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Park Ji Sung quotes by Ji-Hae Park
#1. Classical music can rock you! #Quote by Ji-Hae Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Ji-Hae Park
#2. In the midst of hardship, it was the music that restored my soul. #Quote by Ji-Hae Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Ji-Hae Park
#3. I not only play at the prestigious classical concert halls like Carnegie Hall and Kennedy Center, but also hospitals, churches, prisons, and restricted facilities for leprosy patients, just to mention a few. #Quote by Ji-Hae Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Ji-Hae Park
#4. Consolation of music is different from the one of words. It starts from the inside ... It cries with you instead of telling you to stop crying. #Quote by Ji-Hae Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Ji-Hae Park
#5. Changing your perspectives will not only transform you but also the whole world. #Quote by Ji-Hae Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Ji-Hae Park
#6. I would not want the limitations held by the name of a classical musician. I want many people to enjoy my music much beyond just classical music fans. I think the term, 'violinist,' keeps me distant from the audience. I want to communicate with them more. #Quote by Ji-Hae Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Ji-Hae Park
#7. I might look successful and happy being in front of you today, but I once suffered from severe depression and was in total despair. #Quote by Ji-Hae Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#8. Movies tell you what to think. A good book lets you choose a few thoughts for yourself. Movies show you the pink house. A good book tells you there's a pink house and lets you paint some of the finishing touches, maybe choose the roof style, park your own car out front. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Park Ji Sung quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#9. I've been to every park in every city and not seen a statue to a committee. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Park Ji Sung quotes by George Strait
#10. I love the song 'El Rey.' And for years, I never knew what the song was totally about. It was something new for me. I'd never sung a song in Spanish before. Then I got the translation and saw what a really cool song it was. #Quote by George Strait
Park Ji Sung quotes by Toni Morrison
#11. When she awoke there was a melody in her head she could not identify or recall ever hearing before. 'Perhaps I made it up,' she thought. Then it came to her - the name of the song and all its lyrics just as she had heard it many times before. She sat on the edge of the bed thinking, 'There aren't any more new songs and I have sung all the ones there are. I have sung them all. I have sung all the songs there are. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Park Ji Sung quotes by Kate White
#12. Good questions are those that show that you not only want the job, you are prepared to knock the ball out of the park once you have it. So ask, "What would a successful year in the job look like?" or "What did you most value in the person who left?" You've done a Google search of the field and the company, of course, and one of your questions could be about emerging trends. Interviewers love it when questions relate to them and their accomplishments ("I've heard you made some exciting changes recently. What has the outcome been?"). #Quote by Kate White
Park Ji Sung quotes by Linkin Park
#13. It's easier to run
Replacing this pain with something numb
It's so much easier to go
Than face all this pain here all alone. #Quote by Linkin Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Jane Austen
#14. There is not one in a hundred of either sex who is not taken in when they marry. #Quote by Jane Austen
Park Ji Sung quotes by Elliott Sharp
#15. Thorny compositions that sound as if female teen punkers the Shaggs received doctorates in the music of 12-tone composer Alban Berg, and then rewrote their Philosophy of the World ... Carefully notated structures and interplay morph effortlessly into free improvisation that is intelligent and expressive, but never self-indulgent. Also featuring intense lyrics sung with their clear and melodic voices, the two women make transcendent chamber music outside of any genre. #Quote by Elliott Sharp
Park Ji Sung quotes by John Hench
#16. We've achieved this feeling, for instance, with the colors. The colors in the park are harmonious with each other, not like in big cities where they don't. #Quote by John Hench
Park Ji Sung quotes by Jessica Park
#17. I accept your deflection and raise you another question. #Quote by Jessica Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Christopher C. Starr
#18. I learned from Jurassic Park that just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. #Quote by Christopher C. Starr
Park Ji Sung quotes by Les Brown
#19. The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step, keep with the problem, or determined to carry our their dream. #Quote by Les Brown
Park Ji Sung quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#20. Chapter Eleven

She did not spend long in the supermarket at Riverwalk, confining her purchases to supplies she would need for the next few days. There was beef for stew, a large pumpkin, a packet of beans, a dozen eggs, and two loaves of bread. The pumpkin looked delicious - almost perfectly round and deep yellow in colour, it sat on the passenger seat beside her so comfortably as she drove out of the car park, so pleased to be what it was, that she imagined conducting a conversation with it, telling it about the Orphan Farm and Mma Potokwane and her concerns over Mma Makutsi. And the pumpkin would remain silent, of course, but would somehow indicate that it knew what she was talking about, that there were similar issues in the world of pumpkins.

She smiled. There was no harm, she thought, in allowing your imagination to run away with you, as a child's will do, because the thoughts that came in that way could be a comfort, a relief in a world that could be both sad and serious. Why not imagine a talk with a pumpkin? Why not imagine going off for a drive with a friendly pumpkin, a companion who would not, after all, answer back; who would agree with everything you said, and would at the end of the day appear on your plate as a final gesture of friendship? Why not allow yourself a few minutes of imaginative silliness so that you could remember what it was like when you believed such things, when you were a child at the feet of your grandmother, listening t #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Park Ji Sung quotes by James Purdy
#21. My idea of heaven is to be hunting with you in some beautiful park with mountains like here at home but where we won't need guns or prey but we will just walk together arm in arm in this good world and be by ourselves always together forever and a day. #Quote by James Purdy
Park Ji Sung quotes by George Eliot
#22. It had a small park, with a fine old oak here and there, and an avenue of limes towards the southwest front, with a sunk fence between park and pleasure-ground, so that from the drawing-room windows the glance swept uninterruptedly along a slope of greensward till the limes ended in a level of corn and pastures, which often seemed to melt into a lake under the setting sun. #Quote by George Eliot
Park Ji Sung quotes by Kenneth Adelman
#23. Desert Storm II would be in a walk in the park ... The case for 'regime change' boils down to the huge benefits and modest costs of liberating Iraq. #Quote by Kenneth Adelman
Park Ji Sung quotes by David Mitchell
#24. Like the best songs, you can't see the next line coming, but once it's sung, how else could it have gone? #Quote by David Mitchell
Park Ji Sung quotes by Young-Joon Choi
#25. I was standing in the park wondering why the Frisbee was getting closer ans closer. Then it hit me. #Quote by Young-Joon Choi
Park Ji Sung quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#26. With the engine stalled, we would notice the deep silence reigning in the park around us, in the summer villa before us, in the world everywhere. We would listen enchanted to the whirring of an insect beginning vernal flight before the onset of spring, and we would know what a wondrous thing it was to be alive in a park on a spring day in Istanbul. #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Park Ji Sung quotes by Andy Stanley
#27. I WILL NOT TRUST IN RICHES Wealth has some pretty powerful side effects. If wealth were an over-the-counter medicine, there would be bold warnings printed on the packaging. Warning: May cause arrogance. While taking this medicine, extra precaution should be taken not to offend people. If taken for prolonged periods, may impair perception, causing hope to migrate. If you saw a commercial for wealth on TV, it would show pictures of happy people holding hands in the park. Meanwhile, the announcer would be listing all the ways it can ruin your kidneys, rot your stomach, cause sudden heart failure, and destroy your life. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Park Ji Sung quotes by Virginia Woolf
#28. However, the majority of women are neither harlots nor courtesans; nor do they sit clasping pug dogs to dusty velvet all through the summer afternoon. But what do they do then? and there came to my mind's eye one of those long streets somewhere south of the river whose infinite rows are innumerably populated. With the eye of the imagination I saw a very ancient lady crossing the street on the arm of a middle-aged woman, her daughter, perhaps, both so respectably booted and furred that their dressing in the afternoon must be a ritual, and the clothes themselves put away in cupboards with camphor, year after year, throughout the summer months. They cross the road when the lamps are being lit (for the dusk is their favourite hour), as they must have done year after year. The elder is close on eighty; but if one asked her what her life has meant to her, she would say that she remembered the streets lit for the battle of Balaclava, or had heard the guns fire in Hyde Park for the birth of King Edward the Seventh. And if one asked her, longing to pin down the moment with date and season, but what were you doing on the fifth of April 1868, or the second of November 1875, she would look vague and say that she could remember nothing. For all the dinners are cooked; the plates and cups washed; the children sent to school and gone out into the world. Nothing remains of it all. All has vanished. No biography or history has a word to say about it. And the novels, without meaning to, inevit #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Park Ji Sung quotes by Brandon Bays
#29. The song of your soul is longing to be sung. Let your own essence express itself freely. #Quote by Brandon Bays
Park Ji Sung quotes by Andrew Buchan
#30. I did work hard at auditions, and three years at RADA isn't like a walk in the park. And then it takes a lot of sacrifices, giving certain things up in order to audition, in order to do a play, whatever it may be. #Quote by Andrew Buchan
Park Ji Sung quotes by Nicole Ari Parker
#31. I had a brilliant drama teacher while I was at Roland Park: Ann Mainolfi. But the school was mostly rich in academics. It wasn't like I was prepping myself for a life in acting. There, you prepped yourself to have a stable future. The school's piece de resistance is college prep - it didn't teach you how to audition for a TV show. #Quote by Nicole Ari Parker
Park Ji Sung quotes by Alexei Panshin
#32. Night is irregular. What is not done in the daytime becomes possible at night: murder and sex and thought.
Simple men are driven to early beds by tomorrow's daytime demands and by fear of the dark, and never dream of the irregular world outside. And all the while, a viscount and a spaceport baggage boy might be passing the night rolling bok ball in the city park. That's more than unusual
that is irregular. #Quote by Alexei Panshin
Park Ji Sung quotes by Sergei Lukyanenko
#33. Every city has streets that were built under an unlucky star. And they don't have to be located in the outskirts, either. Sometimes they run along beside gloomy factory buildings, sometimes along the railway lines or main highways, sometimes even beside a park or ravine that has survived through some oversight by the municipal authorities. #Quote by Sergei Lukyanenko
Park Ji Sung quotes by Jean-Paul Sartre
#34. If anyone had asked me what existence was, I would have answered, in good faith, that it was nothing, simply an empty form which was added to external things without changing anything in their nature. And then all of a sudden, there it was, clear as day: existence had suddenly unveiled itself. It had lost the harmless look of an abstract category: it was the very paste of things, this root was kneaded into existence. Or rather the root, the park gates, the bench, the sparse grass, all that had vanished: the diversity of things, their individuality, were only an appearance, a veneer. This veneer had melted, leaving soft, monstrous masses, all in disorder - naked, in a frightful, obscene nakedness. #Quote by Jean-Paul Sartre
Park Ji Sung quotes by Jess Kidd
#35. For the dead don't change or grow. They're just echoes of the stories of their own lives sung back in the wrong order: arsewards. They're the pattern on closed eyelids after you turn away from a bright object. They are twice-exposed film. They're not really there, so cause and effect means nothing to them. #Quote by Jess Kidd
Park Ji Sung quotes by Barbara Park
#36. I find the term 'perfect child' to be an oxymoron. #Quote by Barbara Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Linda Sue Park
#37. But [Patrick's] character is partly based on a boy named Mark who lived across the street from me when I was growing up ... I liked hanging out with him and was sad when he moved away after only a year in the neighborhood. I guess writing about Patrick is a way for me to spend more time with Mark. #Quote by Linda Sue Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by K-Rino
#38. So why would I complain about a path that I chose to walk? #Quote by K-Rino
Park Ji Sung quotes by Katie McGarry
#39. My siren had sung to me for way too long, capturing my heart, tempting me with her body, driving me slowly insane. Now, I expected her to pay up. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Park Ji Sung quotes by Jessica Park
#40. What the hell? For what?' "That #Quote by Jessica Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Nick Park
#41. Americans like the British kind of quirkiness and the strange accent. They find it kind of cute or something, with a certain charm. #Quote by Nick Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Dorothy Wordsworth
#42. When we were in the woods beyond Gowbarrow Park we saw a few daffodils close to the waterside. But as we went along there were more and yet more and at last under the boughs of the trees, we saw that there was a long belt of them along the shore, about the breadth of a county turnpike toad. I never saw daffodils so beautiful. They grew about the mossy stones about and about them, some rested their heads upon these stones as on a pillow for weariness and the rest tossed and reeled and danced and seemed as if they verily laughed with the wind that blew upon them over the lake. #Quote by Dorothy Wordsworth
Park Ji Sung quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#43. I once complained to my teacher Munindra-Ji about being unable to maintain a regular practice. 'When I sit at home and meditate and it feels good, I'm exhilarated, and I have faith and I know that it's the most important thing in my life,' I said. 'But as soon as it feels bad, I stop. I'm disheartened and discouraged so I just give up.' He gave me quite a wonderful piece of advice. 'Just put your body there, ' he said. 'That's what you have to do. Just put your body there. Your mind will do different things all of the time, but you just put your body there. Because that's the expression of commitment, and the rest will follow from that. #Quote by Sharon Salzberg
Park Ji Sung quotes by Paul Park
#44. Modernist fiction is tied to problems of writers. Self-glorifying. Existential struggle. This has not been a big part of genre writing. #Quote by Paul Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Annabel Park
#45. Let us be clear about our choice. When we raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, no one dies. When we cut Social Security and Medicare, people die. #Quote by Annabel Park
Park Ji Sung quotes by Mark Frauenfelder
#46. John Edgar Park introduced me to the gentle art of recreational lock-picking. It's fun and potentially useful to know how to tickle tumblers in the right way to open door locks and padlocks. #Quote by Mark Frauenfelder
Park Ji Sung quotes by Paul Quarrington
#47. So Tony played baseball. That is, indeed, just about all that Tony did do. I don't know why it appealed so much to Tony. I suppose it was because in baseball you a part of something, the team, but at the same time you are alone. No one can get close to you, everyone is at his specific position on the field. Mostly, Tony liked to hit. That's what baseball is about, finally - one person with one stick of wood finding that one spot on the baseball that makes everything connect. Everything. Not just the bat and ball. It makes everything connect.' Tanya tilted her head and raised her eyebrows. 'Do you know what I mean?'

Crybaby nodded violently - he'd had a few nips at the bottle himself. 'A guy I played with called it 'the sweet spot.' Oh boy, do I know what you mean! Sometimes you could smack that ball and everything would make sense. As long as that ball was up in the air, everything would make sense. I used to have a dream, when I was younger, that one day I'd pop one, and it'd go up in the air and over the infield and over the outfield and out of the park and just keep going. Around and around the world, just like the moon. And everything would make sense. #Quote by Paul Quarrington
Park Ji Sung quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#48. It was November
the month of crimson sunsets, parting birds, deep, sad hymns of the sea, passionate wind-songs in the pines. Anne roamed through the pineland alleys in the park and, as she said, let that great sweeping wind blow the fogs out of her soul. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Park Ji Sung quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#49. So now I lye by Day and toss or rave by Night, since the ratling and perpetual Hum of the Town deny me rest: just as Madness and Phrensy are the vapours which rise from the lower Faculties, so the Chaos of the Streets reaches up even to the very Closet here and I am whirl'd about by cries of Knives to Grind and Here are your Mouse-Traps. I was last night about to enter the Shaddowe of Rest when a Watch-man, half-drunken, thumps at the Door with his Past Three-a-clock and his Rainy Wet Morning. And when at length I slipp'd into Sleep I had no sooner forgot my present Distemper than I was plunged into a worse: I dreamd my self to be lying in a small place under ground, like unto a Grave, and my Body was all broken while others sung. And there was a Face that did so terrifie me that I had like to have expired in my Dream. Well, I will say no more. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd

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