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People Disappoint quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
#1. We continually encounter hardships. People disappoint us. We disappoint ourselves. But God is constant and compassionate. We are not alone. He cares. Against all reason, the transcendent God loves us so much that He has committed Himself to us. #Quote by Charles R. Swindoll
People Disappoint quotes by Angel Olsen
#2. When people disappoint you, it's just as much your responsibility to be aware of it and what you don't want. #Quote by Angel Olsen
People Disappoint quotes by Paul Doiron
#3. People disappoint you so often. I hardly knew how to react when they surpassed all your hopes. #Quote by Paul Doiron
People Disappoint quotes by Sylvia Plath
#4. People or stars
Regard me sadly, I disappoint them.
From the poem "Sheep in Fog", 2 December 1962, 28 January 1963 #Quote by Sylvia Plath
People Disappoint quotes by Dov Davidoff
#5. The great thing about having a small family is that there are fewer people to disappoint. #Quote by Dov Davidoff
People Disappoint quotes by T.D. Jakes
#6. If you can disappoint yourself as much as you love yourself and you still manage to disappoint yourself then why are you shocked when other people that you love disappoint you. #Quote by T.D. Jakes
People Disappoint quotes by Simon Sinek
#7. It is better to disappoint people with the truth than to appease them with a lie. #Quote by Simon Sinek
People Disappoint quotes by Betty Smith
#8. The child will grow up and find out things for herself. She will know that I lied. She will be disappointed."
"That is what is called learning the truth. It is a good thing to learn the truth one's self. To first believe with all your heart, and then not to believe, is good too. It fattens the emotions and makes them to stretch. When as a woman life and people disappoint her, she will have had practice in disappointment and it will not come so hard. In teaching your child, do not forget that suffering is good too. It makes a person rich in character. #Quote by Betty Smith
People Disappoint quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#9. Life is messy, Ren. It's not easy and it's definitely not for the timid. Everyone has a past. Things that stab them right between the eyes. Old grudges. Old shame. Regrets that steal your sleep and leave you awake until you fear for your own sanity. Betrayals that make your soul scream so loud you wonder why no one else hears it. In the end, we are all alone in that private hell. But life isn't about learning to forgive those who have hurt you or forgetting the past. It's about learning to forgive yourself for being human and making mistakes. Yes, people disappoint us all the time. But the harshest lessons come when we disappoint ourselves. When we put our trust and our hearts into the hands of the wrong person and they do us wrong. And while we may hate them for what they did, the one we hate most is ourself for allowing them into our private circle. How could I have been so stupid? How could I let them deceive me? We all go through that. It's humanity's brotherhood of misery. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
People Disappoint quotes by Billy Graham
#10. Life has its share of joys and laughter - but we also know life's road is often very rough. Temptations assail us; people disappoint us; illness and age weaken us; tragedies and sorrows ambush us; evil and injustice overpower us. Life is hard - but God is good, and heaven is real! #Quote by Billy Graham
People Disappoint quotes by L.R. Knost
#11. Giving our children rest means being their safe harbor, their place to retreat when life hurts and the world looms large and people disappoint and mistakes are made. Becoming that safe harbor means being free ~ freely available, freely offered, freely welcoming. #Quote by L.R. Knost
People Disappoint quotes by Jane Horrocks
#12. I think that if you idealise someone for so long, they can only disappoint and I wouldn't want to be disappointed by those people. #Quote by Jane Horrocks
People Disappoint quotes by Maria Mitchell
#13. As a general rule, people disappoint you as you know them. #Quote by Maria Mitchell
People Disappoint quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#14. Betrayals that make your soul scream so loud you wonder why no one else hears it. In the end, we are all alone in that private hell. But life isn't about learning to forgive those who have hurt you or forgetting the past. It's about learning to forgive yourself for being human and making mistakes. Yes, people disappoint us all the time. But the harshest lessons come when we disappoint ourselves. When we put our trust and our hearts into the hands of the wrong person and they do us wrong. And while we may hate them for what they did, the one we hate most is ourself for allowing them into our private circle. How could I have been so stupid? How could I let them deceive me? #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
People Disappoint quotes by Sigourney Weaver
#15. Most of life is hell. It's filed with failure and loss. People disappoint you. Dreams don't work out. Hearts get broken. Innocent journalists die. And the best moments of life, when everything comes together, are few and fleeting. But you'll never get to the next great moment if you don't keep going. So that's what I do. I keep going. #Quote by Sigourney Weaver
People Disappoint quotes by Melina Marchetta
#16. Josie, life is not a Mills and Boon book. People fall out of love. People disappoint other people and they find it very hard to forgive. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
People Disappoint quotes by Ann Voskamp
#17. God appoints people who do disappoint - to point to a God who never disappoints. #Quote by Ann Voskamp
People Disappoint quotes by Annie Dillard
#18. So the Midwest nourishes us [ ... ] and presents us with the spectacle of a land and a people completed and certain. And so we run to our bedrooms and read in a fever, and love the big hardwood trees outside the windows, and the terrible Midwest summers, and the terrible Midwest winters [ ... ]. And so we leave it sorrowfully, having grown strong and restless by opposing with all our will and mind and muscle its simple, loving, single will for us: that we stay, that we stay and find a place among its familiar possibilities. Mother knew we would go; she encouraged us. #Quote by Annie Dillard
People Disappoint quotes by Joseph Wambaugh
#19. Of course, the happy shutterbug couldn't have known that his picture of a dildo keel would soon inspire a plot leading to murder and ensnare human beings like dolphins in a gill net. For he was just a San Diego cop who drove a boat, not a true man of the sea. Not one who understands in his soul that the actions of people are like the tides that chase the moon but invariably come crashing back, with all manner of thrashing things roiling in their foamy wake. #Quote by Joseph Wambaugh
People Disappoint quotes by David Satcher
#20. Many people believe that dealing with overweight and obesity is a personal responsibility. To some degree they are right, but it is also a community responsibility. When there are no safe, accessible places for children to play or adults to walk, jog, or ride a bike, that is a community responsibility. #Quote by David Satcher
People Disappoint quotes by Michelle Hodkin
#21. Most people are like sand, the impact of their lives washed away by years. #Quote by Michelle Hodkin
People Disappoint quotes by Bob Dylan
#22. I'm happy to just be able to come across things. I don't need to be happy. Happiness is a kind of cheap word. Let's face it, I'm not the kind of cat that's going to cut off an ear if I can't do something. I would commit suicide. I would shoot myself in the brain if things got bad. I would jump from a window…you know, I can think about death openly. It's nothing to fear. It's nothing sacred. I've seen so many people die. Life's not sacred either #Quote by Bob Dylan
People Disappoint quotes by Joe Jonas
#23. I prefer the band aspect of things. I feel comfortable. It feels good to look to my left and right and see three other people on stage with you that love music as much as you. #Quote by Joe Jonas
People Disappoint quotes by Leah Hager Cohen
#24. People cheat when they are afraid. When there is no cost to being wrong or confessing ignorance, there is no reason to cheat or fake comprehension. #Quote by Leah Hager Cohen
People Disappoint quotes by Magic Johnson
#25. Don't give up! Be friends with people who help you work hard. #Quote by Magic Johnson
People Disappoint quotes by Luther Standing Bear
#26. Today the children of our public schools are taught more of the history, heroes, legends, and sagas of the old world than of the land of their birth, while they are furnished with little material on the people and institutions that are truly American. #Quote by Luther Standing Bear
People Disappoint quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#27. [My mother] related a childhood anecdote about one of her sisters who had an appendix operation and afterwards had been given a beautiful purse by another sister. My mother was fourteen at the time. Oh, how she yearned to have an exquisitely beaded purse like her sister's, but she dared not open her mouth. So guess what? She feigned a pain in her side and went the whole way with her story. Her family took her to several doctors. They were unable to produce a diagnosis and so opted for exploratory surgery. It had been a bold gamble on my mother's part, but it worked--she was given an identical little purse! When she received the coveted purse, my mother was elated despite being in physical agony from the surgery. Two nurses came in and one stuck a thermometer in her mouth. My mother said, 'Ummm, ummm,' to show the purse to the second nurse, who answered, 'Oh, for me? Why, thank you!' and took the purse! My mother was at a loss, and never figured out how to say, 'I didn't mean to give it to you. Please return it to me.' Her story poignantly reveals how painful it can be when people don't openly acknowledge their needs. #Quote by Marshall B. Rosenberg
People Disappoint quotes by Margaret Atwood
#28. The world is being run by people my age, men my age, with falling-out hair and health worries, and it frightens me. When the leaders were older than me I could believe in their wisdom, I could believe they had transcended rage and malice and the need to be loved. Now I know better. I look at the faces in newspapers, in magazines, and wonder: what greeds, what furies drive them on? #Quote by Margaret Atwood
People Disappoint quotes by Matthew B. Crawford
#29. The uncertain notion of individual autonomy that McClay refers to would seem to be one that regards autonomy as the simple opposite of heteronomy. From the Jacksonian to the Beat era, other people have often appeared to the American as a disfiguring source of heteronomy. In a culture predicated on this autonomy-heteronomy distinction, it is difficult to think clearly about attention - the faculty that joins us to the world - because everything located outside your head is regarded as a potential source of unfreedom, and therefore a threat to the self. This makes education a tricky matter. #Quote by Matthew B. Crawford
People Disappoint quotes by Sarah Mlynowski
#30. I started a MySpace teen lit discussion group and invited people to join. #Quote by Sarah Mlynowski
People Disappoint quotes by Joanna Wylde
#31. Your friend and I never will be. I can be the man who fucks you and owns you, or I can be the man who keeps an eye on you to make sure your stepdad doesn't come and steal you back. I can even be the man who watches while you find a nice little boyfriend you can control and settle down to make babies together like normal people. But don't you fucking dare issue any more invitations unless you're ready to handle me and don't pretend for one second you aren't fully aware what that means. #Quote by Joanna Wylde
People Disappoint quotes by Rachel Naomi Remen
#32. Everybody is a story. When I was a child, people sat around kitchen tables and told their stories. We don't do that so much anymore. Sitting around the table telling stories is not just a way of passing time. It is the way the wisdom gets passed along. The stuff that helps us to live a life worth remembering. #Quote by Rachel Naomi Remen
People Disappoint quotes by Joel Edgerton
#33. Part of the privilege of being an actor is the people you get to work with. #Quote by Joel Edgerton
People Disappoint quotes by Abba Eban
#34. Zionism is nothing more, but also nothing less, than the Jewish People's sense of origin and destination in the Land linked eternally with its name. It is also the instrument whereby the Jewish Nation seeks an authentic fulfillment of itself. #Quote by Abba Eban
People Disappoint quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#35. We believe in a moral code. Communism denies innate right or wrong. As W. Cleon Skousen has said in his timely book, The Naked Communist: The communist 'has convinced himself that nothing is evil which answers the call of expediency.' This is a most damnable doctrine. People who truly accept such a philosophy have neither conscience nor honor. Force, trickery, lies, broken promises are wholly justified. #Quote by Ezra Taft Benson
People Disappoint quotes by Edward Snowden
#36. A lot of people in 2008 voted for Obama. I did not vote for him. I voted for a third party. But I believed in Obama's promises. #Quote by Edward Snowden
People Disappoint quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#37. When people show me clothing that seems very, very feminine, it's hard for me to embrace that, because it just doesn't feel like me. #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
People Disappoint quotes by Naomi Watts
#38. I think film is a director's medium and the good filmmakers that I like tell the darker stories. Therefore, I'm always inclined to follow people like David Cronenberg. #Quote by Naomi Watts
People Disappoint quotes by Susan Cain
#39. Talkative people are rated as smarter, better-looking, more interesting, and more desirable as friends. Velocity of speech counts as well as volume: we rank fast-talkers as more competent and likable than slow ones. The same dynamics ap-ply in groups, where research shows that the voluble are considered smarter than the reticent - even though there's zero correlation between the gift of gab and good ideas. #Quote by Susan Cain
People Disappoint quotes by Margaret Atwood
#40. Something about a bunch of trees made people think they could cut loose. "Wherever there's Nature, there's assholes," he said cheerfully. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
People Disappoint quotes by Amy J. Berg
#41. Our daily habits of driving, drilling, buying and supporting all of the economic benefits a free economy demands has cost us dearly, but none more so than for the people of Shishmaref. #Quote by Amy J. Berg
People Disappoint quotes by Raymond Berry
#42. I appreciate the people there thinking about me, and I look forward to coming back to Paris for that occasion. #Quote by Raymond Berry
People Disappoint quotes by Anais Nin
#43. Introspection is a devouring monster. You have to feed it with much material, much experience, many people, many places, many loves, many creations, and then it ceases feeding on you. #Quote by Anais Nin
People Disappoint quotes by Jack Nicklaus
#44. Golf is a nice game, but that's all. It's never going to be an exciting game to watch on TV. It's not a circus and never will be one. The audience for golf is not going to change significantly. It's always going to be people who play it, understand it, and love it. #Quote by Jack Nicklaus
People Disappoint quotes by Mary Gaitskill
#45. Human beings look so different from each other, voices are so different, everything about us is so individual, and that's so exciting and juicy and appealing, and we're attached to these things and they're so fascinating and beautiful - I don't just mean model-beautiful, but all the individual forms that people can take. #Quote by Mary Gaitskill
People Disappoint quotes by Esther Perel
#46. People cheat on each other in a hundred different ways: indifference, emotional neglect, contempt, lack of respect, years of refusal of intimacy. Cheating doesn't begin to describe the ways that people let each other down. #Quote by Esther Perel
People Disappoint quotes by Tom Mison
#47. I always like to have faith that an audience will suspend their disbelief, if you present it to them in the right way. I find it peculiar when people scoff at one bold idea, and yet they'll then turn over and watch a man travel through time in a police phone box. I think it's just how you present the idea. #Quote by Tom Mison
People Disappoint quotes by Michelle Alexander
#48. These stark racial disparities cannot be explained by rates of drug crime. Studies show that people of all colors use and sell illegal drugs at remarkably similar rates. #Quote by Michelle Alexander
People Disappoint quotes by Bob Marley
#49. The people that are making this world worse don't take a day off, how can I? #Quote by Bob Marley
People Disappoint quotes by Anais Nin
#50. We celebrate peace. Yet we pay no attention to the ways of curing aggression in human beings. And when one sees in psychoanalysis hostility disappearing as people conquer their fears, one wonders if the cure is not there. #Quote by Anais Nin

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