Other quotes by H.M. Ward
#67. If I was a little lighter and you were a little darker, maybe we could meet in the middle and have a real chance, but you're the sun and I'm the moon. We chase each other in the sky, but never meet for long. #Quote by H.M. Ward
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Kathy Acker
#68. But : We're still human. Human because we keep on battling against all these horrors, the horrors caused and not caused by us. We battle not in order to stay alive, that would be too materalistic, for we are body and spirit, but in order to love each other. #Quote by Kathy Acker
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#69. Why…why do you think you need to do that?" I asked.
Dad touched his glasses. "These work you know."
"Only for close up."
Shaking his head, he gave me an indulgent grin. "Dani, your mom and I were young once. We see the way you and Jason look at each other."
I glanced over at Mom. She was leaning against the counter, her arms crossed.
"I know I promised--" I began.
"Sweetie, no girl is going to keep that kind of promise when she starts falling for a guy. But you could have said something."
"Like what?"
"Like…'we have problem.'"
"In all honesty, we didn't realize we had a problem until last night," Jason said from the doorway. #Quote by Rachel Hawthorne
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Russell Simmons
#70. America, you know, they always separate people because of race. They've been able to convince, 'The niggers are coming.' You know, the diversity that America has is so special. It's starting to really become a cool thing for young people. Not only because there are more mixes of people, but because people are more open-minded about each other. So I think in the future, America has a great, great opportunity, and mostly because of hip-hop. #Quote by Russell Simmons
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Eugenie De Guerin
#71. We all owe each other concessions of taste and opinion for the sake of family peace and affection ... #Quote by Eugenie De Guerin
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Viktor E. Frankl
#72. What was really needed was a fundamental change in our attitude toward life. We had to learn ourselves and, furthermore, we had to teach the despairing men, that it did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us. We needed to stop asking about the meaning of life, and instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life--daily and hourly. Our answer must consist, not in talk and meditation, but in right action and in right conduct. Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the tasks which it constantly sets for each individual.
These tasks, and therefore the meaning of life, differ from man to man, and from moment to moment. Thus it is impossible to define the meaning of life in a general way. Questions about the meaning of life can never be answered by sweeping statements. "Life" does not mean something vague, but something very real and concrete, just as life's tasks are also very real and concrete. They form man's destiny, which is different and unique for each individual. No man and no destiny can be compared with any other man or any other destiny. No situation repeats itself, and each situation calls for a different response. Sometimes the situation in which a man finds himself may require him to shape his own fate by action. At other times it is more advantageous for him to make use of an opportunity for contemplation and to realize assets in #Quote by Viktor E. Frankl
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Henry James
#73. When it's for each other that people give things up they
don't miss them #Quote by Henry James
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Walter Lippmann
#74. Where two factions see vividly each its own aspect, and contrive their own explanations of what they see, it is almost impossible for them to credit each other with honesty. #Quote by Walter Lippmann
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Harold S. Kushner
#75. Does God "temper the wind to the shorn lamb"? Does He never ask more of us than we can endure? My experience, alas, has been otherwise. I have seen people crack under the strain of unbearable tragedy. I have seen marriages break up after the death of a child, because parents blamed each other for not taking proper care or for carrying the defective gene, or simply because the memories they shared were unendurably painful. I have seen some people made noble and sensitive through suffering, but i have seen many more people grow cynical and bitter. I have seen people become jealous of those around them, unable to take part in the routines of normal living. I have seen cancers and automobile accidents take the life of one member of a family, and functionally end the lives of five others, who could never again be the normal, cheerful people they were before disaster struck. If God is testing us, He must know by now that many of us fail the test. If He is only giving us the burdens we can bear, I have seen Him miscalculate far too often. #Quote by Harold S. Kushner
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Mary Crocker Cook
#76. It also strikes me that male-to-male bonding can create a gender role conflict, as it challenges the myth of full independence. Heroism is an exception. In fact, heroism has a long tradition as part of manhood. Bonds formed through natural disaster or war are exceptions to the typical "self-reliance" rules. These are op-portunities for men to experience a type of connection with each other that is ordinarily prohibited by the "rules" of manhood. #Quote by Mary Crocker Cook
Perfect For Each Other quotes by Joseph Bruchac
#77. If it wasn't for good," my mother says, "we human beings would have been wiped out a long time ago. Either the monsters would have gotten us or we would have killed each other off with greed and jealousy and anger. So we have to believe in good. We have to look for the good in ourselves. #Quote by Joseph Bruchac

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