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Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#1. what ho, apothecary! #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Suzanne Enoch
#2. I would like to point out, though, Lady Georgiana," he continued, "that you have decided to stay in a household with five single gentlemen, three of them adults."
"Four," Andrew broke in, coloring. "I'm seventeen. That's older than Romeo was when he married Juliet."
"And it's younger than I am, which is what counts," Tristan countered, sending his brother a stern look. #Quote by Suzanne Enoch
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#3. As a culture, we believe that if we kill something, we've killed the issue. That's why so many books end with death, why so many plays end with death, because it's full resolution. I'm always curious to know what happens after Romeo and Juliet die. In a way, that's the beginning of the story. Maybe beyond the story is even better. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Neil Weinstock Netanel
#4. a leading copyright commentator concludes - with good reason - that if Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet were protected by copyright today, the Broadway musical West Side Story might well be found to infringe. #Quote by Neil Weinstock Netanel
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Ashley Wagner
#5. When I step out onto the ice to compete 'Romeo and Juliet,' I don't feel like a fighter. I feel very nervous, and it's very difficult for me to get into the mindset for it. #Quote by Ashley Wagner
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Anita Loos
#6. And what, for instance, would have happened had Romeo and Juliet lived to middle age, their silhouettes broadened by pasta? #Quote by Anita Loos
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Rosamund Hodge
#7. The guard was named Subcaptain Xu, and when Vai brought her into Justiran's house, Paris couldn't help flinching, because she was the guard who had questioned him and Romeo after they chased the revenant through the streets.

She raised an eyebrow. "Vai, why am I not surprised that he was involved with you?"

"He might not have been, when you met him," Vai said cheerfully.

"Why am I not surprised that he ended up involved with you? #Quote by Rosamund Hodge
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#8. Escalus, Prince of Verona. Paris, a young Nobleman, kinsman to the Prince. Montague,}Heads of two Houses at variance with each other. Capulet, } An Old Man, Uncle to Capulet. Romeo, Son to Montague. Mercutio, Kinsman to the Prince, and Friend to Romeo. Benvolio, Nephew to Montague, and Friend to Romeo. Tybalt, Nephew to Lady Capulet. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Leisa Rayven
#9. Isn't that the point of living? To find the one person in all the world who's your perfect match?" "Actually, Taylor, the point of living is not dying. Romeo and Juliet failed at that part. #Quote by Leisa Rayven
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Oscar Wilde
#10. We become lovers when we see Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet makes us students. The blood of Duncan is upon our hands, with Timon werage against the world, and when Lear wanders out upon the heath the terror of madness touches us. Ours is the white sinlessness of Desdemona, and ours, also, the sin of Iago. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#11. Two mutually exclusive readings of IoT impose themselves: IoT as the domain of radical emancipation, a unique chance to combine freedom and collaboration in which, to paraphrase Juliet's definition of love from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, 'The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite,' versus IoT as a complete submersion into the divine digital Other, where I am deprived of my freedom of agency. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Helen Gardner
#12. The tragic hero usurps the function of the gods and attempts to remake the world. #Quote by Helen Gardner
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Nenia Campbell
#13. If this was love, it felt different than she'd imagined it would, walking a thin line between passion and terror. It was Romeo and Juliet. It was Wuthering Heights. And Val was left petrified from the boiling intensity of it. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Mauro Lannini
#14. Romeo and Juliet"

The world is full of girls! Of all different kinds and shapes and sizes. They're all big question marks, incognito and unknown. They're a page in a book that's never been written or perhaps yet read. They're a title that's never been chosen, a language that's never been understood. Yet perhaps a treasure that hasn't been discovered.

Will any of this ever be revealed? That is even a bigger question mark. Yet, adventurous men, the brave and the naive ones, still pursue their endeavor toward their unknown dreams.

Will there ever be another Romeo and Juliet?
Or are we all Romeos and Juliets at the end? #Quote by Mauro Lannini
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Ben Kingsley
#15. I think Romeo and Juliet is uplifting. That's how much a son wishes to avenge his father. That is how much two young people can love each other. #Quote by Ben Kingsley
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Rachel Caine
#16. Pardon? Why, sir, I beg your pardon, for if that was pardon, then fists are love and nooses are kisses. You speak of duty? Duty is the rope that strangles me. Piety is a bed of broken glass. And family is the company of hateful demons. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#17. Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries that
Thou hast done to me.
Therefore turn and draw. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Nessa Carey
#18. But DNA isn't really like that. It's more like a script. Think of Romeo and Juliet, for example. In 1936 George Cukor directed Leslie Howard and Norma Shearer in a film version. Sixty years later Baz Luhrmann directed Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in another movie version of this play. Both productions used Shakespeare's script, yet the two movies are entirely different. Identical starting points, different outcomes. #Quote by Nessa Carey
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#19. Some grief shows much of love,
But much of grief shows still some want of wit. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#20. And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars
From this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last! #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by John Irving
#21. Why Edward Bonshaw had been so attached to it? "A glooming peace this morning with it brings" - well, yes, and why would such darkness ever depart? Who can happily think of what else happened to Juliet and her Romeo, and not dwell on what happened to them at the end of their story? #Quote by John Irving
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#22. Alas, that love, whose view is muffled still,
Should, without eyes, see pathways to his will!
Where shall we dine? O me! What fray was here?
Yet tell me not, for I have heard it all.
Here's much to do with hate, but more with love.
Why, then, O brawling love! O loving hate!
O any thing, of nothing first create!
O heavy lightness! Serious vanity!
Mis-shapen chaos of well-seeming forms!
Feather of lead, bright smoke, cold fire, sick health!
Still-waking sleep, that is not what it is!
This love feel I, that feel no love in this.
Dost thou not laugh? #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William James
#23. Romeo wants Juliet as the filings want the magnet; and if no obstacles intervene he moves towards her by as straight a line as they. But Romeo and Juliet, if a wall be built between them, do not remain idiotically pressing their faces against its opposite sides like the magnet and the filings with the card. Romeo soon finds a circuitous way, by scaling the wall or otherwise, of touching Juliet's lips directly. With the filings the path is fixed; whether it reaches the end depends on accidents. With the lover it is the end which is fixed, the path may be modified indefinitely. #Quote by William James
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#24. FRIAR LAURENCE: Thou fond mad man, hear me but
speak a word.
ROMEO: O, thou wilt speak again of banishment.
FRIAR LAURENCE: I'll give thee armour to keep off
that word:
Adversity's sweet milk, philosophy,
To comfort thee, though thou art banished.
ROMEO: Yet "banished"? Hang up philosophy!
Unless philosophy can make a Juliet,
Displant a town, reverse a prince's doom,
It helps not, it prevails not: talk no more.
FRIAR LAURENCE: O, then I see that madmen
have no ears.
ROMEO: How should they, when that wise men
have no eyes?
FRIAR LAURENCE: Let me dispute with thee of thy estate.
ROMEO: Thou canst not speak of that thou dost not feel:
Wert thou as young as I, Juliet thy love,
An hour but married, Tybalt murdered,
Doting like me and like me banished,
Then mightst thou speak, then mightst thou
tear thy hair,
And fall upon the ground, as I do now,
Taking the measure of an unmade grave. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#25. Women may fail when there is no strength in man #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Allan Bloom
#26. Did Romeo and Juliet have a ... "relationship"? The term "relationship" ... betokens a chaste egalitarianism leveling different ranks and degrees of attachment. #Quote by Allan Bloom
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#27. It is my soul that calls upon my name; How silver-sweet sound lovers' tongues by night, like softest music to attending ears! -Romeo #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#28. The world is not thy friend, nor the world's law. - Romeo #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Nicole Gulla
#29. He was confident, carefree and gorgeous, all the words that would adequately describe him. #Quote by Nicole Gulla
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#30. He groped for and cupped her hot little slew from behind, then frantically scrambled into a boy's sandcastle- molding position; but she turned over, naively ready to embrace him the way Juliet is recommended to receive her Romeo. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Jenny Han
#31. When Peter comes to pick me up, I run outside and open the passenger-side door and scream when I see him. His hair is blond!
"Oh my God!" I shriek, touching his hair. "Did you bleach it?"
He grins a self-satisfied kind of grin. "It's spray. My mom found it for me. I can use it again when we do Romeo and Juliet for Halloween." He's eyeing me in my getup. "I like those shoes. You look sexy."
I can feel my cheeks warm up. "Be quiet."
As he backs out of my driveway, he glances at me again and says, "It's the truth, though."
I give him a shove. "All I'm saying is, people better know who I am."
"I've got you covered," he assures me.
And he does. When we walk down the senior hallway, Peter cues up the Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?" on his phone, loud, and people actually clap for us. Not one person asks if I'm a manga character. #Quote by Jenny Han
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by John Green
#32. Writing fiction is an inherently political activity because people-even imaginary ones-do not live in vacuums ... From Twilight to Romeo and Juliet to The Little Mermaid, no work of the imagination is truly apolitical, because the world and our hopes for it are always part of our stories. #Quote by John Green
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Suzanne M. Trauth
#33. Walter looked like he could chew nails and still come back for a helping of chain link fence. "Why can't Romeo and Juliet meet in a garden like in Downton Abbey?" Romeo asked. "I mean who meets on a balcony? How real is that? #Quote by Suzanne M. Trauth
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Andrew Sean Greer
#34. People always say the greatest love story in the world is Romeo and Juliet. I don't know. At fourteen, at seventeen, I remember, it takes over your whole life." Alice was worked up now, her face flushed and alive, her hands cutting through the night-blooming air. "You think about nobody, nothing else, you don't eat or sleep, you just think about this ... it's overwhelming. I know, I remember. But is it love? Like how you have cheap brandy when you're young and you think it's marvelous, just so elegant, and you don't know, you don't know anything ... because, you've never tasted anything better. You're fourteen."
It was no time for lying. "I think it's love"
You do?"
I think maybe it's the only true love."
She was about to say something, and stopped herself. I'd surprised her, I suppose. "How sad if you're right," she said, closing her eyes for a moment. "Because we never end up with them. How sad and stupid if that's how it works. #Quote by Andrew Sean Greer
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Pittacus Lore
#35. I swear, Six is going to kill us, or worse, maybe she's about to be killed by a swarm of Mogs and we're here lying in the grass about to go through a scene from Romeo and Juliet. #Quote by Pittacus Lore
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Melissa M. Futrell
#36. That's because it was Gage Stevenson, the epitome of my childhood and love life. That boy is irreplaceable. #Quote by Melissa M. Futrell
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Ian Shoales
#37. I know what love is: Tracy and Hepburn, Bogart and Bacall, Romeo and Juliet, Jackie and John and Marilyn ... #Quote by Ian Shoales
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by William Shakespeare
#38. Peace? I hate the word as I hate hell and all Montagues. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Laura Lippman
#39. No one at fifteen was ever in love, outside of Romeo and Juliet, and maybe not even them. Old Giff used to argue that the star-crossed lovers simply were buzzed on the fumes of forbidden lust. Give them thirty years of togetherness, Old Giff always said, and Juliet would be plunging the dagger into Romeo. #Quote by Laura Lippman
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Robert Englund
#40. I've done 'Two Gentlemen of Verona,' I've understudied Iago in 'Othello.' I've done Mercutio in 'Romeo and Juliet.' #Quote by Robert Englund
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by C.B. Lee
#41. You love me," Abby says, smiling.
Jess leans forward. "Yeah, I really do. This isn't our Romeo and Juliet moment. You're going to be okay. No one is dying.
"No, it's the end. I want a goodbye kiss. #Quote by C.B. Lee
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Mandy Hubbard
#42. The books are all leather, and the titles are old. I pause at a collection of Shakespeare. Othello. Romeo and Juliet. A Midsummer Night's Dream. I pull Hamlet out and look at it, but then set it back down on the shelf.
I pass a row of books on philosophy, and another on astrology. Up and down I go, pausing now and then, but not pulling any books out. I'm not sure what I expected to find. The Idiot's Guide to Time Travel? #Quote by Mandy Hubbard
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Gordon Smith
#43. From the American retelling of Romeo and Juliet in West Side Story to the Japanese adaptation of King Lear in Ran, Shakespeare's cultural influence is virtually limitless. #Quote by Gordon Smith
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Todd Haynes
#44. I think by around the time I was about 8 or 9, the idea of filmmaking probably took hold. I made little Super 8 extravaganzas when I was a kid, the first being my own version of 'Romeo and Juliet,' and where I played all the parts except for Juliet. #Quote by Todd Haynes
Paris Romeo And Juliet quotes by Aldous Huxley
#45. No Romeo-and-Juliet acts, no nonsense about Love with a large L, none of that popular song claptrap with its skies of blue, dreams come true, heaven with you. Just sensuality for its own sake. #Quote by Aldous Huxley

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