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Pendule Simple quotes by Jane Yolen
#1. Ah - now you think I have been lying to you, that this is only a story. It has a king in it. And while a story with Death might be true, a story with a king in it is always a fairy tale. But remember, this comes from a time when kings were as common as corn. Plant a field and you got corn. Plant a kingdom and you got a king. It is that simple. #Quote by Jane Yolen
Pendule Simple quotes by William Gaddis
#2. Directly he was alone, he was assailed by her simulacra, in all states of acute sorrow, or smiling, of complete abstraction or painful animation, of dress and undress, as he had seen her these last few days: directly he was alone, the images came to mock everything he had seen. Her sadness became shrieking grief, and her animation riotous, immodest in dress and licentious in nakedness, many-limbed as some wild avatar of the Hindu cosmology assaulting the days he spent copying his work on clean scores, and the nights he passed alone in his chair where, instantly the lights went out, everything was transformed, and the body he had seen a moment before with no more surprise than its simple lines and modest unself-conscious movement permitted, rose up on him full-breasted and vaunting the belly, limbs undistinguishable until he was brought down between them and stifled in moist collapse. #Quote by William Gaddis
Pendule Simple quotes by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
#3. The simple life on the farm was everything to me. Nothing was more relaxing after a long plane flight than to reach the winding driveway that led up to my house. The quiet of the night was more soothing than a sleeping pill. #Quote by Elisabeth Kubler Ross
Pendule Simple quotes by Voltaire
#4. One always begins with the simple, then comes the complex, and by superior enlightenment one often reverts in the end to the simple. Such is the course of human intelligence. #Quote by Voltaire
Pendule Simple quotes by Dwight Macdonald
#5. Paul Newman is simple not an actor and possibly not even alive. #Quote by Dwight Macdonald
Pendule Simple quotes by Bridgette Mongeon
#6. In our pilgrimage on this earth
we sometimes fail to see
all who the Lord touches through us
in simple words and deeds. #Quote by Bridgette Mongeon
Pendule Simple quotes by Mike Davidson
#7. Our old site did not have very good support for the disabled, but our new site should soon have much better support. With all of our content in divs now, we can hide all but the relevant chunks of content and navigation with a simple alternate CSS file. #Quote by Mike Davidson
Pendule Simple quotes by Gary Yourofsky
#8. My goal is simple. All I want to do is re-connect people with animals. Awaken some emotions and some feelings and some logic, that is been buried and suppressed, intentionally, by our society. #Quote by Gary Yourofsky
Pendule Simple quotes by Peter Cosgrove
#9. We all of us have a reputation, something we are known for, and sometimes it may be different from what we would like to be known for. At the core of this is the simple but fragile heart - our integrity - which is always under challenge, under tests both trivial and profound every day of our lives. #Quote by Peter Cosgrove
Pendule Simple quotes by Richard Cohen
#10. As Bill Bryson wrote during the 2000 Olympics in Sydney: 'A lot of people don't like fencing because they don't understand the rules and terminology, but in fact it's quite simple. There are basically four thrusts, known as the cartilage, the chaise lounge, the aubergine, and the fromage anglais, and these in turn can be parried by four defensive feints – the pastiche, the penchant, the demi-tass...e, and the saumon en croute. Scoring is one point for a petit pois and two for a baguette. Points can equally be deducted for a foot fault or pied a terre, or for a type of illegal lunge known as a zut alors. #Quote by Richard Cohen
Pendule Simple quotes by Thomas Wilde Fontain
#11. True love comes in quietly, without banners or flashing lights. She is your sanity in a world full of madness. True love is not how grand you are or how simple you are, but it's who you are when you're with her and she loves you not in spite of it, but because of it. She is the one who stands with you, when the rest of the world falls down. #Quote by Thomas Wilde Fontain
Pendule Simple quotes by Stephen King
#12. It didn´t occur to me until later that there´s another truth, very simple: greed in a good cause is still greed. #Quote by Stephen King
Pendule Simple quotes by Mary Stewart
#13. The Romans gave them Roman names, and let them be; but the Christians refuse to believe in them, and their priests berate the poorer folk for clinging to the old ways - and no doubt for wasting offerings which would do better at some hermit's cell than at some ancient holy place in the forest. But still the simple folk creep out to leave their offerings, and when these vanish by morning, who is to say that a god has not taken them? This, #Quote by Mary Stewart
Pendule Simple quotes by John Cheever
#14. Homesickness is absolutely nothing," she said angrily. "It is absolutely nothing. Fifty per cent of the people in the world are homesick all the time. But I don't suppose you're old enough to understand. When you're in one place and long to be in another, it isn't as simple as taking a boat. You don't really long for another country. You long for something in yourself that you don't have, or haven't been able to find. #Quote by John Cheever
Pendule Simple quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#15. People who interfered in your life always did it for your own good and I figured it out finally that what they wanted was for you to conform completely and never differ from some accepted surface standard and then dissipate the way traveling salesmen would at a convention in every stupid and boring way there was. They knew nothing of our pleasures nor how much fun it was to be damned to ourselves and never would know nor could know. Our pleasures, which were those of being in love, were as simple and still as mysterious and complicated as a simple mathematical formula that can mean all happiness or can mean the end of the world. That is the sort of happiness you should not tinker with but nearly everyone you knew tried to adjust. #Quote by Ernest Hemingway,
Pendule Simple quotes by Miguel Reynolds Brandao
#16. Simple ideas INVOLVE individuals; INSPIRE crowds; INNOVATE HUMANITY #Quote by Miguel Reynolds Brandao
Pendule Simple quotes by John Crowder
#17. The love of God should electrify us, push us to hunger, and stir a fiery passion in our bones that cannot be quenched. Consistent lack of emotion in our spiritual walk can often be defined in one simple word: complacency. #Quote by John Crowder
Pendule Simple quotes by Yoshihiko Noda
#18. It is not productive to see things in simple black and white, and talk in either anti-nuclear or pro-nuclear terms. #Quote by Yoshihiko Noda
Pendule Simple quotes by Sylvia Longmire
#19. If people have simple solutions to the situation on the border, it's not a solution. #Quote by Sylvia Longmire
Pendule Simple quotes by G Fife
#20. where the pleasure subsists in the simple fact that you are doing it, that you can do it, that the challenge you never set yourself before has presented itself whereat the joy of embracing it, meeting it and surmounting it is supreme. #Quote by G Fife
Pendule Simple quotes by Pramoedya Ananta Toer
#21. How simple life is. It's as simple as this: you're hungry and you eat, you're full and you shit. Between eating and shitting, that's where human life is found. - (Houseboy + Maid, in Tales from Djakarta) #Quote by Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Pendule Simple quotes by Barry Moltz
#22. What's Your Purple Goldfish? busts a myth and reveals a simple truth about customer service. Stan uncovers the recipe for creating signature added value that increases customer satisfaction and drives positive word of mouth. #Quote by Barry Moltz
Pendule Simple quotes by A.W. Tozer
#23. Millions call themselves by His name, it is true, and pay some token homage to Him, but a simple test will show how little He is really honored among them. Let the average man be put to the proof on the question of who or what is ABOVE, and his true position will be exposed. Let him be forced into making a choice between God and money, between God and men, between God and personal ambition, God and self, God and human love, and God will take second place every time. Those other things will be exalted above. However the man may protest, the proof is in the choice he makes day after day throughout his life. #Quote by A.W. Tozer
Pendule Simple quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#24. He is suddenly, dodderer and ass, taken by an ache in his skin, a simple love for them both that asks nothing but their safety, and he'll always manage to describe as something else
'concern,' you know, 'fondness ... #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Pendule Simple quotes by Gudjon Bergmann
#25. My rule in relation to time management and teaching is simple: "If you're on time, you're late!" That means that if you arrive just on time to teach, you have no flexibility. In essence nothing can go wrong, and in addition to that, your mind probably won't settle until halfway through the class. #Quote by Gudjon Bergmann
Pendule Simple quotes by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
#26. When we say, "God is love," we are saying something very great and true. But it would be senseless to grasp this saying in a simple-minded way as a simple definition, without analyzing what love is. For love is a distinguishing of two, who nevertheless are absolutely not distinguished for each other. The consciousness or feeling of the identity of the two - to be outside of myself and in the other - this is love. I have my self-consciousness not in myself but in the other. I am satisfied and have peace with myself only in this other - and I am only because I have peace with myself; if I did not have it, then I would be a contradiction that falls to pieces. This other, because it likewise exists outside itself, has its self-consciousness only in me, and both the other and I are only this consciousness of being-outside-ourselves and of our identity; we are only this intuition, feeling, and knowledge of our unity. This is love, and without knowing that love is both a distinguishing and the sublation of the distinction, one speaks emptily of it. This is the simple, eternal idea. #Quote by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Pendule Simple quotes by Ilona Andrews
#27. I love you," I told him. There. Nice and simple. "I knew you would find me."
He smiled at me. "I would never stop looking. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Pendule Simple quotes by Max Lucado
#28. The most powerful life is the most simple life. The most powerful life is the life that knows where it's going, that knows where the source of strength is; it is the life that stays free of clutter and happenstance and hurriedness. #Quote by Max Lucado
Pendule Simple quotes by Rick Riordan
#29. Surfing? he asked. She laughed, and the sound sent a shock wave through the water. The wailing faded to background noise. Annabeth wondered if anyone had ever laughed in Tartarus before - just a pure, simple laugh of pleasure. She doubted it. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Pendule Simple quotes by Val Uchendu
#30. Cherish simple things such as family, friends and love, because great things appear simple from far away. Place your simple things in the best light; there's enough sunshine for all of them #Quote by Val Uchendu
Pendule Simple quotes by D.J. MacHale
#31. There are no simple answers in life. There is a good and bad in everyone and everything. No decision is made without consequence. No road is taken that doesn't lead to another. What's important is that those roads always be kept open, for there's no telling what wonder they might lead to. #Quote by D.J. MacHale
Pendule Simple quotes by Stefan Wintermeyer
#32. It is easy to program in Ruby, but Ruby is not a simple language. #Quote by Stefan Wintermeyer
Pendule Simple quotes by Debasish Mridha
#33. Children are happy because they have the power of finding happiness in the simplest things. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Pendule Simple quotes by F. Burton Howard
#34. I firmly believe that if you follow these simple rules then you'll have a wonderfully romantic life. They're all so important when it comes to building a strong relationship, especially the very last one. #Quote by F. Burton Howard
Pendule Simple quotes by Simeon Wade
#35. Just a few nights ago the roaring fire prompted a conversation about Gaston Bachelard's Psychoanalysis of Fire,' I said to Foucault. 'Did you by any chance know Bachelard?'
'Yes, I did,' Foucault responded. 'He was my teacher and exerted a great influence upon me.'
'I can just visualize Bachelard musing before his hearth and devising the startling thesis that mankind tamed fire to stimulate his daydreaming, that man is fundamentally the dreaming animal.'
'Not really,' Foucault blurted out. 'Bachelard probably never saw a fireplace or ever listened to water streaming down a mountainside. With him it was all a dream. He lived very ascetically in a cramped two-room flat he shared with his sister.'
'I have read somewhere that he was a gourmet and would shop every day in the street markets to get the freshest produce for his dinner.'
'Well, he undoubtedly shopped in the outdoor markets,' Foucault responded impatiently, 'but his cuisine, like his regimen, was very plain. He led a simple life and existed in his dream.'
'Do you shop in the outdoor markets in Paris?' Jake asked Michel.
'No,' Foucault laughed, 'I just go to the supermarket down the street from where I live. #Quote by Simeon Wade
Pendule Simple quotes by Albert Einstein
#36. The important things are always simple. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Pendule Simple quotes by John D. Barrow
#37. Any universe simple enough to be understood is too simple to produce a mind able to understand it
-Barrow's Uncertainty Principle #Quote by John D. Barrow
Pendule Simple quotes by Marcus Brigstocke
#38. The basic function of a comic is stand-up because it's so straightforward and simple. If the audience don't laugh, you didn't do your job. I've had some audiences where I didn't care if they laughed or not because they were either too drunk or stupid. #Quote by Marcus Brigstocke
Pendule Simple quotes by Evelyn Glennie
#39. The body's like a huge ear. It's as simple as that. #Quote by Evelyn Glennie
Pendule Simple quotes by Henri J.M. Nouwen
#40. In a time so filled with methods and techniques designed to change people, to influence their behavior, and to make them do new things and think new thoughts, we have lost the simple but difficult gift of being present to each other. We have lost this gift because we have been led to believe that presence must be useful. #Quote by Henri J.M. Nouwen
Pendule Simple quotes by Barack Obama
#41. And that brings me to one last point. I've got a simple message for all the dedicated and patriotic federal workers who have either worked without pay, or who have been forced off the job without pay for these last few weeks. Including most of my own staff. Thank you. Thanks for your service. Welcome back. What you do is important. It matters. You defend our country overseas, you deliver benefits to our troops who earned them when they come home, you guard our borders, you protect our civil rights, you help businesses grow and gain footholds in overseas markets. You protect the air we breathe, and the water our children drink, and you push the boundaries of science and space, and you guide hundreds of thousands of people each day through the glories of this country. Thank you. What you do is important, and don't let anybody else tell you different. #Quote by Barack Obama
Pendule Simple quotes by Lou Holtz
#42. Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not motivated. #Quote by Lou Holtz
Pendule Simple quotes by Fetty Wap
#43. People make their life really hard. It was as simple as this: My parents went to church. My grandfather was a bishop. My mom sang in the choir, my dad played the keyboard, and my uncle played the drums. I was into playing the drums, so I played the drums a lot for my uncle, and it got to the point where I was pretty nice at playing the drums. And he let me play every Sunday so, to me, going to church was fun. #Quote by Fetty Wap

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