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Pedagogues Define quotes by Larry Wall
#1. Many computer scientists have fallen into the trap of trying to define languages like George Orwell's Newspeak, in which it is impossible to think bad thoughts. What they end up doing is killing the creativity of programming. #Quote by Larry Wall
Pedagogues Define quotes by Thomas Szasz
#2. The pressure to reduce health care costs is aimed only at the treatment of real diseases. There is no pressure to reduce the costs of treating fictitious diseases. On the contrary, there is pressure to define ever more types of undesirable behaviors as mental disorders or addictions and to spend ever more tax dollars on developing new psychiatric diagnoses and facilities for storing and treating the victims of such diseases, whose members now include alcoholics, drug abusers, smokers, overeaters, self-starvers, gamblers, etc. #Quote by Thomas Szasz
Pedagogues Define quotes by Patti Smith
#3. He had told me I had nothing to worry about, but in the end I did. Yet I understood why he couldn't tell me. I think having to define his impulses and confine his identity in terms of sexuality was foreign to him. His drives toward men were consuming but I never felt loved any less. It wasn't easy for him to sever our physical ties, I knew that. #Quote by Patti Smith
Pedagogues Define quotes by Diane Ackerman
#5. I like knowing that the further back one traces any lineage, the narrower the path grows, to the haunt of just a few shaggy ancestors, with luck on their side, little gizmos in their cells and a future storied with impulses and choices that will ultimately define them. #Quote by Diane Ackerman
Pedagogues Define quotes by Marcus Buckingham
#6. So this is (a manager's) dilemma: The manager must retain control and focus people on performance. But she is bound by her belief that she cannot force everyone to perform the same way ... The solution is as elegant as it is efficient: Define the right outcomes and let each person find his own route toward these outcomes. #Quote by Marcus Buckingham
Pedagogues Define quotes by Anita Roddick
#7. There is no scientific answer for success. You can't define it. You've simply got to live it and do it. #Quote by Anita Roddick
Pedagogues Define quotes by Cara Delevingne
#8. Stop trying to define who you are and just be. #Quote by Cara Delevingne
Pedagogues Define quotes by J.D. Vance
#9. However you want to define these two groups and their approach to giving - rich and poor; educated and uneducated; upper-class and working-class - their members increasingly occupy two separate worlds. As #Quote by J.D. Vance
Pedagogues Define quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#10. Perfect? How can you define a word without concrete meaning? #Quote by Ellen Hopkins
Pedagogues Define quotes by Robert Grudin
#11. At pains to define liberty, that most resolute of indefinables, our minds fall back on spatial images; on birds, sailboats, and mountains; the untethered balloon, the blue sky, the nude figure. #Quote by Robert Grudin
Pedagogues Define quotes by Julie Anne Peters
#12. My mother read that parents should spend quality time with their children. One way is to sign up for organized activities together. This month we're taking meditation to free the mind. Last month it was Rolfing. Have you ever Rolfed, Tone?"
"Only after the school's shepherd's pie," I said. #Quote by Julie Anne Peters
Pedagogues Define quotes by Matt Smith
#13. I don't think anything could prepare you for whatever fame is. Fame is a very hard word to define cause it means different things to different people for different reasons so I never really think of it [ackowledgment] as fame, I think of it as part of the actor's job. #Quote by Matt Smith
Pedagogues Define quotes by Fay Weldon
#14. I need men to define me: to give me an idea of what I am. If I didn't have boyfriends I don't think I would exist. I would fly apart in all directions. So I must live my life in perpetual pain, if I want to live at all. #Quote by Fay Weldon
Pedagogues Define quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio
#15. When I can't immediately define the character, and there's an element of mystery to it and still a lot to be explored, that's when I say yes. #Quote by Leonardo DiCaprio
Pedagogues Define quotes by David Hewson
#16. It's so much easier to define crime than it is to put your finger on justice. #Quote by David Hewson
Pedagogues Define quotes by Jonathan Taylor Thomas
#17. I never took the fame too seriously. It was a great period in my life, but it doesn't define me. When I think back on the time, I look at it with a wink. I focus on the good moments I had, not that I was on a lot of magazine covers. #Quote by Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Pedagogues Define quotes by Henry Cloud
#18. Boundaries define us. They define what is me and what is not me. A boundary shows me where i end and someone else begins, leading me to a sense of ownership. Knowing what I am to own and take responsibility for gives me freedom. Taking responsibility for my life opens up many different options. Boundaries help us keep the good in and the bad out. Setting boundaries inevitably involves taking responsibility for your choices. You are the one who makes them. You are the one who must live with their consequences. And you are the one who may be keeping yourself from making the choices you could be happy with. We must own our own thoughts and clarify distorted thinking. #Quote by Henry Cloud
Pedagogues Define quotes by John Boyne
#19. What makes a classic is difficult to define. It's entirely subjective, of course. And the term is employed far too promiscuously. #Quote by John Boyne
Pedagogues Define quotes by John Perkins
#20. When men and women are rewarded for greed, greed becomes a corrupting motivator. When we equate the gluttonous consumption of the earth's resources with a status approaching sainthood, when we teach our children to emulate people who live unbalanced lives, and when we define huge sections of the population as subservient to an elite minority, we ask for trouble. And we get it. #Quote by John Perkins
Pedagogues Define quotes by Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla
#21. The path to enlightenment, to find out who you truly are, has to be taken alone. #Quote by Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla
Pedagogues Define quotes by Mariana Zapata
#22. I had a temper. I got angry easily. But I had made myself learn how to control it. I had decided early on that I wasn't going to let that emotion define me. I wanted to be better. I wanted to be a good person. I wanted to be someone - not necessarily someone great or someone important - but someone I could live with. #Quote by Mariana Zapata
Pedagogues Define quotes by Su Shi
#23. Define the limits of your vision: Having this, you will not be poorer Than a man who rules a dukedom. #Quote by Su Shi
Pedagogues Define quotes by Timothy Pina
#24. If you thought my mistakes in the past would define my life and keep me forever as a prisoner of despair...then you really never knew me at all! #Quote by Timothy Pina
Pedagogues Define quotes by Lorna Jackie Wilson
#25. Your voice is strongest when you remain firm, when you are not moved by your circumstance. For we must not permit others to define who we are or what we stand for. #Quote by Lorna Jackie Wilson
Pedagogues Define quotes by Georges St-Pierre
#26. It's not about how you are when things go well, what defines you is how you are when you fail from an obstacle. #Quote by Georges St-Pierre
Pedagogues Define quotes by Jeanne A. Estes
#27. No matter what your reason for wanting to start your own business, developing the foundation is the same. Laying a solid foundation for you business will provide you with a road map to follow as you build your business. As you work through the Start a Business Step-by-Step Workbook you will define the company's mission, decide what business entity is right for your business, name your business, determine the pricing for your products or services, formulate your financial projections, define your competitors, survey consumers regarding your products or services, determine the marketing methods right for your business and more. #Quote by Jeanne A. Estes
Pedagogues Define quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
#28. We're moving into an era when we will define ourselves more by the technologies we refuse than the ones we accept. #Quote by Douglas Rushkoff
Pedagogues Define quotes by Denise Caruso
#29. In practice, without appropriate government intervention, Smith's "invisible hand" dons brass knuckles and conducts gang warfare, creating fierce battles between competitors who would be more than happy to define and enforce their own private property interests according to their own subjective rules. #Quote by Denise Caruso
Pedagogues Define quotes by Lexi Ryan
#30. You are not your past. You are bigger than your past and you are better than your past. Let it be part of who you've become, but don't you dare let it define you. #Quote by Lexi Ryan
Pedagogues Define quotes by Hermann Weyl
#31. The constructs of the mathematical mind are at the same time free and necessary. The individual mathematician feels free to define his notions and set up his axioms as he pleases. But the question is will he get his fellow mathematician interested in the constructs of his imagination. We cannot help the feeling that certain mathematical structures which have evolved through the combined efforts of the mathematical community bear the stamp of a necessity not affected by the accidents of their historical birth. #Quote by Hermann Weyl
Pedagogues Define quotes by Tariq Ali
#32. It is as difficult to define or classify Islamic cinema as it would be a Christian, Jewish or Buddhist one. #Quote by Tariq Ali
Pedagogues Define quotes by Rita Golden Gelman
#33. As an observer, I am particularly interested in watching women, married, divorced, single. So many of them trapped in lives they think they must live, in roles they have come to resent, with little job and no laughter. They've "settled." They've compromised. They've learned to adjust.

Among the divorced, many are bitter, coloring their lives with resentment; others live only to meet the man who will complete them.

I have no intentions of adjusting, and I am not looking to define myself by the man I am with. The new me is feeling rebellious, looking for excitement, bursting with energy to explore. There is no way that I am going to sit around feeling sorry for myself, thinking that the only way I can enjoy life is with a man.

With no possessions, no home, and no precedent, I am free to design a life that fits me. Best of all, I have tasted the life I want. My Mexican adventure opened me up. I want more. During my four months away, I met interesting people, I was never bored, and I laughed more than I had in years. I resolve to continue exploring the world, ignoring the THEY who define how people should live. #Quote by Rita Golden Gelman
Pedagogues Define quotes by Mary Doria Russell
#34. Maybe that's the way to tell the dangerous men from the good ones. A dreamer of the day is dangerous when he believes that others are less: less than their own best selves and certainly less than he is. They exist to follow and flatter him, and to serve his purposes.
A true prophet, I suppose, is like a good parent. A true prophet sees others, not himself. He helps them define their own half-formed dreams, and puts himself at their service. He is not diminished as they become more. He offers courage in one hand and generosity in the other. #Quote by Mary Doria Russell
Pedagogues Define quotes by Robinne Lee
#35. I'm a person. First and foremost. And I have feelings. And I know this career comes with a lot of baggage, but don't write me off just because I'm in a fucking band. It's what I do, it's not who I am. It doesn't - what is it you say?- it doesn't define me. #Quote by Robinne Lee
Pedagogues Define quotes by Ed Stetzer
#36. We don't own mission, and it is not ours to define. #Quote by Ed Stetzer
Pedagogues Define quotes by Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
#37. Affirmation: I am myself, only I can define myself and I am priceless. #Quote by Katina Marshell Cotton-Sliwa
Pedagogues Define quotes by Jonathan Maberry
#38. There are moments that define a person's whole life. Moments in which everything they are and everything they may possibly become balance on a single decision. Life and death, hope and despair, victory and failure teeter precariously on the decision made at that moment. These are moments ungoverned by happenstance, untroubled by luck. These are the moments in which a person earns the right to live, or not. #Quote by Jonathan Maberry
Pedagogues Define quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#39. Must redefine utopia. It isn't the perfect end-product of our wishes, define it so and it deserves the scorn of those who sneer when they hear the word. No. Utopia is the process of making a better world, the name for one path history can take, a dynamic, tumultuous, agonizing process, with no end. Struggle forever.
Compare it to the present course of history. If you can. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Pedagogues Define quotes by Seneca The Younger
#40. The geometrician teaches me how to work out the size of my estates rather than how to work out how much a man needs in order to have enough ... You geometers can calculate the area of circles, can reduce any given shape to a square, can state the distances separating starts. Nothing's outside your scope when it comes to measurement. Well, if you're such an expert, measure a man's soul; tell me how large or how small that is. You can define a straight line; what use is that to you if you've no idea what straightness means in life? #Quote by Seneca The Younger

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