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Pannebecker Auction quotes by Ilona Andrews
#1. I snapped the crossbow into the top of the mount, took a canvas bundle from the cart, and unrolled it. Crossbow bolts, tipped with the Galahad warheads.
"This is my baby." I petted the stock.
"You have a strange relationship with your weapons," Roman said.
"You have no idea," Raphael told him.
"This from a man with a living staff and a man who once drove four hours both ways for a sword he then put on his wall," I murmured.
"It was an Angus Trim," Raphael said.
"It's a sharpened strip of metal."
"You have an Angus Trim sword?" Kate's eyes lit up.
"Bought it at an estate auction," Raphael said. "If we get out of this alive, you are invited to come to my house and play with it."
It was good that Curran wasn't here and I was secure in our relationship, because that totally could be taken the wrong way. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#2. attend the auction - curators #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Abe Ajay
#3. By and large, the making of serious, thoughtful and occasionally valuable art has become a lonely persuasion, while the marketing of art has become a boutique operation, manipulated by fashion, self-serving art scholars and the vagaries of the auction block. #Quote by Abe Ajay
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Bruce Catton
#4. The Civil War was ABOUT something. It was fought FOR something. And - let us never for a moment forget it - it WON something.
Under everything else, the war was about Negro slavery.
It was fought for freedom - and if ever anything was worth fighting a war for, freedom was and is the cause. . . .

And that is why the Civil War is worth remembering. It gave us a broader freedom, and it laid upon us the obligation to live up to that freedom and to make it unlimited, for everybody. Freedom is indivisible. Winning it for the Negro, we won it also for all of the people who then were or ever would become Americans - for the man who has fled from oppression, misery and discrimination overseas as well as for the fugitive from the American slave pen and auction block. We can never have, permanently, a second-class citizenship in this country; because of the Civil War, we are no longer that kind of country. We might just as well stop trying to find a comfortable middle ground between the ideas of Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler. There simply isn't any such place. #Quote by Bruce Catton
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Maurizio Cattelan
#5. The current climate doesn't represent a threat to the production of art but to the market. I think it's time for artists to get over auction houses, galleries, and high-production-value exhibitions and start using our voices again. #Quote by Maurizio Cattelan
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Don Thompson
#6. What do you hope to acquire when you bid at a prestigious evening auction at Sotheby's? A bundle of things: a painting of course, but hopefully also a new dimension to how people see you. As Robert Lacey described it in his book about Sotheby's, you are bidding for class, for a validation of your taste. #Quote by Don Thompson
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Kage Baker
#7. Let's say you need a perfectly obedient servant who never gets tired, never needs to be paid, and is virtually indestructible. If you're in a galaxy a long time ago and far, far away, you'll just fly off to the local droid auction and pick up one of those shiny gold models with lovely manners. #Quote by Kage Baker
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Jeri Smith-Ready
#8. They examine me like I'm a cow at a 4-H auction. I try not to moo. #Quote by Jeri Smith-Ready
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Sarah Ockler
#9. Virgin, right? the voice asks again. It comes from the tall one with white-blond hair falling into his eyes. Frankie is still giggling, and my entire body goes hot and red, despite the chill in the water. If Frankie thinks she's just going to auction me off, well ... I don't know. It's kind of hard to be witty when you're trying to call forth a giant sea squid to swallow you up and drag you down to the depths of the ocean floor, never to be seen, heard from, or mocked again. #Quote by Sarah Ockler
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Misba
#10. The Auction sells things you won't find anywhere else, the things that exist only as one piece in the world. And soon, they'll sell it. The Codex Gigas: a three-feet-tall ancient book some believe the devil himself wrote. Yes, the real devil. Others think the book contains all the secrets of mesmerism. Not that she needs to mesmerize anyone in particular. She only needs to stop stuttering while her new family stares at her. #Quote by Misba
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Paul Brown
#11. By nature, an auction is kind of a wholesale beast anyway. You're buying second hand goods, even with the historical, antique or aesthetic value. You look to get the wholesale price and you hope for retail spikes periodically when you get two or three people in the audience that want the same thing. #Quote by Paul Brown
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Charlie Munger
#12. Well the open-outcry auction is just made to turn the brain into mush: you've got social proof, the other guy is bidding, you get reciprocation tendency, you get deprival super-reaction syndrome, the thing is going away ... I mean it just absolutely is designed to manipulate people into idiotic behavior. #Quote by Charlie Munger
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Theodore Roethke
#13. From The Auction
I left my home with unencumbered will
And all the rubbish of confusion sold. #Quote by Theodore Roethke
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Jill Shalvis
#14. I'm keeping a list of Mr. Wrongs going for you. This one might not make it to the weekend's auction."
"Stop," said another woman.
"I'm just kidding."
"I still vote we strip him down." This was a third woman.
Wait. Three women? Had he died and gone to orgy heaven? Awake now, Ty took stock. He wasn't dead. And he had no idea who the fuck Mr. Wrong was, but he was very much "going to make it." He was stuffed in the back of a car, a small car, his bad leg cramping like a son-of-a-bitch. His head was pillowed on ... he shifted to try to figure it out, and pain lanced straight through his eyeballs. He licked dry lips and tried to focus. "I'm okay."
"Good," one of them repeated with humor. "He's fine, he's okay. He's also bleeding like a stuck pig. Men are ridiculous."
-Ty and the Chocoholics ladies #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Marlene Dumas
#15. The best works do not necessarily get to auction. I like to draw, so maybe I give you a little drawing. And then eventually it ends up at auction. And then critics say, 'Oh, that's a bad drawing!' Well, I didn't say it was so wonderful. #Quote by Marlene Dumas
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Shia Labeouf
#16. My first car, I got it in an auction at my temple. It was an '86 Volvo that I got for 500 bucks, and then wound up throwing $10,000 into the stereo system and put TVs in the foot rests. It was the most ridiculous Volvo you'd ever seen, but I had never had money before and I was out of my mind. #Quote by Shia Labeouf
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Jerry Saltz
#17. Now people look at 'The Scream' or Van Gogh's 'Irises' or a Picasso and see its new content: money. Auction houses inherently equate capital with value. #Quote by Jerry Saltz
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Virginia Postrel
#18. If you default on your Visa bill, nobody comes to repossess your refrigerator or auction off your shoes. The biggest penalty you'll face is trouble getting future credit. #Quote by Virginia Postrel
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Jarod Kintz
#19. My wallet was empty after the charity auction. Of course, my wallet was empty before the auction too. I donated my time and money to strippers. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Pannebecker Auction quotes by J.D. Robb
#20. I don't know where to start. How to start. It's like trying to navigate a maze in the dark, and . . ." Then the cat sprawled weightily over her feet. And that was it, the start. "I miss home. Roarke had you bring the cat, because the cat's home. I never had anything, didn't want anything until that cat. I don't even know why I took him, exactly, but I made him mine."
She took a long, slow drink of wine. "I missed him. I miss Peabody and her smart mouth and steady ways. I miss Feeney and Mavis and my bullpen. Hell, it's so bad I even miss Summerset."
When Roarke made some sound, she turned narrowed eyes on him. "If you ever tell him I said that, I'll shave you bald in your sleep, dress you in frilly pink panties, and take a vid that I'll auction and sell for huge amounts of money."
"So noted," he said, and thought: There's Eve. There she is. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Conrad Richter
#21. The brilliant sunshine lay like a golden shawl over the rich mountain city that morning my train set me down for the first time in my life in young Denver. The names of strange railroads incited me from the sides of locomotives at the depot. As I passed up 17th Street a babble of voices from the doors of clothing stores, auction houses and pawn broker shops coaxed and flattered me with 'Sir' and 'Young Gentleman'. There was something in the streets I walked that morning, in the costly dress of the ladies in passing carriages, in the very air that swept down from the mountains, something lavish, dashing and sparkling, like Lutie Brewton herself, and I thought I began to understand a little of her fever for this prodigal place that was growing by leaps and bounds. #Quote by Conrad Richter
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Steve Bivans
#22. We live in a drug culture! Drugs are everywhere and touted as the panacea for every ailment in our society. We have drugs for hyper children, drugs for depression - some of the most insidious drugs ever - , drugs for allergies, drugs for acne, drugs for emphysema and drugs for erectile disfunction - maybe the most useful of them all. And let's not forget the side effects of these wonder drugs! It's cliche to even talk about drug advertisements and the laundry list of side effects tacked onto the end of them, usually rattled off at warp speed by someone on loan from the local auction house. I've seen ads for acne medicines that include side effects that are potentially fatal! Seriously? "Hey! Buy our Acne-Magic Drug! You'll have crystal clear skin! In your coffin!" What the hell is wrong with us? #Quote by Steve Bivans
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Cory Doctorow
#23. Every telecomm company is as big a corporate welfare bum as you could ask for. Try to imagine what it would cost at market rates to go around to every house in every town in every country and pay for the right to block traffic and dig up roads and erect poles and string wires and pierce every home with cabling. The regulatory fiat that allows these companies to get their networks up and running is worth hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars.
If phone companies want to operate in the "free market," then let them: the FCC could give them 60 days to get all their rotten copper out of our dirt, or we'll buy it from them at the going scrappage rates. Then, let's hold an auction for the right to be the next big telecomm company, on one condition: in exchange for using the public's rights-of-way, you have to agree to connect us to the people we want to talk to, and vice-versa, as quickly and efficiently as you can. #Quote by Cory Doctorow
Pannebecker Auction quotes by H.L. Mencken
#24. Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Pannebecker Auction quotes by David Duchovny
#25. Sometimes when I'm swimming, I think that maybe someday I'll put my red Speedo up for auction. Or maybe I'll donate it to the Smithsonian. They can stuff it with two plums and a gherkin and put it on display. #Quote by David Duchovny
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Devon Ashley
#26. This was why he came back for me. This was why he wanted me and not some broken little girl he could pick up at auction. He wanted me because I was alive. Because I felt. Because the pain was etched on my face every time he won. And because he loved fucking with me in every possible way. #Quote by Devon Ashley
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Cal Newport
#27. Step 1: Decide What Capital Market You're In For the sake of clarity, I will introduce some new terminology. When you are acquiring career capital in a field, you can imagine that you are acquiring this capital in a specific type of career capital market. There are two types of these markets: winner-take-all and auction. In a winner-take-all market, there is only one type of career capital available, and lots of different people competing for it. #Quote by Cal Newport
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Krysten Ritter
#28. On the farm, I had chores. I had a calf. We had a herd of cattle in the pasture. We'd go and get me a calf at a cow auction with Amish people, which I would raise. I gave it a bottle every day, in this cute little coop, like a giant dog coop almost. I've always been a big animal person. #Quote by Krysten Ritter
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Michel Pastoureau
#29. Some bears are sold for amazing sums at auction. An example is a very old stuffed individual named Mabel that had belonged to Elvis Presley (as a child or an adult?) and had been sold at auction several times after the King's death; it was made in the Steiff workshop in 1909. Its end was exceedingly sinister. Lent by its owner for an exhibition of stuffed bears in Wells, England, in which it was to be the star attraction, it provoked a hatred or jealousy of a young Doberman accompanying the night watchman after the first day of the exhibition. The dog seized the precious relic and furiously bit and clawed it to pieces. (252) #Quote by Michel Pastoureau
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Harriet Ann Jacobs
#30. Notwithstanding my grandmother's long and faithful service to her owners, not one of her children escaped the auction block. These God-breathing machines are no more, in the sight of their masters, than the cotton they plant, or the horses they tend. #Quote by Harriet Ann Jacobs
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Vin Suprynowicz
#31. What I do know is, in little more than 30 years, we have gone from a nation where the "quiet enjoyment" of one's private property was a sacred right, to a day when the so-called property "owner" faces a hovering hoard of taxmen and regulators threatening to lien, foreclose, and "go to auction" at the first sign of private defiance of their collective will ... a relationship between government and private property rights which my dictionary defines as "fascism." #Quote by Vin Suprynowicz
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Bruce Vilanch
#32. My assistant says I'm an eBay auction waiting to happen. I have a very large collection of T-shirts ... about 4,000 now. Maybe I'll pillage it someday. I have resisted the offers to do a line of T-shirts. #Quote by Bruce Vilanch
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Maya Angelou
#33. The white American man makes the white American woman maybe not superfluous but just a little kind of decoration. Not really important to turning around the wheels of the state. Well the black American woman has never been able to feel that way. No black American man at any time in our history in the United States has been able to feel that he didn't need that black woman right against him, shoulder to shoulder-in that cotton field, on the auction block, in the ghetto, wherever. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Pannebecker Auction quotes by William De Witt Hyde
#34. Epicurus is right, that happiness is up at auction all the time, and sold in lots to suit the purchaser whenever he bids high enough. And the price is not exorbitant: prudence to plan for the simple pleasures that can be had for the asking; resolution to cut off the pleasures that come too high; determination to amputate our reflections the instant they develop morbid symptoms, and to take an anti-toxine against fret and worry, the moment we feel the approach of their contagious atmosphere; concentration, to live in a self-chosen present from which profitless regret and unprofitable anxieties, projected from the past or borrowed from the future, are absolutely banished. #Quote by William De Witt Hyde
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Edmund Burke
#35. When the leaders choose to make themselves bidders at an auction of popularity, their talents, in the construction of the state, will be of no service. They will become flatterers instead of legislators; the instruments, not the guides, of the people. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Carol Berg
#36. From the instant of our first meeting I judged him so, though it could be said that I was prejudiced. When one is standing naked on a slave-auction block in a wind cold enough to freeze a demon's backside, one is unlikely to have a fair impression of anyone. #Quote by Carol Berg
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Herman Melville
#37. Here I am, proud as Greek god, and yet standing debtor to this blockhead for a bone to stand on! Cursed be that mortal inter-indebtedness which will not do away with ledgers. I would be free as air; and I'm down in the whole world's books. I am so rich, I could have given bid for bid with the wealthiest Praetorians at the auction of the Roman empire (which was the world's); and yet I owe for the flesh in the tongue I brag with. By heavens! I'll get a crucible, and into it, and dissolve myself down to one small, compendious vertebra. #Quote by Herman Melville
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#38. Of all the priceless objects left behind, this is what we rescue. These artifacts. Memory cues. Useless souvenirs. Nothing you could auction. The scars left from happiness. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Ann Richards
#39. We saw farms go on the auction block while we bought food from foreign countries. Well, that's wrong. #Quote by Ann Richards
Pannebecker Auction quotes by Peter R. Orszag
#40. If you didn't auction the [CO2] permits, it would represent the largest corporate welfare program that has ever been enacted in the history of the United States. All of the evidence is that what would occur is that corporate profits would increase by approximately the value of the permits. #Quote by Peter R. Orszag

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