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Papachristou Civil War quotes by William H. Seward
#1. It would be contrary to the spirit of the American Government to use force to subjugate the South. #Quote by William H. Seward
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#2. In great contests each party claims to act in accordance with the will of God. Both may be, and one must be wrong. God cannot be for, and against the same thing at the same time. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Henry Adams
#3. It is always good men who do the most harm in the world. #Quote by Henry Adams
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Andrew P. Napolitano
#4. We must recognize that we do not have a two-party system in this country; we have one party, the big government party. There is a republican version that assaults our civil liberties and loves deficits and war, and a democratic version that assaults our commercial liberty and loves wealth transfers and taxes. #Quote by Andrew P. Napolitano
Papachristou Civil War quotes by James Risen
#5. Senators from his own party soon began to warn that Obama was secretly expanding the government's surveillance powers even beyond those authorized by Bush. Obama allowed the civil liberties panel that was supposed to provide oversight of the government's war on terror to remain idle and only partially staffed for years. His administration launched a draconian crackdown on the press, spying on reporters while prosecuting more leakers and whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined. #Quote by James Risen
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#6. As slaves we were this country's first windfall, the down payment on its freedom. After the ruin and liberation of the Civil War came Redemption for the unrepentant South and Reunion, and our bodies became this country's second mortgage. In the New Deal we were their guestroom, their finished basement. And today, with a sprawling prison system, which has turned the warehousing of black bodies into a jobs program for Dreamers and a lucrative investment for Dreamers; today, when 8 percent of the world's prisoners are black men, our bodies have refinanced the Dream of being white. Black life is cheap, but in America black bodies are a natural resource of incomparable value. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Elisabeth Grace Foley
#7. The war had been a daily thought, a continual consciousness in her life for two years, but never a real presence. Battles were things that were fought somewhere else, won somehow, by someone, and lost by someone else. Now as she stood by her own door and listened to the cannons, it was with a chilling, dreadfully full and clear realization that men were out on the field beneath that gray cloud taking each other's lives. #Quote by Elisabeth Grace Foley
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Tom Brower
#8. You want one civil war, brah? #Quote by Tom Brower
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Suzanne Collins
#9. In 'The Hunger Games,' in most people's idea, in terms of rebellion or a civil-war situation, that would meet the criteria for a necessary war. These people are oppressed, their children are being taken off and put in gladiator games. They're impoverished, they're starving, they're brutalized. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Papachristou Civil War quotes by C.S. Lewis
#10. Christianity agrees with Dualism that this universe is at war. But it does not think this is a war between independent powers. It thinks it is a civil war, a rebellion, and that we are living in a part of the universe occupied by the rebel. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Ishmael Reed
#11. 61 lynchings occurred in 1920 alone. In 1921, 62, some of the victims, soldiers returning from the Great War who after fighting and winning significant victories - just as they had fought in the Revolutionary and Civil wars and the wars again the Indians - thought that America would repay them for the generosity of putting their lives on the line, for aiding in salvaging their hides from the Kaiser who had been tagged "enemy" this time. Instead, a Protestant country ignorant even of Western mysteries executes soldiers after a manner of punishments dealt to witches in the "Middle Ages." Europe and the Catholic Church are horrified but not surprised at this "tough guy" across the waters whose horrendous murders in Salem led Europe to reform its "witch laws. #Quote by Ishmael Reed
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Alexander Masters
#12. Put two macho groups together and give the first desperation and numbers, and the second truncheons and protective clothing, and the result is like a laboratory civil war. #Quote by Alexander Masters
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Larry Niven
#13. I am trying to prevent a bloodbath. Is that clear enough for you? I'm trying to prevent a civil war that could kill half the people in this world. #Quote by Larry Niven
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Cadmus M. Wilcox
#14. In an hour, you'll be in hell or glory. #Quote by Cadmus M. Wilcox
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Bill Dedman
#15. In Montana, where Sen. William Andrews Clark made his fortune and lost his reputation, people had assumed that all his children were long dead. After all, he was born in 1839 and was of age to serve in the Civil War. #Quote by Bill Dedman
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Anthony H. Cordesman
#16. There is no clear or meaningful difference between insurgency and civil war, or between national terrorism and civil war for that matter. #Quote by Anthony H. Cordesman
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Amy Harmon
#17. I'd often wondered, absorbed in piles of research, if the magic of history would be lost if we could go back and live it. Did we varnish the past and make heroes of average men and imagine beauty and valor where there was only dirge and desperation? Or like the old man looking back on his youth, remembering only the things he'd seen, did the angle of our gaze sometimes cause us to miss the bigger picture? I didn't think time offered clarity so much as time stripped away the emotion that colored memories. The Irish Civil War had happened eighty years before I'd traveled to Ireland. Not so far that the people had forgotten it, but enough time had passed that more - or maybe less - cynical eyes could pull the details apart and look at them for what they were. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Bill Dedman
#18. The length of history spanned by father and daughter is hard to comprehend. W. A. Clark was born in 1839, during the administration of the eighth president of the United States, Martin Van Buren. W.A. was twenty-two when the Civil War began. When Huguette was born in 1906, Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president, was in the White House. Yet 170 years after W.A.'s birth, his youngest child was still alive at age 103 during the time of the forty-fourth president, Barack Obama. #Quote by Bill Dedman
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Tim Weiner
#19. The spectacle of the United States Army chasing the unarmed veterans, their wives, and their children out of the shadow of the Capitol was a scene of American urban combat without parallel since the Civil War. #Quote by Tim Weiner
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#20. The trouble with Hooker is that he's got his headquarters where his hindquarters aught to be. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Edward E. Baptist
#21. On January 1, they proclaimed the independence of a new country, which they called Haiti - the name they believed the original Taino inhabitants had used before the Spaniards killed them all. Although the country's history would be marked by massacre, civil war, dictatorship, and disaster, and although white nations have always found ways to exclude Haiti from international community, independent Haiti's first constitution created a radical new concept of citizenship: only black people could be citizens of Haiti. And who was black? All who would say they rejected both France and slavery and would accept the fact that black folks ruled Haiti. Thus, even a "white" person could become a "black" citizen of Haiti, as long as he or she rejected the assumption that whites should rule and Africans serve.18 #Quote by Edward E. Baptist
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Howard Zinn
#22. Roosevelt was as much concerned to end the oppression of Jews as Lincoln was to end slavery during the Civil War; their priority in policy (whatever their personal compassion for victims of persecution) was not minority rights, but national power. #Quote by Howard Zinn
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Jefferson Davis
#23. If you will not have it thus: if in the pride of power, if in contempt of reason and reliance upon force, you say we shall not go, but shall remain as subjects to you, then, gentlemen of the North, a war is to be inaugurated the like of which men have not seen ... #Quote by Jefferson Davis
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#24. In The Captive Mind, written in the early 1950s, Czeslaw Milosz wrote that Eastern European intellectuals, reading 1984 in clandestine editions, were amazed to find that its author had never visited the Soviet Union. How, then, had he captured its mental and moral atmosphere? By reading its propaganda, and by paying attention, and by noticing the tactics of Stalin's agents in the Spanish Republic. Anybody could have done this, but few had the courage to risk the accusation of 'giving ammunition to the enemy. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Victor Hugo
#25. In the presence of ... civil war, to testify to humanity! ... to prove that above royalties, above revolutions, above earthly questions, there is the immense emotion of the human soul! #Quote by Victor Hugo
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#26. One section of our country believes slavery is right, and ought to be extended, while the other believes it is wrong, and ought not to be extended. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Brigitte Gabriel
#27. The Lebanese civil war was not between the Lebanese; it was a holy war declared on the Christians. #Quote by Brigitte Gabriel
Papachristou Civil War quotes by DeAnne Blanton And Lauren M. Cook
#28. Indeed, women like Peterman who admitted they joined the army for adventure as opposed to patriotism or love were often viewed with skepticism and derision by the press because their actions and motivations failed to conform to accepted romantic and cultural ideals. #Quote by DeAnne Blanton And Lauren M. Cook
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Paul Tsongas
#29. No one is immune from the larger events of his or her time - the Depression, World War II, civil rights, Vietnam, the spring of 1989 in China. These events intrude upon our lives and radically affect our directions. #Quote by Paul Tsongas
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Danny Glover
#30. The civil rights movement didn't deal with the issue of political disenfranchisement in the Northern cities. It didn't deal with the issues that were happening in Northern cities like Detroit, where there was a deep process of deindustrialization going on. So you have this response of angry young people, with a war going on in Vietnam, a poverty program that was insufficient, and police brutality. All these things gave rise to the Black Power Movement. It was not a separation from the civil rights movement, but a continuum of this whole process of democratization. #Quote by Danny Glover
Papachristou Civil War quotes by John Moody
#31. In the decade before the Civil War various north and south lines of railway were projected and some of these were assisted by grants of land from the Federal Government. #Quote by John Moody
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#32. Rather, he led them against the Manchu Qing dynasty in the Taiping Rebellion – the deadliest war of the nineteenth century. From 1850 to 1864, at least 20 million people lost their lives; far more than in the Napoleonic Wars or in the American Civil War. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Papachristou Civil War quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#33. Let us strive on to finish the work we are in. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Papachristou Civil War quotes by E. M. Forster
#34. Before the civil war, Pottibakia was a normal member of the Comity of Nations. She erected tariff walls, broke treaties, persecuted minorities, obstructed at conferences unless she was convinced there was no danger of a satisfactory solution; then she strained every nerve in the cause of peace. #Quote by E. M. Forster

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