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Paths Meet Again quotes by Beatriz Williams
#1. I wish you all the happiness in the world, Frau Grant. I hope our paths meet again. #Quote by Beatriz Williams
Paths Meet Again quotes by Jeaniene Frost
#2. There were place cards at the head table, which was one long, rectangular thing that would have everyone facing the reception room. I sat at the one marked Chritine Russell. Randy say to my left, with Denise to his right. To my right read Chris Pin. Who ... ?
"You've got to be kidding me," I said aloud. Why didn't I just shoot myself and get it over with?
"Justina, we meet again." Bones appeared and took his seat next to me as I vaulted out of my chair. "Wouldn't want to be rude, but I believe your table is over there. #Quote by Jeaniene Frost
Paths Meet Again quotes by Amanda Lovelorn
#3. Someday we'll meet again and when we do, I hope that at that point in time, I'll be enough for you. #Quote by Amanda Lovelorn
Paths Meet Again quotes by George MacDonald
#4. Love me, beloved; Hades and Death
Shall vanish away like a frosty breath;
These hands, that now are at home in thine,
Shall clasp thee again, if thou art still mine;
And thou shalt be mine, my spirit's bride,
In the ceaseless flow of eternity's tide,
If the truest love thy heart can know
Meet the truest love that from mine can flow.
Pray God, beloved, for thee and me,
That our sourls may be wedded eternally. #Quote by George MacDonald
Paths Meet Again quotes by Marguerite Duras
#5. Listen to me. I know something else. It will begin again. 200,000 dead and 80,000 wounded in nine seconds. Those are the official figures. It will begin again. It will be 10,000 degrees on the earth. Ten thousand suns, people will say. The asphalt will burn. Chaos will prevail. An entire city will be lifted off the ground, and fall back to earth in ashes ... I meet you. I remember you. Who are you? You're destroying me. You're good for me. How could I know this city was tailor-made for love? How could I know you fit my body like a glove? I like you. How unlikely. I like you. How slow all of a sudden. How sweet. You cannot know. You're destroying me. You're good for me. You're destroying me. You're good for me. I have time. Please, devour me. Deform me to the point of ugliness. Why not you? #Quote by Marguerite Duras
Paths Meet Again quotes by Jennifer Megan Varnadore
#6. Meet me where the interstate ends, and the road takes turns trying to figure out which way to go. If you take the right way don't leave me behind, because all I can remember is the persistence in your eyes. You won't come back home again. If you take the left way don't look too far ahead, and never look behind you, because I'll always be right here beside you. #Quote by Jennifer Megan Varnadore
Paths Meet Again quotes by Anita Brookner
#7. The men in my mother's life were like priests, ministering to her. They loved her in a way I hope I am never loved, my father, Sydney Goldsmith, and Dr. Constantine, who looked after her for so many years. It is why I seek the company of the young, the urbane, the polished, the ambitious, the prodigiously gifted, like Nick and his friends. In my mother's world, at least in those latter days, the men were kind, shy, easily damaged, too sensitive to her hurts. I never want to meet such men again. In a way I prefer them to be impervious to me. I can no longer endure the lost look in the eye, the composure too easily shattered, the waning hope. I now require people to be viable, durable. I try to catch hold of their invulnerability and apply it to myself. I want to feel that the world is hard enough to withstand knocks, as well as to inflict them. I want evidence of good health and good luck and the people who enjoy both. These priestly ministrations, that simple childish cheerfulness, that delicacy of intention, that sigh immediately suppressed, that welcoming of routine attentions, that reliance on old patterns, that fidelity, that constancy, and the terror behind all of these things…No more. #Quote by Anita Brookner
Paths Meet Again quotes by Dorothy Parker
#8. This level reach of blue is not my sea;
Here are sweet waters, pretty in the sun,
Whose quiet ripples meet obediently
A marked and measured line, one after one.
This is no sea of mine. that humbly laves
Untroubled sands, spread glittering and warm.
I have a need of wilder, crueler waves;
They sicken of the calm, who knew the storm.
So let a love beat over me again,
Loosing its million desperate breakers wide;
Sudden and terrible to rise and wane;
Roaring the heavens apart; a reckless tide
That casts upon the heart, as it recedes,
Splinters and spars and dripping, salty weeds. #Quote by Dorothy Parker
Paths Meet Again quotes by Katie McGarry
#9. I lick my lips as his teeth nibble on my earlobe. Between my muscles melting under his touch, my blood tingling with the teasing of my ear and the way my foot rubs against his calf, my thoughts become hazy.
My shirt rides up and Isaiah rubs his thumb in small circles on the bare skin of my stomach. The sensation causes me to arch my back and Isaiah groans as I kiss his neck. I like these feelings. Actually, I more than like them. They're addicting, and I love how every little thing I do causes Isaiah to kiss and touch me more.
He rolls and I move with him. Our tangled legs become unraveled as my thighs fall open, accepting his weight. Isaiah's body over mine is heavier than I would have imagined, but it's a weight I craved without knowing it.
Isaiah kisses up my neck and when his lips meet mine again, he rocks his hips. Suddenly very aware parts of him are touching very aware parts of me, and my head falls to the side as a new sensation spikes through my body. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Paths Meet Again quotes by Jess Michaels
#10. This is what you want?" he panted, pressing into her just half an inch. She squeezed her eyes shut. God help her, but the answer was yes.

Just a few weeks after the death of her lover, she wanted nothing more than to be taken, hard and fast, by his best friend. Despite the fact that it made her nothing better than a lightskirt trolling the streets. Despite the fact that John had offered her no future, nor had he offered a future to any woman in as long as she'd known him. But those troubling facts mattered little.

She wanted him inside of her. She wanted him to make her come over and over again. She wanted to feel their bodies merge just as she had always imagined they would. "Fuck me," she said, opening her eyes to meet his gaze. "Now. #Quote by Jess Michaels
Paths Meet Again quotes by Thomas Hardy
#11. Tell me now, Angel, do you think we shall meet again after we are dead? I want to know." He kissed her to avoid a reply at such a time. "O, Angel
I fear that means no!" said she, with a suppressed sob. "And I wanted so to see you again
so much, so much! What
not even you and I, Angel, who love each other so well? #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Paths Meet Again quotes by Chad Fowler
#12. You could have chosen any number of career paths, but this one is
exciting. It's creative. It requires deep thinking and rewards you with
a sense of being able to do something that most of the people you meet
each day can't imagine being able to do. We may worry about progressing
to the next level, making an impact, or gaining respect from
our co-workers or our peers in the industry, but if you really stop to
think about it, we've got it really good.

Software development is both challenging and rewarding. It's creative
like an art-form, but (unlike art) it provides concrete,measurable value.

Software development is fun!

Ultimately, the most important thing I've learned over the journey that
my career in software development has been is that it's not what you
do for a living or what you have that's important. It's how you choose to
accept these things. It's internal. Satisfaction, like our career choices, is something that should be sought after and decided upon with intention. #Quote by Chad Fowler
Paths Meet Again quotes by Criss Jami
#13. Through Christ, the sting of death is but a gentle pinch to the soul; and the mourn is light. Perhaps, someday, in that glorious place, free of sin, we shall meet again. #Quote by Criss Jami
Paths Meet Again quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#14. Let all of us who shared the prison soup meet again in better times! #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Paths Meet Again quotes by One William Shakespeare
#15. If we do meet again, why, we shall smile;
if not this parting was well made. #Quote by One William Shakespeare
Paths Meet Again quotes by Mimi Novic
#16. How wonderful it is those people that we meet by chance and invite us to live again.
The memory of them will keep hope alive forever. #Quote by Mimi Novic
Paths Meet Again quotes by Louis Ferdinand Celine
#17. There is something sad about people going to bed. You can see they don't give a damn whether they're getting what they want out of life or not, you can see they don't ever try to understand what we're here for. They just don't care. Americans or not, they sleep no matter what, they're bloated mollusks, no sensibility, no trouble with their conscience.
I'd seen too many troubling things to be easy in my mind. I knew too much and not enough. I'd better go out, I said to myself, I'd better go out again. Maybe I'll meet Robinson. Naturally that was an idiotic idea, but I dreamed it up as an excuse for going out again, because no matter how I tossed and turned on my narrow bed, I couldn't snatch the tiniest scrap of sleep. Even masturbation, at times like that, provides neither comfort nor entertainment. Then you're really in despair. #Quote by Louis Ferdinand Celine
Paths Meet Again quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#18. For Sayonara, literally translated, 'Since it must be so,' of all the good-bys I have heard is the most beautiful. Unlike the Auf Wiedershens and Au revoirs, it does not try to cheat itself by any bravado 'Till we meet again,' any sedative to postpone the pain of separation. It does not evade the issue like the sturdy blinking Farewell. Farewell is a father's good-by. It is - 'Go out in the world and do well, my son.' It is encouragement and admonition. It is hope and faith. But it passes over the significance of the moment; of parting it says nothing. It hides its emotion. It says too little. While Good-by ('God be with you') and Adios say too much. They try to bridge the distance, almost to deny it. Good-by is a prayer, a ringing cry. 'You must not go - I cannot bear to have you go! But you shall not go alone, unwatched. God will be with you. God's hand will over you' and even - underneath, hidden, but it is there, incorrigible - 'I will be with you; I will watch you - always.' It is a mother's good-by. But Sayonara says neither too much nor too little. It is a simple acceptance of fact. All understanding of life lies in its limits. All emotion, smoldering, is banked up behind it. But it says nothing. It is really the unspoken good-by, the pressure of a hand, 'Sayonara. #Quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Paths Meet Again quotes by Tessa Dare
#19. We need to talk. Alone. And we may not have the chance once we're aboard the Kestrel. I'll be busy."
"Then I'll thank you now."
"For what?"
"For Captain Mallory."
"For hitting him, you mean?" He shook his head, looking off toward the horizon. "Save your thanks. I felt like hitting someone. He was convenient."
"Oh." Sophia searched the opposite horizon. Tears welled in her eyes again, much to her frustration.
"Jesus." He pulled hard on the oars. "I never hit people. Look what you've done to me. This was supposed to be the voyage I go respectable. Instead, I'm throwing fists, seizing ships, defiling virgins…"
Wincing at his harsh tone, Sophia sniffed and shifted sideways on the plank. Abruptly, he dropped the oars and began to wrestle with his coat.
"Why are you doing this?" Despite her bruised feelings, she caught the edge of one coat sleeve and held it as his arm slid loose.
"Easier to row with no coat." He wriggled free of the other sleeve.
"Gray." She waited for him to meet her eyes. "You know that's how what I mean."
He folded the coat and handed it to her. "Here."
She stared at the bundle of wool. "What am I to do with it?"
"Sit on it," he said, thrusting it toward her. "You must be…tender." His gaze dropped briefly to her lap.
Sophia's face burned. She was indeed tender, and the wooden plank was torture beneath her thin skirts, but the presumptive manner of his gesture piqued her pride. She crossed her #Quote by Tessa Dare
Paths Meet Again quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#20. We can burst the bonds which chain us,
Which cold human hands have wrought,
And where none shall dare restrain us
We can meet again, in thought. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Paths Meet Again quotes by Rea Lidde
#21. Pleasure to meet you, Prince Larden. The name is Lady Thaddea from House of Wright."
"Yeah, I think I remember you, by the other name. You once kicked my royal ass."
"Oh, so you decide we don't need to draw the line, no? Fine then, good to see you again, mate. You look, and smell, like a tuna who just saw a ghost. #Quote by Rea Lidde
Paths Meet Again quotes by Roddy Doyle
#22. I cried, a bit, as a spoke to Belinda on my mobile phone, in a quiet corner, perhaps the only quiet corner in Jaipur. I told her how I'd hoped Paul would read the forward, that he'd read how much I admired his work and how much I admired him, how much I just plain liked him and loved him. But, even as I spoke, I knew: Paul had always known that. He'd seen in on my face every time we met. What made me cry was the obvious, stupid fact that we'd never meet again. #Quote by Roddy Doyle
Paths Meet Again quotes by Ally Condie
#23. I can't hep but smile. We are here together. In this wide, wild world, we've managed to meet again. I reach out my hand and trace my finger along the path I took to get him until my hand meets his on the map. #Quote by Ally Condie
Paths Meet Again quotes by Mary  Stewart
#24. Sometimes, when you're deep in the countryside, you meet three girls, walking along the hill tracks in the dusk, spinning. They each have a spindle, and on to these they are spinning their wool, milk-white, like the moonlight. In fact, it is the moonlight, the moon itself, which is why they don't carry a distaff. They're not Fates, or anything terrible; they don't affect the lives of men; all they have to do is to see that the world gets its hours of darkness, and they do this by spinning the moon down out of the sky. Night after night, you can see the moon getting less and less, the ball of light waning, while it grown on the spindles of the maidens. Then, at length, the moon is gone, and the world has darkness, and rest.....

...on the darkest night, the maidens take their spindles down to the sea, to wash their wool. And the wool slips from the spindles into the water, and unravels in long ripples of light from the shore to the horizon, and there is the moon again, rising above the sea....Only when all the wool is washed, and wound again into a white ball in the sky, can the moon-spinners start their work once more.... #Quote by Mary Stewart
Paths Meet Again quotes by Fleur Adcock
#25. Happy ending

After they had not made love
she pulled the sheet up over her eyes
until he was buttoning his shirt:
not shyness for their bodies - those
they had willingly displayed - but a frail
endeavour to apologise.

Later, though, drawn together by
a distaste for such 'untidy ends'
they agreed to meet again; whereupon
they giggled, reminisced, held hands
as though what they had made was love -
and not that happier outcome, friends. #Quote by Fleur Adcock
Paths Meet Again quotes by Philibert Orry
#26. You know, years ago John Calhoun said that West Point men would lead great armies ... He never thought they'd be leading them against each other. Well, if we have to meet like that, I'd rather we never meet again. #Quote by Philibert Orry
Paths Meet Again quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#27. If you were to draw a map of the two of them, of where they started out and where they would both end up, the lines would be shooting away from each other like magnets spun around on their poles. And it occurred to Owen that there was something deeply flawed about this, that there should be circles or angels or turns, anything that might make it possible for the two lines to meet again. Instead, they were both headed in the exact opposite directions. The map was as good as a door swinging shut. And the geography of the thing- the geography of them- was completely and hopelessly wrong. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Paths Meet Again quotes by Seth
#28. Realize that your physical experience and environment is the materialization of your beliefs. If you find great exuberance, health, effective work, abundance, smiles on the faces of those who you meet, then take it for granted that your beliefs are beneficial. If you see a world that is good, people like you, take it for granted again, that your beliefs are beneficial. But if you find poor health, a lack of meaningful work, a lack of abundance, a world of sorrow and evil, then assume your beliefs are faulty and begin examining them. #Quote by Seth
Paths Meet Again quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#29. Goddess" he said. Her voice floated to us. Yes, Child." Will I see you again?"
Just her voice now, young and old at the same time. "In the face of every woman you meet #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Paths Meet Again quotes by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
#30. The mystic knows that the essence of prayer is the hidden secret, "I am He whom I love, He whom I love is me." In the deepest prayer of the heart there is only oneness, for when the heart is open and looks towards God, He reveals His unity. In this state of prayer there are a merging and melting that transcend the mind and its notions of duality: the heart overwhelms us with His presence which obliterates any sense of our own self.
These moments of prayer are moments of union in which the lover is lost. The lover has stepped from the shore of his own being into the limitless ocean of the Beloved.

When love reveals its real nature we come to know that there is neither lover nor Beloved. There is no one to pray and no one to pray to. We do not even know that we are lost; we return from these states of merging only knowing that we gave ourself and were taken. Our gift of ourself was accepted so completely that we knew nothing. We looked towards Him and He took us in His arms, embraced us in oneness, dissolved us in nearness. For so many years we cried to Him, we called to Him, and when He came the meeting was so intimate that we knew nothing.

But when we return from this merging of oneness,
when the mind again surrounds us, we can see the footprints that led us to this shore, to the place where the two worlds meet. We can tell stories of the journey that led us to the edge of the heart's infinite ocean, of the nights we called to Him, a #Quote by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Paths Meet Again quotes by Richelle Mead
#31. We need to be together."
"Why?" I asked softly. The word was carried away on the wind, but he heard.
"Because I want you."
I gave him a sad smile, wondering if we'd meet again in the land of the dead. "Wrong answer," I told him.
I let go #Quote by Richelle Mead
Paths Meet Again quotes by Stan Lee
#32. And now, until we meet again, may the blessings of Asgard be showered upon you! #Quote by Stan Lee
Paths Meet Again quotes by Roberta Capizzi
#33. They say you never forget the first kiss, so I want it to be with you. I want to remember you forever, just the way you are now. When we're apart, we'll grow, we'll change, and maybe, when we meet again, we won't recognize each other anymore. I want you to know that you've been my best friend ever, Valerie, and that I'll never forget the years we've spent together. #Quote by Roberta Capizzi
Paths Meet Again quotes by Kenny D. Eichenberg
#34. Its funny whenever people who have'nt seen me in years meet up with me again and they are surprised that I'm not as shy and quiet as I was in the past, I credit that to my years of drinking at bars and partys and conversing with people I would never useally talk to, it was then I relized that even without drinking I could still talk to people just as easy. But It is still a little funner with a few beers in me. #Quote by Kenny D. Eichenberg
Paths Meet Again quotes by Priya Ardis
#35. There's another story I know. This one doesn't have any swords or visions. This one is about a boy who found a girl during a terrible time."
"How did it turn out?"
"I don't know, but I do know the boy doesn't regret it. Not a minute. No matter how it turns out. Because he's been waiting for this girl from the time she was born, and if it takes another thousand years to meet her again, he'd wait again. Whatever it takes. #Quote by Priya Ardis
Paths Meet Again quotes by Eoin Colfer
#36. I often meet frustrated young writers who say they've only got so far and just can't finish a book. Even if you don't happen to use what you've worked on that day, it has taught you something and you'll be amazed when you might come back to it and use it again. #Quote by Eoin Colfer

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