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Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Venancio Mary Ann
#1. Four Years Since

Today I remember the day but to be honest it is everyday
That day then, the moment then, when you left us all here
More than just a father I call, a gem I treasure, that day I lost
We four girls, my mom's other half, my brothers best bud, our first love, we lost
Holding the key to the future called You, I stand still facing the gate of the past

Why I keep on asking the same question?
Why you? Why out of all those people? Why too soon? Why?
It has been years, 4 years exact, it seems like yesterday yes
You were taken too soon, words aren't enough to express
It's not fair, but who I am to blame, who Am I to question?

My eyes express longing you cannot fathom
From my open mouth my broken heart pours
Words that try to capture that image so faint
He is the picture I could not ever paint
Yet our memories is in the solid bowl being kept

Spare me even just 5 or 10 minutes of your presence
To build up this longing I feel, I am asking
I want to hear your nag; I want to hear your laugh
In my dreams please see me there
I won't get afraid nor get frightened

Like a waterfalls my tears keeps on flowing
Like a bubble your voice keeps on vanishing
He, his shadow, he himself starts from fading
I don't want to forget you please stop time from ticking
I don't want to open my eyes don't wake me from dreaming

You are t #Quote by Venancio Mary Ann
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Matthew S. McCormick
#2. 1. Myth: Without God, life has no meaning.

There are 1.2 billion Chinese who have no predominant religion, and 1 billion people in India who are predominantly Hindu. And 65% of Japan's 127 million people claim to be non-believers. It is laughable to suggest that none of these billions of people are leading meaningful lives.

2. Myth: Prayer works.

Studies have now shown that inter-cessionary prayer has no effect whatsoever of the health or well-being of the subject.

3. Myth: Atheists are immoral.

There are hundreds of millions of non-believers on the planet living normal, decent, moral lives. They love their children, care about others, obey laws, and try to keep from doing harm to others just like everyone else. In fact, in predominantly non-believing countries such as in northern Europe, measures of societal health such as life expectancy at birth, adult literacy, per capita income, education, homicide, suicide, gender equality, and political coercion are better than they are in believing societies.

4. Myth: Belief in God is compatible with science.

In the past, every supernatural or paranormal explanation of phenomena that humans believed turned out to be mistaken; science has always found a physical explanation that revealed that the supernatural view was a myth. Modern organisms evolved from lower life forms, they weren't created 6,000 years ago in the finished state. Fever is not caused by de #Quote by Matthew S. McCormick
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Benjamin Netanyahu
#3. There is a structural difference between the way that Europe views Israel, and America views Israel. The European view is informed by the importance of colonialism in Europe's past. So for Europeans we are like Belgiums in the Congo, or the French in Alger, or the British in India. Strange interlopers in somebody else's land. But in fact, we [Israeli] have been here for 4,000 years. This is our ancestral homeland. #Quote by Benjamin Netanyahu
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Linda M. Williams
#4. One hundred twenty-nine women with documented histories of sexual victimization in childhood were interviewed and asked about abuse history. Seventeen years following the initial report of the abuse, 80 of the women recalled the victimization. One in 10 women (16% of those who recalled the abuse) reported that at some time in the past they had forgotten about the abuse. Those with a prior period of forgetting--the women with "recovered memories"--were younger at the time of abuse and were less likely to have received support from their mothers than the women who reported that they had always remembered their victimization. The women who had recovered memories and those who had always remembered had the same number of discrepancies when their accounts of the abuse were compared to the reports from the early 1970s.

Recovered memories of abuse in women with documented child sexual victimization histories.
Journal of Traumatic Stress. 1995 Oct;8(4):649-73. #Quote by Linda M. Williams
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Dwight Yoakam
#5. In the past 3-4 years I've developed a habit of keeping numerous small cassette recorders in my house and in a bag with me so that I'm able to commit to tape memory song ideas on a constant basis. #Quote by Dwight Yoakam
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Ed Gillespie
#6. The fact is that we as a party at the Republican National Committee registered 3.4 million new voters in the past two years and brought them into the political process. The president won by 3.5 million votes. #Quote by Ed Gillespie
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Vladimir Kramnik
#7. I started playing chess when I was about 4 or 5 years old. It is very good for children to learn to play chess, because it helps them to develop their mental abilities. It also helps to consolidate a person's character, because as it happens both in life and in a chess game we have to make decisions constantly. In chess there is no luck and no excuses: everything is in your hands. #Quote by Vladimir Kramnik
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by K.A. Applegate
#8. Scientists believe that sharks are one of the oldest species of animals still in existence. Nature built them as perfect predators. Perfect killing machines. Nature hasn't had to revise or update them much. They were built right the first time.

Dolphins are very different. Scientists say that millions of years ago, dolphins were land animals. Sea mammals not very different from humans and other mammals. They evolved their way back into the ocean. Part of that evolution included learning to cope with predators, with killer whales and sharks.

I don't now what sea the Taxxon race evolved in. I don't know what natural predators they faced there. But they were not ready for this ocean. They were not ready to go one-on-one with the masters of Earth's deep seas. They were no match for dolphin or shark.

-Animorphs #4, The Visitor page 69 #Quote by K.A. Applegate
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Bob Harlan
#9. You have to face reality, and coming off 4-12, you're not going to be the national draw you were previously. But for 13 years, we were a pretty good draw. #Quote by Bob Harlan
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Elizabeth Blackburn
#10. I spent my first 4 years living in the tiny town of Snug, by the sea near Hobart. Curious about animals, I would pick up ants in our backyard and jellyfish on the beach. #Quote by Elizabeth Blackburn
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Anonymous
#11. Trusting in the LORD 1 My child,* never forget the things I have taught you. Store my commands in your heart. 2 If you do this, you will live many years, and your life will be satisfying. 3 Never let loyalty and kindness leave you! Tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart. 4 Then you will find favor with both God and people, and you will earn a good reputation. 5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. 6 Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. 7 Don't be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the LORD and turn away from evil. 8 Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones. #Quote by Anonymous
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Jerry Bridges
#12. Years ago a friend gave me what he called his 'Formula: How to Know Right from Wrong.' The formula asks four questions based on three verses in 1 Corinthians:
1. '"Everything is permissible for me"
but not everything is beneficial' (1 Corinthians 6:12).
Question 1: Is it helpful
physically, spiritually, and mentally?
2. '"Everything is permissible for me"
but I will not be mastered by anything' (1 Corinthians 6:12). Question 2: Does it bring me under its power?
3. 'Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother to fall into sin, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause him to fall' (1 Corinthians 8:13).
Question 3: Does it hurt others?
4. 'So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God' (1 Corinthians 10:31).
Question 4: Does it glorify God? #Quote by Jerry Bridges
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Mireille Mathieu
#13. I was 4 years old when I sang in public for the very first time. #Quote by Mireille Mathieu
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Amy
#14. Welcome to GoWristBands! We are one of the leading suppliers of customized silicone wristbands in UK. For the last 4 years, we are proudly supplying a wide range of custom silicone wristbands throughout the world. We are not any kind of marketing agency or agent who forwards your order to the supplier, but we supply wristbands directly to our customers as per their needs and budget. #Quote by Amy
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Bill McKibben
#15. The models that have been constructed agree that when, as has been predicted, the level of carbon dioxide or its equivalent in other greenhouse gases doubles from pre-Industrial Revolution concentrations, the global average temperature will increase, and that the increase will be 1.5 to 4.5 degrees Celsius or 3 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit ... In Dallas, for instance, a doubled level of carbon dioxide and other gases like methane, would increase the number of days a year with temperatures above 100 degrees from 19 to 78 each year. #Quote by Bill McKibben
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Peter Thiel
#16. Most cleantech companies crashed because they neglected one or more of the seven questions that every business must answer: 1. The Engineering Question Can you create breakthrough technology instead of incremental improvements? 2. The Timing Question Is now the right time to start your particular business? 3. The Monopoly Question Are you starting with a big share of a small market? 4. The People Question Do you have the right team? 5. The Distribution Question Do you have a way to not just create but deliver your product? 6. The Durability Question Will your market position be defensible 10 and 20 years into the future? 7. The Secret Question Have you identified a unique opportunity that #Quote by Peter Thiel
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Sam Phillips
#17. Teenagers did not have, before rock 'n' roll and rhythm-and-blues - they did not have any type of music they could call their own once they got over 4 or 5 years old until they were well into their 20's and considered adults. #Quote by Sam Phillips
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Virginia Woolf
#18. To upset everything every 3 or 4 years is my notion of a happy life. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by David Lee Roth
#19. I'm a family man. I personally started 3 or 4 families last year. #Quote by David Lee Roth
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Mark Lowry
#20. God spreads grace like a 4-year old spreads peanut butter-He gets it all over everything. #Quote by Mark Lowry
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Donald Trump
#21. We have been there for 15 years in the Middle East, and much more than that probably. And we have spent probably $4 trillion, maybe more than that. And it's time to do something about it. And it's time to also knock ISIS out. You got to knock ISIS out. #Quote by Donald Trump
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Carl Sagan
#22. Every generation worries that educational standards are decaying. One of the oldest short essays in human history, dating from Sumer some 4,000 years ago, laments that the young are disastrously more ignorant than the generation immediately preceding. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Virginia Woolf
#23. I was thinking between 3 and 4 this morning, of my 55 years. I lay awake so calm, so content, as if I'd stepped off the whirling world into a deep blue quiet space and there open eyed existed, beyond harm; armed against all that can happen. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Kyle Schmid
#24. Soccer is my first love. I've been playing since I was 4 years old. I traveled the world doing it. I broke my leg when I was 16 or 17, and acting kind of filled the void. #Quote by Kyle Schmid
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Walter Cunningham
#25. For nearly a decade now, there has been no global warming. Even though atmospheric CO2 has continued to accumulate - up about 4 percent in the last 10 years - the global mean temperature has remained flat. That should raise obvious questions about CO2 being the cause of climate change. #Quote by Walter Cunningham
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Ryan Lochte
#26. I'm very competitive. I remember being 4 years old trying to out-chug my dad in a milk-chugging contest. It's been in my blood. #Quote by Ryan Lochte
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
#27. I worked for Xerox for 4 years and after that I knew I was never going to be a corporate person. It wasn't my environment. #Quote by Robert Kiyosaki
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Frank Levy
#28. In 1980 candidate Reagan asked whether we were better off than we had been 4 years earlier. In 1992 we will be asked whether we expect our children to live better than we do. #Quote by Frank Levy
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Richard Elliott Friedman
#29. We all know that there are harsh passages toward others in the Bible as well: dispossess the Canaanites, destroy Jericho, etc. But, as I said earlier, the evidence on the ground indicates that most of that (the Conquest) never happened. Likewise in the case of the destruction of the Midianites, as I described in Chapter 4, this was a story in the Priestly (P) source written as a polemic against any connection between Moses and Midian. It is a polemical story in literature, not a history of anything that actually happened. At the time that the Priestly author wrote the instruction to kill the Midianites, there were not any Midianites in the region. The Midianite league had disappeared at least four hundred years earlier. As we saw in Chapter 2, it was an attested practice in that ancient world to claim to have wiped out one's enemies when no such massacre had actually occurred. King Merneptah of Egypt did it. King Mesha of Moab did it. And, so there is no misunderstanding, the purpose of bringing up those parallels is not to say that it was all right to do so. It is rather to recognize that, even in what are possibly the worst passages about warfare in the Bible, those stories do not correspond to any facts of history. They are the words of an author writing about imagined events of a period centuries before his own time. And, even then, they are laws of war only against specific peoples: Canaanites, Amalekites, and Midianites, none of whom exist anymore. So they do not apply #Quote by Richard Elliott Friedman
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Benjamin Netanyahu
#30. My first name, Benjamin, dates back a thousand years earlier to Benjamin - Binyamin - the son of Jacob, who was also known as Israel. Jacob and his 12 sons roamed these same hills of Judea and Sumeria 4,000 years ago, and there's been a continuous Jewish presence in the land ever since. #Quote by Benjamin Netanyahu
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Ric Keller
#31. Well, our economy is very strong and growing. We have created 5.4 million new jobs in the last 3 years. Our unemployment rate is better than the average unemployment rate of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. #Quote by Ric Keller
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Will Rogers
#32. I was born on Nov. 4, which is election day ... my birthday has made more men and sent more back to honest work than any other days in the year. #Quote by Will Rogers
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Erin Heatherton
#33. I modeled for 4 years before I felt like I had my big break. #Quote by Erin Heatherton
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Rand Paul
#34. Someone is an ignoramus who would say that, 'Oh, we had three hurricanes this year. This proves that somehow the climate is warming.' The earth is 4.5 billion years old, and you're going to say that we had four hurricanes and so it proves a theory? #Quote by Rand Paul
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Nikki Rowe
#35. Honour the way a stranger can make sense in your world. Most people have been around for years without shaking our core & then one small instant in time, we cross paths with that one person who before them we didn't know what we were exactly looking for. Over 6 billion people I share this planet with and I've only felt that soul shaking, jaw dropping connection 4 times. Believe me when I say it's rare and you definitely owe it to yourself to honour it. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Marco Rubio
#36. America is not perfect. It took a bloody civil war to free over 4 million African Americans who lived enslaved. It took another hundred years after that before they achieved full equality under the law. #Quote by Marco Rubio
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Eric Roston
#37. Belief that the Earth is only several thousands years old carries a curious implication. The physical evidence for the Earth's age emerged from the same atomic discoveries that later gave the world nuclear weaponry and power plants. The scientific understanding of uranium isotopes that produce the date 4.5 billion years ago is the same understanding of uranium isotopes that led to the production and detonation of nuclear bombs. If scientists do not understand uranium decay well enough to date the Earth, there also cannot be, and can never have been, nuclear weaponry. Certainly a world and a history absent these weapons are desirable, but they are counter-factual. #Quote by Eric Roston
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Abbey Lee Kershaw
#38. Sure, we had to be skinny. I lived on Diet Coke and apples for two years. For the couture, we had to get up at 4 am to be sewn into the clothes and there was huge pressure to be thin. But I made a million dollars by the time I was 20, I bought a town house in Manhattan and put myself through Columbia. Does that make me a victim? #Quote by Abbey Lee Kershaw
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Anonymous
#39. 4 So Abram went, as the Lord had told him, and Lot went with him. Abram was 75 years old when he left Haran. 5 He #Quote by Anonymous
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Sylvia Earle
#40. We are all together in this, we are all together in this single living ecosystem called planet earth. As we learn how we fit into the greater scheme of things, and begin to understand how the system works, we can plan ahead, we can use the resources responsibly, to show some respect for this inheritance that goes back 4.6 billion years. #Quote by Sylvia Earle
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Menachem Begin
#41. We were granted the right to exist by the God of our fathers at the glimmer of the dawn of human civilization nearly 4,000 years ago. For that right, which has been sanctified in Jewish blood from generation to generation, we have paid a price unexampled in the annals of the nations. #Quote by Menachem Begin
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Bjorn Lomborg
#42. Winter regularly takes many more lives than any heat wave: 25,000 to 50,000 each year die in Britain from excess cold. Across Europe, there are six times more cold-related deaths than heat-related deaths ... by 2050 ... Warmer temperatures will save 1.4 million lives each year. #Quote by Bjorn Lomborg
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Mario Lemieux
#43. When it comes to hockey, it's been in my blood since I was 3 or 4 years old. I love coaching the kids, especially at that level. #Quote by Mario Lemieux
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Leslye Walton
#44. By this point Viviane Lavender had loved Jack Griffith for twelve years, which was far more than half of her life. If she thought of her love as a commodity and were to, say, eat it, it would fill 4,745 cherry pies. If she were to preserve it, she would need 23,725 glass jars and labels and a basement spanning the length of Pinnacle Lane.
If she were to drink it, she'd drown. #Quote by Leslye Walton
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Rountree Sage
#45. The cyclicality of hard alternating with easy plays out not only in the day and the week but also across training cycles and even across years. Think of Olympians who take an easy year or two in their quadrennial cycles. Check that there is variety across your training at every level, from the cooldown after a hard workout to the easier year after a particularly tough season. Active recovery, both in easy workouts and in easy days, introduces variability to training. Remember Carl Foster's finding, outlined in Chapter 4, that athletes can adapt better to a greater overall training stress when it is variable instead of monotonous. Make the easy days really easy so that the hard days can be truly hard. If you can rein in your effort on your easy days, you'll have room to push a little faster or a little longer on your hard days, yielding a much bigger fitness reward than simply muddling through with easy days that are too hard and hard days that therefore become too slow or short. #Quote by Rountree Sage
Past 4 Years Challenging quotes by Nobu Matsuhisa
#46. Peru was the Incas; it has 3,000 to 4,000 years of history. #Quote by Nobu Matsuhisa

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