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Pennies quotes by Vergielyn
#1. When I'm crusty and old, either of these two sentences will be constantly uttered by my wrinkled mouth.

Yes, I was once on the NY Times Best Seller's List,or,Yeah, I wrote that book that only earned a few pennies

Either of the two makes me a writer, and that's what matters. #Quote by Vergielyn
Pennies quotes by Henry Miller
#2. Talk is only a pretext for other, subtler forms of communication. When the latter are inoperative speech becomes dead. If two people are intent upon communicating with one another it doesn't matter in the least how bewildering the talk becomes. People who insist upon clarity and logic often fail in making themselves understood. They are always-searching for a more perfect transmitter, deluded by the supposition that the mind is the only instrument for the exchange of thought. When one really begin to talk one delivers himself. Words are thrown about recklessly, not counted like pennies. One doesn't care about grammatical or factual errors, contradictions, lies and so on. One talks. If you are talking to some one who knows how to listen he understands perfectly, even though the words make no sense. When this kind of talk gets under way a marriage takes place, no matter whether you are talking to a man or a woman. Men talking with other men have as much need of this sort of marriage as women talking with women have. Married couples seldom enjoy this kind of talk, for reasons which are only too obvious. #Quote by Henry Miller
Pennies quotes by James Jean-Pierre
#3. Don't be like everyone else and pawn your dreams for pennies, because they'll never give you what it's truly worth. #Quote by James Jean-Pierre
Pennies quotes by JJ Feild
#4. Every penny I've ever saved has been spent on airline tickets to different corners of the world. #Quote by JJ Feild
Pennies quotes by Timothy Thomas Fortune
#5. We must learn to lean upon ourselves; we must learn to plan and execute business enterprises of our own; we must learn to venture our pennies if we would gain dollars. #Quote by Timothy Thomas Fortune
Pennies quotes by Harper Lee
#6. Neighbors bring food with death and flowers with sickness and little things in between. Boo was our neighbor. He gave us two soap dolls, a broken watch and chain, a pair of good-luck pennies, and our lives. But neighbors give in return. We never put back into the tree what we took out of it: we had given him nothing, and it made me sad. #Quote by Harper Lee
Pennies quotes by Edna O'Brien
#7. There are times when the thing we are seeing changes before our very eyes, and if it is a landscape we praise nature, and if it is celestial we invoke God, but if it is a loved one who defects, we excuse ourselves and say we have to be somewhere and are already late for our next appointment. We do not stay to put pennies over the half-dead eyes. #Quote by Edna O'Brien
Pennies quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#8. Somebody asked me about this the other day. A young Shaq and a young Penny, the young Shaq's going to take over. A medium Shaq and a young Kobe, the medium Shaq is going to take over. Now you've got an older Shaq and a young Dwyane; you step aside, you let him do his thing and you just do what's asked of you. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Pennies quotes by Mills Lane
#9. It was the economic benefit,You make a comfortable living in public service and you get a fairly comfortable retirement, if you watch your pennies and you're not extravagant. But in television, if a show goes, you make a substantial amount of money. So, economically it just didn't make sense for me not to. #Quote by Mills Lane
Pennies quotes by Kerry Packer
#10. I pay the tax I am required to pay, not a penny more, not a penny less. If anybody in this country doesn't minimize their tax, they want their heads read because, as a Government, I can tell you they're not spending it that well that we should be donating extra. #Quote by Kerry Packer
Pennies quotes by Jenny Zhang
#11. Didn't it bother him that he was teaching his students poetry when he was certain it wouldn't make a difference in how their lives turned out? Didn't it bother him to be so sure that it was futile to even try? And what about us? What standards did we have? Weren't our fates sealed as well? What was I ever going to become? What stopped other people from looking at us and pitying us, how we didn't see the pointlessness in working so many jobs, moving from one shit place to another and scrimping on pennies, how we couldn't face the reality of our situation: that non of this was leading up to anywhere that was any different from where we had just been. #Quote by Jenny Zhang
Pennies quotes by Robert Pollok
#12. With one hand he put
A penny in the urn of poverty,
And with the other took a shilling out. #Quote by Robert Pollok
Pennies quotes by Logan Pearsall Smith
#13. All our lives we are putting pennies - our most golden pennies - into penny-in-the-slot machines that are almost always empty. #Quote by Logan Pearsall Smith
Pennies quotes by Adolf Hitler
#14. They refused to sing non-German songs. The greater the efforts made to win them away from their German allegiance, the more they exalted the glory of their German heroes. They stinted themselves in buying things to eat, so that they might spare their pennies to help the war chest of their elders. They were incredibly alert in the significance of what the non-German teachers said and they contradicted in unison. They wore the forbidden emblems of their own kinsfolk and were happy when penalized for doing so, or even physically punished. In miniature they were mirrors of loyalty from which the older people might learn a lesson. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Pennies quotes by Stephen King
#15. There were movies to go see at the Gem, which has long since been torn down; science fiction movies like Gog with Richard Egan and westerns with Audie Murphy (Teddy saw every movie Audie Murphy made at least three times; he believed Murphy was almost a god) and war movies with John Wayne. There were games and endless bolted meals, lawns to mow, places to run to, walls to pitch pennies against, people to clap you on the back. And now I sit here trying to look through an IBM keyboard and see that time, trying to recall the best and the worst of that green and brown summer, and I can almost feel the skinny, scabbed boy still buried in this advancing body and hear those sounds. But #Quote by Stephen King
Pennies quotes by Arj Barker
#16. There's no razor in candy. If for no other reason, it doesn't make financial sense. It's not fiscally prudent. How much does a piece of candy cost - like, a penny and a half? An apple's like 15 cents? Anybody here bought a Mach 3 replacement cartridge recently? They're so expensive, they don't even keep them on the shelf. You know, you have to ask the people behind the counter. I feel like I'm trying to buy enriched plutonium or something. #Quote by Arj Barker
Pennies quotes by Dolly Parton
#17. If teardrops were pennies and heartaches were gold, I'd have all the treasures my pockets could hold. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Pennies quotes by Mark Twain
#18. The coat of arms of the human race ought to consist of a man with an axe on his shoulder proceeding toward a grindstone. Or, it ought to represent the several members of the human race holding out the hat to each other. For we are all beggars. Each in his own way. One beggar is too proud to beg for pennies but will beg a loan of dollars, knowing he can't repay; another will not beg a loan but will beg for a postmastership; another will not do that but will beg for an introduction to "society"; one, being rich, will not beg a hod of coal of the railway company but will beg a pass; his neighbor will not beg coal, nor pass, but in social converse with a lawyer will place before him a supposititious case in the hope of getting an opinion out of him for nothing; one who would disdain to beg for any of these things will beg frankly for the presidency. None of the lot is ashamed of himself, but he despises the rest of the mendicants. Each admires his own dignity, and carefully guards it, but in his opinion the others haven't any. #Quote by Mark Twain
Pennies quotes by Mary Ann Shaffer
#19. When I got up this morning the sea was full of sun pennies - and now it all seems to be covered in lemon scrim. Writers ought to live far inland or next to the city dump, if they are ever to get any work one. Or perhaps they need to be stronger-minded than I am. #Quote by Mary Ann Shaffer
Pennies quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#20. An accumulation of pennies is a fortune. Day-to-day practice is perfection. A dream realized is nothing more than many steps taken toward the borders of once-impossible. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Pennies quotes by John L. Parker Jr.
#21. A runner is a miser, spending the pennies of his energy with great stinginess, constantly wanting to know how much he has spent and how much longer he will be expected to pay. He wants to be broke at precisely the moment he no longer needs his coin. #Quote by John L. Parker Jr.
Pennies quotes by John Cassavetes
#22. I think I probably have the philosophy of a poor man. You know, like maybe I'd steal the pennies off a dead man's eyes. #Quote by John Cassavetes
Pennies quotes by Nassem Nicholas Taleb
#23. I was convinced that I was totally incompetent in predicting market prices - but that others were generally incompetent also but did not know it, or did not know they were taking massive risks. Most traders were just "picking pennies in front of a steamroller," exposing themselves to the high-impact rare event yet sleeping like babies, unaware of it. #Quote by Nassem Nicholas Taleb
Pennies quotes by Richard Prince
#24. I never had a penny to my name, so I changed my name. #Quote by Richard Prince
Pennies quotes by L. Ron Hubbard
#25. Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man wants to make a million dollars, the the best way would be to start his own religion. #Quote by L. Ron Hubbard
Pennies quotes by Mira Gonzalez
#26. In the space between our bodies
there is a cup holder filled with pennies
a distance which can often take years to cross #Quote by Mira Gonzalez
Pennies quotes by Ken Dodd
#27. I told the Inland Revenue I didn't owe them a penny because I lived near the seaside. #Quote by Ken Dodd
Pennies quotes by Chanakya
#28. A debt should be paid off till the last penny; An enemy should be destroyed without a trace #Quote by Chanakya
Pennies quotes by C.S. Lewis
#29. The ideas that the whole human race is, in a sense, one thing- one huge organism, like a tree-must not be confused with the idea that individual difference is not important or that real people, Tom and Nobby and Kate, are some how less important than collective things like classes, races and so forth. Indeed the two ideas are opposites. Things which are parts of a single organism may be very different form one another: things which are not, may be very alike. Six pennies are quite separate and very alike: my nose and my lungs are very different but they are only alive at all because they are parts of my body and share its common life. Christianity thinks of individuals not as mere members of a group or items in a list, but as organs in a body- different from one another and each contributing what no other could. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Pennies quotes by Garry Marshall
#30. I grew up with two sisters, no brothers. There was Ronny who produced "Happy Days" for me and my sister Penny who acts, directs - she does everything. So they were very strong women in my life. #Quote by Garry Marshall
Pennies quotes by Jack Kerouac
#31. They spent all week saving pennies and went out Saturdays to spend fifty bucks in three hours. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Pennies quotes by Ben Shahn
#32. The time when I had desire to go to the United States I didn't have a penny. It was in the middle of the depression, you know. I couldn't get as far as Hoboken at that time. #Quote by Ben Shahn
Pennies quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#33. His chest, heaving harder this time. His words, almost gasping this time. "You destroy me."
I am falling to pieces in his arms.
My fists are full of unlucky pennies and my heart is a jukebox demanding a few nickels and my head is flipping quarters heads or tails heads or tails heads or tails heads or tails
"Juliette," he says, and he mouths the name, barely speaking at all, and he's pouring molten lava into my limbs and I never even knew I could melt straight to death.
"I want you," he says. He says "I want all of you. I want you inside and out and catching your breath and aching for me like I ache for you." He says it like it's a lit cigarette lodged in his throat, like he wants to dip me in warm honey and he says "It's never been a secret. I've never tried to hide that from you. I've never pretended I wanted anything less. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Pennies quotes by Fannie Flagg
#34. Hazel: Listen babe you have to search for your luck it's nice if it just falls in your lap but I look for my lucky pennies ...
Maggie: What do you do with all your pennies
Hazel: I give them away. It's good to spread your luck around and it always comes back to you. #Quote by Fannie Flagg
Pennies quotes by Bertolt Brecht
#35. A man who sees another man on the street corner with only a stump for an arm will be so shocked the first time he'll give him sixpence. But the second time it'll only be a three penny bit. And if he sees him a third time, he'll have him cold-bloodedly handed over to the police. #Quote by Bertolt Brecht
Pennies quotes by Ambrose Bierce
#36. A penny saved is a penny to squander. #Quote by Ambrose Bierce
Pennies quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#37. Somewhere, on the long road that wound through those four years, the girl with her sachet & dancing slippers had slipped away & there was left a woman with sharp green eyes, who counted pennies & turned her hands to many menial tasks, a woman to whom nothing was left from the wreckage except the indestructible red earth on which she stood. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Pennies quotes by Kimberly Lauren
#38. I've walked past so many pennies in my life, never bothering to pick them up because none of them were ever appealing to me. Then one day, I literally crashed into the most gorgeous penny I'd ever seen, so I picked her up off the ground, wiped away her tears, and became mesmerized by her every movement. Stupidly, I let that penny get away from me, and I've regretted it ever since. You were my lucky penny, Audrey, and I've been dreaming about you for years. #Quote by Kimberly Lauren
Pennies quotes by Julius Nyerere
#39. Take every penny you have set aside for aid for Tanzania and spend it in the UK, explaining to people the facts and causes of poverty. #Quote by Julius Nyerere
Pennies quotes by Lauren Groff
#40. Her mother had smelled of cold and scales, her father of stone dust and dog. She imagined her husband's mother, whom she had never met, had a whiff of rotting apples, though her stationary had stunk of baby powder and rose perfume. Sally was starch, cedar, her dead grandmother sandalwood, her uncle, swiss cheese. People told her she smelled like garlic, like chalk, like nothing at all. Lotto, clean as camphor at his neck and belly, like electrified pennies at the armpit, like chlorine at the groin. She swallowed. Such things, details noticed only on the edges of thought would not return.
'Land,' Mathilde said, 'odd name for a guy like you.'
'Short for Roland,' the boy said.
Where the August sun had been steaming over the river, a green cloud was forming. It was still terrifically hot, but the birds had stopped singing. A feral cat scooted up the road on swift paws. It would rain soon.
'Alright Roland,' Mathilde said, suppressing as sigh, 'sing your song. #Quote by Lauren Groff
Pennies quotes by Joseph Addison
#41. Our Grub-street biographers watch for the death of a great man like so many undertakers on purpose to make a penny of him. #Quote by Joseph Addison
Pennies quotes by Jeff VanderMeer
#42. The city might be savage, stray dogs might share the streets with grimy urchins whose blank eyes reflected the knowledge that they might soon be covered over, blinded forever, by the same two pennies just begged from some gentleman, and no one in the fuming, fulminous boulevards of trade might know who actually ran Ambergris-or, if anyone ran it at all, but, like a renegade clock, it ran on and wound itself heedless, empowered by the insane weight of its own inertia, the weight of its own citizenry. #Quote by Jeff VanderMeer
Pennies quotes by Deborah Blum
#43. The U.S. government spends billions of dollars on disasters after they happen, but it pinches pennies when it comes to preparing for them. #Quote by Deborah Blum
Pennies quotes by David D. Friedman
#44. Special interest politics is a simple game. A hundred people sit in a circle, each with his pocket full of pennies. A politician walks around the outside of the circle, taking a penny from each person. No one minds; who cares about a penny? When he has gotten all the way around the circle, the politician throws fifty cents down in front of one person, who is overjoyed at the unexpected windfall. The process is repeated, ending with a different person. After a hundred rounds everyone is a hundred cents poorer, fifty cents richer, and happy. #Quote by David D. Friedman
Pennies quotes by Wilkie Collins
#45. At sixty, I worshiped her with the volcanic ardour of eighteen. All the gold of my rich nature was poured hopelessly at her feet. My wife – poor angel! – my wife, who adores me, got nothing but the shillings and the pennies. Such is the Work, such Man, such Love. What are we (I ask) but puppets in a show-box? Oh, omnipotent Destiny, pull our strings gently! Dance us mercifully off our miserable little stage! #Quote by Wilkie Collins
Pennies quotes by Andrew Skurka
#46. Buy your freedom. Work really hard when you're young, save every penny, make a lot of money, and retire at 40, or 30 if you get lucky. #Quote by Andrew Skurka
Pennies quotes by Charles Cross
#47. We are paid for our daily labors by the pennies and dollars; we are paid in respect and gratitude when those labors consist of good deeds. #Quote by Charles Cross
Pennies quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#48. The market is a democracy in which every penny gives a right to vote. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Pennies quotes by Jesse Ventura
#49. I have every right to know how my taxes are spent, how every single penny of it is spent. I have the right to know that. #Quote by Jesse Ventura
Pennies quotes by Andy Behrman
#50. I couldn't sleep for nights on end, as my brain felt like there were thoughts colliding within it; I obsessed over small details, from saving pennies and polishing each one of them to washing my clothing over and over in the washing machine. #Quote by Andy Behrman
Pennies quotes by Janel Moloney
#51. I played the character knowing that she was knocked down, 100 percent, dead-in-front-of-a-bus in love with her boss. Every scene, I did not care if it was about taxes or about, you know, getting rid of the penny, it was all about me being in love with him. #Quote by Janel Moloney
Pennies quotes by Anchee Min
#52. We wanted to donate the pennies to the starving children in America. #Quote by Anchee Min
Pennies quotes by Robert Benchley
#53. There is probably not more than one hundred dollars in cash in circulation today. That is, if you were to call in all the bills and silver and gold in the country at noon tomorrow and pile them on the table, you would find that you had just about one hundred dollars, with perhaps several Canadian pennies and a few peppermint Life Savers. #Quote by Robert Benchley
Pennies quotes by Gregory Maguire
#54. Finally the gorilla queen had had enough. She wrote a letter to the editor of Baboons' Home Journal and asked for advice. The editor printed her letter (but in order to protect her privacy, changed her name from 'Gorilla Queen' to 'Worried in the Royal Castle'). The editor suggested hiring a local hunter to take the little troublemaker out into the woods, kill him, and cut his heart out and bring it back. 'Check page 44 of last month's issue for delicious recipes, at just pennies a serving!' she concluded. #Quote by Gregory Maguire
Pennies quotes by Warren Buffett
#55. I'll tell you why I like the cigarette business. It cost a penny to make. Sell it for a dollar. It's addictive. And there's a fantastic brand loyalty. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Pennies quotes by Juliet Rylance
#56. My first paying job was a in a production of Neil LaBute's 'Bash: Latter Day Plays' at the Union Street theater in Borough. I played the 'Medea Redux' character. That was my first job out of drama school. I can't remember how much I got paid. I'm sure it was pennies. #Quote by Juliet Rylance
Pennies quotes by James Dashner
#57. A distant, faded memory of sucking on pennies as a kid popped into his head. #Quote by James Dashner
Pennies quotes by Greg Mortenson
#58. And they did it with something that is basicly worthless in our society - pennies. But overseas, pennies can move mountains #Quote by Greg Mortenson
Pennies quotes by Samuel Grafton
#59. A penny will hide the biggest star in the universe if you hold it close enough to your eye. #Quote by Samuel Grafton
Pennies quotes by Rebecca Woolf
#60. Advice to friends. Advice to fellow mothers in the same boat. "How do you do it all?" Crack a joke. Make it seem easy. Make everything seem easy. Make life seem easy and parenthood and marriage and freelancing for pennies, writing a novel and smiling after a rejection, keeping the faith after two, reminding oneself that four years of work counted for a lot, counted for everything. Make the bed. Make it nice. Make the people laugh when you sit down to write and if you can't make them laugh make them cry. Make them want to hug you or hold you or punch you in the face. Make them want to kill you or fuck you or be your friend. Make them change. Make them happy. Make the baby smile. Make him laugh. Make him dinner. Make him proud.

Hold the phone, someone is on the other line. She says its important. People are dying. Children. Friends. Press mute because there is nothing you can say. Press off because you're running out of minutes. Running out of time. Soon he'll be grown up and you'll regret the time you spent pushing him away for one more paragraph in the manuscript no one will ever read. Put down the book, the computer, the ideas. Remember who you are now. Wait. Remember who you were. Wait. Remember what's important. Make a list. Ten things, no twenty. Twenty thousand things you want to do before you die but what if tomorrow never comes? No one will remember. No one will know. No one will laugh or cry or make the bed. No one will have a clue which songs to sing to th #Quote by Rebecca Woolf
Pennies quotes by Darrell Huff
#61. Hardly anybody is exactly normal in any way, just as one hundred tossed pennies will rarely come up exactly fifty heads and fifty tails. #Quote by Darrell Huff
Pennies quotes by Lilly Ledbetter
#62. Because women still earn just 77 cents for every dollar men make. Those pennies add up to real money. #Quote by Lilly Ledbetter
Pennies quotes by Carlos Salinas
#63. In love, 100 pennies do not equal a dollar. #Quote by Carlos Salinas
Pennies quotes by Orison Swett Marden
#64. One penny may seem to you a very insignificant thing, but it is the small seed from which fortunes spring. #Quote by Orison Swett Marden
Pennies quotes by Damien Hirst
#65. My Mum brought me up to believe that if you look after the pennies then the pounds look after themselves, and I could never do it. #Quote by Damien Hirst
Pennies quotes by Upton Sinclair
#66. Into this wild-beast tangle these men had been born without their consent, they had taken part in it because they could not help it; that they were in jail was no disgrace to them, for the game had never been fair, the dice were loaded. They were swindlers and thieves of pennies and dimes, and they had been trapped and put out of the way by the swindlers and thieves of millions of dollars. #Quote by Upton Sinclair
Pennies quotes by Sarah Kay
#67. I will wake you up early
even though I know you like to stay through the credits.

I will leave pennies in your pockets,
postage stamps of superheroes
in between the pages of your books,
sugar packets on your kitchen counter.
I will Hansel and Gretel you home.

I talk through movies.
Even ones I have never seen before.

I will love you with too many commas,
but never any asterisks.

There will be more sweat than you are used to.
More skin.
More words than are necessary.

My hair in the shower drain,
my smell on your sweaters,
bobby pins all over the window sills.

I make the best sandwiches you've ever tasted.
You'll be in charge of napkins.

I can't do a pull-up.
But I'm great at excuses.

I count broken umbrellas after every thunderstorm,
and I fall asleep repeating the words thank you.

I will wake you up early
with my heavy heartbeat.
You will say, Can't we just sleep in, and I will say,
No, trust me. You don't want to miss a thing. #Quote by Sarah Kay
Pennies quotes by Anne Frank
#68. The question is very understandable, but no one has found a satisfactory answer to it so far. Yes, why do they make still more gigantic planes, still heavier bombs and, at the same time, prefabricated houses for reconstruction? Why should millions be spent daily on the war and yet there's not a penny available for medical services, artists, or for poor people?
Why do some people have to starve, while there are surpluses rotting in other parts of the world? Oh, why are people so crazy? #Quote by Anne Frank
Pennies quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#69. We are like the penny, because we have the image of the king stamped on us, the divine king. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Pennies quotes by David Wellington
#70. Very once in a while, maybe twice a year, I dream of blood. It tastes like copper pennies on your tongue. It's hot, hotter than you expect, and very wet at first, but it clots even as it fills your mouth. It sticks in your throat but you swallow it down, you can feel it stringy and dark in the back of your throat but you force it down so you can have some more, another mouthful, and another. I know it so well now. The dryness of it, the clots in your teeth. The need. #Quote by David Wellington
Pennies quotes by Alfred Bester
#71. You pigs, you. You rut like pigs, is all. You got the most in you, and you use the least. You hear me, you? Got a million in you and spend pennies. Got a genius in you and think crazies. Got a heart in you and feel empties. All a you. Every you ... '
[ ... ]
Take a war to make you spend. Take a jam to make you think. Take a challenge to make you great. Rest of the time you sit around lazy, you. Pigs, you! All right, God damn you! I challenge you, me. Die or live and be great. Blow yourselves to Christ gone or come and find me, Gully Foyle, and I make you men. I make you great. I give you the stars. #Quote by Alfred Bester
Pennies quotes by Samuel Johnson
#72. Do not discourage your children from hoarding, if they have a taste to it; whoever lays up his penny rather than part with it for a cake, at least is not the slave of gross appetite; and shows besides a preference always to be esteemed, of the future to the present moment. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Pennies quotes by Douglas Adams
#73. We notice things that don't work. We don't notice things that do. We notice computers, we don't notice pennies. We notice e-book readers, we don't notice books. #Quote by Douglas Adams
Pennies quotes by Lois Capps
#74. Drilling in the refuge will not solve America's energy problem. The Energy Department's own figures show that drilling would not change gas prices by more than a penny a gallon, and this would be 20 years from now. #Quote by Lois Capps
Pennies quotes by Carrie Ryan
#75. The bodies. Oh God, the bodies. And the blood and the screams and the smell of it all, like overripe peaches stuffed with pennies. #Quote by Carrie Ryan
Pennies quotes by Dale Carnegie
#76. If you can be kind and considerate for one day, then you can be for another. It won't cost you a penny in the world. Begin today. #Quote by Dale Carnegie
Pennies quotes by Mike McGee
#77. Everyday I rewrite her name across my ribcage
so that those who wish to break my heart
will know who to answer to later
She has no idea that I've taught my tongue to make pennies,
and every time our mouths are to meet
I will slip coins to the back of her throat and make wishes

I wish
that someday
my head on her belly might be like home
like doubt to doubt resuscitation
because time is supposed to mean more than skin
She doesn't know that I have taught my arms to close around her clocks
so they can withstand the fallout from her Autumn

She is so explosive,
volcanoes watch her and learn
terrorists want to strap her to their chests
because she is a cause worth dying for
Maybe someday
time will teach me to pick up her pieces
put her back together
and remind her to click her heels
but she doesn't need a wizard to tell her that I was here all along

let us catch the next tornado home
let us plant cantaloupe trees in our backyard
then maybe together we will realize that we don't like cantaloupe
and they don't grow on trees
we can laugh about it
then we can plant things we've never heard of

I've never heard of a woman
who can make flawed look so beautiful
the way you do

The word smitten is to how I feel about you
what a kiss is to romance
so maybe #Quote by Mike McGee
Pennies quotes by A. J. Cook
#78. Not a penny off the pay, not a second on the day. #Quote by A. J. Cook
Pennies quotes by Randy Thurman
#79. A penny saved is worth two pennies earned ... after taxes. #Quote by Randy Thurman
Pennies quotes by John Green
#80. Colin laughed as Hassan returned to counting the pennies of victory, but Colin's brain was spinning with the implications: if the future is forever, he thought, then eventually it will swallow us all up. Even Colin could only name a handful of people who lived, say, 2,400 years ago. In another 2,400 years, even Socrates, the most well-known genius of that century, might be forgotten. The future will erase everything - there's no level of fame or genius that allows you to transcend oblivion. The infinite future makes that kind of mattering impossible.
But there's another way. There are stories. #Quote by John Green
Pennies quotes by Dave Rowntree
#81. I challenge record companies to show me evidence of a single penny they've lost due to Napster. #Quote by Dave Rowntree
Pennies quotes by Camille Claudel
#82. I am scared; I don't know what is going to happen to me. What was the point of working so hard and of being talented, to be rewarded like this? Never a penny, tormented all my life. It is horrible; one cannot imagine it. #Quote by Camille Claudel
Pennies quotes by Giannina Braschi
#83. The president, the secretary of state, the businessman, the preacher, the vendor, the spies, the clients and managers - all walking around Wall Street like chickens with their heads cut off - rushing to escape bankruptcy - plotting to melt down the Statue of Liberty - to press more copper pennies - to breed more headless chickens - to put more feathers in their caps - medals, diplomas, stock certificates, honorary doctorates - eggs and eggs of headless chickens - multitaskers - system hackers - who never know where they're heading
northward, backward, eastward, forward, and never homeward - (where is home) - home is in the head - (but the head is cut off) - and the nest is full of banking forms and Easter eggs with coins inside. Beheaded chickens, how do you breed chickens with their heads cut off? By teaching them how to bankrupt creativity. #Quote by Giannina Braschi
Pennies quotes by Ross Macdonald
#84. You'd steal the pennies off a dead man's eyes and sell his body for soap. #Quote by Ross Macdonald
Pennies quotes by Michael Specter
#85. I have never earned one penny from any pharmaceutical company. I will never accept one penny from them either. Ever. #Quote by Michael Specter
Pennies quotes by Jarod Kintz
#86. I made a joke today, and I made it out of pennies. It was a very poor joke. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Pennies quotes by Jeff Zucker
#87. Analogue dollars for digital pennies. #Quote by Jeff Zucker
Pennies quotes by David Rolf
#88. The free market hasn't done a very good job "figuring out" how to pay workers enough. If it was solely up to the market, the people with the least power would be paid pennies ... or less. #Quote by David Rolf
Pennies quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#89. A penny saved is twopence dear; A pin a day 's a groat a year. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Pennies quotes by Sylvia Townsend Warner
#90. The advantages of being a postman seemed more and more dubious. It is not a congenial profession for anyone who is at all sensitive, for people visit upon the postman all their first annoyance at receiving a couple of bills when they looked for a love-letter, and if a packet is insufficiently stamped they hand over the pennies as though to a despicable bandit, too outrageous to be denied, too groveling to be feared. #Quote by Sylvia Townsend Warner
Pennies quotes by Treasure Blue
#91. How you see and depict yourself will be the exact way people will treat you
Period, Think your worth millions, people will treat you like millions, think pennies, get treated like pennies #Quote by Treasure Blue
Pennies quotes by Pepper Winters
#92. His voice fell dark and low. "I told you you are worth more than pennies, yet you cling to a dollar as if it's the sum of your value. #Quote by Pepper Winters
Pennies quotes by George Herbert
#93. The miserable man makes a peny of a farthing, and the liberall of a farthing sixe pence.
[The miserable man maketh a penny of a farthing, and the liberal of a farthing sixpence.] #Quote by George Herbert
Pennies quotes by Dean Griffiths
#94. We live in a world where we give our pounds to those who have too much and our pennies to those who have too little #Quote by Dean Griffiths
Pennies quotes by Annie Dillard
#95. The world is fairly studded and strewn with pennies cast broadside by a generous hand. But- and this is the point- who gets excited by a mere penny? But if you cultivate a healthy poverty and simplicity, so that finding a penny will literally make your day, then, since the world is in fact planted in pennies, you have with your poverty bought a lifetime of days. #Quote by Annie Dillard
Pennies quotes by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
#96. The temptation is not here, where you are reading about it or praying about it. It is down in your shop, among bales and boxes, ten-penny nails, and sand-paper. #Quote by Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Pennies quotes by Claire Messud
#97. I was funny
ha-ha, not peculiar. It was a modest currency, like pennies: pedestrian, somewhat laborious, but a currency nonetheless. I was funny, in public, most often at my own expense. #Quote by Claire Messud
Pennies quotes by Wil Wheaton
#98. Found a dead body when I was 12, saved the Enterprise a few times, Ran the Axis of Anarchy, broke up Penny and Leonard. Currently running the non-lethal weapons lab at Global Dynamics. #Quote by Wil Wheaton
Pennies quotes by Matthew Desmond
#99. Urban landlords quickly realized that piles of money could be made by creating slums: "maximum profits came, not from providing first-class accommodations for those who could well afford them… but from crowded slum accommodations, for those whose pennies were scarcer than the rich man's pounds." Beginning in the sixteenth century, slum housing would be reserved not only for outcasts, beggars, and thieves but for a large segment of the population. #Quote by Matthew Desmond
Pennies quotes by Paul Beatty
#100. I stared in awe at the Lincoln Memorial. If Honest Abe had come to life and somehow managed to lift his bony twenty-three-foot, four-inch frame from his throne, what would he say? What would he do? Would he break-dance? Would he pitch pennies against the curbside? Would he read the paper and see that the Union he saved was now a dysfunctional plutocracy, that the people he freed were now slaves to rhythm, rap, and predatory lending, and that today his skill set would be better suited to the basketball court than the White House? #Quote by Paul Beatty
Pennies quotes by Evan Esar
#101. The mint makes it first, it is up to you to make it last. #Quote by Evan Esar
Pennies quotes by E. M. Forster
#102. As long as learning is connected with earning, as long as certain jobs can only be reached through exams, so long must we take this examination system seriously. If another ladder to employment was contrived, much so-called education would disappear, and no one would be a penny the stupider. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Pennies quotes by Stephen Inwood
#103. In the seventeenth century the pound sterling was divided into twenty shillings (shortened to s.), and a shilling was divided into twelve pennies, or pence (shortened to d.). So an amount might be expressed as £2 10s 6d, or £2/10/6d. #Quote by Stephen Inwood
Pennies quotes by Riccardo Tisci
#104. We didn't have a television, so we sat around the table, and me and my sisters and my mom would do these jobs, like, a penny for a piece, you know, these paper jobs. You know, what really saved me as a human today is my sisters and my mom. #Quote by Riccardo Tisci
Pennies quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#105. Me and Penny are going to be the Kareem and Magic of the '90s. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Pennies quotes by L. Frank Baum
#106. I wouldn't be surprised if Ruggedo melted Tik-Tok in one of his furnaces and made copper pennies of him." "In that case, I would still keep going," remarked Tik-Tok, calmly. "Pennies do," said Betsy regretfully. #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Pennies quotes by Jordan Harper
#107. John's mouth felt full of hot pennies. #Quote by Jordan Harper
Pennies quotes by James Aldridge
#108. You are claiming that the Soviet authorities began and influenced the existence of the Democratic Party [in Iran]. That is the basis of all your statements. The simplest way to discredit your absurd claim si to tell you about Iran, of which you are apparently ignorant. The people of Iran are oppressed, poverty-stricken, and miserable with hunger and disease. Their death rate is among the highest in the world, and their infant mortality rate threatens Iran with complete extinction. They are ruled without choice by feudalistic landowners, ruthless Khans, and venal industrialists. The peasants are slaves and the workers are paid a few pennies for a twelve hour day--not enough to keep their families in food. I can quote you all the figures you like to support these statements, quote them if necessary from British sources. I can also quote you the figures of wealth which is taken out of Iran yearly by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, of which the British Governemtn is the largest shareholder. 200 million pounds sterling have been taken out of Iran by your Oil company: a hundred times the total amount of Iran's national income and ten thousand times the total national income of the working people of Iran. By such natural resources as oil, Iran is by nature one of the wealthiest countries on earth. That wealth goes to Britain, while Iran remains poverty-ridden and without economic stability at all. It has no wage policies, no real trade unions, few hospitals, no sanitation and drainag #Quote by James Aldridge
Pennies quotes by John C. Danforth
#109. The Federal Reserve bank buys government bonds without one penny ... #Quote by John C. Danforth
Pennies quotes by Mia Sara
#110. My style was nostalgic and involved pearls and penny loafers, always with the pennies in them. #Quote by Mia Sara
Pennies quotes by Jim Croce
#111. My only boss was the clock on the wall and my only friend, never really was a friend at all. I've traded love for pennies, sold my soul for less. Lost my ideas in that long tunnel of time. And I've turned inside out and around about and back and then found myself right back where I started again #Quote by Jim Croce
Pennies quotes by Janet Fitch
#112. My loneliness tasted like pennies. #Quote by Janet Fitch
Pennies quotes by Kiera Cass
#113. I remembered suddenly that Aspen had always been this way. He sacrificed sleep for me, he risked getting caught out after curfew for me, he scrounged together pennies for me. Aspen's generosity was harder to see because it wasn't as grand as Maxon's, but the heart behind what he gave was so much bigger. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Pennies quotes by Jack LaLanne
#114. Whatever you can handle, it's up to you. Pick something where you are going to do it to failure
in other words, where you can hardly do it. That's the key. So many people will just take five pound weights and do something 10 times. What are they getting out of it? Nothing! Say you are going to build up your bank account. If you put in a penny a day, it's going take a long while. It's the same with exercise
the more you put into it the more you take out. #Quote by Jack LaLanne
Pennies quotes by Hetty Green
#115. Thething I am proudest of in my whole business life is that I do not take, that I never took in all my life, and never, never! will take, one single penny more than 6% on any loan or any contract. #Quote by Hetty Green
Pennies quotes by Thomas M. Disch
#116. Gene Wolfe has produced a work of art that can satisfy adult appetites and in which even the most fantastical elements register as poetry rather than as penny-whistle whimsy. #Quote by Thomas M. Disch
Pennies quotes by Al Capone
#117. Be careful who you call your friends. I'd rather have four quarters than one hundred pennies. #Quote by Al Capone
Pennies quotes by Myra McEntire
#118. Spies should be able to endure torture and still keep their secrets. I spilled mine out like pennies from a broken piggy bank. #Quote by Myra McEntire
Pennies quotes by Andy Samberg
#119. If had a penny for every strange look I've gotten from strangers on the street I'd have about 10 to 15 dollars, which is a lot when you're dealing with pennies. #Quote by Andy Samberg
Pennies quotes by Ben Feldman
#120. Life Insurance is the only tool that takes pennies and guarantees dollars. #Quote by Ben Feldman
Pennies quotes by Steve Martin
#121. I loved doing 'Pennies from Heaven.' Because you have to understand that I'd been doing comedy for 15 to 20 years, and suddenly along came the opportunity to do this beautiful film. It was so emotional to me. I loved it. I don't think it was a good career move, but I have no regrets about doing it. #Quote by Steve Martin
Pennies quotes by Donald Trump
#122. Every penny of the $7 billion going to Africa as per Obama will be stolen - corruption is rampant! #Quote by Donald Trump
Pennies quotes by Stacy Keach
#123. As a dad, he thinks that his philosophy is morally correct. He has no conscience whatsoever about letting his kids put a penny in a light socket to find out electricity is not so good for you, and if you want to learn how to swim, you have to be thrown into the deep end. #Quote by Stacy Keach
Pennies quotes by Spider Robinson
#124. The day Apollo 11 landed, I knew men would walk on Mars in my lifetime. I'm no longer nearly so sure. The last budget put forward in Canada contained not a penny for Mars. #Quote by Spider Robinson
Pennies quotes by O. Henry
#125. Pennies saved one and two at a time #Quote by O. Henry
Pennies quotes by Jonathan Frakes
#126. I'm sort of in for a penny, in for a pound with Star Trek, It's my life at this point. To deny it would just be foolish. #Quote by Jonathan Frakes
Pennies quotes by Neal Shusterman
#127. If pennies become worthless, does that devalue our thoughts to less than nothing? #Quote by Neal Shusterman
Pennies quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#128. Start saving your pennies now. People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together, and come to my show. I'm worth it. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Pennies quotes by George Herbert
#129. The smith and his penny both are black. #Quote by George Herbert
Pennies quotes by Irving Wallace
#130. Even if I could not earn a penny from my writing, I would earn my livelihood at something else and continue to write at night. #Quote by Irving Wallace
Pennies quotes by Seneca The Younger
#131. Remember, not one penny can we take with us into the unknown land. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Pennies quotes by Francis Bacon
#132. Be not penny-wise. Riches have wings. Sometimes they fly away of themselves, and sometimes they must be set flying to bring in more. #Quote by Francis Bacon
Pennies quotes by Jim Rohn
#133. Human beings have the remarkable ability to turn nothing into something. They can turn weeds into gardens and pennies into fortunes. #Quote by Jim Rohn
Pennies quotes by Saul Bellow
#134. She was cuckoo about dime stores, where she bought cosmetics and pins and combs. After we locked the expensive purchases in the station wagon we went into McCory's or Kresge's and were there by the hour, up and down the aisles with the multitude, mostly of women, and in the loud-played love music. Some things Thea liked to buy cheaply, they maybe gave her the best sense of the innermost relations of pennies and nickels and explained the real depth of money. I don't know. But I didn't think myself too good to be wandering in the dime store with her. I went where and as she said and did whatever she wanted because I was threaded to her as if through the skin. So that any trifling object she took pleasure in could become important to me at once; anything at all, a comb or hairpin or piece of line, a compass inside a tin ring that she bought with great satisfaction, or a green billed baseball cap for the road, or the kitten she kept in the apartment - she would never be anywhere without an animal. #Quote by Saul Bellow
Pennies quotes by Pepper Winters
#135. You're worth pennies, but I'll make you worth fucking millions. However, what I expect in return will be unpayable. #Quote by Pepper Winters
Pennies quotes by Milton Friedman
#136. Politicians will always spend every penny of tax raised and whatever else they can get away with. #Quote by Milton Friedman
Pennies quotes by Jennifer Garner
#137. I would roll up pennies to take the subway to work in Times Square. I was broke, but I was happy. #Quote by Jennifer Garner
Pennies quotes by Ben Feldman
#138. I do not sell life insurance. I sell money. I sell dollars for pennies apiece. My dollars cost 3 cents per dollar per year. #Quote by Ben Feldman
Pennies quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#139. Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Pennies quotes by Eric Spitznagel
#140. He tilted the box toward a chipped Pottery Barn blue bowl, and the little blue clumps, like cerulean rat turds, tumbled out, hitting the porcelain with a surprisingly metallic thud. It sounded like pennies dumped into an aluminum trash can. #Quote by Eric Spitznagel
Pennies quotes by Leonard Nimoy
#141. A neighborhood friend showed me how it was possible to go to a camera shop and pick up chemicals for pennies ... literally ... and develop your own film and make prints. #Quote by Leonard Nimoy
Pennies quotes by Phil McGraw
#142. If you marry for money you will earn every penny. #Quote by Phil McGraw
Pennies quotes by Richard Wyckoff
#143. Good coffee is a benefit, but great coffee is a reward, and the difference between good and great is just pennies a day. #Quote by Richard Wyckoff
Pennies quotes by Shel Silverstein
#144. One sister for sale,
One sister for sale,
One crying and spying young sister for sale
I'm really not kidding so who'll start the bidding
Do I hear a dollar?
A nickle?
A penny?
Oh isnt there isnt there isnt there any
One person who will buy this sister for sale
This crying spying old young sister for sale. #Quote by Shel Silverstein
Pennies quotes by Mark Duplass
#145. Just being able to make exactly what I want with my brother and a lot of my best friend and to have a place like HBO that not only lets you do that, but supports you and puts up billboards in support of it, and really puts it out there for you. That's not something I get a lot in the independent film world where everybody's pinching pennies and nervous about whether it's going to make money or not. #Quote by Mark Duplass
Pennies quotes by Darrell Huff
#146. How results that are not indicative of anything can be produced by pure chance - given a small enough number of cases - is something you can test for yourself at small cost. Just start tossing a penny. How often will it come up heads? Half the time of course. Everyone knows that. Well, let's check that and see…. I have just tried ten tosses and got heads eight times, which proves that pennies come up heads eighty percent of the time. #Quote by Darrell Huff
Pennies quotes by E.M. Delafield
#147. Always remember, me dear, whether you're listening to a tale or telling one: Every penny piece that's struck has two sides to it. #Quote by E.M. Delafield
Pennies quotes by Carian Cole
#148. My love, walk in the rain with me, kiss me in the misty fog. Let me hold you all night under the hush of the wind. I'm waiting for you, throwing pennies, making wishes. I'm wishing only for you, always for you. Come back to me. I'll fight for you, I'll fight for us. Wish for me too and I'll make it come true. I love you forever and longer. #Quote by Carian Cole
Pennies quotes by Jarod Kintz
#149. A one dollar bill, though it weighs less than 99 pennies, is psychologically heavier. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Pennies quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#150. Pennies do not come from heaven. They have to be earned here on earth. #Quote by Margaret Thatcher
Pennies quotes by Greil Marcus
#151. Because I don't make the mistake that high-culture mongers do of assuming that because people like cheap art, their feelings are cheap, too," the late filmmaker Dennis Potter once said, explaining why pop songs were so important in his work, from Pennies from Heaven to The Singing Detective to Lipstick on Your Collar, his paean to the 1950s, the time he shared with the Independent Group - and Potter was also defining a pop ethos, defining what I think is happening in Paolizzi's collage.
"When people say, 'Oh listen, they're playing our song,' they don't mean 'Our song, this little cheap, tinkling, syncopated piece of rubbish, is what we felt when we met.' What they're saying is, 'That song reminds us of that tremendous feeling we had when we met.' Some of the songs I use are great anyway, but the cheaper songs are still in the direct line of descent from David's Psalms. They're saying, 'Listen, the world isn't quite like this, the world is better than this, there is love in it,' 'There's you and me in it,' or 'The sun is shining in it.' So-called dumb people, simple people, uneducated people, have as authentic and profound depth of feeling as the most educated on earth. Anyone who says different is a fascist. #Quote by Greil Marcus
Pennies quotes by Bill Withers
#152. I'm like pennies in your pocket. You know they're there, but you dont think about them. #Quote by Bill Withers
Pennies quotes by J. Paul Getty
#153. If you look after the pennies, the dollars will look after themselves. #Quote by J. Paul Getty
Pennies quotes by Terry Pratchett
#154. Vimes shook some lather off the blade. "Hah! I bet they have. Tell me, Willikins, did you fight much when you were a kid? Were you in a gang or anything?"
"I was privileged to belong to the Shamlegger Street Rude Boys, sir," said the butler.
"Really?" said Vimes, genuinely impressed. "They were pretty tough nuts, as I recall."
"Thank you, sir," said Willikins smoothly. "I pride myself I used to give somewhat more than I got if we needed to discuss the vexed area of turf issues with the young men from Rope Street. Stevedore's hooks were their weapon of choice, as I recall."
"And yours ... ?" said Vimes, agog.
"A cap-brim sewn with sharpened pennies, sir. An ever-present help in times of trouble."
"Ye gods, man! You could put someone's eye out with something like that."
"With care, sir, yes," said Willikins, meticulously folding a towel. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Pennies quotes by Nenia Campbell
#155. My captor grabbed me, digging his gloved fingers into my cheeks. His bloody gloved fingers. "I'm an assassin. I'm whatever the job necessitates."
I could smell the blood; it smelled like old, dirty pennies. "Then you're a whore."
"I'm a mercenary."
"What's the difference?" I spat. "You sell your body for money and you have no morals. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Pennies quotes by Kidada Jones
#156. I had a dog for 20 years and her name was 'Penny,' so I have a penny necklace. #Quote by Kidada Jones
Pennies quotes by John Wooden
#157. A good banker isn't careless with pennies; a good leader isn't sloppy about details. #Quote by John Wooden
Pennies quotes by Joanna Garcia
#158. I have a collection of lucky pennies, and I like to carry some of them with me. So far, they seem to be working! #Quote by Joanna Garcia
Pennies quotes by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse
#159. I bargained with Life for a penny, and Life would pay no more. However I begged at the evening when I counted my scanty store. For Life is a just employer, he gives you what you ask. But once you have set the wages, why, you must bear the task. I worked for a menial's hire, only to learn, dismayed, that any wage I had asked of Life, Life would have willingly paid. #Quote by Jessie Belle Rittenhouse
Pennies quotes by Erik Larson
#160. British currency was configured in pounds, shillings, and pence. One pound equaled twenty shillings, written as 20 s., which in turn equaled 240 pence, or 240 d. A new pound is equal to 100 pennies, with one penny equal to 2.4 of the obsolete pence.) #Quote by Erik Larson
Pennies quotes by Henry Spencer
#161. Liquid oxygen is one of the cheapest manufactured substances on Earth. In large quantities, it costs pennies per kilogram - cheaper than milk or beer. #Quote by Henry Spencer
Pennies quotes by George Galloway
#162. I've never had a penny through oil deals and no one has produced a shred of evidence that I have. #Quote by George Galloway
Pennies quotes by Jarod Kintz
#163. In the interview I was told that I'd be replacing Robert, who was a robot. The company thought they could save some money and automate the front desk position, because they didn't have to pay Robert, there was no fear of legal action being brought against the company in the form of a frivolous lawsuit, and Robert's operating cost was only about a nickel a day, give or take four pennies. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Pennies quotes by Joe Eszterhas
#164. Let's make Joe Lieberman accountable for his rhetoric. Not a penny more until he 'clarifies' his positions to the satisfaction of our creative freedom. #Quote by Joe Eszterhas
Pennies quotes by Billy Graham
#165. Some day you will have to give an account for every penny you spent. #Quote by Billy Graham
Pennies quotes by John Avanzini
#166. Jesus was handling big money because that treasurer He had was a thief. Now you can't tell me that a ministry with a treasurer that's a thief can operate on a few pennies. It took big money to operate that ministry because Judas was stealing out of that bag. If you have a treasurer, that means you have a lot of money. #Quote by John Avanzini
Pennies quotes by Charles Bukowski
#167. That scene in the office stayed with me. Those cigars, the fine clothes. I thought of good steaks, long
rides up winding driveways that led to beautiful homes. Ease. Trips to Europe. Fine women. Were they
that much more clever than I? The only difference was money, and the desire to accumulate it.
I'd do it too! I'd save my pennies. I'd get an idea, I'd spring a loan. I'd hire and fire. I'd keep whiskey in
my desk drawer. I'd have a wife with size 40 breasts and an ass that would make the paperboy on the
corner come in his pants when he saw it wobble. I'd cheat on her and she'd know it and keep silent in
order to live in my house with my wealth. I'd fire men just to see the look of dismay on their faces. I'd
fire women who didn't deserve to be fired. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Pennies quotes by William Cowper
#168. Stamps God's own name upon a lie just made, To turn a penny in the way of trade. #Quote by William Cowper
Pennies quotes by Neil Gaiman
#169. NOTE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE AND AMERICANS: One shilling = Five Pee. It helps to understand the antique finances of the Witchfinder Army if you know the original British monetary system:

Two farthings = One Ha'penny. Two ha'pennies = One Penny. Three pennies = A Thrupenny Bit. Two Thrupences = A Sixpence. Two Sixpences = One Shilling, or Bob. Two Bob = A Florin. One Florin and One Sixpence = Half a Crown. Four Half Crowns = Ten Bob Note. Two Ten Bob Notes = One Pound (or 240 pennies). Once Pound and One Shilling = One Guinea.

The British resisted decimalized currency for a long time because they thought it was too complicated. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Pennies quotes by Anthony Liccione
#170. I noticed, rich people never toss away their pennies in their driveways, middle-class always chuck them there, and stray dogs lick up what little pennies they find on poverty ground. #Quote by Anthony Liccione
Pennies quotes by Ron Paul
#171. Never voted to spend one penny of Social Security money. #Quote by Ron Paul
Pennies quotes by Jessica Park
#172. Is this the sexy escort I ordered?" Sabin asks immediately. "I don't want to hear any bitching about the tree-house situation, okay? It's very trendy right now. And you better be bringing the mermaid outfit I requested, or this whole thing is off. Also, I'll be paying you from my jar of pennies. #Quote by Jessica Park
Pennies quotes by Henry Fielding
#173. Penny saved is a penny got. #Quote by Henry Fielding
Pennies quotes by Eoin Colfer
#174. Orion sniffed. "Good. Then, worthy centaur, perhaps you could give me a ride to the village on your way back. Then I can make a few pennies wth my verses while you build us a shack and perform circus tricks for passersby."
This was such a surprising statement that Foaly briefly considered jumping into the hole to get away. #Quote by Eoin Colfer
Pennies quotes by Alysia Reiner
#175. I think, when I was little, I was a little obsessed with anything that provided luck: Buddhas, 4-leaf clovers, heads-up pennies, even - gasp - a rabbit foot - which actually kind of disgusts me now. #Quote by Alysia Reiner
Pennies quotes by Taylor Hanson
#176. There's a weird fact that if you dropped a penny off the Empire State Building in New York City, you'd kill someone. I feel really bad, 'cause I dropped a nickel off it once. #Quote by Taylor Hanson
Pennies quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#177. We shrink therefore from God, knowing that He wants to enrich our being, rather than our having - that He wishes to elevate our nature, not to submerge and lose it in trifles. He has called us to the superior vocation of being His children, of partaking of His nature, and of being related to Him as branches to a vine. Few of us completely want that elevation; it is our petty desire to have more,not to share the glory of being more.We want the poor shadows, not the light - the sparks, and not the sun - the arc, and not the circle. As the desire for the world and things increases in us, God makes less and less appeal. We hold back, our fists closed about our few pennies, and thus lose the fortune He holds out to us. That is why the initial step of coming to God is so hard. We cling to our nursery toys and lose the pearl of great price. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Pennies quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#178. For religion all men are equal, as all pennies are equal, because the only value of any of them is that they bear the image of the king. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Pennies quotes by E. M. Forster
#179. The air was white, and when they alighted it tasted like cold pennies. At #Quote by E. M. Forster
Pennies quotes by J.C. Lillis
#180. You've thrown a lot of pennies in ponds," she says. "Haven't you. #Quote by J.C. Lillis
Pennies quotes by Gertrude Stein
#181. There is no passion more dominant and instinctive in the human spirit than the need of the country to which one belongs ... The time comes when nothing in the world is so important as a breath of one's own particular climate. If it were one's last penny it would be used for that return passage. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
Pennies quotes by Lady Gaga
#182. Money is completely boring to me. It means nothing, except it feeds my art. Every penny I make goes back into the Haus of GaGa. My Haus of GaGa is something like Andy Warhol's Factory. #Quote by Lady Gaga
Pennies quotes by Frank Norris
#183. I never truckled. I never took off the hat to Fashion and held it out for pennies. I told them the truth. They liked it or they didn't like it. What had that to do with me? I told them the truth. #Quote by Frank Norris
Pennies quotes by Anonymous
#184. Railroad tracks. After the train went past, we'd scramble around trying to find them, and when we did, we'd always marvel at how any trace of engraving would be completely gone. Sometimes the pennies were still hot. I remember almost burning my fingers one time. When I think back on my childhood, it's mostly about small pleasures like that. Katie shrugged, but Jo remained silent, willing her to go on. #Quote by Anonymous
Pennies quotes by Christine Pelosi
#185. Women are the majority of immigrants yet the minority of immigrant employment visas; immigrant and native born women who work in the service arena - such as domestic workers - are not valued for their work, making pennies on the dollar compared to male counterparts; and, women are disproportionately affected by family reunification policies. #Quote by Christine Pelosi
Pennies quotes by Li Ka-shing
#186. I needed to save every penny ... I needed to be strong, and needed to find some way to secure a future. That's why I am always conservative. I never forget to maintain stability while advancing, and I never forget to advance while maintaining stability. #Quote by Li Ka-shing
Pennies quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#187. Cooking is the great divide between good eating and bad. The gains are quantifiable. Cooking and eating at home - even with quality ingredients - costs pennies on the dollar compared with meals prepared by a restaurant or factory. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Pennies quotes by Kurt Voss
#188. I really don't know where the independent fits in anymore when twenty-five million dollar movies are considered straight-to-video fare. We're like penny postage stamps. #Quote by Kurt Voss
Pennies quotes by Simon Van Booy
#189. For lonely people, rain is a chance to be touched. #Quote by Simon Van Booy
Pennies quotes by Bobby Scott
#190. Obviously, there has to be a profound change in direction. Otherwise, interest on the national debt will start eating up virtually every penny that we have. #Quote by Bobby Scott
Pennies quotes by Eddie Mair
#191. Commentors to the Blog suggested Nick should take the Independent for every penny ... #Quote by Eddie Mair
Pennies quotes by Marc Ostrofsky
#192. Search engine marketing and search engine optimization are critically important to online businesses. You can spend every penny you have on a website, but it will all be for nothing if nobody knows your site is there. #Quote by Marc Ostrofsky
Pennies quotes by Martin Luther
#193. A penny saved is of more value than a penny paid out (Der Sparpfennig ist reicher denn der Zinspfenning). #Quote by Martin Luther
Pennies quotes by Don Winslow
#194. The Americans take a product that literally grows on trees and turn it into a valuable commodity. Without them, cocaine and marijuana would be like oranges, and instead of making billions smuggling it, I'd be making pennies doing stoop labor in some California field, picking it. #Quote by Don Winslow
Pennies quotes by Katja Millay
#195. What'd you wish?"
"I can't tell you that!" I say indignantly.
"Why not?"
"Because it won't come true." Do I really need to say this? I'm pretty sure it's a given in wish situations.
"It's the rule," I insist.
"It's only the rule with birthday cakes and shooting stars, not pennies in fountains. #Quote by Katja Millay
Pennies quotes by Sylvia Plath
#196. The sight of all the food stacked in those kitchens made me dizzy. It's not that we hadn't enough to eat at home, it's just that my grandmother always cooked economy joints and economy meat loafs and had the habit of saying, the minute you lifted the first forkful to your mouth, "I hope you enjoy that, it cost forty-one cents a pound," which always made me feel I was somehow eating pennies instead of Sunday roast. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Pennies quotes by Caitlin Moran
#197. The real problem here is that we're all dying. All of us. Every day the cells weaken and the fibres stretch and the heart gets closer to its last beat. The real cost of living is dying, and we're spending days like millionaires: a week here, a month there, casually spunked until all you have left are the two pennies on your eyes.

Personally, I like the fact we're going to die. There's nothing more exhilarating than waking up every morning and going 'WOW! THIS IS IT! THIS IS REALLY IT!' It focuses the mind wonderfully. It makes you love vividly, work intensely, and realise that, in the scheme of things, you really don't have time to sit on the sofa in your pants watching Homes Under the Hammer.

Death is not a release, but an incentive. The more focused you are on your death, the more righteously you live your life. My traditional closing-time rant – after the one where I cry that they closed that amazing chippy on Tollington Road; the one that did the pickled eggs – is that humans still believe in an afterlife. I genuinely think it's the biggest philosophical problem the earth faces. Even avowedly non-religious people think they'll be meeting up with nana and their dead dog, Crackers, when they finally keel over. Everyone thinks they're getting a harp.

But believing in an afterlife totally negates your current existence. It's like an insidious and destabilising mental illness. Underneath every day – every action, every word – you think it doesn #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Pennies quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#198. Now, the mistakes that I made with my other two sons, Penny and Kobe, I won't make with D-Wade. We can't let them break us up and we can't break each other up. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Pennies quotes by Jimmy Carr
#199. I pay what I have to and not a penny more. #Quote by Jimmy Carr
Pennies quotes by Rodney Alexander
#200. I absolutely intend to return every penny given to me by my Democratic colleagues and Democratic leaders. #Quote by Rodney Alexander

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